The Long Weekend Part 4

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Title: The Long Weekend Part 4

Author: Guy Incognito

Celebs: Kaia Gerber, Peyton Roi List, Jessica Alba, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Kathrine Heigl, Maggie Gyllenhaal

Codes: Mf, MF, Ff, FF, MM, MFF, MMF, cons, inc, oral, anal, voy, DP, orgy, inter, facial, tit fuck, creampie, preg, rim

Summary: Kaia and Peyton introduce themselves to their hosts and find more delights all around them.

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is pure fantasy. It is not real and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Just giving everyone a warning show that the sex here involves underage people, incest and male bisexuality so if that’s not your thing then we shall both agree to move on. Hopefully people will give it a chance and hopefully people will like it.

I would love to hear any feedback you might have. Please email me at [email protected] with any suggestions or feedback.

Kaia Gerber was like a kid in a candy store who had just been told she could eat whatever she wanted and as much as she wanted. But maybe that wasn’t quite accurate because it wasn’t candy she saw everywhere, it was naked bodies and Kaia wanted them all.

Everywhere around her were beautiful bouncing tits and toned, muscular chests and big, throbbing cocks and glistening wet pussies and asses…oh God there were so many amazing asses as far as she could see.

There were so many incredible naked bodies and she was starving for them all. Kaia’s mouth was watering with lust and her pussy was dripping too. She could feel both sets of her lips salivating and she was having so much trouble picking what to feast on first.

She had done so many kinky things in her life. She might have been a young woman but the teenager had more than been around. She had experienced incredible pleasure from men and women of all ages and she had loved it. Kaia lusted for pussy as much as she did for cock and she had done group fun many times before with her hot friends, her beautiful and horny parents and even her parents’ famous and gorgeous friends. Kaia had almost done it all. But she had never done this.

It was the first time she had ever been at an orgy. This was no horny pile of bodies in her bedroom. This was an honest to goodness orgy with a sea of naked people fucking each other without inhibition. There were so many bare bodies going at it like animals and it thrilled and aroused Kaia immensely. All around her men were fucking women and women were licking women and men were sucking and fucking other men. Nude bodies of all ages and colors and shapes and sizes were coming together in a frenzy of raw fucking and at first it had been overwhelming for her.

She had almost felt like it had been too much and that she wouldn’t be able to handle it all. But she had managed to relax and center herself and get into the sweaty, grunting flow of all those bodies undulating and bouncing and fucking as people went wild on each other. The crowd included some of the most famous and beautiful men and women in the world and Kaia wanted them all to want her. She wanted all of them to want to fuck her as she stood naked among them watching and lusting and wanting everyone and everything.

Kaia was standing there with her friend Peyton Roi List. They were both completely nude and visibly aroused, their teenage pussy lips glistening with wetness and their pink nipples rock hard on their firm chests. They were hand in hand as they stood there watching the debauchery, not sure where to go and what to do first but knowing they wanted to try everything at this feast of flesh.

Kaia still had Peyton’s cum on her lips and tongue. Her face was a bit messy from the juice she had licked out of her friend as they had fucked for the first time and Peyton looked so pretty to Kaia with the remnants of Camren Bicondova’s orgasm on her face. But as amazing as that had been, Kaia wanted so much more and she knew her friend did too.

Their other friends had disappeared. Kaia’s brother Presley was helping his friends Donnie and Dante try and satisfy the insatiable supermodel Emily Ratajkowski as she begged for more cock. Donnie had Emily bent over on all fours now, her big, natural tits swaying with each hard thrust he did into her from behind as the cock-crazed model opened wide and let Presley and Dante have swordfight in her mouth, both of their cocks pushing into her greedy hole as she sucked and slurped them both, drool dripping out of her famous mouth onto their thick, hard shafts.

Kaia’s friend Nikki had disappeared into the sea of fucking too as she was now lying on her back on the floor with her legs up in the air as a man old enough to be her father fucked her teenage pussy. The blonde girl’s beautiful tits bounced on her chest as she was fucked hard, her pierced nipples almost sparkling from the sweat on her naked body, and Kaia couldn’t see her friend’s face anymore because Elle Fanning had her teen honeypot pressed to Nikki’s mouth.

And Peyton’s brother Spencer had been lured away too into the fun. He was standing naked and moaning with intense pleasure as both Megan Fox and Alyssa Milano went down on him, sharing his cock and making him feel like he was the luckiest guy in the world as both of their husbands were nowhere in sight and all they wanted was every inch of his teen erection.

That had just left Peyton and Kaia behind and neither of them wanted to just stare at things while so much wild, uninhibited sex was happening around them. And that was why Kaia started pulling her friend toward where it seemed most appropriate for them to be. Because in the center of this wild display of debauchery, Kaia could see the hosts of this incredible orgy and she knew it was only polite to properly thank them for inviting them.

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren held an invitation-only orgy at their beach house every single year to celebrate the end of summer and let loose with every illicit desire they and all their hottest, richest friends had inside them. Anything went at the long weekend party as long as it was consensual and this was the first time either Kaia or Peyton had been invited to attend the legendary naked party at the beach.

There so many sexy women and men here and Kaia wanted to play with them all but she was particularly drawn to Jessica and her gorgeous husband. Because not only did she want to properly thank them and remain in their good graces so this would become an annual invitation, but Kaia was incredibly turned on by both of their amazing bodies as Jessica and Cash were just as nude and just as naughty as their wild, unleashed guests were.

It was so appropriate that Jessica and Cash were literally at the center of the action in their spacious luxury living room at their beachfront mansion. Kaia found them in the middle of the room and she pulled Peyton toward the very happy couple so both girls could look with lust in their eyes as Jessica was on all fours sucking her husband’s cock.

Jessica looked so good completely nude with Cash’s meaty dick in her mouth and her eyes staring erotically up at him. Even with all the gorgeous women at the party, there was something about Jessica. She was a naked goddess with her body fully on display on her hands and knees, her lips wrapped around her husband’s dick and her head bobbing up and down. Jessica was completely caught up in the lust of the party and was drooling onto Cash’s cock as she sucked it.

She wasn’t intentionally putting on a show as she showed off her impressive cocksucking skills, but Jessica was absolutely providing a voyeur’s delight to Kaia and Peyton as they stared at her with desire. Jessica looked so beautiful like this, not just because she was naked and not just because she was sucking so skillfully on her husband’s cock that he was moaning uncontrollably while she went deeper and deeper down her throat with his impressive length. It was because she was doing this in her current condition.

Jessica was at least five months pregnant as she lovingly swallowed down Cash’s cock in her mouth, gagging on it erotically and letting her saliva slide down over the engorged shaft to coat his nuts. But she wasn’t letting having a baby stand in the way of her fun. She did nothing to hide her condition. In fact she was showing it off proudly, letting everyone see her round baby bump on her usually toned tummy and how her pregnancy was already causing her already breathtaking ass and tits to fill out even more, giving her amazing body extra curves that made Jessica even sexier.

