How Slutty Can You Get?

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Title: How Slutty Can You Get?

Author: zmoorez

Celebs: Andrea Londo

Codes: MMF, cons, anal, oral

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction. None of this has happened in real life. Fantasy is legal.


Josef’s voice echoed through the room. It was an actual set that was to be used as Maria Salazar’s apartment in the coming season of Narcos, and they were standing in the living room. Andrea stood up from the sofa she had been sitting in for the scene. This was just an audition, but she was pretty certain she would be the one to get the role.

“Alright, Andrea. You’re doing great so far,” Josef told her. He was the director responsible for her audition, so his word was all that mattered. “Go change into the next outfit. Felicia will show you which room is yours.”

Felicia, Josef’s intern, waved for Andrea to follow her and left the room. Just outside of the set were a few strange doors she hadn’t noticed before. Felicia reached for her keys and opened the door on the right.

“Alright. Just come back out to Josef when you’re ready. Your outfit should be in that drawer over there,” Felicia said and pointed to a black chest of drawers across the room.

“Thanks,” Andrea responded and shut the door.

One of the walls was a full-body mirror. Andrea stopped to check if her hair and makeup needed any brushing up. The role she was auditioning for, Maria Salazar, was quite a slutty character. This was certainly reflected in the director’s choice of outfit; a super tight, red pencil dress with a neckline that showed just the right amount of cleavage to be classy, but not too sexy. Damn, she looked hot. If she wasn’t at work she would definitely masturbate right now. The makeup looked great, and the hair was fine as well. Time to get changed.

Andrea opened the drawer to find an outfit that was, if at all possible, even sluttier than the last one. A light brown miniskirt that probably stopped about third of the way down to her knee, and a sleeveless white blouse with matching brown details. She got out of the dress and into the new outfit.

She had chosen just the right underwear for this next outfit. Her thong was in the exact same shade of brown as the skirt, and her 32B lace bra was a slightly darker brown. She took this opportunity to change her red heels for beige ones as well. A quick brush through her hair and she was ready to go.

When she returned to the set, Josef was sitting on a chair behind the camera. Behind him, in another chair, sat a stranger.

“Andrea, this is Fernando. He will be joining us for this next scene,” said Josef.

Fernando stood up and shook Andrea’s hand. He gave it a playful kiss, and Andrea laughed in response.

“Alright, let’s get started,” Josef said. “Fernando, please.”

“Andrea, as you may know, Maria Salazar is quite a slutty character,” Fernando said. “Throughout the series there are a few scenes where she has sex, or where sex is implied.”

“Okay…” Andrea said. She certainly wasn’t a slut herself. This next scene might be a challenge.

“We’re gonna need to know just how sexy you can get with people you’ve never met before,” Fernando continued. “And that is why I am here. You need to show me how dirty you can get with a stranger in the room.”

Andrea laughed. She was 100 percent sure she would be able to satisfy Fernando.

“Would you like a sample?” she said in a seductive voice. She hadn’t yet decided if she would just do a little striptease, or actually have sex with someone. The latter did, however, seem way more exciting.

“Please,” Fernando said.

Andrea turned around and slowly walked away from the directors. She did her best to stick her ass out, but that was a challenge since it was already quite noticeable. As she walked, she made sure to sway her hips a little extra.

“Why don’t the two of you come and have a seat in the sofa,” Andrea suggested to the directors.

“Well, why not,” Josef responded. He and Fernando sat down right behind Andrea, with a prime view of her backside.

It was now or never. If she went for it, she would easily get the role. She had never met a man who didn’t do as she wanted after she showed them her ass. On the other hand, it could seem a bit unprofessional to fuck her way to the job.

Screw it, if you’ve got a body, you might as well use it, she figured.

She turned around and stepped over to the sofa. Her heels made a clicking noise as she walked. When she reached the sofa, she sat down in Josef’s lap. He seemed surprised at her unexpected move.

“This is how dirty I can get,” Andrea whispered in his ear. “I can fuck two guys, and have their intern record it all.”

She gave Josef a kiss on the mouth.

“Tell Felicia to come over here,” she continued. “Tell her to record every minute of this, because it’s gonna be hot.”

She then turned to Fernando:

“Fernando: I’ve never met you before, but I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

Fernando just sat there, speechless. Andrea walked over and straddled his lap. As they started making out, Josef called for Felicia to grab a camera and get over here. When she arrived, Andrea broke their kiss to give a short introduction for the camera. Felicia gave her a thumbs-up to let her know she was rolling.

