Mr. Disco Ch. 7

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Title:  Mr. Disco Ch. 7

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Lucy Pinder, Holly Peers, Michelle Marsh

Codes: MF, MDom, cons, affair, romance, voy, oral, tit fuck, facial, slut

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


London, England

Time passed by when you were having fun, at least that was an old saying that could ring true for some people. For others, it may have been the opposite and time couldn’t move slower in the emptiness of dread. Lucy Pinder didn’t quite know she felt as two weeks had passed by since her meeting with Nigel and being taken behind the closed doors of his inner private life. In such a quick amount of time, her career was beginning to point up after years of retirement but at the cost of her personal life. She was forced to say goodbye to her lover, yet was still thinking of him often during the days.

Her contract with Perfect Kiss Modelling had been presented by Nigel. She didn’t get enough time to truly read through it, but she knew it was a trap to hold her career hostage to the wealthy playboy and his company. Without hesitation, she signed the contract in a black ink pen after she could feel Holly Peers and Nigel both glaring at her from a distance. It was so easy to sign under pressure, but Lucy didn’t have the real commitment in her heart regardless how much Nigel appeared to be in love with her. A party was held in celebration of Lucy joining Perfect Kiss, Nigel felt that he was truly on top of the world to land the most famous glamour model in all of Britain. She celebrated alongside Holly Peers, the other ‘trophy whore’ that remained a companion partner to Lucy in the bedroom.

In the following days after the celebration event, Lucy was to be introduced to her new agent who would be overseeing her modelling shoots and deals. Nigel was in complete control but the agent was a particular surprise he had planned for some time now. Someone who he felt was wise enough to realize when a dead end was going to be the end of their career. A special someone who didn’t suffer from the same ignorance that Luke had committed months ago on that fateful day on the beach in Ibiza. Lucy was led into a room where she was to be introduced to her new agent. She wore a black dress, matching Nigel’s black suit. Her jaw immediately dropped when she came face to face with the man who was to become her agent. Nigel spoke up.

“Lucy dear, this is Peter Morris. I’m sure you two may know each other, yeah?”

She needed a moment to digest her thoughts of being face to face with the bearded man. This was Luke’s best friend and now Lucy had realized that he had betrayed Luke entirely. She looked back at Nigel and forced a smile before answering him.

“Yes, we’ve met some time ago.”

A smug grin crossed along Peter’s lips. He had truly left behind his best friend to make a move for greener pastures. To Lucy, it almost seemed like a sinister joke for her to move from Luke to his best friend as her agent.

“Your first shoot is going to be with a studio called ‘Strip Tease’, you remember doing a session for them back in the day, Lucy?”

It was Nigel speaking up once again. She turned back to him and nodded her head. It was so long ago that she had worked a session for that website, Lucy had forgotten much of the details. Nigel carried on speaking

“We bought out ‘Strip Tease’ about two months ago, so it’s our little studio now. Peter will be handling your further deals in the future as your agent. I’m sure this won’t be a problem now, will it?”

Turning back to him, Lucy shook her head.

“No, not a problem at all.”

“Good, you’re going to be getting paid quite well for your first shoot under contract, Lucy. Make me proud, baby.”

After replying, Nigel kissed her forehead and then gave her a reassuring smile. Lucy went off with Peter, finding herself in an elevator fifteen minutes later with her former lover’s best friend. The inner walls of the elevator were painted black with lining of gold around them. Lucy had still not left the Perfect Kiss office buildings since the day she surrendered herself to Nigel Taylor. She had remained in what he called ‘the palace’, the luxury hotel building right next to the offices. The penthouse suite is where she resided day and night with Nigel and Holly. Silence filled the compact room as they were riding the elevator down. They stood side by side, never looking at one another as there wasn’t much to say. Lucy had realized what had happened with Luke but it wasn’t anything she could do it about it. She knew her place with Nigel, now secured under a contract to replace the collar she once wore around her neck. Peter’s motivations were simple for betraying his best friend like this. Everybody had a price.

“So, how are you enjoying this change of scenery?”

Peter spoke up, alerting Lucy to glance back at him.

“It’s…different, I can say that.”

“Yes it is, but it’s much better than life before.”

Peter’s reply had sorta caught Lucy off guard. She wanted to mention Luke, but was hesitant at first. She had come to face reality that everything with Nigel was calculated to lead to her joining Perfect Kiss, but now there was Luke’s best friend involved. There was more than just lust and greed, now there was the ultimate betrayal shuffled in the mix of things. Letting out a sigh, Lucy spoke again, but didn’t mention Luke.

“I didn’t expect to see you here at all, Peter.”

He chuckled briefly before shaking his head to her.

“Yeah, it’s funny how that turned out. Just a month ago, you were all wrapped up with Luke and now the tables have flipped and I’m filling his shoes as your agent. Life sure knows how to change your cards when you least expect it.”

“What made you betray him like that? That was your best friend, wasn’t it?”

Shaking his head, Peter looked back at Lucy.

“Lucy dear, it ain’t like that. This is business. Luke was a dead end for me and sometime down the road, you’ve gotta think about your future. Besides, I don’t see you complaining about how it’s turned out for you. In fact, I think you look a lot happier with Nigel than you try not to be.”

“Shut up!”

He laughed, realizing that his words had struck a nerve to make Lucy angry at him. The brunette woman looked back at him, gritting her teeth in an obvious state of anger. Lucy barked back at him.

“You are to be my agent, I didn’t ask for your opinion on my personal life. Don’t mention Luke to me again. You betrayed him, so I have absolutely no trust in you.”

“So, does that mean you think I will be betraying Nigel too?”

Lucy smirked back at him and shook her head. Though she still had feelings for Luke, it was undeniable to her at this point where she stood in terms of Nigel. She knew her place, she was his trophy whore.

“You aren’t gonna get that opportunity even if you tried.”

“Alright then, let’s get back to business. I’m taking you down to the studio for your photo shoot.”

“That’s fine, but keep your mouth shut about my private life. Stick to doing your job, Peter.”

Just like that, there wasn’t any point in a conversation anymore. Lucy was in control, regardless if he was her agent or not. Peter knew his limits and this job wasn’t going to be like all the fun years he spent with Luke. He was now playing in a dangerous game, one that could easily cost him dearly if he attempted to tread over Nigel’s toes. The chance of scenery was worth it, as the man had no regrets about his past. Luke was seen as a dead end for a career opportunity anyway. Peter knew if Lucy didn’t realize that, she would figure it out soon enough. Wealth and luxury were the cost of loyal friendships, but in the end none of that was going to matter if everything went as planned. Peter wanted a future he could believe in, one where he didn’t have to worry about work. At this point in the game, Lucy knew she couldn’t get out of Nigel’s web even if she tried right now.


Grey clouds were visible from the large windows back in the penthouse suite. Holly Peers gazed into her reflection momentarily as she watched them slowly move. Down below, the city could be seen in the day light but she paid it absolutely no attention. A wine glass was half full, clutched by her left hand as she raised it up to her lips and took a sip. Holly had been thinking of the situation with Nigel and Lucy. She had realized that he showcased a bit of favoritism to his new trophy whore toy. It was nothing particularly unusual, as Holly had witnessed the same behavior in the past with the other trophy whores. There was one trend that always occurred, a girl never lasted alongside her. Holly didn’t enjoy competition when she knew Nigel was becoming attached to a woman over her.

Before Lucy, there was a few others who had been involved with them. There was only one woman who truly had given Holly a run for the money with Nigel’s heart and her name was none other than Kelly Brook herself. Holly was never intimidated by the others, such as Rosie Jones or Keeley Hazell. Back in those days, Nigel still was a ruthless business man who could end a model’s career faster than jump starting it. When Keeley wanted out, he made sure to send her into retirement a few years ago. Lucy’s career was now in his lap and Holly felt better about such a thing. Even if jealousy had come between the two women, she knew that she could figure a way to send Lucy into retirement too if a competition came between them. Holly had been with Nigel for several years and wasn’t about to let another woman steal that from her.

There was only one woman that ever shared the status as a trophy whore who had truly put fear into Holly’s mind. Lucy wasn’t that woman and by the look of things, Holly was thankful she wouldn’t have to deal with such a thing, as that specific model was now a star in Hollywood. Lucy wasn’t going to be a problem to her, even if Nigel were to begin favoring her over Holly. At least Holly could rest well knowing that Lucy’s heart wasn’t exactly in the right place. She was an easy woman to read, as her loyalty to the man so far seemed to be out of fear and luxury. Knowing her situation with Luke, Holly almost felt like it would be an easy task to tempt Lucy if she ever wanted to. As she stood there sipping on her wine while thinking, the sound of a door opening across the room could be heard. Holly set her glass down on the coffee table, stepping her heels from the carpet over the hard surface of the marble floor as she greeted Nigel with a smile.

“There you are, Mr. Wonderful. How has your day been going so far?”

Nigel smirked. He never left the penthouse without wearing a suit and here was Holly in nothing more than a black one piece bustier outfit, exposing her heavy cleavage just above a gold zipper. Such an outfit revealed what dirty thoughts were moving through her mind. Nigel flashed his teeth as he smiled, replying back to her.

“Quite the outfit you’ve got there, baby.”

“I knew you would like it.”

