Working with Woody

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Title: Working with Woody

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, reluc, exh, oral

Disclaimer: This story is a work of absolute fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and you shouldn’t take this shit seriously anyway.

Closer! Get closer to him, Selena! Woody Allen shouted again and again at the 25-year-old Texan actress standing in the middle of a New York City street where the director’s new project was being filmed. Shivering under the cold, fake rain, the Texan girl pushed her soaked body against her male co-star and continued to kiss him passionately just like the famous director was ordering her to.

“That’s it, now kiss her harder! Use more tongue!” the lecherous old man continued shouting even though the two young actors were already performing the sloppiest kiss of their careers.

Timothee Chalamet, the movie’s leading man, was 4 years younger than Selena and used to jerk off to her pictures all of the time before landing the biggest part in his short career so the fact that he had gotten hard while holding her small waist in his hands and tasting her warm saliva was basically inevitable. Even Selena told herself that it was something to be expected when she started feeling his hard-on poking her right below the belly button. Young actors often got excited when they got to kiss her and she would’ve probably felt offended if he didn’t, considering the fact that they’ve been making out for almost half an hour just so they could get a 3-minute scene exactly how Woody wanted it. But Mr. Allen was known to be a perfectionist and Selena had prepared herself mentally for the filming process to be an exhausting one. What she wasn’t prepared for and did not expect at all was for a scene that in the script was nothing but a run-of-the-mill romantic one where the two lovers found each other and kissed under the rain to turn into a steamy, outdoors make-out session; with Woody’s instructions getting more and more lewd and specific after every cut, including telling her to change from the blue jeans she was supposed to wear originally to a purple mini skirt that was barely long enough to cover her white cotton underwear.

“Good! Good! Now grab her ass! Give it a good squeeze!” He shouted after getting enough close-up shots of them kissing. Selena almost broke character when she heard it but, before she could turn around to face the director, the coldness of Timothee’s wet hand going under her purple mini skirt and squeezing her left butt cheek startled her and, for the first time since the shooting had begun a few days earlier, she seriously wondered if she had made a huge mistake.

“Sorry… I umm…” Timothee mumbled between kisses, not really sure if he was apologizing for his erection or his hand on her butt or both.

“It’s ok…” replied the brunette, understanding he was in a way worse position than her career-wise and that if she herself was fearful of disobeying Woody Allen then a newbie like Timothee would be scared shitless. “It’s not your fault,” she told him just before kissing him again, desperately trying to stay in character as the young actor grabbed a handful of her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard while his erection continued to stab Selena in the stomach. Then the director shouted again and Timothee moved his hand lower, cupping the bottom part of her butt cheek before sliding it between her thighs and unto her warm crotch.

“It’s a great honor to work with Woody Allen!” her manager had told her, but of course she knew that already. It was impossible to work in show business and not be aware of the prestige that came with working with one of the most acclaimed directors of all time. It was also very difficult to not be aware of the problematic allegations against him. Selena had taken all of that into account before accepting a role in his new movie and even when several women in the industry warned her that Woody was an abusive pervert she chose to ignore them because, as rich and famous as she was, the fact that her acting career had never really taken off was a constant source of shame for a girl like her whose first love had always been cinema. And after all, she had read the script and there wasn’t anything remotely dirty or problematic in any of her scenes, so how bad could it possibly be? “Maybe he’ll try to flirt with me or stare at my boobs,” she said to herself before signing the contract, “So what? I put up with way more than that for Spring Breakers.” But now, a couple of months later, she was standing in the middle of a public street with her co-star’s hand rummaging between her thighs and listening incredulously as the director urged him to lift up her short skirt for the shot.

“More, Timothee! Lift it all the way up, show her ass to the camera!”