It shouldn’t have been possible to improve on perfection, but Jessica being naked and pregnant did it and she sucked on Cash’s cock like it was one of her cravings. As she stared up at him, Jessica sucked down inch after inch, swallowing it down her hungry throat. Kaia and Peyton crept up closer and closer as she did it too, getting themselves a view of Jessica’s beautiful eyes watering up with tears as she deep throated her husband, taking his close to nine inches all the way down until her nose was buried in the curls of his dark pubic hair.

Jessica lustfully gagged and coated Cash’s balls with the drool spilling out of her mouth and when she pulled her mouth off him she showed off proudly how wet she had left his dick with her saliva. But she didn’t stop there. The pregnant party hostess then opened her mouth again and sucked her own drool off her husband’s cock, sensually wrapping her soft, famous lips around his swollen, uncut head and moving up and down slowly. She sucked on his pink pole like she never wanted to be away from it for even a second and she moaned out her desire.

“I love how you taste baby,” Jessica moaned, her eyes still teary from deep throating but a big, happy smile on her face as she repositioned herself so she could get a hand on Cash’s cock and stroke it, smearing her saliva all around it. “I love tasting my fucking drool all over you! Mmmm I love your big, fat cock so much! It feels so good in my mouth baby! I love sucking your cock Cash! Ooooh especially while you’re doing it too!”

Because while Jessica had been slurping on her husband’s cock, Cash had been very busy too. His mouth was very well occupied as he had Channing Tatum’s cock inside it, making him be just as much of a horny cocksucker as his wife was. And Cash looked like he loved it too. Not only was his own dick rock hard but he was tending to Channing’s famous prick with wanton passion, sucking hard on it while he moaned from what his wife was doing to him.

And Channing was moaning too from how well Cash was sucking his dick. The former male stripper clearly loved Cash’s manly lips wrapped around his cock and he fucked the married man’s face while Cash bobbed his lips up and down, swallowing more and more of Channing’s meat. Cash wasn’t deep throating as well as his wife had to him, but he obviously knew how to suck dick and Channing was in heaven with his hand in Cash’s dark hair guiding his head up and down his cock.

“Fuck yeahhhh ohhh yeahhhh fucking taste that meat! Swallow it down like you always do!” Channing grunted while fucking Cash’s eager mouth, making it clear to the teenage girl voyeurs that they had done this before. “Ohhh fuck yessss! Suck that cock! Ohhh you always suck it so good!”

“But not better than me, right?” a woman asked teasingly.

“Mmmmm of course not babe,” Channing replied with a happy moan as Cash kept on swallowing his meat, taking the throbbing inches down his throat while Jessica moved her mouth down to Cash’s balls and started sucking wetly on her husband’s nuts. “No one sucks cock better than you!”

“Goddamn right no one does,” the woman replied with a smug smirk. “Mmmm and no one eats pussy better than me either!”

The woman had an obvious interest in defending her reputation as the best and sexiest woman in Channing’s life. She was his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum and she was just as naked and naughty as her husband was. Because while Channing was getting a blowjob from Cash, Jenna was kneeling behind Jessica and licking at her slit, her tongue tasting her friend’s pussy and loving how wet and juicy the orgy hostess was.

“Mmmmm I love how fucking wet you get at these parties,” Jenna moaned in between licks at Jessica Alba’s perfect pink pussy. “Oooooh you’re always so fucking wet for me Jess but you get so extra juicy when it’s a fucking orgy! Mmmm fuck I want your juices all over my tongue! I want to be tasting you all weekend long even when I’m fucking other people! I want the taste of your cunt in my mouth even when I’m sucking someone’s cock or swallowing their cum! Mmmm I love your parties so much Jessica! And you’re so fucking hot like this! Mmm gawd show off that baby bump baby! Make that big tummy look so sexy! Mmmm you’re making me want to drag Channing away from you two so I can have him knock me up again and I can look as good as you do!”

Jenna was so in lust with Jessica’s body and it was impossible to fault her for it because Jessica really did look that fucking amazing. Her ass was fuller and rounder than it was usually and Kaia thought the actress looked so much sexier with a bigger butt, especially when Jenna was burying her gorgeous face in it to suck and lick Jessica’s pussy from behind.

Jessica had visible tan lines from the last time she had gone to the beach and it made her look even hotter to have her tan Latina skin looking nice and sun kissed everywhere except around that round, firm ass and her beautiful big tits. Having Jessica’s sexiest areas look visibly paler than the rest of her made her seem even more beautifully naked and Kaia just wished Jenna would let her have a taste of Jessica too.

Everyone looked so amazing as they fucked without any inhibition. Cash was sitting on the floor with his back up against a chair as Jessica kneeled down in front of him and slurped his full, cum swollen balls into her horny mouth. She was sucking lewdly on his balls, making them pop out of her mouth before she swallowed them again, wrapping her lips around one, then the other and then both together to make him moan like a happy boy while Channing fucked his mouth. Because as Cash sat back on the floor, Channing was standing in front of him, his perfect bare ass on display and his huge erection jutting straight out for Cash to suck on.

And while Cash was sucking cock, his wife was savoring having her pussy eaten by Jenna. The married couples, who clearly swung with each other frequently, were unabashedly showing off their bisexual sides and Kaia had never been more turned by any of them as much as she was then. She had lusted after all four before but seeing them so openly fucking without any hang ups about gender or sexuality had her pussy drooling hot juice down her young thighs.

She loved what she saw and loved how much pleasure they were all giving each other as she and Peyton gawked silently at the show.

“Eat my pussy Jenna! Ohhh yessss mmmm you thirsty fucking slut! Mmmm fuck I love how you tongue fuck my wet cunt!” Jessica moaned when she pulled off her husband’s saliva coated nuts again. “Lick those juices right out of me Jenna! Oooooh yesssss mmmm fuckkkk I love how you lick! Mmm get that pretty face right in my fucking crack and eat my pussy! Oooooh I love feeling your face buried in my butt! Fuck me! Eat that pussy so good like you always do!”

“And this butt is better than ever,” Jenna moaned with a giggle as she used both hands to smack Jessica’s enhanced ass cheeks, spanking the pregnant woman playfully and making Jessica moan in pleasure. “Mmmm fuck no one looks sexier pregnant than you do Jessica! Mmmm you get a yummy, jiggly ass out of it and amazing tits and fuckkkk I just want to move in here and fuck your preggers body every goddamn day and night until you pop that baby out!”

“Oooooh no one’s stopping you! You can always fuck me whenever you want! Mmmmm both of you can!” Jessica giggled back while shooting Jenna a sexy gaze over her shoulder and then turning her head back so she could again stare at her sexy husband sucking off Jenna’s husband. “Mmmm our bed gets so crowded when you two are over and I fucking love it so much!”

