The Parent-Teacher Meeting, Ch. 01

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Title: The Parent-Teacher Meeting, Ch. 01

Author: zmoorez

Celebs: Carlie Butler

Codes: MF, cons, anal, oral

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction. None of this has happened in real life. Fantasy is legal.

Carlie Butler was busy brushing her hair as she heard the school bus stop outside her house. It was not an uncommon occurrence in this LA suburb, but she could always make out the particular noise her son’s bus made when it stopped. She laid the brush down on the table in front of her. As she caught the sight of her face in the mirror she had to stop to admire her flawlessness. Realizing Cooper would soon be at the door, she walked upstairs to open the door for him.

“Hi honey! Welcome home.”

“Thanks mom,” Cooper responded and stepped inside as Carlie shut the door behind him. “We got our report cards today. Mr. Woods says you have to sign them.”

“Alright,” she sighed. Signing paperwork was the worst part of being a single mother, but it had to be done. “Put them on the kitchen table and I’ll do it tonight.”

Carlie made sure Cooper had a quick snack before sending him to his room so she could work undisturbed. Before signing the report cards, she usually had a quick look through them. There was rarely anything other than A’s and B’s but it never hurts to give it an extra look.

As she flipped through the cards, she spotted something strange. A D in English? That was barely passing. Cooper always did his homework and had high attendance. How could this happen? Carlie decided to call Mr. Woods right away.

“Mr. Woods? Yes, this is Carlie Butler. Cooper’s mother. I got Cooper’s report card today, and I have some questions for you about his English grade. Justified? I can’t believe it. No, I don’t agree. Could we set up a meeting to talk about this? As soon as possible. I can’t make it over to school until next week. Well, I suppose you could come here. We live at 15 Kelly Avenue. Thank you, Mr. Woods.”

This would be easy. It seemed like men just couldn’t disagree with Carlie. If they ever did, she just used her massive sex appeal to get them back on her side.

Assuming Mr. Woods left right after she hung up the phone, he should be about 30 minutes away. This gave Carlie just enough time to get changed and do her makeup. Her looks were essential: a man’s attraction to you can be a very powerful tool. Her walk-in closet, which was her office as well, was were she stored her makeup.

Carlie sat down at the makeup table and started thinking of her outfit. What to wear? It had to be something tight to show off her curves. A blouse? Too formal. A crop top? Too revealing. A tank top? Maybe. It would show a good amount of skin, while not being way too sexy. Paired with tight jeans it would be a guaranteed winner. Tank top and jeans it was, then.

She slipped out of her sweatpants and hoodie. Standing completely naked, she started browsing through all her matching bra-panty sets. Carlie decided on a black set consisting of a thong and push-up bra. She put them on. She put on the tightest pair of jeans she owned, and the tank top showing the most skin.

Now for the makeup. While she was used to getting help from professionals at her photo shoots, she was more than decent herself. Carlie decided not to go overboard with her face, and opted for simplicity. Foundation, a touch of bronzer and a healthy amount of mascara.

Her look was completed, and she stood up to assess herself in the full-body mirror across the room. Carlie had to admit she was pretty damn hot. She noticed that her outfit might be what she wore for the music video she starred in last year. She took a selfie, and knowing it would attract some male attention, posted it on Instagram.

Her tits were getting a big lift from her bra. In this outfit, you could easily tell how fake they were. She had gotten them done a couple of years ago. Her aim was a more porn-like shape and decided to go with whatever looked fake. Her tits were now 36D, very round and very firm. She usually didn’t need a bra for them to keep their shape.

“Perfect,” she thought. “Mr. Woods should be here any minute now. I should probably go tell Cooper to stay in his room until we’re… Well, finished.”

He was still in his room when she got there.

“Hey, Cooper. Your teacher is coming over for a meeting. We might be a while, so you just stay in here until we’re done. Okay?”

“Sure Mom,” Cooper responded.

Just as they had finished speaking, the doorbell rang.

“Must be him,” Carlie said. “Alright, see you in a bit.”

She closed the door to his room and walked to the front. She had a quick look through a window to make sure it was the right person, and not some stalker of a fan. Carlie saw a well-built man in a brown suit. She figured it must be him, so she opened the front door for him.

“Hello, Mr. Woods. Welcome!”

“Thank you, Ms. Butler,” he responded. “I’m sorry, but I’ve got to be quick. I just passed here on the way home. My wife should have dinner ready soon and I’d like to be home by then.”

