The Unlikely Harem Part 1

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Title: The Unlikely Harem Part 1

Author: DaxG2001

Celebs: Melania Trump, Tiffany Trump, Ivanka Trump

Codes: MF, oral, deepthroat, titfuck

Disclaimer: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the people, organisations, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

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* * *

Author’s Note: This is not a political story. Any feedback etc of such a nature will be ignored/deleted as appropriate. Just enjoy the smut of another ridiculous idea of mine!

* * *

The day it all went down had started, and looked like it would end, just as any another in the good old USA. Another boring retail night work shift on a Friday for Harry Eems. A young American man stuck as sadly many are in today’s world – stuck in a dead end job with little hope of promotion or a career, despite a degree and the debt to show for it. Unassuming and not exactly stunning on the eyes, and could stand to lose quite a few if not just a couple of pounds here and there. Certainly not a man who had to deal with any kind of love life, not that he bothered to attempt to even get a girlfriend. Video games and the Internet were more than enough to fill his time.

Just as he was driving home, his uniform with name tag on under his jacket, ready to stop by for a large burger meal as a ‘reward’ for lasting another shitty shift, he had to put the breaks on his plans. In quite a literal sense, with the traffic having come to a complete stop in front of him for quite some distance. People out of their cars, excited and worried chatter around, with even some people just rushing away to apparent safety. Even animals around from dogs being walked to wild birds in the trees were going wild with loud calls into the air. A car accident? A protest? Seeing some people holding phones up towards the sky soon showed what was the cause of all the commotion.

“Holy fuck!!” Harry exclaimed, fumbling with his keys and the gear stick as he switched off the car and unbuckled to exit. Jaw dropped as he stared up at the object in the sky. “That guy on the forum was right! Fucking aliens!!”

Indeed, a huge Unidentified Flying Object hovering in the sky that could only be the spacecraft of an alien race. Lengthy, dark and looking like something straight out of a science fiction blockbuster. Except that this was real, and it looked ominous with lights of a dark red lining what seemed to be ‘wings’ on the craft. You couldn’t even really tell which side or end of the craft was the front or back.

“Guess there is life out there…” Eems said, hand going to his mouth to yawn a bit as even with this exciting, perhaps threatening development, he was mildly irritated already at being held up from doing what he wanted to do. “Heh…” He smirked to himself, moving around to the front of his car. “Take me to your leader!” He yelled out, holding his arms up to the sky as he looked at the craft.

More screams went up as suddenly from the craft bright beams of white light burst out from the craft at various points in even more random angles. One of which instantly engulfed Harry.

“Well then. Fuck my fucking life.” Harry was able to say, cursing his own luck of his words, before being teleported away off the surface of the planet in the next second.

* * *

A few days later…

* * *

“Urgh…” Harry groaned, rolling over in the sheets and clutching his head like it was the worst hangover since he he tried vodka straight at that party one time. “Fuck… Fuck my fucking life…”

“Get the agents! He’s waking up!” A voice yelled out, scrambling of feet and movement heard afterwards as Harry blinked his eyes open. Adjusting to the light and to sudden new surroundings as he shifted back into the bed. Seemingly in some kind of… Laboratory? Science medical facility? Wait, wasn’t he driving home just a moment ago?

“Relax, please!” An unknown to him man in a lab coat said, holding his hands up reassuringly. The armed guards Harry noticed in the room made for a far less reassuring feeling. “It’s OK… You’ve been unconscious for a few days since the alien arrival.”

“…Fucking aliens?!?” Harry questioned, before his eyes went wide as the memories of what to him had been the ‘night before’ flooded back. “Oh fuck me… I got… Fucking abducted!!”

“It’s a lot more serious than that.” A stone cold, firm voice said.

Now a couple of men, looking secret service like right out of the movies with suits and all stepped in with a shirt and tie man with an ID badge pinned to his shirt with a clipboard behind them. “I’m Special Agent Davidson, and this is Special Agent Franklin.” The man who had spoken first introduced, holding up a badge and ID of his own to prove it. “This is Agent Windburn.” He added, motioning to the clipboard man who nodded and tried his best to not look completely terrified of what was going on.

“Uhhhh… Hi?” Harry offered. “I’m…”

“Harry Eems, we know.” Franklin cut him off in a very ‘matter of fact’ way.

“What ah, what we mean is…” Windburn said, stepping forward as he flipped through sheets before stopping at a page, showing it to Eems. “We already know your ah, your file. It’s been a few days so we know everything from dental records to school reports, Internet search history and so on.”

“Oh God!!” Harry exclaimed. “I’m fucking going to jail, aren’t I?”

“Downloading torrents and ‘leaked pictures’ is the least of our, and your, concerns right now.” Davidson stated. “Right now is a matter of not just national importance, but a global situation that could very well threaten the existence of not just America. The entire planet is at stake.”

“…” Harry didn’t have any reply for that, looking around the room at the others looking at him. Then through the window at even more people gawking in at him. Who then scattered when they were stared at by one of the Secret Agents.

“…And this has to do with the aliens… And me?” Harry guessed as he looked back to the intimidating men.

“Exactly that.” Franklin said with surprising calm. “You were abducted by the aliens, who identify themselves as natives of a planet ‘Porntar’, along with several other men. There was no seeming connection between those taken – entirely at random. Different races and ages, but all of them male. And you were the only one returned alive back down to the planet.”

“Wait, what? Alive??” Harry said, sitting bolt upright in the bed. Sheets falling away in front of him and in that moment noticing for the first time something on his wrist. A bright, gold band around his wrist with some engravings, perhaps of an alien language, in dark red around the edge of it. However this wasn’t merely a bracelet or some jewellery despite being the size of such – it was applied directly onto his wrist like it had been surgically grafted onto his skin and body.

“Indeed Mister Eems, alive and well.” Agent Windburn said. “We’ll ah, spare you the details of what was found left of the others. Long story short, you were found with that… Well, with that.” He pointed to the band. “On you. From the testing we’ve done on it, it’s linked to the aliens or at least their craft but it can’t be removed by any conventional means. Doesn’t move and doesn’t budge.”

“After your discovery and relocation here, the aliens managed to hijack the broadcasting services of the entire planet.” Davidson continued the explanation of the situation. “They are from a planet with far more advanced technologies than us, obviously from that display, and they wished to impart their… ‘Customs’ onto ours.”

“Simply put Mr Eems the aliens have made the whole world a deal.” Franklin said. “They will grant us the abilities to further advance humanity through their knowledge and skills, whatever else they are offering as long as we agree to their demands. That humanity sees the ‘benefits’ of their view of culture through the person they have seen fit to declare the ‘Ambassador’ between Earth and Porntar.”

“Woah woah FUCKING WHOA!!” Harry put his hands up, looking between the three agents. “The fucking fuck?? H-hang on here… Are you… Are you saying…” He paused, looking at the Porntar Band on his wrist and putting two and two together. “Me??? Me?!?” He laughed for a short second, but seeing the serious looks cast back to him his brief smile vanished. “Oh fuck… Me? I’m the fucking ambassador to freaking aliens??”

“Indeed.” Davidson stated. “It is, as you can probably assume, more complicated than that.”

“No shit!!” Eems said, not helping matters really but making a valid assumption of his own.

“In order to appease the aliens you, and you alone will have to ‘adopt’ their way of life until the aliens feel that their ‘culture’ has been cast onto the world enough.” Franklin stated.

“…Oh… Kay…” Harry said with caution. “…And that means?”

