Our Girl’s Extras

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Title: Our Girl’s Extras

Author: Nobbem’ard

Celebs: Michelle Keegan

Codes: MMMMMf, rape, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction – never happened, never will (well hopefully never will!)

The producers of ITV programme ‘Our Girl’ have decided they want some of the action to be more realistic, so they have hired a bunch of former squaddies like me and my mates to be extras on the set.

The thing is – we’re former squaddies, because we’re naughty boys!  And how are we naughty?  Well, let’s say that we like the ladies – especially ladies in uniform, even if it isn’t real!

And as we gaze at the programme’s ‘leading lady’, Michelle Keegan, I feel more and more pissed off, as she preens herself in her full face of makeup, no marks around her face or imperfections, even though we’re supposed to be in the desert, and quietly me and the lads start to formulate a plan to teach her a lesson, especially since she really seems to thinks she’s a cut above the rest of us.

Anyway, may mate Cracko is first to think of something,

“Hey Baz! On the weekend there’s some bash going on, where all us extras are gonna be mixing with the ‘stars’ of the show at that hotel we went to the other week where we fucked those blonde tourists!”

I think back to that evening when the five of us took a couple of lovely blondes to that hotel, and gave them the night of their lives, both of them excited at first that they would be fucked by black men, but each begging for us to stop after a couple of hours.  Watching them trying to walk the following morning was hilarious.

And so we hatch a plan to capture Michelle Keegan, and fuck the ass off her!

We have managed to ‘persuade’ one of the more minor actors to start a fight with one of my mates, in which my mate gets pushed to the floor, and knocked out in front of Michelle, who, despite her real persona of arrogance, would surely show compassion in front of the public and help.

And sure enough, in public, Michelle is sweetness personified, buying and accepting drinks from extras and bit part actors alike, people she’ll be ignoring again after the weekend, and now my mate Jasper moves the actor who shoves him, telling him to keep clear of Michelle and her entourage.  Michelle looks concerned, telling him,

“Hey! No need to be like that – the guy just wants a drink!”

Suddenly Jasper and the actor are pushing and shoving, then Jasper goes down like a sack of potatoes, and hits the back of his head, flaking out, right at Michelle’s feet.  She bends and catches hold of him, and he begins to come round (not that he was actually out anyway) and she says,

“Let’s see if we can get you somewhere more comfortable! I may not be a real army medic, but I can at least help you!”

She pushes the other actors away, and my mates and I go with Michelle and Jasper to the lift, and get inside, where she snaps at Jasper.

“Are you ok now, twat? You need to stay away from the stars, or you’ll get more of that! Right, you guys, when we get to his floor, you can take him to his room, and I’ll get back to the party!”

We nod, but look at  each other with little grins, and wait to reach the 8th floor, where we all get out quickly, Jasper and Patto grabbing Michelle’s arms, and lifting her off her feet, propelling her towards the room we’ve hired, and Cracko opens the door, waits for Michelle to be pushed inside, then locks it.  With her arms pinned back, Michelle’s writhing to try to free herself, but I have other ideas, and I move towards her, chuck her under the chin with my right index finger, and promise,

“Now! I think it’s time for us to get acquainted!”

I kiss Michelle’s mouth, but she’s not happy, and spits when I remove my lips from hers,

“Fuck off you nobody! Let me go, or I’ll start screaming!”

I run my hands over her body, as Vernon produces a knife, which he holds to her throat,

“I don’t think you will, darling! This blade will slice you like a peach if you make a noise! Plus – there ain’t anybody else on this floor, so you ain’t gonna be heard by nobody!,

I feel Michelle start a little at the threat, but she wriggles some more, and I step aside,  letting Vernon take over for a while, and he just runs his hands all over Michelle’s body, fondling her huge tits, then reaching down, he slides his right hand under her short skirt, stroking her leg, then I can see that he’s got his fingers on her cunt, Michelle’s knickers protecting her as she gasps,

“Get off me!  I’m not some backstreet slut!”

