The Long Weekend Part 5

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Title: The Long Weekend Part 5

Author: Guy Incognito

Celebs: Kaia Gerber, Peyton Roi List, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Madison Reed

Codes: MFf, MF, MM, MMF, FF, M+F, FFF, gangbang, orgy, cons, oral, anal, DP, inter, facial, creampie, inc, pegging, drugs, squirt, rim, voy

Summary: Kaia sees just what Ariana Grande is capable of and experiences a new pleasure for herself.

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is pure fantasy. It is not real and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Just giving everyone a warning show that the sex here involves underage people, incest and male bisexuality so if that’s not your thing then we shall both agree to move on. Hopefully people will give it a chance and hopefully people will like it.

I would love to hear any feedback you might have. Please email me at with any suggestions or feedback.

Kaia Gerber was thrilled by what she was seeing. The party had been even more incredible than she had even hoped it could be and it looked like it was only getting started. All around her there were beautiful naked bodies sucking and licking and touching and, most importantly, fucking. There were so many hot guys and hot girls and gorgeous bodies of all shapes and sizes and colors.

It all delighted and aroused her. She had been dreaming of being a guest at Jessica Alba’s famous annual orgy and couldn’t believe that it was even hotter and wilder than she had pictured it in her horny, young mind. Everyone had lost their clothes and all of their inhibitions and they were doing things that would ordinarily have seemed shocking. But Kaia was beyond being shocked or even surprised by all the debauchery she was seeing. She was just turned on by every bit of it.

Before today she had been a very, very naughty girl. She fucked her hottest friends, both the men and the women, constantly. She was eagerly incestuous with her gorgeous older brother Presley and loved to give up every hole and do every kinky act with him. And she had been taught to be open and sensual and embrace her own sexuality by her own mother and father in hands on lessons that Kaia had taken to heart.

She loved to fuck. She loved being naked. She loved to touch and be touched. She loved everything about beautiful, uninhibited sex where only pleasure mattered and nothing else, not gender or race or body type. Kaia loved giving herself over to sex but she had never been at anything like this before. Nothing she had ever experienced could rival this and it was just so amazing to see everyone so liberated and uninhibited and happy. Everyone was naked and the only thing that mattered was feeling good as no one batted an eye over anything that was happening, no matter how kinky.

Kaia was a living example of that as her young teenage body, so firm and tight, was completely on display with no one caring she was under 18. Her completely smooth pussy was glistening wet both from her own arousal and the cum still clinging to it from when Cash Warren, Jessica’s husband and her host, had fucked her bareback and come inside her. And her asshole was still tingling and filled with cum too thanks to Channing Tatum blasting his hot load inside her too as part of a DP with the two hot married fathers.

Kaia’s face was messy both with pussy from the girls she had licked and the cum she had just had felt shoot all over her from when she had given Jake Gyllenhaal a blowjob and let him soak her in his cum. But she hadn’t been doing it solo. Jake’s older sister Maggie had been the driving force and they had illicitly shared his cock like they had done many times before today.

They had licked most of the cum off each other too after he had both given them a messy facial but there was still some on her skin and in her hair and Kaia loved feeling it as she cuddled up on the couch with the sexy siblings, pressing her naked body into Jake’s and rubbing her firm little teen tits into him as he was sandwiched by her and Maggie.

Kaia had just slipped a blue pill into his mouth and it was already having an effect as his soft cock was coming back to life quickly. And though both Kaia and Maggie had their soft hands on his growing erection, gently playing with his penis and making it stiffen from their touch, neither of them were looking at it. Instead they were transfixed by something else and so was Jake as all three of them were staring right at Ariana Grande as the tiny little pop star dynamo went cock crazy with seven black men all around her.

The greedy little superstar was taking on all of them at once and was not about to share the thick, long dark cocks with anyone.

Ariana was taking on all of them herself right in front of anyone and she wasn’t hiding her lust in the slightest. Ariana was holding nothing back. She wanted everyone to see her. She wanted everyone to know how slutty she could be. She wanted to put on a show as all seven of those huge black cocks were hers to enjoy. And Kaia found herself just as fixated on this wanton show as Maggie and Jake were.

Ariana was being fucked like a ragdoll and was clearly enjoying every second of it as the men had their way with her. When Kaia had last seen her, Ariana had been on the floor but now she was on a couch across from her and Jake and Maggie and Ariana’s tiny body was being filled with cock in all three of her slutty holes.

The sexy singer was eagerly showing off how flexible she could be as she had herself positioned on the lap of one of the men as his cock pushed deep up her ass. Her beautiful, toned legs were bent at the knee and she had her back resting right against his dark muscular chest as he worked in and out of her asshole, stuffing her with his thick, black meat as Ariana bounced up and down and made sure her holes were all open to being fucked.

And from that position it was easy for another man to shove his cock into the singing superstar’s wet cunt, making sure her little pixie body was being double penetrated by two huge black cocks pushing into her all the way to the balls. Ariana’s legs were bent at the knee and being spread open and that made it so much easier for both of the hung nude black men to push deep and hard into her, sawing their cocks in and out of her cunt and ass at the same time as she moaned in wanton delight, her famous face flushed and sweaty as her dark hair clung to her forehead.

Ariana looked like she wanted to scream in ecstasy from the two thick cocks sliding in and out of her and fucking her hard, her naked body sandwiched in between the two muscular men, their ebony skin glistening with perspiration and contrasting so nicely with her pretty little Italian flesh. But Ariana couldn’t scream because her mouth was even more stuffed than her pussy and her ass were.

The superstar singer had put her mouth to use and stretched it open to swallow two of the other cocks at once, the dark black poles making her gag and drool as she tried to suck them both. Ariana’s eyes were visibly tearing up from the intensity of being double penetrated while she was choking down two massive dicks. Tears were starting to run down her eyes but she only wanted more because as she was sucking two cocks and getting fucked by two others, Ariana was jerking off the three other men.

She had one of her small hands wrapped around one of the thick poles, vigorously stroking him and reaching down to play with his dark, swollen nuts. And Ariana’s other hand was trying its best to grip the two other meaty cocks at the same time, grasping them together as she stroked them both, her white hand working over those two black cocks and rubbing them into each other as she did it.

The lust and pleasure had overcome the two men she held in her hand because as Ariana stroked them both and rubbed their ebony rods together as a consequence, the two muscular, ultra-masculine men were kissing each other, their dark hands roaming all over each other’s dark chests. Ariana was turning them both on so much as she pressed their throbbing cocks together that they had turned to each other, their lips fusing together in a lustful kiss as Ariana continued to enthusiastically stroke their thick dicks.

Ariana pulled her mouth off the two cocks she was sucking so she could spit onto all three of the cocks she was jerking off. She turned to her right and let loose a gob of wet, messy saliva from her mouth to give the one black guy she was stroking with that hand some extra lube and then she turned to her left and gave two wet helpings of her spit to the two cocks she had in her other hand.

She feverishly kept stroking the two ultra-aroused men’s penises together while spitting onto them, spreading her drool all over their dark shafts while as continued to kiss and play with each other’s bodies, the two men getting their hands on each other’s toned, muscular asses while they tongue kissed.

“Oooooooh that’s sooooo hot,” Ariana moaned in lust at the sight of the two black men openly kissing while she jacked them off, their black cocks overwhelming her little white hand. “Mmmmm naughty boys! I love seeing naughty boys play with each other! Mmmmm fuckkkk getting so turned on for lil ol me that you start to play with each other! That’s so fucking hot! Mmmm kiss for me! Your cocks are so hard and big! Ughhh gimmie all of them! All of these fat fucking black cocks are mine! Use me boys! Wreck my fucking body!”

The men looked very eager to take her up on that as one of the men she had been sucking off before grabbed Ariana by the hair and yanked her right back to his and his friend’s dicks. Their erections were jutting out for her, rock hard and coated in her wet drool, and Ariana let the man force her superstar face right back to their cocks. She opened wide and sucked both cocks back into her mouth as she stroked and fucked the others, taking on seven hung black men all at once and putting on a raunchy show for everyone around them.

Kaia couldn’t help but want to get a closer look. She could see Ariana fine from the couch across from her but merely fine wouldn’t do. She had to see everything up close. Kaia wanted to smell the sex and see the sweat and have it be like she could taste it on her tongue just by being near it.

She wanted to hear every moan and sigh and grunt and be right up close as those cocks wrecked Ariana’s sexy pint sized body. Kaia loved seeing Ariana’s firm, little ass bouncing up and down on that guy’s lap as her legs were bent and spread open for the other guy to stuff her dripping wet cunt. The superstar singer looked so good sucking and stroking and fucking and Kaia needed to see more of it.

Maggie and Jake clearly felt the same way because they followed her right off the couch and they moved their nude bodies closer to Ariana along with Kaia. They all moved onto the floor next to the couch she was on, their bare bodies right by the feet of the black men who were having their way with her and they watched, transfixed, as Ariana boldly displayed her wild and wanton side.

The two men she was sucking both had her by her hair, holding her down to their cocks and not letting her get away as she enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down, slurping on their dark rods and drooling down their shafts. Her saliva trickled down to their balls as they fucked her face and Ariana was making happy slurping noises as she noisily sucked them both down, taking as much of their meat as she could as they both fucked her mouth and made her gag on their dicks as they face fucked her.

They were rough and rude with her and Ariana loved it all as she choked them down, taking two cocks down her throat at once as best she could while thrusting herself back and forth between the men buried up her pussy and her asshole and stroking the other three men off at the same time.