“Well, ummm… Two things Mr Eems.” Windburn pipped up. “One. Is your, ah, is your cock OK?”

“…The fuck?!?” Harry almost screamed in horror, a flood of what aliens might have done to him racing through his mind as he hauled up the bedsheets to look at his crotch. “…Oh!” He said in soft, pleasant surprise. “Hey now… That guy suddenly got really… Heh! Really fucking big!” He stated, looking at the manhood between his legs that was nor far longer and thicker than he’d been before his abduction. A small smirk on his face as if to say he could get used to this.

“You reacted way better than we’d thought!” Windburn said with a smile, before coughing and resuming looking serious after getting glares from the superior agents beside him. “T-the second point is ah, back to your Internet history…”

“…Yes?” Harry peered over the top of the sheets his was holding up.

“You have um, how to say this… One of your favourite kinks is the idea of well…” Windburn coughed again before he just came out with it. “Having a harem of stunning women. Right?”

* * *

Hours later… Above ground in The White House, Washington, D.C.

* * *

“Let me get this fucking right…” Harry Eems said, still staring in disbelief but now wearing proper clothing of short sleeved shirt and black pants with shoes. “You guys want me to form and have my own actual fucking harem of stunning women… No matter who they are, where they are from and even if they are fucking married… And I’m to be as open and as public about my ‘selection’ as I possibly can be… And I’m going to get fucking paid to do it??” He said, the clear tone of his voice showing his wasn’t quite coming to terms with quite a wild idea to say the least.

“Not our orders exactly, but since it’s the demands from the aliens then in a way yes, we are asking you to do this.” Secret Agent Davidson said with a nod. “Since the aliens selected you, we believe America will get the first call on whatever technologies the aliens will gift us. Perhaps even all of us.”

“With you being the only survivor of the abduction…” Secret Agent Franklin added. “We can’t risk them taking anyone else up to their craft. Especially if they then select an Ambassador from a rouge nation, threatening our freedom and our country in the process.”

“The orders from the aliens were very specific.” Agent Windburn said, checking his notes for good measure. “Their culture is rather based on class, so to speak. Those ‘blessed’ can have their pick of many women from the classes beneath them, but never from one on their same ‘level’. No ah, women stealing if you will. To explain – when their alien King made the announcement? He was ummmm… Being serviced by three women as the spoke. And that was just at the start of it.”

“So yes, to summarise…” Davidson spoke again. “We need you to pick and select as many women as you can until the aliens are satisfied with your work. But the selections must be soon followed by sexual intercourse and ideally in full view of others. So, publicly.”

“We are not sure if just the presence of us three Agents will be enough, and we have no honest idea if that ‘band’ you have on is a device for monitoring your progress or whatever it might be…” Franklin added.

“But h-hang on here… Any woman?” Harry had to admit, part of this sounded awesome in terms of getting some wild sex. “Aren’t… OK, hand on. Let’s just say I spy some married woman and ‘want her’, OK? Won’t her husband be super pissed? Divorces and all that?? Hell, isn’t even… You know, having multiple partners a crime and all that?”

“The global nations, through a resolution passed into International Law through summits while you were still unconscious, have given full approval for you to undertake having this ah, Harem.” Windburn stated, flipping through the clipboard to show off a very official document. “Since this is clearly a matter of global safety and security, you basically have complete immunity! To a degree of course, but in terms of any legality? It doesn’t matter if married, how many children or whatever nationality! If you want them then, under law, they have to agree. If they refuse? They’ll likely face lifetime in prison for threatening the safety of the planet.”

“…Geez, that’s harsh.” Harry reasoned with a shrug. “And uh, what about those husbands or boyfriends?”

“If they give any trouble, we’ll deal with them.” Davidson stated firmly. “We’re your protection, so if they act up? They’ll be lucky to get out of prison for 25 years, if at all.”

“And there will be financial compensation to cover any family, children who might be effected.” Windburn chipped in. “As well as of course your living costs, food, accommodation and all that being paid for as well. The least we can do for you for saving the planet!”

“Heh! Well, I ah, I ain’t saved nothing yet.” Harry said, standing up. “Didn’t think my first trip to the White House would be to sign up for some… Free use, harem job!” He mused, glancing around. “So, uh… When do we… I guess, when do I get started?”

“So, you agree?” Davidson asked, slightly arching an eyebrow.

“Well… Fuck yeah I agree!” Harry grinned. “It sounds fucking awesome! Especially if it works!”

“Hmmmm, your approval went easier than expected…” Franklin noted. “Well… The timetable for beginning this ‘Harem’ wasn’t set in stone since we had no idea when you would wake up. We will have to…”

Before that thought could continue, the doors into the ‘situation room they’d been using opened up a woman, flanked by security detail stepped in. “There you are!” Melania Trump said with a smile, her eyes though focusing more on the band on Eems’ wrist than him himself. “Our chosen Champion!” She said warmly, but perhaps not completely sincerely as she stepped forward and offered a handshake. “On behalf of the whole country, I wanted to wish you the best of luck in your mission going forward. If there is anything the administration of my husband can do for you, then don’t hesitate to ask! But I’m sure that these fine agents here…” She glanced to the Secret Agents with him as she brushed a strand of hair back into place. “I’m sure they’ll be more than able to help you.”

Harry shook the hand, and listened. But his mind was thinking. Thoughts that seemingly made the band he was wearing react with a soft red glow. Almost as if approving what he was thinking right now. He held the grip, and looked to the Agents. “Hey… The aliens… They said…” Answering his own question as he looked back to the First Lady with a grin. “They said any woman, right?”

His eyes slowly looked over the gorgeous Slovenian American figure of the former model, from her long hair to her curvy frame in a professional attire of long skirt and jacket like top which all fitted nicely to her body. He liked what he saw. And he’d just been told that in essence any woman he wanted, he could now have. It would sure be one heck of a way to test this new-found ‘job’ out…

“I’m sorry, what do you…” Melania started to say, before her eyes started to widen in surprise as he let go of her hand just so he could unbuckle his pants.

“Hey, they said any woman!” Harry grinned, dropping his pants and then his boxers. “Why not start right here any now! Gotta keep those aliens happy, right?” He chuckled, getting into this rather too quickly than he perhaps should be.

“Hold your position!” Secret Agent Davidson said as the security detail that had accompanied her looked ready to make a move themselves. “You all read reports! You know that band on his arm!” He yelled to the other fellow Agents across the room. “We cannot interfere here, even with the First Lady!”

“Maybe… We should have seen this coming…” Windburn half-mumbled, and got a glare from Franklin for his trouble.

Meanwhile, Melania’s eyes were fixated onto the big, thick cock of the man in front of her. Watching his dick getting hard to an extremely impressive size with her mouth slightly open in awe, even though she’d just met this man mere seconds before.

“Well?” Harry smirked. “I’m sure you’ve read these reports on me… You know what you have to do here.” He said almost as an order, placing a hand onto her shoulder to begin to push her down.

“M-Me??” She questioned with a gasp, looking up briefly before back to his dick as it pointed at her pretty face. “B-But… But I’m… Oh God that’s huge!” She bluntly said, here eyes roaming across his meat.

“Yeah it is… How about you help me ‘test out’ this bad boy?” Eems said with a smirk as he looked down at her. “After all, this is as much your duty to this country as it is me…” He added, twisting things in one way but stating the truth in the other.

