Selena Steps Into The Ring

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Title: Selena Steps Into The Ring

Author: Selena Fan

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Story Codes: M+F, Rape, n/c cons

Disclaimer: This story is entirely a work of fiction

Selena had just finished her photo shoot with Love magazine in New York. She was dressed up like Shirley Temple in a frilly short dress, white running shoes and pigtails. “Another little something for all my pedo fans out there!” she laughed to herself as she made her way down the stairs towards the alley where her driver was supposed to pick her up. Unfortunately the driver had been told by the police a few moments before that he couldn’t park in the alley without a permit and had to go back to the street and it being rush hour was firmly stuck in traffic. Opening the alley door Selena stepped outside. The heavy door slammed shut behind her. “Where’s that dam driver?” she said to herself looking around. Across the alley were a group of tough looking men smoking. There was a boxing club upstairs and they were waiting around for the next fight to begin. “Yeah but Jimmy’s got a good left hook so I’d put my money on him!” one of the men could be heard saying. “Oh my God! Is that Selena Gomez?” another man said pointing. All the men turned to look and another man shouted, “Hey it is! Selena Gomez what you doin here?” Selena felt nervous being alone in the alley. She waved back at the men saying, “Hey boys! Just waiting for my driver!” One of the men yelled over, “You could catch a cold dressed like that!” “I’m alright!” Selena replied. “Here why don’t ya have a smoke with us!” one of the men said. “Actually I could use a smoke!” Selena said and walked across the alley to join the group.

“That’s a pretty sexy outfit you got on there Selena! I’m Donny BTW! And these are my boys Billy, Stevie, Rico and Don.” Donny said handing Selena a cigarette before lighting it. Selena took a deep draw of the cigarette and replied, “Oh it’s for a photo shoot I just did. I don’t normally dress like this. Nice to meet you guys,” Taking another draw of the smoke she gazed down the alley vainly searching for her driver. “I love your photo shoots Selena!” Stevie said. “Thanks!” she replied smiling, “So what are you guys up to?” she asked. “Here to see a fight. There’s a boxing ring upstairs,” Steve answered. “That sounds exciting!” “It’s pretty cold out here Selena. Listen why don’t you come upstairs? Billy can wait out here and when your driver arrives he’ll come and get you.” Don said. “Nah I should wait for him here.” Selena said. “Nonsense!” Rico chimed in! “It’s freezing out here! Your gonna make yourself sick. Come on we don’t bite.” “Nah I’m good!” Selena said shivering. “Come on it’ll be fun. Get to see a real New York boxing club!” At this point Selena was shivering from head to foot. “Mmm OK I guess I could come up for a few minutes,” Selena said tossing away her cigarette. “Right this way Miss!” Donny said opening the door that led up to the boxing ring upstairs.

Reaching the top of the steep long stairs Selena looked down and gazed upon the boxing club with the empty boxing ring at the bottom surrounded by tiers upon which sat about 200 men. Selena was led down to a ringside seat. Having seated Selena Rico walked over and whispered in the ear of a fat man smoking a cigar. Leading him over he introduced him to Selena. “Selena I’d like you to meet Tommy Ferguson! Tommy here is the owner of this fine establishment.” he said. “Nice to meet you!” Selena said shaking Tommy’s large hand. “I’m a huge fan Miss Gomez!” Tommy replied. “Selena would you excuse us for a moment while I have a private word with my crew here?” Tommy asked before stepping off to one side with the men she’d met outside. They talked in whispers for a few minutes before coming back with Tommy. “Listen Selena,” Stevie said, “Tommy here wants to ask you a small favor. He asked if maybe you could honor us by being the next fight’s ring card girl.” “Ahh I don’t think I’m gonna be here that long,” Selena replied. “How bout just for maybe just two round?” Stevie asked smiling. “OK,” Selena said, “Two rounds in then I have to get going.”

Taking Selena by the hand Tommy led her into the ring. The crowd cheered. When the cheering died down Tommy said into a dangling microphone, “Gentlemen we are honored today to have as our card girl Miss Selena Gomez.” The crowd of men roared their approval as the loud speaker started playing Come And Get It. Tommy handed Selena a large card and she began walking in a circle around the ring. The crowd gasped and Selena could see the men she had come in with pointing and laughing. What Selena didn’t know was that instead of saying round one it said I love being gangbanged! A camera flashed and two men approached the ring followed quickly by three others. As the five men entered the ring and hungrily neared Selena, devouring her with their eyes, Selena turned the card over and read what it said. “Noooo!” she screamed as the five men approached her. “Please no don’t!” she said as the first two grabbed her arms and began to kiss her neck. The crowd began stomping their feet and chanting, “Gangbang Selena! Gangbang Selena! Gangbang Selena!” Selena screamed as one of the men reached under her short frilly dress and began massaging her vagina while another began squeezing her breasts. “Please no!” she screamed. Her innocent big eyes teared as her dress was torn off of her and her panties and bra were removed. Through tear stained eyes Selena stood naked looking out at the cheering crowd. Tommy taking hold of the dangling microphone laughed and said, “Gentlemen the line up forms on the right!” With that more men began making their way towards the ring.

A muscular boxer named Roy Price entered the ring and took off his clothes. Pushing Selena down to her knees he grabbed the dangling microphone and said, “Now be good for me bitch!” before shoving his massive cock down her throat. Selena gagged on it’s girth as Roy speaking into the microphone again said, “Selena your about to have the best night of your life!” at which point the crowd again cheered. Having rammed his cock deep down her throat several times Roy pulled out and Selena gasped for breathe. Stevie, who Selena had met outside, took off his clothes and entered the ring. His penis was erect as he lay down next to Selena, “Roy if you’ll do the honors?” he said and with that Roy picked up Selena and placed her on top of Stevie’s erect penis. Laughing Stevie said to Selena, “Haven’t we met before. Now I want you to show me what you’ve got bitch! I said move!” Selena slowly started moving her hips. Roy lowered the microphone down to her lips and her soft moans began echoing through the hall. People started taking photos with their I Phones. Tommy having taken off his clothes walked over and shoved his penis in Selena’s mouth. Again she gagged but then she began slowly sucking it. Tommy still smoking his cigar grabbed the microphone and said, “I think she’s getting the hang of it gentlemen! Isn’t that right sweetie?” With that he lifted her sweet moon face and still sucking on his cock looked into his eyes and said, “Ah huh!”

A bell rang and Tommy reaching for the microphone shouted “Round Two!” Lifting Selena off of Stevie Tommy handed Selena the card that said I love to be gangbanged and said, “I think you know what to do Selena!” Selena took the card and lifting the card high began walking around the ring. Tommy speaking into the microphone said, “Gentlemen she’s all yours!” at which point men began pouring into the ring. They grabbed Selena and forcing her down to her knees began fucking her up the ass. One after another after another. Then they began double penetrating her. After about an two hours of this Tommy lifted Selena up and putting the microphone to her lips asked Selena, “Are you having fun my dear?” “Mmmm yessss,” is all she could say. “Let’s see what that mouth can do again shall we?” “Yes,” she answered and got on her knees as a line of men formed waiting for her to suck them off. As each man squirted their cum in Selena’s face she became completely covered in cum. Again cameras were brought out and pictures were taken. Finally when she’d sucked the last of the two hundred or so men off, drenched in cum, she again lifted the sign up and as the bell rang she cheerfully walked around the ring and shouted out, “Yes I love getting gangbanged!”

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