Mars Needs Women!

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Title: Mars Needs Women!

Author: FearTheWrench

Celebs: Jessica Nigri

Codes: Monster, NC, rape, MF, choking, alien, fant

Disclaimer: Just a fantasy, never happened, nor could it, tentacle monsters are just pretend!

This is a short story I came up with while talking to Neysha about stuff. I’ve opted to make this one…..3-4 chapters long, at most. It’s a smaller story, but I’m happy with it.

Mars Needs Women! Starring Jessica Nigri.

Chapter 1

The creature moved silently, it’s entire malleable, muscular body low to the ground. It’s patchwork brain, engineered from many different animals, earthly and otherworldly alike, locked onto it’s most pressing desire: Food. It was hungry, it had been several weeks since the creature had gotten free, and he hadn’t eaten well since then.

The tentacular mass seemed to rise off the ground, and began to wave it’s tentacles back and forth in the air, the complex sensory organs quickly locating and locking onto a scent. It dropped back to the ground and began to move again, making it’s way towards a nearby hotel, not far from the San Diego Convention Center.

It located the source of the scent shortly: A dumpster behind the kitchens. Quickly, it slithered up the wall and hung from the sheer brick wall, shifting through the spent foodstuffs and refuse with it’s long tendrils. It pulled left-over food into it’s gaping maw, revealed now as the tentacles parted. It shoveled in steak fat, left over pork bones, garnish, bread crusts, and countless other disposed edibles, it’s grey limbs moving in flurries of motion.

Midway into it’s meal, the creature stopped. Footsteps, someone was coming. It scurried upwards, and flattened itself against the wall, turning it’s pin-prick yellow eyes downward. A young man in white kitchen clothing came out and dropped a bag into the dumpster. He leaned against the wall and pulled a cigarette, lighting up. He stood in silence, unaware of the strange being watching him, evaluating him as a threat.

He finished his cigarette and threw it to the pavement, heading back inside. It moved down, one long tentacle reaching out to grasp the discarded cigarette butt. The creature held it up to his face, examining it. With a low whining sound, it flicked it aside, grabbed the trash bag, and swallowed it whole. It’s hunger finally satisfied, the creature began to climb the building again, carefully contorting and compressing it’s cephalopod like form to slip between lighted windows. As it climbed, it caught another scent.

It was intoxicating. Mint, a tiny hint of chocolate, and the scent of lavender. It strained towards the scent, and as it rapidly advanced towards it, it detected something underneath it: the scent of a female. It’s brain was, at least, partially human, and a primitive drive kicked in. The urge to mate filled it. The creature, for the first time, wanted something more than food and space to roam: It wanted HER.

Jessica Nigri, the famous cosplayer and amateur voice actress sat in her hotel room, freshly showered, watching TV as she unwound after a long day. She loved the cons, but they took a lot out of her, and it was nice to get out of the costume, off her feet, and just relax every now and then. Unknown to her, Jessica was being observed. Flat to the wall next to her window, it’s eyes extended on stalks to peer in, a strange, grey mass of tentacles, surrounding a gaping mouth, looked in at her.

She was holy unawares as the creature slid a tentacle around the edge of the window glass, pushing, searching. It found a tiny, sub-millimeter wide gap. That was more than enough. With slow, stealthy purpose, the creature began to push it’s way into it, it’s body squishing down like slime as it pushed one mucus covered tentacle into the gap. If such monstrosity could smile, it surely would be at this moment: It was going to have her, no matter what it took.

Minutes passed, then an hour, finally, after nearly and hour and a half, the creature had pushed it’s body through. It had needed to eject it’s teeth to achieve the task, but it was no matter, they would grow back seconds after what passed for it’s head had passed into the room. It was utterly silent, it’s slimy bulk creeping across the ceiling, down the wall behind her, and finally, behind her chair.

Jessica was utterly unprepared when a thick, slimy, grey tentacle wrapped around her throat, and pulled her out of her peaceful, happy retreat, into a night of horrors. She was face to face with a monster.

Chapter 2.

“Haaah…..aaah…..” Jessica croaked out, trying to scream as the creature pulled her closer. She clutched and pulled at the muscular limb in a futile effort to escape, mucus covering her hands as she struggled. The creature looked her up and down, and drew back it’s tendrils. They snapped back forward like whips, lashing across her voluptuous body and tearing her pajamas to shreds.

Jessica shivered, her skin crawled as the creature pulled her close, running it’s slimy tentacles along her body. Thick, sticky mucus coated her flesh, making her body shiny and wet. Thick sludge dripped from her nipples, ran down her legs in disgusting droplets, and matted her long blonde hair to her back. It opened it’s wide mouth, and Jessica began to kick and stubble.