“I… It’s true… It’s true! The laws were passed…” Melania admitted as she glanced up. Perhaps shockingly, but willingly placing a hand onto his cock and starting to pump him. “Not… Not even I could say no to this di… I mean, to your orders!” She corrected herself. Finding herself using the free hand to brush her hair back over the shoulders while she stroked him off. “I’m sure… I’m sure my husband will understand…. He did sign off the laws, like every other country did…” She reasoned, but with a tone that was half her convincing herself, and half making up and excuse herself to just go with this all.

Regardless she did her duty in more ways than one as she leaned her head in. Her lips brushing over the fat tip of his rod for a moment before she took him inside. Her eyes locked up at the younger man as she delivered a first slurp onto his crown before lifting off. Repeating the motion as her pumped over the rest of his massive rod. A third followed before her lips pushed further down, taking an inch or so within her mouth. Giving a sample of how nicely damp her oral hole is as she started to blow him. Clearly feeling lusty now about the unlikely situation as she groaned around the cock between her full lips.

“Mmmmm… Oh fuck yes! Mmmm… Fucking suck it!!” Harry encouraged with a hand gripping the back of her head as it moved back and forth over his rod. Not believing his luck, but very quickly getting with the programme to fulfil a clearly long held fantasy about getting sucked off by another man’s wife. “Mmmmm shit!! Yeah, fulfil your fucking duty… Suck my fucking dick!” He ordered with a grin. Moaning as he watched the top portion of his tool vanish up into her mouth before soon almost all reappearing as she kept the crown trapped inside. All as her palm stroked off the rest of his mighty size for good measure.

Truth be told he was, prior to the abduction, completely a novice to sexual action so whatever the aliens ‘blessed’ him with through this Porntar Band wasn’t just with a massive cock. It was the power to use it as well. That meant handling taking a blowjob from this stunning MILF. Feeling her saliva starting to be applied over his length as her mouth slid further downward onto his member. Her hand shifting to focus on slight pumps and more twists around the base as her mouth handled the upper part.

He was, wisely in more ways than one, quickly getting to grips with using both his new-found ‘powers’ as well as his immunity. Watching a woman who would usually be completely untouchable now willingly sucking away at his dick. His moans loud and proud as the former model serviced his rod with quick slurps. Her own groans muffled but still heard enough as she bobbed away. Using her free hand to brush back loose strands of hair away from her face in a sign that she might have done this sexual act plenty of times before, but not likely ever to such a huge dick before.

“Mmmmm shit!! Yeah, come on… Fucking suck that dick…” Harry said with a groan, loving the sight and the feeling of this beauty being such a whore on his big dick despite having only met minutes before. Being sucked off in full view of a group of strainers who couldn’t stop this even if they wanted to. Clearly Melania doesn’t want to stop either, moaning as she rocks her long haired head back and forth onto this fat pole. Keeping her palm stroking away for a perfect, near pornstar level blowjob and handjob combo.

“Mmmmm!! Bet you fucking want this dick huh? Want me… Mmmmm!! To fuck you real good with my huge… Ahhhhhh! Fucking cock…” He said between groans of lusty approval. Using his hand to grip her head and forcefully pull her slurping mouth off from his now nicely glazed with spit manhood. Even while her hand still stroked him off.

“Ahhhhh…” Melania Trump gasped, but with narrowed eyes of desire up at the man she was now legally part of a harem to. “Yes! I… I want this fucking cock…” She purred with a dirty, but honest tone. Her eyes locking onto his rod once again as she licked her lips. “I must… I must do my duty after all…” She said, reasoning to herself once again.

“That you fucking must…” Harry grinned as he reached down, pulling her up like he owned her (and in legal terms, he did) before sending her rather forcefully down onto the long cushioned bench-like furniture he’d been sitting on prior to her arrival.

“Ummmm… Should we…” One of Melania’s security detail started to ask, cut off by the sound of clothing tearing as Eems used his hands to tear her long skirt apart at the seem, exposing her long legs as well as the panties she had on. Which already looked to clearly be dampened just from the oral sex before.

“No, none of us can interfere.” Davidson stated with a glance over. “We can’t risk angering the aliens. This is what they want, even if it’s with a women who we’d rather it didn’t happen to.”

“I uh, meant more staying and watching? It’s kind of weird…” The security Agent stated, as he and the others in the room watched Melania lay on her side as Harry hauled her panties to the side.

“No, no one leaves either.” Franklin said. “They said public, and while this isn’t public strictly we’re witnesses. No one goes until he’s finished.”

From the grin on his not exactly handsome face, Eems was far from finished here. Moaning out as he pushed his dick into the surprisingly but pleasantly tight pussy of the First Lady. Holding a leg up over his shoulder, he started to thrust in and out of the moaning beauty laid out in front of him. His stomach smacking off her thigh when he pumped forward, but the force behind his pumps causing her to rock back on the furniture as he drove in. Her sizeable chest bouncing within her top for an extra visual treat as me groaned out. Loving the feeling of her already wet pussy all around his fat rod as he looked to fill his first harem ‘claim’ up with his meat.

“Oh God!! Oh FUCK!! AHHHHHH… OH!! Mmmmmm!!” The Slovenia born beauty moaned out almost shamelessly as she took his huge dick from the man she’s only just met, but is willingly whoring herself out to. Her eyes switching from up at his leering, grinning face like she can’t believe he’s the man she has to fuck now, and then down to the reason why she’s so up for being banged in such a firm and steady way. That massive, thick length she had already blown and now was getting to feel slide in and out of another of her warm and welcoming holes. “MMMMM SHIT!! MMMMM!! So… So big!! MMMMMM FUCK!!”

“MMMMM… You like that huh? Like being… MMMMM FUCK… Fucked by my big fucking dick, huh?” Harry smirked as he said that. Knowing full well the answer but wanting to hear it said from a women who should only be faithful to her husband, but now is legally bound to service this man she would usually never look twice at. “MMMM… I know I fucking love this… UHHHHH!! Nice fucking… Wet pussy of yours…” He said as he kept the swift thrusts coming. His hips working as if it was second nature to him, but most likely the effects from the alien ‘blessings’ within him now. He’s taking full advantage of it, driving his dick all the way into her wet snatch so his just as impressively sized balls slap off of her tanned skin each time he goes all the way into her love tunnel.

“MMMMM!! Oh yesssssssss! AHHHHH!! MMMMM… Keep… UHHHH!! Keep fucking me!!” She almost growled with lust as her narrowed eyes locked onto him. Putting on a show as she brushed her long hair back and away from her moaning face. Her breasts still bouncing within her top but the least of her concerns as she focused on the pleasure she was getting from the biggest cock she’s ever taken in her life. “MMMM!! Use me!! MMMM… Do your… AHHHHH!! FUCK!! Do your duty!! FUCK ME!! MMMMM!!” She begged, even as she was getting just that. Getting far too into her new ‘role’ than a happily married woman with a child should be. The pleasure her snatch is feeling from being stuffed full with man-meat is certainly helping in that regard. Her juices now coating his pole to allow for a sinfully smooth and quick exit and entry into her again and again.

“MMMMM… Fuck yeah I fucking will! MMMMM SHIT… You’re my… AHHHH… My new fucking slut now!” He said, grinning as his words were true in more ways than just how she was groaning with delight with every thrust of his dick she took. As he pumped away he took advantage of his ‘property’ by reaching down. Roughly pulling her top apart to leave her gasping as her bra-encased tits were revealed, jiggling away now even more without the layer of clothing to restrain them. “How about it slut? Huh?? MMMMM…” He almost taunted, even as he was loving every moment of being balls deep inside of this MILF. “Want to be fucking fucked like… UHHHH!! The fucking slut you are??” He asked but with the sort of tone that indicated that was going to be his immediate plans for her. Groaning with delight again and again as he sent his dick sharply in and out of this wet and hot twat of a woman he’d just met but he could fuck now any time he wanted to.