“Then show me how much you love it,” Jenna challenged before getting back to feasting on Jessica’s pussy from behind. “Mmmm don’t just suck on Cash’s balls! Lick his ass! Tongue fuck your husband’s hot, tight fuckhole and make it nice and wet so my husband can stick that big cock of his right inside! Mmmm I want to see Channing fuck Cash in front of us!”

“Yeahhhhhhh ohhhh fuck I want that too!” Jessica agreed with a moan. “Mmmmm but only if Channing bends over next and gets that beautiful ass of his in the air for Cash to have a turn! I want to see them fuck each other and take turns getting nailed like horny man sluts! Ohhhh yessss I love watching our husbands buttfuck each other!”

And even though Jessica and Jenna were negotiating this without any of their input or even their permissions, Cash and Channing did not look like they had any problem putting on a horny gay sex show for their wives. Channing smiled that perfect movie star grin of his and got down on his knees, pulling his cock out of Cash’s mouth and kissing him instead, which Cash immediately responded to.

The two married men gave each other a lusty man on man kiss to the delight of their wives and to both Kaia and Peyton who couldn’t remain just idly standing by anymore.

“Fuck us too!” Kaia blurted out before she could even form a “hello” for the hosts of this wild party. “This is so fucking hot! I want you all!”

“Me too!” Peyton agreed. “I’m so wet watching this! Ooooh it’s so hot to see you all fucking! Mmmm I loved watching you suck his cock! I had no idea it was this hot to see guys doing it! I’ve never seen anything like this before and I love it!”

“Well come a little closer for an even better show,” Cash said before kissing Channing again, their two married mouths fusing together so they could give each other a masculine kiss with lots of tongue as their hard cocks rubbed into each other’s nude bodies.

“Yes come closer you pretty little things,” Jessica said from the floor as she showed she didn’t mind the teenage girl interruption a bit. “Get down here with us.”

Kaia and Peyton didn’t hesitate to take their hosts up on the invitation, especially when Jenna kissed Jessica on the lips, giving Jessica the taste of her own pussy right off her lips and tongue. Seeing Channing and Cash tongue kiss while their wives did the same thing to each other made Kaia’s pussy tingle with need and desire even more and she and Peyton brought their nude bodies into the fun.

“I’m Kaia,” she said, a little shy to be around someone as beautiful and confident as Jessica, especially because it was her party and she was just a first time guest at it.

“I’m Peyton,” her friend said too, following Kaia’s lead in everything as the more experienced girl guided her deeper into a depravity that she welcomed.

“Oh we know who you both are,” Jessica smiled at the teens after breaking her sexy kiss with Jenna. “Are you two having a good time so far?”

“Yes!” Peyton immediately answered with a big smile on her beautiful, young face. “It’s the best time ever!”

“It’s everything I ever dreamed it would be,” Kaia said. “You throw the best parties Jessica.”

“Well we’ve had our eye on you, Kaia,” Jessica said with a smile and a sexy twinkle in her eyes. “Mmmm your mommy and daddy are so much fun to play with and we wanted to have some fun with you too! Did your brother make it?”

“Oh yes! He’s…ummmm I don’t know where he went,” Kaia admitted, remembering she had last seen him with Emily but finding herself far too distracted by Jessica’s amazing bare tits, all round and soft and pregnant so close to her to think about anyone else’s whereabouts right then.

Jessica looked so good naked with her sexy baby bump so proudly displayed and Kaia loved being this close to her and to Jenna with her perfect tits and slim, tight dancer body and to Cash and Channing with their buff bodies and big, hard cocks. Everyone was nude and there was no shame and no inhibition. It was so freeing and sexy and Kaia felt like she never wanted to wear clothes again, especially when she was around bodies as beautiful as everyone around her had.

“Well I’m sure he’ll make his way over here soon,” Jessica said. “Right now I’m just glad you two are here. We’ve been checking you out too Peyton and you look just as good as we dreamed you would. We’re so glad you could make it.”

Jessica then leaned in to the former Disney Channel star and kissed Peyton right on the lips. The blonde girl’s eyes widened when the gorgeous Hollywood MILF kissed her and she succumbed to the pleasure after only a second of having those famous lips on hers. Peyton moaned at the soft eroticism of Jessica Alba kissing her and eagerly kissed back, not fighting it a bit as the party hostess flicked her tongue against her lips to coax her to open her mouth and allow their tongues to rub together.

Kaia felt a bit jealous that Jessica was kissing her friend and not her but that feeling only lasted as long as it took for Jenna to move her body over so they could kiss. The feel of Jenna’s soft, married lips against hers was amazing and Kaia kissed her back. She had never played with either Jessica or Jenna before, even though it was pretty clear her parents had, and Kaia wanted to prove she was hot enough and ready to be playing at their level.

Kaia kissed Jenna back with a sensual tenderness showing off how ready she was for this. She made the kiss warm and wet without too much drool as she let their soft lips and tongues rub together erotically. Kaia’s hands grazed over Jenna’s exposed tits, feeling the beautiful mounds on her tight chest and Jenna eagerly returned the touch by caressing Kaia’s teen bosom and playfully teasing her erect nipples with her fingers. It felt so good to be kissing Jenna so sexily and it got even better when she felt a man come up behind her, pressing his muscular body to her bare back and making sure she could feel his hard cock poking against her.

“Is she kissing you good?” Channing hotly breathed into Kaia’s ear. “My wife is such an amazing kisser. I love watching her do it to you. You’re so pretty.”

Kaia melted at the sound of his voice and the way his strong hands reached around her to play with her chest. His big hands on her tiny tits made her feel wonderfully helpless and she pushed her body back against Channing’s erection, letting his cock poke into her while she kissed his wife, letting them know how much she wanted them both.

“You’re all so hot,” Kaia moaned after Jenna pulled away from her lips and began kissing over her neck. “Mmmmm you’re making me so wet! Your cock feels so big! I want it inside my naughty little pussy! Fuck me Channing! Fuck me while I’m eating your wife out! Let me be your teen whore!”

That sounded mighty good to the horny couple but Kaia wasn’t the only one who wanted that.

“Kiss me too!” Peyton demanded, showing off a developing greedy side when she broke away from a kiss with Jessica to ask for more. “I want all of you! I want all of you to kiss me and touch me and fuck me! You all look so good naked! I want you all to fuck me! Fuck me like a slut! I want to be so fucking hot and naughty for all of you!”

Channing and Jenna shared a wicked smile at the teenager’s declaration of desire and they moved toward Peyton. Channing kissed the blonde girl first, caressing her face and then softly kissing her lips. He was so gentle but sexy with her that Peyton looked like she wanted to melt into the floor when his lips touched hers. And then it was his wife’s turn as Jenna gave Peyton a desire filled kiss, making the girl’s newly unleashed lust for women grow even more powerful.

