Love & Lust in Skyrim Chapter 5: Hunter’s Rest

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Title: Love & Lust in Skyrim Chapter 5: Hunter’s Rest

Celebs: RandyPan

Celebs: Natalie Dormer, Sofia Boutella

Codes: FF, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: Picture this as a (sort of) porn parody of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

We fade in on the frozen wilderness of Northern Skyrim, where we see two figures in furs walk across the tundra.  Moving in close, we see one is a Bosmer(Natalie), while the other is Dunmer(Sofia).  We see them go into sneak mode, as they approach a rocky outcropping.  Peeking over it, Sofia points out the target, a Saber Cat. “Got him,” Natalie says, pulling back on her bow, then releasing, hitting and killing the cat.

“Good shot,” Sofia says, smiling, and the two stand up, climb over the rock, and walk over to the carcass.

On getting there, Natalie pulls out the arrow. “Don’t remember the last time I had to make more of these.” She then wipes it off, and puts it back in her quiver. “Well, you ready for the dirty job?”

Sofia pulls out two daggers, again smiling. “Ready.”

Later, we see it’s getting dark, as Natalie points out an abandoned tower in the distance. “Let’s set up camp in there.”

We then see Natalie lighting a fire, as Sofia lays out the pelt from a previous kill, the cat’s hide hanging up, along with its teeth.  Later still, they sit watching the fire, eating jerky. “So…” Natalie says, mid-chew, “I’m thinking we should head back to town at first light.”

“Good idea.  Not sure I can carry much more.” Natalie chuckles at this, and Sofia smiles at her.

“This has been a productive trip.  We should get quite a lot of septims.”

“Enough for lunch at Candlehearth Hall?”

“Oh, lunch, dinner, and a room.”

“Oh…” Sofia purrs seductively, then scoots close to Natalie, and the two kiss.

We next see the two on the pelt, naked, kissing and embracing, in the light of the campfire.  In our first close-up, we see their lips slide together, tongues briefly visible as they shift around.  Lying on top, Natalie moves down, kissing and caressing Sofia’s grey skin.  In another close-up, she squeezes Sofia’s breasts, and licks and sucks her hard nipples. “Uhm…” Sofia moans, already starting to writhe.  Natalie continues, kissing down Sofia’s stomach, while starting to finger her quickly moistening cunt. “Hm…Oh!…”

In another close-up, Natalie arrives at Sofia’s hot, drooling pussy, and immediately starts to lap up her copious moisture. “Ooh…” Sofia moans, stretching her arms over her head, and looking down at Natalie, as she probes the former’s oozing twat with her fingers and tongue. “Hoh…” Sofia starts to massage her inner thighs, slowly grind her hips, and toss her head side to side, as, back in the close-up, Natalie plunges her first two fingers in and out, while licking Sofia’s clit, at one point taking her fingers out, and sucking the latter’s juices off them.  Natalie continues licking and fingering Sofia, who starts to squeal and buck her hips, until, suddenly, Sofia’s body twists, and she cries out, her voice momentarily filling the tower.

Now, Natalie’s on her back, with Sofia rubbing and kissing her tits.  In another close-up, she pulls on Natalie’s nipple with her lips, then does the same with her teeth gently gripping it.  Sofia then kisses down Natalie’s stomach, her lips dragging slightly, as she inches toward Natalie’s area.  Arriving there, in yet another close-up, we see Sofia insert her tongue in Natalie’s sopping wet cunt, causing her to immediately moan. “Mmm…” As Sofia eats her out, Natalie chews her lower lip, and flicks her nipples with her thumbs. “Huh…Huh…” Natalie begins to twist and squirm, and breathe hard, as, back in the close-up, Sofia holds open her pussy, and lap up her juices from the inside. “Yes…Yesss…” Brow furrowing, Natalie starts to whine on every exhale, as Sofia’s tongue probes her twat deeper.  Finally, she arches her back, and cries out, once again echoing inside the tower.

Later, we see the two lying asleep, in each other’s arms, wrapped in the pelt, the light from the fire flickering on their faces, as the scene fades out.

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