Even the security detail that had walked in with her could do nothing to stop this, as the moment this ‘Alien Ambassador’ had laid eyes on her she had gone from Secret Service protection to the first of many of his personal whores. All they could was watch on, some more intently than others, as the First Lady was banged on her side by this guy who shouldn’t even be within 100 feet of her on a normal day. Instead she’s moaning out and loving it, sweat already forming over her semi-clothed and curvy body as she’s fucked roughly with another series of stiff thrusts from the similarly sinfully moaning male gripping and holder her lovely legs apart.

“Oh! OH YES!! MMMM… Keep fucking me!! AHHHHH MMMMM!!” Melania moaned out, laying back with her head tilting back. Loving every deep thrusting moment of being taken by the man she’s now a harem whore to.

“MMMMM… Oh, I plan to…” Harry grinned as he gave another pump into her, before pulling out suddenly much to her groaning disapproval. “But I think it’s time for you to get the fuck up, and get fucking on my dick!” He ordered as moved to sit on the long ‘couch’ they’ve been fucking on so far.

“Yes Sir!” She quickly answered in a deep, lusty tone. Standing up, she shamelessly slipped her dress off from the shoulders, letting it drop to her new master’s grinning approval. Her MILF, curvy frame on full view in a mismatching pair of bra and panties.

“This is… My duty after all…” She stated, sounding almost sex-drunk already now as she moved her starting to already sweat body forward. Mounting him and keeping her panties to the side so once again that massive dick of his can enter into her snatch. Making them both moan already just from the fat crown penetrating her. “MMMM… OH FUCK YES… YES! MMMM!! MMMM!!” The moans from her started coming loud and quick as she started to ride him as ordered. Dropping down to the base with a firm smack before lifting up to about halfway on the cock of the man she’s only just met, but now is addicted too. Her hands resting on his shoulders as she worked her mature frame like it was second nature to ensure they both groaned in delight.

“MMMM… Damn fucking right it is!” Eems said, the toothy smile plastered on his far from handsome face. Knowing what a lucky life he now has to be able to fuck such a stunning woman who is well out of his league. Not even having to thrust up into her as the former model bounces sharply and smoothly up and down on his rod. “AHHHHH… FUCK!! Fucking ride my dick… MMMM!! You hot fucking slut you!! AHHHHH…” He groaned with approval. His eyes switching from up to her pretty, moaning face to down at his crotch. Catching glimpses of his member reappearing from out of the hot, wet pussy he’s become very familiar with before it vanishes back into her when she drops downward.

“OH FUCK… AHHHH FUCK!! OH GOD… MMMMM FUUUUUCK!!” The beautiful First Lady gasped out. Sweat dripping down her pretty facial features as her long hair bounced behind her in time with the shifts up and down on this fat pole that it’s her legal duty now to service. From the way she’s making her ‘master’ moan out she’s doing a fine job of that and then some. Showing little care from the watching audience, including members of her security detail, standing a short distance away as she acts like a desperate, sex deprived whore. The intense look in her eyes a sign enough of how shockingly easily she’s adapted to her new ‘role’ of fucking this man, let alone how she’s clearly accepted this.

Letting out another groan, the man sitting back and taking this dirty ride takes full advantage of his new ‘prize’. His hands going up and tearing the expensive bra apart at the front, making her gasp out with desire as her nicely sized, MILF tits bounced free. Jiggling for a moment from her riding motion before his greedy hands firmly gripped both mounds. Her moans merely increasing as he roughly groped them like the sex toys they are to him. Licking his lips as he squeezes them and rubs her breasts against each other.

“Oooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM!! AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM…” Tossing her long hair back, she pushed her chest out towards him to show she wanted more of those groping fingers on her orbs. Still rocking on his cock as she dropped down firmly and quickly, the slap of her tanned skin against his tubby frame each time she took that massive dick balls deep into herself. “SHIT!! U-use me!! MMMMM FUCK MEEEEEE AHHHHH MMMM!!” She begged, one hand gripping his wrist as he felt up her tits. The other resting on his stomach as she kept working her stunning, well above his level body again and again on his thickness. Long past caring about how her life has changed forever now, and only caring about getting this sinful pleasure from the biggest cock she’s ever taken in her life.

“MMMMM… Since… UHHHH!! You asked so… MMMMM Fucking nicely you slut…” He smirked as he let go of those ripe tits in order to grip her toned waist. His hips soon working upward into her and making her scream out in delight from the first hard pump into her already dripping wet by this point twat, He grinned as he grunted, watching her boobs bounce away as she still rode his shaft, but now he was in control – or at least in more direct control since she was now his willing sex slut. Driving his pole in as deep as he could each time she rocked back into him. Both of their moans mixing in the air as the shamelessly fuck even while in full view of strangers just a short distance away.

“AHHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCKK MMMMMM!!” Melania squealed out, her eyes glazed over and staring upward at the ceiling as the pleasure further overwhelmed her. Even though she was getting the hard, rough fucking she had begged for it was clear she’s never experienced some action as wild and dirty like this before. That huge rod slamming in and out of her wet love tunnel again and again to make her moan and jolt on this stranger’s cock. “GONNA… AHHHHHH!! GONNA… OH FUCK!! AHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCK AHHHHH MMMMM!!” She tried to warn, but could barely string a proper sentence together in her lust-drunk state. She didn’t need to, as the obvious began to happen as she came hard over the big dick of her ‘master’. Juices flowing down the pumping tool while she still bounces away on that pistoning pole. Looking far more like a slutty cougar desperate for a boy toy from how she’s moaning away as she rides out an orgasm quite unlike anything she’s ever had before.

“MMMMM… That’s… AHHHH… Some good fucking shit!!” Harry laughed as he gave the cumming whore another round of pumps for good measure. Gritting his teeth as he feels his cock starting to throb within her, almost with too perfect timing considering how the beauty on top of him was starting to return to reality in a sense. “AHHHH… Come on… On your… UHHH!! Fucking knees slut!!” He ordered, slipping his dick out of her snatch and near shoving her down to her knees to make her groan. Only caring for himself right now as he stood up, and moved in front of the still recovering female. Getting his own fingers sticky from her juices coating his manhood as he started stroking off.

“Mmmmmm… P-paint me baby… I want it…” She said, like it was straight out of a cheesy porno script. Licking her lips as she brushed her long hair back over the shoulders. Knowing full well what was about to happen as she sat up nicely straight. “All over my fucking face!!”

Ask and you shall receive! With a grin and a grunt Harry pumped himself rapidly, and started to blow his load across Melania’s stunning face. The first rope shooting high into her hair and onto her forehead, before the second shot splattered cover her cheek and eye, forcing her to close her eyes as she felt the spunk staining into her eyebrow and lashes. Stroking away he sent out a more than generous dose of cum across her cheeks, nose, lips and chin to the point of dripping – far larger a load than he’d usually sent out when jacking off prior to his abduction. Another ‘special perk’ it seemed from the Porntar Band he was wearing to leave her MILF face with a sexy glaze of his cum.

“Mmmmm… Fuck… That feels good…” Melania groaned as the final drops were smeared against the side of her face. Unable to stop herself from licking her lips to get a taste of him.

