The Long Weekend Part 6

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Title: The Long Weekend Part 6

Author: Guy Incognito

Celebs: Kaia Gerber, Peyton Roi List, Jessica Biel, Pink, Chrissy Teigen, Salma Hayek, Isabela Moner, Alison Brie, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Emily Osment, Zendaya Coleman, Chrissy Matz

Codes: MF, FF, Mf, Ff, MM, MFF, MMF, cons, orgy, oral, anal, tit fucking, interracial, rim, teen, drugs, incest, toys, voy, mast

Summary: Kaia and Peyton play with some very frisky couples.

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is pure fantasy. It is not real and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Just giving everyone a warning show that the sex here involves underage people, incest and male bisexuality so if that’s not your thing then we shall both agree to move on. Hopefully people will give it a chance and hopefully people will like it.

I would love to hear any feedback you might have. Please email me at with any suggestions or feedback.

Kaia Gerber felt a little loopy as her body shivered in both satisfaction and need. She was still high from the Ecstasy pill she had been slipped so seductively by Jenna Dewan Tatum but mostly Kaia was tingling from all of the sex.

She had just come so hard from being fucked by Victoria Justice and her big strap-on while Peyton Roi List had been licking her at the same time. It had been the first time Peyton had ever tasted her pussy and Kaia had come all over her friend’s face, creaming her tongue and giving her so much juice to swallow. And then the two of them had started to kiss, their teenage lips and tongues rubbing together as they shared the juice in their mouths from all the girls they had fucked.

Jessica Alba’s orgy was more than Kaia ever could have dreamed and her body was wonderfully sore from it. She had been fucked and licked by men and women and she had guy cum still squishing in her holes. She wanted more…so much more…but her body also felt like it needed a rest after all she’d already experienced.

Peyton seemed like she felt the same way and the two of them kissed softly while on the floor, their young bodies pressed together as their naked skin rubbed sensually into the other. Kaia loved making out with Peyton and being able to feel up her friend’s perfect little mounds on her chest and have those stiff, swollen nipples rubbing into her own tits while she reached behind Peyton to caress her bare back and then slide her hands down to squeeze Peyton’s tight, sexy ass.

Kaia loved hearing Peyton moan as she massaged her friend’s ass and Peyton did it back to her too, using one hand to glide over the tight cheeks of Kaia’s perky little butt while she slid the other hand between Kaia’s legs to play with her pussy. Kaia’s pussy was wet with girl cum and her own saliva and Peyton loved toying with it, using her fingers to gently rub the sensitive lips of Kaia’s labia before slowly sliding inside like she was exploring it, touching where she had just licked.

The two nude teenagers lay on their sides face to face and kissing sensually as others fucked all around them. Just a few feet away, Kaia glimpsed at her brother Presley as he was bent over on all fours, his perfect teen boy ass in the air for Jake Gyllenhaal to fuck while Jake’s sister Maggie was on all fours right beside Presley, taking Victoria Justice’s fake cock up her pussy just like Kaia just had.

Victoria’s sister Madison, who Kaia had just licked to orgasm, was also close by and now she was on her back, her full, young tits bouncing up and down on her chest as Kaia’s friend Donnie fucked her ass. Madison had been with Donnie so many times before and clearly had a huge thing for him. She looked like she was in ecstasy as he stuffed his fat cock up her ass, banging into her hard as Kaia found herself, not for the first time either, loving the view of Donnie’s round, sexy man ass undulating.

God, he had such a nice butt and while Kaia found herself sore and still tingling from coming so hard, she still wanted to play with all the naked people around her. Kaia loved shoving her face into Donnie’s ass to rim him and she knew he loved it too. She wanted her and Peyton to do that to Donnie and make him feel so good that he busted his nut inside Madison’s hot ass while he fucked her.

And Kaia also wanted to be naughty with her own brother too. Presley looked so hot on all fours taking Jake’s big cock up his ass. Presley’s own yummy pole was rock hard as he let the famous actor sodomize him, as he had many times before, and he was grunting and moaning in pleasure while Jake plowed his teenage ass. Presley always looked so sexy to Kaia but he looked especially good being fucked like that and she wanted to go over with Peyton and have both of them drool into his boyhole to give Jake more lube to fuck Presley with and then have the both of them go underneath him as he took it doggie style and suck on his cock and balls until Presley filled their mouths with his load.

But Kaia didn’t go for that or any of the other sexy bodies all around her as everyone kept fucking away. There were so many big cocks and yummy big, bouncing tits and tight pussies and sexy asses, male and female, which were calling to her. But she also knew she needed to rest her body. This was her first mass orgy and she knew she had to pace herself. The last thing she wanted to do was tire herself out too quickly and end up curled up and asleep while everyone else was having fun.

So Kaia was happy to keep on kissing and playing with Peyton, relishing how her teenage friend had already become so corrupted by this party. Peyton was doing so many things she had never done before, including having sex with her, and Kaia loved it. She wanted Peyton to push her limits even more and stay like this so she could be part of her very special circle of close fuck friends.

However, Kaia didn’t have the chance to just relax in the afterglow of her orgasm because one of those very special close fuck friends walked right up to her and demanded her attention.

“Oh no, there will be time for a nap later, Kaia,” Nikki playfully chastised as she stood before her friend. “Get up on your feet! Both of you! I have something to show you and you’re going to love it!”

The sound of Nikki’s alluring voice interrupted Kaia and Peyton’s kisses and they both looked up from the floor as the gorgeous nude teenager stood above them, smiling and ready for a lot more action. Nikki looked so good as she stood there boldly displaying her naked body. Kaia had seen her friend nude lots and lots of times but there was just something about how she looked, right then, so confident and sexual and completely in command of all her surroundings as people fucked like wild animals all around them.

Kaia’s eyes devoured Nikki’s beautiful teenage body. She had fucked Nikki so many times that it was impossible to remember how many but she had never looked sexier to Kaia than she did right then.

Nikki’s bleached blonde hair was in a ponytail just like it usually was and having her hair pulled back like that made her beautiful young face so gorgeous. But, naturally, Kaia’s gaze was mostly focused on the way Nikki’s nude skin was glowing with a sheen of sexual exertion, her perspiration making her body glisten in all the right places, especially with the rings going through her nipples. Her completely smooth pussy was glistening too, but not with sweat and Kaia just wanted to crawl over to Nikki and fuse her mouth to her friend’s pussy to suck and lick on it and get her tongue on the other piercing she knew all too well that Nikki had in her clit.

Kaia was so enraptured by Nikki’s body and she glanced over to confirm that so was Peyton. When they had all stripped upstairs, it had been the first time Peyton had ever seen Nikki naked and to see her this way now, when she had obviously been a very naughty girl, had Peyton staring at Nikki with lust in her eyes. Nikki smiled when she saw how the girls were looking at her with worshipful adoration from the floor and it made her extra wet to have these two younger teens staring at her like this. But she wasn’t there to model herself.

“C’mon let’s get moving Kaia,” Nikki said. “There’s so much to see here and I don’t want you stuck in just one corner of the party. Mmmm I want you to see something. You too Peyton. I think you’re going to find this very interesting.”

And then it wasn’t just Nikki doing the convincing as her twin brother also Dante came up to her. His cock was soft and very happy as it dangled impressively between his legs. Kaia moaned instinctively when she saw that big, hanging cock of Dante’s, his uncut pole looking so beautiful as he clearly had already given it quite a workout. But he was far from spent as he walked right up to Nikki and kissed his sister right on the lips.

This time it was Peyton’s turn to moan as the twin siblings illicitly kissed. Just like Kaia and Presley, Nikki and Dante could never resist each other. They had been inseparable since birth and their teenage years had only brought them closer as they kissed openly and full of incestuous lust for each other, Nikki’s hand immediately going straight to Dante’s cock and stroking her brother’s soft prick to get it hard again in her hand, like she always could with such effortless skill.

When Dante broke the kiss it was only so he could whisper something in his sister’s ear and with the sound of everyone grunting and moaning and screaming in sexual bliss around them, it was impossible for Kaia and Peyton to hear what the twins were saying. But Nikki clearly liked it because her smile only grew.

“Mmmmm fuckkkkkk really? They’re all here? Fuckkkkkk that’s soooo fucking hot! Mmmmmm fuck I don’t want to miss this show! I gotta get a piece of all of them! Mmmm I’ve always wanted to get a fucking gangbang going just like that,” Nikki moaned, her brother the only one who knew the full context of what she was talking about.

“Mmmm you and me both,” Dante replied wickedly, his cock coming back to life thanks to his sister’s sensual grasp. “Mmmm I’ve always wanted to get fucked like that, by a bunch of them at once.”

“Mmmmm you fucking perv,” Nikki giggled even though she felt the same way and Kaia couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer.

“What? What are you guys talking about?” Kaia asked, feeling whatever it was, it was kinky and, having just seen what Ariana Grande did with those seven gorgeous black studs, she didn’t think it could get much kinkier.

“You’ll see,” Nikki said mysteriously. “Mmmm I know you’re going to love it though, Kaia. Where’s Presley? Ohhhh I see he’s busy mmmm lucky boy!”

Nikki looked over as Presley was grunting and moaning, bending himself over on his knees to stick his ass up in the air while he reached back and spread open his own firm teen buns to allow Jake to bury his cock deeper inside him. Jake’s balls were slapping up against Presley’s as he fucked the young man and both of them loved it.

Both Kaia and Peyton turned to watch the show for a few more hot seconds and Kaia could tell that her no longer innocent friend really liked the view of the spirited man on man fucking. Peyton looked like she was about to start drooling over the sight of Jake fucking Presley’s ass while Victoria gave it to Maggie right next to them and Kaia loved how dirty her cute blonde friend was getting, especially when her next question showed just where Peyton’s mind was at.

“Ummmm do you know where Spencer is?” Peyton asked, curious about the whereabouts of her own twin brother, especially after getting such a hot demonstration of how close Nikki and Dante were.

“Oh I’m sure we’ll run into him soon,” Dante said with a little twinkle in his eye as he seemed to know a lot more than he was willing to say. “But let’s get going. You’re going to love this.”

Even if she hadn’t been horny and still high on the Ecstasy, Kaia would have found it impossible to resist a request like that from her two beautifully naked friends. Suddenly she didn’t feel in need of a rest after all and rose to her feet, grabbing Peyton by the hand and pulling her up with her.

And Peyton didn’t resist in the slightest as she clasped her hand to Kaia’s and eagerly let her lead her deeper into the debauchery, the two of them following Nikki and Dante as their eyes drank in the sight of their bare backsides, both of them looking so good as their asses naturally moved so sexually with every step.

Both Kaia and Peyton enjoyed the view of Nikki and Dante’s bare asses, both of them so fit and sexy and their butts so beautifully round and enticing as the siren call of desire for both genders fueled them both on. This was nothing new for Kaia but it was so freshly exciting and intoxicating for Peyton, especially as she experienced Ecstasy for the first time thanks to what Jenna had given her.

It was hard to keep their focus on just one thing though with so much going on around them. And even though both Kaia and Peyton were very keen on seeing exactly what the twins were talking about, they both found their attention being drawn to other enticing sights as the orgy raged on. There was so much hot action calling out to them and so much that demanded they stop and stare as some of the most beautiful and famous men and women did wild, wicked things to each other without even a hint of inhibition.

Kaia might have been far more experienced with this than Peyton was, but she still couldn’t help but marvel at it just as much as her friend did. Everyone was just so sexy and having so much wicked fun with each other.

Bodies were strewn all over the opulent rooms of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s beach house. They were going at it on the couches and the chairs and up against the walls and right on the floor and Kaia moaned as she saw a very sexy group together as three couples went at each other.

Before when she had been wandering around, Kaia had seen how married couples Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had swapped because Chrissy had been sucking Justin’s cock and Jessica had been sucking John’s. But now their fun had grown to include the beautiful singer Pink and her husband, the racer Carey Hart.