Married? Oh well, she could already notice him staring at her cleavage. He wouldn’t be able to resist for more than a minute.

“That’s alright,” Carlie told him. “Let’s have a seat at the kitchen table.” She gestured toward the left, but didn’t wait for him to go first. She wanted to walk in front of him, and she made sure to put an extra sway to her hips.

When they reached the kitchen, they sat down opposite each other. The table was quite big, with four chairs on each side. It was clearly more suited for big family dinners than what is was about to experience today.

“So, how should we get started?” Mr. Woods asked. “To put it simply, Cooper hasn’t been living up to my expectations.”

“He must have,” Carlie interrupted. “He always does his homework, and hasn’t missed a single day of school this semester.”

“That is true, but I still have to assess his performance in class,” Mr. Woods told her. “The grades are already set. It would take a lot of work to change something now.”

Carlie sat quiet for a second. In her head, she debated if this was the time to go for it.

Well, fuck it, she thought to herself. What’s a single mom gonna do but fuck him? It’s now or never.

She stood up, and started walking around the room aimlessly.

“But technically, you could do it. Right?”

“Technically, yes. But in practice, there’s not much I can do.”

“Oh, I’m sure there must be something.”

As she finished her sentence, she pulled off her top. Mr. Woods just sat there with his mouth open. Carlie started squeezing her tits.

“You’re not gonna say no to some of this, are you?” she asked him in a seductive voice. As she spoke, she slowly walked toward the chair were he sat. She then sat down in his lap.

“Go on, then,” she teased him. “Give them a squeeze.”

Mr. Woods didn’t respond. Carlie took one of his hands, and guided it to her left boob. As he struggled to grasp her big tit, he started squeezing it.

“There we go. Good boy,” Carlie said and playfully ruffled his short, black hair. Mr. Woods was now squeezing her left breast, and she was playing with her right.

“Oh my God,” whispered the quiet teacher.

Carlie decided to straddle his lap. She could feel the large bulge inside his pants rubbing against her pussy. Mr. Woods didn’t let go of her tits, instead he took his other hand and began playing with her other one.

Carlie slowly leaned in toward him. Teasing him at first, she started sucking on his lower lip before quickly pulling away. Figuring it would frankly be cruel to continue like this, she went all in. They made out furiously, hoping that Cooper wouldn’t leave his room to check what was happening in the kitchen.

Mr. Woods suddenly released her boobs and reached behind Carlie’s back. He fumbled for a moment before finding, and unhooking, her bra. Carlie slipped her arms out of the straps. By this point, she could practically feel his desire to fuck her. After all, who could resist a nice pair of tits and a well-toned body?

“I’m all yours for the next two hours, honey,” Carlie said. “Do whatever you want to me.”

“I want you to suck my cock.”

“Your wish is my command Mr. Woods.”

She stood up, and took his hand as for him to do the same. She kneeled down in front of him. The kitchen floor was cold, but there was nothing she could do about it. Carlie shook her hair out of her face before grabbing Mr. Woods’ pants and tugging them down to the floor while maintaining eye contact.

The bulge in his boxers was quite large – Carlie was certain she was in for a treat. She pulled them down, and let them fall to the floor. His dick, about nine inches long, sprung up in front of her face. It almost hit her in the face but her experience and quick reflexes saved her.

It was always best to start with a bit of teasing. Carlie wrapped a hand around his dick, and started jerking him off. It was obvious he enjoyed this, though. His eyes were either staring up at the ceiling or deep into her eyes. Both made him look slightly possessed. To make the situation even more pleasant for him, Carlie grabbed his ballsack with her free hand. This extra stimulation could easily drive a guy to orgasm if you knew what you were doing. Carlie was experienced enough to apply the right amount of pressure, since she didn’t want the fun to be over before it had even started.

It did eventually get boring, though. Mr. Woods seemed to look slightly less possessed when he spoke again.

“Put it in your mouth already, Carlie,” he managed to say between moans. How did he know her first name? Did he watch her videos? This was unimportant at he moment, however. Carlie obliged and put her mouth around his dick.

She was a skilled cocksucker. It was a talent she had practiced a fair bit over the years, with a number of guys of different sizes. Deep throating was a benefit of this. Now, she was comfortable with taking at least 10 inches before it became unpleasant.