“Yeah… Hey, come clean me off properly slut!” Harry ordered, seeing her get that sneaky lick so he started rubbing his bell-end against her lips.

“Mmmmphhh!” She groaned, instantly wrapping her full lips around this pole and even giving a bob of the head as she slurped. Tasting and cleaning him up like the good harem whore she now is.

“Mmmmmph… Got to be a good start… Mmmmm! Right guys??” Eems asked, looking over to the watching Secret Service Agents still a short distance away who had been watching him fucking the First Lady.

“It’s as the aliens demanded…” Franklin stated as professionally as he could with a nod.

“Hmmmm… The Porntar Band is still glowing…” Windburn noted, scribbling into a page of his clipboard. “Has to be a sign of approval.”

“Can… We go now?” One of Melania’s detail asked meekly, having to stand slightly cross-legged to try (and fail) to conceal the tent pitched in his pants.

Lifting her head away, Melania looked up with her clear eye as she smirked. “Mmmmm… I’m sure my husband will understand… My kids too… This was just doing my duty after all…” She purred, glancing at his softening cock for a moment.

“Heh… I’m sure he…” Harry started to say before he paused, a thought striking him. “Say… If I remember right… You’ve got a couple of daughters?”

She froze, staring up at him for a moment before nodding her head. “S-step daughters… From ummm, my husband’s past marriages…” She confirmed.

“…Close enough. Still, I think I’d like to meet them.” Harry grinned, ignoring the looks of disbelief from the others in the room.

* * *

“This must be very important!” Ivanka Trump said with a smile, following the security detail along the White House corridor. Dressed stylishly and professionally in a white, form fitting dress with heels that wonderfully showed off her stunning MILF figure. “Usually Melania doesn’t summon me like this on such short notice… Lucky I was in town!” She said, trying to strike up conversation but sensing from the quiet, poker-faces on the detail something wasn’t quite as it seemed. “Is… Is there something wrong?”

“Just… Just in here ma’am…” One of the guards, who had been part of her step-mother’s detail earlier on said, directing her through double doors into a conference room.

“What’s going…” She started to say as she stepped in, her eyes going wide as she was met with a shocking, erotic sight and the shameless moaning to go along with it. “M-Melania?!? Tiffany!!” She gasped in shock.

The sight was one to behold. Relaxing in an executive office chair was an unknown to her, unattractive and tubby man with the only eye-catching thing about him (his naked state and that aside) was the golden, glowing Band on his wrist. This man was thrusting the biggest, fattest cock she’d ever seen in her life straight into the snatch of her step-sister Tiffany Trump. The young blonde was completely naked apart from high heels, her legs spread eagle and her back against the stomach and body of the man fucking her. Not just that, but fucking her clearly well from the moans Tiffany is letting out and the layer of sweat across her gorgeous, slim body. The slap of his thighs shifting up to smack off her rounded ass cheeks ringing out along with both of their moans.

Also in the room were several Secret Service Agents and some general White House staff, some of whom were clearly more comfortable watching this ‘action’ than others were. Just as shocking as her family member being banged was her step mother Melania sitting in a seat of her own in an also nude state. Sweaty herself but with dried cum staining her face and hair, and watching her step-daughter getting fucked. Not just that, but seemingly getting off on it as she used a hand to rub her obviously soaking wet pussy as she groaned herself.

“OH FUCK!! AHHHHH!! MMMMM FUCK!!” Tiffany Trump moaned as she jolted sharply up and down on the cock slamming up into her from underneath. Looking across at her stunned step-sister but with a vacant look that showed she wasn’t registering her exactly. Lost in feelings of intense pleasure from a dick the size of which she’s never had to deal with before. “OH! MMMMM… AHHHH OOOOOOOHHHH…” She groaned, strands of her long blonde hair sticking to her beautiful face as she took this pounding. Her arms back behind her, resting on the arms of the chair the man fucking her is sitting in. His hands in turn on her toned midsection for support, keeping her perfectly in place as his cock rams upward into her wet and tight twat like she’s his own personal fuck toy.

“Mmmmmm… Glad you finally made it Ivanka…” Melanie greeted with a smile, getting up from her chair to approach her step-daughter.

“What the fuck is going on here?!?” Ivanka demanded, unable to rip her eyes away from her family member getting banged in front of her.

“Long story short honey… You see that Band that stud is wearing?” Melania pointed out. “Remember the reports? About the aliens and their demands?”

“…That’s… You mean… Him?!?” Ivanka gasped, putting the information together and knowing full well, as the whole world does, what that Band represents and who the man wearing it is.

“Yes him… My master now…” Melania purred with shameless pride as she stepped beside her step-daughter to watch the ongoing action. “And now Tiffany’s master…”

Indeed, Harry was grunting as he pumped away smoothly and stiffly into the dripping, snug hole of his latest ‘claim’. All too easily adjusting to life as a Harem Master just on the day of discovering his new law enforced life, let alone the clear sexual ability he’s been ‘gifted’ from the aliens. No one could blame him for taking advantage of this situation. Especially when it’s gotten him balls deep into the pussy of the young, hot blonde mounted on his thickness. His hands slightly sliding up her sides as she bounces on his pole in response to his pumps. Rocking back and upwards on him each time a pump rams all the way into her slick to say the least passage.

“AHHHHHH!! OH GAWD!! MMMMM FUUUUUUCKKK!! AHHHHH!!” Tiffany yelled out, head tilting back and hair flying as the effects of clearly a long sexual session takes its toll on her. A powerful orgasm rocking her delightful frame as she jolts on the dick that’s deeply impaling her. Ensuring those moans keep on coming as her nicely sized breasts bounce away as the pleasure flows through her body. “MMMMM!! AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM!! MMMM FUUUUUCKK!!” She gasps out, head lazily rolling on her shoulders and slumping back against the man nailing her. If it wasn’t for her grip on him she would have collapsed to the floor by this point. Instead he switches his grip, holding her by the smooth thighs to keep her legs spread. Making sure he can keep on sending his dick in and of her snatch with machine-like perfection much to both of their groaning approval.

Ivanka couldn’t stop staring, watching her sister from another marriage of her father getting stuffed right full with fat cock again and again. Her own nipples rock hard and poking through her dress as she watched on at the somehow hypnotic sight. Not caring for how filthy it was to witness her own family member getting fucked as that big rod plunged upward into Tiffany’s still needy, even after cumming hard, pussy again and again. Not to mention knowing full well what this all meant, now knowing who this man was and why he was able to fuck a woman completely out of his league and then some.

Not even paying attention to the new audience member, Harry enjoyed a couple more pumps up into Tiffany’s soaking wet pussy before he pulled out with a groan. Smirking as he moved off the chair and – similar to how he’d done to her step-mother not that long go – roughly sent the well fucked stunner down to her knees in front of him. Stepping into position as she stared up already longingly as he jerked himself off, aiming down at her.

Both Melania and Ivanka watched on, with one clearly more aroused than the other, along with the rest of the staff in the room as their sibling groaned with the first thick shot of spunk landed across her face. Warm streaks coating her cheeks, lips and nose as she stroked away with deep moans, with some even landing high onto her forehead. Not to mention into her hair at the sides of her face, the top of her head, and those loose strands that had been stuck in place from the sweat over her facial features. All in all making the beauty look like a well fucked blonde slut by the time he was flicking out the last drops onto her face. A red hot look to match the cock-drunk smile on her full, now cum-glossed lips.