It was all quite a show and the sights and sounds of it were turning everyone on as Ariana’s insatiable ways attracted many gawkers. It was so hot to see her completely stuffed in her mouth, pussy and ass at once, the two cocks driving hard up her cunt and asshole as the two horny men’s swollen balls smacked into each other several times while they fucked her hard. Dark hands were groping Ariana’s white body all over, squeezing her little tits and tugging on her diamond-size hard nipples and grabbing her by her hair and face and even her throat as she choked down those inches and jerked the other three men off.

Ariana Grande had gone cock crazy and she wanted everyone to know it, especially one person in particular. And when she pulled herself away from the men face fucking her, pulling her wet mouth off their cocks and leaving gooey, long strands of saliva dripping from their dicks and from her chin and lips, she turned her attention right to him.

“Mmmmm you like what you see Frankie?” Ariana teased, her famous voice ragged and cracking after she had been so aggressively face fucked. “Mmmm you like seeing me take on all these dirty boys with their big fucking cocks? Are you staring at your fucking slut of a sister as I let these dirty boys fuck me like a whore or are you just staring at their big, meaty, yummy cocks? Mmmm I know you’re staring at their big black dicks, aren’t you? Oooooh everyone here wants my hot tits and my tight cunt and my perfect little butt but those dicks are all you want, right Frankie? Mmmmm Frankie wants cock, doesn’t he?”

As she teased her older brother, Ariana stroked the three black cocks faster, making all three of the men moan while she jacked their thick, hard shafts and bounced up and down on their friends, letting them fuck her deeper and harder and fill her to the brim with black cock. It was like she was putting on the show for him and he grunted and moaned in pleasure and jealousy, giving his bratty, famous sister exactly what she wanted.

“Yessssss! Fuck yessss! Frankie wants cock!” the man grunted as he watched his sister act like a depraved whore and take on all seven men for herself. “You little bitch! Don’t be selfish! Give me that cock too! I fucking want it more than I’d ever want your body! Your cunt and ass do nothing for me! I only want cock! Give it to me Ari! Let me suck those cocks too!”

Kaia knew what he had just said wasn’t entirely true because she had seen Frankie fucking Ariana earlier and his cock had been rock hard as she had been riding him and letting him fill up her tight, famous pussy. But she loved the way the twisted siblings were messing with each other and how Ariana was greedily getting all the cock and not sharing anything with her horny, gay brother.

“Ooooooh no! It’s mine Frankie! All of the cock is mine!” Ariana gleefully squealed as she felt the two men pound her in the double penetration while the three men she had been sucking smacked her face with their dark cocks, marking her skin and making her own wet saliva get on her face and hair. “Ooooh naughty gay boys like you don’t get any cock! Only famous sluts like me get it! Mmmmm when you’re as famous and rich as me you get all the cock! No one wants to fuck a nobody like you Frankie with their big yummy cocks! These sexy boys only want me! You just get to watch and see me get what you want! I know you want to trade places with me right now sooooo bad! Mmmm you want to be where I am taking cock up your ass like a little bitch as you get your face fucked too and feel big hard dicks in your hands! And they’re all big and black too, just how you like it Frankie! But you don’t get any! Gawwd it’s all for me!”

However it didn’t look like Frankie minded his current position that much. He wasn’t just watching his famous sister get gangbanged and letting her tease and taunt him like a spoiled brat. Frankie was on all fours, his bar ass up in the air and his cock rock hard and dripping with precum as he was fucked from behind. And while it wasn’t the real thing that he was craving, Frankie sure looked like he loved the fake cock being shoved up his asshole.

The hard strap-on was going right up his very willing butt as the feminine hands spanked him and kept his firm ass cheeks spread open so she could go deep up his ass while Frankie watched his own sister be defiled by the black men he wished were fucking him.

“Mmmmm fuck you and Ari are both fucking sluts for cock, aren’t you?” Victoria Justice moaned as she thrust the strap-on she was wearing up Frankie’s tight ass. “Mmmm I should have known it ran in the family! I knew Ariana was a whore but now I can see you’re one too! Take it you little bitch boy! Take my big cock right up your fuck hole like your sister does!”

Frankie audibly groaned when Victoria said that while thrusting up his ass with her toy dick and she picked up on it, smiling wickedly.

“Oooooh you nasty fuck! You like knowing I’ve been fucking your sister since we did the show together and that she can be a big slutty dyke!” Victoria moaned. “You like thinking about me and Ari lezzing it out? Like thinking about me eating your sister’s pussy and licking the cum right out of her? Or do you like thinking about her on all fours like you are Frankie? Do you like thinking of me bending Ariana over to fuck her ass like a whore? Ooooooh you both are such kinky fucks! I’ve never fucked a man with a strap-on before Frankie but it feels so fucking good to peg your bitch ass just like I fucked your sister so many times before!”

Kaia moaned over the naughty display of beautiful, nude Victoria Justice, her sexy body looking even hotter with the big strap-on attached to her. It made her lean, slim body and perfect round tits look even better to have that jutting plastic cock on and while Victoria might have been new at pegging boys, she wasn’t holding back as she spanked Frankie and spread his firm buns open to fuck him deep and hard, her own ass hanging out of the harness and her round, perfectly tight cheeks bouncing as she thrust up his man ass.

When Kaia had last seen Victoria before, the girl had been in a 69 with her own sister, Madison, and that had been such a turn on for Kaia. She had never met Victoria before today but she had been a fan of the former tween star for years and it had been so hot to see Victoria not only naked but doing something so taboo with her own sister. Kaia loved seeing sexy girls who were as into incest as she was and she had gotten such a thrill from seeing Victoria and Ariana be so naughty with their siblings before.

Now she could see even more and it was giving her such a wild view of how dirty all of them really were. There was no shame and no inhibition. They were all open and free and fucking in front of everyone and Kaia loved how no one was holding anything back as Ariana gorged herself on cock and Victoria buttfucked her former co-star’s gay brother and made his cock throb and drip with desire from how much he loved being penetrated. Kaia loved fucking Presley’s ass with a strap-on and so did their mom and it was always so sexy to see others get into the same kind of wicked play they enjoyed.

Things got even naughtier, though, when Victoria’s sister Madison returned. The sexy brunette had bigger tits than her sister and they bounced so erotically as she walked over, boldly displaying not just her nude body and how the little curls of her dark bush were visibly matted from sex and how her tight little pink lips were puffy and swollen from being licked and fucked and sucked multiple times by multiple people, but also how she had not come back to the fun empty handed.

Madison had gone over to the “refreshments” table just like Kaia had. But Madison hadn’t come back with a pill to create an instant boner. She had come back with something more dangerous and therefore much sexier. And the girl didn’t hesitate to kneel next to Victoria and offer some of the vial of white powder she had grabbed from the table to her sister.

“Here you go sis, a little fuel for your fire,” Madison giggled as she sprinkled a generous line on herself, arching her chest so she could push her round tits out and offer them up to Victoria.

“Mmmmm gawd best sister ever,” Victoria moaned in response before showing just how bad she could be by eagerly snorting the line of cocaine right off Madison’s bare breast. “Mmmmm fuckkkkk ohhhhhh fuckkkkk yesssss that’s the fucking good shit!”

“Mmmhmmm only the best here,” Madison moaned in response as she watched her sister’s eyes light up as the drug had an immediate impact on her. “Now me.”

And, making it clear that they had done this before, Victoria paused fucking Frankie just long enough to push her own firm tits out so Madison could put down a line of the white powder on her sister’s chest and snort it right off her. Madison groaned in delight as the cocaine hit her bloodstream instantly and made her eyes light up like a pinball game and she and Victoria began ferociously making out, sharing an almost animalistic incestuous kiss as they fused their mouths and tongues together and began playing with each other’s bare nipples.

But the two coked-up sisters didn’t have much time to enjoy each other before another voice demanded they share.

“Gimmie some too!” Ariana demanded with a pout and a whine as she pulled her wet mouth off the cocks she had resumed sucking. “I wanna have some! C’mon Madi! Gimmie some coke too! Mmmm I promise I’ll eat your butt if you do! I know you love feeling my naughty little tongue wiggling inside that hot hole and pushing inside so I can tongue fuck you! Gimmie some and I’ll totally toss your salad just how you love it!”

That seemed like a more than fair arrangement to Madison and she pulled away from her sister so she could give Ariana a bump too, taking what was left of the vial of cocaine she had snatched from the table and sprinkling it onto her tits for Ariana to snort off. And the singer happily did, snorting it right into her happy nose and loving the instant effects as she got even more into being gangbanged.

“Fuckkkkkkk! Yesssssssss ohhh fuck yessssssss!” Ariana cried out from the effects of the wonderfully expensive and pure cocaine at the party. “Mmmm fuck I love getting high while I fuck! Mmmmmm gawwd switch places boys! Fuckkk I want to suck my cunt and my ass right off those yummy black dicks! Mmmm you other boys fight over who’s going to fuck me next! Don’t be fucking shy! Take me and fucking use me! Break my little white body with those monster black cocks! Oooooh fuckkkkk yesssssss!”

A drugged up Ariana Grande was even hornier than a sober one and it showed in how she began going even wilder on the seven men she was greedily playing with. As everyone, especially Frankie, watched, Ariana’s orders were followed and everyone changed places so she could rearrange who she was sucking and who she was stroking and who she was fucking.