The 21-year-old actor did as instructed and soon the icy cold drops of water began landing directly on the brunette’s soft bottom. “What the fuck is going on?!” she thought while trying her best to not let the confusion and embarrassment of the moment ruin the scene. She was there to prove she could perform as a serious actress and that particular scene, problematic as it was turning out to be, would not ruin that opportunity. It wasn’t uncommon for a director to give that kind of directions for a love scene (even though she’d never really been in one) but that kind of stuff was usually filmed privately with just a few people on set; an environment completely different to the one she was currently in, being watched by the whole crew as well as a couple dozen of curious bystanders as she was fondled right in the middle of the biggest city in the world.

“Now pull up her panties, Timothee, give her a good wedgie!”

“What the fuck!” Selena thought again as her wet underwear was suddenly pulled up, turning the traditional cotton panties she had on into a thong riding up her ass crack. “Do it harder!” Woddy continued yelling while the public watched in amazement, pulling out their phones to capture the famous singer’s exposed ass, “Make her feel it!” The young actor did so and a quick moan escaped from Selena’s lips when the wet fabric turned into a rope nuzzled between her pussy lips, each subsequent pull stimulating her clit whether she wanted it or not.

“Are you sure this is ok? Should I stop?” Her mortified co-star whispered in her ear, even though the size of his erection showed no signs of remorse.

“No… mmm, just– ahh… do what he says…” she told him with her eyes closed, trying not to lose control of her body as he continued kissing her and tugging up her underwear so hard that her feet were barely touching the ground. A shiver ran through her body and she cried with a mix of pain and pleasure, causing his grip on her panties to weaken which immediately made the director very angry.

“No! No! NO!!! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Keep going! Pull harder!”

Woody had given all the actors a stern talk on the first day of filming, letting them know that on his set he was akin to a God and that every single one of his indications were to be obeyed without question. Failing to do so would inevitably result in getting fired from the movie. At first, Selena had not taken his words too seriously but after arriving 2 minutes late on the first day of filming the jewish director took her aside and made clear the reality of her situation.

“My assistant tells me you have a lot of followers on social media, girl, and that you make a ton of money from singing.”

“Yeah, but that’s not–”

“Shut up and listen to me, girl. I’ve been doing this for 60 years. I’ve worked with the best and I am one of the best. My movies were legendary before you were even born and they’ll continue to be way after you’re dead so, I’m going to give you one more chance to show you can be a professional, but if you’re ever late again or you don’t know one of your lines, if you disobey any of my directions or even if I hear the hint of a complain coming from you; I’ll recast the role immediately even if I have to film everything again.”

“I promise it won’t happ–”

“You might be a big shot in your world, girl, but on my set you’re nothing but a slutty little starlet catering to my every whim. Understood?”

“Yes, Mr. Allen,” Selena had replied meekly that day, shaking nervously and feeling insignificant, something she had not experienced since the very beginning of her professional career. For a brief moment, the cute actress had considered telling him to fuck off and quitting right then and there but she knew too well that the news about getting fired from a Woody Allen movie would basically bury her acting career forever, something she could not afford unless she resigned herself to another decade of doing shitty romantic comedies or brief cameos on big movies she would never be able to star in. A future filled with more trash movies like “The Getaway” or “Behaving Badly” filled her with more dread than anything Woody could ever say to her so she swallowed her pride and accepted her submissive role; just like she was accepting being fondled by her co-star on Mr. Allen’s orders for a scene that was supposed to be romantic but had quickly turned into the dirtiest thing she’d ever done on camera.

“Don’t stop, just do what he says,” the soaked latina insisted, feeling his dick twitching against her stomach, “I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me.” She wasn’t able to say anything more once Timothee pulled up her panties even harder, so hard that the fabric began ripping apart while the rough grind between her labia made her throw her head back and start moaning openly and loudly.

“Very good, Selena! Now you’re really getting into it!” Allen complimented her while the small crowd gathered around the set began to get excited, cheering and whistling at the young actress clearly starting to get off right in front of them. “Oh God this is so embarrassing,” she thought, realizing she was losing control of herself as her lower back arched and her hips began to grind against the wet rope that used to be her underwear. The leading man now had his free hand under her shirt and on her left breast and, as he struggled to get under the bra, Selena could hear Woody shouting: “Yes, good! Play with her tits, suck on them!”