“Hi. I’m Andrea Londo, and I’m about to fuck my directors,” she said to the camera, and walked back to Fernando. This time, she got on her knees in front of him. She unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down. There was a noticeable bulge in his boxers, which she pulled to the ground as well. His seven-inch dick stood rock hard in front of her.

“Oh, my,” she teased him, “am I in for a treat.”

She then put her mouth around his cock, and started moving her head up and down. As Andrea was busy blowing Fernando, Josef had taken his pants off and was sitting next to them. He was stroking his dick, which was a bit smaller than Fernando’s. Its above average thickness did more than compensate for that.

Fernando seemed to be having the time of his life, so Andrea didn’t bother with putting any extra effort into her blowjob. Instead, she started unbuttoning her blouse. She undid all of the buttons but kept the shirt on.

She wanted to make sure Felicia would get a good angle on all of the action, so she let Fernando’s dick pop out of her mouth. She stopped to catch her breath before moving over to the center of the room.

“Boys, come over here.”

The directors obliged and stood on each side of Andrea. Not wanting Josef to feel left out, she started going down on him. She could easily take his entire length in one go. As she was sucking Josef’s dick, she started jerking off Fernando with one hand. She let the other wander down under her skirt and into her pussy. This might not have been that bad of an idea after all.

The video recording of this was important to Andrea, since she got turned on by seeing herself naked. She could only imagine how turned on she would be by seeing herself getting fucked by two other men. Wanting to make sure Felicia got a good angle, she slipped her hand out of her pussy and waved her over toward them.

Suddenly, Josef took control. It was no longer Andrea giving Josef a blowjob, it turned into Josef face fucking Andrea. She gagged the few times he went too deep, but she had deep throated much longer cocks before, so his size was no issue. He was a bit rough, and Andrea’s moans were silenced by the dick deep inside her mouth. She made sure to occasionally look into the camera and smile.

Andrea was getting horny, and blowing the directors wasn’t cutting it any longer. She let go of both of their cocks and stood up. As she walked over toward the sofa, she let her unbuttoned blouse slide off her shoulders. The men admired her from behind, she really had an irresistibly hourglass-like body shape. She walked around the sofa and bent over the backrest, giving the directors a view of her tits from above her brown bra.

“Well, then?” she said. “Aren’t you boys gonna come over here and fuck me?”

Josef didn’t waste any time and rushed over to her. He stood right behind her, pulled her short dress up to above her hips and pushed her panties to the side. Andrea put her legs together and spread her ass cheeks with her hands. Josef started pushing against her entrance, which was dripping wet and ready for his dick. He pushed inside her. Andrea gasped, putting on a slight show for the camera. It took her a while to get used to the dick inside her. As her pussy got stretched out, and she was beginning to feel pleasure, she waved Fernando over.

He stood in front of the sofa, which gave Andrea the perfect angle for some dick sucking. She spit in the palm of her hand for lubrication and started jerking him off. When his rod was wet, she put it in her mouth. The room echoed with Andrea’s moans and the sound of Josef’s hips hitting her ass.

“Take my bra off, Fernando,” Andrea said between sucks. She was busy with keeping her balance, and couldn’t free up her arms. But her tits needed their freedom, one way or another.

“You’re too hot in it, baby,” he responded. “Arch your back instead.”

She did as she was told, and Fernando waved Felicia over to where he was standing. Andrea’s tits were pushed against her chest, and it made them look even bigger. She shook her hair out of her face and grabbed her tits. She started squeezing them for the camera, at the risk of losing her balance. Eventually, she let go of them and went back to spreading her ass for Josef. Felicia walked around the sofa to get a view of Andrea’s ass. It was already huge, but she knew it would look even bigger if she dug her fingers into it. Fernando saw this as an opportunity, and shoved his dick inside her mouth. Andrea devoured every inch.

Josef didn’t seem that keen on that idea though, and it wasn’t long before he instead grabbed her arms and pulled them towards him. This, yet again, arched her back sexily. This position allowed Josef to thrust even deeper inside her pussy. Andrea couldn’t reach Fernando’s cock any longer, which made him restless.

“Time to switch, Josef,” he said while stroking his rod.

Josef reluctantly slowed down and pulled out. Fernando patted on the sofa, as a gesture for Andrea to come over there. She stepped around the sofa and slipped out of her thong, leaving her in her bra, heels, and skirt. She climbed on top of the sofa and stood on her hands and knees. Fernando made sure to angle her so that she would both look good for the camera, and be able to suck Josef’s dick at the same time.