Having their tattooed and pierced bodies joining in made things even sexier and things had gotten so much wilder since Kaia had last seen them. Pink was sitting on the floor and playing with her own tits, touching the silver bars piercing both of her nipples as she kept her legs open for Jessica to press her mouth to her pussy and suck the delicious juice dripping out of her. Pink was loving it too as she moaned and thrust her hips to grind her wet cunt all over Jessica’s gorgeous face.

Jessica Biel’s famous ass was up in the air as she was bent over to eat Pink out and John was right behind her, pumping his long black cock into Jessica’s ass. His hands slapped Jessica’s thick ass cheeks as he fucked her, spanking her already jiggling buns and making her gasp and moan into the muzzle of Pink’s pussy. But she wasn’t the only one being fucked as Pink’s husband Carey was behind John, pushing his white cock up John’s black ass.

But Carey wasn’t just doling out a fucking as John’s wife Chrissy was having her fun too. The sexy model had a strap-on around her waist and was fucking Carey’s ass with it while he was giving it to her husband, creating an assfucking train of three cocks, both fake and real, going into three very willing holes. It was so hot to see and Justin wasn’t about to be left out of the fun. As his wife ate Pink out, Justin brought his rock hard cock right to Pink’s open mouth and she greedily started sucking it, taking her hands off her own tits to squeeze Justin’s bare ass and grip it tightly, digging her nails into it as he face fucked her hard, grabbing her by her short blonde hair and shoving his cock down her happy, accommodating throat to make her swallow him all the way down to his balls.

And Pink was very skilled at deep throating. Kaia marveled at the ease the singer showed in swallowing Justin’s cock down and she had to stop and stare at the sexy view of all three of those couples tangled up in sexual deviancy. They were all so openly and eagerly swinging with each other and Kaia couldn’t help but wonder if her parents had swung with them too at one of those wild parties they went to without her and Presley. If they had then Kaia was very jealous of her parents for keeping all those hot bodies to themselves because she loved watching them all go at it.

Kaia had stopped walking so she could stare at it and so had Peyton. The two teenagers were still hand in hand as they stood there naked and gawking at the naughty fun and Kaia couldn’t help but reach over to playfully fondle Peyton’s beautiful bare tits and tease her nipples a little, something that made the blonde moan and smile.

“Mmmmm fuckkkk they’re all sooooooo hot!” Peyton moaned, marveling at how people she had only seen dressed in the finest, most stylish outfits on the red carpet or performing could be so openly naked and fucking each other in such an uninhibited display. “Mmmmm I didn’t know that they were all into guys! And all into girls! That’s so fucking sexy!”

“Mmmmmhmmm it’s so much fun to be bi,” Kaia said with a little giggle as she toyed with Peyton’s nipples and made her friend shiver with desire. “No one has to be straight or gay. They can be into everyone and anyone. As long as it feels good they can do it and you get to have so much fun going after cock and pussy. Mmmmm now you’re just like me Peyton! You’re bi too and we’ve gotta get you a hot bi boy to be with!”

“Ooooooh yesssssss I want a bi boy!” Peyton moaned, Kaia’s fingers on her nipples feeling so good as she watched the three couples go at each other, dicks going into asses and cocks going into mouths while tongues were attacking pussies right in front of her. “I want to lick pussy and fuck girls and have a boyfriend that wants cock too! I want to watch cute boys suck each other’s dicks and fuck each other while I lick cute girls and let them fuck me! Mmmm fuck I want to be just like you Kaia!”

Peyton couldn’t help herself and she passionately kissed her friend, mashing her lips to Kaia’s and letting their bare breasts rub together as they wantonly French kissed. Their wet tongues touched in each other’s mouths and they only broke apart their desire filled kiss so they could watch more of the show, having forgotten all about what Nikki and Dante wanted to show them so they could stop and stare at the three beautiful couples going wild.

The two teenagers were such eager voyeurs as they stood there nude and aroused and gawked openly at the celebrity couples. They watched with glee as Pink deep throated Justin, his balls smacking against her chin while she reached up to play with his nuts, her soft hands caressing his balls like all she wanted in the world was for him to fill her mouth with his load. The pierced, tatted up singer was moaning as she effortlessly sucked him down her throat, drooling all over his cock, while she ground her pussy into Justin’s wife’s face, feeding Jessica the wetness dripping out of her pink hole.

It looked like Jessica loved seeing Pink suck her husband’s dick too, considering how hungrily she was lapping away on the singer’s honeypot. Pink’s sexy legs were slung open widely for Jessica to bury her face between them and Pink happily let Justin face fuck her with his thick cock, the meat filling up her hungry mouth as she played with his balls with one hand and used the other to tug on her own pierced nipples, toying with the silver bars through each one. They were all moaning and drooling and grunting like filthy fucks and it turned their audience on so much to see them like that.

“Yeahhhh suck my cock! You can never get enough of this cock, can you?” Justin moaned, making it clear he and Pink had done this before. “That’s it you whore! Go all the way down it! Suck it down your throat! Take every fucking inch of this dick! Mmmmm yeahhh that’s it! Just like you always do! You can’t ever resist this cock! I just have to whip it out and you’re down on your knees in no time sucking it deep like a good little whore!”

And while Justin made it seem like he was the one in control by his filthy words and the way he was face fucking Pink, making his nuts slap into her face as she sucked him down, the singer wasn’t about to be his submissive little slut. Pink pulled herself off of his cock, with a wet slurp that left saliva drooling down her chin and his shaft, and gave his balls a squeeze that made the superstar former boybander grimace in pain and more than a little visible pleasure.

“Oh I’m the bitch? Mmmm you’re the one who can’t take his eyes off John getting fucked up the ass by my man!” Pink devilishly pointed out. “Mmmm and you’re staring right at John’s big black dick fucking your wife too! I know that’s what you like Justin! I know you wish it was your ass getting fucked! Britney told me how she used to nail you up the ass back in the day and how you loved it when she’d….mmmmmphhhhhh!”

Justin silenced Pink by forcing her mouth back around his throbbing, saliva coated cock as it jutted out like an arrow. She never got a chance to finish what she was saying because of his cock being shoved back down her throat but Pink didn’t mind and she eagerly resumed sucking Justin Timberlake’s dick while his wife ate her out. But even though Justin had shut her up, Jessica was very intrigued by what she was going to say.

“You keeping secrets from me, honey?” Jessica asked, pulling up from Pink’s pussy to question her husband, her voice with more than a little bit of edge to it both from curiosity about his famous teenage past with Britney Spears and from the way John Legend was expertly fucking her from behind, his big cock stretching her ass and making her feel so good. “Oooooooh fuckkkkk! Ooooh yessss do me John! Do me right up the ass in front of him! Mmmmm it’s not nice to keep secrets from your wife Justin! Ughhh fuckkkk ohhhhhh yesssssss right up my ass! Fuckkkk I love it up my ass John! Stuff that black meat deep in my slutty white ass! Oooooh fuckkk mmmm you’d better tell me Justin! Did Britney fuck you up the ass and make you like it just like I do when I get my big toy up your butt?”

Justin made sure to silence his wife too, reaching down to push Jessica’s head back between Pink’s legs so she could resume eating her out. And watching him do that made Kaia even more turned on. She was a big Justin Timberlake fan so to see him naked and clearly having such sexy secrets made her so wet for him.

She loved seeing him control Pink and make her pretty head bob up and down on his cock and she loved seeing how horny Jessica was for Pink’s pussy. Kaia wondered if that sexy married couple would ever swing with her and she wanted to get right up to them and introduce herself by licking Pink’s saliva off of Justin’s balls and then dragging her tongue over Jessica’s beautiful starlet face to taste the pussy juice on it.

Kaia wanted to fuck all of the couples she was watching. She never minded being the third part of a threesome. In fact she loved it when a horny, loving couple did filthy things to her very willing teenage body. She would have happily given herself to any of the three couples going at each other or just let all six of them have her at the same time, three men and three women going at her and having their wicked ways with all of her holes.

Kaia started touching herself as she watched the couples fuck and, while she didn’t take her eyes off them, the soft moans she heard next to her made it clear that Peyton was doing the same thing. There were so many sexy bodies to stare as everyone was so naked and so naughty with each other and Kaia wanted to fuck them all as her eyes didn’t just graze longingly over Justin and Pink and Jessica, but also the way John Legend’s gorgeous black body looked nude and glistening with sex sweat as he fucked Jessica from behind, his cock thrusting up her ass and making her beautifully round ass cheeks bounce from his body smacking into hers.

His dark skin and well-muscled body was such a turn on to Kaia. She had definitely fantasied about him in the past and now she could see how good he looked in person as he fucked Jessica’s ass while at the same time another man fucked his. That was so fucking hot to Kaia.

She loved seeing John be in total control of Jessica on the one hand, taking her tightest hole and making her submit to his cock deep up her ass, while at the same time he had no hang up about giving up his own ass to another man. To see a man fuck and be fucked at the same time was such a huge thrill for Kaia and she badly wanted to get on her knees and suck both John and Carey off so she could taste the ass all over both of their cocks and let them come all over her face.

Kaia still had cum on her face and in her hair and she wanted more. She wanted to be a total mess and her pussy was dripping fresh, hot juice as she touched herself over the thought of John and Carey covering her face with their loads and then Justin joining in to blast his cum all over her face just like Ariana had gotten from all seven of those hot black guys she had just let coat her with their jizz.

And then Kaia wanted to fuck all those hot guys’ wives too and eat Pink’s pussy and bury her face in Jessica’s amazing ass and let Chrissy do whatever naughty thing she wanted. Kaia badly wanted to be a good little teen plaything for them all and prove even more that she belonged here.

“Mmmmmm oooooh Peyton! I wanna fuck them all!” Kaia moaned, her fingers sliding into her drenched cunt as she played with her sensitive, tingling pussy. It was so hot to be masturbating like this knowing her friend was doing it too as Peyton moaned right along with her.

“Yesssssss! Me too! Mmm fuck I want to be a total slut and suck all their cocks and eat their pussies and let all of them fuck me!” Peyton admitted without a second thought as the Ecstasy in her bloodstream loosened her tongue even more. “Mmmm I’ve always wanted to be a total fucking whore and fuck every cute guy I saw and mmmmm I’ve always been so fucking hot for girls too but I never felt like this before! I was always so scared to be a bad girl mmm fuck but all I want to do now is be nasty and fuck everyone!”

Peyton was touching herself too, standing next to Kaia in the middle of the orgy and using one hand to spread open her labia so she could use the other by sliding her fingers into her own pussy. It was so hot for her to be masturbating so openly and seeing Kaia do it too turned Peyton on even more. She felt like she didn’t have to hide her desires anymore and the sex and the drugs were making Peyton feel so bold.

“I’ve never been with a black guy before,” Peyton confessed with a moan of desire from her own touch. “Mmmm I want John to fuck me! I want him to get that big cock of his in my mouth so I can suck Jessica’s ass off it and be a filthy little slut like you Kaia and then I want him to take my pussy and make me take black cock in my little white cunt for the first time! Ooooh I’d totally let him take my ass too! Mmmmm I want to feel his big, dark cock up my white ass and fuck my virgin hole! Mmmmm fuckkk I want black cock in all my naughty white slut holes!”

It was so hot for Kaia to hear Peyton talk like that. She’d barely ever heard her friend curse before today but now Peyton was letting all her desires run free and Kaia loved it. But she had an even hotter thought in mind when it came to Peyton’s precious little virgin ass and she didn’t hesitate to lean in and whisper it to her friend, sharing her illicit fantasy with Peyton to see how she reacted.

“Oh my God!” Peyton gasped when she heard what Kaia wanted her to do. “Ooooooh that’s soooooo fucking wrong! Mmmm it’s sick and nasty!”

But Peyton wasn’t angry over what Kaia had told her. In fact it aroused her even more despite her protest.

“You want to do it though! I know you do!” Kaia giggled and Peyton, in her horny and drug enhanced state, didn’t deny it. The blonde girl didn’t say anything though. She just kept touching herself and watching the three couples get nasty with each other.

