Scarlett Striptease

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Title: Scarlett Striptease

Author: MovieBuff

Celebs: Scarlett Johansson

Codes: FM, con, mas, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Matt was a single 30-year-old man on vacation in New York City. He was 5’8” and had short brown hair and a mustache. The reason he was single was because his girlfriend had left him for somebody else, so he decided to come to New York to meet new women.

“Screw that bitch,” Matt told himself. “I don’t need her. But where am I gonna find new chicks to meet?” He drove around for about an hour, until he noticed a flashy building up ahead. “Looks like a party’s going on inside,” said Matt. “I wonder what it is?” Matt drove up to the building and much to his joy, saw that it was a strip club. “My kinda place,” said Matt.

Matt parked his car and walked into the club, where he saw about three dozen half-naked women pole dancing on illuminated stages. As he walked through the crowd, Matt saw a few strippers who were totally naked. “I’ve only been here for a minute and already I love this joint,” Matt thought to himself. That was when Matt saw a young blonde stripper giving a lap dance to some guy. He couldn’t see her face though because of the flashing lights and people walking through. But there was something about her that Matt really liked.

As Matt tried to get closer, a topless waitress walked by and Matt stopped her. “Excuse me,” said Matt. “But do you know how to get to that stripper over there?” “Oh honey, she’s very exclusive,” said the waitress. “But if you’ve got the cash, she’ll give you a dance.” As the waitress walked away, the stripper’s customer walked away. “Now’s my chance,” said Matt. With that, Matt approached the stripper and tapped her on the shoulder. “Excuse me?” said Matt. When the stripper turned around, Matt couldn’t believe his eyes. The stripper was none other than Scarlett Johansson!

“Scarlett Johansson?!” exclaimed Matt. Scarlett blushed and laughed nervously. “Yeah, that’s me,” said Scarlett. “Why are you working in a strip club?” asked Matt. “I’m doing research for a role,” replied Scarlett. “If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here at all.” “Is Black Widow going undercover as a stripper in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie?” Matt jokingly asked. Scarlett chuckled. “No, we like to keep those movies at a PG-13 level,” she said. “Understood,” replied Matt. “So um, can I have a dance?” “Well, I’m actually off in a while,” explained Scarlett. “But I really would like to give you a dance.” Matt looked sad, but then perked up and pulled out a slip of paper. “You got a pen?” asked Matt. Scarlett pulled a pen out of her bra and handed it to Matt, who wrote on the paper. “This is the address and room number of the hotel I’m staying in,” explained Matt, handing the paper to Scarlett. “When are you free?” Scarlett looked at the paper and smiled up at Matt. “I can be there at 11:00 tonight,” said Scarlett. “Alright, I’ll see you tonight,” said Matt. With that, the two left the club.

At 10:30 PM, Matt sat on the bed in his hotel room, waiting for Scarlett. “She said she’d be here at 11:00,” Matt reminded himself. “I’ll just wait for her.” Twenty minutes passed by, and Matt was getting more nervous and excited. At 10:54, Matt heard a knock on the door and went to answer it. As he opened the door, Matt saw Scarlett standing there, fully dressed. “I know I said I’d be here at 11:00, but I just couldn’t wait,” explained Scarlett. “That’s okay with me,” Matt said with a grin.

Scarlett walked into Matt’s room and Matt put a “do not disturb” sign on the outside of the door. “So, uh…what is your name again?” asked Scarlett. Matt told her his name. “So Matt, are you ready for the show?” asked Scarlett. Matt nodded his head “yes” and Scarlett pushed him down on the bed, where he sat back up. “Get ready,” said Scarlett, kicking off her high heels.

Scarlett started dancing in front of Matt, who was getting very turned on. As she danced, Scarlett grabbed the end of her shirt and pulled it over her head and off her body. After doing so, Scarlett unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and slid them down her legs, leaving Scarlett in her bra and panties. Throughout the entire dance, Matt’s cock grew harder and harder. As Scarlett danced, Matt put his hand in his pocket and started stroking his dick through it. As Scarlett took off her pants, she noticed what Matt was doing. “You think this is hot?” asked Scarlett. “Darling, this is just the opening act!”

Scarlett kept dancing and reached behind her back, where she undid her bra and slid the straps off her shoulders, exposing her breasts to Matt, who was at a complete loss for words. “Like what you see?” asked Scarlett. All Matt could do was nod his head “yes” and stare deeply at Scarlett’s tits. “I figured you did,” said Scarlett, turning her back to Matt. “But now you get to look at the back.” Scarlett started spinning her hips in a circle, like she was playing with an invisible hula hoop. “My ex has got nothing on Scarlett,” thought Matt. Just then, Scarlett circled her ass and stuck her thumbs into her panties. “Ready?” Scarlett asked Matt. “You know I am,” replied Matt, dazed. Scarlett then pulled her panties down, showing off her bare bottom to Matt. As she threw her panties at the wall, Scarlett turned around and faced Matt, who had quite a boner going. “I don’t believe this,” thought Matt. “Scarlett Johansson is in front of me…naked!”

Scarlett then walked closer to Matt and pushed him down on his back. “Time for the climax,” said Scarlett. That said, Scarlett climbed on top of Matt and rubbed her naked body against him. “Ready for your dance?” Scarlett whispered in Matt’s ear. “Yes,” replied Matt, sitting up. Once Matt was upright, Scarlett proceeded to give him the mother of all lap dances. She shoved her boobs and rubbed her beaver against his face, and did the same thing all over him. Matt thought his dick was going to shoot off his body if Scarlett danced anymore. But eventually, Scarlett finished the dance and straddled Matt. “Like your dance?” asked Scarlett. “Best…dance…ever,” replied Matt.

Scarlett got off of Matt and stood in front of him, when she put her left foot on the bed. “What are you-?” asked Matt. But before he could finish his question, Scarlett started to finger herself right in front of Matt. “Whoa,” Matt said, awestruck. “I can tell your dick is almost ready to shoot off,” said Scarlett. “I think I’ve got some catching up to do.” Matt watched in awe as Scarlett continued fingering her wet cunt. After ten minutes, she stopped. “I’m ready!” said Scarlett.

Matt unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them down, letting his raging boner out. Without saying anything, Scarlett lowered herself onto Matt’s cock. “OH YES!” shouted Matt, as Scarlett bounced up and down on his cock. Scarlett’s tits were bouncing up and down as well, making Matt more aroused. “YESYESYESYESYES!” moaned Scarlett as she came. As Matt got closer to cumming, Scarlett got off his dick and then put it in her mouth. Matt moaned as he felt Scarlett’s tongue running along his shaft. Given the evening he had, it didn’t take long for Matt to get off. He filled Scarlett’s mouth with his jizz, and Scarlett swallowed the entire load.

“Jesus Christ, that was the best thing ever,” said Matt. “Tell me about it,” said Scarlett. “This was my absolute favorite lap dance.” As Scarlett got dressed, Matt spoke up. “Was this part of your research?” he asked. “Am I going to see this in a movie?” Scarlett laughed. “Oh no, you don’t see this shit in movies,” said Scarlett. “But you can count on the striptease.” Matt smiled. “That’s good enough for me,” he said.

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