Her heels loudly clacked over the floor as Holly approached Nigel. She ran her left hand up over his suit, feeling the textures under her fingertips. Pushing her lips to his, she kissed the man she loved. Nigel wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss, creating one of blistering passion. At last, Holly had her moment alone with the man while Lucy was away. This was just the time she had been anticipating, to have him all to herself. When the kiss broke, Holly turned around to reveal the back side of her one piece outfit. A thong was tucked between her ass cheeks, allowing her to tease him by rubbing her bare ass up against his crotch.

“Where’s Lucy? This might be the first time I’ve ever seen you return without her.”

Holly spoke while continued to grind her ass up against his crotch. She bent over, pumping it back as she felt his hard rod beginning to poke through his pants. Nigel laughed as he replied to her.

“She’s off doing a photo shoot, but she’ll be back later.”

“Oh, I’m glad I don’t have to do pictures with her today.”

Still grinding over his crotch, Holly’s words made Nigel smirked. He almost could sense the jealousy in her with such a remark.

“Are you jealous of Lucy, my dear?”

From hearing his reply, Holly stopped and quickly turned around to look into his eyes. She shook her head before responding.

“No, why would I be? She’s much better than the other sluts you’ve picked as trophy whores in the past.”

Little did Holly know, Nigel was simply testing her reaction by such a question. The blank face and serious answer was enough to tell him that Holly had concerns of her own deep down. She may not have revealed it to him just now, but her body language said it all. He watched as she turned around and stomped her heels forward, pushing one leg out before the other. Nigel spoke again as she turned around to face him from the short distance.

“What do you think of Lucy? She is better than Kelly, I must definitely say that.”

“Indeed she is! Lucy fears you, she is naturally submissive in how she acts. I always did like her, but I like it better when we’re alone so I can have you all to myself.”

Just after speaking, Holly tugged at the zipper holding her tits together. All it took was pushing it down a little bit, and her heavy large breasts were beginning to spill out. Before Nigel could reply, she spoke again.

“Let’s not talk about her, please? We’re all alone now baby, and I wanna do some dirty things to you.”

Her tone of voice had changed into one of a more seductive nature. He knew Holly all too well over the years, as Nigel had always loved the woman for her loyalty to him. It couldn’t be denied though that there was an obvious sense of jealousy and competition with her statements about Lucy. None of it mattered at the moment as he began to pull his jacket off and kick his shoes off. Holly turned and winked at him before slowly walking to the master bedroom. Her heels were silent when she reached the carpet, leaving him behind to watch her ass cheeks push back and forth as she swaggered off. If this had been Lucy, he would’ve asked her to undress him like a good slut, but Holly was different. He didn’t have to order her around, since she had earned her spot high up long ago.

Taking his time to remove his clothes, Nigel wanted to make Holly wait. So far he had observed her behavior and wanted to see if she would truly become impatient if he took his sweet time getting naked. The cool air touched over his nude skin as he made the walk from the living room to his luxury bedroom where Holly awaited him. A surprise to her reaction, he had yet to hear her impatiently calling for him. She may have been blinded by her love for the man, but she knew her place like Lucy. Nigel was in control, always. When he finally reached the bedroom and poked his head through the door, greeted with Holly sitting on her knees over the bed in all her nude glory. Without saying a word, he crawled over the bed and was greeted to Holly wrapping her arms around him before shoving her lips to his.

Nigel could feel her full, large breasts pushing up against his chest as their tongues danced together. Holly whimpered into his mouth while she felt Nigel run his hand between their bodies to find her soft entrance. He pushed his middle finger into her clit, teasing her as she kissed him harder. When they finally broke the kiss, Holly had closed her eyes and moaned. Her nipples had become harder, erect against her amazing giant breasts. Nigel moved his hand away from her pussy below, just so he could push his palms over her tits and feel the full hardness of those large nipples. She opened her eyes, gazing back at him with those large green hues. Finally, Nigel was ready to break the silence by speaking to her.

“You ready to have some fun, baby?”

“Mmmmmm, yes.”

The Manchester beauty replied back to him before biting her lower lip. Nigel knew what she was going to do first, as Holly usually initiated their naughty times in a similar pattern every time. Nigel laid there on the bed, sitting up as he watched Holly move down to the edge below. Her right hand wrapped around his swollen cock, beginning to wank it back and forth. Holly looked back into his eyes as she lowered herself down at the edge of the bed. Shaking her head slowly, she giggled before lowering her head and speaking.

“I hope you always know that I love this cock more than any other woman you bring up here with me. They might suck it constantly, but that’s because they’re whores who love a good cock. I’m the only one who will only ever want your cock and not any other man’s.”

“Yes, I know Holly.”

Her words had made him think, but soon Nigel was losing his train of thought as Holly lowered her mouth and used her tongue to twirl around the head of his dick in a counter clock wise rotation. Nigel took a deep breath just before she wrapped her lips around his long pole. Nigel pushed his hands into the sheets of the bed as he watched Holly begin to bob her lips up and down, sucking his cock rather quickly. Her right hand moved to the past while her left hand was cradling his balls, massaging them gently. Nigel moaned as she continued to push those lips down and up over his rod.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck…I love how you work it, baby.”

Slobbering and sucking sounds filled the room as Holly focused all her concentration on tasting his meaty pole. When she came up for a break, Holly’s lips made a loud pop noise. She flickered her tongue back and spit on his shaft. When she went back down on it, this time Holly moved her lips up and down more aggressively. She sucked on inch after inch of his long fat cock, taking it all. Nigel took a deep, heavy breath before moaning and calling out to his loyal trophy whore.

“That’s it, that’s it! Fuck yes, take that fucking cock, baby!”

Still devouring his cock, Holly had another idea besides mindlessly sucking his cock until she was awarded with his hot load. Nigel knew her all too well, as she only began with sucking him to prepare his rod for the next pleasure. Moving her hands away, she held her breasts up and then Nigel knew what to expect when her lips came to the head of his cock and released it with a loud popping sound. A few strings of saliva dangled from her lower lip, falling down to her heavy cleavage as Holly raised her large 32F breasts up and smashed his cock between them. She always enjoyed to see that initial reaction over his face any time her tits engulfed his cock between them. Giggling mischievously, Holly shook her head before speaking in her low cheeky voice.

“You never are able to get enough of these big boobies, can you, honey?”

“Nope, never. You know how much I love ‘em, baby.”

Nigel had the most smug grin painted across his lips as Holly began to titty fuck his slobber covered shaft. Holly went slow at first, dropping her lower lip as she refused to break eye contact. It may have been a goofy expression on her face, but she always enjoyed watching as Nigel couldn’t keep eye contact with her before glancing down to see his cock trapped between her large boobs. Her long dark hair was hanging beyond her shoulders, making it visible to see gold hoop piercings in her ears. Nigel’s entire focus was watching the head of his cock poke up each time she made a thrust down before it disappeared back between her breasts. He thought about Lucy for a moment, as both of his trophy whores had supreme tits that couldn’t be matched by other girls.

“Mmmmmmm, that big dick feels so fucking good between my tits.”

“Keep working ‘em, Holly! Up and down, you know how to do it.”

Biting her lower lip, she began to move a bit faster. Still starring back into his eyes, Holly giggled as she titty fucked his long pole.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah? I do it better than your other whore, right?”

Such a response like this made Nigel raise his eyebrow. It couldn’t be denied any longer at this point, as this was definitely a competition game between Holly and Lucy. He wasn’t about to stroke her ego, instead he just smiled and nodded his head without uttering a word back in reply. Holly began to pump her breasts up and down faster, fucking his dick to a pulp. An idea formed in his mind as he watched his busty whore continue to work her tits to pleasure him.

“Don’t stop, baby. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to cum.”

“Mmmmm, are you gonna make a mess on my tits or am I gonna get to swallow it?”

Now was Nigel’s moment to really tease her. Since she had spoken of doing things better than Lucy, he was ready to remind her about his other trophy whore.

“No, I’m gonna cum all over your face. Then, we can see if you really take a messy facial better than Lucy.”

His words made her smile fade into a bit of a frown. Holly was somewhat angry at his response, but not to the point that she wanted to stop. She looked back at him, snarling as she continued to pump her tits. Nigel smirked, enjoying the change of pace as she appeared to be angry at him. If she was truly jealous of Lucy, he had all intentions to tease her about it. The man never felt he had to worry about an attitude with Lucy, not like how Holly would get worked up over this. He liked it better when she got angry, as it made her work more aggressively with him. Those large amazing breasts pounded over his cock time and time again, but it wasn’t long before Nigel was ready to cum. It was almost as if Holly was trying to push him over the edge faster than usual. He reached his hand out to snatch the back of her hair as he called out to her.


“Mmmmmm!! cum all over my fucking face, baby!”

Holly yelled at him in such a sensual voice as she let go of her breasts to allow Nigel to grab his cock with his free hand. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out as she eagerly anticipated his hot seed. Nigel took heavy breathes while stroking his long cock, grunting and tightening the grip in her hair until he felt the sudden rush of his cum come flying out.


Gasping aloud, Holly’s lips curved into a smile when she felt the first spurt of his cum strike across her left cheek. The next wave of cum flew directly over her upper lip, coating her nose with cum as it dripped into her open mouth and over her waiting tongue. Another wad shot up the left side of her nose before trailing down. Nigel decided to push the crown of his cock over her tongue and allow her to milk the rest of his seed with her tender mouth. He didn’t give her a massive load to the face like he would’ve done Lucy, but it was enough to judge how she took it. Opening her eyes, Holly gazed up into his eyes with the cum splattered over her face as she began to bob her head up and down the first few inches of his cock, forcing him to shoot his remaining load into her mouth. ‘Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm’ she moaned while watching his face curl up in pleasure. Nigel pulled her hair, forcing his cock to flop freely with another pop sound. Holly quickly swallowed his load, parting her lips to reveal that it had disappeared.