“Oooooh fuck your ass is fucking tight!” Chrissy Teigen said with a playful purr in her voice while pushing her strap-on up Carey Hart’s ass, fucking Pink’s husband while he was fucking hers. “Mmmm is this the first time you’ve had a toy up your ass baby? I’ll bet it’s not!”

“Its…fuckkkkk…..ohhhhh fuckkkk ughhh yeahhh…fuck it’s been awhile!” the former motocross racer grunting over Chrissy’s plastic cock pushing up his tight white ass while his own cock was sliding in and out of John’s snug ass. “I can’t even remember the last time I got fucked like this!”

“Tsk tsk tsk mmmmm you two need to find more time to play kinky games with each other,” Chrissy chastised, sharing some couple’s wisdom. “Even though you’ve got kids you’ve still got to find time to fuck! Mmmm me and John make sure there’s at least one night a week where it’s just us and some toys and maybe a few special friends and there’s no distractions! Mmmmm just naked bodies and lots of fun!”

“Ohhhhhh yeahhh that sounds so fucking good!” Carey groaned back, his cock throbbing from the tightness of John’s hole and the way Chrissy was so skillfully sodomizing him. “We used to get so fucking freaky before we had the kids! Ughh fuckkk this is like the first time we’ve even fucked in forever!”

“That’s definitely not healthy,” Chrissy said, unable to keep from giving advice even when she was in the middle of fucking. “You can’t keep all that pent up inside you! You’ve gotta let it out! You’ve gotta be freaky! Mmmm you’ve gotta be bad! And you both look so good being bad! Mmmm your wife is so hot Carey! I’ve wanted to fuck you both for so long! She looks so good getting her pussy eaten and I love shoving my toy up your ass! Oooooh I’d been hoping you liked it up the ass you nasty boy! I wanted to see you and John suck and fuck each other! I love seeing my husband fuck horny white boys!”

The tattooed and pierced racer loved what he was hearing from the chatty supermodel and while it might have been a while since he and his rock star wife had let their freak flags fly, this was their time to get back into old habits and Carey clearly wanted to. While pushing up John’s tight, toned ass and grabbing onto his black body with his strong whit hands, Carey made sure to push his own ass back to let Chrissy shove her toy deeper into him.

“Ohhhh yesssss fuck my ass you horny little slut! Mmmmm fuck I haven’t gotten fucked up the ass in so long but it still feels so fucking good!” Carey groaned, his cock throbbing in Chrissy’s husband’s ass while she wickedly fucked him with the strap-on and reached between his legs to play with his heavy, swinging balls. “God! I haven’t been with a guy in forever! Oooooh fuckkkk your ass is so hot John! You like it? Like getting fucked up the ass in front of your wife?”

“Mmmmm fuck of course I love it!” John groaned in reply while going balls deep up Jessica’s ass. “Chrissy loves fucking my ass! Ughhh on our first date she pulled out that strap-on of hers and I knew she was the one! Fuck me hard man! Don’t hold back! Fuck my black ass with that big white prick! Mmmm but if you’re going to dish it out you’d better take it because my wife is just loosening your ass up for me!”

And Chrissy was quick to confirm it, nibbling on Carey’s ear as she thrust up his ass, her round tits bouncing on her hot chest as she pushed in and pulled out of the tattooed white boy’s ass while moving both hands up to his chest, reaching around from behind to tug on his nipple piercings.

“Mmmmmhmmmm I love seeing boys fuck! And I love fucking boys up the ass too!” Chrissy practically panted with lust. “And if you’re going to fuck my hot hubby up that yummy black ass of his then you’re going to have to be a good white boy slut and take it up your ass too! Ooooh I want to see John get you on your back and fuck your ass while your cock flops around from how much you love getting assfucked! Ooooooh fuckkk and I’m going to be shoving this cock up your wife’s ass at the same time so you both can get fucked! Mmmmm you two definitely need to fuck more often! Don’t hold it in! Leave the kids with a babysitter and come out and play with us more often! We can all get so fucking freaky together!”

The three couples had no idea they were putting on a show for the two horny teenagers staring at them with desire and amazement. But even if they had, they wouldn’t have cared. All six of them only cared about fucking and feeling good and it was obvious as their bodies smacked together in wild carnality. Kaia and Peyton were transfixed by what they saw and they couldn’t take their eyes off it even when Nikki came back to see where they had gone.

“Hey! Where’d you two wander off to?” Nikki asked, coming up behind Peyton and Kaia. “I turn my back for one second and you two disappear? C’mon I want to show you…oooooh so that’s what you two are checking out, huh?”

Nikki couldn’t help but be impressed by the swinging couples and she understood why the younger girls couldn’t take their eyes off them. And she enjoyed the show too, walking up behind Kaia and Peyton and sliding her hands over their bare asses as they all watched the fun. But Nikki didn’t just want to fondle those firm teen asses and watch. After all she knew more about how orgies like this were supposed to work than Kaia and Peyton did.

“You know, it’s actually kind of rude to just stare and not join in,” Nikki reminded Kaia, knowing how badly her younger friend wanted to prove herself. “When you’re at a party like this, when you see something you like you shouldn’t be shy about going after it. So are you two going to join in the fun, or what?”

“I don’t even know them…” Peyton softly said, marveling at such famous people, people she admired and wanted to be like, going at it so openly and lewdly. “Do you?”

“Mmmmm we’ve met,” Nikki said, a little mysteriously. “I’ve had some fun with them, not all together like this but we’ve partied a few times before. I’ve supplied them with a few party favors.”

Kaia knew what that meant and she smiled as it dawned on Peyton too. Peyton’s young body was rolling thanks to the Ecstasy she had swallowed and she realized that Nikki was talking about something similar.

“Oh my God…are you like a drug dealer or something?” Peyton asked, taking her eyes off the hot bodies for a second to turn toward Nikki and stare at the pierced and sexily tattooed teenager behind her, marveling at the idea of someone so young and sexy doing something so sleazy like dealing drugs.

“Kinda,” Nikki replied with a wink. “Mmmmm I can’t just live off the trust fund mommy and daddy set up for me to make sure no one figures out I’m mommy’s slutty little secret. But don’t worry about that Peyton. Just look at them fuck. You want to join in on that or do you want to go off and see something else?

Peyton and Kaia were both were silent for the next few minutes as they gawked. They both loved what they were watching. Everyone looked so sexy and Kaia wanted them all as they fucked right in front of her. There was so much happening all at once at the party with people going at it all around them but Kaia and Peyton were particularly focused on this as the pleasure overtook all of them and the couples started to succumb to orgasm.

And with Jessica voraciously eating her pussy, it was no surprise that Pink was the first to lose it. She was lying back, her elbows propping her up on the floor as she had her legs spread for Jessica and her mouth open wide for Justin’s cock and Pink was grinding her pussy right into Jessica’s face so the actress could really get after her with her tongue. Feeling Jessica’s skilled tongue lapping at her dripping folds and her swollen clit had Pink moaning wantonly while she swallowed Justin’s cock all the way down to the hilt again and soon she couldn’t stand it anymore, pulling off Justin and leaving him once again soaked with her spit while she cried out and egged on his wife.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk! Yeahhhh eat that pussy! Eat my fucking cunt Jess!” Pink cried, her hands going back to her own tits to play with her piercings while Jessica tongue fucked her, Pink solely focused on her own pleasure as Justin’s throbbing erection was left unsucked. “Ohhhhh fuckkkk you hungry little slut! Bury that pretty face in my fucking pussy and tongue fuck it! Ahhhhh fuckkkkk yesssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk yeahhhhhh! Mmmmm fuckk I haven’t fucked a woman in so long and you’re making me into a total slut for it again! Ohhhh fuck Carey baby we gotta start swinging again and fuck all these hot girls and guys all the time now! Mmmmm fuckkkk yessss eat my pussy like a fucking dyke! Make me into a lez for you Jessica! Make me want to fuck hot girls all the fucking time again!”

It was clear that experiencing bisexual pleasure for the first time in a long time was having just as hot an effect on Pink as it was on her husband. She kept calling out Carey’s name even as it was Jessica who was eating her out and Kaia could see that Pink was staring straight at her husband as she was licked and he was balls deep up John’s tight ass. This was a release for both of them after too many sexless nights at home and Kaia loved seeing the famous singer writhing in ecstasy from Jessica eating her pussy.

“Ooooooh fuckkkk ohhhh baby we gotta go home after this and just keep on fucking!” Pink moaned, gasping from pleasure as Jessica’s lips and tongue on her pussy left her breathless. “Mmmm yeahhh baby I love seeing you fuck his ass and I know you love seeing her eat my cunt! Mmmm let’s go home after this and fuck the babysitter! Ooooh I want to lap at her hot little teen pussy while you fuck me Carey! I could see you getting hard over her hot ass in those shorts and the way she wasn’t wearing a bra over those perky little titties of hers! Mmmm I want her to suck on my pussy too and you can fuck her hot ass with your big cock like you’re fucking John’s! Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkk I just want us to suck and fuck all the time just like we used to!”

Right then Kaia wanted nothing more than to volunteer to be Pink and Carey’s babysitter so she could be the couple’s hot teenage fuckslut. Everyone looked so good but Kaia kept staring at Pink the most as the singer lost it first thanks to Jessica’s amazing mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh yeahhhhh yessssssssss yessssssss you’re making me come Jess! FUCKKK OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK YES MAKE ME COME OHHHHHHH OHHHHH!” Pink cried out, not able to stand the pleasure anymore.

“Mmmmm yesssssssssss come for me! Fill my mouth up with that hot fuck cream!” Jessica moaned, looking up from Pink’s legs and moaning over the feel of John’s cock up her ass and the view she had of her own husband jacking off his cock over seeing his slutty wife put on a lesbian fuck show. “Ooooooh I fucking love the taste of cum! Give it to me Pink! Give me your yummy girl cum and let me fucking swallow it down! Oooooh I can’t get enough of swallowing cum!”

The little smirk on Justin’s face as he jacked off his spit covered cock showed that statement was likely very true and Kaia marveled as Jessica pressed her gorgeous face back between Pink’s splayed open legs and sucked on her pussy before focusing on her clit. It was so hot to see Jessica Biel eat pussy like that and Pink screamed out in orgasm from the pleasure of Jessica’s hot mouth latching onto her clit.


Pink pressed a hand right to Jessica’s brown hair and forced her down between her legs by the back of her head, making sure she didn’t miss a drop. Pink was in lesbian ecstasy thanks to Jessica and the sight of her having an orgasm from another married celebrity eating her out caused Pink’s husband to lose it too.

“Fuckkkk I’m gonna come!” Carey grunted while stuffing his cock up John’s ass, his tattooed white body slapping into John’s black backside with greater force as their swollen balls smacked together more. “Ohhhh fuck man your ass is fucking squeezing my cock so nice! Fuckkkk I’m going to fucking jizz!”

“Oh my ass!” John moaned out from the pleasure of both Carey’s cock throbbing in his ass and his own cock pushing deep up Jessica’s famous butt. “That’s what my wife likes! She loves seeing men come all over my ass!”

“Fuck yeah I do!” Chrissy laughed enthusiastically. “Mmmmm do it Carey! Come from my cock up your ass! Pull your dick out and spunk all over my man’s ass! I wanna see that white cum dripping from his tight black cheeks! Ooooh soak him in it! That gets me off!”

Carey was so overcome with the pure lust he felt over Chrissy’s strap-on up his ass while John’s snug hole squeezed his cock that he barely was able to pull out before he lost it and spunked. But he managed to hold onto his load just long enough to get his cock out of John’s ass and, with a hot, hard grunt, the former racer shot his cum out all over the singer’s backside.

Jerking himself off feverishly, Carey shot stream after stream of his white jizz all over John’s bare ass, his white cum splattering all over his black buns and even getting into his ass crack as Chrissy squealed in delight and pumped into Carey harder.

“Ooooooh that’s SO fucking hot! Yessss spill that fucking jizz all over his black ass! Mmmm yessssssss mmmm make a sticky mess out of his beautiful bare ass!” Chrissy moaned, staring in admiration and lust at the way the tattooed white boy creamed the dark skin of her soulful black husband. “Mmmm yessssss that’s so fucking sexy! Spill your cum all over his butt! Mmmm fuckk I want to lick it all off and swallow it down like a good slut wife!”