Peyton pushed her tongue into Jenna’s mouth before the married woman could do it to her and soon they were happily tongue kissing as Channing touched them both, his hot hands all over their bare bodies as he caressed their bare backs and asses and moved his touch around their bodies to also explore Peyton’s firm tits for the first time while also touching his wife. Both women appreciated his touch and kissed each other with a growing passion as Peyton happily squealed from Jenna sliding her hand between her open legs and teasing the lips of her wet teenage pussy with her fingertips.

That left Kaia at the mercy of her hosts and it was just where she wanted to be as she found herself sandwiched between their nude bodies. She had Jessica on her left and Cash on her right and she was kissing them both, all three of their mouths pressed together as their tongues messily touched. It was an aggressive, lusty kiss for all three of them and Kaia made it better by getting her hands to work.

Kaia had one hand in between Jessica’s legs, touching where Jenna had just been licking, and the other on Cash’s cock. She stroked his erection, feeling how Jessica’s saliva had coated it, while fingering his wife and eagerly displaying just how sexy and eager she could be. There was no one Kaia wanted to prove herself more to than the people who had invited her to paradise and she was doing a great job of it.

“You’re so sexy,” Jessica moaned as Kaia’s fingers played skillfully with her wet folds, inspiring her to get her first touch of the beautiful teenage girl’s bare body too. “Mmmm I knew you would be! I was so hoping you were going to be ready to play with us like your parents do! They’re both so hot! Mmm and so are you Kaia! Ooooh you’re making me wet you naughty girl!”

“My mommy taught me everything I know,” Kaia confidently declared while savoring the feel of Jessica’s soft, smooth hands caressing her bare tits. “Watch.”

Kaia then repositioned herself to show off what she could do. It meant taking her hand away from Cash’s cock but Kaia was willing to make that sacrifice in order to get between Jessica’s legs. And the movie star was very eager for Kaia to do it too. Jessica sat back on her floor and opened herself up, spreading her tan legs and inviting the girl in for a taste as she exposed her drippy wet pussy. And after that, all Jessica needed to do was moan as Kaia went right for it and started dragging her young, but experienced tongue over her folds


“Ahhhhh! Yessssssssss yesssssssssss right there oooooooooh yesssssss!” Jessica hissed in desire while Cash stroked himself at the sight of the gorgeous teenage girl going down on his wife. “Oooooh you sexy thing! Mmmm eat that pussy! Lick me like the hot little slut you are! Mmmm just like your mommy does! Ooooh she really did teach you well!”

“My mommy made sure I was eating pussy since I was 13,” Kaia giggled as she revealed how naughty she could be from between Jessica’s legs. “Mmmm she taught me so well! I wish she’d let me practice on you though! I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long Jessica! Presley does too! We both want to show you what our parents taught us! Mmmm do you like it when my mommy eats your pussy Jessica? Do you like it when she lets you come all over her and get your yummy cream on her face and make her mole all sticky with cum? Mmm do you like it when she tongues your ass too?”

And Kaia devilishly moved her tongue lower, dragging it from Jessica’s splayed slit right to her asshole. Just like with Peyton before, Kaia didn’t ask for permission. She just started licking, rimming Jessica’s asshole and making her buck and moan from the pleasure of it all.

“YESSSSS!” Jessica cried out from the teenager’s tongue on her tight asshole, her naturally enhanced tits jiggling on her chest as she reflexively thrust her hips up to mash her body against Kaia’s beautiful, young face, inspiring Kaia to work Jessica over even more with her tongue. “Ooooooh you naughty girl! Mmmm tease that tight little ring to make it wet and then shove your tongue up my ass! Mmm fuck I love when women do that to me and your mommy is so hot when she does it to me! I love when Cindy licks my fucking ass and you’re so good at it too you little slut! Mmmm fuckk you’re mommy’s little slutty princess, aren’t you? Oh fuck! Ohhhhh fuckkkkkk! Yessssss lick that ass Kaia! Oooooh fuck that’s good!”

Kaia loved looking up at the stunning sight of Jessica Alba nude and writhing for her. She was bent over on her knees in front of this famous goddess and Kaia got such a thrill out of being able to do something as forbidden as licking Jessica’s asshole while staring at Jessica, the movie star’s eyes closed but her mouth open as she moaned for her.

Kaia thought Jessica had never looked more beautiful than she did right then, lying back on her floor with her baby bump so full of life and her boobs bigger than ever. Jessica’s nipples were already swollen up like pink pencil erasers and her pussy was sodden with desire.

While she tongue fucked Jessica’s ass, Kaia slid two of her fingers into her hostess and began fucking Jessica’s pussy too. She gave Jessica double pleasure and as the woman gasped and cried in ecstasy from it, Kaia got some pleasure of her own as she felt Cash come up behind her with his hard cock and rub it teasingly against her dripping teen slit from behind.

“Do it!” Kaia moaned as she pulled up from Jessica’s asshole for a second to urge the woman’s husband on. “Fuck me Cash! Fuck my tight little cunt while I fuck your wife! Mmmm my pussy need your cock! Get that big cock inside me and fuck me like you fuck my mom!”

“Mmmmm yeah just like I fuck your hot mom AND your hot dad!” Cash laughed in kinky glee as he pushed into the teenager, grabbing Kaia by her hips to steady himself while he penetrated her perfect little pussy.

“Fuckkkkkkkk!” Kaia cried out happily as Cash’s big monster slid into her from behind, the thrill of knowing what he had done with her parents turning her on even more. “Yessssssss give it to me Cash! Fuck me with that big cock! Fuck my pussy like you fuck my mommy! Ooooh take my girl pussy like you do when you bend my daddy over and take his man pussy with your hard dick! Mmmm ohhhhh yesss that feels so good! Fuck my tight, wet pussy and I’ll let you fuck my ass too, Cash! Mmmm you can fuck my ass like you fuck my daddy’s ass ooooh and just like you’re going to fuck my brother’s ass too!”

The idea of being able to do to Presley what he was doing to Kaia clearly turned Cash on because he began fucking her harder. Once he had adjusted to the snugness of her teen folds, Cash began thrusting more into Kaia, pushing his inches into her cunt and letting the soft, sexual velvet of her pussy wrap around his cock. She was so wet for him and Kaia’s pussy happily squished from more and more of his hard cock penetrating and filling her.

“Yesssssssss fuck me! Fuck me hard Cash! Fuck my whole family with your big cock! Mmmm make us all want it!” Kaia squealed from the feel of the married Hollywood dad pushing inside her and stretching her young hole. “Oooooh I’ve been wanting to fuck you both for so long! I was so excited about coming to your party and it’s even better than I dreamed! Oh God! Fuck me Cash! Fuck me harder! I can take it! I can take all the big cocks here! Mmmm fuckkkkk fuck my little wet teen pussy with your big daddy dick and make me come all over it so you can fuck Presley next and make him suck you off first so he can taste my cum all over your cock! Ooooh he loves when our daddy does that! Presley sucks our daddy’s cock after he fucks me and Presley cleans off all my naughty cream from it! I love to watch it! Mmm I want to see him do it to you too!”

