Lucky Daddy

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Title: Lucky Daddy

Author: tevok

Celebs: Taylor Momsen

Codes: MF, cons, oral, spank, exh, ageplay

Disclaimer: This story is not real; these events did not happen, nor are they likely to, and are not meant to represent how these celebrities act in real life. This is purely fantasy, and should be treated as such. Minors should not read further.

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English is not my first language, so forgive any minor mistakes.


To talk a bit about me… Well, I don’t think I’m interesting enough to warrant that. I’m just your average Joe, nearing my 50’s and already starting to grey. Only thing that really warrants saying is that I’ve never been a very lucky guy.

Well, that is not entirely true. As my current location would tell you, I had been lucky enough to win a radio contest and a ticket, complete with backstage pass, to a show; unfortunately, it was for some rock band I’d never heard of.

A band called The Pretty Reckless.

…Never look a horse in the mouth, I guess?

And so it was that I found myself where I was, in the front very close to the stage amidst a roaring crowd of a loud rock concert, looking up to a near-naked girl young enough to be my daughter as she sang some dark lyrics about dying or something.

Seriously, the lead singer had taken off her—admittedly already raunchy—top and stood there topless, with some black tape in the form of a cross going from her belly to her breasts, the only thing leaving her nipples to imagination.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked as she finished her song, the crowd roaring in approval. “Want some more?!” Again the crowd cheered, loud chants of ‘YES!’ coming through the loudness.

As she walked back and forth in the stage, continuing to goad the public into begging for more, my eyes couldn’t help staring at her go. As perverted as it may seem, I had to admit: the girl, Taylor Momsen, had a smoking hot body, and knew how to flaunt it!

“You! Get up here!”

I was broken out of my reverie by her calling, looking around to discover she was speaking to me directly. I had half a mind to question it, the other to refuse and maybe walk further back in the crowd; alas, that was not meant to be as the people around me began pushing me towards the stage, not letting me escape.

With no escape left, I followed their lead and walked out of the crowd and towards the stage, climbing into it. The crowd cheered again as Taylor approached me, looking me up and down before giving me a smile—well, more of a smirk really.

“Uh uh.” She stopped me as I opened my mouth. “I don’t wanna know your name or who you are, I just wanna know: did you like staring at my tits?”

I felt my face redden at being called out, opening my mouth again to try and make an excuse to escape the pervert label—even though I could hear a good chunk of the crowd answer yes to her question.

“So we have an old pervert here, and a bunch of perverts in the crowd!” Taylor summed up, turning back to the crowd. “God, this is such a Fucked Up World!”

The crowd roared again as the band began playing, her words apparently the cue for another song; I began walking out of the stage but was stopped by her. “You stay here!” She told me, looking me straight in the eye.

And so I did.

And it was an… interesting experience, to say the least. I felt like a prey being stalked by a predator as Taylor began walking around me while singing and occasionally dancing, then I almost jumped as she placed her soft hands on my chest and began to rub against me.

And she began dancing against me.

It was an out of this world experience, something I would never have expected. Here I was, standing in the stage, in front of a roaring crowd, getting a sexy dance by a 24-year old as she sang to roaring acclaim by the public. It only got crazier as she walked behind me, grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up, leaving me as topless as she was.

As she walked in front of me, pressing her back against my now naked chest and her tight backside against my crotch—which, by now, had a noticeable boner in it—she once again made me have a mini-heart attack as she grabbed my hands and placed them on her chest.

In short, I was now groping Taylor Momsen in front of the crowd. And everyone was loving it.

“Oh I can feel it, Oh I can feel it, Oh I can feel it… Coming down!” She continued to sing, never breaking the stride as if it was a normal occurrence. She continued to rub herself against me, giving me what could be described as a standing lap dance, and making me move my hands to grope and squeeze her sizable bust.

“It’s a fucked up world! What do you get? Sex and love and guns, light a cigarette…” She continued singing, now turning around and standing face-to-face with me—or face to chin, I was a couple inches taller than her—and rubbing her hands on my chest, almost appreciatively.

As she continued to sing and rub herself against me, my hands—which now didn’t have her breasts to grab onto—moved to find something else to grab; they did so with her ass, instinctively pulling her closer and making my boner poke against her front. Surprisingly she didn’t even seem to flinch or break from the singing, only the look she gave me showed she was aware.