“Ohhhhhhh, that cum tasted so fucking good.”

“Get up baby, I’m gonna fuck you the way I like to do Lucy.”

Holly giggled as the cum was dripping down from her face. Nigel kept his hand among her dark hair, curling his fingers to let her know he was in control. He got up from the bed, turning her around so her back was facing him. Holly bent over, moving her hands down to her hips as she knew just how Nigel was about to fuck her. A standing up doggy style position was one of her favorites.

“Come on, get in there. I want that big fucking dick in my cunt, right now. I want you to fuck me, Nigel! I am your best trophy whore you’ll ever have, fuck me like you mean it!!”

Pulling her hair tightly, Nigel used his free hand to guide his cock into the folds of her wet clit. He heard Holly gasp and begin moaning as he was now thrusting his cock into her clit back and forth. Her huge tits bounced up and down as he pumped his rod into her. She closed her eyes, pushing her legs apart as her heels stomped over the carpet floor.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Ohhhhhh god, yeah!! Fuck me! Fuck the shit outta me, baby!!”

The sound of Nigel’s balls smacking over the underside of her ass could be heard, but nothing was drowning out Holly’s moans and heavy breathing. This is what she wanted, for him to fuck her the way he used to. She always loved Nigel’s dominant nature in the bedroom, such a version of him she had only had to witness recently with how he handled Lucy. The cum from her upper lip dripped down to the floor as Holly yelled at him once more.

“Fuck me, Nigel! FUCK ME!! FUCK MEEEEE!!!”

Gritting his teeth, he pulled her hair harder, moving both of his hands into her long dark hair as he bucked his hips. Over and over, the sound of their bodies smacking could be heard apart from the moans they created. Holly opened her eyes, yelling aloud.


This was all it took from him to drive her close to an orgasm. There was only one man in Holly’s life that could do this to her and give her so much heavenly pleasure. Given how fast Nigel was thrusting his cock into her pussy, she could only think that he would cum inside of her this time. He slowed down a bit, still gripping her hair to hold her in place as his hips bucked forward. Holly yelled to him.


Just as she yelled, a thick string of cum dripped from above her upper lip and fell to the floor as her body began to tremble and shake. Nigel made a few final thrusts and then her time had approached as she dropped her lower lip and cried out. He finally broke his silence, moaning as he felt her cum gushing around his cock.

“Fuck yeah, there you go baby!”

Holly couldn’t reply back to him as she was slowly attempting to catch her breath. She soon cried out again as Nigel tugged at her hair and then began to experience his own climax.

“This is for you, baby! Ohhhhhh, yeah!!”

Though gasping, she found herself slowly smiling as she moaned from the feeling of his seed entering her. Nigel let go of her hair, watching as Holly moved her hands away from her hips and then raised her head up.

“Mmmmmmm, Nigel. I always love the way you take me.”

Taking a few steps back, he pulled his cock from her clit and then sat down on the bed. Holly turned around to face Nigel before dropping down to her knees. She used her mouth to clean his cock, sucking up her own juices mixed with his. From her actions alone, Nigel had changed his mind about stroking her ego. He just had to give Holly a bit of credit and admiration through kind words in comparison to the other trophy whore.

“You’re the best, baby. Lucy could learn a lot from you, let me tell you that.”

Nigel’s words made Holly look up at him with those big green eyes. She released his cock from her lips, making another slobbering pop sound like before. She didn’t reply back to him, all she did was smile before taking the head of his cock and beating it against her lips. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound was like a melody to Nigel’s ears. It was moments like this that could only be captured by the two of them, but Nigel had plenty of other things roaming through his mind about his other trophy whore. He was most confident that Lucy would leave him impressed with a good day’s work from her photo shoot.



The door remained shut back to the apartment, as Luke sat quietly on the couch browsing the internet with a laptop sitting in his lap. By now, his wounds had healed on his face and he only felt slight pain from the cracked rib that he had endured weeks ago. He had Michelle Marsh of all people in the world to thank for nursing and aiding him during this rough time. While he sat there online, he went through modelling websites and did a few searches online to read about the Perfect Kiss modelling company and the billionaire playboy centered behind it. Since the events that had led to this situation, Luke was obsessed with figuring a way to some how get Lucy back out from the clutches of Nigel Taylor. Many of the odds were stacked against him and he had soon come to accept this reality.

It wasn’t so easy for someone like him to go head to head with a powerful figure. He would be doing it all in the name of love and redemption, to try and earn Lucy’s heart back. It would be a dangerous game and he knew just little the odds were in his favor. If anything, Luke had to imagine that Lucy was locked into a contract now. As a free lance modelling agent, he knew all about contracts to keep models with special companies. Lucy had to know about it too, that was the least he could consider. Michelle had promised him they were going to try and get her back, as she was the only friend Luke had left at this point. He still had yet to hear back from Peter, which was just enough to tell him that his best friend no longer cared about him whatsoever.

Though Michelle had promised Luke that they were going to try and get Lucy back, it wasn’t as if she didn’t have her own agenda at hand. So far in the following weeks with Luke, she found herself beginning to grow feelings for the man. All this time, Michelle had been with him as she had witnessed him as a wounded, heart broken animal. He had been beaten to the point that he needed a caring hand, which she had given him. She felt his pain, his regrets and had formed a bond with Luke. It was no question to her that he truly loved Lucy, but now Michelle found herself falling in love with her best friend’s man. For now, she was hiding the feelings from him but they had already come out a bit. Michelle knew that Luke was a good man after what he had done for, taking revenge on her ex-boyfriend James. Those feelings had slowly been coming to life, all after Luke had given in to her temptation to satisfy their lustful urges. He may not have been in love with her, but Michelle felt confident she could steal him if she tried.

The car pulled up outside the apartment complex and soon, she would be face to face with Luke again. Over the past week, Michelle had been working alongside Luke trying to find some kind of leads to get them closer to Nigel Taylor. There were other models in his past that he had worked with, as Luke thought to himself that maybe one of them would link him to the powerful man or give him some insight on how business operated. Michelle had her own friends from her old days in the modelling industry. Though she was retired now, she had went out of her way to contact a few of them and see if she could dig up something that could be of help towards Luke’s goal. Just now, she was arriving back to the apartment with bad news to reveal to him. She had contacted an old agent she worked with years ago but was of no help with information regarding Perfect Kiss. As she made her way down the hall of the apartment, Michelle pushed her sunglasses up above her head. She turned the door knob and entered the apartment, offering a smile to Luke when she saw him seated on the couch.

“Hey, I’m back!”

Luke was greeted to her soft smile when he looked up to her. Michelle stood in a pair of stonewashed blue jeans and a pink shirt, revealing an ample view of her heavy cleavage. The shirt matched the one on Luke’s body, as she had decided to subtly begin wearing the same neon and pastel colored clothes that he liked.

“How did your meeting go with your old friend?”

Michelle let out a sigh as she slipped her sneakers off, all while replying back to Luke.

“Not good. I talked to Nate, he was my agent over a decade ago. He knows nothing of Perfect Kiss modelling, he’s moved on to managing actresses now. I guess I don’t have many connections anymore.”

Ignoring her words momentarily, Luke gazed into the screen of the laptop as he checked a profile page to a special model who he had worked with years ago. With another click, he pulled up her recent history and began to browse what appeared to be a retired or stalled career for a model who was only thirty-one years old. Luke spent the next minute reading through links to gossip websites detailing a bit of dirt on this familiar face he knew from a while ago. When Michelle noticed that his attention was completely fixated over the laptop, she walked over to the couch and sat down. Luke finally spoke up to her.

“Do you know Keeley Hazell?”

Michelle’s face lit up as she nodded and responded back to him.

“Oh, yes! She was a big name some years back, just before I retired. I remember her all too well, she was a star.”

“It says right here that she used to be associated with Nigel Taylor and was to become a premier model with Perfect Kiss, but then she went into a sudden retirement at twenty-nine years old. That’s kinda suspicious, don’t you think?”

“Hmmmm, that is interesting. I take it that you know Keeley too?”

Chuckling a bit, Luke laughed as he turned to look at Michelle’s beautiful face and big blue eyes. He had fond memories of his time with Keeley, back when he and Peter managed her for a short bit.

“Yeah, from a while back. This was back in 2009, Peter and I were her agents for a brief bit. She’s quite the sassy girl, very naughty too. I wonder if I can track her down and see what she’s up to. Maybe she could be the one to open the door and get us closer to Nigel Taylor.”

“Well, if that’s what you want, I can call her up. We last talked some months ago, but we haven’t talked about the modelling business in a while.”

“I would appreciate that, Michelle. Call her up and get a metting set, that would be great.”

“No problem, mister, but first I think you need to relax a bit.”

Reaching her hands down, Michelle moved Luke’s hands away from the laptop so she could properly close it. She then offered him a soft grin before speaking again.

“How about I make something for us? We can have dinner and relax together.”

“That sounds good, but as long as we don’t become distracted. We’ve got a lot of stuff to do to get this ball rolling.”

“Don’t worry, honey! I’m going to make sure you are on top of things, at all times.”