But Chrissy never got that chance. Someone else wanted to do that to John too and she didn’t hesitate. While Chrissy was still thrusting her toy into Carey, Peyton swooped in and, without any introduction or even a hello, walked right over and kneeled her naked body behind John’s. The horny teenager then just started licking the cum off the famous singer’s ass, dragging her tongue over his firm, tight black cheeks to lick up the other man’s jizz.

“Fuckkkk ohhhhh yesssss what the fuck mmmmm,” John moaned in surprise and arousal to suddenly have a strange girl’s tongue licking cum off his backside. “Mmmm you nasty girl!”

“Heyyyy that’s my man’s ass you’re tasting!” Chrissy objected while still fucking away at Carey, the racer’s now soft white dick flopping around from her hard, aggressive thrusts up his ass.

But Peyton was too far gone to think about niceties. She was too horny and too high from the Ecstasy to think about being polite. She was taking Nikki’s advice and just joining in. All Peyton cared about was fucking and living out every perverted fantasy that got into her head. She hadn’t thought. She had just acted and she was so glad she had.

Peyton was on her knees dragging her tongue over John’s bare ass, licking Carey’s cum off his backside while she fingered herself and when she moved her tongue to John’s ass crack and began licking him there, his surprise turned entirely into pleasure.

“Ohhhhh yesssssss mmmm fuck yeah do it you little slut! Lick that hole!” John urged and Peyton, so horny for him, eagerly obeyed, sliding her tongue in his ass crack and licking up the last drops of Carey’s dripping jizz before she started to rim the famous singer, teasing his asshole with her inexperienced but eager tongue and making him grunt and moan in pleasure while he continued to ass fuck Jessica Biel.

And Chrissy wasn’t really mad. She liked the view she now had of the blonde teenage girl licking her husband’s ass. Peyton’s pretty white face and angelic hair looked so good pressed into John’s ebony ass and Peyton was really getting into her first rim job, savoring the taboo act she was doing as she licked his dark hole and found herself more and more turned on by the depravity of what she was doing.

“Mmmmm you nasty little slut! Greedy little cum whore! Eat my husband’s ass!” Chrissy moaned, pulling her toy out of Carey’s now loosened asshole and moving toward Peyton with the stiff plastic cock jutting out from her gorgeous model body. “Mmmmm that’s so fucking sexy! Pretty little white bitch like you on her knees his eating black ass! Just like I do! I love eating my man’s tasty ass! Eat that fucking ass white girl! Show me what a fucking whore you are!”

Peyton was so turned on by the beautiful model’s filthy words to her and the naughtiness of being able to rim one of her favorite singers. John’s body turned her on so much and even though she had never rimmed a guy before she really got into it, spreading his dark ass cheeks with her pale white hands and burying her face between his toned buns to push her tongue inside his ass and really lick him thoroughly while he kept thrusting up Jessica’s ass. And it wasn’t just turning Chrissy on to be able to see it.

“Oooooh that’s so fucking hot! Do it Peyton! Mmmm eat that yummy ass!” Kaia encouraged her friend, touching herself over the view of the beautiful Disney actress tongue fucking the superstar musician’s asshole, her pretty face looking so good shoved into his tight crack. “Mmmm be a nasty girl like me! Spit in his ass and then lick it out! Guys love that!”

Peyton didn’t hesitate to do that. She followed Kaia’s advice like it was gospel and she spit right into John’s puckered hole, keeping her hands on his ass cheeks to spread them open as she spat a gob of her saliva into him and then dove back in with her tongue to lick it out and swallow her own saliva like she had just swallowed Carey’s man cum off John’s ass. Peyton felt like a wild hedonist now as she ate black ass in front of everyone and she was moaning like a whore for it, especially when Chrissy got involved too.

“If you’re going to tongue fuck my man then you’d better be ready for me to fuck you!” Chrissy moaned, sliding the cock that had just been shoved inside Carey between Peyton’s tight teenage buns, moving the dark plastic shaft up and down her ass crack while she kneeled in back of John and squeezed and tongue punched his ass.

“Yessssssssss fuck meeeeee!” Peyton moaned in desire while her face was still shoved into John’s ass crack. “Fuck my pussy with your cock! Fuck me like a hardcore dyke slut while I lick his ass! Mmmm fuckkk I wanna be nastyyyyyyy!”

And nasty was just what Peyton got. She repositioned herself without even being asked to, jutting her ass out for Chrissy and offering herself up to the wife of the man she was rimming. She was so eager for it and Chrissy did not hesitate to take advantage of it, pushing the fake cock that had just been up a man’s ass right into Peyton’s teenage pussy. Chrissy started to fuck the girl hard too, not starting off slow at all as she began pushing right into Peyton, fucking her sopping pink hole aggressively as the blonde teen moaned like a wanton harlot right into John’s ass.

“Yesssssss fuck me! Fuck me hard ooooooh fuck me nasty!” Peyton cried into the muzzle of John Legend’s bare ass. “Fuck me like a whore! Ooooooh fuck my pussy and make me come again!”

Seeing her friend go wild like made Kaia want in too. She had been debating whether or not she should join in, but Peyton’s actions had made that decision for her. So she walked her nude body right into the fun and while Peyton had acted on her crush on John, Kaia went right for Justin, making good on her own teenage desire.

Pink was still quivering from the orgasm Jessica had given her and that had left his big cock unoccupied. So Kaia went right for it, sinking down to her knees in front of the pop star and eagerly sucking on his meat.

She didn’t say a word to him. She just kneeled and started worshipping his rock hard cock with her mouth, bobbing her teenage lips up and down his pole while his wife watched and took in the view.

“Yeah that’s it! Suck his cock little girl! Suck my husband’s fucking cock!” Jessica moaned breathlessly, her big tits swaying as she was fucked even harder by John, the feel of Peyton’s tongue pushing into his asshole inspiring him to fuck the actress with even more aggression. “Oooooh fuckkk he loves having his dick sucked! I can never keep up with how often he needs to get blown! Mmmm fuckkk yeahhh suck it right into your teen slut mouth! Suck his dick and swallow his cum while I get fucked! Oooooh fuckkkkk fuck me John! Fuck me hard in front of Justin! Fill me up with that big black cock and make me come from it! Oohhhh fuckkkkk yessssssssss fuck my ass! Oooooh fuckkk make that big white ass of mine jiggle from your fucking black monster cock! Oooooooh yessssssss yesssssss deeper baby! Harder! Fuck my ass while a teen whore sucks my husband’s cock!”

Kaia loved how Jessica called her a whore. It turned her on to know she was being so wicked with a sexy married couple, just like she already had been with Jessica and Cash and Channing and Jenna. Justin’s cock tasted so good and it was so big in her mouth as she lived out a fantasy and sucked his superstar dick, feeling it fill her mouth with those meaty inches while she felt him throb between her lips. Justin’s hand gently played with her hair and Kaia loved that too, especially because, unlike his wife, he recognized her.

“Mmmmmm you’re Cindy Crawford’s kid, right?” Justin moaned, his nude body freshly in the throes of pleasure thanks to the teenager’s blowjob.

With her mouth full of cock, Kaia couldn’t answer but she did give him a muffled “mmmhmmm” that answered his question. And him asking made Kaia wonder if her mother had done what she was doing. Sucking a cock her mother had sucked was always so hot because Kaia loved trying to be just as hot and naughty as her iconic mother and Justin quickly gave Kaia the answer she had been looking for.

“I thought that was you,” Justin said, letting Kaia do all the work on his cock as she kneeled before his standing body and sucked him off, her soft hands playing with his smooth, cum-filled balls. “I’ve seen you in pictures and you look just like her1 Ooooh fuck, you’re a good little cocksucker just like she is too! Like mother, like daughter! Mmmm one time when we were doing an MTV thing Cindy fucked all of us in N’Sync all at the same time! Mmmm fuck we gangbanged your mom! Even Lance! Mmmm he’s gay but even he couldn’t resist your mom’s hot body!”

Kaia had no idea Cindy had done something like that and it turned her on so much to think of her mother fucking a whole boy band and taking on all of their cocks at once. Kaia loved thinking of those horny boys fucking her sexy mommy and how Justin had grown up into a sexy daddy and husband and now Kaia had his cock in her mouth this time. She loved being her mother’s slutty daughter and Kaia couldn’t resist pulling off his cock to tell him that.

“Mmmmm my mommy is so good at fucking!” Kaia moaned out, catching her breath as saliva dribbled down her chin before she dove back down onto his dick. “She taught me so much! Maybe she and I will have to suck you off together! Would you like that Justin? My mom and me both sucking your dick? Sharing your big cock and making you pick which one of us is better!”

Justin moaned out in pleasure over the sound of such a lewd fantasy. He’d had moms and daughters share him before and he’d had sisters compete for his cock too. That was the life of a superstar with a lot of eager groupies. But he’d never had anything like a gorgeous supermodel and her beautiful teenage daughter share his dick before and he wanted it. But mostly he moaned over how well Kaia was sucking his cock, her soft lips wrapping around his pole as she skillfully took him back down her throat and massaged his nuts with her fingers.

And Justin’s moans caught his wife’s attention.

“Oooh you fucking pervert fuck! Sounds like you’d love if she did that to you!” Jessica groaned from John’s cock thrusting up her ass while she watched her famous husband get blown. “You sick fuck! Bet you’d love to come all over Cindy and her daughter’s faces and make them lick it off each other and kiss! Mmmmm fuckkkkk I know I sure would! I’d fucking love to see that! What about you little girl? Want to suck my husband’s cock and taste his cum all over your mommy’s face? That too kinky for you?”

Kaia didn’t answer Jessica’s lewd question since she had Justin’s cock going down her throat again but she did visibly wink at the assfucked actress, showing Jessica that not only wasn’t it too kinky for her but that she wanted it. Kaia loved knowing Jessica didn’t know how slutty she and her family could be and she badly wanted to show off for her and let her see just how naughty things could be in her house. Kaia wanted to blow Jessica’s mind just like she was blowing her husband.

But Jessica soon had something distracting her beyond Kaia and her mother. Because Nikki had not been about to just hang back and let everyone else have some fun. Nikki got down on the floor with everyone else and, while John was fucking Jessica’s ass, she moved underneath the actress while she was on all fours and just started licking her. Nikki knew Jessica very well already and she did something she had done many times before by lapping at her dripping wet pussy.

“Oooooooh Nikki! Fuck yeahhhhhh! Ohhhhhh yessssss lick my pussy! Oooooh fuck yeah you know how much I love having my pussy eaten while I’m being fucked!” Jessica cried out from the feel of her teen lover and more than occasional drug supplier licking at her vagina while she took a cock up her famous ass. “Oooooh you slut! Fuck yes you sexy slut! Eat my pussy! Mmmm lick that juicy fucking hole while John shoves that big black stick up my ass! Oh hell yeah! Getting licked and fucked is the fucking best! Lick me Nikki! Make me come like you always fucking do with that hot tongue of yours! Ohhhh fuckkk!”

Jessica moaned and grunted and cooed, all those sexy sounds coming out of her mouth while Nikki licked at her and John fucked her, the feel of his hot, fit body smacking into hers making the actress so turned on. Her ass was jiggling hard from his forceful thrusts up her tightest hole, her round, juicy butt cheeks bouncing as he pushed into her and she couldn’t stop moaning out from Nikki’s tongue on her pussy at the same time.

Kaia tried to look over as much as she could. She loved watching Nikki fuck. Her sexy blonde friend was like a sexual champion when she went at it and showed off how flexible her hot body could be and how much she could handle. And having Nikki fuck someone as sexy as Jessica Biel was something Kaia wanted to see. But Kaia mostly kept her focus on Justin’s cock as she wetly sucked him off and fingered herself while she did it.

One cock wasn’t enough for Kaia and as she saw Pink and Carey kissing out of the corner of her eye, the married couple pressing their nude, freshly orgasmed bodies together, she knew what she wanted.