He didn’t spare any time teasing, and shoved his cock into her pussy immediately. Yet once again she put on a show for the camera, trying to make it look as if his dick was the biggest she’d ever had. That was not remotely true. Through the years, she had everything between four and thirteen inches.

While Fernando was taking her from behind, Josef walked around to the short end of the sofa. Andrea, who could now use her hands freely, grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer. She took his cock in her mouth and played with his balls with one hand. The other hand moved down between her legs and started rubbing her clit. Felicia filmed them both from behind Andrea and from the side.

Fernando was fucking her harder than Josef had. This, as well as the pleasure she got from rubbing her clit, drove Andrea closer and closer to orgasm. She wanted to cum so bad. She took Josef’s cock out of her mouth and whimpered:

“Harder, Fernando. I’m gonna cum.”

As she continued deep throating Josef’s cock, Fernando increased his pace even more. Andrea could feel every muscle in her body getting tense, a sure sign she wasn’t far from cumming. Knowing what was to come, she took Josef’s dick out of her mouth. She gasped for air and felt her thighs start to quiver. Her vision got blurry as she erupted into orgasm. Fernando could feel her legs getting wet, and started thrusting even harder. Andrea couldn’t keep herself from screaming.


She collapsed on top of the sofa, breathing heavily. Fernando didn’t pull out, and was instead nearing his own orgasm. Andrea’s pussy tightening around his cock was a pleasure too great to hold back.

“Felicia, hurry over here,” he called out. He grabbed Andrea’s tits and whispered in her ear. “I’m gonna cum all over your face, baby. Get down on the floor.”

Andrea, who had barely regained her senses after her orgasm, wasn’t prepared when he suddenly pulled out. She hurried to get off the sofa and down on her knees. To give the camera a good shot, she turned her body so that Fernando’s dick was aiming at her right cheek.

His first shot hit her right on the cheek. The second one landed on her tongue, which she then rolled around her mouth, forcing the cum out on her chin. His last drops of cum also hit her in the mouth. Andrea kept her mouth open, and the cum on her face started dripping down on her chest. Not wanting to get her pretty lace bra dirty, she asked Josef to unclip it. He had been sitting in the sofa, but hurried over to Andrea, who was covered in cum. She lifted her arms up, and Josef unclipped it from behind. She pulled it off and let it drop to the floor.

Fernando walked over to his director’s chair to rest. Andrea stayed on the floor, and played with her tits. The right one was where all Fernando’s jizz had ended up, so she made sure to rub it out over the other one as well. Her natural tits had now turned shiny. She smiled for the camera, which had moved to right in front of her. Josef thought Andrea was incredibly sexy, standing on her knees with her skirt and heels still on and covered in cum. He couldn’t contain himself any longer, he needed to fuck her right now.

“Come here, Andrea. There’ll be a cowgirl scene in season three, so you better show me you know how to do it properly.”

“Oh I’ll show you baby,” she teased him.

She walked over to Josef, who had leaned back to the point where he was almost laying down in the sofa. Andrea stood herself with his legs between hers, right above his cock. She grabbed hold of his dick and guided it to her pussy as she started bending her knees. With Andrea’s legs still on the floor, Josef thrust upwards into her pussy. She started doing a sit-stand type motion. Figuring he wouldn’t be too keen on touching Fernando’s jizz, she grabbed her wet breast and guided Josef’s hand to her left one.

As she rode him, they both played with her breasts. Felicia was mainly shooting from behind the couch, meaning Andrea had to keep her back straight in order to show her tits. That was a clear downside to porn, the camera sometimes became a limitation.

Andrea’s thighs were incredibly thick. Partly because she simply had a big ass, but also because she worked them out a lot. But no matter how much you work out, riding cock gets tiring after a while. Andrea had reached this point and needed Josef to do the work for a bit. She sat down, taking his entire dick inside her pussy, and slapped his thigh as a sign for him to get started. Josef scooted his back on to the sofa and grabbed Andrea’s hips. He started slow but quickly increased his intensity until she could barely take it any harder. He then slowed down slightly, and moved his hands to her ass.

Felicia had walked around the couch and was now behind Andrea’s back. This allowed her to lean forward, which Josef saw as an invite to suck her tits. He started licking and sucking all over them while making sure to avoid the wet spots from Fernando’s cum.