Michelle winked at him before getting up from the couch. She had just caught herself thinking about seducing him right then and there, but had to control herself. The temptation was there for her, but to truly succeed, Michelle knew that she couldn’t make her feelings too obvious. She would work alongside Luke for what it meant, but she was beginning to think of bigger ideas for taking him all to herself. After all, his plans to try and win Lucy back were far beyond reach with low odds. It was going to take much planning, a master strategy and a bit of luck to come out a winner. Deep down, Michelle doubted everything with his ideas. If there was to be one back up plan, she wanted this man all to herself without Lucy around to interfere. At least to her, this idea seemed far more realistic than him going head to head with a powerful billionaire and coming out on top. As Michelle left the room, she bit her lower lip while thinking this whole situation over.



Nigel uttered under his breath as he glanced to the black and white photo copy prints to Lucy’s recent photo session for Strip Tease. From above, the lights radiated the view, as Nigel was standing in his office with the company of two special people. Lucy stood across him as Peter was next to her, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans. Nigel flipped through the photos, one after the other demonstrating Lucy’s full beauty in a variety of poses while wearing black lingerie outfits. There was nothing topless in the photos, the session was just to have her in some revealing lingerie outfits for show. Still flipping through the photo prints, Nigel grinned.

“These are amazing, you’ve done a great job, Lucy.”

“Thank you, I’m happy that you’re pleased.”

When he moved the photos from his face, all Nigel could see was Lucy’s smiling face. A white T-shirt hugged over her curves, underneath a black zip up jacket. From below, she had on a pair of white pants with a large black belt strapped underneath them. He glanced over at Peter, starring into the black T-shirt the man wore before he was ready to dismiss him.

“You’ve done a good job, but you can leave now.”

“Alright, I’ll be seeing you around.”

Peter turned around, making an exit from the office room as now Nigel and Lucy were alone together. Lucy now had the opportunity to verbally confront him about gifting the role of agent to none other than Peter. Lucy dropped her lower lip, curiously glancing towards Nigel but the man seemed to have read her thoughts and offered a smile before speaking up.

“You look like you’ve got something on your mind, dear. What’s the matter, Lucy? Speak to me.”

Glancing back to the door for a second, Lucy turned to look back at Nigel before replying.

“Do you trust that man to work for you as my agent? Knowing his connections to Luke, I’m surprised you allowed him to become close to me like that.”

Nigel placed his hand on Lucy’s shoulder and then gave her a reassuring nod.

“Yes, of course. I owed him a good job after what he did for me recently. He knows your old lover isn’t relevant anymore and he’s moved up into the big leagues like you have done, my dear.”

Taking her hand, Lucy gently held Nigel’s hand over her shoulder before moving it. She pushed her palm against his, lacing their fingers together. She knew that he was a man in control at all times, but she felt that if she could be gentle with him, perhaps she had a chance to persuade him about things.

“That’s not what I meant, love.”


With his raised eyebrows, Nigel was invoked with curiosity. Lucy smiled softly, still holding his hand as she replied back.

“What if he makes a move on me? It’s not that he was Luke’s best friend that I’m worried about. I’m more concerned that he may try his luck with me.”

“You really think he would try to do that?”

Lucy nodded her head.

“If he was willing to betray his best friend, he probably will betray you too some day.”

Nigel smirked as he heard Lucy’s words. It was a clear sign to him of obedience and loyalty for his new trophy whore. For her to open up about such a thing, he now felt that he could trust her. He cupped her face with both hands, starring back into those big brown eyes as he replied to her in a low voice.

“Lucy my dear, I’m glad you told me this but you have nothing to fear.”

His teeth flashed as he grinned, now speaking in a more sinister face.

“If he ever tries to make a move on you, I’ll kill him.”

Still cupping her cheeks, he leaned in and kissed her lips hard. When Nigel pulled his face away, he grinned once more before speaking again.

“And as for Luke, I won’t have a problem sending him six feet into the ground either if he dares come close to you. You are mine now Lucy, all mine. I will not allow other men to steal you out from under my nose.”

He patted her right cheek before moving his hands completely away from her face. Lucy swallowed her breath, digesting his words in her mind. She knew that Nigel was a dangerous man and after he had almost nearly had Luke killed, that was enough to tell her there was much sincerity in his words. When Nigel turned her back to her, Lucy quietly let out a sigh. It wasn’t so much relief, as she was jut learning more and more about this man. When Nigel turned to face her again, he clapped his hands together almost as if he wanted to see if she would tremble in fear. Lucy just stood there, not frightened by his cold demeanor.

“We are having a celebration tonight in town. There’s a private party that is going to be held down in the banquet of the hotel. We are going to celebrate our achievements with Perfect Kiss. I want you to come with me, Lucy.”

Lucy couldn’t prevent herself from lighting up with a smile before she replied back.

“I would love that! What time do we need to leave?”

“We’ve got about two hours, baby. I’ve got a designer coming in to see you soon. I want you to pick out your outfit, wear something classy for me. Go for what you want and make it expensive, baby. I want you to look like a queen tonight.”

“Will Holly be going with us too?”

Nigel shook his head.

“No, this is just for the two of us. She is staying put, I only want you there by my side.”



The day was fading to an end as Luke and Michelle remained quietly together inside her apartment. Luke had started writing down a notebook on everything he found online from searching on the Perfect Kiss company and attempting to find whatever dirt he could dig up on Nigel Taylor and any models that may have been unhappy. It wasn’t much to go by, but it was better to shoot for something rather than do nothing at all. After he had taken enough notes, he had dinner with Michelle just as they had done the previous nights together. The apartment place of hers had slowly become a home to him, as it was the only place he truly felt safe. Soon enough though, he would have to go back on the streets and take the risks that any goons working for Nigel Taylor could be watching him at any minute. Luke was sure someone would be keeping tabs on him, but he remained fearless.

Apart from Luke, the other person in the apartment had strong feelings for herself. Michelle had kept her thoughts hidden from him, but eventually she would have to reveal them to him. She couldn’t hold it back any longer, she had truly fallen in love with the man. No more did she really care about getting Lucy back for him. What difference did it make to her? Michelle wanted Luke, she didn’t need another woman in the way, regardless if that was her best friend or not. She had all intentions of helping Luke, but somewhere down the line Michelle had to use her skills of seduction to try and lure him. Could she manage to make him forget about Lucy all together? Michelle had confidence in herself, but knew that she had to play a game of hard ball for this man’s heart. Back in the bedroom, she took off her clothes and slipped on a pink robe. It was better to try tonight rather than not try at all. She wanted him so badly, even if it was just a good hard fucking.

“Hey Michelle, are you busy?”

It was Luke’s voice calling out to her from the kitchen. She heard the faucet stop to the sink, as he had been busy washing dishes from when they had dinner.

“Just one minute, please!”

Brushing her blond hair behind her shoulders, Michelle licked her lips as she looked at herself through the mirror in front of her. The pink robe was tied around her waist, allowing her busty cleavage to almost come pouring out. Down below, Michelle wasn’t wearing anything from underneath the robe. She stepped out of the bedroom and walked past the kitchen, noticing that Luke was completely finished washing the dishes. She walked back to the living room where she found him seated on the couch, as he had been for most of the day. The coffee table contained the closed laptop, a notebook, his phone and a few pens. When he turned to look at her, he seemed surprised.

“Are you getting ready for bed, Michelle?”

With an immediate reaction to his words, Michelle figured it was best to play along with his question. Nodding her head, she responded.

“Yeah, I figure we might as well.”

“Did you call Keeley for me?”

She shook her head.

“No, not yet. You’ve done enough work today, I figured we can do that tomorrow.”

He let out a sigh, but it didn’t seem that he had caught onto Michelle’s subtle attempt of becoming a temptation as of yet. In all honestly, Michelle didn’t have any intentions of calling Keeley, at least not yet. She had to try and seduce him to make him hers. If tonight failed, she still had plenty of ways to try him since it didn’t seem Lucy was going to be coming back any time soon, if she were to return at all. Stepping away from the living room, Michelle decided to venture off to the bedroom. It was to her best efforts to try and make him chase after her, for then she would know if tonight was a great night to smolder him with love. Sure enough, when Michelle turned around he was standing in the door way to the bedroom. Luke was wearing a pair of white pants and a purple shirt, something that Michelle planned to take off soon. She gave him a seductive grin and then spoke.

“Did you want to join me in bed, Luke?”

“I didn’t think about that. I’m not really tired.”

Michelle giggled, approaching him as she gazed forth with those big blue eyes.

“So, how was it?”

Luke glanced back to her appearing to be somewhat dumbfounded with the expression painted over his face. He knew that she was hinting to the time they had sex in the past week. Until now, they had not spoken about it.

“Oh, that was…amazing. It really was.”

“Just amazing?”

She replied back biting her lower lip. Luke’s cheeks flushed into a red hue, as he seemed to be blushing. Michelle ran her hands up his shoulders as he began to reply.

“It was more than that. I don’t know how to tell you such things, but you’re quite the animal in the bedroom. You live up to any kind of fantasy a would have about you.”

Now was her time to lay it down on him, nice and thick. Michelle had to reveal her true feelings to him now before it was too late.

“Honey, I can be more than that in the bedroom. If you think Lucy is great, you haven’t seen nothing yet. I have to tell you this now Luke, I am in love with you…”

He looked back at her shocked as she smiled. Michelle continued.

“And I don’t care if you are still in love with Lucy. I don’t care at all, I can do things to you better than she ever could.”

With her hands, Michelle grabbed his wrists, pushing them towards the opening folds of her robes to tempt him into touching her giant breasts.