She worked her way down Mr. Woods’ cock until she could take it all in one go. When she was in the middle of going all the way down yet again, she heard the creaking of a door opening. Shit! Cooper was leaving his room. She immediately pulled his wet dick out of her mouth.

“Cooper honey?” she said, still gasping for air. “Stay in your room for a bit longer. This meeting might take a while.” She returned to deep throating right away. There was no time to lose.

“Okay mom.”

Without any warning, Mr. Woods orgasmed inside Carlie’s mouth. He shot a huge load right into her mouth, almost choking her as it flew out of him. Finding it hard to breathe, she let his cock pop out of her mouth. Gasping for air, she let the cum already inside her mouth pour out over her chin and tits. But apparently Mr. Woods wasn’t finished, and he shot a few more strands across her face. Carlie was speechless.

“Sweet Jesus,” was all she could utter.

And what’s more, Mr. Woods’ dick didn’t even go soft. He was still as hard as when they’d gotten started.

“Holy fuck, you’re still rock hard,” Carlie exclaimed.

“I know. With a bit of luck I can easily come three times fucking my wife,” he said, still recovering from his orgasm. “And with a girl as hot as you, let’s make that four.”

Carlie realized she was in for one hell of a ride. A guy who cums four times before going soft? That could easily take at least an hour. She realized Cooper wouldn’t stay in his room for that long, and she would have to go talk to him.

“I’ll be right back.I’m just gonna go talk to my son.”

She hurried over to Cooper’s room before realizing she was still covered with jizz. She had to be quick, and covered her tits with her hands. If he asked about the white stuff on her face, it was just yoghurt. She opened the door.

“Hey, the meeting’s taking even longer than I first thought,” she said while faking an annoyed voice. “You’ll have to stay in here until dinner, probably. Do your homework in the meantime.”

Cooper didn’t answer, he just looked at her. She could see a mix of surprise and anger. Perhaps angry at the fact that he had to stay in his room until dinner, and surprised to see his mother walking around without a shirt on. Oh well. It was time to get back to work. Carlie closed the door and hurried back over to the kitchen.

“Did you miss me, baby?” she joked with Mr. Woods as she returned. He was leaning against a kitchen counter, jerking off.

“You should clean yourself up, Carlie,” he reminded her. “You’re still covered in my cum you know.” He laughed.

Shit, that’s right. She licked up what she could around her mouth, and scooped up what had landed on her tits. She gathered it on her tongue, showed it to Mr. Woods, and swallowed it all in one gulp.

“Better?” she asked with a smirk on her lips.

“Much better. Get those jeans off,” he ordered.

Carlie unbuttoned her pants. They were incredibly tight, and hugged her butt nicely. She struggled to get out of them, but the sensation of being free of clothes was incredible. She made sure to get her thong off in the process. In the corner of her eye, Carlie could notice that Mr. Woods was unbuttoning his shirt. She stepped over to the kitchen table and started jiggling her ass for him. She gave it an occasional spank.

“Get on your back.”

Mr. Woods’ voice was coming from behind, so she shaked her ass just a bit more. She suddenly felt a slap on her ass.

“I said: ‘Get on your back,’ Carlie.”

She decided it would be best to do as he said this time. She had, after all, offered him to do anything he wanted to her. Carlie climbed up on the wooden table. She laid on her back, spread her legs, and started rubbing her clit. Masturbation was awesome, but what was about to happen was even better.

Mr. Woods stood in front of her, and started rubbing his dick all over her pussy lips. He started making his way around her hole, before suddenly thrusting in. Carlie gasped in shock. Mr. Woods increased the intensity of his thrusts. Carlie was loving every bit of it,

Knowing her tits were her biggest asset, she started squeezing them as they fucked. Mr. Woods seemed to enjoy the sight. He held one hand on her hips, keeping Carlie in place. He let the other wander up towards her boobs and started squeezing them. At first, Mr. Woods’ touch was very soft. Maybe he had heard stories of implants breaking?

“They’re not gonna break just because they’re fake you know,” Carlie teased him.

She got a moan in response, and felt him squeezing harder and harder. Carlie’s nipples were very sensitive and were getting a lot of stimulation. She could feel herself nearing orgasm. Just as she thought she was about to cum Mr. Woods pulled out.

She didn’t mind, though as he started licking her tits. Carlie squeezed them together as Mr. Woods played with his tongue around her nipples. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for her to reach climax. She signaled for the teacher to get back to fucking her by pushing his head up from her chest.