While Ariana moaned in drug induced delight the men fucking her pussy and her ass pulled out of her. Her pussy squished as the thick, hard cock coated in her juices were removed and both her holes were left visibly loosened as she grabbed the dicks of both of the men and shoved them right into her mouth like an insatiable whore. Ariana had repositioned herself so she was bent over the arm of the couch with her bare ass in the air and those cocks in easy reach. And she wasn’t subtle in her approach as she grabbed onto their rock hard poles and gorged herself on the two dicks that had just been buried inside her, one slippery and slick with her pussy juice and the other coated in her ass.

Ariana crammed them into her hungry hole and wetly slurped on them while starting to jerk off the two black men she had been sucking before and feeling two of the guys she had been stroking push into her. Ariana groaned in whorish pleasure as she felt two cocks sliding into her from behind by two men, her empty, horny holes getting filled up again. One took her pussy and the other took over fucking her loosened asshole. But that wasn’t enough for her, especially when she saw one of the black men standing there without a warm hole on her to fuck.

“Don’t just stand around! Fuck me too!” Ariana demanded, the drugs in her bloodstream giving her so much adrenaline and wild desire. “Stuff it inside my ass! Both of you fuck my ass while your friend fucks my pussy! I want both cocks up my butt! C’mon! Fucking give it to me! Make me your fucking whore!”

The third man hesitated a little, not because it didn’t look amazing to have a superstar like Ariana Grande bent over a couch with her ass in the air and two cocks already sliding in and out of her pussy and ass, their ebony color contrasting so nicely with her white Italian skin, but because of how tiny she was. He didn’t know if she would be able to take it. But while Ariana looked delicate, she was anything but.

“I said fucking give it to me you fucking pussy!” Ariana growled before once again gorging herself on the two cocks coated in her naughty flavors. “Shove it up my fucking ass! I can fucking take it! I want that cock up my ass! I want two cocks fucking my butt while another is fucking my pussy! Mmmmm Frankie thinks he’s the biggest whore for cock in the family but he’s not! I am! No one wants cocks more than me! Fuck me in front of my fag brother! Gimmie all the cock he wants but can’t have because you want to fuck me instead! OHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!”

Giving the lady what she wanted, the man relented to Ariana’s demands and pushed into her asshole even though it was already being lewdly stretched by his friend. The girl now had two huge black cocks obscenely filling her ass and stuffing her hole while she was bent over jerking and sucking and she screamed in rapture from the way it felt to be double penetrated up her ass while a third cock was wedged in her tight cunt.

Ariana was coked up and in whore heaven and she shoved those two cocks back into her mouth, drooling and slurping on them to clean off every bit of her own pussy and ass as her hands jerked off the other two men and everyone watched her in total fascination with how much Ariana Grande could take on at once.

Kaia was so turned on at the view of the sexy singer bent over the couch and handling three cocks from behind. She’d two cocks up her ass before, something she had loved so much when her daddy and brother had done it to her that she had been so eager to do it again the next chance she had gotten with Dante and Donnie. But she’d never done a double anal fucking at the same time a third cock was fucking her pussy. And Ariana was doing so much more, taking those three cocks as those beautiful black men all fucked her doggie style while she was bent over that couch arm while sucking and stroking and going cock crazy.

Kaia wanted to do that. She wanted to suck off all of those hot black studs and get their huge cock in her horny mouth before letting them all wreck her teenage holes and even if they were too occupied with Ariana, Kaia was sure she could find other well-hung men at this party to do it. Her pussy and asshole were still sore and cummy from Cash and Channing and all Kaia wanted more.

Everything here was arousing her, from the way Maggie and Jake were kissing and playing with each other’s nude bodies as the show turned the wicked sibling actors on to the way the hot men were going at each other as they all fucked Ariana. Kaia loved seeing the men succumb to raw lust for each other as they gangbanged the superstar singer and she touched herself openly at the view of the gorgeous nude men kissing each other and playing with each other’s ebony bodies like it was so natural for them to do it.

The two men who had been kissing each other before now were behind Ariana and fucking her hard, one in her pussy and another in her ass and they had not only resumed kissing each other while they thrust hard and deep into her tiny white body, they had coaxed the third man into joining them too. Kaia loved seeing the three sexy black men openly kissing each other in such an enthused and erotic way and the two hot studs Ariana was sucking off in her greedy mouth had also gotten into it too as they kissed and ran their hands all over each other’s sexy ebony skin just like their friends were doing.

They might have been completely straight before today but they had totally succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh now and Kaia loved seeing such sexy, strong masculine men so openly kissing and touching each other with desire. It made her want to be the one being gangbanged so much more and she wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“Ughhhh ahhhh fuckkkk ohhhh please Ariana! Please let me have those cocks too!” Frankie grunted as Victoria fucked his ass with the strap-on even more enthusiastically now. “Look at them you little slut! Ughhh fuckkk they’re all going gay for each other and it’s so fucking hot! Let them fuck my mouth and my ass too! They don’t want your tiny little girl body! They want my boy body! They want to fuck me!”

Ariana was too well occupied with her drooling mouth stuffed with two rock hard cocks to respond to her brother and point out that they definitely wanted to be fucking her as five throbbing poles were pumped into her three holes at once as two more seemed eager to coat her hands with cum. But Victoria wasn’t silent about it and she slapped Frankie’s bare ass hard with a fierce smack that turned his butt cheek pink while she plowed him from behind.

“Shut up you slut!” Victoria growled in lust, the cocaine she had just snorted off her own sister’s chest turning her into even more of a wild woman as she thrust up Frankie’s asshole with the toy attached to her beautiful waist. “Mmmmmm just take this fucking cock right up your ass, bitch boy! Oooooh you love it, don’t you Frankie? I can see how fucking stiff your dick is as I peg you! Mmmm you’re an even bigger whore for it up the ass than your sister is!”

And Frankie certainly agreed with that, loving those hard thrusts from his sister’s former co-star. His ass eagerly took on more and more of the thick plastic as Victoria pushed it up his hole.

“Fuck yeah! I’m a bigger cock whore than she ever could be!” Frankie groaned when Victoria helpfully reached down to give him a reach around and started stroking his cock while she buttfucked him. “Ariana’s such a fucking whore that she even wants my cock! Ooooh she loves my gay cock up her slutty cunt and ass but I’m an even bigger slut than she is! No one wants cock more than me! I’ll fuck more guys than she ever could! Fuck me Victoria! Fuck me hard and loosen my ass up even more for those hot studs to fuck me like the whore I am!”

“Ooooh yeahhhhh you’re an even bigger slut than Ari, huh? I’ll have to see that for myself!” Victoria giggled, the cocaine rushing through her blood stream and making her lovely eyes wide with energy as she thrust wildly into Frankie and jacked off his throbbing erection, her round tits bouncing on her chest with her unbridled thrusts. “Mmmm fuck when we did the show me and Ariana would always see how many guys we could fuck! I always beat that little bitch! Mmmm fuck one time I found her naked on the set and being fucked hard by the crew guys and I just stripped off my clothes too and let those fat, greasy Teamster fucks run a train on my ass and cunt and mouth all night long so I could outdo her! Oooooh fuck then we licked the cum off each other after all those guys gave us a bath with their spunk and it was soooo fucking hot! Mmmm fuck I want to see you be as slutty as your sister so I can outdo you too Frankie!”

Kaia felt her cunt quiver at the sound of Victoria and Ariana being such wicked teen whores on the Victorious set all those years ago. That sounded so hot and Kaia felt the impulse to go up to Victoria and kiss her and play with those perfect tits of hers while she fucked Frankie’s ass. But Kaia never got the chance because she instead was very happily distracted by Madison coming up to her and passionately kissing on the lips.

Kaia and Madison had never met before today but Kaia didn’t hesitate to kiss Victoria’s sister on the lips and return the passion she was getting from the other woman. Soon the two of them were making out and letting their tongues rub together as they shared their saliva with each other. It felt so good and right to kiss the sexy girl she had never met before and when Kaia felt Madison reaching between her legs to touch her pussy she eagerly spread herself open for her and offered the girl easier access to her teenage honeypot.

“Oooooh you’re so wet mmmmm gawd and you just got fucked too!” Madison moaned as her fingers explored Kaia’s pussy and made the younger girl gasp and mew happily over her sexy touch. “You have such a hot body! Have you ever been with a girl?”

“Oh yes! Lots and lots of times!” Kaia replied back while getting her own hands on Madison’s round tits, exploring the firm mounds and loving how stiff the girl’s nipples were. “I love fucking girls! You and your sister are both so hot!”

“Mmmmm you like my sister? You want to fuck me and her?” Madison said, her smile big and her eyes lit up from the cocaine.  “Mmmmm Victoria is the best sister! She lets me fuck her whenever I want! I eat her pussy and lick her butt and I love it when she fucks me like she’s fucking that cock slut Frankie! I want her to use that toy on me while I’m eating your pussy! You like that? Like knowing I’m a fucking dyke with my own sister? Mmmmm like knowing what a fucking slut I can be?”

Madison was babbling a little as she openly discussed her wild ways and while a lot of that was clearly fueled by the line she had just done, Kaia also could see that Madison felt entirely comfortable exposing herself and her desires. After all she and Victoria had been openly doing a 69 with each other before and now that Madison was high she was bragging about it and trying to entice Kaia into their fun, something the girl was very happy to let happen. She had loved seeing Madison and Victoria going at it before, their beautiful faces buried in each other’s crotches.

