The Intruder

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Title: The Intruder

Author: MovieBuff

Celebs: Zooey Deschanel

Codes: MF, nc, rape, anal, viol, spank

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Zooey Deschanel had just finished another day’s work, filming an episode of her sitcom “New Girl.” She enjoyed it most days, but today was really fun for her, because Ryan Reynolds was guest starring in the episode she was working on. “It’s such a pleasure to work with you, Ryan,” Zooey told the “Deadpool” star. “”Why thank you,” replied Ryan. “It’s such a pleasure to work with someone so beautiful.” Zooey blushed and said, “Thank you,” with a giggle. “Just don’t tell my wife,” Ryan said, winking. “I won’t,” replied Zooey.

But as much fun Zooey was having with Ryan, there was something that was concerning her. For the past few weeks, Zooey felt like she was being watched at a distance by this older man. He was a few inches taller than her, had white hair, mustache, and beard, and looked like he was in his early 60s. Zooey felt like he was everywhere she went and today was no exception. As Zooey walked out of the studio at 7:15 PM, he was right there, waiting for her. “Ello there!” the man declared with a British accent. Zooey yelped in fear as she turned around and saw him. “What do you want?” asked Zooey. “To get to know you, love,” the man replied. “I’d love to,” Zooey lied. “But I have to go.” Zooey ran to her car, got in, started the vehicle, and drove off. What she didn’t know is that the man got in his own car and started following her.

On her way home, Zooey did notice that a certain car did seem to be following her. “Is this car following me?” Zooey asked herself, worried. Soon, the car’s headlights shone bright enough to reveal the man’s face in Zooey’s rear view mirror. A lump formed in Zooey’s throat when she realized who it was. “Oh my God,” Zooey groaned. “How am I going to escape this guy?” Soon, Zooey approached a stoplight that had just turned yellow. “Bingo,” Zooey said to herself. With empty room in front of her, Zooey hit the gas and sped through the light, which the man was forced to stop at when it turned red. “I may get a ticket for that,” said Zooey. “But at least that creep isn’t following me anymore.” Several cars got behind her, which made her feel more safe. Unfortunately, she didn’t know the man still knew where she was and followed her behind the other cars.

Finally, Zooey reached her house and parked her car in the driveway. As she got out of her car and went inside her house, Zooey got a phone call. “Who’s calling me at this hour?” Zooey wondered. She looked at her phone and saw that it was Ryan. Upon seeing this, Zooey answered. “Hello?” Zooey asked. On the other end, she heard Ryan’s unmistakable voice. “Hey Zooey!” said Ryan. “Ryan! What’s up?” asked Zooey. “You left your debit card back at the studio!” said Ryan. Zooey’s eyes widened as she heard this. “I did?” Zooey asked, grabbing her wallet. “Yeah, it must have fallen out while you were leaving,” explained Ryan. “Lucky for you, I found it.” As Ryan talked, Zooey looked through her wallet and saw that her debit card was indeed not there. “You’re right, it’s not here,” Zooey said. “You want me to bring it to you?” asked Ryan. “I’m about an hour and a half away from you.” “Oh Ryan, you are an angel,” said Zooey. “That would be wonderful.” After the two finished their conversation, Zooey went upstairs and changed into her pajamas.

“What shall I do while I wait for Ryan?” Zooey wondered. As she walked down the stairs, she heard her doorbell ring, which took her by surprise. “Ryan wasn’t supposed to be here until much later,” Zooey thought. “Who is it?” Zooey asked. She got no answer. Puzzled, Zooey came down the stairs and walked to her door, where she looked through the peephole, and much to her horror, saw the old man who had been watching her. “Good evening, love,” the man said.

Zooey backed away in fear as the man stepped closer to the door. “Who are you?” Zooey asked, shivering in fear. “What the fuck do you want?” “We haven’t been properly introduced,” said the man. “My name is Walter, and what I want is to come in there and have a jolly ole time.” “Well, Walter,” said Zooey. “If you don’t go away, I’m calling the police.” “Silly girl,” laughed Walter. “They’d never make it here in time.” “Just go away!” shouted Zooey. Walter was getting angry. “Now listen, if you don’t open the bloody door,” explained Walter. “I’m going to kick it down and come in there!” Zooey chuckled a little. “You’re an old man,” said Zooey. “You really think you can kick down my door?” With that, Walter starting kicking and slamming into the door. Zooey stood there, paralyzed in fear, until finally, Walter knocked down the door and set foot in the house. “Hello, Zooey,” Walter said with a sinister smile.