“Mmmmm… Nice job honey…” Harry chuckled as he looked over his ‘art’ before he turned around. His eyes widening as he saw the newest arrival now, and started to grin broadly. “And this… This must be Ivanka…” He said, staring at Ivanka’s large dress-covered tits instead of even properly greeting her. “Yeah… You’re definitely fucking in!” He stated, and in an apparent sign that the mysterious aliens were actually somehow watching on at this all, the Porntar Band on his wrist glowed with otherworldly approval.

“I’m… I’m what??” Ivanka stuttered, her eyes going wide. “You mean… I-I’m… Oh fuck!!” She gasped, realising what he meant and what was about to happen.

“Damn right you are honey…” Melania smirked, pushing her step-daughter towards the man she was now officially a Harem whore to just because he wanted her.

“I… But my husband! My…” Ivanka started to protest, but looking down saw that already his dick was hardening once again to a size and length that was making her slightly lick her lips. “W-Well… I mean… It’s… It’s the law…” She said, sounding a lot like she was trying to make up an excuse to not feel so bad about just cheating on her husband. “And if… If it’s good enough for my step-mother and step-sister to do…” She added, a glance up at this grinning male before she slowing but completely willingly lowered herself down to her knees in front of him.

“Heh… Hard already after just busting a nut?” Harry commented as he looked at his impressively once again rock hard and massively lengthy dick, which was now pointing right at the pretty face of the blonde MILF kneeling in front of him. “Thank you alien technology…” He said with a sigh, before reaching forward and grabbing a handful of her long hair to her gasping surprise. “Open up wide honey! I’ve had enough of foreplay after nailing your ‘sis’ and ‘mom’ already…” He ordered, bringing his rod towards her lips with authority.

“Mmmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmm!!” Her next shocked gasp was muffled by his thick length invading her mouth, making full erotic use of his new-found ‘property’ as he started firmly sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Barely giving her the chance to press her lips around his fat member as he started fucking her oral hole. “Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhhh!! Hrrrrrmmmmppphhh…” She groaned, but knowing her place and her role now to this stranger she willingly accepted the pumps. Letting him use her mouth for his sinful pleasure and watching that big dick move towards and away from her face along with his round stomach – another reminder than in any normal circumstance she would never look twice at this man.

She barely registered the fact that she was being made to taste the juices of her own step-sister from how his cock had come directly out of Tiffany’s snatch and now into her mouth. So shocked by the sudden dirty turn of events that her focus was on servicing this dick the best she could as it worked back and forth into her mouth. It was obviously working as it was making him moan out as he kept a firm hold of her hair to keep her head in place. Making the happily married woman quickly get used to a cock far bigger than what she’s used to, and from the groans she’s letting out around his size that adjustment is happening in quick fashion.

“Yeah Ivanka… Fucking choke on that dick…” Tiffany purred with approval as she now joined the ‘party’, sliding down to her knees at the side of their new Harem Master. Watching with a slutty grin as her step-sister starts to bob her head along the cock she’d just been fucked and apparently broken-in by just a few minutes before. “Mmmmm… His cock is so good, ain’t it?” She added with a bimbo-like giggle. Watching and licking her own lips as that dick pushed forward deeper into Ivanka’s oral hole before smoothly reappearing to repeat the motion. Tiffany further showing how accepting of her new ‘life’ she is as she wraps her arms around the leg of Eems, hugging him with the occasional kiss to this tubby thigh while he face-fucks her sibling from another marriage of her father.

“Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Hmmmmm HHHHHLLLLKKK!!” Ivanka’s eyes went wide as the bell-end of his dick touched the back of her mouth. Filling up that oral hole far more than she’d ever thought possible, and another sign that she is used to a far smaller and thinner dick than this between her pouty lips. Doing her duty though she continued to slurp away on the dick thrusting into her. “HHHHHLLLLKKK!! MMMMMPHHHHH!! GAAHHHHHH!!” Gagging sounds escaping her as her mouth starts fighting a loosing battle to keep those lips pressed around him. Each time he drives in she has to choke lustfully, saliva spilling out and beginning to drip down her chin. Not to mention the coating now across his pole as a whole of her spit from the repeated motion of her bobbing and his pumping.

“Mmmmm… Good girl…” Melania encouraged as she slipped behind the gagging blonde, smirking for a moment at how her other step-daughter Tiffany was pressing her tits against the leg of their ‘master’ as she held him. As Ivanka slurped and gagged around that huge prick, Melania moved her hands upward to slide the tight dress of the other MILF downward. Causing Ivanka to groan as her huge, rounded breasts were revealed, able to jiggle more freely from the motion her upper body is doing as she services this man she’s only just met. “Just getting you ready darling… Our Master here is about to fuck the shit out of you!” Melania added with a grin, looking up at the moaning male who has already bagged three stunning members of the same family to be a part of his soon to be growing even larger Harem.

The grin on his far from attractive face showed Harry knew full well how lucky and then some he was. Moaning out in delight as he fucked the sucking mouth of a busty blonde in front of him as she was getting undressed to a degree by the female he’d originally fucked earlier today that led to this position, and to the sex he’d gotten from the babe near worshipping just his leg before Ivanka’s arrival. In fact, he moved a hand down to stroke the cheek of Tiffany as she rubbed in a way against him. Soon smirking as she naughtily took his thumb into her mouth to suck on it like a good slut, casting the same sort of look up at him while he fucked her step-sister’s soothing mouth.

“HHHHHLKKKK!! GAAHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRRRR-UUUUULLLKK!!” Speaking of that mouth, Ivanka was getting a workout to remember and then some as the ‘First Daughter’ took the sort of oral action that many a seasoned pornstar would have tapped out and quit against half-way before this point. Yet like the good slut she now is, the blonde continued to willingly take this mouth fuck. Even pushing forward in time with his thrusts and sending his cock down into her hot, wet throat in the process. “HHHHHHHRRRRKKKK!! MMMMMMPPPHHH!! GAAAAHHHHH!!” Her saliva continued to drip downward, landing on her juicy tits from off of her own chin and that pistoning rod that’s been using her mouth like a pussy in rough, commanding fashion. Ivanka’s eyes now watered up, her eye-liner already running down her cheeks to ruin her make-up but never once, despite the clear discomfort from her first intense face fuck in her life, pulling away from the man she has to whore herself out to.

“MMMM!! That’s… AHHHHH… That’s a fine fucking warm up…” Harry announced, pulling his cock from that well used to say the least mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh!!” Ivanka gasped, coughing and clutching herself as she took in deep breaths of long overdue air. “F-fuck!! Thought… Thought I was going t-to… Fucking choke on that thing!!” She was able to say between her intakes.

“Don’t worry babe… I’ll make it up to you… Once you turn around and get on your fucking hands and knees for me.” Eems smirked before he looked to Melania. “Get that dress of her… Then both of you…” He glanced to Tiffany. “Keep her fine ass spread for me while I enjoy what this MILF has to offer me.”

“Yes Sir…” Melania purred with a saucy smirk of her own. Doing as ordered, pulling the dress off of her own step-daughter from her long legs, revealing a tiny pair of panties and that nicely thick backside.

“You’re gonna moan like a real fucking slut now ‘sis’…” Tiffany chipped in, helping with her step-mother to get the other woman in position as instructed. The classic doggy style facing away from the far from handsome or toned man now getting down behind her.