“Mmmmmhmmm I love hearing about you and your slutty sister!” Kaia declared, showing she wasn’t about to be a passive participant as she took her hand off Madison’s chest and instead pressed it between her legs so she could rub her fingers against the girl’s slick, juicy labia lips. “I saw you two fucking before and it turned me on! I love naughty family play! Mmmm I came here with my brother and I want both of us to play with you! I love sucking his cock and I love fucking him! I want to see if you and your sister can eat my pussy better than my brother can!”

“Oooooooh that’s so fucking hot!” Madison squealed before kissing Kaia again while they both played with each other’s pussies. “Mmmm I don’t even know who the fuck you are but I want you and your brother to come play with me! There’s only one guy I really get into but that sounds so hot. He can jerk off watching me and you and Victoria lez out and then we can suck his cock and see who fucks better!”

Madison and Kaia resumed making out, playing with each other’s bodies but even as they kissed, Kaia found it impossible to just focus on her. It was so hot that Madison was doing this to her when they were total strangers to her but it wasn’t the only thing turning Kaia on when there were so many people fucking all around them including Victoria pegging Frankie’s man cunt just a foot away from them and Maggie getting on all fours on the other side of her and Madison so Jake could fuck her from behind.

Kaia heard Maggie’s familiar moans and she loved the sound of her friend’s illicit pleasure when Jake penetrated her. She could hear the sound of their sexy sibling bodies slapping together as he began fucking her doggie style and Kaia got extra wet over the Gyllenhaals fucking just like she always did when they were together. And right in front of Kaia, Ariana was going strong. The cocaine had only made her hornier and she was living out every kinky desire she had for the seven men she was playing with at the same time.

Ariana was still bent over the couch and squealing and panting in intense ecstasy as she had cock in her pussy and cock up her ass while the third man went back and forth between her horny fuckholes, stuffing her pussy with his friend and then pulling out to join his other friend in Ariana’s asshole. One of her holes was being perpetually double penetrated and the well-hung men were giving it to her hard, thrusting and filling her and slapping her bare white ass with their dark hands, making it pink and flushed as she squealed for more.

“Yessssssssss! Oooooooh fucking spank me for being so dirty and wanting all those big cocks!” Ariana panted, drooling with desire as she was fucked and filled. “Ooooooh slap my tiny little butt with those big hands! Gawwwwd fuckkkkk yessss make my ass sting as you fuck me! Ooooooh fuckkkk I love being a fucking whore like this! Gimmie all those cocks! All for Ari! None for Frankie! Mmmm none for Tori! All for me!”

Ariana was acting like quite the coked up brat and she loved it. And so did the men fucking and spanking her, their big, dark cocks filling her small, lithe body up. But the three men behind her weren’t the only ones she was playing with. She had four more at her disposal and as the three fucking her had their way with Ariana, she had her way with the other four. The superstar wasn’t sucking and jerking them anymore. Instead she had all four of them bent over in front of her so she could take turns dragging her tongue up their ass cracks and licking their tight puckered holes.

Ariana went from man to man, pushing her famous face into their dark ass cheeks and rimming them with wicked enthusiasm. With her hands helpfully spreading them open, Ariana buried her tongue in their ebony asses, licking wetly up their cracks and zeroing in on their holes. As the men all groaned for her, Ariana took turns licking their assholes, sliding her tongue over their tight holes and poking inside them so she could rim them all deeply.

Ariana eagerly took liberties with their assholes, shoving her face into their cracks and tonguing their dark holes as they called her a slut and a whore and a nasty girl. And she loved every second of it too. She was high and horny as fuck and Ariana squealed and grunted into their ass cracks while she was pounded from behind by three huge cocks shoved deep inside her.

“Yessssssssss I’m a nasty fucking girl!” Ariana moaned, drool dripping off her lips and the man’s ass crack as she lifted herself up from the ass of one of her new friends. “I love eating black ass! Mmmm gawd I love eating all kinds of ass but black ass is the yummiest just like black cock is the yummiest! Oooooh Frankie I’m going to eat all these sexy black butts and then kiss you so you can taste them right off my lips! Fuckkkkk ohhhh fuckkkk keep fucking me as I eat you all out! Mmmm ohhhh ohhhhh yesssss deeper! Harder! Fucking wreck my pussy and ass while I eat these butts out! Ooooooh yummy!”

Ariana then got back to going back and forth on all four of the bent over black asses in her face. She would go from left to right licking and tongue fucking the moaning men and then went back right to left, leaving all four men wet with her horny saliva as she took turns eating their asses out, shoving her face into their muscular backsides and burying her tongue inside them deep. All four men were rock hard from Ariana’s rimjobs and totally lost in lust as the sexy black studs kissed and jacked each other’s cocks off, taking turns on each other while Ariana took turns tonguing their asses.

Frankie was grunting and moaning from the idea of tasting black ass all over his sexy sister’s lips. She might have been a spoiled brat and he might have been gay but even he couldn’t resist Ariana and the thought of kissing her after she had rimmed out four men had him going past the point of no return especially with Victoria fucking his ass and jerking his cock off.

“Yesssss come Frankie! Come all over my hand while I’m pegging your hot man cunt!” Victoria hissed in coked up desire. “Fucking shoot that jizz all over my hand and I’ll feed it back to you! Oooooh you naughty boy! You love getting butt fucked as much as your sister does! It’s so hot to fuck you both! Take it up your bitch boy hole you naughty fag! Mmmm I love fucking your man hole! Come all over my hand while I’m buried up your gay ass with my big, fake girl cock!”

And while he might not have been into girls, with notable exceptions, Frankie was unable to keep himself from giving Victoria what she wanted. Without taking his eyes off the sight of his famous superstar sister tongue deep in hot, muscular black ass while the men all succumbed to hot gay lust for each other, kissing and stroking each other’s thick, hard dicks, Frankie unloaded. The feel of Victoria’s soft hand jerking him off while she filled him up with plastic prick from behind pushed him over the edge.

“Fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh fuckkkk! Fuck that load out of me! Ooooooh fuck yeah Tori! Buttfuck my faggot ass ohhhhhhhhhh!” Frankie groaned as he throbbed and squirted in her soft hand, coating it with his sperm as she stroked it out of him.

What didn’t coat Victoria’s hand dripped right onto the rug underneath them and Victoria was relentless in jerking out every drop of Frankie’s load. She kept fucking and stroking him, letting his sticky, hot jizz soak her hand until he was soft in her grasp. And only then did Victoria slide her fake dick out of his ass and make good on her promise by letting Frankie suck and lick his own cum right off of her hand.

Frankie hungrily licked his load off of Victoria’s hand. He was flushed and sweaty from being fucked so hard but still totally energized as he licked all over her soft, cum covered hand. Frankie licked up every bit of his own sperm and didn’t miss a drop as he happily swallowed it and left Victoria’s hand wet with his saliva.

“Oooooh nasty boy! Mmmm lick up your own jizz! No wonder boys like you so much mmm you’re such a kinky fuck!” Victoria moaned, using her free hand to pinch and tug at her own nipples while Frankie cleaned her off. “Mmmm but I’ve got something else I want you to taste! C’mon Frankie! Let’s see if you’re as good a cocksucker as your sister is!”

Frankie knew what Victoria wanted and he badly wanted it too. So he didn’t hesitate to move his mouth from her hand right to the fake cock she still had on around her sexy waist. Victoria stood up and he kneeled down, sucking the toy and going ass to mouth on it so he could savor his own wicked flavor while his sister continued to get gangbanged right in front of him. And Frankie happily put his cocksucking skills on display too, bobbing his lips up and down on the strap-on that had just pegged his ass while his hole tingled and gaped from how well Victoria had fucked it.

“Ooooooh that’s soooo hot!” Kaia moaned, remembering how hot it always was to see Presley go ass to mouth after she or Nikki or even their mom had fucked him with a toy. “You’re all so sexy!”

“Mmmmhmm and so are you,” Madison moaned, playing with Kaia’s pussy while the younger girl played with hers. “But you have to show me more. I don’t just want your fingers in my cunt! I want your tongue too! Eat me out you little slut!”

Madison showed how serious she was about her request by lying back on the rug and spreading open her lovely legs. She fully splayed open her smooth, dripping pussy and started rubbing her swollen, sodden lips. Kaia didn’t need the extra incentive but she sure appreciated the view of Madison Reed’s gorgeous dripping vagina.

“Mmmmm gladly! I’ve been wanting to eat you since the second I saw you and Victoria 69ing,” Kaia declared before moving her mouth to Madison’s splayed folds and placed a hot kiss right on the center of her opened labia.

Kaia got herself on all fours right in front of Madison and planted that kiss onto her pussy, loving the first tangy taste she got of the girl’s juices. Kaia loved that initial taste of a new girl she was fucking for the first time and Madison’s flavor and the way her natural feminine musk filled up her nostrils made Kaia want to taste a whole lot more of the sexy girl.

“Oooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmm fuck I love having my pussy eaten!” Madison purred when Kaia followed up that kiss with a sensual series of licks that bathed Madison’s aroused pussy lips and left her tingling with desire.

“Good! Because I love eating pussy!” Kaia giggled, the Ecstasy still flowing in her bloodstream and making her extra horny as she began lapping at Madison’s drippy wet pussy, tasting her juices as she felt another set of hands grab her from behind and squeeze her firm teenage buns.

“Yessssss eat my sister! Mmmm tongue fuck her wet cunt! She loves that!” Victoria declared, unable to resist the sight of her sexy sister lying back for another girl to go down on her. “Ooooh you look so fucking sexy licking her! Eat her pussy! Lick the juicy cum right out of Madison! Make her come just like I did before!”

