Strip Search

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Title: Strip Search

Author: MovieBuff

Celebs: Kirsten Dunst

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

One afternoon, Kirsten Dunst was driving around in her car and smoking a joint. She didn’t get smoke marijuana as much she used too, but she still liked to every once in a while. “Man, this is some good shit,” Kirsten said to herself. About a half hour later, Kirsten noticed she was about to go off the road. “Whoa!” Kirsten yelped as she corrected her mistake. “I think these drugs are getting to me.” She decided to stop smoking for a while, but decided to keep driving anyway. However, Kirsten was still a little high, so her driving seemed a little eratic to some.

At one point, Kirsten looked at her clock. “I’m about 45 minutes from home,” Kirsten thought. “I’ll just drive over now and get it over with.” She drove towards her home, trying not to worry. But about 18 minutes into the drive, Kirsten heard a siren behind her. “Aw shit,” said Kirsten. “I knew this would happen.” She looked behind her and saw a cop car. The cop stuck his hand out and signaled for her to pull over. “Okay, just relax,” Kirsten told herself. “It’ll be okay.”

Kirsten pulled over and the cop stopped driving and got out of his car. Kirsten rolled down her window and tried to control herself as the cop walked up to her car. “Good afternoon, ma’am,” the cop said. “Do you know why I stopped you?” “Was I speeding?” Kirsten asked, acting innocent. “No ma’am,” replied the cop. “You have a broken tail light.” Kirsten let out a sigh of relief and the cop spoke again. “By the way, aren’t you Kirsten Dunst?” “Why yes I am!” said Kirsten, with a smile. “Well, Ms. Dunst,” the cop spoke again. “There’s another reason I stopped you.” Kirsten’s smile vanished. “There is?” she asked. “Yes, we’ve gotten reports of a car driving erratically,” explained the cop. “And this car perfectly matches the description.” The cop then sniffed inside the vehicle. “Is there something in here?” he asked. “Something you shouldn’t have?” Kirsten gulped and revealed the bag of joints she had. The cop frowned, as did Kirsten. “Ms. Dunst, please step out of the vehicle,” the cop said sternly.

Kirsten sighed and took off her seatbelt. “Turn the car off too,” the cop said. Kirsten turned the car off and then stepped out of the car with her hands in the air. The cop confiscated the joints and searched through Kirsten’s purse, but found nothing else. “Are you hiding anything on you?” the cop asked her. “No sir,” Kirsten replied. “Nothing in your bra?” he asked. “Nothing in your pockets?” Kirsten shook her head “no.” “Alright then, put your hands on the car for me,” the cop instructed. Kirsten did as she was told and the cop patted her down.

The cop found nothing as Kirsten told him. “Alright, I can’t find anything on you,” the cop told Kirsten. “But just to warn you, you are going to be strip searched in jail, just because you have possession of dope. Do you understand?” Kirsten nodded her head “yes,” and the cop sighed. “I hate to do this, Ms. Dunst,” the cop said sadly. “I really do, but I need you to put your hands behind your back.” Without saying anything, Kirsten put her hands behind her back and the cop put handcuffs on her wrists. “Alright, Ms. Dunst,” the cop began. “You are now under arrest for possession of marijuana and reckless driving.”

The cop took Kirsten back to his car and put her in the backseat. A tear ran down Kirsten’s cheek as she got in. The cop closed the door, got back into the driver’s seat, and drove off to take Kirsten to jail. After what felt like forever, they finally arrived at the jail, where the cop took Kirsten down a long hallway and into a room with a table and chairs. “Alright, Ms. Dunst,” the cop said, taking the handcuffs of Kirsten’s wrists. “We’re going to keep you in here for the time being.” “What am I waiting for?” Kirsten asked. “Well, I said you’re going to be strip searched,” explained the cop. “So I thought I’d get one of the female cops to interrogate you and then search you.” “Makes sense,” said Kirsten. The cop then left the room, leaving Kirsten alone.

After the cop left the room, Kirsten sat down on a chair. But after just a few minutes, she was already bored. “This is taking forever,” Kirsten said to herself. Just then, Kirsten had an idea. An idea she didn’t like, but it was going to happen anyway. “As long as I’m waiting, I may go ahead and strip down naked,” Kirsten thought to herself. Kirsten got up from her chair and kicked off her sandals, leaving her barefoot. “Here we go,” she said. Kirsten took a deep breath and grabbed the end of her shirt, which she pulled up over her head and off her body. After throwing her shirt on the table, Kirsten unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, which she then pulled down her legs and stepped out of. “Brrr,” Kirsten said, rubbing her half-naked body. “Cold in here.” Shivering a little, Kirsten reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. As Kirsten took off her bra, she noticed her nipples standing on end. “Wow, it really is cold in here,” Kirsten said with a laugh. She dropped her bra on the floor and then hooked her thumbs into her panties. “Here it is,” Kirsten said, a little hesistant. “The main course.” After taking another deep breath, Kirsten pulled her panties down and took them off. Kirsten Dunst was now completely naked.