Vernon backs off, but only so that Cracko can take his place, and he starts unfastening the buttons on Michelle’s blouse, opening it wide, and he starts stroking her breasts, which are barely contained by her bra, and he smiles, then kisses her mouth, Michelle still struggling in Jasper and Patto’s grasp, as Cracko looks at me,

“Shall I get her skirt off, Baz?  Or are you gonna take over again from here?”

I pretend to think about it, and look at Michelle,

“Who do you think should take your skirt off, babe?  Hmmm?”

She just wrinkles her face in disgust,

“Fuck off! Just fuck off and leave me alone you bastards!”

I feign a look of disappointment, and tell Cracko,

“I think you should do the honours – I’ll finish the job though, ok?”

Cracko is almost gentle in the way he unzips Michelle’s skirt, and smiles broadly as it falls to the floor, with Jasper and Patto tugging her blouse down and over her arms, leaving the actress wearing just her bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings, Cracko and Vernon both now stroking Michelle’s bared inner thighs, their fingers occasionally pausing over her knickers, and Vernon begins to rub her cunt through the material, Michelle squealing, gasping and writhing, and now I get closer, and help myself to a kiss on her mouth, Michelle keeping her lips tightly closed.  I slide my hands around behind her back, and unclip her bra, then stroke my fingers around her body as I decide to bare her famous rack, grinning,

“Let’s have a look at these, shall we?”

Michelle’s big tits are now in the open, and I bend a little to cup and kiss them, my tongue almost casually flicking over her nipples as my hands slowly but surely run down her torso until they’re both on her knickers, Michelle for the first time more pleading than angry,

“Please stop! Don’t do this!”

But I just smile,

“Oh! I think we’re too far down the line to stop, babe!”

And I tug her panties down over her thighs, letting them fall to the floor, and slide my right forefinger into her cunt, massaging her gently, and I kiss her again, still not getting any response, as I tell her,

“Step out of your knickers, babe! You can keep your stockings and belt on – I like to hang on to something when I fuck a girl!”

Michelle is almost meek as she steps out of her panties, glares at me, and snaps,

“I’ll fight you all the way, you bastard!”

I give her lips another kiss, running my tongue inside them across her clenched teeth, then pull back, and announce,

“Get her on the bed guys! It’s showtime!”

Jasper and Patto wrench Michelle up and onto the big bed, spreading her from side to side rather than head to foot, so that her head’s almost half off the bed.

She;s still struggling, and doesn’t watch me drop my trousers and pants, my big cock hard in my hand as I get onto the bed, and I pull her legs apart, although she’s doing her best to keep her thighs together, and it takes me a little while to get myself nicely into position, the tip of my cock now rubbing the entry to Michelle’s cunt, then I gently slide the first three or four inches inside, and Michelle gasps,

“No! Enough! Let me go!”

I laugh, then let her have three or four more inches, loving the way her eyes pop as she feels my size, before pushing the final couple of inches or so inside, my fingers now gripping her suspender belt as I start to pump.

Michelle’s still struggling, but maybe not so much, so I tell Jasper and Patto,

“OK boys! I’ll finish this on my own!”

I move my hands quickly onto Michelle’s shoulders, and pin them to the bed, as I carry on pumping my hips to and fro, the beautiful actress’s struggles subsiding as I carry on fucking her, speeding up my thrusts until I feel my spunk coming, and I make sure I’m deep inside her when I shoot my jizz, then flop down on her and help myself to a very long kiss of those lips, Michelle’s eyes now dribbling tears, as I tell her,

“That’s one down, babe only four to go!”

I slide off, and tell Cracko,

“Go on mate! Get your cock out!”

Michelle slide off the bead, and makes a dash for the door, which is locked anyway, and she’s quickly recaptured  by Jasper and Patto, who carry her back to the bed, and sprawl her out on her back,  Jasper grinning,

“Feisty little bitch, aren’t you?”

He gives her a sloppy kiss on her lips, and plays with her nipples, then he and Patto flatten her out on her back for Cracko, who gets hold of her knees, and presses them down sideways to open her legs up, as she growls,

“Fuck off! I’m not having this!”