As she said all of this, Victoria took the fake cock still dangling between her legs and slid it up and down Kaia’s ass crack, pushing it right between her tight, young cheeks and sawing it back and forth. The extra stimulation turned Kaia on even more, especially when Victoria pressed the head of her toy to her slit from behind and used her hands to squeeze her ass cheeks.

“Mmmmm you have such a nice butt!” Victoria moaned in desire while kneeling behind Kaia and rubbing her toy into her. “Such firm little cheeks mmmm fuckkkk I love little girls like you acting all slutty! Mmmm I loved playing with Madison when she was growing up! Mmmm gawd I was fucking molesting my own sister and making her into a slut like me! Now look at her! Look at what a sexy whore my sister is! Mmmmm sexy little girls like you make me so fucking wet!”

“Yeahhhhhhh you made me into a slut Victoria and I begged you to do it too!” Madison cried out happily while Kaia tongued her pussy. “Mmmmm I loved when you fucking played with my body, you and me sneaking around so our parents would never know that every night you’d come into my room and strip off my PJs and lick and finger and suck on my young pussy! Ooooh fuck you gave me my first orgasms and I’ve never been able to get enough! Ughhh you turned me into a total slut and I fucking loved every bit of it!”

Kaia got so turned on hearing Madison and Victoria’s fucked up confessions as the cocaine fueled singer and actress groped her bare ass and slid a hand underneath her body to cup her soaking wet teenage mound and massage it. It felt so good to have Victoria’s soft hand rubbing her pussy and Kaia moaned into Madison’s dripping twat while she licked it faster and pushed her tongue in deeper, getting more of the wet, sticky flavor from her newest female lover.

Hearing their naughty stories reminded Kaia so much of how she would wait up every night for Presley to come to her room and give her the dick her young, inexperienced pussy craved. But of course they hadn’t had to sneak around, not when their parents were encouraging their teenage children to be naked around the house and explore each other’s bodies. She got turned on, though, by living vicariously through Madison and Victoria’s confessions about illicit sneaking around and forbidden lesbian incest. It made Kaia extra wet while Victoria touched her.

“Ooooooh you have such a hot young pussy,” Victoria moaned, her fingers sliding over Kaia’s slick lips and spreading them open without any inhibition or hesitation. “I love feeling your cunt mound! Mmmmm it’s sooooo hot and young and I can feel it get nice and swollen for me! Mmmm gawd I loved playing with Madison’s puffy little lips and now I’m playing with yours! Mmmm you’re so fucking wet for me! Mmmm fuckkkk I wish you were even younger! Ughhhh gawd I love fucking little teenage girls with their puffy little pussies getting all wet and red with desire so I can suck the hot teen juice out of them! Mmmm when I did Victorious I would meet such pretty girls on my mall tours and backstage at our concerts! Mmmm their moms and dads would be so eager to whore their daughters out to me and let me fuck them! All those stage moms and dads would let me fuck their young teen daughters after I told them I’d give their kids parts on the show and give their music demos to producers! Ughhh fuck Nickelodeon would even bring girls to me just so I could play with them! I wish you’d been one of those girls! You’re sooooo fucking hot! I wish we’d been fucking before today!”

Kaia groaned in lust over Victoria so openly confessing such a perverted side of herself. The thought of someone as sweet looking as Victoria Justice being a deviant lesbian slut eager to molest pretty young teen girls, even her own sister, made Kaia moan and pant while she lapped at Madison’s dripping pink hole. Kaia didn’t say anything but she shared Victoria’s illicit fantasy and pictured just how hot it would have been if Victoria had gotten her hands on her a few years ago when she was just budding in her sexuality.

“Mmmmm Nickelodeon was like a fucking sex ring,” Victoria admitted, confessing to the open secret everyone already knew as the cocaine and the sex made her loose lipped while she played with Kaia’s pussy. “Mmmmm that fat fuck Dan loved to make us work for our parts and we all got rewarded for giving it up to him! The network would let us have our own fun so we wouldn’t tell about what a sick pedo he is! Ooooh when we would wrap an episode we always got these pretty girls and boys sent to us for all of us to play with! Mmmm not just me! Ariana and Liz loved fucking those yummy young girls too and sucking and licking their pretty, wet bulging cunt mounds and gawwd it was sooo fucking hot! Mmmm I got so much young, fresh pussy while I was on that show and we all shared it at our cast parties! I loved sucking young cunt and having horny boys shove their young boners right into my cunt and my ass and my mouth while I’d watch Avan and Matt fuck those pretty girls and make those boys suck them off! Mmmmm but the best was watching Leon take that fucking black monster cock of his and shove it into a fresh teen cunt or when he’d fuck some pretty boy’s ass! Fuckkkk I miss doing that show!”

Everything Victoria was saying was turning Kaia on and making her want to taste Madison even more. It was so wild and wrong and it made her wish she had taken up the opportunity to do a guest spot on the show once. She hadn’t wanted to start acting so she had passed on the audition but now Kaia regretted missing the chance to be at such a depraved cast party.

“Mmmmm bring me to your next cast reunion,” Kaia moaned in between licks of Madison’s wetness. “I’ll let all of you do anything you want to my tight teen body! Mmmm ANYTHING!”

Kaia meant that most sincerely and she backed herself up against Victoria’s hand, humping her smooth, glistening pussy against it while she felt the girl’s fake cock sliding into her butt crack right between her firm little cheeks. And as she did that, Kaia licked Madison with even more enthusiasm. Kaia was so turned on for both of the slutty sisters and she tongued Madison with eager, thirsty licks, wanting her cum all over her tongue.

“Yeahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh yeahhh ooooooh you’re a good fucking pussy licker!” Madison moaned, writhing and grinding her bare ass into the rug while playing with her own tits with one hand and using the other to push down on Kaia’s head and keep her mouth on her crotch. “Eat me you little slut! Mmmm yesssssss lick up that juicy cream dripping right out of my cunt! Mmmm fuck I love that I don’t know your name and you’re eating my pussy so good! Mmmm yeahhhhhhhh!”

That aroused Kaia too and she licked Madison even more, working her tongue over her juicy folds and wetly lapping at it before zeroing in on Madison’s clit. Madison’s clit was so swollen with desire and Kaia expertly tongued it, giving it a wicked tongue bath and making Madison gasp and groan on the floor. Kaia loved knowing Madison had no idea who she was and that people at this party, her included, were only focused on pleasure. Nothing else mattered. Not gender or labels and not even names. The only thing that mattered was feeling good.

But while Madison was ignorant, Victoria was not. She had never met Kaia before but she had a pretty good idea exactly who the girl was.

“You’re Cindy Crawford’s daughter, right?” Victoria asked while sliding her toy in between Kaia’s tight teen buns.

“Mmmmmhmmmm yessssss!” Kaia moaned while licking, always eager to brag about being her mother’s daughter.

“Oooooh hot! I fucked your mommy with this toy once!” Victoria replied as she slowly pushed inside Kaia, penetrating the girl with her favorite strap-on just like she had done before to Cindy. “Mmmm she was so hot! I fucked her on Elle MacPherson’s yacht during one of her parties! Fuck! It was just like this too! I fucked your mom’s cunt while she was bent over and eating Madison out! I fucked your slutty mommy so good and made her come all over my cock while Madison came all over her face! Just like we’re doing now! Oooooh like mommy, like daughter!”

Kaia loved the sound of that and she only wished she had been on that particular boat trip. Elle MacPherson wasn’t just Cindy’s fellow supermodel, she was also one of their hottest fuck friends. Elle had not only been with Cindy and Rande too many times to keep count but Kaia and Presley had enjoyed her legendary body too whenever they could. And one thing Elle loved to do was party on the huge yacht her billionaire ex-husband had happily bought his supermodel wife.

Elle’s boat was such a naughty place for fun and Kaia loved coming aboard for parties with her parents and her friends as Elle would chart a course out into the ocean away from prying eyes so everyone could strip off their swimsuits and frolic in the nude, skinny dipping in the ocean and sucking and licking and fucking anyone they wanted to. Elle’s boat parties always had the best sex and the best drugs and the most fun and it was the only thing Kaia could even compare to the party she was experiencing now.

Knowing that Victoria and Madison had been on those boat trips and had fucked her mom, and probably her dad too, made Kaia want to be extra good friends with the sisters and she wasn’t the only one.

“What was that about fucking my mom?” a male voice asked which immediately got Kaia to perk up and smile when she pulled up from Madison’s crotch with her juices all over her face.

“Presley!” Kaia excitedly declared, her horniness and the Ecstasy inside her making her extra happy to see her brother.

“Oooooh you brought your brother too? Mmmm that’s extra fucking hot! Mmmm c’mere Presley! Kiss me while I turn your sister into my slut!” Victoria urged and the naked blonde boy, his cock dangling so sexily between his legs, was happy to oblige.

He went up to Victoria and kissed her passionately, feeling up her bare tits while Victoria thrust into Kaia from behind with her strap-on. Victoria had started off by teasingly pushing into Kaia with the toy that had just been up Frankie’s ass but when she started kissing Presley, Victoria began thrusting harder, pushing deeper and faster into Kaia’s pussy from behind while the teenager kept on licking Madison.

“I missed you Presley,” Victoria said with a moan of need as her hands roamed over his smooth teen boy chest and playfully toyed with his nipples. “Mmmmm we haven’t played in SO long! I miss you! I miss your big cock! It’s been too long since we played that last time at Donnie’s!”