“It’s a fucked up world!” As the final chorus began, the public joining in chanting ‘fucked up world!’, Taylor sneakily moved her hands lower. Lower and lower she went as she continued singing, until her hands moved to the front of my pants; her own body blocking it from view of the crowd, she gave my cock and balls a tight squeeze from outside my pants before breaking off, separating herself from me as the song ended.

“Did you enjoy that?!” Taylor called out, more to the crowd than to me, as the crowd roared once more.

To finish up the act, she turned to me and, before I could grasp what was happening, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down for a kiss. The crowd roared again, but this time I could barely hear it; all I could concentrate myself on was the feel of her lips lewdly smacking against mine as she kissed me.

By the time I got out of my trance and thought of kissing back, Taylor was already pulling out—though not without giving the public an extra show by licking lewdly my lips.

“Now get down there!” She told me, pushing me away. I did as I was told to, still slightly dazed and with my ears buzzing from both the situation I just got out of and the obnoxiously loud noises of the crowd. “Hey!”

As I was about to rejoin the crowd I turned in time to catch my shirt as Taylor threw it back at me, giving me a wink in the process.

As I rejoined the audience some of the nearby fans gave me pats on the back and thumbs up. As I put my shirt back on—I was always a bit uncomfortable shirtless with people around—I noticed that there was something on my pants’ pocket; picking it up, it was a small note.

Find me backstage later


Okay, now you see what I meant by having an interesting experience at the show. Would you believe me, then, if I told you there was even more?

It happened later on. Show was over—or at least the Pretty Reckless one, apparently there were other bands performing afterwards—and here I was, going backstage to possibly meet Taylor Momsen and the rest of the Pretty Reckless guess—but who was I kidding, after all that happened I was really interested in meeting Taylor only.

“This way, sir.” Told me one of the guys working backstage as I showed him my pass—I had, after all, earned the backstage pass even before Taylor’s note—and I followed him as he showed me the way to their dressing rooms.

Surprisingly enough, on the way there I passed by the three other guys from the band—Ben Phillips, Mark Damon and Jamie Perkins from what my research on the band beforehand told me, not that I would be able to say who was who—as they were walking out. The trio was laughing loudly and seemingly joking around.

As they passed by me I stopped for a moment. If they were going away, did this mean…

One of them stopped and looked back, seeing me just standing there looking at them. Whether he recognized me as the guy Taylor brought up on stage or not, I don’t know; all I know was that he gave me a thumbs up before turning around and rejoining his fellow bandmates.

“Uh, sir?” The boy showing me the way called me, and brought me out of my reverie.

It didn’t take long before I was in front of the The Pretty Reckless dressing room.

“Come in.”

And come in I did.

I never did see what the inside of a show’s dressing room was like, and to be honest I didn’t care a bit at the moment. As soon as the door closed behind me, I once again found myself face-to-face with Taylor Momsen. Except, this time, we were alone.

“So, you decided to come.” She said, sitting on a chair in a rather seductive pose. This time around she had her top back on, as well as a small jacket; I felt almost disappointed in that. “Did they give you too much trouble getting backstage?”

“Actually, I had a pass…” I said a bit awkwardly, showing the backstage pass I had.

Taylor seemed to perk up at that. “Oh, so you are the guy that won a ticket on that radio promotion, then?” I nodded dumbly, and she chuckled. “Good. I thought I would have to kick you out once he arrived… or hide you in the closet. That would be pretty hot.”

I raised an eyebrow at that, not really getting what she meant—or at least, not believing that I understood. She stood up, sexily letting her jacket fall off her shoulders and to the floor, then walked over to me and began circling around me, looking me over up and down like a sexy vulture.

“How old are you?”

“I’m 48.” I answered without even thinking.

“Jeez, 48? You are twice my age, old enough to be my dad.” She said, and I felt myself shrink a bit under her intense gaze. “What is a guy like you doing in one of our shows? You don’t strike me as a hard rocker.”

I thought about telling her that I really wasn’t, that I won the ticket out of dumb luck—a first in my life—and that I hadn’t even heard of them before, but closed my mouth before I spoke out. I decided to just remain in silence.