Cracko laughs,

“Sure you are, honey! And I’m having you!”

Without any more hesitation, Cracko’s cock is plunging the depths of Michelle’s smoothly shaved cunt, and he’s immediately into high speed action, fucking her so hard that Jasper and Patto let go of her, and let him fuck Michelle unaided, the actress gasping, squeaking and panting as she gets shafted by his long, thick cock, and when he finally cums, her hands are on his back, her thighs actually gripping his hips, her back arched, and there’s a little smile on her lips, until he kisses her, and gloats,

“Told you I’d have you! And you loved it, you tart!”

Before he fully dismounts, Michelle slaps Cracko across the face, snapping,

“You fucking rapist!”

But he doesn’t care, and tells Vernon,

“Fill her up!”

Vernon just climbs aboard, as Jasper and Patto pull Michelle back again, flattened out nicely to ensure he can easily give her a third fucking in around 35 minutes, his solidly hard prick squeezing into Michelle’s already flooded cunt, and I laugh as I hear the squelch as he starts to rock back and forth, the guy grunting and snarling as he pounds Michelle, the sweat running off her face as she grits her teeth, then starts gasping and squeaking, her legs quivering and shaking – he’s actually making her orgasm!  Vernon has his hands on Michelle’s ass now as he draws closer to shooting, and she’s laying back, no need to hold her now, as she’s done for, and when Vernon cums, she sighs, and looks a little disappointed that he’s finished.

Vernon pulls Michelle’s face towards his, and he kisses her mouth, and the rest of us cheer as we see her returning his kiss, after which she sighs again,

“Ohhhh! That hurt!”

It’s time for a change around now, and Cracko and I grab Michelle’s arms to hold her still, as Jasper drops his pants, and gets himself ready to fuck her, the actress parting her legs herself this time, accepting her fate, and we don’t really need to hold her down as he drills his prick into her, our cocks both rock hard again, especially with her face so close to our crotches, and Cracko grins as he rubs his cock on her face,

“Come on! Open your mouth!”

Michelle shakes her head and through gritted teeth whispers,


She moves her head again, and now my cock is by her lips, her mouth gradually opening as Jasper shafts her good and hard, and I tell her,

“Come on, Michelle! Take it in your mouth!”

And with that, my cock is in Michelle Keegan’s mouth, and I put my hand on the back of her head, entwining my fingers in her hair, and pulling her head to and fro, the brunette gagging as my massive cock goes way inside her mouth and down her throat, Jasper clearly getting excited as she laughs,

“Look at the bitch! Takes a spitroasting like a pro!”

A short grunt announces that Jasper has shot his muck, while Michelle’s still sucking my cock, and I don’t think she’s really noticed that Patto’s on her now, although she does realise it as I let go of her hair, and she straightens her head, looking straight at him for a few seconds, until, Cracko turns her head to face his cock instead, the actress parting her lips straight away to take it in her mouth, and he gives her a sound facefucking whilst Patto shags her for all he’s worth.

I look at the clock as he shoots his jizz – it’s taken just over an hour and a half for all five of us to fuck Michelle, and now Cracko pulls his cock out of her mouth, a few strands of spunk dribbling from it, and I chide him,

“Awww! You shouldn’t have cum in her mouth, mate!  Well – not yet!”

We drag Michelle off the bed and onto her knees, and the five of use stand around her in a circle, our cocks solid in front of us, big and proud, and I tell her,

“C’mon! Let’s see ‘The sexiest Soap Actress’ in action!”

Michelle hesitates briefly, then Jasper tells her,

“Five nice blowjobs, bitch! Starting with Bazz!”

Michelle kind of crawls over to me, and I raise her head up before sliding my cock into her mouth, gripping her head, and giving her face a good hard fucking, the actress sucking a little as I drill my prick hard and true down her throat, making sure I fill her throat with spunk when I’m done, and keeping her face in situ until I’m done.