“Go on, take them. They’re yours, Luke…I love you.”

Just like that, it was nothing to Michelle to utter those three simple words to this man. When his fingertips brushed against her nipples, Michelle took things a step further as she leaned forward and pushed her lips to his. She gripped his wrists tighter, locking lips when she finally felt the palms of his hands push against her tits and squeeze them. Luke had given in, so easily. Without any reluctance or a cry in protest, he was now locking lips and kissing her passionately as he felt her nipples harden up against his palms. When the kiss finally broke, Michelle went in for a second kiss, this time locking lips with him longer as their tongues were dancing back and forth alongside one another. This time when their lips pulled apart, Luke moved to take the robe off, only to witness Michelle helping his hands find a rightful place over her body.

“You want me, don’t you, Luke?”

He still didn’t reply back to her words, but Michelle was going to make him. She cupped his face with both hands, glaring back at him with her big blue eyes as she spoke in a low, slutty voice.

“You want me, don’t deny it.”

“I shouldn’t be doing this, Michelle…you know it, we should-”

She prevented him from saying anything else, pushing her lips to his for another short kiss.

“Is it Lucy that’s on your mind right now, baby? Honey, you need to stop thinking about her. She’s not here right now, this is about me and you. Let me love you, I can do things better than her, you’ll see. Just one night, let’s have this between ourselves. Don’t mention her again tonight, if you’re gonna mention a woman’s name, I want it to be mine and not hers.”

Michelle’s spoken words were anything but a betrayal to her best friend. Luke gave in, reaching in to kiss her lips which she turned into a passionate kiss. The robe slipped and fell to the floor as she was now standing naked before him. Wrapping her arms around his back, Michelle pushed her heavy breasts up against his chest before they broke the kiss. She could feel the bulge in his pants, striking close to her thighs. Looking back into his eyes, she brought her right hand down to rub his crotch.

“I think someone wants to play with me.”

Her voice was calling to him, seductive as ever almost with a purr to it.

“Yes he does, baby.”

Since Luke had said words that she wanted to hear, Michelle leaned her lips forward and softly kissed him again. She then tugged at the ends of his shirt, pulling it over his head. Luke unbuttoned his pants, but not before he saw her hands go down to push them down and leave him standing in nothing more than his underwear. Michelle began to slowly lower herself down to her knees, never breaking eye contact with Luke. He brought his hand down and softly caressed it through her golden hair while she pulled his underwear down to allow his hardening cock to spring free and into the grasp of her right hand. There was some things that Luke couldn’t refuse, one of them being the bedroom blues.


Lights flashed from outside the building while the rain came pouring down. The stormy atmosphere would be a problem for anyone outside, but down the banquet halls of the hotel building sitting next to the Perfect Kiss modelling offices, there was nothing hindering a good time from anyone inside. Among the many guests of fashion designers, local celebrities and anyone with deep pockets who enjoyed a social gathering, Nigel was the man at the center of this party. Dressed in a pinstripe black suit with a blue tie, next to him was Lucy Pinder herself. Lucy had picked out a black dress to match his outfit, a low cut revealing her famous tits with ample cleavage and black leather belt around her waist. Her hair had been fixed up to reveal golden hoop rings hanging from her ears. Over her wrists was gold bracelets and one with diamonds over it. Below her legs, her feet were pushed into a pair of black matching high heels with gold lining around them. Nigel had wanted her to look like royalty tonight, so she seen no reason not to pick out some fancy jewelry.

She was so beautiful, that was all Nigel could think to himself when he was walking around the main room and introducing Lucy to his various friends and associates. It was different from a casual hand shake or introduction, Lucy held onto his arm and he was introducing her as his new trophy woman. Nigel took great pride in having a social gathering such as this, one where he could revel in his wealth and luxury surrounded by people who could only dream of having the life he had. Everyone here had a purpose, as they were members of high society. From Lucy’s perspective, this was the type of party that she had only ever experienced one another time. It was ten years ago when she attended a party like this, only a date with a friend. Now she was experiencing it from another point of view, as she was one of the biggest attractions of attention, but she knew it was all to stroke Nigel’s ego and nothing more. As a man of power, it didn’t take much for him to intimidate others with his presence alone.

From the way he introduced her to every single person who approached him, Lucy was well aware that she was simply a toy that Nigel was showing off to his powerful friends. There had to be a reason he didn’t want Holly there with them, as now the spotlight was entirely on her as the woman romantically linked to Nigel Taylor. She relaxed, enjoying the attention that she received and all the people rushing to bow before her with respect. It was almost as if she and him truly were a king and a queen. From the main room, a quartet jazz band was playing live music. Before dinner, Lucy danced with Nigel through a crowd of strangers. She closed her eyes, relaxing as he held her hand and they danced together. Nigel starred back into her lovely face as he spoke.

“Are you having fun tonight, baby?”

Lucy nodded her head before grinning with her teeth.

“Yes, I am. I feel like a princess tonight.”

“Then I guess I am your prince, huh?”

She nodded her head again before giggling. They continued their dance, for soon they would be seated a table together for dinner. Somewhere in the high tower back to the penthouse suite, Holly couldn’t have been sitting there amused. Lucy knew that it didn’t feel right for her to his only trophy woman there tonight. Nigel had a new favorite besides Holly and he didn’t care if there was any competition between his two trophy whores. As he was witnessing the social status he commanded with Lucy at his side, he felt more smug than ever. Though no man would say it to his face, Nigel was confident that he knew every sucker at this party could only wish they were the one holding Lucy’s hand. Even if they didn’t appear jealous, he was the one who had the bragging rights to have the one and only Lucy Pinder as his trophy woman.



Michelle moaned as she slurped her lips over Luke’s hard cock. They had moved to a sixty-nine position over the blue sheets of her bedroom bed. They had began with Michelle down on her knees sucking him off, but now they had moved to a position more fulfilling for both of them. Luke’s back remained laying down over the bed while his mouth was embedded to Michelle’s clit. From atop him, she pushed her hands down into the sheets of the bed while bobbing her mouth up and down over his slobber coated shaft. Her large famous tits hung, nearly touching his skin while she could feel his own hands gripping her ass cheeks while he ate her pussy. Together, they orally pleasured each other simultaneously. Michelle’s lips devoured every inch of his cock while she felt Luke’s tongue slipping back and forth into her pussy.

Not a sound was heard from their voices, only whimpering muffled moans filled the silence. It seemed to Luke that the harder he was thrusting his tongue into her clit, the faster Michelle worked with her mouth. ‘Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm’, Michelle groaned and moaned against his shaft as she pushed her lips all the way down. It was an attempt to prove to him that she could deepthroat every inch of his hard meat, trying outdo Lucy. Her long golden hair moved over her face, but she refused to brush it aside. For now, Michelle was close to reaching her climax all thanks to Luke’s own skills using his tongue to thrust into her pussy. Since she knew her time was short, Michelle wanted to try and force him to blow his hot load in her mouth so they could share each other’s orgasm together. As her time came, Michelle still continued to pump her lips up and down his cock just as her juices came gushing into Luke’s mouth.

It wasn’t long before Luke’s cock finally erupted between her closed pink lips. Michelle didn’t let her orgasm take away her strength, as this was all in an attempt to prove to him that she was more than just an animal in the bedroom. As his hard pole was filling her mouth with a creamy reward, Michelle swallowed it down at the same time Luke was gulping her clit juices. She could hear him moaning muffled sounds while his tongue was still shoved into her pussy, but Michelle was far too concentrated on devouring every inch of his meaty cock before she was coming up. When it came time to finally release his cock free from her lips, Michelle slowly moved her lips to the head and popped off with a loud noise as she took a deep breath while using her left hand to finally brush her hair out from her face.

“Mmmmmmm, I just love your disco stick, honey. It’s mine now!”

She giggled after referring to his cock as a ‘disco stick’, just before crawled forward and finally freeing his mouth of her clit. Michelle moved to lay her back down over the blue sheets of the bed now. She watched as Luke got up, crawling forward while she began to hold her huge breasts up, inviting him to fuck them.

“You wanna fuck these titties, don’t you? Get over here and slide that disco stick between ‘em, honey.”

Luke didn’t utter a single word in response. He moved, straddling her stomach where he took a seat. He watched as Michelle pulled her tits apart and then smashed them around his cock after he slid his thick pole right in place. He pushed his hands down into the bed sheets, breathing heavily as he watched her hands push those tits together as he began to pump his shaft between them. Michelle starred into his eyes, refusing to look away. She wanted this man so bad and now was her opportunity as she clearly had him wrapped in a vortex of lust with her voluptuous figure. Luke grunted and called out.

“Ohhhhh, fuck! Those tits are so fucking amazing.”

“You like my big titties, baby?”

He grunted, watching as the head of his cock poked up before disappearing back down into the folds of her giant tits.

“Ohhhh, god yes! I love these tits, Michelle!”

Still gazing into his eyes, she replied to him in a low voice.

“Mmmm, fuck ‘em, Luke! Fuck those big titties! They’re all yours now, fuck ‘em like you mean it.”


White tablecloths were pulled over every round table in the banquet room for dinner back at the hotel. There was only one small table that had a gold tablecloth, seated there was Lucy and Nigel as they enjoyed dinner together. Lucy sat on the left side while Nigel was to her right. A bottle of champagne had been saved in a bucket of ice, reserved exclusively for him and her together. Nigel allowed Lucy the moment to pop the cork. The bottle was dated for 1921, the flavor was raspberry. When the top came flying off, Nigel brought two glasses together for her to pour them. Before taking a sip, she leaned closer to him and placed a soft kiss over his lips. There was little words spoken between the two of them, but Nigel loved how affectionate Lucy was to him during this evening.

