Reality Celebrity AGT: Darci Lynne Farmer

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Title: Reality Celebrity AGT: Darci Lynne Farmer

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Darci Lynne Farmer

Codes: f, facial, first, anal, cream pie, beastiality


Darci Lynne Farmer won America’s Got Talent with her ventriloquist act and stole the hearts of countless fans across the world with her talent. Now back at home and arranging her schedule to be the next headline act in Vegas she was also planning on what to do with the million dollars she has one, all be it not in a lump sum and only $20,000 a year over the next few decades.

Being only 12 years old she had always wanted a dog and had a fancy for German Shepherds. Her parents were all for her having what she wanted and went with her to a reputable breeder in town and picked out Lucky. Lucky was a handsome shepherd dog with champion blood lines in him and breeder’s papers to boot. He had a luxurious tan and black fur coat and stood at waist level on Darci.

He was very excited to be in his new home and his tail wagged furiously with his long tongue hanging out as he panted from playing with Darci in the back yard. Lucky laid down and rolled onto his back as Darci scratched his underbelly and made his hind leg kick with joy as she smiled at him and talked with her girlish voice in a soothing coo.

Darci’s parents were out shopping and Darci had the place all to herself as she continued to pet her pet wearing jean shorts and a white top with her blond hair pulled back into a tight pony tail. Her skin glowed with a fresh tan as the sun beat down on her and her smooth legs glistened in the shimmering light.

Suddenly, Darci’s eyes popped with surprise as Lucky’s stiffness emerged from his sheathe and gave her a view of something she’s never seen before. Darci realized she must have inadvertently caused it to happen and never seen a dog’s thing, or a boys for that matter, before. She’s heard her friends talk about boys and one of her friends even went as far as to give a boy oral and made him spray white stuff on her face. But Darci had never considered such a thing before…

Darci looked around to make sure no one was around to see what she was going to try next. Darci reached down and took his rigid stiffness in hand and began to play with it, making it grow larger and longer until it was fully exposed from its furry hiding area. Darci had his full length in hand and stroked it with a playful smile…

“You’re a big boy, aren’t you? Yes you are…Look at it…” She stated as she talked like she would to a baby.

Darci found herself leaning down and slowly twirling her tongue over the purplish red penis and pulling him into her mouth and sucking it like described by her girl friend who did the boy. Darci massaged Lucky’s giant testicles as she bobbed her head back and forth and his furry underbelly raked against the side of her face.

Darci heard a loud yipe followed by several drawn out whines as Lucky exploded in her mouth. Darci pulled away and stroked him to completion on her face, feeling the hot dog cum cover her and glaze her hand and face with its sticky texture. Darci got up and Lucky sprang to his feet, licking his chops and looking under him at his dangling 8” cock that Darci so masterfully pleasured.

Darci went to the house and Lucky quickly followed. They both headed upstairs to Darci’s room where she was ready to take things to a whole new level and experiment with her new lover in ways humans should never with animals. But, her pussy was dripping wet with desire and Lucky could smell her pheromones being given off through her clothing and nudged his snout into her crotch.

Darci giggled and pushed him away as she took her shirt, shorts and undies off. Darci’s tanned body glowed with youthful sexiness as her tan lines outlined her prepubescent vagina and plump 12 year breasts with nipples so stiff they could cut glass. Darci bent over and ran her hands up her smooth legs as Lucky got behind her and ran his long tongue straight into her crotch and up into her pussy.

The sudden penetration and wiggling sensation inside of her sent her into orgasmic shock. An intense squirt blew from her pussy and showered her dog and the floor under her as her legs gave out and she collapsed onto the floor on all fours. Lucky knew this position all too well and quickly mounted her, his hard cock and balls slapping against her ass cheeks and making her squeal with a sharp “OUCH!” as he ran his hard cock up into her ass.

Darci got her first ever anal from a dog as his thrusting was so fast and hard that she fell face first onto the floor and making his cock flop out of her and leave her gaping. Darci rolled over onto her back with the stuffed bear she fell onto finding its way under her hips so her lower half was up off the floor. Lucky wasted no time climbing aboard the young girl before him and making her squirm with soft ‘Noooo’ Whimpers as he tried to find his mark.

Darci’s mouth opened wide and a look of horror overcame her face as Lucky entered her pussy for the first time, snapping her hymen and taking her virginity. Fast thrusts and hot breath against her face as he licked it while he fucked her made Darci squeal and pant heavily under him. His huge body encompassed all of Darci’s as she lifted her legs and hooked them around Lucky’s waist, feeling his furry torso tickle her inner legs and his underbelly tease her nipples.

“You’re in me, Lucky! Oh my gosh! It’s HUUUUGE! You’re taking me! Gosh! It feels so good! I can’t believe this…” Darci panted heavily with forced breaths.

Lucky fucked her for nearly 10 minutes straight until she felt him plunge fully into her and knot, his hard cock swelled inside of her as the familiar yipes started. The throbs of his cock and messy pulses of cum filling her up gave her another orgasm and Darci’s legs twitched and she spasmed under the animal as he orgasmed with her.

It took another 10 minutes after their orgasm for his knot to subside in order for him to withdraw from her pussy. Darci relished in every minute the dog spent atop of her, his warm body and wet tongue licking her face and neck with thank you kisses. Lucky finally withdrew and a loud pop could be heard as it came out of her along with a flood of dog cum that pooled on the floor.

Darci rose to her elbows and reached down and examined the mess from her deflowered pussy and played with it with her hand as Lucky came in and lapped up his mess from her snatch with his long tongue…

“Darci! We’re home, honey!” Her mom shouted from down stairs.

Darci sprang to her feet with an ‘Oh my gosh!” look on her face as she quickly got dressed and wiped the mess up from the floor with a towel. Darci came down stairs with a slight wobble in her walk from being fucked for the first time…

“Did you and Lucky have a good time? What did you two do?” Her mom asked of Darci.

Darci looked over at Lucky with a coy smile…

“Ahhh, you know…We just played for a bit and I think he really likes being with me…” Darci stated…

By: Dr. Demented 666

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