Zooey turned and tried to run, but Walter grabbed her by her hair and yanked her back. “You’re not going anywhere,” said Walter. “Let me go!” Zooey shouted, as she started to cry. She managed to pinch Walter’s hand that was holding her hair, causing him to let go. Walter was now furious. Before Zooey could try to run again, Walter turned her around and punched her in the face, knocking her down on her knees. “Oww,” Zooey whimpered, as she coughed a little blood. Before she could do anything else, Walter got down on his knees, turned Zooey on her back and pinned her to the floor. “You’re gonna pay for that, love,” Walter snarled.

Walter grabbed the end of Zooey’s pajama top and started to pull it upwards. “No! Stop!” Zooey screamed as Walter pulled her pajama top all the way off, exposing her breasts. “No bra? Jolly good!” said Walter. “Let’s see if you’re not wearing any knickers, then?” Walter grabbed the top of Zooey’s pajama bottoms and pulled them off her body, leaving her completely naked. “Please!” begged Zooey, as tears streamed down her cheeks. “Don’t do this!” “Oh, I’m just getting started, love,” Walter said with a devilish grin.

Without warning, Walter started fingering Zooey’s twat. “Oh G-ah-awd!” Zooey cried. “Ple-ahease stop!” Walter ignored Zooey’s pleas and continued to finger her until her pussy was dripping wet. “There we go,” said Walter. “Now to move on.” Much to Zooey’s horror, Walter took off his belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. “No!” Zooey said in horror. “Anything but that!” Zooey’s lips quivered as Walter pulled out his old, but rock hard dick. “Time to go inside,” Walter whispered. With Zooey pinned on her back, Walter got on top of her and slid his cock into her poor pussy and started to fuck her. “NO!” Zooey cried as Walter started thrusting. “Shut up!” shouted Walter. As much as Zooey wanted to fight back, she couldn’t, so she just laid there, sobbing, as Walter continued to violate her.

Walter fucked her for about ten minutes and then pulled out and turned Zooey over on her front. “What are you doing?” Zooey sobbed. “Fucking your arse,” said Walter. With that, Walter shoved his dick into Zooey’s asshole and started to butt fuck her. Zooey screamed out in pain as her ass was violated by the old limey. “Knock off that screaming,” said Walter, a little miffed. “You act like you’ve never been fucked in the arse before.” “Please stop,” Zooey cried. “I can’t take anymore.” “Alright, I’ll just get back to your front,” said Walter, before turning Zooey on her back again.

Once again, Walter shoved his cock into Zooey’s pussy and thrusted in and out, as Zooey lay there crying. At one point, Walter spit in Zooey’s mouth. This finally brought the fight back in Zooey, and she sat up and clawed Walter’s face with her nails. “Ouch!” Walter cried. Even though she was still crying, Zooey felt a little powerful, having hurt her assailant. “You think that’s cute?” Walter asked, his voice deep with anger. Zooey’s feeling of power quickly vanished and she felt another lump form in her throat. “I think I need to teach you a lesson,” Walter said, pulling out of Zooey. After doing so, he picked her up off the floor and dragged her to the living room.

“What are you doing now?” Zooey asked. “Just what I said I think I need to do,” Walter said as he sat down on a chair. “Teaching you a lesson.” After Walter sat down, he bent Zooey over his knee, and began spanking her. Zooey didn’t cry out or scream as Walter spanked her, but it still hurt like hell. Her bottom was already very sore from being assraped and the spanking only made it hurt more. “This’ll teach you to not be a naughty girl,” said Walter, as he continued spanking Zooey. After what felt like an eternity, Walter stopped. “Alright, I think you’ve been punished enough,” said Walter. “That’s the pot calling the kettle black,” Zooey thought to herself. Walter dropped Zooey onto the floor and then started raping her once again.