Kaia was babbling from the sexual giddiness she was feeling from those thick inches thrusting inside her from behind while her own fingers fit so snugly into Jessica’s mommy hole. She never wanted to stop fucking this sexy couple and showing them how hot and naughty she could be. She loved being able to turn them on and Cash was so hard for her and Jessica so wet. Kaia was in heaven between them and she panted and cooed with every hard thrust from Cash’s hot body.

But Cash wasn’t the only hot body there to play with and Kaia knew she was neglecting Jessica. That was the last thing she wanted to do to her hostess, especially with Jessica looking so gorgeous.

Kaia was so turned on by Jessica’s beautifully pregnant body. Kaia loved seeing Jessica’s smooth, bare pussy splayed open for her, her fingers squishing in and out of the sexy MILF’s sodden fuck hole, and Jessica’s baby bump was so arousing to Kaia.

As Jessica moaned from Kaia’s skillful finger play, the teenager had every intention of getting her mouth back on the older woman’s pussy too. But she couldn’t resist something else first and Kaia leaned in closer to start kissing all over Jessica’s tummy. She softly and erotically kissed all over Jessica’s baby bump while Jessica moaned and sighed in pleasure and Kaia began working her fingers in harder, using her free hand to rub Jessica’s spread pussy lips while she was sliding in and out of her squishy pink cunt.

“Ooooooooh yesssss you dirty girl! You like that? Like my big belly?” Jessica moaned and giggled from how it tickled but felt so good to have Kaia’s young lips kissing all over her tummy. “Mmmm fuck yes! Kiss it little girl! Kiss mommy’s tummy! I get so fucking horny when I’m pregnant! Oooh I need to be fucked so many times a day! Do it you kinky thing! Mmmm kiss my belly! Fuck my wet cunt! Oooooh yessss your fingers feel so good in my pussy! Mmmm is this what you do to your real mommy? Do you finger her pussy and eat her out?”

“Yesssssssssss every day that I can!” Kaia moaned, so thrilled that Jessica was turned on by her family’s incest. “I love tasting my mommy’s pussy! Mmmm fuck I’m such a dirty girl! I want it so much! I love licking and kissing and fucking the hole I came out of! I love fucking my mommy and eating her pussy! And I love your pussy Jessica! I love your whole body! I love your big tits and your hot ass and your yummy, tasty pussy! And I love your sexy baby belly!”

Kaia continued to rub and stimulate Jessica’s pussy with both hands, working over her clit and fingering her hole while Jessica quivered and groaned for her as she lay on her back on the rug in her own opulent living room. Jessica looked so gorgeous like this, naked and glowing and so aroused, and every thrust of Cash’s big cock inside her made Kaia feel more and more in lust with this beautiful couple.

“Eat her pussy! Make my wife feel good!” Cash demanded as he gave Kaia’s bare bottom an erotic smack that made her shiver with pleasure. “If you don’t make her come then I won’t make you come!”

And that was plenty of extra incentive for Kaia. She loved planting sexy, soft kisses all over Jessica’s tummy, but she didn’t want to do anything to be deprived of Cash’s cock. So Kaia gave Jessica’s bump one last kiss right on the woman’s belly button and then moved back to between her legs.

Her fingers were coated in Jessica’s juices and Kaia wanted that flavor all over her tongue again. While Cash thrust harder and deeper from behind, Kaia pleasured his wife by pressing her lips to the pregnant woman’s vagina and sucking on her, slurping on her swollen clitoris and swallowing down her sweet, tangy juices.

“Ahhhhhh! Mmmm yessssss naughty girl! Eat my pussy!” Jessica moaned. “Show me what a good little slut you are Kaia! Show me that your mommy’s good girl! Ooooh we’ve wanted to fuck you and your brother for so long and you’re even hotter than we thought you’d be! Oooooh fuck yesss that pretty little teen model face looks so good sucking on my mommy hole! Yesssss oooooh Kaia yesssss! Suck on my fucking cunt! Get that pretty young face right in my dripping wet pussy! Ohhhhhhhh!”

Kaia’s hot mouth had Jessica writhing naked on her own floor, her bare back pressed to her fancy rug as everyone rutted like wild animals around them, just like Jessica loved to see. And Jessica was hardly the only woman gasping and crying out in pleasure and right next to them Peyton was getting something she had badly wanted for so long as she lowered herself down onto Channing Tatum’s pole.

“Yesssssssss yessssssss fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy! Ooooooh your cock is soooooo big! Mmmm fuck me! Please fuck me!” Peyton begged as she impaled herself on the hunky movie star’s thick cock. “Mmmmm yesssssssss yessssssssss it feels so gooood! Ooooh I’ve been dreaming about you doing this and I want it so fucking bad!”

“Ooooh naughty girl, has the little teen star been having wet dreams about my hot husband?” Jenna teased. “Mmmmm does the little girl want all of that big cock inside her? Do you get wet at night and play with yourself thinking about being my husband’s whore? Do you work your fingers in and out of that pretty little precious teen pussy thinking about my man? Do you turn on your shower massager and think of him fucking you and taking your tight little holes?”

These weren’t just idle questions from Jenna as she watched her husband fuck a horny teenage slut. Jenna was rubbing Peyton’s pussy lips as she asked them. She stimulated the girl as Peyton started to ride Channing’s fuckstick, bouncing up and down on him with growing energy and sexual giddiness. Peyton was riding Channing cowgirl style so that made it so easy for Jenna to reach down and play with the girl’s pussy while her husband’s cock fucked it. And Jenna played with Channing’s balls and shaft at the same time, loving how it looked and felt to be buried inside the blonde teen’s snug cunt.

“Yesssssss I had dirty dreams! Oooooh gawwwd Channing you were like one of my first big crushes!” Peyton admitted, bouncing up and down harder and harder on his cock while her B cup tits jiggled on her teenage chest. “Mmmm fuck I saw Magic Mike and I felt soooo squishy inside when you stripped! Mmmm gawd when you showed your butt I just wanted to bury my face in it and bite it and do naughty things good girls weren’t supposed to! Oooooh I wanted you to dance and strip for me and go all the way and show me your big cock and let me touch it and suck it in my mouth and then have you pull me on stage so you and your friends could all fuck me together and make me into a slut even though I was so young! Mmmm gawd I was only 12 when I saw it and I wanted you all to fuck me with your big stripper dicks and make me a 12 year old whore for all of you!”

“Mmmmm you’re a kinky one, sweetheart,” Channing grinned, one of his hands cupping Peyton’s firm ass cheeks as she rode him and the other teasing her rock hard nipples and erotically pinching the erect pink buds as she confessed her underage gangbang fantasy. “I love kinky girls though! I married one after all! Mmmm I think I can get the guys together one night if you ever want to feel that for real! We can make all your naughtiest dreams come true!”