As they sat enjoying wine together, it was a perfect time for people to approach Nigel and discuss business with him. The table was small and round, but on the other side was an empty chair. Occasionally, someone would pass by and offer small talks to him, but only a few had come to truly talk business. At one point, Malcolm Green had dropped by the table to talk some important business details over with Nigel. Any time he was engaged with a conversation, Lucy just sat there quietly like a good girl. She knew her place at his side and didn’t want to cause a scene. So far, so good, she realized that without Holly here, Lucy was outshining her as the more favorable woman. As time was beginning to progress, Lucy was enjoying her moments with Nigel more and more.

Sitting there, Lucy couldn’t help but overhear topics of discussion between Nigel and his business associates who sat down across from the table. One man was a lawyer who discussed some sort of lawsuit that was going through the courts back in the U.S. Another man was a photographer who had come to beg Nigel for a deal with the modelling company. Nigel toyed with the man’s emotion, getting his hopes high before crashing them down with an easy answer of ‘no’. To keep from growing bored, Lucy decided to tempt the man sitting next to her. It had been a few days anyway since Nigel had last fucked her, so she was willing to try and tempt his lust here, regardless if they were seen by others. While Nigel was engaged in a discussion, she slipped her right hand between his legs and pushed down on his crotch, squeezing it with her fingers. She ended up forcing an interruption between Nigel and another man. He glared back at Lucy and gave her a smile. When the man left the table, Nigel glared back at her again and let out a sigh before speaking out to her. His hand reached under the table and grabbed her wrist with a tight grip.

“What the fuck do you think you’re trying to do?”

Lucy looked back at him a bit surprised and shook her head. The look over his face was menacing, as was the grip he held over her wrist, but Lucy wasn’t intimidated by Nigel. She didn’t do anything wrong, so she didn’t feel there was a reason to be afraid.

“No! You sounded so uncomfortable with that man, I thought I might try and relax you a bit.”

Suddenly, Nigel’s snarling frown had faded into a smug grin. He didn’t seem angry anymore, at the snap of a finger his mood had changed and he let go of her wrist.

“Ohhhhhh, so that’s what you were trying to do? You’re a lovely girl, Lucy.”

“Thank you!”

She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. Though he was a cold man, Lucy was witnessing him blush and lighting up in excitement. Nigel’s smile had become wider. It appeared that her sultry charm had worked in softening him up so far tonight. Lucy spoke again.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to turn you on if I did. I just thought my touch would soothe your nerves and relieve you of stress.”

“You don’t have to apologize, baby. You did get me hard though, caught me by surprise.”

“Mr. Taylor, may I have a few seconds with you, please?”

Nigel was instantly alerted to the voice of an old man calling out to him from his left ear. He turned to see Malcolm Green standing before him, a smile over the old man’s face as he spoke again.


“Mr. Varga is here tonight and would like to speak with you.”

Glancing back to the old man, Nigel was surprised with an immediate reaction.

“Ohhhhh, shit. You mean John Varga, for real?”

Malcolm nodded with a smile.

“Send him! Tell him he can join me at my table, I would love to talk with him!”

When the old man walked off, Lucy only could focus on the large grin over Nigel’s face. He appeared so happy at the moment, though she had no idea who John Varga was. Nigel took a deep breath and then turned back to Lucy, speaking to her.

“Alright, this is important. You’ve been a good girl so far, keep up the good work, baby.”

Lucy smirked, still not afraid to play the temptress to him.

“But what if I decide to use my hand and-”


Nigel cut her off from speaking, raising his finger as he grinned at her.

“I’m planning on getting in bed with you tonight once we’re alone again. But if you can’t help yourself and decide to grab my dick again, then I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself.”

“What do you mean by that?”

He grinned.

“If you can’t keep your hands to yourself, I’ll take you to the men’s room and get you down on the floor to suck me off. Your choice, Lucy. You want to be a good girl and wait until we’re alone or if you can’t help yourself, go ahead and grab me while I’m talking to this man. I dare you, babe.”

His words were quite funny to Lucy. She couldn’t help but smirk, as the thought ran through her mind of being taken to the bathroom to suck his fat cock. Nigel probably thought that she would find such an incident to be embarrassing, but Lucy found it quite daring. Soon, a tall man in a grey colored suit approached the table. He appeared to be older, though his hair was completely black showing no sign of age. This must have been Mr. Varga, as now Nigel was glowing in excitement to discuss things with this other man. Lucy sat there, refilling her glass of wine as she was ready to listen to them. The temptation of grabbing his crotch again from under the table constantly lingered on her mind.


“Ohhhhhh, god! Yes, yes! Fuck me! FUCK ME!! HARDER, YESSSSS!! HARDER!!”

Michelle cried out before screaming to Luke. They had moved from the bedroom back to the living room and now Michelle was positioned on all fours over the couch, laying her head down over the cushion as Luke was behind her. Doggy style was one of her favorite positions and now she could enjoy every moment of him pounding his long shaft into her clit from behind. He placed his right hand over the small of her back, moving it over that large tramp stamp tattoo with the word ‘Blessed’.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! Fuck me, Luke! Fuck me, mmmmm!!”

She closed her eyes, continuing to whimper out to him. The sound of his balls slapping against the underside of her ass could be heard with each hard thrust Luke sent into her tight pussy. Her large tits were pressed down into the cushion of the couch, preventing them from bouncing and shaking around. He wasn’t thinking about Lucy anymore, as he was now completely enjoying the pleasure of her best friend’s gorgeous form. Michelle was a natural blonde bombshell, something that he could’ve easily fallen in love with over a decade ago. She bit her lower lip as he groaned.

“Fuck! This pussy is so tight!”

Biting her lower lip, she cried out to him softly

“Yes, yessssss! Ohhhhhh, god yes!! Make me…make me cum, Luke!”

He never stopped, still thrusting his hard cock into her clit. Luke bit down on his lower lip, moving his hand to grip her right side ass cheek as he knew she was close to reaching another orgasm for tonight. Michelle raised her head, pounding her fist down over the cushion of the couch as she gritted her teeth and howled to him.


With one final thrust, Luke felt her climax proceed as her walls tightened and Michelle’s body shook. Her voice cried out loudly, echoing throughout the apartment’s walls. He swallowed his breath, quickly pulling his rod from her pussy to prevent his own orgasm. Luke looked down at his pole, glistening in her juices as it dripped over the couch. Michelle moved, quickly turning around to face him as she looked down at his cock, licking her lips as she saw her own pussy juices dripping from it. Her big blue eyes looked up at him as she laid her back down over the couch, resting her head under the arm rest.

“You didn’t cum, honey. Do you want me to finish you off with my mouth? Or do you wanna fuck my titties again?”

“Your tits! Ohhhh god, I gotta fuck ‘em again, Michelle!”

She could’ve almost guessed his reaction. A man like Luke clearly had a thing for big tits. Michelle watched him bend his right knee and then sit down on her stomach, just like he had done in the bedroom. She pulled her large natural breasts apart, inviting him to slip his dripping cock between them. She then squeezed them together, gazing up into his eyes as he began to pump his fat dick back and forth between her tits. Michelle bit her lower lip, moaning to the feeling of his cock between her tits while she looked into his eyes.

“Mmmmmm, fuck ‘em hard, baby.”

With her words of encouragement, Michelle soon felt him pumping his rod harder between her boobs. She still refused to break eye contact him, even though his eyes were focused on watching her tits. They were so large that his rod had completely disappeared in the fold between them. Luke gritted his teeth, groaning as his orgasm was fast approaching. It would be the second time tonight that Michelle had forced him to cum, moving to a different room to carry on their lustful game.

“You’re gonna cum soon, aren’t you honey?”

“Fuck yeah, I’m so close!!”

Biting her lower lip once more, Michelle called out to him.

“Cum in my face! I want your hot cum all over me!”

Her words were enough to almost make him blow his load while still having his rod between her tits. The pleasure of titty fucking was something Luke didn’t want to stop, but he only had a few more thrusts into him before he knew his time was up. Michelle licked her lips, starring back into his eyes as she yelled to him again.

“Come on, give it to me! Give me that hot fucking load! Cum all over my face, I want it!!”

“Ohhhhh, fuck!! Here you go, babe!!”

Just as Luke responded to her screaming voice, Michelle had let go of her tits to allow him to pull his cock free. She didn’t close her eyes, still looking right at him as his hard rod was pointed directly at her face as he stroked it as fast as he possibly could. Once again, Michelle licked her lips as she listened to him breathing deeply and gasping.


When Luke yelled, he couldn’t hold back anymore. A hot string of his seed went flying to Michelle’s face, striking the left side of her forehead and streaking into her hair. He grunted as another wad went flying, striking her forehead and getting more drops into her hair. The third wave of his cum completely missed her face, streaking over the couch just before he moved closer. Michelle didn’t flinch or blink whatsoever, she only grinned as she was still starring into his eyes as he made a mess over her face. A clear string went flying into her hair, just before thick droplets ran down the left side of her nose. The final bit of his cum was another layer over her left forehead, this one streaking over her eye and trickling down with thick droplets. Michelle grinned as he finished, almost as if she were about to say ‘thank you’ for the mess made over her face. Instead of speaking at all, Michelle raised her middle finger and scooped up a bit of cum from her face. She looked into his eyes while bringing the tip of her middle finger past her lips and sucking it clean.