“Mmmm c’mere,” Kaia moaned when she pulled off Justin for a second and reached out for Carey. “I want your cock too! I want all the cocks! I wanna suck and fuck all of you!”

Kaia had been so turned on from watching Ariana Grande take on those seven men before and greedily hog all those cocks for herself. It made her want to be just as selfish and she pulled Carey away from his wife as the Ecstasy still buzzed in her brain and enhanced her natural horniness. And Carey didn’t resist a bit as Kaia pulled him to her. He stood up next to Justin and offered no fight as Kaia opened wide to suck his penis into her mouth too right alongside Justin’s.

Having just come, Carey’s cock was soft in Kaia’s mouth especially compared to Justin’s throbbing, ready to erupt erection. But that started to change when Kaia began sucking him off. She took her hand off Justin’s balls to play with Carey’s instead and she rubbed the sacs of the tattooed former racer just right, making him start to grow in her mouth as Kaia sucked off the two cocks at once, making both men moan.

“Fuck yeahhh! Greedy little slut! Take on both cocks! I felt your mom do this and you’re just as slutty as she is!” Justin moaned out, savoring the feel of the teenager’s mouth on his meat.

“Oh yes! Fuckk suck my cock and taste the ass all over it!” Carey groaned, relishing his own sluttiness as he reminded Kaia of what he’d just been doing. “Taste how I just fucked that hot ass and make me fucking hard again!”

Kaia loved feeling both of their big pricks in her mouth at the same time, especially as Carey began growing harder for her, showing that her young mouth was better than any blue bill. She finger fucked herself harder, her pussy squishing around her own fingers as she masturbated while sucking both guys off. Kaia wanted to get a show too, though, and she wasn’t shy about asking for it.

“Mmmmm kiss!” Kaia moaned lustfully when she pulled her mouth off their cocks to make her request. “Kiss each other!”

Carey and Justin both looked at each other warily when Kaia said that. They had felt their cocks rubbing together in Kaia’s mouth but it was like her asking for the intimacy of a kiss was too much for them. However Kaia wasn’t the only one who wanted to see it and Pink made her feelings clear too.

“Ooooh yessss I wanna see that too!” Pink demanded. “Mmmm give each other a big kiss! Mmmm just like this!”

Pink then put on a show for her husband by pulling Kaia to her and lustfully kissing the teenager right on her lips. Kaia didn’t resist a bit and didn’t hesitate to moan over the feel of their soft lips before parting her lips so she and Pink could let their tongues play too. Pink’s tongue felt so good rubbing into hers and Kaia happily moaned into Pink’s mouth, the two of them sharing their saliva before Pink pulled away and smirked at Carey and Justin.

“Now you two! Just like that!” Pink urged. “I wanna see you two hot boys kiss each other! I know you liked what you just saw! I wanna see a show now!”

“But…but…” Carey sputtered out, not sure what to do even as his cock stiffened up even more.

“You just fucked John’s ass but you can’t kiss Justin?” Pink asked incredulously. “You just saw me kiss a girl and I just came all over Jessica’s face too! Don’t be a wuss bout this! Just kiss him! I know you’ve kissed guys before! And remember Justin, I know what you and Britney used to do so…”

“We don’t need to talk about that!” Justin interrupted nervously, before glancing over at Jessica, who was far too occupied moaning out in bliss from John’s thick cock up her ass to even notice what was being said.

“Mmmm now I gotta know what you and Britney did,” Kaia said, so curious, her body tingling with teenage curiosity and lust. “Or you two could kiss and I won’t ask about it.”

Justin seemed very desperate to protect a secret from Jessica so he silenced Kaia and Pink by turning to Carey and kissing him on the lips. It was a light peck at first and that only got frustrated boos and catcalls from Pink and Kaia. So they did it again, this time with more genuine intensity and, as their masculine lips began pressing together, the lust began to overtake the married men.

Carey was the first to succumb to it and he began kissing Justin more aggressively. And Justin responded by parting his lips and letting Carey’s tongue touch his. The two of them began to French kiss as they got closer and closer, their nude bodies touching as their hard cocks began rubbing together, a view that turned Kaia and Pink on a lot and also had a very definite effect on Jessica as she noticed what her husband was doing while John kept fucking her thick ass, slapping her round cheeks as he did it.

“Oh yeahhhhhh! That’s so fucking hot! Kiss him!  Mmmm kiss another man for me baby!” Jessica groaned in desire, her lust bubbling over thanks to John’s cock up her ass and Nikki’s mouth on her pussy. “Fuck yessss! Kiss him like a fucking cock craving slut baby! I know you love seeing me kiss girls and now we’re gonna start playing with more men too! I love seeing you mess around with guys mmmm fuckkk I’ve never seen you kiss one before though and that’s so fucking hot! Mmmmm tongue kiss him Justin! Oooooh fuckkkk yessssss that’s so good! OHHH FUCKKKK YESSSSS NIKKI OOOOOH EAT MY PUSSY YOU FUCKING NAUGHTY GIRL! OHHHHH YESSSSSS MMMMM FUCK KEEP KISSING HIM BABY! KISS HIS HOT LIPS WHILE I COME ALL OVER NIKKI’S FACE!”

Jessica was losing it completely thanks to the way John was aggressively fucking her and the way Nikki’s talented lips and tongue were worshipping her pussy. She loved being in this position, on all fours so she could be fucked from behind and feel her big tits swaying on her own chest as a hot woman tongue fucked her. She couldn’t hold back from it, not with Nikki’s mouth sucking on her pink folds and her clit and John’s big cock stretching open her asshole. And the view of her sexy, famous husband making out with another man was just the spark Jessica needed to ignite.

Nikki knew Jessica’s pussy very, very well from all the times she had played with her and Justin and also those times she had Jessica during those naughty nights when the sexy actress indulged in her wicked side without her husband around and invited Nikki and Dante over so she could devour every inch of the sexy siblings’ bodies.

Nikki knew what it took to get Jessica off especially because she had been in this position with her before, licking her famous pussy while Jessica was fucked doggie style. And Nikki skillfully licked at Jessica’s cunt while John assfucked her and they both made the actress come.

“AHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSS FUCK ME! SWALLOW MY CUM NIKKI! SWALLOW MY CUM WHILE MY ASS GETS STUFFED WITH BLACK DICK! FUCKKK OHHHH YESSSSSSSSS FUCKING SWALLOW IT MMMMM YEAHHHH!” Jessica cried out in orgasm, her body smacking back against John’s, her ass cheeks jiggling and her tits swaying while Nikki happily lapped up every delicious drop of cream from Jessica’s tight pussy.

Seeing his wife come like that fired Justin up even more and his cock throbbed in need. Kissing Carey was clearly turning him on but he had to have more than just receiving a blowjob from Kaia. He pulled his cock out of the teenager’s mouth and imposed his will upon her.

“Lay down,” Justin told the girl. “I’m going to fuck you just like I fucked your mom! Spread your legs! Give me that tight little pussy of yours!”

Having Justin Timberlake say that to her made Kaia’s heart skip with excitement in her chest while sexual adrenaline flowed in her veins. Her pussy drooled with desire over the idea of letting him take her and she happily complied with what he wanted as she lay back on the floor and spread open her legs, reaching down to rub herself provocatively for him, showing Justin how much she wanted him by rubbing her fingers over her swollen labia lips.

“Mmmm is this what you want? Do you want my little young cunt Justin?” Kaia purred sexily as she rubbed her wetness and brought her fingers to her mouth, sucking the mix of tastes of her own juice and Cash’s leftover load off. “Mmmm do you want to fuck me like a whore? Cause you can! I’ll be your little whore and let you stuff every inch of that big cock inside my hole!”

Justin didn’t say a word. He just took Kaia for himself without a second’s more delay. Grabbing her legs to spread her open even more, Justin thrust himself into her waiting vagina without any warning, shoving his cock deep into Kaia and making her shiver with ecstasy as the superstar singer took her and started to own her with his meaty dick.

“Yesssssssssss yesssssssssssss ohhhhhh! Fuck me Justin! Oooooh I’ve wanted this for so long! I have such a crush on you!” Kaia cried happily as the married man began fucking her while his wife looked on still gasping for breath after her orgasm. “Mmmmm fuck me hard! Oooooh pump that daddy cock right into my little tight pussy! Make me fucking feel it! Fuck me like a whore Justin! Fuck me and fill me up with more cum! I want to feel your cum mixing with Cash’s right inside my slutty pink hole!”

“Oh fuck yeah! You’re so nasty!” Justin moaned, clearly loving that he was getting another man’s sloppy seconds. “You’re even nastier than your mom! She loved it when we all fucked her and took her together and dumped our cum inside her wet cunt but you’re an even bigger whore for it, aren’t you Kaia!”

“YES!” Kaia cried out, so ecstatic to be able to have someone like this compare her so favorably to her iconic mother. “Oooooh I’m such a dirty girl! Mommy taught me to be such a whore! She taught me everything I knew! But I want to be even hotter and nastier than she is! Fuck me Justin! Fuck me harder than you fucked my mom! Come inside me and fill me up!”

Kaia was panting with lust as Justin grunted and fucked her harder, stuffing her already sore pussy with his cock and making her love every thick, stiff inch of it. He felt so good inside her and Kaia was getting breathless like a whore from it. But she wasn’t the only one who was getting off as Nikki had moved her mouth from Jessica’s pussy to John’s cock and was now sucking off the actress’ ass from his throbbing dick.

Kaia looked over and moaned at the sight of her friend swallowing John’s big black dick effortlessly, happily deep throating him and sucking the ass right off his throbbing meat. And Kaia was even more thrilled to see Peyton still behind John, continuing her transformation into a total whore as she had her small white hands spreading open his ass cheeks while her face was shoved into his crack, tongue fucking his hole and rimming him like her life depended on it while Chrissy was behind Peyton, fucking her teen pussy with her strap-on.

Peyton looked so sexy with her pretty pale face buried in dark ass crack while she moaned audibly and tongue fucked him like a depraved slut loving her first taste of man ass. Peyton looked like she was starving for ass while she feasted on John’s toned butt and Chrissy was giving it to her so hard too, which made Peyton go after John with her tongue even more up his naughty hole.

And with Peyton eating his ass and Nikki sucking his cock, there was no way John could hold back and with a happy grunt and moan he pushed down on Nikki’s head, forcing her all the way down until her chin rested on his swollen balls and her nose was in his pubic hair, and came in her mouth, just like he had done to Nikki many times before.

“Ohhhhh fucking swallow that load! Suck down every drop you sexy white cum whore! Yessssss fuckkkk ohhhh just like that Nikki fuckkkk yeahhhh!” John groaned out in bliss as he came, his cock unloading in Nikki’s mouth while Peyton’s tongue remained buried up his ass. “Mmmm take it Nikki! Right down to that cum hungry belly of yours! Swallow that hot cum!”

Nikki loved to swallow. Kaia had seen that so many times and Nikki had actually done so much to help her get rid of her own gag reflex and start eagerly swallowing cum like a whore too. Kaia knew how good she was at sucking cock and John was in heaven as he came in her mouth just like Jessica had a few minutes earlier.

Once John came, Peyton finally pulled her gorgeous face out of his ass, smiling big as she gasped for breath. Her face was all flushed now and she kept on moaning from how good Chrissy’s toy felt inside her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard like a slut! Make me take that big, nasty dyke cock of yours in my pussy! Ooooh fuck I’m such a whore now! Mmmmm gawd I was just eating your husband’s butt and it felt so good! Keep fucking me Chrissy! Fuck me for being such a fucking whore!” Peyton groaned in wicked lust, her need boiling over as all the pent up desire that had been inside her escaped.

“Mmmmm you’re a nasty little thing and I love it!” Chrissy laughed, thrusting away into the Disney Channel star’s tight teen pussy from behind, making her own firm tits jiggle with every motion of her hips. “I like you Peyton! Mmmmm me and John are going to have to have you over to the house all the time for some fun from now on! Mmmm you and your little model friend over there! Get on your back now Peyton! I want to fuck you right beside your pretty friend! I want you to see each other get fucked! I want you to see me and Justin fuck your hot teen pussies!”