“You won’t be needing these any more…” Harry smirked, reaching in to roughly tear the tiny panties off of his latest whore, making her gasp as she looked back at him. He didn’t stop there however. Holding his coated with her saliva cock and pushing it against, and then firmly into her snatch to make them both moan. Tellingly, she already rocked forward from just the first penetration. A sure sign, as if that wasn’t clear enough already, that her tight snatch wasn’t used to this vast size. He wasn’t too focused on that however, instead getting to work as he pushed his hips back and forth towards her, sliding his fuck-stick in and out of her tightness with approving groans.

“OH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! That’s… Oh FUCK!! That’s so b-big!! MMMM…” The New York born stunner moaned as she stared back at her new ‘master’ as her equally gorgeous family members kept her butt spread for him for full access to tap her fine snatch. Her expression previously now of shock at this all now quickly softening. Pleasure clearly being felt as she takes his big cock and instinctively rocks back and forth against his motion. “MMMMM… I can’t… MMMM!! I can’t… AHHHHH… W-well… Maybe I can s-start believing… MMMMM… This is happening to me…” She admits, her gaze locked back to watch his far from athletic frame moving towards then sharply away from her. Feeling her MILF pussy getting filled up as her works more of his fat inches past her starting to dampen lower lips.

“I know, right?? He feels fucking awesome!” Tiffany giggled, watching her step-sister from a previous marriage of her father getting fucked from behind by the same man who had banged her a while before. A nice close up view at the side of Ivanka to watch the cock she’d become now very familiar with smoothly ramming back and forth into the fellow blonde. Tiffany biting down on her own bottom lip as she stared at that pumping pole like an animal stared of food gazing at a juicy stake. Her free hand sliding to feel up her own ripe tits for a moment as she helped her step-sister in a small way to get the same kind of fucking she’d also willingly taken not too long ago.

“MMMM… Yeah, feels… AHHHHH… Real fucking good!! MMMMM!! Fucking take it!” Harry grunted, sweat trickling down his dishevelled face as he thrusts in and out of another hot, moaning blonde. Even with the otherworldly benefits the alien Band he wears provides, having banged three stunners in succession is taking it’s clear toll on the moaning man. That’s just motivation in itself to make the most of this all, and he’s doing just that sending his cock now all the way to the hilt into this busty MILF. Loving how her rounded booty, even as spread apart by her siblings, is able to jiggle nicely when his gut connects into her.

“MMMMM!! OH SHIT!! MMMM.. Oh fuck… FUCK MMMM!!” Ivanka moans out, accepting her position and new life more and more with every balls deep pump she gets. Her love tunnel snug like a vice around his fat man-meat. Knowing how dirty this is to be taken from behind by someone other than the man she’s married to. Never mind the fact it’s all going on while being watched by people all around the room that she doesn’t know – ensuring the fact this is all happening will leak out to the wider world sooner rather than later. “Oh… OH YES!! MMMMM… M-More! AHHHHH… MMMMM!! Don’t… MMMM!! Don’t stop!”

“Yes… Good girl! Do your fucking duty Ivanka!” Melania encourages her step-daughter to keep on fucking. Holding her butt cheek to the side as Ivanka pushes her curvy frame back and forth against the stiff thrusts into her snatch. Making this look like a seedy scene from a porno film as the older MILF watches the younger one getting banged from behind again and again like it’s second nature to them all. Melania finding herself licking her lips and similarly to her other step-daughter staring at the cock she’d gotten the first taste of what feels like another lifetime ago already.

“OH FUCK! MMMMM FUCK… Fuck yes!! MMMM SHIT…” Ivanka gasps out, her cries mixing with those of her new Master as well as the sharp slap of her tanned skin connecting off of his weighty stomach. Her large tits swaying sexily underneath her as she rocks herself already with a clear need back onto the pumping pole being fed briskly in and out of her wet and snug pussy. “MMMM!! F-fuck me!! MMMM!! FUCK ME!! AHHHHH… Ooooooooooh MMMMM!!” She groaned, casting a filthy look back to look far removed from the ‘First Daughter’ and more like a sex-deprived mother. Even more willing than before to take the big dick of the man she’s only just met as she feels every inch sliding deeply into her moist love tunnel.

“MMMM… Want to get really fucked, huh?” Harry grinned, pulling his dick out of her snatch to tease her by slapping his bell-end against her folds. Loving hearing yet another slut begging for his dick, even knowing its size and ability has been somehow enhanced by the alien technology on his wrist.

“Mmmmm… Please… I need it baby…” Ivanka begged in a groan. The look in her eyes clearly one of being cock-drunk already just from the first position with him.

“Turn fucking over then!” He ordered, glancing to the other women and obediently they released their grips on their family member. “I want to see those big MILF titties fucking bouncing as I nail you!”

With the kind of grin she never would have known possible out of herself prior to today, she rolled over onto her back. Spreading her legs invitingly wide as she reached upward, holding herself by the thighs.

“You two? Give her a hand… Keep those legs fucking spread for me while I break her really in…” Eems stated, not even looking at the other whores of his as he looks down. Lining his dick back up with that snug snatch as he pushed in.

A long and loud moan escaped the blonde MILF as that cock stuffed her up to the maximum with the first, owning pump that left her shifting against the ‘conference room’ flooring she was laying on. Barely registering when her step-mother took a hold of her left ankle at that side of herself while her step-sister gripped the right one. Her attention completely on that massive, thrusting shaft with a stare of desire to go with it. Her curvaceous frame soon rocking backward in time with the stiffness of the thrusts she was taking. Indeed setting off her large, rounded breasts to bounce away erotically just as her new Harem Master had wanted.

All the White House staff in the room could do was watch in not in a helpless sense, although the law prevented them from interfering in this intercourse, but it was part of their legal duty to witness this free-use action going on. One of the women they should be protecting now being used as a busty fuck-toy, while her family members aid in the act. Some having to hide bulges in their pants, trying to remain as professional as possible in such bizarre, what should be unthinkable circumstances. Some however are clearly more into watching than others. The looks on their faces showing jealousy that they can’t turn three stunning females into their personal whores like this one man can.

“UHHHH!! MMMM… Fuck yeah!! MMMM!! Fucking… UHHH!! Fucking love this shit!! MMMM!!” Harry grins as he groans. Swiftly sending his member all the way into this dripping wet twat of the MILF spread out before him. His gaze mostly focused on her big rack jiggling away – a sight that would easily send many a red blooded male off to an ‘early finish’ alone. Occasionally staring down to witness his rod vanishing completely forward into that hot, tight snatch before briefly reappearing for a few inches before all too eagerly repeated the motion. Showing what a sinful pervert he truly is to be so into fucking another man’s wife, let alone in such a wild situation.

“MMMM!! OH YESSSSS… AHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM… Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!!” The Senior Advisor to the President moaned out, sweat glistening across her already sexy enough body as she took this deep pounding. Her long hair slightly more than just messy from the action so far as it lays sprawled out on the floor behind her, and getting more wrecked with every jolt back her body does against the incoming thrusts. “UHHHH!! MMMMM FUCK!! FUCK… F-FUCK ME!! AHHHHHH YESSSSSS!! OH SHIIIIIIIT MMMM!!” She groans out, looking and sounding more and more like a veteran pornstar with each passing thrust. Her hands still gripping her own legs to keep them spread, even as her own siblings are doing just that at either side of her. Just a symbolic showcase that she’s completely caved in to the sin that’s now her duty to perform.