At one point during her violation, Zooey heard her phone vibrating. Walter was so into fucking her pussy, that he didn’t even notice Zooey grab her phone. But soon, Walter did notice and smacked it out of Zooey’s hand and across the living room. However, when he slapped it away, the call was accepted…and it was from Ryan. “Zooey?” asked Ryan. “Are you there?” But all Ryan heard on the other end was grunting and crying. “ZOOEY!” Ryan screamed into the phone. Both Zooey and Walter heard Ryan’s voice on the other end. Walter stopped fucking and walked up to the phone and examined it. Zooey would have gotten up, but she was too weak from the rape to move. As Walter hung up, Ryan knew something was wrong. Without even thinking, Ryan quickly dialed 911 and told them the address of Zooey’s house.

Meanwhile, Walter was very angry. “You accepted the call?” Walter asked, standing over Zooey. “No,” Zooey said honestly. “You were trying to call for help?” asked Walter. Zooey tried to speak, but Walter cut her off. “I think I need to teach you another lesson,” Walter snarled. “And this one takes more than a spanking.” Walter picked Zooey up off the floor and pinned her back against the wall, wrapping his hands around her throat. “Don’t worry,” said Walter. “I’ll make sure your hero is bloody well taken care of.” Walter choked Zooey until her face turned blue and then let her breathe. But after that, he threw Zooey down and started punching her in the face and then continued to assault her. By the time Walter was done assaulting Zooey, she was covered in blood, had a black eye, a cracked tooth, and several broken ribs, and her hair was a complete mess. All Zooey could do was lay naked on the floor in pain and sob.

“Now I hope you’ve learned something, love,” said Walter. “But just in case you haven’t…” Walter pulled his dick out again and shoved it into Zooey’s ass. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!” sobbed Zooey. Walter didn’t answer and then started fucking Zooey’s pussy again. He alternated every five minutes, until finally, with Zooey on her back, Walter pulled out of her pussy and came, shooting his jizz onto Zooey’s belly, breasts, and neck.

Walter stood up and put his cock back in his pants, admiring his work as he stood over Zooey, who was still sobbing. However, outside, Ryan finally pulled up to Zooey’s house and saw the busted down door. “Zooey?” he called out as he ran inside. He went into the living room and saw Walter standing over the beaten and crying Zooey, naked and covered in blood and cum. “I’m afraid you’re too late,” Walter taunted. Ryan was filled with rage as Walter stood there laughing. Without saying anything, Ryan attacked Walter and gave him the beating of his life. When he finished, Ryan picked up Zooey and cradled her in his arms. “I’m so sorry,” Ryan told Zooey. “I should’ve been here sooner.” All Zooey could do was cough up blood and sob uncontrollably into Ryan’s shoulder.

Soon the police and paramedics arrived at Zooey’s house. The cops arrested Walter and took him outside to their car. The paramedics placed Zooey on a stretcher and loaded her into the ambulance. “Don’t worry, Zooey,” Ryan said in a comforting tone. “They’re gonna fix you up.” As Zooey was taken to the hospital, Ryan had to stay behind and give a report to the cops. At the police station, Walter was being interrogated and he confessed to everything. The stalking, the break in, the assault, the rape, everything. “Why’d you do it, Walter?” asked one of the cops. “I wanted to have a jolly ole time,” Walter said smiling. “And I had one.” The cops were absolutely disgusted and took him out of the room. “You’re sick,” another one of the cops said as they put Walter in a cell.

A few weeks later, Zooey was healed up and ready to continue working on “New Girl.” Everybody applauded her as she walked onto the set. Zooey walked through the crowd and thanked them for their support. As Zooey made her way through the crowd, she saw Ryan standing there. “Ryan!” she squealed as she ran over and hugged him. “How are you, Zooey?” asked Ryan. “I’m doing better now,” replied Zooey. “I’m so sorry I didn’t get there soon enough that night,” said Ryan. “I wish I could’ve done something.” Zooey gently touched his cheek. “You did do something,” Zooey said, staring into his eyes. “You saved my life.” Ryan smiled and Zooey kissed him on the lips. “Oh by the way,” said Ryan, reaching into his pocket. “Here’s your debit card.” “Thank you,” Zooey said, taking her debit card with a laugh. “Also, I want to thank you for saving my life.” “Really?” asked Ryan. “What do you have in mind?” “I think you already know,” Zooey said with a wink. “See me after work.” As Zooey walked away, Ryan realized Zooey wanted to fuck him. “Oh my God,” Ryan said to himself, smiling.

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