“Oh God! I fucking want that!” Peyton gasped in pleasure from the feel of Channing’s thick, long cock filling up her pussy and from all her illicit fantasies finally breaking free in her head. “Mmmm gawd all of you can fuck this little girl and turn her into a slutty whore! Mmmm fuckkk I’ve wanted your cock for so long and it’s so big and hard and good! Fuck me Channing! Fuck my tight little teen hole! I want you so bad!”

Channing wasn’t the only one Peyton wanted and she showed it by kissing Jenna passionately. Peyton’s hidden lesbian side had been fully unleashed by how good Kaia had made her come before and she wanted Channing’s sexy wife as much as she wanted his hard cock. Peyton lustfully kissed the married woman and got her hands all over Jenna’s bare chest, playing with her firm tits and loving how Jenna’s hand was rubbing her just right.

“Oooooh more! Please more! Fuck me! Fuck me like a whore!” Peyton begged in between kisses with Jenna. “I want you both! Ooooh take me home with you after the party and fuck me all the time! Mmm fuckkk I’ve been such a good girl all my life and I want to be so fucking bad from now on! I want to eat pussy and get fucked by huge cocks! Mmm I want you to fuck my little teen cunt Channing and make it loose and sloppy like a slut’s! I want you to let all your friends fuck me too Channing and Jenna you can invite all your hot girlfriends too and make me fuck them like I’m your little teen whore slave! Oooooh make me come home with you and put a fucking doggie collar around my throat and make me crawl while you use a leash on me and make me into your teen slut pet to fuck your friends and do whatever you want! Oooooh yeessssssssssss ughh more! More cock! Mmm more pussy! Ooooh more everything!”

Peyton’s enthusiasm and wild lust were now bubbling out of her. The façade of Disney Channel purity and sweetness had completely crumbled and the wanton slut that had always been inside Peyton had clawed her way out. She was bouncing on Channing’s pole hard now, squishing her dripping little pussy on it as she made out with her new lover’s wife. It was so kinky and hot for all of them and Jenna made it even better by getting down to where Channing and Peyton’s crotches were fused together and started licking.

Jenna’s skilled, naughty tongue knew exactly what she was doing and she began touching herself as she showed off her skills, playing with her own pussy while she licked at Peyton’s spread pussy lips while they were stuffed with cock. Jenna licked the teenager’s juicy hole and used her free hand to caress Channing’s balls and teasingly run her fingers over his taint and asshole, just like she knew he liked. And she didn’t neglect his cock with her tongue. Jenna licked at the underside of it, making sure to pleasure both his prick and Peyton’s pussy while the blonde teen kept crying out for more.

But Peyton’s cries were being exceeded by Jessica’s. Jenna’s tongue had already brought her so close to orgasm and now Kaia’s wicked oral pleasures were taking her all the way there. The pregnant superstar and billionaire businesswoman lay back and writhed in ecstasy from how Kaia was eating her out and she could feel her release about to occur from how good Cindy Crawford’s beautiful daughter was at eating pussy.

Kaia was working over Jessica with her lips and her tongue, sucking and licking her while her wet fingers gently played with Jessica’s asshole. The juices she had finger fucked out of Jessica before made for the perfect lube as she slowly pushed them inside, penetrating the superstar’s asshole with her teen fingers and making Jessica breathlessly gasp and cry in pleasure. That only made Kaia go after her harder and she was sucking and licking and fingering and doing everything she knew how to make sure Jessica saw she belonged here and that she should always be on the guest list for every sexy party.

“Ahhhhhhhh fuckkkk yessssssssssss yessssssssssssss fuckkkkkk yessssssss! You’re going to make me come little girl! Oooooh do it Kaia! Make me come like you make your mommy come! Fuck me like you fuck her!” Jessica begged, her enhanced tits bouncing on her chest as she bucked her body and fucked the teenager’s face. “Ooooooh you’re so fucking good! Mmmm fuck you eat my pussy just like Cindy does! Oooooh it’s so fucking hot to have mother and daughter both having tasted my pussy! Fuckkkk I’m going to get your brother to fuck me just like your daddy does too! Ooooh I’m going to fuck your whole family Kaia! FUCKKK OHHH YESSSSS I’M GOING TO COME ALL OVER YOUR LITTLE GIRL FACE! DON’T FUCKING STOP YOU WHORE OHHHHHHHHHHH!”

The sound of Jessica Alba calling her a whore was so sweet to Kaia’s ears. God, she loved what was happening here and she wanted so much more. She didn’t just want Jessica to fuck her family one at a time. She wanted all of them to fuck Jessica at once. Kaia wanted her and Presley and their parents to fuck the movie star all together and show Jessica and Cash just how hot they could all be with each other.

Jessica had grabbed her by her brown hair and was pushing her down into her pussy but Kaia didn’t need the extra force. She would have done anything she could to please Jessica and prove herself. She wanted to make this pregnant goddess come and she stared up lustfully at Jessica, looking up over her baby bump to see Jessica’s perfect face contorting in ecstasy from how Kaia was feeding off her pussy. That made Kaia lick and suck and finger her harder, working over Jessica’s pussy and asshole together until they got what they both wanted and Jessica came with a rush, right in her mouth.

“Oh fuck! OH FUCK! OHHHH YESSSSS YESSSS OOOOOOH YOU LITTLE WHORE!” Jessica cried in ecstasy as pleasure overtook her. “Fuckkkkk ohhhhh yessss you’re so good Kaia! Oooooooh such a hot little slut! Yessssssss suck it right there baby girl! Right on that fucking clit! Yessssss suck it ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh! Oooooh yessssssss mommy’s coming! Ohhhhhhhhhh! MOMMY’S FUCKING COMING OHHHHHHHHH!”

Kaia savored every drop of Jessica’s cum as she filled her mouth with it. She swallowed most of it, loving how it soaked her taste buds and dripped right down to her tummy like it was honey. But Kaia kept some in her mouth too and, as Jessica was gasping out the last of her happy release, Kaia pulled herself up so she was right over the pregnant star’s mouth, her tight teen tummy rubbing right up against Jessica’s swollen belly, and let the cum drip out of her mouth in a long, wet strand of saliva.

The gooey strand of drool and girl cum dripped out of Kaia’s mouth and into Jessica’s as the movie star hostess gladly swallowed it down and then pulled Kaia right to her so they could share more of the taste through a passionate kiss. Jessica eagerly shoved her tongue into Kaia’s mouth and Frenched her and, all the while, Cash remained behind the teenager, grabbing her by her hips and thrusting his big cock inside her snug little pink hole.

“Ooooooh yessssss mmmm fuck me! Fuck me hard Cash!” Kaia urged in between kisses with Jessica, pleasure shooting through her veins as she tossed her head back from Cash’s dick driving in deep. “Mmmm make me come like I made your hot wife come! I want to be so hot for you both! I want you to invite me back over and over again!”

“Oh honey you’ve already made the list for our Halloween party,” Jessica moaned, a content smile on her face as her body still tingled from the orgasm Kaia had given her. “You’re welcome here anytime!”

