The Rape Of LeAnn Rimes

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This story is a work of fiction. This is my first attempt at writing a story like this. Any comments or suggestions can be sent to me [email protected]

The Rape Of Leann Rimes

I have been a fan of Leann Rimes since the very beginning. Not only is she a talented singer, but gorgeous as well. All the magazine articles and television appearances made her seem like she was open o her fans. But I found, after writing her several letters to which I received no reply, that Leann Rimes is a stuck-up, self-centered bitch. Reinforcing this opinion was her pulling no-shows at several scheduled autograph sessions
before the release of her ” Sitting On Top The World ” album. And because of this, I decided something must be done to teach Miss Rimes a lesson that she will never forget.

As President of one of her many fan clubs, I knew where her album release party was being held. And it was here that I was going to strike. As president, I am invited to all of the meet and greets, parties, etc., so all I had to do was check out the place before the party and wait for the right moment to spring into action. As I checked the place, I noticed that the restrooms were down the same hallway that led to the back entrance to the place and that you couldn’t see what was going on in that hallway from the main bar area. After checking the rest of the place over, I decided that this would be the best place to grab Leann. So I went out and pulled my van around the back of the building, which was completely out of sight of the street.

Leann arrived at the party at about 7:30. Little did she know her life was about to change forever. As soon as she arrived, people started to crowd around her, but there was absolutely no security to speak of. The only people with her were two record company execs and a couple of girlfriends. Her friends started mingling and found other people to talk to, so when the introductions began, they were nowhere near the teen country starlet. After the introductions and speeches were made, Leann said she would autograph the advance copies of her CD that were handed to everyone at the party, but there would be a short break before that. As the DJ cranked up the first song on the CD, I took my position near the entrance to the hallway. I figured Leann would go freshen up a bit before signing the autographs. As she moved towards the hallway, Leann looked at me and smiled and started down the hallway. I followed her, staring at her ass shaking back and forth in her tight mini-skirt. I stared up and down her beautiful legs and as she reached for the handle to the restroom door, I put my hand over her mouth and dragged her out the back door, not that anyone would have heard her scream in the bar blaring with her music. She struggled as I opened the side door of the van. I whispered in her ear, ” This will go a lot easier on you if you quit squirming, bitch.” I threw her in the van and climbed in after her. She kicked at me and I grabbed her by the hair as I got out a pair of handcuffs. I cuffed her to the armrest of the seat and she started to scream. I slapped her across the face and told her, ” Shut your mouth, cunt or I’ll give you something to scream about.” Leann spit at me and said,” Fuck you, you piece of shit. What do you want with from me? Money? I have lots of money and I’ll give you all you want.” I told her,” Leann, this has nothing to do with money. You’ll find out soon enough what I want. Now shut your hole, you little whore,” And with that, I pulled out one of Leann’s concert t-shirts and gagged her with it. I drove her to my house at the end of a secluded cul-de-sac. My closest neighbor was 2 miles down the road, so no one saw me drag this beautiful teen country star into my house.

I removed the gag from her pretty, little mouth and told her,” Now you’re gonna find out what I want from you. I stroked her cheek and she pulled away from me. I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her close. With her hands cuffed behind her, Leann was helpless. Face to face, I told her,” Leann, you have a lot of fans who love you and you treat them like crap. You’ve pulled out of or just simply no-showed 6 autograph sessions in the last month and a half. You’re here, my dear, sweet, beautiful Leann, so that I can teach you a lesson about how to treat your loyal followers and to punish you for the way you’ve acted. Now, you will do as I say, or you will never record another album again. You will just disappear from the music scene all together. Do you understand me, Leann?” With tears streaming down her face, she nodded. I screamed at her, I WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY IT! SAY, YES SIR, I UNDERSTAND YOU!” Whimpering, Leann said, ” Yes sir, I understand you.” I said,” Good, now that we understand each other, come with me.” I grabbed her arm and dragged her upstairs to the main bedroom.

I threw on the bed and locked the door behind me. she looked up at me and said,” Please, I beg you, Let me go. I’ll give you anything you want.” I grinned and said,” Yes, you most certainly will give me everything I want. I’m going to show you that this is what happens to girls who dance around on stage and in videos, teasing men with their bodies. And what happens to the girls who act like total bitches. I’ve seen you at Fan Fair. You treat them like they are beneath you. This is for all the fans you’ve treated like crap.” I kissed Leann hard on the mouth. She tried to pull away but my grip on her was too tight. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her harder, forcing my tongue into her mouth. I pulled back, looked at her and said,” Such a beautiful face. Only one thing would make it look better.” Leann looked at me with a scared look on her face.” Get on your knees, my little teenage slut,” I said. she just stood there, a look of defiance on her face. I grabbed her shoulders and screamed,” ON YOUR KNEES NOW< YOU STUPID LITTLE WHORE!” I forced her to her knees.