Despite the fact that she was going to be searched and the room being cold, Kirsten actually really enjoyed being naked. “Look at me,” Kirsten thought to herself. “I’m in jail…naked!” She was enjoying the time to herself, when she heard the doorknob turn. “Aw man,” Kirsten groaned. She expected to see a female cop, but much to her surprise and shock, she instead saw the cop who arrested and brought her here walk into the room. “Holy…!” exclaimed the cop, who was understandably shocked to see Kirsten Dunst, standing there completely naked. Kirsten covered her privates, but the cop had already seen them.

“Ms. Dunst, why are you naked?” asked the cop. Kirsten was deeply embarrassed, but she came clean. “I was going to be strip searched, like you told me,” explained Kirsten. “So I thought I’d go ahead and strip down so I’d be ready for the female cop…who is not you.” “Yeah, I couldn’t find a female cop right away,” said the cop. “So I just came to tell you that it may take a while.” Kirsten and the cop just stared at each other. “Well, I’m sorry I walked in on you,” said the cop. “It’s against our policy for cops to search prisoners of the opposite sex.” “It’s alright,” replied Kirsten. “It was dumb of me to get naked without anyone telling me to do so.” The cop turned to leave, but Kirsten spoke again. “Officer?” asked Kirsten. “I know it’s against your policy, but…do you want to see me naked?” The cop smiled and replied “yes.”

Kirsten stopped covering her privates and stood there on full display for the policeman, who was quite enjoying the view. “Like what you see?” Kirsten asked, grinning. The cop nodded his head “yes” and walked towards Kirsten. “I’m the real criminal,” the cop said. “I’m guilty of being madly in love with you.” “Really?” Kirsten asked, flattered. “I’ve been in love with you ever since I saw you in ‘The Virgin Suicides,” explained the cop. “You were jailbait then, which is pretty ironic for me.” “Well, I think you’re pretty cute too,” Kirsten said with a giggle. She threw her arms around the cop and pulled him close. “You know, I still need to be searched,” said Kirsten, running her hand through the cop’s hair. “Would you care to do it, officer?” There was a brief silence and the cop spoke. “Turn around and go put your hands up against the wall,” said the cop. “And by the way, my name’s James.”

As Kirsten walked over to the wall, James went back to the entrance and locked the door. “I’m ready to be searched,” Kirsten said, placing her hands up against the wall. James walked back over to the Kirsten and examined her for several minutes. “Here we go,” said James. With that, James started running his hands all over Kirsten’s naked body. He slapped her ass, massaged her belly, squeezed her breasts, and caressed all over her as Kirsten moaned in pleasure. James then moved close to Kirsten’s head and started licking her ear. Kirsten giggled a bit because it tickled, but she also moaned in pleasure some more. James stopped licking Kirsten’s ear, but stayed close. “Now put your head against the wall and your hands behind your back,” he whispered. Kirsten did as told and James put handcuffs on her wrists once again. “You’re under arrest for stealing my heart,” James told her. Kirsten blushed and was pulled away from the wall.

James walked Kirsten over to the table where she threw her shirt down and made her sit down on the chair she was in before. “Have you ever been fucked by a cop, Ms. Dunst?” asked James. “No sir,” Kirsten replied, giggling. “Did you know I fantasize about you?” James asked again. “That you’re the one I think of when I touch myself?” Kirsten could feel herself getting wet as James asked these questions. “One last question,” said James. “Will you let me…” Before James could finish his question, Kirsten spoke. “You already know you can fuck me,” said Kirsten. James knew Kirsten wanted him to fuck her. He could see it in her lovely blue eyes. “You may be in jail,” James said, undoing his belt. “But I’m about to be in you!”

With that, James pulled Kirsten up from the chair and pushed on her back on the table after throwing her shirt aside, keeping the handcuffs on her. After doing so, James then pulled out his cock, which was hard as a diamond. “Carrying a concealed weapon?” Kirsten jokingly asked. “Wait until you see I how use it,” said James. Kirsten spread her legs apart and James slid his cock right into Kirsten’s soaking pussy. “Oh…aw…heh…ah…eh…” Kirsten moaned as James fucked her. “I dream about this every night!” shouted James. After fifteen minutes, James pulled out and pulled Kirsten to her knees on the floor. “Does your gun need polishing?” Kirsten asked. “Yes it does,” said James. “Allow me to clean it,” Kirsten said grinning. James smiled and stuffed his dick into Kirsten’s mouth.