He quickly shoved his dick back inside her again. Carlie decided to show off her ass for him as a reward. She put her legs up into the air, and crossed them. Not only did this make her butt look huge, it made Mr. Woods hit her G-spot. One thrust was enough to drive her over the edge.

She arched her back up, closed her eyes and grabbed hold of the table. She wanted to scream but held it back, so Cooper wouldn’t hear. Instead, she ended up breathing heavily and moaning longer than usual. Mr. Woods pulled out when he felt she was done.

Carlie got off the table. She ran her hands through her hair to straighten it out, and gave her tits a shake for good measure. She looked down on the floor, and noticed a wet spot below where her pussy was. Suddenly she got an idea.

“Come here, Mr. Woods.”

Carlie walked over to a kitchen counter and bent over it. She squeezed her legs together and spread her ass cheeks with her hands.

“Take me from behind. Don’t hold back, I can take it. Fuck me hard, baby.”

Mr. Woods seemed to fancy the idea and stood behind her. He aimed at her gaping pussy and thrust in. Carlie didn’t expect such a force and almost screamed, but she managed to hold it back, in fear of Cooper noticing. Mr. Woods increased the depth and speed of his thrusts.

It was hard for Carlie to keep her balance, but she didn’t want to spread her legs and compromise Mr. Woods’ view of her ass. He seemed to notice this and grabbed her arms. He pulled them towards him, forcing Carlie to arch her back. He was really not holding back, and Carlie was beginning to feel the pleasure replaced with pain. She had to rest.

“Holy shit, slow down,” she panted. Mr. Woods successively slowed down. When he had stopped entirely, he grabbed her tits and started fondling them.

“Let’s continue in the bedroom,” Carlie suggested. Mr. Woods seemed reluctant to let go. She eventually got him to pull out, took his hand and led him to her bed. He sat down on the bedside.

“Hold my hair, baby,” she told him as she started sucking his dick again. She was used to it by now, and managed to get his entire length down on her first try. Carlie started bobbing up and down his cock as fast as possible. Through this, she maintained eye contact with Mr. Woods. He just sat there with his mouth open.

Carlie got another idea. It was time to spice things up.

“Stay here. I’ll be right back,” she told him and kissed the tip of his cock. She walked into her walk-in closet and opened her lingerie drawer. Carlie decided to put on a pair of brown thigh high stockings, sheer with a lace top. She checked herself in the mirror to make sure that they weren’t wrinkled anywhere. Damn, did she look hot! If Mr. Woods hadn’t been waiting for her, she would easily have fucked herself. Carlie was starting to long for some dick inside her again, and figured it was time to get back to business.

As she returned to her bedroom, she stopped in the doorway. Doing her best to tease him, she turned to her side and put her legs together. This showed of the shape of her ass. Meanwhile, Carlie caressed her legs. Mr. Woods was speechless.

“Fuck Carlie.You’re so fucking hot. Come here.”

Carlie slowly walked over to him and laid down on the bed. She spread her legs as an invite. Mr. Woods stood in front of her, and pushed in yet again. He was still rock hard, and didn’t seem tired at all. She started rubbing her clit.

Mr. Woods grabbed her boobs yet again. This time, he was a bit more rough. Carlie put a hand on her ass to make herself feel sexy. For some reason, it turned her on to know that men liked her. Maybe that was the underlying reason for her boob job? Her new tits, without a doubt, got her laid a lot.

Speaking of sexy, Mr. Woods turned Carlie over to her side and put her legs together. She went along with it and kept squeezing. Mr. Woods let go of her boobs, so Carlie started fondling her nipples on her own. She was about to cum again. Every muscle in her body tightened up as she lifted a leg to start rubbing her clit. With a dick in her pussy, a hand on her nipple and another on her clit, Carlie was feeling pleasure like she never had before.

Mr. Woods could feel Carlie’s body tense, and her face become more and more focused. Then he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. He kept on humping. When she was finished, she leaned back and grabbed her boobs again. She looked into his eyes with a smirk across her face. Without a doubt, she was the hottest right after orgasm.

“Have you got another load for me soon, Mr. Woods?” Carlie teased him between moans. “I’m getting thirsty for some of your hot, sticky cum.”

As if his dick could read Carlie’s mind, he felt himself nearing orgasm yet again. He felt his sack tightening before he was ready. Mr. Woods pulled out quickly, and jumped onto the bed. This load was quite a disappointment – just a few shots straight onto her tongue. She had hoped for a proper facial. Oh well, she could only imagine what his last orgasm would be like.