Peyton’s eyes lit up at the sound of that and she immediately did what the gorgeously horny model told her. She pulled herself off of Chrissy’s strap-on, loving the squishing sound it made when it left her young pink hole and she lay back on the floor right next to Kaia while Justin was thrusting into her. And Peyton didn’t hesitate to start kissing Kaia as soon as she was next to her, making out with her friend and reaching out to fondle Kaia’s tiny little tits, caressing her sweaty chest while Chrissy got her legs open and shoved her fuckstick right back into her.

Kaia enthusiastically kissed Peyton back, remembering full well where her friend’s beautiful face had been just a short time ago. Peyton had looked so sexy with her face buried in John’s ass, eating him like a voracious whore, and now Kaia could kiss her and taste his famous ass all over her friend’s lips. It made kissing Peyton even more fun for Kaia and she eagerly rubbed her tongue against Peyton’s so she could taste more of the forbidden taste of his black ass.

The two teens kissed wildly and played with each other’s tits as they were side by side, both of them getting fucked hard. Kaia had a real cock in her pussy while Peyton was being fucked by plastic but it felt amazing to them both and they channeled that pleasure into their kisses back and forth while they indulged in the wicked delights of their first orgy.

The only thing that could break apart their kissing was the intensity they felt from being fucked, which quickly overcame Peyton as she gasped in ecstasy from how skillfully Chrissy was fucking her. Chrissy had her young legs over her shoulders and was stuffing her so good on her back, pushing it in forcefully as Peyton cooed from every hard inch being pushed inside her.

“Ohhhhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Peyton cried as the strap-on drilled into her dripping hole. “Mmmm yeahhhh fuck me deep! Make my pussy all sore and tingly for you! Mmmm more Chrissy more! Fuck me like a lesbian slut!”

“Mmmm you dirty girl,” Chrissy laughed, playfully pinching Peyton’s swollen pink nipples as she fucked her. “You looked so fucking hot with that pretty face tossing my hubby’s salad! And now I’m fucking you and not him! If you want his black dick inside your tight blonde cunt you’d better show you can handle my girl cock first! After all if you’re ever going to really get his dick then you have to take us both on! I don’t fuck without him and he doesn’t fuck without me!”

“So fucking hot!” Peyton moaned, loving the implications of the couple that plays together stays together mentality that Chrissy and John had in their marriage. “Mmmmm I’ll fuck you both so good! I’ll fuck anyone! I’ll be a total straight slut and take on his big cock and I’ll be a total dyke slut and let you fuck me too! Ooooooh I’m such a fucking whore now! I love it! Gawwwd I want John’s big black cock inside me and I totally want you to lick me and fuck me and make me taste your hot pussy Chrissy!”

Peyton breathlessly moaned and cried in rapture from the strap on inside her and Kaia was right next to her, in the same position, as Justin fucked her. Kaia’s legs were up and slung over Justin’s shoulders as the married man filled her with his cock, his balls smacking against her body as he went in deep and hard, just like they both wanted.

“Fuck me! Fuck me like your fuck your wife! Fuck me hot and nasty!” Kaia cried, looking over and seeing Jessica now between Nikki’s legs, returning the favor to the horny teen by licking at her pierced pink pussy. “Oooooh Justin! I’ve always wanted your cock! Fuck me harder than you fucked my mom! My tight little cunt can handle it! Mmmm fuck me harder and make me take that load right in my slutty hole!”

“Ohhh fuck you and your mom are so fucking nasty! And you’re both so tight too!” Justin moaned while pushing into her, his hot body slapping into hers on the floor. “Fuck yeah! You’ve got a tight pussy Kaia!”

Kaia could see that look in his eyes and she knew he was fantasizing about having her and her supermodel mother together at the same time. She saw that look in the eyes of a lot of horny boys and girls and Kaia wanted to deepen his perversity while he thrust into her and made every push inside her pussy feel better than the last as his cum filled nuts slapped against her naked body.

“Mmmmm wait’ll you try my brother’s ass Justin! Now that’s fucking tight!” Kaia giggled, loving the look on his face as she shocked him with her incestuous confession. “Mmmm I lick and finger and fuck his hole whenever I can and I know he’d love your big cock inside him just like I do! Oooooh come over to the house and you can fuck my daddy too! Or he can fuck you while you’re fucking my mom mmmm or while you’re fucking me! Oooooh we’re all so fucking nasty!”

“Fuckkkkkk!” Justin groaned with lust, his eyes lighting up and his cock throbbing inside the tight vise of her teenage vagina. “That’s so hot! So fucking hot! Fuckkk I’m going to come inside you Kaia! You want that? Want some fucking superstar cum inside your cunt like your mom did all those years ago?”

Kaia didn’t know what she had said that had made Justin so close to busting his nut inside her. Had it been the offer to fuck her brother’s hot, tight boy pussy? Had it been the thought of Rande fucking his ass while Justin was inside Cindy? Or was it just the thought of joining her family’s depraved fun? Whatever it was, Kaia was so happy about it and she reached down to rub herself while Justin was inside her, increasing her own pleasure as his balls boiled over while he was buried inside her.

“Yessssss fill me up! Shoot your hot cum up my little pink cunt!” Kaia urged, gasping over the pleasure of Justin’s prick inside her and her own nimble fingers pleasuring her own hot spots. “Fill my pussy up with yummy superstar cum! I wanna feel it dripping out my hole like Cash’s is! Ughhh gawd mix your cum in there with us so I can feel it squishing together all night long! Gimmie that cum! Cum inside me Justin! Blow your load in my teen pussy like your teen cock nutted inside my mommy before!”

Kaia’s horny words were so heated and genuine. She wanted Justin’s load so badly as she rubbed herself and pushed onto his cock, letting him fill her up with his meat. She clamped her pussy around his cock and squeezed her thighs to give him a warm port for his load. And he didn’t disappoint her. Her words and her body turned Justin on immensely and he grunted loudly as he spilled his seed inside Kaia, filling her up just how she wanted it.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk yesssssssss soooo fucking hot and messy mmmm fuckkkk gimmie every bit of that load!” Kaia cried in joy, the feel of his sperm ejaculating inside her making her come too as she played with her pussy lips while Justin spasmed in orgasm inside her. “Ahhhhh! Ughhhh yesssss so good! SO FUCKING GOOD! OHHHHHHH!”

And seeing her friend come from Justin Timberlake fucking her made Peyton want it too even more. She had never felt a strap-on inside her before today and now she couldn’t get enough of it. Chrissy was fucking her so good and Peyton loved seeing the married mom’s round, jiggly tits bouncing on her sweaty chest.

Chrissy’s tiny pink nipples so swollen and erect on her tanned model body. Feeling that big, thick plastic penetrating her pussy over and over again while all around her hot bodies were going at it made Peyton feel wonderfully overwhelmed.

“Make me come! Make me come! Ohhhh God make me fucking come!” Peyton begged Chrissy. “Fuck my pussy Chrissy! Be a hot slutty wife and fuck your whore! Fuck me nasty and make sure I’m good enough to get your husband’s big black cock in all of my holes! Fuckkk I want you both to fuck me everywhere! In my mouth and my wet, dirty whore pussy and even up my ass! Mmm fuckkkk I’m gonna get my virgin ass cherry popped while I’m here and I’m gonna want everyone to fuck my ass after especially you and John!”

Peyton had always been too scared to give up her asshole to anyone in bed but Kaia had told her she would like it and that had been more than enough to convince the blonde that losing her anal virginity at the orgy was the best idea ever. Just the thought of it was making her pussy drool with lust and Peyton shivered in bliss when a freshly orgasmed Kaia began kissing her and fondling her tits before she leaned down and started licking her nipples and sucking on her little bouncing teen breasts.

It was all ecstasy to Peyton as she indulged her now fully unleashed lesbian desires by staring up at gorgeous Chrissy Teigen’s naked body while she fucked her with the strap-on and felt her friend Kaia rubbing her young, nude flesh into her. They were both so sweaty and happy now and Peyton loved how Kaia was snuggling into her and kissing and sucking her tits while she was being fucked. Kaia even reached down with her hand to play with Peyton’s lovely pink lips, rubbing her swollen labia while Chrissy stuffed it and it made Peyton gasp and buck in ecstasy right on the floor.

“Oh my God you are the fucking hottest little teen whore I’ve ever met! You two girls are wild and I fucking love it!” Chrissy practically cackled in delight while skillfully thrusting her toy into Peyton like she had many other hot women over the years. “Come for me you pretty little cunt! Come all over mommy’s big fuck stick! Let that hot teen pussy cream all over it! Your pussy is so fucking tight and I love it! John’s going to love it too when I let him fuck it mmmm and we’re both going to want your little Disney Channel ass Peyton! Let’s see if you’re a good enough whore to take on me and my husband when we DP you and both of us fuck your ass at the same time!”

The taboo of feeling two cocks, one real and one fake, up her ass at the same time, especially because it was a married couple doing it made Peyton practically purr with pleasure. That sounded so nasty and fun and she wanted it all so bad. She wanted to be a whore for Chrissy and John and everyone else at the party and it made her come all over Chrissy’s cock.

Peyton writhed underneath Chrissy while the married model fucked her, the strap-on squishing into her creaming pussy as it wrapped around the plastic shaft and squeezed it like Peyton wanted it to come inside her as Justin had done to Kaia.

Peyton squealed and bucked against the fake cock in lesbian ecstasy as she came all over it, her cries only quieted by the passionate kiss Kaia gave her. Peyton dreamily kissed back, her eyes rolling back in her head over how wonderfully she came from Chrissy’s toy inside her happy cunt.

Peyton was left gasping and dripping with orgasmic cream when Chrissy pulled out of her and gave her and Kaia both wet, sensual kisses and Peyton moaned in bliss when she felt how her pussy was even more stretched and sore after all that. It felt so good though. Peyton had never been fucked like she had been fucked at this party and her pussy was paying the price for all she wanted to experience.

It was a price she was very willing to pay, though. Because, as tender as she felt between her legs, stopping was the last thing on Peyton’s mind.

“Mmmm I want more,” Peyton said to her friend, her eyes still wide and wild from the sex and the Ecstasy.

“Me too!” Kaia agreed, so happy to be sharing this with her friend. “Hey Nikki, what were you going to show…”

Kaia interrupted her own question to Nikki though when she saw how occupied the girl was now and she giggled in response. Nikki wasn’t in a position to show off anything to anyone other than her own depravity because the blonde girl was flat on her back now with every one of her holes being filled. While Kaia and Peyton had been kissing and enjoying their post-orgasmic bliss, everyone else had ganged up on Nikki and she was loving it.

Carey had Nikki’s legs up in the air and was lifting her up so he could drive his cock into her pussy, his tattooed body all sweaty as he thrust forcefully up her teenage cunt. Jessica had been licking Nikki before and Carey had taken over for her, pushing himself deep into her wet, horny hole while John, his cock freshly hard, was also fucking Nikki at the same time. John was right next to Carey and had his cock shoved up Nikki’s teen ass. She loved the feel of his thick black meat up her very willing white butt and she groaned wantonly while they double fucked her.

Groaning was all Nikki could do though as she sucked on Justin’s cock, making it hard again in her mouth while she slurped off Kaia’s cream from the superstar dick. But it wasn’t just the men who were focusing on Nikki now as Jessica and Pink were each sucking on Nikki’s pierced nipples, licking the ringed, erect nubs and making her writhe on the floor as Chrissy came over too, her strap-on visibly slick and messy with Peyton’s juices as she joined her husband.

While John was fucking Nikki’s ass, Chrissy snuggled right up to him, kissing him on the lips and running her hands all over her toned, smooth chest, his dark skin looking so good against her soft, light skinned hands. But while Chrissy was soft and erotic in her touch to her husband she was far more wicked with Nikki, taking her strap-on and pushing it up her ass, joining John’s cock and stretching her hole out even more as the double penetration Nikki was enjoying turned into a triple penetration.