Leann couldn’t look at me. She was so ashamed, like a little kid who had been caught doing something wrong. ” Look at me,” I told her. Leann slowly raised her head. ” That’s more like it. Now, let’s make that face a little prettier. Nothing makes a young girls face look more lovely than her lips wrapped around a man’s cock.” I unzipped my jeans and let them and my underwear drop to the floor. My 8 inch cock was already erect and waiting for her hot mouth.” open your mouth, slut, and start sucking. And look at me while you’re doing it. She did nothing. ” You really don’t want to make this hard on yourself, do you? I really don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I have to. Now, open up and take my cock. With the threat of real physical harm, Leann opened her soft, moist lips and ran her tongue across the head. Her tongue felt great on my dick and she slowly licked the entire head. It was like her tongue was guiding me further into her face. Slowly, she took more of me into her mouth. I looked down at her and said, ” That’s a good little cumslut. Suck my cock. Get your hot saliva all over it.” With that, I grabbed her head and started forcing myself further into her mouth. I felt my cock go down her throat and couldn’t resist forcing it as far as it would go. Leann’s nose was now nestled in my short hairs and she started to gag. I exploded with a load of cum right down her throat. Leann couldn’t keep up and cum started seeping out, running down her chin and onto her blouse. ” Lick my cock clean, Leann,” I said. She licked it off and I got hard again.

“Stand up, bitch,” I yelled. She got off her knees and stood in front of me. I ripped open her blouse and opened her bra. Leann’s tits were perky and her nipple were getting hard being exposed to the air. I started palming and kneading her breast and pinched her nipples. Leann winced in slight pain from the pinching.

I ran my hands down her sides and grabbed her mini-skirt. I opened the zipper and it fell to the ground. She was wearing black lace panties that barely covered her pussy. I could see little blond hairs coming out the side. I took off the handcuffs and threw her on the bed. Sensing this may be her only chance, Leann started fighting me. I pounced on her and used her ripped blouse to tie her hands to the bed post. I found some shirts and ties her legs as well. There she was, the innocent Leann Rimes, spread eagle on my bed, helpless. She begged me,” Please use a condom. I’ve never had sex before and I don’t want to get pregnant.” I smiled and said,” Not only am I going to take your cherry, but what better punishment would there be except for you to get pregnant. That would just shatter your perfect little world, now, wouldn’t it.”

Having said that, I entered Leann’s tight, virgin pussy. I felt her pop and she screamed in a mixture of pain and delight. I started a slow, rhythmic thrusting pace. She kept moaning No and Stop, but before long they were groans of unexpected ecstacy. I could feel her building to an orgasm. Leann started squirming beneath my constant assault on her. As she screamed, I unloaded a full load of cum into her.

Leann was breathing heavily, her young body exhausted from my onslaught. I untied her and told her, ” Roll over, bitch.” Not having much strength left, she tried to fight, but I was to much for her. I rolled her over and retied her hands to the bed post. I forced her knees under her so her ass was up in the air and open. Leann screamed with everything she had,” PLEASE, NO, NOT THERE!” I grabbed a t-shirt and gagged her again. I told her,” Now it’s time for your next lesson in humility.” My cock was plenty lubed from her mouth and pussy, so I pushed the head of my cock into her sweet young ass. I could hear her scream into the gag. She was so tight I didn’t think I’d get any more than just the head in her. But I slowly forced myself into her until I was all the way in. Leann squealed like a pig as I started pumping her ass. It didn’t take long before I unloaded my seed into her sweet, tiny ass.

Tears were streaming down her exhausted face. She couldn’t believe this was happening. I untied her and rolled her over. I sat her up and told her,” Lick my cock clean. Taste your ass and cunt on my cock.” She did as she was told, she had no strength left to fight me. I started getting hard again as she licked my cock. Two minutes later, I was cumming all over Leann’s beautiful face and tits. I was surprised how much I had left. I told her,” Rub it into your skin and lick your hands off. While she was doing this, I grabbed my camera and took pictures of her. I told her, ” There, this will keep you from telling anyone about this. If you tell anyone, these pictures will be all over the internet.”

Leann looked at me and said,” You Bastard. You did all this just because I never answered your letters.” I smiled and said,” That’s only part of the reason. I always wondered what it would be like with you. Plus, I want you to give me a job. What better way to ensure you’ll do that than through some indecent pictures of you to hold over you. I want you to make me your bodyguard and head of security. This never would have happened if you had security. You hire me and keep doing as I say and these pictures will never go anywhere. Do we have a deal?”

She said with a look of contempt,” What choice do I have?” I told her,” Wise decision. Now get dressed and I take you back to your hotel.”

The next day at a press conference, Leann apologized for leaving last night. She said she wasn’t feeling well and I noticed it and took her to the hospital to be checked out. And since I showed so much concern for her, she had hired me as her personal bodyguard and head of security, effective immediately.

Leann and I are now living together in a beautiful beach house in Malibu. She still hates what I did to her, but as long as I have those photos, she knows she’s mine to do with as I want.

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