“I bet you were here just to gawk at me, huh?” She said, moving forward and onto me, pressing herself against my back and her head against my shoulder to whisper on my ear sultrily. “You like younger girls, don’t you? You liked groping and kissing a girl that could be your daughter? Of course you do, I could feel your hard cock pressing against me back there…”

I had to tell myself that she was just teasing me, that any moment now she would pull a ‘just kidding’ and then start acting normally. I had to tell myself that this little vixen was not actually flirting with me, that that would be just wrong, that there was no chance…

“But you are lucky, you know that?” Taylor continued whispering on my ear, blowing against it slightly to make me shiver. “You are lucky, cause I like older man… Daddy…” And she bit slightly on my earlobe.

And then shit hit the fan.

With deftness I wasn’t aware I had, I spun around in place and caught Taylor in my arms, pulling her closer. As if we had coordinated, Taylor’s hands moved to the back of my head and pulled me down as I pulled her closer, making our faces come together in a hard kiss.

It was the culmination of all the sexual tension that had been brewing between us since our show onstage, furthered by her teasing since I entered the dressing room. My hands trailed down her clothed back all the way to her ass, which they latched onto as our lips smacked against each other, our kissing intense and furious. Our tongues clashed violently between our mouths, twirling and wrapping sloppily around each other.

“Hhhmmm…” She moaned as our mouths separated, only for mine to latch on the ghostly white skin of her neck and start working on it. “Catch me, daddy!”

I had to think fast as she jumped up on me, wrapping her long legs around my waist; my hands already on her ass, it only took a simple readjusting to hold her up without problem.

With her on my arms and my mouth still latching on her neck, giving her quite a nice set of hickeys, I eventually turned around and moved towards the vanity, kicking away the chair on the way and sitting Taylor on the vanity. Even sitting she did not unlatch the legs around my waist, instead grabbing my hair and forcing me up for another kiss.

Small slurping sounds echoed on the dressing room as we exchanged saliva in our kiss. “Hhhhmmm… You are such a good kisser, daddy…”

“Why are you calling me ‘daddy’?” I managed to ask between kisses, before once again trailing down to kiss her neck.

Gasping a bit from—what I hope was—pleasure, Taylor tightened her hold on my hair before answering pausedly. “You are old enough… might as well be…”

My first reaction was to scoff at that, and before I could stop myself I blurted out a reply. “If you were my daughter, you sure as hell wouldn’t go out dressed like this…”

The hands tightened their hold on my hair painfully before pulling, forcing my face away from her and holding me at bay. For a moment I feared I had said the wrong thing, but looking at Taylor’s eyes I could only see mirth.

“Dressed like what, daddy? Like a slut? Like a whore?” She smirked before moaning, exaggeratedly erotically. “What would you do then? Would you punish me? Hhhmm, would you, daddy?”

“Yes, yes I would!” I blurted out once more, eyes locked with Taylor’s as I struggled against her hand.

“Then do so! Punish me, daddy!”

Again with surprising deftness I managed to disentangle myself from her, pulling away as she stood up. This time I spun her around to face the vanity before pushing her forward, forcing her to bend against it and to place her hands against the mirror; she went even further by pushing her shapely behind out for me, pressing her face against the mirror as she called out again.

“C’mon daddy! Ain’t you gonna punish me for dressing like a whor-OUCH!”

Before she could finish her goading, I made her yelp with a stinging slap to her still clothed ass. Hooking my fingers on her leather shorts, I squatted as I pulled them down roughly, earning a groan from her; on the way I also pulled down her fishnet tights, leaving her ass bare and her only a top away from being in her birthday suit.

“You going to spank me, daddy?” She spoke out again, shaking her booty and looking back towards me as I stood back up; I gently caressed her ass before giving another slap against her left buttcheek, making her jump slightly. “Hhhmmm, is that all you can do?” Another slap, this time to her right cheek. “Ooohh, you make me hurt so much, daddy…” She laughed mockingly, earning another slap from me.

We continued our little game for some time, me rubbing and slapping her ass cheeks again and again and again, while she either yelped from the harsher slaps or just goaded me on. I had to admit, while she didn’t have too much ass to speak of, what she did have felt amazing.