Nikki howled in bliss as Justin fucked her mouth, muffling her sounds with his cock. It was clear she loved being taken like this and Kaia and Peyton both drooled over how much Nikki could handle at once. They giggled excitedly over watching her but they also wanted more for themselves too and they both got up on their wobbly young legs to seek it out. Whatever Nikki was going to show them could wait for now.

Kaia and Peyton walked nakedly through the party enjoying all there was to see. Everyone looked so fucking sexy and they were like kids in a candy store wanting to taste it all. There were so many beautiful bodies all nude and all fucking and it all looked so natural and beautiful to them both. What might have been taboo and questioned outside this orgy was openly reveled in as everyone indulged in the pleasures of the flesh and only cared about feeling good. It was more intoxicating than any drug and Kaia and Peyton roamed through it, wanting it all.

They watched with barley contained excitement as they saw top female tennis stars Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams put their rivalry aside and frantically scissor their wet pussies together.

The two toned athletic women had their legs slung over each other so they could grind their dripping wet crotches into one another while they wildly kissed, lust overcoming whatever dislike they had for each other on and off the court.  Their competitive nature was still flowing though and they were both trying to fuck the other harder than they were being fucked as they ferociously tongue kissed each other and grabbed at each other’s bare chests, white and black skin mashing together in wild lesbian desire.

Both of them looked so good fused together in their scissoring, Serena’s champion caliber ass looking so big and meaty and wonderfully muscular. Kaia wanted to shove her face right into that glorious thick black ass and feast on Serena and she wanted to bring Peyton with her so Peyton could sit on Maria’s face and let the beautiful Russian tongue fuck her to another creamy lesbian orgasm.

The two female athletes were grunting and crying in ecstasy while scissoring into each other on the floor, Serena using her superior strength to get Maria to succumb to her as easily as she did on the court. Serena ground her cunt into the blonde’s and made Maria squirt all over her from the stimulation of their friction, their crotches both getting sloppy and creamy from each other’s repeated orgasms.

They were a sweaty, muscular mess as their white and black athletic bodies fused together with toned, muscles against toned muscles. And Serena and Maria both had the endurance to keep on going as Maria used her own orgasm as fuel to go after Serena harder, the two of them grunting like animals as they kept their competitive juices and their pussy juices flowing and kept on fucking.

Right next to them, Peyton moaned when she saw former Disney star Emily Osment on all fours getting fucked up the ass by a hot Latino man. He was giving it to her hard, thrusting himself deep and forcefully up her lily white ass as he pulled her blonde hair, making her cry out in ecstasy.

“Yesssssssssss fuck my ass mister! Ooooooh gawwwd fuckkkkk yesssssss I love it up my butt so fucking much! Fuck me with that big fucking Mexican meat of yours! Oooooh Disney used to whore me and Miley out to all the older men and I loved when they’d fuck my ass!” Emily squealed in rapture, confessing more depraved actions. “Fuck my ass mister! Shove it deep inside me! I want it all the way up my butt so I can feel your balls smacking into me! Shove it in hard and make me suck my own fucking ass off your dick after! Ooooh fuckkkkk yesssssssss fuckkkkk ohhhh my Godddddd go all the way up my slutty white ass mister! Fuck my dirty white butt with that big Latin cock fuckkkkk!”

Kaia wasn’t sure if Emily was playing a sex game by calling the older Latino man “mister” as he fucked her or if she didn’t know the name of the man shoving deep up her asshole. Both possibilities turned Kaia on and she could see that Peyton was fixated on the view they had of the former Disney star being butt fucked on the floor.

Peyton was staring right at the man’s cock pushing up Emily’s ass and seeing a girl like her who had come up through Disney be so happily sodomized was clearly turning her on. Kaia hoped what she had told Peyton before was playing in her mind as they watched another Disney girl, Zendaya Coleman crawl over to Emily and sling her legs open in front of her before pushing down on her blonde head and forcing her down into her wet, dark pussy.

Emily started eating Zendaya’s pussy as the beautiful black girl held her down by the blonde hair on her head and played with her own tits at the same time. They had seen Zendaya before and it was like she was just like them, going from person to person at the party and fucking them in search of non-stop pleasure.

There was just so much going on and no one wanted to stop or pause or do anything but fuck. Peyton and Kaia kept walking through the piles of bodies wanting to play with everyone they saw. Everyone looked so good as everyone went wild like where Alison Brie was bouncing up and down on top of her fiancé Dave Franco’s cock.

She was riding him like a rodeo queen, making her own big tits bounce while she bent over to lick the asshole of her fiancé’s famous brother James, tossing James Franco’s salad and pushing her fingers up the ass of her soon to be brother in law while James was leaning over with his ass in the air so he could suck on Ryan Gosling’s cock while Ryan was busy eating his own sexy Latina wife Eva Mendes out, his handsome movie star face buried between her tan thighs as she was making out with Olivia Munn, Eva’s hands squeezing Olivia’s toned ass cheeks while Olivia’s hands were on Eva’s big tits.

It was so hot to see them going at each other like that without any inhibition but that wasn’t even as wild as what they saw with a truly unexpected coupling happening over by the big bay windows overlooking the ocean. The view from the windows of the beach and the bright blue sky was awesome but couldn’t compare to what Kaia and Peyton saw Tyrese Gibson from the Fast and Furious movies doing.

Both of the teen girls were huge fans of This Is Us and loved to cry over the smash hit family drama and neither of them had ever expected to see what they saw as the show’s breakout star Chrissy Metz was bent over naked, pushing her bare ass out for Tyrese to fuck her from behind. Chrissy was bent over a couch and facing the windows as Tyrese nailed her hard from behind her huge tits shaking as he slapped her ass and made her big cheeks jiggle while she begged for him to do it harder.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck that big fat ass hard! Ooooh you love that fucking jiggle, don’t you? Mmmmm none of those skinny bitches have an ass like this, do they Tyrese? Fucking shove that black dick deep up my fat white ass! Make those big white buns bounce for you baby!” Chrissy cried out, pushing one of her huge tits up to her own mouth so she could suck on it while Tyrese fucked her with vigorous thrusts of his toned black body into her.

They were such a contrast of body types. Tyrese looked like he spent hours in the gym every day sculpting his body. He was so toned and muscular and Kaia and Peyton loved seeing his ass clench with every hard thrust he took. And Chrissy was just so…gawd big was the only word the two girls could think. She truly was a big, beautiful woman as she gave her body up to Tyrese, letting him slap her huge ass and make her fat butt cheeks jiggle while she sucked on her huge hanging tits, going from one to the other.

And while she was undeniably big, the beautiful part certainly applied too. She was so open and free with her body, owning her weight and her shape and loving herself. It was almost inspiring and it was definitely arousing to see Chrissy take it up the ass from a muscular black stud as he seemed to be loving it every bit as much as she did.

“Ohhhh yessss this body is made for fucking! Fat chicks are the fucking best!” Tyrese groaned in lust, indulging in his favorite secret fetish right in front of everyone. “Skinny bitches don’t have the kind of tits and ass I love! Take it Chrissy! Take every inch up that beautiful fat ass of yours!”

“Yesssssssssssss oh fucking hell yessssssssss give it to my fat fucking ass deep! Make your balls slap those fat cheeks! Ohhhh yessssss I’m so fucking hot for your cock Tyrese! Fuck this fat slut with that black monster and make me fucking come again!” Amy cried, looking like a happily depraved whore as her brown hair stuck to her sweaty forehead and her big tits and ass jiggled with every hard thrust.

It was like nothing Kaia and Peyton had ever seen and they loved it. They loved knowing Tyrese and Chrissy were making each other feel good. Kaia loved how natural and beautiful it all looked, just naked bodies focused on pleasure. Nothing mattered. Not gender. Not age. Not skin color. Not body type. It was just everyone making each other feel good and Kaia moaned when she turned a little more to her right and saw two people she had seen before in the orgy had connected.

The last time Kaia had seen Isabela Moner, the beautiful Latina teen had been sucking off one of the bodyguards at the front and letting him come all over her sexy, young face. Now she was even more into the spirit of the orgy as she was lying on her back on the floor next to the couch and letting a much older man fuck her. It was the same guy they had all seen upstairs fucking Alicia Witt and for an older guy he sure had his endurance up because he was rock hard as he fucked the teenager and made her squeal with ecstasy.

“Ahhhh yesssssssss oooooh that old cock feels soooo good in my little young pussy!” Isabela moaned wantonly. “Mmmmm fuckkk I love calling older guys daddy when they fuck me but you’re like my grandpa! Mmmm fuck me grandpa! Fuck my little teen twat with that big, old cock of yours! Oooooh it feels sooooo good to let my granddaddy fuck meeeeee oooooh yessss more more more! Mmmm make my little titties bounce on my chest from how hard you’re fucking me!”

The older man was totally focused on Isabela’s young vagina as he pushed his cock into a girl who probably really was young enough to be his granddaughter. The Latina teen was getting off on it too, reveling in the taboo over having such an older man fucking her so hard. He was clearly getting off on it too. Kaia still didn’t know who he was, whether he was some kind of a producer or hedge fund guy or a lawyer or whatever but whoever he was, he loved fucking Isabela’s teen body.

“Show me what a good girl you are for grandpa!” the man grunted in between hard thrusts. “Wrap that tight little cunt of yours around granddaddy’s dick like a good little girl! Take that cock deep inside you baby girl! Mmm you’re so wet for this! I love feeling your cunt drip all over my dick!”

“I can’t help it!” Isabela confessed with a sexy giggle. “I love cock so fucking much! I love boys my age! I love daddy dick! I love grandpa dick! I love all colors of cock! As long as it’s big and hard for me I fucking love it all! Give it to me grandpa! Fuck your little girl’s pussy! Oooooh I’ll bet you want to fuck your own granddaughter like this but you know they’ll throw you in jail for being such a sick fuck! Mmmm fuck me like you want to fuck her! Shove that cock in me and fuck my young pussy! Come inside it like a naughty grandpa!”

Those dirty words from Isabela’s sweet mouth made the man moan and fuck her even harder, just like she wanted. Isabela cried out from his deeper thrusts and her tits bounced on her tan chest, her lovely Latina skin breaking out in a sexy sweat from the exertion of the old man fucking her. She played with her own firm teen tits, pinching her nipples and moaning out for more. The depravity of it was getting her off and Kaia wanted to plant her pussy right down on Isabela’s face.

Kaia loved feeling Justin’s cum squishing around in her pussy, mixing up with what was left of Cash’s and she wanted to feed it all to Isabela. Looking over at Peyton, Kaia could see the lustful way her blonde friend was looking at Isabela’s beautiful young body too. Isabela’s firm tits looked so good as she spread her legs for the old man fucking her and the ecstasy in her face from being fucked in so dirty a coupling made Isabela look even hotter.

But she wasn’t the only hot Latina getting fucked on the floor as right next to Isabela there was a beautifully voluptuous woman in all her glory and just like Isabela was getting fucked by a man far too old for her, the thick Mexican MILF was getting fucked by a man far too young for her. And Salma Hayek was clearly relishing every moment she had the teenage boy’s cock buried in her warm, dripping cunt as every thick inch of his big young cock and every bit of his youthful energy was going into fucking the hell out of her.

“Yesssss fuck me boy! Fuck mamacita hard!” Salma cried out in her thick Mexican accent, her words coming out slurred in English in such a sexy way as the pleasure she was feeling clearly made her want to moan like a whore in her native Spanish. “Jou like that boy? Jou like feeling that warm, wet cunt wrapped around jour big, fucking cock! Give it to me you pretty white boy! Give mamacita what she want! Shove that cock into my pussy! Give me that hard polla in my wet fucking cunt! Jou like fucking dat hole? Fucking it hard and making mamacita’s big, juicy tetas bounce!”

It was so hot to hear Salma talk like that and it was even hotter to see her fuck as she took the teen boy’s cock deep inside her. Salma’s huge natural breasts bounced in their double D glory on her mature chest and she was loving everything the sexy white teenager was doing to her as he kept her legs spread open and his cock enthusiastically sliding in and out of the velvety folds of her dripping pussy.