Next up is Cracko, who decides to play with Michelle for a while, wiping his still dribbling cock over her pretty face, before slotting it into her mouth, and Michelle grips his buttocks as she sucks him, the actress’s head bobbing back and forth again and again, until a gurgling noise tells us that Cracko has done the business, holding her head firm as he cums down her throat.

Now it’s Vernon’s turn, and he’s running his hands over Michelle’s big tits, then rubbing his hard cock in between them, clearly enjoying himself with her, and he’s following that by pressing his hard cock into her mouth, Michelle’s lips pushing back his foreskin as she takes his massive erection into her mouth, gagging a little as he pulls her head to and fro, the guy soon shedding his spunk into her mouth, making sure she swallows another good gobbet of cum.

Jasper drags Michelle to face him, the pretty brunette ours for  fun now, and he makes her kiss his feet, then lick his legs all the way up to his crotch, suck his balls, then take that massive dick of his between her lips and suck away as fervently as she can, her head banging back and forth relentlessly, and she kind of hiccups when he cums down the back of her throat.

There’s no rest for Michelle as Patto takes over – to be honest, he’s got the biggest cock of the lot of us, and he’s got a nasty streak too, insisting that Michelle begs like a dog then licks his ass before he rams his huge prick between her teeth, grabs hold of her ears, and just fucks her face, really going at her, Michelle’s eyes open wide as she gags and gurgles, with Patto’s massive prick down her throat, and soon he’s jerking as he unloads his spunk, holding Michelle’s head in place until she’s sucked the jizz off his cock.

Patto pushes Michelle away, and she falls backwards on the floor, Cracko grabbing her hair, and picking her head up, hitting her across the face with the back of his hand, telling her,

“That’s for slapping my face, you bitch!”

Michelle is hurt, but snaps back,

“What did you expect? You’d just raped me, you bastard!”

And that earns her another backhander across her face, and her lets go of her, letting g her fall backwards.  Michelle wipes her mouth, because her lip’s bleeding, and suddenly Jasper and Patto are picking her up again, running their hands over her naked body, opening her thighs and laughing as spunk seeps out of her cunt and trickles down her legs, and Vernon’s laughing,

“Let’s hogtie the bitch!”

The guys dump Michelle on the bed face-down, and she’s doing her best to struggle, but aftger being gangbanged, she’s not got much resistance left in her, and Patto and Cracko are soon tying her wrists together behind her back, tying them nice and tight.  To be honest, I’m quite happy to watch my mates destroy Michelle, although now I’ve raped her, I don’t want to hurt or humiliate her myself, just settle back and watch, my cock hardening rapidly.

Vernon and Jasper are grabbing Michelle’s ankles, and start to tie them together, until Cracko grins,

“Hank on, I’ve got an idea – if you tie her ankles together, we won’t be able to fuck her, so just tie the ropes from her ankles to her arms, cos that’s gonna leave her legs open!”

Michelle’s squealing,

“No! Stop! Let me go!”

Which earns her another smack across the face, and suddenly her ankles are being tied as well, and she’s being positioned on the bed, and it’s Cracko who gets himself between her legs, slaps her ass a few times, then shoves his cock into her cunt from behind, Michelle’s mouth opening in a silent scream as he fucks her doggy-style, luckily for her, cumming very quickly, and letting Vernon take over, the guy sliding his cock up and down between her asscheeks, asking Michelle,

“Which hole, darling? Front or back?”

She screams back,

“Neither, you bastard! I don’t want you!”

He grins,

“OK – I think you said, ‘back’ didn’t you?”

With no further ado, Vernon’s ramming his prick up Michelle’s anus, and she’s screaming,

“Stop it! You’re ripping me!”

But he doesn’t stop, just keeps thrusting rhythmically until he shoots his load, Michelle wailing loudly as he makes sure he’s giving her the final drops of his spunk, lifting her ass into the air with has hands, shoving his prick in just as far as he can.  As he pulls his cock out of her, Vernon slaps her asscheeks, reddening them, and returns her to her kneeling postion.