Kaia’s soft brown hair had fallen over her face from the way she was throwing her head around. Jessica brushed it off the teenager’s sweaty forehead and kissed her young lips again. It was a tender and sensual kiss and Kaia melted right into it, giving Jessica the kind of sexy, soulful kiss she knew her own mother couldn’t get enough of. Their lips and tongues rubbed together as they kissed and Kaia kept letting out little happy moans from Cash fucking her from behind and slapping her bare ass, his strong hand feeling so good on her tight buns


“Oooooh fuckkk I need you Cash! Fill my little pussy up with your big daddy dick!” Kaia begged, moaning wantonly as she pulled away from Jessica and looked over to see how sexy Peyton looked bouncing up and down on Channing’s cock as his big hands squeezed her firm teen tits and Jenna pushed her tongue into her wet pussy at the same time her husband’s cock was filling it up. “Mmmmm so hot! So fucking hot!”

Jessica’s orgasm in her mouth made Kaia want to come even more and she knew just how she wanted it too. Peyton looked so sexy and happy riding Channing and Kaia wanted to look that good too.

“Lemme ride you Cash,” Kaia moaned. “I want to fucking bounce on that cock! I want to stuff it all the way up my little kitty and feel you stretch my hole as you fill me up!”

There was no way Cash or Jessica were going to deny Kaia anything right then and, just like she knew how to wrap her daddy around her finger like a little sexy vixen, Kaia got just what she wanted. She looked at Cash with her sexiest, neediest eyes, looking so little and pretty and like she badly needed a strong man to give her what she wanted. It was an irresistible look on her flawless teen face and she and Cash quickly repositioned themselves so he could get on his back and Kaia could settle herself down on top of him, lowering herself down onto his steel–like rod so she could feel it fill her up.

“Yessssssssssssss yessssss sooo big! Oooooh my pussy needs a big fucking cock in it all the time!” Kaia gasped in delight as she felt her tight folds get stretched even more than she’d been getting it before as she pushed herself onto it and let her slick, pink folds wrap around his meat. “Oooooh daddy yessssssss!”

“Ohhh fuck you little whore! Is this what you want?” Cash grunted from the exquisite tightness of her cunt wrapping around his cock. “Want daddy’s dick inside you?”

“Yesss fuck yessss I need it all the fucking time!” Kaia groaned out in molten hot lust as she began to ride her married host up and down, taking Cash’s cock for her very own. “I love riding daddy’s cock! Fuck me Cash! Fuck my slutty teen hole! Oooooh fuck! You and Jessica are both so yummy! I want to fuck you both all the time like a fucking slut!”

Peyton kept expressing the same wishes to Channing and Jenna and Kaia was just in lust with Jessica and Cash as her friend was with the couple who were driving her wild. Kaia could take it even further than Peyton though because of all she’d done before today.

“Mmmm is this how you treat your daddy at home?” Jessica moaned out in desire, so fixated on what a hot family Cindy and Rande had and wanting to see it for herself. “Do you ride daddy’s big cock and make mommy watch as he fucks you and not her? Mmmm does she get jealous when she sees daddy fuck his little girl and take her tight pussy? Does daddy tell mommy how snug and tight your little teen cunt is Kaia? Does he tell her it’s so much tighter than her pussy after she had kids and got all loose?”

Jessica was projecting herself into it, obviously, but she was doing it in a very sexy way. Kaia could hear it in Jessica’s voice how much it was turning her on to talk like that, especially because Jessica was behind Kaia, caressing her bare ass cheeks and rubbing her pregnancy swollen tits into her bare back while she bounced up and down on Cash.

“Ooooh nooo he never makes mommy jealous,” Kaia moaned, so happy to talk about her special, loving family in front of gorgeous and kinky couples like these, especially as she bounced up and down, riding Cash and letting him fill her up inch by inch as she went lower and lower on his cock. “Daddy loves to fuck me with his big cock just like you’re doing Cash! Mmmm I sit on top of daddy and ride him like a whore but mommy doesn’t get jealous! Mmmm she watches and she fucks Presley and lets daddy see how much she loves her son as he gets his hot cock inside her tight mommy pussy! Ooooh my mommy is still so tight and hot and daddy loves to fuck her especially in front of us! Mmm fuckkk I learned all I know from watching mommy and daddy fuck and having them fuck me and Presley and mmmm fuckkk we’re all so nasty and slutty and we love each other and it’s so fucking hot! Ooooh I love when mommy fucks my ass with a strap on while I’m riding daddy or when she tells Presley to fuck my ass because I’m such an insatiable whore and I need it in all my slutty holes!”

Kaia’s words were getting frantic and breathless as she fucked Cash and confessed her family’s illicit deeds. She felt so comfortable doing this and saying it and letting everyone know what a dirty girl she could be. And it didn’t just turn Jessica and Cash on. It also made Peyton even hotter.

“Oh Kaia! Gawwwd I had no idea you were so fucking naughty!” Peyton moaned out while she rode Channing right next to where Kaia was bouncing on top of Cash. “Mmmm fuck you have to invite me to sleep over at your place! I want to see your family fuck! Ohhh fuckkkk I don’t know what’s fucking wrong with me but I want that so bad! I want to be nasty too and fuck and lick and suck everyone! Mmmm especially you and Presley! And your mom and dad too! I want to watch you be dirty, sick incestuous fucks with each other and I want in on it! I want to suck your dad’s cock after he fucks you! I want to eat your mom’s pussy after Presley fucks it! I want you to make me fucking nasty too!”

“Ooooh you can do that any night you want!” Kaia immediately agreed while they both gasped and moaned from the big cocks inside their tight teen holes. “Bring Spencer with you so he can join in too! You can be part of our fun if you fuck your brother for us!”

“Oh my fucking God! So nasty!” Peyton groaned out without denying Kaia’s plea in the slightest as she leaned toward her friend and kissed Kaia right on the lips.

While they both rode the sexy married fathers underneath them, Kaia and Peyton made out and rubbed their wet, insatiable tongues together in several deep, passionate kisses. Peyton had already been corrupted so much and Kaia was sure she could push her friend even more to truly turn her into a wanton slut like she was.

Seeing the teenage girls kiss turned both Cash and Channing on even more and since Jenna had moved her lips and tongue away from Peyton’s pussy over to her husband’s smooth, cum filled balls he wasn’t able to hold back. His balls were boiling with lust as Jenna licked and sucked on them and pushed her finger up his ass, stimulating his prostate just how he loved it.

“Fuckkkkkk! I’m going to come! Ohhhhhhhh fuck where do you want it Peyton!” Channing grunted out, enough of a gentleman to give the girl fair warning and let her choose where she wanted his load.

And Peyton had no doubt where. She never would have done this before but now she was too far gone to think twice about it. She wanted to be filthy and do the things she had never, ever done before.