“Yessss I fucking love it! I love fucking this warm cunt of yours Salma! Oh fuck I’ve been a fan of yours for so long! I jerked off to you all the fucking time and now I’m fucking you!” the boy cried, barely believing his luck to be able to give it to this goddess.

“Oh jou don’t have to jack off like a fucking pervert anymore!” Salma purred in her lusty voice. “Jou get da real thing now you dirty boy! Jou’re fucking mamacita’s pussy so good! Give it to me harder boy! Take jour big cock and shove it in hard and deep! I can take it! I love big, fucking cocks in my dirty wet pussy so much! Ohhhh jour’re so good at fucking you horny white boy! Fucking fill dat wet pussy up! Watch my big, fat tetas bouncing for you! Mmmmm just let them fucking hypnotize jou and show you how much mamacita loves jour big, fucking cock in her fucking cunt! Mmmm jou’re all Salma’s now, right boy?”

“Yessss all yours! All fucking yours!” the teen agreed while fucking Salma Hayek’s legendary body. “Oh wow! You’re even fucking hotter than I dreamed! Oh my God! I love watching those big tits bouncing! They look so fucking good!”

“Jou want to fuck dem? Want to fuck mamacita’s big fucking jugs?” Salma grinned naughtily, knowing exactly what he would say.

“Ohhh yesssss more than anything!” he replied.

“Mmmmm goooooood! Then fuck me harder boy! Make me come and then you fuck dese tetas and blow jour sticky white cum alllll over me!” Salma purred in pure seduction, making not only the boy melt to the sound of her voice but making Kaia enraptured with her as well.

“Kaia! Where are you going?” Peyton began to ask as Kaia walked away from her friend and toward Salma.

Kaia felt like she was under a spell and was happy to be that way. Salma’s voice and body were like a siren calling out to her and Kaia obeyed it, going over uninvited and getting on the floor so bury her face in Salma’s bouncing rack as got fucked by the teen boy.

Salma had not been expecting it and let out a little gasp of surprise when she suddenly had soft teenage girl lips kissing all over her bare, bouncing chest. But Salma quickly accepted this as a happy new development and seductively moaned while she ran her fingers through Kaia’s hair and let the girl suck on her tits.

“Mmmmm jou naughty girl! Jou like watching me get fucked? Jou like seeing me get joung hard cock in my fucking cunt?” Salma moaned while Kaia wantonly slurped on her nipple while roaming her hand all over Salma’s big tits, an activity Peyton soon joined her in as she followed her friend and started suckling on Salma’s other breast, the two of them slurping and drooling onto her dark nipples as she moaned for them both.

“Oooooooh two horny girls sucking my tetas? Mmmm I’m a very lucky mamacita!” Salma chuckled and cooed in pleasure. “Do it girls! Jou suck on my big soft tetas and make me come all over dis big fucking cock! Mmmmm cute little girls sucking my big round tetas makes me feel so fucking good! Mmmm jou girls are little putas aren’t jou?”

Kaia knew more than enough Spanish from all the times she had fucked her parent’s pool boy that she knew exactly what that word meant and she owned it.

“Mmmmm you’re goddamn right I’m a puta! I’m a slutty fucking puta and I’ll be your teen whore anytime you want it Salma!” Kaia moaned, loving being called a whore in Spanish just like Enrique did to her whenever she made sure to go out skinny dipping whenever he was there to work on the pool so she could get at the big bulge inside his shorts.

“Yeahhh good little girl putas sucking my tetas and good boy puta fucking me with jour big white cock in my Mexican cunt!” Salma groaned while the boy pumped inside her. “Don’t jou fucking stop! Fuck me! Give me dat big white cock and make me cum and jou can come allllll over these big tetas like jou want naughty boy!”

Peyton looked so sexy slurping hungrily on Salma’s nipple and she only stopped when Salma pulled her up so she could tongue kiss her. Her beautiful Latina face looked so good mashed to the delicate blonde features of Peyton’s and Kaia loved seeing them hungrily share a lesbian kiss. And Kaia didn’t even mind that she wasn’t being kissed because she hadn’t just come over here for Salma.

Having Isabela so close to her was also something Kaia wanted. She had never met the girl before today but she had been a fan of Isabela’s hot Peruvian body ever since she had first laid eyes on her. Seeing Isabela suck that bodyguard’s big black cock before and have her pussy eaten by Michelle Branch had turned on Kaia even more and she had wanted her so bad.

Now as the girl was being fucked by the old man, Kaia had her chance to play and while Salma kissed Peyton, Kaia turned toward Isabela as she lay on the floor next to them and began kissing her.

She didn’t say a word. She just started to kiss her and Isabela happily moaned in response, kissing Kaia back as Kaia began fondling Isabela’s beautiful brown skinned tits. Kaia remembered how Isabela had insisted that she wasn’t into girls when Michelle had put the moves on her before, but the teen girl had clearly changed her tune because she lustfully kissed Kaia and made it easy for them to rub their tongues together as the kisses deepened.

“Mmmm you’re so hot!” Kaia moaned in between wet smooches while Isabela’s pussy was filled up with cock. “I saw you before and it turned me on so much! I wanted to fuck you so bad!”

“I saw you watching me! You and all your friends! That was so sexy! I wanted to put a show on for everyone! Did you like seeing him blow his load all over my face?” Isabela moaned back happily, loving both the kiss and the soft feel of Kaia’s hands on her tits while she was filled up by the old man. “Mmmmm I loved that sticky jizz all over my face!”

“I loved seeing that!” Kaia said. “I wanted to lick it off you but Michelle beat me too it!”

“Oooooh that slut turned me into a fucking lesbo too!” Isabela replied dreamily. “Gawwwd I’d never been with a girl before! I hadn’t even wanted to! But she turned me into a total dyke and now I want pussy all the fucking time! I love cock! I only wanted cock before but now I want pussy too and I’m so fucking horny for it! Mmmm gawwwwd sit on my face! I don’t even know your name and I just want you to sit on my fucking face!”

Kaia giggled over Isabela babbling nonsensically like that. She had been in that state herself so many times. Isabela had clearly gotten her brains fucked out by multiple people at this party and all she wanted was more. Kaia loved when she felt that way and she was happy to give Isabela more. But she wanted to do something first. Kaia had been happy to be anonymous with other people who didn’t know her name or didn’t know her mom. But she wanted Isabela to know.

“My name is Kaia mmm and we’re gonna be really good friends from now on!” Kaia giggled already picturing fun group sleepovers at her place with Peyton and Isabela as she repositioned herself and planted herself right down on the teenager’s face, pressing her wet pussy to her lips and riding her cowgirl style so she could make sure the old man had a great view of her tight little ass.

“Yesssssssssss gawwd make me your friend! Make me eat your fucking pussy while I get fucked!” Isabela moaned before starting to lick at Kaia enthusiastically, showing that whatever hesitation she’d had about being with other girls before had been totally fucked away.

Isabela lapped away hungrily at Kaia’s box, tasting not only the girl juice that was dripping out of her but Justin’s sperm as well. Kaia didn’t warn Isabela about it. Truthfully she’d been so eager to fuck the beautiful Peruvian teen’s face that she had forgotten about it but Isabela clearly didn’t mind and she licked happily away at Kaia’s pussy, tasting the sexy cum cocktail inside her and swallowing it down her mouth while crying out in pleasure from the feel of the old man’s throbbing dick buried inside her young cunt.

And for someone who had been so hesitant before, Isabela was clearly getting very much into it as she licked hard at Kaia and showed a lot of raw talent for pussy licking that Kaia couldn’t wait to shape with a lot of thorough lessons at her house with both Isabela and Peyton in her bed.

“Ohhhh yessssss eat my pussy! Oooooh fuckkk I wanted you so bad when I saw you sucking that huge black dick mmmm I wanted to fuck you right there and I’m so glad I saw you again!” Kaia gasped, looking over with pride at Peyton as her friend’s slutty side was growing once more and the blonde teen crawled onto Salma and began humping her face, letting the Mexican sex goddess lick her pussy. “Lick me Isabela! Show me how much you love girls now! Eat my pussy while that creepy old man fucks you ooooooh fuckkkk gawwwd yesss!”

Kaia cried out from both the feel of Isabela’s raw, eager tongue in her cunt and the feel of that old man smacking her bare ass with a hard slap for calling him creepy. Kaia’s little butt cheek stung from his hard smack and she felt a wave of pleasure from that pervy grandpa spanking her while he shoved his old cock into Isabela’s fresh young pussy.

But Kaia’s cries weren’t anything compared to Salma’s as the teen boy inside her filled her with both cock and eager enthusiasm. He was eager to do anything to please Salma and it showed in his actions as he thrust into her, focused on her pleasure and on getting her off with his young cock. He was so big and thick inside her and Salma’s pussy folds wrapped around him like she never wanted to let him go, making her pussy home for his cock.

And even with Peyton’s pussy in her face and her experienced tongue working Peyton over like she had done to so many other beautiful women over the years, Salma’s passionate cries could not be contained.


Salma was left breathlessly gasping as she came all over the boy’s cock, her tight, MILFy cunt squeezing down around his erection and getting every bit of pleasure out of him as she clamped her thighs down and made him hers. She writhed on the floor, pressing her big, soft ass cheeks right into the rug and letting Peyton bounce on her face with teenage lesbian abandon as she came all over the boy’s cock, coating him with cream and leaving him all slick for what she wanted him to do.

“Ooooooh yessss jou naughty boy! Jou made me come so good! Now jou can fuck my tetas! Fuck those big, soft tetas! Slide it into my jugs and make them sticky with jour cum!” Salma moaned. “Fuck those fucking tetas boy! Use my own cream as jour lube and fuck my big natural tits!”

“Ohhh yessssssss!” the teen cried out like it was all he wanted in the world as he pulled out of Salma’s creamy cunt and repositioned himself so he could slide between her incredible tits. Those big, juicy tits had inspired so many of his fantasies and he didn’t waste the chance of a lifetime as he slid his slick, cum covered cock between them and let her wrap her jugs around him, pressing them down around his cock like big, fleshy pillows.

Salma moaned over the feel of the teen’s throbbing erection between her olive skinned tits. He slid in and out of them back and forth as she pulled away from licking Peyton just enough to be able to flick her tongue against the swollen head of his cock a few times, making him throb even more while she squeezed down on his cock, wrapping around him with her big, natural breasts and making his dirty dreams come true while he grunted aloud and felt his cock and balls be lovingly smooshed by those voluptuous tits.

Peyton moaned out at the view of the teen’s big cock sliding in and out of Salma’s tits while she rode the beautiful actress’ face. She and Kaia giggled as they looked at each other while they both got their pussies licked by hot women and Peyton impetuously leaned in and kissed the boy on the lips while he tit fucked Salma. She erotically pressed her lips to him and slid her slutty tongue right into his mouth and the sensation of kissing Peyton List after having just fucked Salma Hayek’s pussy made him blow his load all over the beautiful Mexican’s chest.

“Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh yesssss fuckkkk here it comes! All over those fucking tits! Yeahhhhhh!” the boy groaned as his load spurted out all over Salma’s bare breasts, the thick gobs of his creamy, white jizz coating her skin and feeling so good and hot on it. He pulled out just enough to be able to cover her tits with his cum, coating her nipples and dripping in between her jugs before he finally had no more left to give her and he collapsed back onto the floor happy and satisfied.

But Kaia wasn’t satisfied and she badly wanted what the teen had given Salma. While Salma squeezed Peyton’s ass, gripping her and pushing her back down onto her face to eat her out some more, Kaia bent over while still letting Isabela tongue fuck her and started licking the cum off of Salma’s bountiful breasts. Kaia feasted on those tits, sucking and licking the teen boy’s sticky load off of them while looking up at Peyton squealing in pleasure from Salma’s tongue.

Kaia was in heaven as this was happening thanks to Isabela’s eager tongue lapping at her pussy and stimulating her clit and with naughty, naked bodies all around her, she knew there was only more fun around her.


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