Michelle looks totally broken now, and it’s time for Jasper and Patto to take over, the guys deciding to spitroast her on their pricks, Jasper slipping his into her mouth, the actress just accepting it now, and she hardly reacts when Patto rams his big cock into her cunt from behind, and the pair of them rock back and forth, two pairs of black asscheeks pumping in and out of white flesh, a pumping which eventually ends when the guys are sated, Michelle quivering as she lays there, spunk weeping from her mouth, her cunt and her anus, totally defiled.

Cracko starts getting dressed, and announces,

“I’m gonna get a drink!”

The guys see that I’m not moving, and Vernon frowns,

“What about you Bazz!”

I lick my lips, smiles, and tell him,

“ I paid for this room for the night – I’m gonna screw the ass off her!”

My mates slowly leave, turning Michelle over, and each of them giving her fantasic body a long lingering stroke, playing with her nipples, Jasper and Cracko fingering her cunt as well for good measure, then sticking their smelly fingers in her mouth for her to suck clean, until finally they leave.

Once the guys have gone, I get off my chair, and amble into the bathroom, where I take a shower, then return to see Michelle’s fallen asleep after her ordeal.  I untie the babe, who just murmurs without waking, and I watch her as she recovers in her slumbers for an hour or so, before I decide to wake her up.

When I do, I turn her over gently, and tell her,

“Go get a shower, honey! Then we’ll get to know one another!”

Michelle pads into the bathroom, and gets herself cleaned up, and I hear her throwing up to rid her throat of spunk, then brush her teeth for an age,  She comes back into the bedroom, and I put my arms around her, lift her chin, and kiss her mouth, but she’s still resisting, and tells me,

“You’re big and strong, and I’m knackered, so I guess you’ll fuck me again, but no way am I letting you do it – if you fuck me, it’s rape!”

I slide my hands down her, play with her pussy a while, then lift her onto the bed, and tell her,

“Suits me! Turns me on when a bitch like you resists me!”

I’ve got Michelle on her back, and I grab her wrists, keeping them above her head, grinning,

“Still feisty, eh? Even after what we’ve done to you?”

Michelle keeps her mouth shut, but twists her head to and fro, and I love it as I see the shock in her eyes as I spread her thighs with my knees, then keep her wrists still with my right hand, guiding my hard cock back into her cunt with my left, telling her,

“You may as well enjoy it Michelle! I’m gonna fuck you anyway!”

I kiss her lips again, still without response, as she snaps,


That doesn’t worry me in the slightest, and I start on her, pushing up and down slowly at first, then speeding up again, making her pant a little, and I slow down again, savouring the moment as I feel the gorgeous Michelle Keegan quivering beneath me, her thighs now gripping my legs, and then suddenly I’m finished, my spunk squirting into her and I flop forwards on top of her, kissing her some more, Michelle at last kissing me back, and we lay there for a while, wit my cock still inside her, until I roll onto my back, Michelle on top of me straddling me, a thin line of saliva dribbling from the corner of her mouth, as she feels me hardening again, and she gasps

“Shit! You’re horny!”

And now Michelle starts to ride my cock, the actress no longer the stuck up victim of a five man gang rape, but now doing the business on me like a hungry hooker, her big tits bouncing up and down as she rides the chocolate log, eventually making me cum once more, and now she lays down next to me, our bodies slimy with sweat and lovejuices as we fall asleep in each others arms.

I wake before Michelle the next morning, and start to gently kiss her face, the actress moaning gently, my hands running over her, and she smiles,

“Let me give you a blowjob to say goodbye, Bazz!”

And she’s fondling my cock now, sliding off the bed, and onto her knees, and she plays with my cock for a while, then starts to lick the shaft, up and down, up and down, before licking and sucking my balls, running her tongue up my cock again, before kissing the tip, slowly and gradually parting her lips, she presses her head down, and starts to suck, keeps my cock inside her mouth, then she bobs her head up and down for as long as I can stand it before I let go of what feels like an enormous gobbet of spunk, and now I lay back on the bed, as Michelle dresses and quietly leaves me alone in the room, amazed at what she’s just done.

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