And at the sound of that name, it was Madison’s turn to perk up.

“Donnie’s here?” Madison asked eagerly before getting just the answer she had hoped for.

“Mmmmhmm right here for you, sweetheart,” Donnie declared charmingly and sensually with his Aussie accent coming through a little more than usual because he knew Madison liked it.

From her vantage point between her legs, Kaia could see just how Madison’s eyes lit up when Donnie walked over his cock already semi-hard as it lay so tantalizingly between his legs all meaty and full with those big, hanging balls. Kaia loved that cock and now she could see that clearly Madison loved it too because just from the interactions, Kaia could tell that not only that Madison had a clear huge crush on Donnie that went beyond just raw cock lust but that Victoria had one too on Presley.

And Kaia wasn’t sure how she felt about that. She had no problem with Donnie and Madison having a wicked little thing going, especially when Madison’s first reaction when Donnie came over was to open wide and inhale his cock into her mouth. But she felt a reflexive jealousy when she saw Victoria kissing Presley, running her fingers over his nipples just like Kaia knew he liked and reaching down to grasp his soft cock and stroke it back to life.

It was clear that they had been together many times before and she hadn’t had any idea that her brother had hooked up with Victoria. Kaia could see the intimacy between Presley and Victoria. And it bothered her for several reasons, not the least of which was because Victoria had stopped thrusting into her with the strap-on.

Kaia had seen her brother be with lots of other girls before but none seemed to react to him quite like Victoria had and Kaia didn’t like it. Kaia felt the evil impulse to get off her hands and knees and push Victoria out of the way so she could touch Presley’s body instead of her. She didn’t want her brother looking at anyone but her like that and Kaia felt totally jealous of the way Presley and Victoria were sensually touching each other and kissing.

But she quickly cooled herself down. Kaia didn’t want to ruin the sexy, fun buzz of the party by being jealous, especially since Presley was her brother and not her boyfriend. But she couldn’t help but still feel lingering anger over how Victoria and Presley were kissing each other and Kaia found herself thinking, and not for the first time, just how perfect life could be if Presley could be her brother AND her boyfriend.

Kaia knew that was crazy, though, and she pushed it out of her mind so she could instead focus on Madison again. The girl had taken her hand off of Kaia’s head so she could instead use both of them on Donnie, stroking his cock and playing with his balls as Madison sucked him back to full hardness. But Kaia didn’t stop licking even though Madison was now fixated on Donnie. In fact she licked harder, thinking if Victoria could make her jealous by playing with her brother, she could do the same back by making Victoria’s sister come extra hard.

Kaia licked Madison more, tonguing her faster right over her clit and sliding in two of her fingers to stimulate her too. And it totally did the trick too as Madison squealed in pleasure, popping her mouth off of Donnie’s now hard dick.

“Yeahhhhhhh ooooooooooh yesssssssss eat that fucking pussy! Oooooh fuck! Make me come! Mmmm yeahhhhhhh your tongue feels so good on my clit! Mmmm you eat pussy just as good as your mommy does!” Madison cried. “Fuckkkk yesssss shove those fingers right into my cunt too! Mmmm fuck that feels good! More! Fuck me more you little slut! Oooooh I’m going to come!”

And that got Victoria’s attention as she broke the kiss with Presley to focus back on Kaia. She realized she had stopped thrusting and she immediately made up for it, pushing harder and faster into Kaia from behind while she stroked Presley’s cock, pleasuring both of the Gerber kids and using her free hand to slap Kaia’s bare ass, smacking her tight little cheek and making a flushed handprint form on it.

“Make her come! Fucking make my sister come!” Victoria commanded Kaia while picking up the pace of her strap-on thrusts, pushing her toy deeper into the teen girl who’s pussy was still squishy from Cash’s cum. “Oooooh you have such a hot little tight cunt! Mmmm fuckkkkk I love tight little girl cunt so fucking much! Ooooooh lick her with your teen tongue Kaia! Lick her like the little young slut you are! Make her come while I fuck you! Ughhh gawd fucking your tight teen pussy! Mmm you’re so pretty and tight, Kaia!”

Victoria and Presley resumed kissing after that but Kaia didn’t mind so much this time because she was being fucked now and she liked it. As jealous as she might have been over Victoria, she loved how good it felt to have her strap-on pushing into her pink hole and filling her up. She gasped and groaned and happily slurped away on Madison’s clit, tasting how close the girl was to having an orgasm all over her face.

Madison wasn’t as close as Ariana was though and the girl couldn’t hold back anymore from being pounded by three cocks all at once. She had already come from being gangbanged multiple times but this was the big one and she wanted it so bad. Ariana had two of the thick, rock-hard black cocks buried up her ass and the third one penetrating her pussy perfectly as her clit throbbed and her cunt dripped for it all. And she reminded everyone of her presence by pulling up from the asses she was still hungrily eating to scream out her ecstasy.


Ariana had been drooling and lapping away at the three beautiful black asses in her face as they stood bent over and cheek to cheek in front of her. She had been moaning like a whore into them as she had gone from man to man and made a meal out of their asses but now she could no longer hold back. The three cocks stuffing and stretching her little Italian holes were driving her wild. Her cunt was dripping all over the thick cock filling her pussy and she was thrusting herself back to let the two men up her ass fill her deeply.

Even from between Madison’s legs, Kaia could see Ariana on the couch, the three men fucking her from behind as she banged her tiny body back against them. Her bare skin smacked nosily into theirs, their sweaty flesh making such a sexy sound for everyone and Kaia could even see how the three men fucking her had their balls slapping into her body and each other too. It was so lewd and wild to see those dark skinned gods defiling Ariana Grande to her utter delight and ecstasy. She was loving everything that was happening to her and Kaia loved the show.

“OOOOOOH YESSS MORE! MORE COCK! FUCKKKKK MAKE ME COME! MAKE ME COME IN FRONT OF FRANKIE SO HE SEES ALL THIS YUMMY BLACK COCK AND HOT BLACK ASS IS MINE AND NOT HIS OOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKK!” Ariana cried, her tiny tits bouncing as much as they could on her toned chest. Her little pixie body looked so overwhelmed with those three monster black cocks pounding her from behind while she was bent over but she loved it all and she wanted it never to stop.

Frankie was occupied now as Jake Gyllenhaal was sucking his rapidly rehardening cock while Jake fucked Maggie from behind. Frankie had dreamed for so long about a blowjob from Jake and yet he was still looking at his bratty, slutty sister as Jake blew him at the same time he was balls deep inside Maggie’s warm, welcoming taboo cunt. Jake fucked his MILF of a sister hard while he sucked off Frankie and soon he had even more cock as Presley wandered over from Victoria and, knowing Jake as well as he did, had no hesitation about pushing his dick into the movie star’s mouth too, giving Jake too meaty rods to slurp on at the same time.

Kaia loved seeing that, especially when Presley and Frankie started making out but she was also most focused on Ariana, even as she kept on licking and finger fucking Madison. Seeing the superstar be fucked like that had grabbed everyone’s attention and she was practically demanding it from the way she was screaming in ecstasy from being fucked so hard and deep, three cocks penetrating her at once as the men she had been rimming turned around and took turns smacking her sexy face with their hard-ons while she squealed happily from it.


And the three cocks that Ariana felt inside herself didn’t just make her come. Two cocks in her ass and one in her pussy made her squirt. She roared out her delight, her tiny body convulsing on the couch as she squirted her juices out all over the cock stuffed up her pussy and let her liquid essence drip down his shaft and balls and onto the couch cushions beneath them both.

Ariana kept screaming as she squirted out several blasts of her girly jizz and soon after it was time for the men to let loose on her. Ariana was a sweaty, exhausted and happy mess as she slumped over on the couch, the three men behind her pulling out of her sore, loosened holes. But she wasn’t done with them yet. As all eyes were on her, Ariana had a very specific and messy command.

“Come all over me!” Ariana commanded. “I want my brother to see me get a cum bath! C’mon Frankie I know you want all this cock and cum for yourself but it’s all mine! Watch me get soaked in jizz! C’mon you dirty boys! Shower me with spunk! Come ALL over me!”

All seven of the men were eager to give Ariana what she wanted because their balls were boiling with the need to release. All seven of them surrounded Ariana on the couch, their erections angrily throbbing and stroked themselves and each other. Ariana helped out too, moving her hands from cock to cock and stroking and caressing their balls and trying to get all their cum for herself.

“Yessssssssssssss yessssssssssss drench me in that hot spunk!” Ariana moaned in bliss as the first man unleashed, his cock erupting like a fire hose as cum squirted out onto her sweaty tits and up onto Ariana’s flushed face. “Mmmmm more! Gimmie more! More cum! More spunk for Ari!”

Ariana reached down to her sore, cummy pussy and began playing with it, finger fucking herself and rubbing her loosened lips as the cum struck her skin. The second and third men were quick to unleash right after, blasts of their cum soaking her face and getting in her dark hair as Ariana begged for more, opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue so she could catch the streams of semen flying out of the huge black cocks she had been gorging herself on.

Cum flew out all over Ariana’s face, falling onto her eyes and her forehead and into her open mouth as the second and third men came with loud, happy grunts. The fourth cock was next as he shot a gusher of hot cum right into Ariana’s waiting mouth, letting her swallow blast after blast of jizz while she panted with horny need, fingering herself and letting him shoot those white streams into her mouth.

The cum dripping down her face made Ariana have to close her eyes but she kept begging for it, moaning for more like a whore as the fifth cock started to spur and the sixth one was quick to follow right after.