To nobody’s surprise, his dick was still hard. Carlie licked up the cum she could from her face and swallowed each drop. When she thought she was clean, she moved on to licking the jizz off of Mr. Woods’ throbbing cock. Suddenly they heard a knock on the bedroom door.

“Shit, Cooper’s here. Get down behind the bed,” Carlie hissed.

“Mom?” Cooper called from the other side of the door.

“Just a minute honey!”

She reached for her robe and put in on. When she had tied it around her waist, she opened the door.

“Yes honey?”

“I finished my homework. Can we watch a movie?” he asked

*Not right now, sweetheart. I’m still talking to Mr. Woods.” Carlie lied.

“Where is he, then? I can’t see him,” Cooper said, peeking inside the bedroom.

“He had to go use the bathroom. He’ll be here in just a minute, and we’ll continue the meeting,” she said with a smile. She noticed a confused look on Cooper’s face.

“Mom, what’s that white stuff on your cheek?”

Fuck. She must’ve missed a spot.

“It’s just yoghurt. I had a snack, and spilled it. I was just about to clean it up,” she said nervously. She didn’t want to have to explain the birds and the bees to him yet. “You know what? Put on a movie while you’re waiting. You know how to use the DVD, right?”

Cooper nodded .

“Alright. I’ll come downstairs as soon as possible,” she said . Cooper walked away and Carlie closed the door behind him. Mr. Woods stood up.

“That was close,” he said with a laugh. “Sounds like you’ve done this before?”

“You bet,” Carlie said seductively and dropped her robe to the floor. “So, what do you want to do now?”

“Get on your stomach.”

Carlie laid down on the bed with her legs together. Mr. Woods was soon behind her, with his dick ready to go yet again. She grabbed her ass and spread it for ease of access.

“Go on then,” she teased.

He immediately shoved his dick inside, as deep as he could go. Knowing that Cooper would be in the basement watching a movie, Carlie was free to scream and moan as much as she wanted. And moan she did.

This position was Mr. Woods’ favorite. It was the best way to admire a girl’s ass. If they worked out as the should, it would really show. Carlie’s butt stuck up a fair bit from the rest of her body, thanks to her hobby of working out at least five times a week. Why did she do it? Why, for moments like these of course. If you have a desirable body, you can fuck your way to practically anything.

It was a great position for Carlie as well. The angle was just perfect, and Mr. Woods hit her G-spot with almost every thrust. Her stockings probably added to the excitement on his end as well.

After a few minutes, she turned to her side. Mr. Woods grabbed her tits again. Carlie was trying to keep her balance, and grabbed her ass to stay where she was. She lifted her body from the bed to give Mr. Woods a deep, long kiss, before laying down on her side again.

As she did, Mr. Woods’ dick slipped out of her pussy. Carlie was eager to get it back in again and started rubbing her hand on the entrance to stay wet. Mr. Woods teased her by running his dick around her pussy, but never penetrating. When he finally entered, Carlie was laying on her back gazing into his eyes. She could feel the size of her ass as she squeezed it, turning her on even more.

Carlie’s horniness was almost becoming an issue. She was so wet that Mr. Woods’ cock slipped out after every few thrusts, and nobody was really getting much pleasure. She decided to solve the problem by laying back on her stomach. As soon as she did, Mr. Woods could pick up the pace of his thrusts again.

He thrust deeper and deeper as he went on, and Carlie could almost feel that he was nearing another orgasm. But she wasn’t sure until he suddenly pulled out, and she had to hurry to turn herself around.

Mr. Woods pulled out a little bit too late, and added to the collection of his sperm on Carlie’s boobs. She wasn’t in the mood for another facial and managed to keep his dick in her mouth through his whole orgasm.

When his dick finished throbbing, Carlie let it pop out of her mouththen stuck her tongue out. She showed the trophy that was his cum. It was a thick layer of white coating her tongue, a sight that could drive any man crazy. She moved her tongue around her mouth, before swallowing his load in one gulp.

“Holy shit,” she said while trying to catch her breath. “You’re such a fuck machine!”

“Just you wait. The last load is the biggest,” he joked. “This will probably be my last load, so you better make it count.”

“You bet,” Carlie said with a grin on her face. She rubbed the collection of jizz on her tits around, making them shiny. “Come here.”

