The Rape Of Kirsten Dunst

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The Rape of Kirsten Dunst

Wrote by Matt

Kirsten was on her back up to her hotel room when this guy walked up to her and said you are Kirsten Dunst she said yeah my little girl loves you Kirsten said where is she is in my it is right down would you please come say something to her Kirsten said sure when they reached his room they walked Kirsten said where is she. he said “Have you ever had a nice, black cock in your pussy?” she stepped back, “no…” “What about having a good fuck right now, bitch?”

Everything had changed so quickly. One minute and all was nice, quiet and wonderful…and the other
minute it was hell.. A Kirsten knew he wanted to rape her. Rape! It was impossible…rape…

No, this couldn’t happen to her. Not in real life. No. He grab Kirsten and started running his hand up her skirt. She felt tears running down her cheeks.

Kirsten said “P… Please let me go…,”

She still couldn’t believe this was happening to her..she…

He grabbed her titts.

Kirsten’s heart stopped beating for a second. She looked down, looked at her breasts, looked at the brown hands, the brown fingers that pressed them.

“No…,” she whispered.

The man smiled while he started massaging Kirsten’s breasts.

Gosh, man, she doesn’t wear a bra… gosh those are awesome…”

Kirsten was frozen in place. Her eyes went wide, her breathing was hollow…


Then the man let go of her breasts and went to his knees. He was facing her lower body, looking directly at the vaginal area.

He grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them…

Kiesten let out a short scream… she wanted to get away, was disgusted, was afraid to death… The black guy buried his face in her lap.

Again she gasped for air when the man took the white cotton between his teeth and started chewing.

He bent over and kissed on the mouth.

Kirsten could not turn her head but she pressed her lips tightly together. She was disgusted…

He broke the kiss and she saw an angry man.

“You bitch open your mouth.Tears kept on running… He kissed her passionately,

Has the man ripped off her dress & panties Kirsten said “No…please don’t … rape me.”

She was frozen in place when the man started massaging her breasts. He squeezed them, pressed them against each other. His thumps were stroking over her erect nipples.

“Man, this bitch is something.”

He laid his hands on Kristen’s hips, again facing her vaginal area.

“Please let me go…,” she was pleading.

Tears were running over her face, and Kirsten just did not know what she could do to avoid the rape.

“God….,” she was sobbing.

The guy kneeing in front of her was waving between her legs.

“Yeah…pussy smell…”

“Look at that pussy hair…”

He pushed his right hand between Kirsten Dunst’s legs

Kirsten’s heart stopped beating… for a second. She felt the middle finger entering her vagina, she felt it probing around, pressing against the inner walls.

“No…,” she whispered, eyes wide, sweat on her forehead.

“Man, she is as tight as the dog next door…”

Kirsten closed her eyes and knew there was nothing she could do.

The penis touched her vagina.

She stood, leaned against the wall, her legs spread.

The young man laid his hands on her hips and pressed his own body against her.

The black guy’s penis entered Kirsten Dunst’s vagina.

Slowly her lips went apart, framing his cock… deeper and deeper he went in. Deeper…until he was finally buried inside Kirsten’s body.

Every bit of air was pushed out of her lungs. Her breasts, pressed against his chest, hurt, her vagina was screaming a silent scream of pain.

Kirsten’s face was a mask of horror…. -Raped, raped, raped…oh my God…- And then the man started fucking Kirsten Again and again he entered her vagina.

Her body shook, her head banged against the wall…again and again. He fucked her hard, fucked her fast…

The world around Kirsten spun and was just not there anymore.It was only the man and her.

She felt his penis filling her out, felt it rubbing over her clitoris and was more than once close to fainting out.

The man was breathing harder and faster by the moment. He knew what he wanted and he did not care about the actress, about the woman he was torturing. Harder, faster…

And then…

He exploded insider Kirsten’s body, inside her vagina. A flood of white, gooey sperm washed her vagina, spilled insider her body.


Her hands hit the wall in her back…again and again. Tears all over her face, eyes red, her mouth open. Saliva ran down her cheeks, mixing with the tears.

But the man did not stop fucking her. It hurt more and more while he just would not stop entering her. But after a while his penis grew weak and he stopped.

The guy starred at his victim and saw a broken woman, lost in tears in pain. And he smiled.

“Man… that bitch is the best fuck ever.”

She turned around She couldn’t see what he was doing. But then she felt his hand on her naked butt

She felt it caressing her, felt the fingers wandering around the curves…felt…

“Oh God…”

His pushed one finger into her anus.

Hard and without any care…he pushed the finger hard inside her.

It would be a first to Kirsten Never did she have anal sex.She always had found it disgusting. But now…



She felt the tip between her buttocks…


And the man pushed his lower body … against her…

And the cock slowly entered Kirsten’s anus. It was a shock.

Never had she felt anything remotely like this.

She felt the man’s penis inside her ass. Hard…. and it hurt … a lot…

Then he laid his hands on her shoulders and brought his mouth close to Kirstens right ear. He started fucking her.

It was pain. Sheer pain. And brutal…

The man fucked the actress hard, fucked her ass. Again and again his penis pushed it’s way into Kirstens anus.

Her face was a grimace of pain; tears were running down her cheeks and her hands were clenched to fists, her eyes closed. Again and again the brown, large cock entered Kirsten’s ass again, again, again…

Her pelvis hit the wall, her head…

It was like he was riding a horse, and Kirsten couldn’t think anymore. She was just a peace of meat, being used for pleasure. He fucked on…. Again sperm shot in her body…

Again a man she had never met before screamed out his satisfied lust…

Again Kirsten screamed in pain…

He pushed her again and again… till everything was done, till he couldn’t fuck her anymore.

Then the young man pulled his penis out of Kirsten’s ass. He stepped back… And Kirsten dropped to the ground.

The Man said i am done you can go he then laid her outside of his room and closed the door she never told anybody about it.


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