“Yesssssssss cover this pretty, famous face!” Ariana moaned. “Ooooooh give it to me! Come all over my fucking face! Shoot all over the face that everyone in the world knows! Cover me in spunk! Fuckkkk I want to feel it dripping down to my tits! Ughhh yessssssss oooooh fuckkkkk soooo hot! So sticky! Mmmm yesssssssss more cum! MORE! Cover me all over! Ohhhhh fuck yessssssssss!”

The fifth and six cocks spurted out all over her nose and lips and down her chin as the semen kept dripping down her face onto her neck and chest just how she wanted it. It felt so good for her to have that cum all hot and sticky on her skin and Ariana fingered herself harder and harder, the sperm being shot out covering her face in a messy white film as it dripped all over skin and made her moan in whorish delight.

There was still one more to go and, even with her eyes closed, Ariana fumbled for it and grabbed it in her hands, stroking the thick black rod that had just been up her ass with both of her tiny hands, smearing her pussy juices all over it and making the final cock blast all over her. Ariana jerked him off furiously, wanting to milk every last drop of cum out to feel it on her face as thick gobs of it shot out of his spasming cock and creamed her face even more. She was a filthy mess of sperm all over and she was moaning in utter contentment from how good it felt to her.

“Yesssssssss make me your cum drenched whore! Mmmmm watch me Frankie! Watch your whore sister get coated! Fuckkkkkk ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk!” Ariana moaned out as she lay back with her eyes closed and her famous face absolutely soaked with cum. “Ooooooh it’s soooo fucking nasty and I love it! Fuckkkk I love feeling that cum all over my fucking face!”

Frankie couldn’t stand it and he pulled himself out of Jake’s mouth so he could go over to the couch and press his naked body into his sister’s. She was so sticky and wet with pussy squirt, sweat and seven loads of jizz and Frankie rubbed himself right into Ariana as he began licking it all off her. He hungrily went after that cum, just like he had licked Victoria’s hand clean, and he began licking it off her face with hungry laps of his tongue.

Frankie gave Ariana a tongue bath all over her face, licking the semen up and then connecting with her in a kiss that she happily returned. The twisted brother and sister shared a cummy kiss as he snowballed it right back into her mouth and let her swallow it before he went back to lick up more. There was so much cum all over Ariana’s face and Frankie didn’t care how long it took because he wanted to lap up every drop of it.

It had been such a display that Kaia had stopped licking Madison in order to take it all in. But she got right back to it as soon as she got her focus again, plunging her face back into the girl’s opened legs so tongue and suck her pussy. And Madison moaned in appreciation while sucking Donnie off, his big cock looking right at home in her sexy mouth.

Madison moved her lips up and down Donnie’s stiff pole, moaning while she played with his balls and felt Kaia’s lips and tongue work her over again. The look of ecstasy that washed over her face when Kaia slid her fingers back inside her fueled her on even more and Kaia licked and sucked and fucked Madison while Victoria kept on thrusting, pushing her strap-on into Kaia’s pussy and making it squish and squelch from how aroused the teenager still was.

“Fuck her! Fuck my sister! Make her come!” Victoria continued to demand while fucking Kaia and the girl complied happily, licking away at Madison’s honeypot and stuffing her fingers into her to make sure her clitoris was plenty stimulated.

And since Madison had been so close before, it was so easy for Kaia to get her right back to the edge of ecstasy. She slurped on Madison’s clit, pressing her skillful lips around it while she finger fucked the girl. The pleasure surge made Madison’s eyes roll back in her head while she was sucking Donnie off and she moaned out with her lips wrapped around his thick cock, drool dripping out of her mouth from how good it felt.

The passion and intensity of Kaia’s attention to Madison’s clitoris grew, allowing the pleasure to build up inside the girl. It quickly bubbled over because Kaia knew exactly what she was doing between her legs. Kaia had truly learned from the best when it came to eating pussy and Madison knew it as she pulled off Donnie’s wet cock and cried out her release.

“Fuckkkkk ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh right there you little whore right there! Fuckkkkkk yessssssssssssss you eat pussy just like your hot mommy! Just like your slutty mommy does to me ooooooooooooh fuckkk ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk right there! FUCKKKKKKKKK OHHH FUCKKK I’M COMINGGGGGGGGG YESSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSS! OOOOOOOH!” Madison screamed in orgasm, humping herself against Kaia’s face before she quieted her own sounds of ecstasy by taking Donnie back into her mouth and sucking his cock some more.

Kaia licked up every tasty drop of Madison’s cum and felt Victoria pounding into her harder and faster. Kaia loved being fucked by strap-ons. It wasn’t as good as the real thing, of course, but it could make for a fun and nasty time whenever she fucked women. Victoria was so good at it too and Kaia loved knowing that Victoria had also fucked her mom just like this. It made Kaia so proud of herself as she thought about how she could be just as hot and sexy as Cindy was and handle anyone who wanted to fuck her.

Kaia groaned in wanton pleasure as she felt Victoria nail her from behind with the toy. She had Madison’s cum all over her face and she could easily turn to her right and see her brother Presley getting naughtier with Maggie and Jake. Now both of their cocks were inside the award winning actress as Jake was burying his dick inside his sister’s ass and Presley was filling up Maggie’s wet cunt, all three of them kissing in untamed lust as they double penetrated her, Maggie’s naked body sandwiched between the two horny men.

Maggie looked so sexy taking Jake and Presley’s cocks inside her at the same time and it was a pleasure Kaia knew very well too, having been in the same threesome position on other occasions. She didn’t feel any jealousy over this and Kaia loved watching their tongues and mouths all touching in their three-way kiss as Jake and Presley both groped Maggie’s bouncing tits and she ran her hands all over their sexy smooth chests.

Having all of this happening around her while she was being fucked by Victoria was such a treat for Kaia’s senses. She had her eyes and ears filled with wonderfully depraved sex all around her as naked bodies slapped together in dirty pleasure while she could taste cum all over her face and smell the sweat and the sex and the debauchery. It was all so wonderful and it got even better when someone who had been looking for Kaia found her.

“There you are!” Peyton Roi List giggled, streaking over naked and energized, her face all alight and her eyes wide as Kaia quickly surmised that Peyton had tasted one of the Ecstasy tablets that Jenna Dewan Tatum had brought over for them all to share before. “Where did you get off to? Mmmmm fuckkk you haven’t forgotten about me, have you?”

“Of course not,” Kaia smiled, moaning and panting from being fucked from behind while she regarded her beautiful and high friend. “Mmmm I just thought you were having fun with Jessica and Cash and Jenna and Channing!”

“Oooooh I was!” Peyton immediately and enthusiastically declared as she essentially ignored that Kaia was on all fours and being fucked doggie style by Victoria Justice while she tried to carry on a conversation. “Mmmm I’ve been having so much fucking fun! Mmmm I’ve been eating SO much pussy! Mmmm gawd I can’t believe how much I like it! I mean I knew I liked it but I really LOVE it now! I’m so glad I came here! I’m so glad you’re here! I ate Jessica and Jenna’s pussies just like you did to me! I wanted to be just as hot and slutty as you are Kaia and I wanted to make them come so good!”

It was difficult to focus on what Peyton was saying when Victoria was distracting her with thrusts of the strap-on up her cunt, but Kaia loved how gorgeous her nude friend was babbling happily about all the sex she’d had. Peyton was definitely leaving her shell behind and it was so hot to see her naked and naughty, her beautiful face covered in the shine of girl cum from having eaten Jessica and Jenna both out.

“I loved licking their pussies and swallowing their cream mmm fuckkk and each time I fucked one of them their husband was behind me fucking me right in my tight little pussy!” Peyton moaned, reaching down and touching herself as she said it without even realizing what she was doing. “Mmmmm their big fucking cocks felt so good inside me! I loved how Channing fucked me! Ughhhh fuck I’d been wanting him to fuck me for so long and his big cock was amazing and then Cash fucked me after! Gawwwwwd Channing came inside me and it felt amazing and then he pulled out and when I ate Jessica, Cash started fucking me even though I already had a guy’s cum inside me! Mmmm it was so nasty and fun and it felt so good that he came inside me too and I swallowed that pill Jenna gave me and it made EVERYTHING feel even better! Gawd I was seeing rainbows when I came from those naughty daddies filling me up and shooting inside me mmm fuckkk I can totally feel their loads squishing in my pussy!”

Peyton was totally tripping on the Ecstasy and Kaia loved seeing how adorable she was when high. Kaia had done it so many times before that it was way easier for her to handle her high but she was still feeling it too and it made her want to be nasty with her no longer repressed friend.

“Mmmmm show me!” Kaia moaned as she was fucked. “Spread open that pretty little pussy of yours and show me how they filled you up with daddy cum! I wanna see it!”

“Ooooooh soooo naughty!” Peyton moaned, doing something she would have been too shy to do before as she spread open her pussy lips while standing in front of Kaia, showing off the creamy white remnants of how Cash and Channing had come inside her. “Mmmm it felt sooooo good Kaia! I loved feeling them shoot inside me!”

And Kaia, as horny and fucked up on Ecstasy as she was, had no compunction about doing what she did next. With Peyton standing right in front of her while she was on her hands and knees it was the perfect position to do it and without a word of warning, Kaia brought her mouth to Peyton’s and opened her lips to start licking at her friend’s freshly fucked pussy. Kaia hungrily licked the creampie right out of Peyton and the girl gasped in shock over it.