“Oh fuck, daddy…” She moaned again as I gave another spank, already seeing her formerly pale ass go a nice shade of red. “I bet you are mad I’m not just your whore…”

“Huh?” I questioned dumbly after another slap to her ass, this time moving my eyes away from it and to the mirror. I could see, much to my pleasure, the look of pure rapture in her face through her reflection; a hand on the mirror for support, she looked back at me through the reflection and seductively opened her mouth, licking along her lips before moaning whorishly.

“You aren’t mad I’m dressing like a whore, you are mad I’m going out dressed like that… Hhhmmm, ohh daddy…” She moaned exaggeratedly as she earned another spank. “I bet you would love if I dressed like this around the house, just the two of us… Uuughh, make me be only yours daddy!”

I lost count of how many spanks I gave her as our back-and-forth continued on, her kinky dirty talk egging me on to slap harder and harder. By the time I stopped we were both panting and her ass was a lively red color. “Hhhhmmm… You really did a number on that ass…” She said as she looked over her shoulder at me, tenderly rubbing her sore bum as she gave me a sultry eye.

“Oh, trust me; there will be much more to come, my little slut.” I spoke, confidence coming out of nowhere as I managed an authoritarian tone to my voice, like a real father imposing on his child.

This, in turn, seemed to do the trick for Taylor; with an orgasmic moan she reached out for my head and pulled me forward against her body, our tongues meeting and licking at each other over her shoulder before we met in another fierce kiss. I strongly spun her around, earning a gasp from her as her sore ass was placed once again on the vanity; disentangling our mouths and tongues for a brief moment—enough to earn a whimper from her—I pulled her top off to leave her completely naked in front of me.

And, honestly, I freaking loved what I was seeing. This time there was no black tape, her hard and pinkish nipples bare for my eyes and hands to feast on as I grabbed and pinched them both, earning a whimper and slightly pained cry from her.

“Oooohhh daddy, you hurt me so goooood…” She moaned, leaning back to rest her upper back against the mirror and reaching with her legs to pull me closer till my boner was pressing against her naked pussy. “Ooohh… Fuck me, daddy… I need a good fuck! Fuck me like you fucked mommy!”

“Jesus, this girl is crazy!” Was a brief thought that crossed my mind, but was buried away as she began twisting her hips and rubbing her pussy against my clothed cock.

Pulling my hands away from her tits, I brought them down to my pants to undo them; I nearly ripped them out in my hurry, but was rewarded by her licking her lips at the sight of my rock-hard cock coming in the open, my pants left pooling between my legs.

“You have such a nice cock, daddy…” She said, reaching forward to try and pull me closer by my shirt and making the head of my cock prod her vaginal entrance.

“Is that what you want, huh? To get fucked? You want…” I gulped slightly, not really believing what I was gonna say next. “You want daddy’s cock to fuck you, my little slut?”

What looked like a shiver ran through Taylor as she orgasmically moaned, before smiling at me. “YES! Yes daddy, I want you to fuck me hard! Make me your little whore!”

“You already are!” With this final war cry I pushed forward, impaling her pussy with my hard cock and capturing her cries with my mouth in a searing kiss. We kissed lustfully as I began thrusting into her pussy, sliding in and out fast and hard and making her body rock back and forward on the vanity, her upper back hitting the mirror occasionally.

Our kiss wasn’t like a lovers’ kiss, it wasn’t anything romantic or emotional. It was just carnal pleasure, a testament of the overbearing lust between the two of us; it was wet and sloppy, our tongues licking each other in and out of our mouths, her hands gripping tight on my hair and my hands gripping her breasts, both trying to get the other to groan or moan or do anything to lose the battle and submit their mouths to their control.

All the while her legs wrapped around my waist, pretty much pulling on my ass to try and make me get as deep as possible into her tight pussy. It was an amazing feeling, being inside Taylor Momsen’s pussy; for all her whorish behavior and slutty looks she was unbelievably tight, just another thing her body had to make me crazy for her.

“Uuughh… Such a tight pussy…!” I groaned out, placing a hand on the mirror behind her for support as I slowed down a bit. “Such a tight body!”

“Hhhhmmm… It’s tight for you, daddy!” She leaned forward a bit to lick at my lips, something I accepted for a moment before my tongue met hers again. This time she did not try fighting back, but withdrew her tongue and brought her lips to mine, sucking slightly on my tongue before giving small pecks to my lips. “Please daddy, fuck me… Fuck me… Fuck me daddy… Please!!”