Across the table from Nigel and Lucy sat John Varga as he began a business oriented discussion. It was the first time Lucy had ever heard that name before, but she soon learned from their conversation that he was an important name in the fashion and modelling industry back in America. Nigel showcased great enthusiasm about working with the man who preferred to be called by his last name instead of the first. From the beginning of their negotiation, Lucy soon realized that Varga was a man who had great control over his operations as a photographer. He quickly put his foot down with Nigel, refusing to shoot for him outside of his preferred home in Miami Florida. The question of a photo session soon came up turned to Lucy. Nigel had turned and looked to her face as he asked her if she would like to travel down to Miami and shoot for Varga. Her answer? An obvious ‘yes’. She didn’t want to disappoint Nigel by telling him no.

There was something else lingering on her mind about not wanting to disappoint the man. Nigel’s temptation of daring her to grab at his crotch again from underneath the table. Lucy had thought about the public embarrassment that could come from strangers witnessing them in the men’s room. She knew better than to ask Nigel about such things, as he was clearly the man in control. As she listened on to the business discussion about photo shoots, Lucy was tempted to reach her hand over and grab his crotch like before. Varga spoke about doing a photography based book using various models. He had to speak to Nigel since one model he wanted to work with was under contract with Perfect Kiss. After a good bit of back and forth talking, it appeared that he was about to have a second Perfect Kiss model to work with, Lucy herself.

Once the conversation began to shift towards schedules and time differences, that was when Lucy thought more clearly about making her move. The last thing she wanted was for Nigel to anticipate and second guess her grabbing him. She was going to do it, but the right moment was far more important than anything else. The thought of sucking cock in a bathroom was something that made her wet down below. Lucy had never been taken into a men’s room to orally pleasure anyone before. It was sleazy coming from a man like Nigel, but she liked the dirty thought of it. When Nigel had asked Lucy about going to Miami within the next few days, that was when she slid her right hand between his legs and went for a grab at his crotch. She watched the expression on his face as Nigel almost gave a sinister grin as he was still in conversation with Varga for another minute.

“I’m glad you dropped by to the party tonight, it’s been a pleasure meeting you.”

“Likewise, I’m looking forward to working with you soon.”

Varga extended his and out across the table, prompting Nigel to do the same as the two men shook hands. Nigel spoke back to him.

“I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know when we’re on our way.”

“No, don’t waste your time. Call my offices when you’re in Miami, then we can talk without having to wait.”

“Alright, that will be fine.”

When the man got up from his chair, Lucy knew that it was a short hourglass ticking away by the time Nigel would turn his complete attention to her. She had tempted him and now she would soon witness his reaction. He waited until Varga had completely left in a distance before turning to glance at her while raising his eyebrow and grinning.

“You’ve got a lot of balls for a woman, Lucy, I’ve gotta give you that. Knowing you, I thought for sure that you would keep your hands to yourself after I warned you. Now, I promised I was going to take you into the men’s room and fuck your mouth if you grabbed my dick again from under the table.”

Taking a deep breath, Lucy nodded to him before licking her lips.

“I want you to do it…”

“So you want me to take you into the bathroom for a blowjob like a nasty slut, huh? You’re a dirty girl, baby. That’s what I love about you.”

Nigel kissed her cheek and then got up from the table, offering his hand to her.

“Get up.”

Nigel’s voice became commanding. It was the voice she knew from the bedroom. Lucy slowly got up, placing her hand into his before he clutched it and pulled her hard from the table. The party itself was still going strong and would last until midnight, regardless if the man of the hour had left with his trophy woman. Nigel walked Lucy across the room and to where the bathrooms were. A fat man stood outside the two door ways, but Nigel ignored him as he opened the door leading into the men’s room and walked Lucy in. The white walls created a light contrast from the bright room outside back in the main party room. Nigel let go of Lucy’s hand, listening to her heels loudly stomp over the floor. The bathroom was large with six door stalls and six other stalls for urinals. The sinks were at six a piece, currently having two men standing near by washing their hands. Lucy walked to the corner, near the door and across from the sinks. She didn’t glance over at the men standing there, but soon she heard a laugh and a man speaking.

“Ohhhhh, what’s this? You’ve brought a woman into the bathroom, Nigel?”

The man who spoke was tall, dark skinned and dressed in a suit like every man at the party. He approached Nigel, giving a classic smug grin that only these wealthy men of high society could pull off. Lucy didn’t utter a word as Nigel replied back to his friend.

“Hey Warren, you recognize her man? This is Lucy Pinder standing before you.”

Nigel reached out with his right hand, cupping her cheek as his friend gasped and looked back at her with a shock.

“Holy shit, dude! Wow! You must feel like you’ve struck gold to land this babe, I remember her in all those old lad magazines years ago.”

“Yes, Lucy is mine now. She’s mine and no one else’s.”

As Nigel spoke, he pushed his thumb at the edge of her mouth tempting her. Lucy barely parted her lips and sucked on the tip of his thumb like an obedient, submissive girl. Nigel was basically showing her off to his friend now. He moved his hand away from her face and then nodded to Lucy as he spoke directly to her.

“Lucy, tell Warren why I’ve brought you here in the men’s room.”

Her eyes looked at the other man and then she smiled before speaking back.

“Nigel brought me here to give him a blow job. I grabbed at his pants while we were having dinner, I just had to prove to him I’m hungry for something more meaty.”

His friend busted out laughing while Nigel himself had a smug grin over his face. After she had spoken, the other man in the bathroom had finished washing his hands and left. It may have been an attempt to humiliate her, but Lucy found it somewhat amusing as Warren seemed to have an interest in her. Warren spoke up to her.

“You aren’t in the mood for two now, are you?”

Lucy smiled and shook her head to him.

“No thanks! There’s only one cock I am going to suck, but you can stand there and watch…that’s if Nigel will let you.”

She winked at Nigel who then reached his hand to the back of her head, gripping her hair to pull her forward for a hard kiss on the lips. After the kiss, he let go of her hair and then ordered her in a stern matter.

“Get down on the floor right now. Take my pants down and get to work.”

Lucy licked her lips, looking away from Nigel as obeyed his words. She dropped her knees to the floor, covered by the long black dress she was wearing. The bathroom itself was a bit more luxurious, like the rest of the hotel. Lucy felt the marble stone floor’s cold feeling before she used both her hands to reach up and unbuckle the belt holding his pants together. Warren stood there, watching as the busty brunette glamour model pushed Nigel’s pants and underwear down before wrapping her little hand around his cock. His pants and underwear were pushed down to his ankles.

“Damn, she knows how to take orders. You know a bitch is worth it, if she knows her place.”

Warren spoke up as he watched Lucy stroking Nigel’s cock.

“That, she does. I like to call her my filthy fuck doll, isn’t that right, Lucy?”

“Yes sir!”

Nigel moaned when he heard Lucy’s answer back to him. Holly rarely ever called him ‘sir’, and it wasn’t the first time Lucy had naturally said such a thing. He wasn’t bothered whatsoever to be next to another man as his whore was going to work for him. Nigel liked it that another man was here to see what exactly was for him to only enjoy. He wasn’t grinning just because Lucy’s hands were wanking his shaft back and forth. Nigel had to smirk over the fact that Warren could only stand there and watch, wishing that he was receiving the same pleasure from this sensual woman. After a moment, Nigel reached down with his right hand and ran it through her long brown hair. He gripped her hair and then Lucy let go of his cock as he placed his left hand around his shaft. Looking down at her beautiful face, he ordered her.

“Suck on my balls first, get ‘em dripping wet with your nasty mouth.”

She didn’t utter a word back to him. Lucy used both hands to run her fingers around his thighs while she felt him push her head towards his balls. Her tongue lapped over them before she loudly began to suck and slobber over the left nut first. Nigel groaned, calling out to her.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck yes. That’s my filthy fuck doll right there. You see this? No other whore knows how to do it better than Lucy.”

Lucy moaned against his nuts before moving her tongue to the right one.

She popped it between her jaws and sucked on it while Nigel was slowly pumping his cock in his hand. Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and the sound of foot steps could be heard. Warren stepped away from the corner, calling out to the men who had just walked in.

“Guys, check this shit out right here! Lucy Pinder is blowing Nigel in here!”


“Oh fuck yeah, I gotta see this!”

The sound of her mouth slobbering all over his nuts could be heard. When the other two men stood behind Nigel trying to watch, Lucy soon heard his voice calling out to them.

“You can watch, but none of you can take photos or record this. If I see any phones out, I’ll call security to break your fucking legs!”

Nigel’s voice called out in stern authority, intimidating the men who were watching. By the time he pulled her hair to free her mouth from his balls, Lucy looked up to see three faces of strangers around Nigel. All of them watching as she planted her lips at the head of his cock. A string of drool dripped from his ball sack, falling to the marble floor under her.

“Ohhhh, shit! That’s hot right there!”

One man called out as Lucy slowly began to bob her head up and down over Nigel’s cock. His hand had been removed from her hair, allowing her to suck at whatever pace she desired. Warren began to clap, calling out her name as he was now cheering her on.

“Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Fuck yeah, show us what you got!”