Selena thought about the contract she had signed. It had no mention of nudity and, as Timothee unhooked her bra and started to pull up her soaked shirt, she wondered if a breach of contract lawsuit could be what saved her from further humiliation without ruining her acting career forever. Her eyes searched frantically for her manager but all she found was Woody’s intense gaze, letting her know he had her right where he wanted. Suddenly her bra fell down and she gasped when the cold drops of water started hitting her perky breasts. Again the bystanders began taking pictures of the incredible view they had stumbled upon and her co-star wasted no time in putting one of her rock hard nipples in his mouth. Right then she realized that from the director’s point of view she wasn’t really showing anything. Her tits were out in the open for everyone to see except the camera. “There’s no breach of contract and Woody knows that I won’t complain about anything else because I don’t wanna get fired,” Selena thought as the hard wedgie and Timothee’s tongue continued to drive her crazy, “There’s nothing I can do but give him what he wants.”

Woody shouted something she couldn’t decipher over the loudness of her own moans and another wave of heavenly pleasure interrupted her thoughts when her co-star dropped to his knees, pulled aside her ruined panties and started to kiss and lick the reddened area around her clit. Standing there in public, half-naked with a couple of dozens of people and paparazzi watching her get oral sex from a kid she barely knew, Selena realized the images would be on tmz and the rest of the internet in a matter of minutes. Then she thought of how disappointed her family would be and how upset it would make her boyfriend but the shame and humiliation were no match for the incredible feeling of Timothee’s tongue swirling around her swollen clit and the two fingers he was shoving in and out of her hot, wet cunt.

Woody commanded her to play with her tits and before he had even finished the sentence Selena was pinching and pulling on her nipples, moaning and shaking and crying “YES! YEEESSS! FUCK YES!!!” with Timothee’s hand buried in her pink hole. Finally, the orgasm took over and her slight frame hunched and contorted over her co-stars body, the intense spasms of pleasure turned her legs into useless noodles and she tried to grab Timothee’s head as she fell down on the wet concrete while her unwanted audience shouted sentences made unclear by the sound of her prolonged and piercing moans.

“And cut!” the director finally said when Timothee got up with a big tent in his pants and looking really confused about what had just happened. “Great job, Timothee.”

The bystanders started clapping and whistling like they had just seen a great performance and Woody got up from his chair and started walking away from the set. Resting on her hands an knees and struggling to catch her breath, the pretty texan girl realized her skirt was still crumbled around her waist and her soaked t-shirt had become completely see-through and, as she struggled to cover herself and regain a little bit of decorum, the gravity of what she had just done started to hit her hard. Timothee offered to help her up but all he got in return for his gesture was a “Don’t touch me! Get away from me, please,” from the upset actress sitting in a puddle of fake rainwater, still trying to catch her breath and make sense of her torn panties with a despondent expression on her beautiful face.

“I need to talk to you privately, Selena, let’s go to my trailer,” Woody said as he passed by her.

“Ye– yes, mr. Allen, I’m just gonna go change and–”

“No. You have 3 minutes. Don’t be late.”

The humiliated actress took a deep breath and tried to walk to the director’s trailer with her chin up and conviction in her steps even though she was actually on the verge of tears.

Every request for a photo from the fans that had just witnessed her being taken advantage of, felt like another form of abuse but she complied anyway because that was the professional thing to do. Her hand was still trembling when she grabbed the handle of the director’s trailer door. It creaked a little bit and as Selena stepped inside and her eyes began adjusting to the dim light, the first thing she saw was Woody sitting on a couch with his pants around his ankles and a pale girl with long blonde hair bobbing up and down his lap.

“Come in, Selena,” he said with an evil grin while lovingly stroking the blonde girl’s hair.

“I don’t– I’m not sure that–”

“Oh, hi, Selena, I’m so happy to finally meet you!” Elle Fanning interrupted with a big, cheerful smile and a very thin, almost invisible strand of pre-cum dangling from the tip of Woody’s cock to her pink lips.

“Close the door, girl.” Woody ordered before pushing Elle’s head back down.


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