“No……it’s going to eat me!” she  thought, going into a panic. She kicked and scratched at the wriggling tentacles, and felt one of them wrap around her ankle. She squealed as it released her slender throat, then delivered a hard smack across the face. Jessica reeled from the blow, and the beast took the chance to worm tentacles into her manicured hands, and to bind her other leg. It jerked her into an X, pulling on her shoulders and hips painfully.

It panted in excitement as it pulled her to it’s maw, and extended it’s long, brown and green tongue. “UGH!” Jessica grunted, recoiling in horror as it ran it’s tongue across her tits, and lapped at her face, depositing a thick layer of milky saliva on her body. It squeezed her throat again, tighter this time. It took Jessica’s pained throttling as a chance to explore where the scent of mint and chocolate was coming from.

“Ulllggh!” She gurgled as it rammed the tip of it’s tongue into her mouth, tasting her. She gagged and dry heaved at the taste of garbage and the disgusting ooze in it’s mouth. The creature withdrew from her, and Jessica gagged, spitting out the taste as she gasped for air. “Kyaaaa!” She yelped as the creature lifted her into the air, and began to lick her belly.  The helpless, busty blonde shook her head when it began to slide it’s tongue lower and lower. “No…no no…please….” She squeezed her eyes shut tightly as it’s tongue finally reached her pussy.

The creature ran it’s tongue up her slit, reveling in the taste of a female human in heat. It began to probe at her with it’s tongue, and Jessica whined and squealed as the cold, slimy creature devoured her cunt. It pulled back, jerking it’s thick tongue from her. She panted, tears streaming from her eyes.

Her pussy was dripping with the creature’s drool, and it ran it’s tongue up across her belly again, it’s slobber pooling in her navel and giving her abs a shiny, grey-white coating. It repositioned her, pulling her hips into the wriggling mass of tentacles 2 feet below it’s mouth. They flicked along her thighs and legs, and wrapped around her waist.

Jessica realized now that she wasn’t going to be devoured: The creature wanted something more from her, something far more disgusting. She felt something thick pressed up against her slit, and judging by it’s texture and movement, it was some sort of tentacle. The creature could no longer wait to have it’s new mate, and it jabbed forward into her body.

“AAAAAAAAAAGH!” Jessica screamed, arching her back as the monstrous, cold, slimy organ battered into her pussy, nearly tearing her cunt-lips as it stretched her wide open. She shivered in disgust, shock, and fear as it burrowed into her,, shoving itself into her womb, coiling in her belly like a snake. The creature let out a high-pitched shriek of animalistic pleasure, and licked at Jessica’s face and tits again, sampling the scent and taste of her lovely body as it violated her.

The creature let the tentacle coil and slither in her, squirming in and out, filling her womb as more of it was forced it, causing her to scream in agony as her womb was stretched. The organ chilled her body, setting her belly aflame as it wiggled, slapped, and coiled up in her body, pulsing and coating her tight cunt with slime as it forced her to couple.

The creature went wild, slamming the tendril in and out of her violently. Jessica could feel her womb bruising as it battered into her. It began to wrap it’s tongue around her face, drooling all over her, pushing it’s sickening tongue into her mouth as it “kissed” her. The creature brought all it’s tentacles to bear, and brought her into a foul embrace, trapping her in a mass of slimy, wiggling limbs.

Jessica heard it’s high-pitched roar as it coiled it’s throbbing organ into her womb one last time. She screamed as she felt icy liquid flood her womb. The creature’s cum had the consistency of pudding, and the thick, chunky fluid filled her spasming belly.

It’s lust sated, the beast dropped the shaking, near unconscious cosplayed and retreated back out the window. Jessica lay on the floor, breathing hard. Her eyes were dim, and she slowly, achingly moved her hands to cradle her aching pussy. Jessica’s eye rolled back as she passed out, the pain and exhaustion too severe to bear.

-3 months later-

“So, what’s it been doing all this time?” A thin being resembling a stick-figure asked his companion. The other being, this one grayish silver in color, turned to blank face his colleague “Well, as best as I can discern, it appears to have mostly been wandering around on the planet.” he replied.

“Just….wandering? Nothing else?” The first creature asked. “Well, it DID manage one other thing. It appears to have mated with a female of the dominant race there.”  “Extraordinary! Was it capable of producing offspring with her?”

“It appears so. It seems to have inseminated her, and out monitoring indicates she may be pregnant. If that’s the case….. we will need to capture her, and bring her here.” The grey being, clearly the one in charge, said in a deliberate tone. “It will want it’s mate, and we can use her as stock to breed more of them.”  “Shall I arrange a team to take her?” “No, observe for now, we aren’t sure yet….”



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