While Warren was cheering, another man sighed as if he were annoyed. Lucy closed her eyes, refusing to let the watching strangers bother her whatsoever. She moaned while taking inch after inch of Nigel’s long, thick shaft. Due to the voices of the other horny men, she was unable to hear Nigel’s heavy breathing or moans.. Lucy looked up into his eyes, focusing on his face and not the other men as she brought her lips to the had and came off with a pop noise. A string of drool dangled from her upper lip, connected back to his slobber covered pole.

“Quite the impressive whore you’ve got there, Nigel. I always knew Pinder was a dirty girl. She looks better than a porn star down there.”

Lucy licked her lips as she heard the stranger’s compliment. Nigel soon placed his hand to the back of her head, alerting her attention to look into his eyes.

“I don’t need no fucking porn stars. This is my filthy fuck doll…MINE!!”

Nigel yelled to all the men watching around him. He then looked down at Lucy and spoke to her.

“Do you wanna show these sorry mother fuckers what they wish they could get from their women?”

To hear him call the other men ‘sorry mother fuckers’, Lucy couldn’t help but giggle before replying.

“Yes! Let me show them how I take your big, meaty cock.”

Nigel called out to the men.

“Watch this! She can take it all, just watch!”

Before he said a word back, Lucy could’ve guessed exactly what Nigel wanted to do. She pushed her lips back down the first inches of his cock, soon to feel his hand gripping her hair almost like a pony tail. Her gold hoop ear rings were visible as Nigel pushed her mouth down all the way. She gagged at first, taking every inch of his hard meat pole. The three men around Nigel all gasped before calling out.

“Holy shit!”


“That’s some fucking hot stuff right there, wow!”

Using her tongue, Lucy licked his balls from the position with his entire cock between her lips.

A string of saliva fell from her lower lip, dripping off her chin. Lucy had got the impression early on that he must have done this with women before her. She could imagine him taking Holly into a bathroom for something kinky like this. Nigel pulled her hair once more, forcing his cock to flop freely from her lips with a loud pop noise. Lucy could hear all the men moaning, but her complete focus was on Nigel alone.

“Get your tits out Lucy, I wanna fuck ‘em.”

All the men gasped except for Nigel. Lucy could hear a few whispers uttered as she pushed the front of her dress down a bit to allow her large natural breasts to come spilling out. With all eyes focused on her from the five men, she felt tempted to give them something as a tease. As she held her breasts up for Nigel, she glared over all of them with a grin, flashing her teeth. Lucy licked her lips, looking back down at Nigel’s cock as he placed it firmly between her tits. The string of saliva from her chin finally broke off and fell between her tits, but she decided to spit on the head before squeezing her boobs around his hard shaft.

“Sorry fellas, but he’s the only one that gets to feel this. You can watch, but none of you can touch this. This is for him, not you.”

At that moment, Nigel couldn’t have been more proud of hearing Lucy’s words. She embraced being his trophy whore once and for all. As Lucy held her big titties together, Nigel began to buck his hips and drive his cock back and forth between them.

The men around him all gasped and moan. Lucy could see a bulge sticking up in the front of Warren’s pants and one of the other men as they stood there watching Nigel titty fuck her. Warren sighed and spoke to Nigel.

“Dude, you get to fuck Lucy Pinder’s tits, that has to be amazing. I’ve gotta go jack off now, holy shit. I can’t believe I’m seeing this right now.”

Lucy giggled as the man walked off. Nigel ignored him, too busy focusing on groaning as he pumped his long rod back and forth between her glorious breasts. A stall could be heard opening as Warren tended to himself in private. Since he had left, one of the other men walked in his spot and unbuckled his pants to begin jacking himself off right there in plain view, but Nigel put a stop to that fast. He stopped thrusting his cock between Lucy’s tits to turn to his right and push the guy away.

“Back the fuck off!! If you’re gonna jack off, go do it in a fucking stall! This is MY filthy fuck doll! You can watch, but she ain’t for you!”

Nigel had focused on watching the man, only to make sure that he did leave the scene and head for a stall. Just then, another man walked into the bathroom but quickly walked back out when he noticed the scene. Since he wasn’t paying attention to Lucy, she decided to let go of her breasts and bring her lips back down over the head of his dick. This time, Lucy sucked on him while using her right hand to wank and suck his cock simultaneously. She gave him the dual sync of a blow job and hand job together at once. When Nigel finally turned his attention back to her, Lucy was quickly bobbing her head up and down his shaft while her hand stroked the inches that her mouth wasn’t sucking. Nigel thought this pleasure could last longer, but he was already to his breaking point. He grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth off his cock. Lucy let go of her hair, gazing up into his face somewhat concerned as she knew he was about to blow his load all over her face. Nigel always covered her face, there wasn’t a time he neglected to.

“Fuck! That’s it, I’m gonna cum now!”

She was afraid to ask him, but Lucy didn’t want to get a sticky facial right here in the men’s bathroom. It wouldn’t have bothered her having the strangers watch her, but it was something else. This was the one time she didn’t want it, since it would ruin her makeup and she would have to wash her face and go back to his penthouse suite with a face clean of makeup. Lucy didn’t know how to ask him at first, but she had to make a move now before his cock exploded. Swallowing her breath, she finally spoke up.

“Nigel, wait!”

His hand slowed down, unexpected to Lucy. She figured he would ignored her and blast her face in cum, but to her surprise, he was slowing down as he looked into her eyes. Lucy’s eyes were almost begging, as she knew just what to ask him now.

“Can I swallow it, please?”

Coming to a complete halt, Nigel moved his hand away from his cock and then smirked. There was still a suit wearing stranger standing at arm length to him while he spoke to Lucy.

“Yeah, you can swallow it. You’re a good filthy fuck doll, make sure you swallow every last drop.”

Lucy felt his right hand come down and grip her hair, pulling into a pony tail as Nigel then fed his cock back into her mouth. HIs entire shaft disappeared between her lips as the head reached the back of her throat and Lucy’s red lips were buried once more at the base.

His wet balls pushed against her chin. Nigel held her there, groaning as he felt his cock explode within her jaws.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!”

The man standing next to him gasped, raising his eyebrows at witnessing such an event. Lucy didn’t gag or choke as Nigel’s rod filled her mouth with his hot seed. Nigel held her there, making sure that her mouth milked every last drop of cum as he felt his orgasm still coming on. From one of the bathroom stalls, Warren’s voice could be heard moaning as he finally reached his limit from wanking himself off. When he was finally done, he let go of her hair and allowed Lucy to raise her lips up and come off his cock with a loud pop sound like before. Lucy leaned up, parting her lips to reveal to Nigel and the other man a thick puddle of semen mixed with her own saliva over her tongue. When she closed her lips, she loudly swallowed it down.

“Sweet Jesus, that was fucking dirty as hell.”

Nigel laughed at the man’s words as Lucy opened her mouth, revealing that she swallowed all of his hot seed down her throat. All Nigel could do was smile, he was so proud of her.

“You’ve put on a hell of a show in here, baby. Come on, I’ve gotta get my pants back up, you get your tits back in that dress and then we’re leaving this party for good.”



Sunlight peeled into the large glass windows of the penthouse suite, completely bringing light to the rooms that had remained dark from last night. It had been a busy morning so far for Nigel and Lucy. To prepare for their Miami trip, he got up early in the morning to pack his suitcases. He let Lucy sleep in until around ten o’clock when he woke her up. She had been busy herself, preparing her own luggage for a flight to southern Florida. There was another model who Nigel had to call and send to Miami to work with John Varga, but Lucy was going to be with him on the private plane. He wanted her to always be in his eye sight, safe and sound. After last night, the other woman who shared a role as his trophy whore was left feeling neglected.

Holly had listened to Nigel and Lucy make love last night while she sat in her own room by herself. The cold shoulder had been given to her and now she couldn’t help but truly feel jealous of his new toy. Weather he was trying to show favoritism or not, none of that mattered. Holly felt that she didn’t matter at all right now to the man she loved. He had found a new woman and though he liked to always have two who he called trophy whores, it was becoming more obvious than ever that Lucy came at first place above her. Though she didn’t have the heart to get angry with him, Holly did feel the bitterness inside of her. After speaking to Nigel during the morning about his trip to Miami, she had locked herself in her bedroom, disappointed in being told no. He didn’t want her going on the trip, just Lucy. To try and make her happy, Nigel had left her a credit card and told her she could ‘go crazy’ spending with it, but there were some things that money couldn’t buy in the world. One of them was love.

“Are we all set, baby?”

Nigel called out to Lucy who was coming out of her bedroom with a final piece of luggage. She wore casual street clothes consisting of a black shirt and blue jeans. In her right hand was a luggage stroller, mostly filled with clothes that she wanted to bring along during the trip.

“Yes, this is everything I’m bringing.”

“Very good, we’re leaving in the next hour.”

He nodded to her, walking to the door as Lucy was right behind him with the luggage stroller’s wheels rolling along the floor. Holly peeked out of her door, listening to them before she stepped out while clutching a glass of wine in her hand. The green eyed glamour model heard the door open as they left and then it shut again. Now that she was isolated alone in the penthouse, Holly wanted to drain her sorrows away and kick out a little fit of rage while no one was there to witness her fit. She went into the kitchen and refilled her glass of wine, gulping it down in just two big sips. As she stood there, pondering her thoughts about Nigel moving on from her with another woman, Holly grimaced. She slung the wine glass hard across the kitchen room, listening to the glass shatter as it hit the refrigerator. Never did she feel more betrayed by the man she loved more than anything, all for his lust to another woman.


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