In time Taylor began pumping her hips up from the vanity, trying to meet my thrusts as I slowed down. I felt like I was gonna have a pleasure-induced heart attack as she edged me on to continue fucking her in a higher tempo.

“Certainly wouldn’t be a bad way to go.” I thought, leaning down my head to kiss and lick at her collarbone. She groaned and threw her head back, her hip movement’s faltering slightly; I licked down from there till I reached one of her pebble-like nipples, licking slightly around the areola before sucking it in.

“OH FUCK!!!!” She cried out, jutting out her hips and starting to squirm like a madwoman.

I felt her insides tighten like a vice around my cock, inadvertently making me groan and bite down hard on her nipple. As the girl orgasmed, my first thought was to stop my movements; thinking again, however, I began moving my hips in a harder fashion, pounding deep but slow against her resistance to try and ride out her orgasm.

Not that my own was too far away, might I add.

“Ooohh… Oooohhh…” Taylor moaned between labored breathings, her body spasming slightly as she tried to calm down.

By the time she finished basking in the afterglow of the orgasm, she looked back up to see me smirking down at her. “How is that for a nice fuck, girl?”

Taylor smirked up at me, still breathing hard. “It was nice… for an old man.”

My smirk fell off my face, slightly confused by the perceived mocking. Seeing my confusion and slight hurt Taylor giggled/chuckled. “Step back, daddy… This ain’t over yet.”

I did as she asked, noticing her legs had let go of my waist, and gave her space for her to stand up on the floor again—nearly falling down myself, as I had just let my pants down rather than removing them completely. After a moment of using the vanity as support to regain her balance and to laugh at my clumsiness, she stood straight and looked at me; walking forward sexily, she placed a hand on my chest and pushed me backwards, never breaking stride.

She continued to push me until my back hit the door—or a wall, I’m not entirely sure—and her hands left my clothed chest, instead going down; her body followed until she was kneeling on the floor, face to face with my hard and wet cock as her hands also found it to be their target.

“Hhhmmm… It looks as good as it feels…” She said, rubbing the cock for a bit before giving a long lick along the underside of the shaft, going from the base all the way to the tip, to which she gave a small kiss.

I could only stand there, back to the door, eyes closed and head looking up, as Taylor Momsen began giving me the blowjob of my life. She started doing just that, licking and kissing along my shaft, her hands alternating between playing around with my balls or gripping and jerking the base of the shaft; after a while, she began throating the damn thing, her lips sucking on it like it was her favorite treat and her tongue swirling around the head.

After a while of slow, torturous sucking, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and spat on it. Bringing her hands again to the fray she spat some more on them and then began spreading the spit around my cock, jerking it off in the process, leaving no small spot free of her spit. Finally, she looked up at me, her eyes glaring.

“C’mon daddy… You already owned my pussy, it’s time to own my pretty face too.”

“Wha?” I asked dumbly, looking down at her seductive, glaring eyes as she never once faltered in her impromptu handjob.

“You heard me, daddy…” She leaned forward, pushing my cock upwards and began licking my balls; all the while never taking her eyes off me. “I want you to fuck my mouth like you fucked my pussy.”

I stayed still for a moment, letting that request sink in as I watched her take one of my balls in her mouth and suck on it, before letting it out with a pop. “You should be careful what you ask for…”

Smirking, Taylor gave a brief nibble on the skin of my scrotum before answering. “Let’s make a deal, daddy. You fuck my face till my mascara runs…” With this she leaned forward and speared out her tongue; not on my cock, not on my balls, but further, beyond them and almost on my ass. “And I will let you go back to my ass. Deal?”

My smirk down at her was all the answer she needed.

Bunching her long blonde hair up to the top of her head and gripping it tightly, much like she had done to me earlier, I gave her a moment of warning before pulling her face forward, forcing her to take my spit-covered cockhead and most of my shaft inside; once she was at what seemed like her limit I tightened my hold on her face, forcing her to stay while slowly inching her forward.

With time, her face was pressing at the very base of my cock. I could feel her nose flare as it entered in contact with my pubic hair, and I was rewarded by the beautiful sight of her expressive blue eyes, still surrounded by the blackness of her eye liner/shadow, glaring up at me.