Even though neither of them are even getting touched by their new Master right now, both the women he’s previously fucked today are clearly turned on watching their fellow family member now getting the best fucking of her life. Their free hands in their own snatches as Tiffany firmly rubs herself while Melania has a couple of fingers stuffed right up her still wet snatch. Neither of them looking like their pussies had stopped being wet from the first moment they took the same thick and long cock currently pounding the woman they are keeping the legs spread of.

“MMMMM!! You fucking love this don’t you?? AHHHH MMMM…” Harry moaned, keeping his thrusts going stiff, swiftly and smoothly to stuff that slick snatch more than nicely full over and over again. Not looking anything like the previously inexperienced at sex man he was prior to being ‘chosen’ by the alien race seemingly watching his every thrusting move. Even if his tubby frame and less than handsome appearance would scream otherwise. “UHHHH!! Fucking take it… MMMM!! You fucking hot… Big titty… MMMM SLUT!! AHHHHH…” He groaned out with a wide, pervy grin as he kept his hips shifting back and forth like a well designed machine. His balls smacking off of her tanned skin each time he drives in to go balls deep into the moaning MILF in front of him.

“MMMMM YESSSSS!! AHHHHHH… OOOOOOOH I FUCKING!! MMMMM LOVE THIIIIIISSSS MMMMM!!” Ivanka near screamed out. So deep in her state of desire she was acting as if the others in the room watching her getting fucked, and even her own step-sister and step-mother holding her legs all didn’t exist. Her eyes burning with lust as she stared up at the man she barely knows, isn’t married to, and isn’t the father of her children.  “OH FUCK!! COMING!! GONNA… GONNA CUM!! OH YESSSS AHHHHHH FUUUUUCK!!” None of that now mattering to the latest ‘claim’ of a Harem who is craving more of this massive dick despite getting all of that and then some as pump after deep pump fills her needy snatch up. Her huge mountains bouncing away in time with her body for an added smoking hot sight as if her moans alone weren’t enough.

“OH FUUUUUUUUCK AHHHHHHHH!!” Finally, the repeated thrusting into her tight snatch set Ivanka off. Experiencing the kind of hard and powerful orgasm that had rendered her step-sister and step-mother into the same lust-addicted state she was now deep in. Her body arching off the floor but held in place by those family members as even as she orgasmed the balls deep thrusts relentlessly continues to ram in and out of her. “MMMMMM!! AHHHHH OOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK!!” She groaned and gasped, her pussy clamping on that big dick ramming away into her as her juices flowed out. Strands of her blonde hair stuck across her pretty face and her bouncing tits shining from all the sweat. All with a wide smile of a well fucked whore even before she finally collapses back to the floor as her orgasm settles down.

“MMMMM SHIT… Another… UHHHH… Satisfied customer, huh?” Harry grinned, pulling out his soaked with juices cock from that spent snatch. “I’m not quite done yet… Let go of her girls.” He ordered the other women, but didn’t even give the respect of looking at them as he gave the instruction.

Following the orders, both Melania and Tiffany let go of Ivanka’s legs. Allowing themselves to apply those now free hands to their own chests, moaning shamelessly out as they looked to get off again just from having watched their sibling getting fucked so expertly and hard.

They’d soon get some visual aid to help them with their self-fucking. Eems moving forward onto the still exhausted beauty he’d just brought to screaming orgasm. His intentions not surprising in the slightest as he mounted Ivanka’s massive chest, using his own hands to sandwich his cock to his groaning approval. The slickness of the sweat over her tits plus the fluids over his member allowing for an immediate smooth motion as he drew his hips backward. Soon driving his cock firmly between her breasts and then repeating the action, giving those big MILF titties the kind of fucking many a man would give a limb to do.

“MMMMM FUCK… Oh YESSSSSS… MMMMM FUCK!!” He grunted, the slap of his stomach and crotch connecting off the underside of her tits ringing out now as fucked the blonde’s rack like the property they now are to him. Staring down to watch the head of his prick pop up out from the top of her deep cleavage before vanishing down between them as the motion repeated. His fingers easily digging into the more than ample tit-flesh of the New York-born beauty as he pleasured himself using her mountains. Paying no attention to the other people in the room watching on at this sinful act, or even the other women now finger fucking themselves almost silly as they intense watch him go to work.

“Uhhhhhh!! Mmmmmm… Fuck those tits baby… Mmmmm!!” Even as worn out still from her own sexual high as she is, the busty babe on her back watching her breasts getting banged can’t help but lick her lips as she watches that cock slide in and out of her tits. Getting aroused from the feeling and no doubt the afterglow of that major orgasm having an effect. “Mmmmm! Gonna cum soon? Huh? Gonna… Ahhhhh… Cum all over my big fucking tits, huh??” Ivanka purred as encouragement, grinning up at her new Harem Master as she all too easily, never mind willingly, let him have his wicked way with her chest. Not that she had the energy, not the legal power, to resist the man who can now fuck and have any woman he wants just like he’d done to her. From that saucy look on her face, she’s already wanting him to take her again right now and not just by fucking her boobs.

“MMMM!! UHHHHH SHIT!! You’re… MMMM!! Gonna fucking get it… Trust me!!” He vowed through gritted teeth as he felt his dick slightly throb now within her soft mounds. Loving the feeling all around his shaft that felt just as good as when he was in her mouth or snatch, and using the kind of pace he’d been doing to those holes as well. Firm and smooth thrusts that keep him deeply moaning as sweat drips off his nose. Knowing that even with the ‘blessing’ of sexual skill this Porntar Band gives him he’ll be hitting a limit soon enough. Just time though to enjoy a final couple of thrusts into those massive, jiggling MILF tits for good measure, but mostly for his own pleasure. “UHHHH!! You fucking… MMMMM!! Want it?? Here… AHHHHH! It fucking cums!”

That brief warning was all he could manage before with a last throb a thick spurt of jizz splattered right out to catch Ivanka across the neck for a far different ‘pearl necklace’ than she’s used to. He just managed to pull out of her chest for the next to splash over the tops of her tits to add to her creamed neckline. His stroking palm now doing the work to milk himself dry. Aiming across both sides of her unmissable rack for a generous coating on each to the point of dripping off the sides as well as down between her tits. A far more than just impressive amount of jizz for a man who had cum for the third time in a day – another sure benefit of that Porntar Band he wore.

“Ho-ly fuck…” Harry gasped with a grin as he pumped out and flicked down the final drops of cum onto those freshly fucked tits. “This… Oh I am so getting used to this…” He said with a laugh, showing absolutely no shame at all in what he’s done, never mind to who he’s done it to. “…Huh?” He said, only now noticing that the other two women were laying on the floor either side of their sibling, gasping for air with a hand deep between their legs.

“Hmmmm… Fascinating…” Agent Windburn commented, making a final note on his paperwork.

“That what you call it?” Secret Agent Davidson said coldly, looking at the junior agent.

“Not… Ummm, I don’t mean the sex and Harem creation…” Windburn said sheepishly for a moment. “I mean the Porntar Band he’s wearing. It glowed all the while that Mister Eems was having sex, and now it’s stopped!” He pointed out. “Exactly like when he wasn’t fucking when waiting for Miss Tiffany to arrive.”

“That confirms it then…” Secret Agent Franklin noted. “That device is a form of communication so the aliens can see he’s carrying out their orders. Only question now…” He paused, looking at the three sweat-soaked women still laying on the floor. “Is how many more these… ‘Claims’ is it going to take to satisfy these damn aliens?”

From the wide grin on Harry’s face, he was hoping a lot, lot more than just three…

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