Kirsten started bobbing up and down, running her tongue along James’s shaft, making James moan in pleasure. “Oh thank you,” James moaned. “They don’t cover this in training videos.” Kirsten smiled and continued sucking James off. A while later, James got tired of this and tapped Kirsten on her head to get her to stop. Kirsten pulled her lips off James’s dick and looked up at him. “So that’s what I taste like,” said Kirsten. “I wouldn’t know,” replied James. “Well in that case,” Kirsten began. “Any chance we could add sitting on your face to my list of charges?” James just grinned and looked at Kirsten with lust in his eyes. “I’ll that as a ‘yes,” said Kirsten. With that, James got on his back and Kirsten sat on his face. James stuck his tongue up in Kirsten’s cunt and proceeded to eat her out. “Oh…yes…wah…yeh…” Kirsten moaned. James’s tongue twisted inside Kirsten’s pussy and after eating her out for several minutes, Kirsten came right in James’s mouth.

Kirsten fell over on the floor, breathing heavily, as James licked his lips, savoring Kirsten’s sweet juices. “You are the best thing I’ve ever tasted,” said James. “Thank you,” Kirsten said, still breathing heavily. “And in case you’re wondering, I could still use a good fucking.” “Wonderful!” exclaimed James. “But I’ll work somewhere else and get back to the pussy later.” “Good call,” replied Kirsten. “Could you help me up?” James picked Kirsten up off the floor and bent her over the table. “Time to do a cavity search,” said James. Kirsten just smiled and James shoved his cock right into Kirsten’s anus. “Oh!” Kirsten moaned as James butt fucked her. “Oh sorry, am I hurting you?” asked James. “I’m not used to taking it in the ass,” explained Kirsten. “But it’s okay, I like it rough.” James smiled down at Kirsten and continued fucking her in the ass for the next twenty minutes.

James pulled his dick out of Kirsten’s bottom and turned her on her back, looking at her twat. “Are you ready?” “You fucked it already,” said Kirsten. “But it’s crying for you to come back.” “Well, I hate to disappoint,” said James. Kirsten laughed and spread her legs apart again. With that, James pushed his dick into Kirsten’s snatch and started fucking her once again. “Yes…yes…yes…” said Kirsten. After about three minutes, Kirsten came once again, but James was still going strong. “Oh, my gun’s gonna fire,” James said as he got closer to cumming. “Better keep going,” said Kirsten. “Don’t want a blocked gun now, do we?” James fucked harder until he pulled out and came, shooting his load onto Kirsten’s face. “Headshot!” exclaimed James, much to the laughter of Kirsten.

James put his dick back into his pants and redid his belt. “Oh Kirsten,” James said as he took the handcuffs off Kirsten’s wrists. “That was amazing.” “I think so too,” replied Kirsten, wiping James’s cum off her face. “But what do we do now?” “You see that door over there?” James asked pointing to a door in the back of the room. “In there is where the prisoners are strip searched. There’s also a shower in there.” “Good, I could use a shower,” said Kirsten. “Alright, then you take a shower and when you’re done, put all your clothes back on,” James instructed. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” “Yes sir,” said Kirsten. James left the room and Kirsten went into the shower room and took a shower, cleaning herself off and washing James’s cum away. After she finished, she dried herself off with a towel in the room and then put her panties, bra, shirt, pants, and sandals back on.

Soon, James walked back into the room. “Where’d you go?” asked Kirsten. “Taking care of business,” said James. “Kirsten Dunst, you have made me the happiest cop in the whole world. Because of that, I told everyone that I arrested the wrong person and you’re innocent.” “Really?” Kirsten said with much joy in her voice. “Yup, all charges against you have been dropped and you’re a free woman,” explained James. “Oh James!” Kirsten squealed, hugging James. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” “You’re welcome,” James replied, returning the hug. Kirsten gave James a big kiss and then left the room.

Out back, James revealed that he had Kirsten’s car towed here and gave Kirsten the keys to her car. “James, I can not thank you enough,” said Kirsten. “You already have,” James said with a smile. Kirsten got in her car and started it, but then James came up to her. “What’s up?” asked Kirsten. Without saying a word, James gave Kirsten back her bag of joints. “Oh James,” Kirsten said sweetly. “Just don’t let anyone catch you with them,” said James. “I won’t,” Kirsten said, winking. As James was about to walk back into the building, Kirsten called to him again. “Hey James?” said Kirsten. “Yes?” replied James. “Any chance I could come back sometime?” asked Kirsten. “I’d like to be searched again soon.” James grinned and said, “I think that could be arranged.” Kirsten blew James a kiss, which James caught, and then drove away as James went inside. “If more cops were like that, I’d try to get arrested more often,” Kirsten thought to herself. “But I’d only go with him.” Kirsten laughed and proceeded to head home.

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