I held her face in place as she seemed to start gagging, and continued to hold it as she began trying to force her head back; with some time held in that position her eyes started becoming wet and her pale face becoming reddened. When I finally loosened my hold and allowed her to pull back, she did so with haste; breathing hard and long, coughing up some excess saliva, she glared up at me once more. “Is that a-?!”

Before she could even finish speaking, I pulled her forward again violently, jamming the entirety of my cock inside her mouth and spearing the back of her throat. She instantly gagged again, only this time I did not ‘help’ her; instead I pulled my hips back and thrust forward, fucking her mouth.

Soon I was setting us into a rhythm and doing to her mouth like I had previously done to her pussy: I was fucking it mercilessly, using my hand to bob her head back and forward in time with the bucking of my hips. The sounds of her slurping and gagging echoed throughout the dressing room, my own grunts and moans mixed in with it; excessive, copious amount of saliva drooled from her mouth and down her chin, some splashing on her breasts.

On the rare occasions she was able to open her eyes and look up at me, I could see them become wet and red and the mascara in her face run with a mix of tears, sweat and spit. Her whole face was turning into a mess thanks to the heavy make-up she used, and I couldn’t say I wasn’t happy to see it.

With a final grunt I held her face at arms reach, letting her regain her breath for a moment. The accumulated saliva almost spitting out as she breathed hard; she didn’t seem to want time to recover, though, as she spat once more on my cock and tried to reach forward to put it once more in her mouth.

Seeing this I pulled her to my crotch once more, forcing her to deep-throat me again. I knew I was reaching my limit. “Damn, I’m gonna cum! Where do you want it?”

I could distinctly hear the sounds she made, but not what they meant as they came off as mere gargles; the vibrations they provoked, however, helped push me further down the edge.

Once more I pushed Taylor off my cock, this time letting go of her hair and pushing her back to the point she almost fell backwards. As she glared up at me, her entire body glistening with a mix of sweat and spit and her face a sexy mess, I brought my hands to my messy cock and jerked off what little I still needed to the sight.

“Here I cum!” I warned her, just moments before I did so and shot my seed on her.

The warning, however, was enough to get Taylor moving. She leaned forward, presenting her face and open mouth for me to target.

And target them I did.

Between the sexual tension between us beforehand, all of her teasing, all of the kinky ‘daddy’ thing she had been pushing, and the fact I was fucking a hot girl half my age, I don’t think my load could have been bigger. With a grunt I ejaculated on her face, first aiming at her open mouth before letting myself wander to the rest of her face, painting it white, before letting myself aim lower and spewing the last bits of my seed on her chest.

For her part, Taylor just stood there and took it like a champ, even jutting out her chest to give me a better target once I finished with her face.

For my part, as soon as I was finished ejaculating I pretty much collapsed. Slumping back against the door, I slowly slid down until I was sitting on the floor, my breath labored as I tried to regain my bearings after a mind-blowing orgasm.

I might have been out for a while, or just closed my eyes for a moment, I wouldn’t be able to tell; what I can tell, however, was that when I came back to myself I was rewarded with the amazing sight of the cum covered Taylor Momsen sucking greedily on my flaccid cock, trying against all odds to get it hard again.

“Give it up…” I spoke tiredly, making her let go of my cock to look up at me. I couldn’t help chuckling seeing how messy her face was, with the mix of cum, spit and ruined make-up. “I’m an old man, not a machine. It will take a while to get it back up.”

“Jeez, you cum one time and is already out?” She said as she sat down on her ass, reaching out to touch and poke at my still out-of-it cock like a kid trying to get someone to play with them. “You really need to get back in shape, old man.”

I gave her a tired glare before she stood up, giving me an eyeful of her body before she walked back to the vanity and opened one of the drawers, picking up a piece of paper. “What are you doing?”

“Writing down the hotel we are staying in.” She said as she looked for something to write with. “What, you think this is over?” Looking over her shoulder at me, she gave me a sexy wink and pushed out her ass, giving it a slap for emphasis. “You still gotta show that you own this ass, daddy.”

As I felt my cock give the slightest of twitches at her declaration, I couldn’t help smiling at the situation.

Like I said before, I had never been a very lucky guy. But, for once in my life, I felt like a lucky son-of-a-bitch.

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