Carlie laid down on her side, and patted behind her back. Mr. Woods caught her invite to some spooning, and was quick to lay down behind her. She lifted her leg, and Mr. Woods thrust in. Her pussy was getting tired after all this fucking, and as the pleasure decreased she tried to compensate by moaning louder.

Mr. Woods didn’t hold back, and Carlie could barely stand it. She was speechless, and dropped her legs together to steady herself. She lifted her upper body and steadied it on her elbow. Her other hand grabbed her boobs. Suddenly, she felt something inside her ass. She looked over her shoulder and noticed that Mr. Woods had started fingering her. She laid back down and started squeezing both of her tits.

“Can I put it in your ass, Carlie?” Mr. Woods asked.

“Put it wherever you want, that was the deal. My ass is loose and ready for some of your big dick, baby.”

Without warning, Mr. Woods pulled out of her pussy and put his cock in her ass instead. Anal always took Carlie some getting used to, but she suspected she enjoyed it more than your typical mother. Especially with a man like this, who has practically been fucking her pussy nonstop for the past hour, it was nice to change things up after a while.

Mr. Woods was going at it just as rough as he had been with her pussy. She didn’t mind, and started fingering herself. She worked a finger at a time inside, until she had three of them digging around inside her. She let her other hand wander up to her clit.

Until now, Mr. Woods had just been holding on to her shoulder. Now, he reached under her with one arm and grabbed one of her boobs. This meant Carlie was being pleasured in four different ways, driving her to a practically instant climax.

She felt her thighs start to quiver. She started breathing heavily, and tightened every muscle in her body. She let the fingers still inside her pussy curl up to a claw. A wave of immense pleasure washed over her and then it was over way too soon. Her orgasm made her even hornier than before.

“Mr. Woods, I want to taste that sweet cum for the last time,” she said, hoping some dirty talk would push him over the edge. “I want to to cover both my face and tits with that sticky jizz. Cum for me, baby.”

Once again, Mr. Woods seemed to be able to cum on command. He pulled out quickly, and Carlie turned onto her back. He dribbled a little on her stomach and tits along the way. As he reached her face, big loads of jizz were flying out of his cock. The first shots landed on Carlie’s tongue which she was sticking out. Then, he missed and shot up across her cheek, with a little spilling into her hair. The next one followed suit and hit her across the cheek and in the eye. Carlie lifted her head toward his cock, which made him shoot across her other cheek. As he did, Carlie let the cum already in her mouth pour out on her chin. Mr. Woods dribbled a bit into her mouth, before he was finally finished. Carlie started licking his cock, which led to little lines of jizz forming between her mouth and his dick.

She put her hand around his dick. Carlie wanted every last drop of his cum, and was sure to lick every inch of his rod clean. Unfortunately, it seemed Mr. Woods was right about the biggest load being the last. She could feel it going limp, and she hurried to reach her tongue around his head.

“Oh. My. God,” he finally moaned. “That was amazing.”

“You’re amazing, baby,” Carlie said, still licking around his shaft. When his dick was clean, she laid back down on the bed. Mr. Woods got down beside her as she started licking his jizz of her face.

“There’s some on your tits as well,” he reminded her. “Might want to get that as well.”

Carlie looked down on her breast, and spotted a fair amount of cum. She scooped it up with her fingers and swallowed that too. She was clean – but still horny – and put a couple of fingers in her ass, which was starting to tighten up. Mr. Woods laughed.

“You’re such a slut, Carlie,” he joked. “You might as well have been a porn star or something.”

“Thanks, honey,” she laughed. “I’ve wanted to try porn since I was a teen. But my parents are Mormons, and they’re not really into that.”

“Well, if you ever change your mind, I know a guy who shoots porn. Just let me know and I’ll give you his number. It would suit you, you know.”

Carlie was flattered. Straight up porn might be a bit of a stretch at the moment, but a few naked pics would be sure to boost her YouTube views.

“Hey, would you mind if I give your number to Colette?” Carlie asked, seemingly out of thin air. “She loves a good fuck too. The three of us should get together sometime!”

“I won’t mind, she’s quite the MILF,” he laughed.

Carlie turned around and looked Mr. Woods in the eyes.

“So, Mr. Woods, how about those grades?”

As she spoke, she squeezed her tits together as a way of reminding him of what she ‘s just given her.

“This is a recurring thing, right?” he asked

“Of course, baby.”

“Then I might as well bump them up to an A.”

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