“Don’t think she’s all yours, brother. I want some of that pussy too.”

Andrea looked up and saw Fernando standing there. He was stroking his dick, which looked rock hard again. Feeling her innate desire for big dicks, she stepped off Josef’s dick.

“Lay on your stomach, Andrea. I’m gonna fuck your ass like you wanted me to.”

Josef got up and walked to the short end of the sofa, and Andrea got on her stomach on the sofa’s extension. Luckily, she was quite short. The extension was barely long enough for her, and anything below her knees was practically floating in the air. Fernando stood with the one leg on the ground and the other on the sofa, to get the perfect angle.

Andrea hadn’t fingered her ass for a while, so it was unusually tight. She knew it would need a bit of time.

“Fuck my pussy first, baby. I’ve got to make my ass nice and ready for you.”

Fernando shoved his cock inside her pussy without warning. Andrea was about to put a finger in her ass, but stopped herself. The pleasure was immense – just imagine what it would feel like in her ass. She didn’t want to waste any time either, and put her index finger in her ass. She let her other hand dig her fingers into her ass cheeks, to give Fernando a better view. One finger became two, two became three, until Andrea could put four fingers in her ass. That was an incredibly tight fit, but a dick was nowhere near the thickness of four fingers.

Andrea felt ready and took her fingers out of her pussy. She now let both her hands dig into her ass, making it appear extremely plushy. Fernando noticed, and before Andrea could tell him to change holes, he did. She wasn’t expecting him.

“Holy shit!”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you,” he excused himself.

“It didn’t hurt, silly,” she responded. “Just fuck me already!”

Fernando didn’t seem to enjoy the teasing and went from zero to a hundred. His dick was unusually thick as well, making the pleasure even more intense. Fortunately, Andrea liked it to hurt a little bit. Fernando’s fucking was just perfect – any rougher would’ve hurt. When her body was used to the thick rod inside her anus, she turned her attention back to Josef. He took control and started face fucking her. Andrea kept one hand on her ass cheeks, and the other one fingering her pussy. She was nearing yet another orgasm.

Once again, her thigh began quivering. As her pussy tightened the world around her turned blurry. She started breathing heavily, and both Josef and Fernando fucked as hard as they could until her orgasm was over. Josef couldn’t seem to hold himself any longer, and suddenly shot a huge load into her throat. Andrea wasn’t ready and started coughing. She managed to keep her mouth closed, not opening it until he had finished shooting. When she did, lines of cum had formed between her lips, as well as her tongue and Josef’s dick. She gasped for air as Josef sat down in his chair.

Fernando then turned Andrea over to her side. He was still fucking her ass, but they could now get an unobstructed view of each other’s faces. Fernando looked down on her ass. Her thighs pressed together made it look enormous.

Josef admired the scene from a distance. Andrea’s sheer sexiness had gotten him hard right away, and the though of her innocent little face getting drenched in cum set him over the edge. He rushed over to the sofa.

“Andrea, come here. We’re gonna cover your face in jizz, baby!”

Fernando quickly pulled out, and Andrea rolled down from the sofa and onto her knees. Josef’s load wasn’t as big this time – just a few shots across her mouth. They formed lines across her face, and dripped down on her tits after a moment. He shot a few drops over her face, and Andrea made sure to squeeze out every last drop.

Fernando had been vigorously masturbating in the meantime, and was now ready to cum again. He pushed Josef to the side, and took his place. His load was more watery, which spread it out more across her face. His first shot exploded across her mouth, coating her lips with semen. He then shot line after line across her cheeks. One hit her forehead, and he finished with a few scattered drops across her head and hair. His load was clearly the biggest.

Andrea sucked their dicks clean, before she started cleaning herself up. She licked up what she could. The rest she scooped up and put on her tongue. Finally, she spit everything she had gathered out across her tits, making her appear absolutely drenched in cum. She rubbed it around on her tits, and looked up at the directors.

“So, did I get the role?” she said, trying to sound innocent even though the had just been fucked to pieces by two total strangers.

“Absolutely,” they said in unison.

“I’ve got some contacts in porn, if you’re interested,” Fernando said. “It seems like a business that would suit you.”

“Thanks, baby,” Andrea responded and kissed his cock.

“Felicia, send my that film, will you?” Josef ordered. “I’m so keeping this!”

“Send it over to me when you’re finished. I’m so gonna send this to the press,” Andrea said with a laugh.

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