“Kaia? What are you? Oooooooooooh fuckkkkk! Ohhhh my God! Ooooooh yesssss you’re sooooo fucking hot, Kaia! Mmmmm nasty girl! Lick the naughty guy cum right out of my pussy! Ohhhhhhhhh that feels so good!” Peyton groaned, her initial shock quickly fading into happy pleasure over the very welcome feel of Kaia’s tongue on her vagina again.

No one had ever done something as naughty as lick someone else’s sperm out of her pussy and Peyton tingled from head to toe over it. It felt so wrong but so right at the same time and she giggled and moaned over the way Kaia’s tongue attacked her, sliding into her folds and licking up the cum that was dripping out of her like it was ice cream. Peyton shivered in pleasured from Kaia’s dirty act and the blonde stood there moaning, rubbing her hands all over her own naked body from how good it felt.

Kaia felt pretty good too as she licked the creampie out of her friend. Peyton’s pussy had tasted so good before but now it was even yummier for her with Cash and Channing’s loads mixed in with her cream. It was such a mix of naughty flavors and Kaia licked it all up, pressing her face right between Peyton’s young thighs while Victoria kept on fucking her from behind.

“Ooooh fuck you’re a nasty girl!” Victoria declared in a moaned admiration over what Kaia was doing. “Lick that cunt clean! I love it! Mmmm I wish I’d known you little whores when you were younger but I’m gonna make sure I fuck you both and make up for long time! Take my cock Kaia! Take it right up your pretty little young cunt!”

Kaia was taking it and she was loving it. It felt so good to have that hard toy driving into her pussy from behind, especially because Victoria kept spanking her ass, making her little cheeks sting and feel all hot and sexy from her firm, skillful slaps. Victoria knew just how to fuck too and the way that plastic slid into her already tender pussy felt amazing, especially with Peyton’s pussy right in her face.

Kaia was licking up every drop she could get from Peyton. She cleaned the creampie right out of her friend, lapping up the two male loads inside her and swallowing it down. It felt good to be so bad and show Peyton all the naughty things she knew how to do, especially as Peyton cooed and moaned for her, feeling up her own tits and swaying seductively on her feet as she stood right in front of Kaia.

But then Peyton said something that sounded even better than being able to lick her sloppy, cum filled pussy clean.

“Mmmmm Kaia! You’ve been such a good friend by going down on me and eating my pussy so nice! But I’ve never tasted you!” Peyton said. “I want to taste you Kaia! I want to be a good friend too and eat your pussy so I can make you come!”

Those weren’t just empty words to Peyton either. She stepped away from Kaia and got on the floor with her. Peyton had wanted to do this for so long but never had gotten the nerve to. But now she felt like she could do any dirty thing she wanted and she got her head underneath Kaia while the girl was on all fours being fucked by Victoria and this time it was Peyton’s turn to just start licking.

She was new at this but she had done a lot of pussy eating since she had arrived at the party so Peyton just went for it. The Ecstasy she had taken fueled her on too, giving her confidence and an eagerness to touch and lick and pleasure everyone she could. And Peyton moaned at the first taste of her friend’s cunt. Kaia was so wet and juicy for her and she tasted so good. So it was very easy for Peyton to lick her friend while Kaia was being fucked by Victoria.

“Yes Peyton yes!” Kaia groaned out in joy, her pleasure growing even stronger with an eager tongue lapping at her pussy while plastic filled it up “Oooooh yes sweetie! Lick me! Mmmm eat my pussy Peyton! Ohhhh I’ve wanted you to lick me for so long! Yesssssssss ooooh fuck yes! Eat me just like you ate out Camren and Jessica and Jenna! Mmmm fuck me like you fucked them and make me come!”

Peyton wanted to do that so much. She hadn’t known any of those other women before today but it was different with Kaia and she desperately wanted to please her friend. She wanted to make her feel so good that Kaia would always want to fuck her and that they’d do this all the time from now on. Peyton loved what she was turning into and having a friend like Kaia showing her how to be slutty made it even better for her.

Peyton’s tongue worked over Kaia’s pussy as Victoria thrust in and out of her, meaning Peyton was licking both the plastic and Kaia’s tasty, wet folds. It was so kinky to do this and that made Peyton want it even more. The drugs made it hard for her to focus because she wanted everything at once but Peyton managed to keep herself from getting distracted as she lay on her back underneath her friend and pressed her mouth to her pussy to suck it and lick it and do everything she could to make Kaia feel good.

“Ohhhh my God! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh fuck! Mmmm lick it Peyton! Ooooooh yesss you’re getting so good at this!” Kaia moaned, screwing her eyes shut as she felt two bursts of pleasurable energy flow threw her veins from being licked and fucked at the same time. “Fuckkkk ohhhhh yeah fuck me Peyton! Eat my pussy you naughty girl! Ohhh fuck lick me while Victoria fucks me! Oh my God this is so fucking good! Ohhhh fuckkk ohhhhhhh fuckkk don’t stop Peyton! Don’t stop Victoria! Ohhhh my God I’m going to fucking come from this!”

Kaia had been licked and she had been fucked many times. She had done all kinds of naughty lesbian positions. But she had never felt these two pleasures at the same time. The feel of Victoria so skillfully fucking her with the strap-on would have been enough for Kaia to get off from but having Peyton lick her at the same time while she was already high on Ecstasy just made everything so much more amazing.

Kaia couldn’t believe she had never tried this before with any of her girlfriends. It was incredible to be licked and fucked together and she knew this was a position she was going to make sure she got into as many times as possible from now on. The pleasure coursed through her, the adrenaline she felt from the sex mixing with the Ecstasy to give everything an extra bolt of lightning. Kaia panted and moaned and gasped out every bit of the pleasure she felt which only egged her lovers on.

Victoria could feel how close she was getting as Kaia’s snug cunt folds clamped down around her toy and made it harder to fuck her. She was getting tighter and wetter and Victoria loved seeing the teenager’s fuck juices coating her strap-on’s plastic shaft. Victoria picked up her pace, forcing more of the cock into Kaia as the girl’s folds clamped down around it and that egged Peyton on to lick faster and harder too.

Kaia was gasping for breath as she was overwhelmed by the pleasure she felt from the two women. Victoria was so skilled and Peyton was so eager and it all came together like magic. Kaia clawed her nails into the rug underneath her hands and squealed out her delight at the pleasure rushing through her body. She tossed her head back and kept her eyes clenched closed as her orgasm overtook her.

“Ohhhhhhhh! OHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH!!!” Kaia cried in release, her juices soaking Peyton’s pretty face and flowing right into the girl’s hungry mouth. “Yesssssssss! Ohhhhhhh fuck! OH FUCKKKKKK! SO GOOD! SO FUCKING GOOD! YESSSS FUCKKK OHHHH PEYTON BABY YESSSSSSSS FUCKKKK OHHH MY GOD VICTORIA! FUCKKK OHHHH FUCK MEEEEEE!”

Kaia came loudly and forcefully and was left gasping happily. The pleasure was drawn out too because Victoria kept thrusting away into Kaia’s pussy doggie style and Peyton was acting like she wanted to suck out every drop of her essence. That made it last longer and caused the tingles and rush to fully flow through every inch of her nude teenage body.

And when Kaia finally pulled herself away from her lovers because she couldn’t take any more without a little rest, Peyton was right there to kiss her. She had such a lovely, cum covered smile on her face that Kaia immediately went for the kiss because while she might have been frazzled by how good it had felt to come like that, Kaia always had energy to kiss. She erotically kissed her beautiful friend and loved tasting her own fresh, creamy cum all over Peyton’s lips.

The two girls were soon making out and when they finally ceased their kisses, the both of them fell onto their backs cuddling their nude teen bodies together as Peyton spooned into Kaia from behind, letting her friend feel her tits rub into her back and her wet, happy pussy slide up against Kaia’s firm little ass. They both needed a little breather and there was so much to see all around them.

Not even remotely ready to stop fucking, Victoria got up off her knees with her strap-on slick and juicy with Kaia’s cum to find another warm hole to bury it into. And that made it easier for Kaia and Peyton to see how Frankie was now on his knees on the floor of the room fluffing up all the cocks that had just showered Ariana in cum. He was sucking and stroking the cocks that had just fucked his sister and Ariana, her face still partly a mess of sticky jizz, got on her knees next to him to help, the Grande siblings making sure all seven of those men were rock hard again soon.

Kaia giggled as Peyton gasped in amazement at all she had missed with Ariana and then she turned her head to look for Presley. And when she did that, Kaia’s giggle turned into a moan as she saw her brother was bent over now for Jake to fuck from behind. Presley was grunting and moaning in ecstasy as Jake’s hard cock shoved up his ass and Maggie was now behind her brother, spreading open his ass so she could shove her face into it and rim Jake while he fucked Presley.

Right near them, Madison was getting some dick too as she was on all fours for Donnie to fuck her from behind with his fat cock. And he was going right for the prize too, stuffing his prick inside Madison’s very willing ass.

“Yesssssssss fuck me Donnie! Oooooh I love when you fuck me so much!” Madison urged. “Mmmm no one fucks my ass better than you do Donnie! Not even Tori!”

And that was just the tip of the iceberg of what was happening, something which became clear when Kaia looked up and saw Nikki standing over her, her friend smiling and totally naked, her pussy visibly wet and her body clearly ready for more action.

“Oh no! There will be time for a nap later, Kaia,” Nikki playfully chastised. “Get up on your feet! Both of you! I have something to show you and you are going to fucking love it!”


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