“Inside me!” Peyton immediately growled out in a lustful response, riding his cock with even more intensity as she felt her own orgasm approaching. “Fuck me Channing! Work your big stripper cock into my little girl pussy! OOOOOH FUCKK I’M GOING TO COME TOO! OOOOOH COME INSIDE ME AND I’LL COME WITH YOU! FUCK THIS FEELS SO GOOD! FUCKKK COME INSIDE ME CHANNING AND MAKE ME YOUR WHORE! FUCKING SHOOT THAT LOAD RIGHT INTO MY CUNT!”

Kaia loved seeing how depraved her friend was becoming. It was like Peyton was blossoming right in front of her eyes and Kaia wanted to help her come. With Jenna’s face now buried in Channing’s nuts, sucking on his round, full sacs and fingering his asshole, it was up to Kaia to lend a hand to the blonde girl and she did just that. As Peyton rode Channing, Kaia kissed her friend passionately again while reaching down to rub her pussy lips with her nimble fingers, stimulating Peyton’s folds as she and Channing both boiled over together.

“Arrrrghhh fuckkkk! Fuckkkkkkkk such a tight fucking pussy! Yeahhh take that load you little slut!” Channing grunted as the wonderful snugness of Peyton’s pussy folds around his cock while his wife stimulated his balls and asshole pushed him right over and sent jets of cum blasting into Peyton’s hole. “Ohhh you’re so fucking tight Peyton!”

“Ooooooooh yesssssssss fill me up! Ohhhh Goddd fill my fucking pussy with that hot cum! Fuckkkkkkkkkkk!” Peyton cried in her own orgasm thanks to that big cock and Kaia’s fingers filling her up. The feel of those hot blasts of cum inside her made her feel so good and their cum mixed together as she creamed his spasming cock and dripped all over him, her cream dripping down to Channing’s balls so Jenna could taste it. “OOOOOH YESSS! FUCK YES COMINGGGG!”

The feel of hers and Channing’s orgasms didn’t slow Peyton down. She rode him harder as he became the first man to come inside her. Kaia kept finger fucking her as Peyton bounced on Channing’s cock, rubbing her clit and making everything even more intense with pleasure. Peyton and Kaia kissed again, their tongues so comfortable in each other’s mouths now, and Kaia rubbed her friend to more pleasure until finally Channing’s softening cock slipped out of her tight pink hole.

“That was so fucking good,” Channing groaned happily, a big smile on his face as his cock was left all tender and covered in teenage girl fuck cream.

“Mmmm we’re going to have to make it even better,” Jenna declared as she eyed her husband’s softening penis. “I need you hard again baby. Mmmm I’ll be right back.”

Jenna stood up and walked away, boldly displaying her naked body and giving everyone a great view of her toned, firm bare ass swaying. Kaia didn’t see it though. She was far too busy focusing on Cash as she felt her own orgasm getting closer and closer. Being able to help Peyton come made Kaia want to come too even more and she rode Jessica’s husband even more passionately while the movie star watched and touched her creamy pussy. And Kaia made sure to urge Cash on in the lewdest way because she knew he loved it.

“Make me come Cash! Make me fucking come just like my daddy does!” Kaia cried, her hands on Cash’s strong shoulders to steady herself as she rode him while he squeezed her ass cheeks and thrust up into her. “I want you to come inside me just like Channing did to Peyton! Mmmm fill me up with your hot daddy load and make it drip out of my little teen pussy! You want that too, don’t you? You want to come inside my young cunt and shoot your daddy cum in me?”

“Fuckkkkkkk yessss!” Cash grunted out, his desire to come increasing with every motion of Kaia’s tight teen pussy bouncing up and down on him. “I’m going to nut right inside you and fill you up!”

“Oooooh yeahhh I want that sooo fucking bad!” Kaia moaned, taking her hands off Cash’s shoulders and instead running them all over his muscular chest so she could feel his abs and playfully toy with his nipples. “Mmmmm shoot that load inside me! Come inside me just like you do to your hot wife! Come inside my hot little pussy and make me pregnant Cash! Mmmm fuckkk knock me up like you did to Jessica! Give me a baby bump just like her!”

That got a hot groan of lust in response, but not from Cash. Jessica moaned in intense desire at the words coming from the teenager’s mouth while she rubbed herself at the sight of Kaia fucking Cash. That egged Kaia on even more.

“Mmmmm yessss fill me up with your hot cum! Make me call you daddy as you do it too!” Kaia urged, feeling Cash’s cock throb inside her tight folds as she got herself so close to coming all over him. “You can be just like my daddy Cash and come inside me! Knock me up and make me have your baby! Seed me like a little slut and make me into a dirty teen mommy! Gimmie that cum daddy! Shoot it into me and make it drip out of my pussy!”

Kaia suddenly felt Jessica up against her again, rubbing her swollen nipples on her back and reaching around her front to cup her little tits. Jessica’s boobs felt so big and soft and Kaia moaned just as much over how good they felt rubbing into her bare skin as she did from Jessica’s warm hands on her own chest. Jessica kissed her neck and seductively spoke right into Kaia’s ear as she helped guide the lithe teen, allowing her to bounce even more on Cash and take his cock deeper up inside her.

“You fucking slut! That’s so goddamn hot!” Jessica moaned into Kaia’s ear. “Is that what you want? Want my husband’s load inside your hot cunt? Want him to seed you like he seeded me? Oooooh this baby is a total accident because I love it when he fucks me bareback! I love feeling his cock shoot that hot spunk inside me! And he knocked me up without us planning on it because I love to feel him come inside me so much! Mmmm you want him to do that to you too? Want my husband to make your tight teen tummy all big and swollen by putting a baby inside you?”

And Kaia was too far gone to be thinking rationally. She was totally caught up in the nastiness of this to think about what a mistake it would have been. In fact the wrongness of it made it all so right for her.

“Yessssssss! I want it! I want his hot daddy load in my pussy and I want his baby!” Kaia groaned out before she kissed Jessica feverishly on her lips again. “I want that naughty cum filling me up and turning me into a teen mommy! I want him to fuck up my modeling career and turning me into some kind of MTV teen mom whore! Oooooh give it to me Cash! Gimmie that cum! Make me pregnant! Knock me up your whore like you knocked up your wife!”

Kaia and Jessica kissed wetly, their tongues wrestling in Kaia’s mouth while the older woman tugged on Kaia’s nipples, making her wince with just the right amount of pain to go with all the pleasure. This all felt so fucking good and Kaia was so close to creaming all over Cash when Jenna walked back just as naked as before but with something in her hands.

“Here baby, this is for that dick of yours,” Jenna purred as she had Channing open his mouth and dropped a distinctly blue pill into it. “I want you fucking hard right away! Mmmm and this is so we can get even fucking freakier!”

Jenna’s other hand was full of tablets and she placed one on her tongue, letting it dissolve there as she swallowed the rest. The next pill went right to Channing’s tongue and he moaned as he knew right away what it was.

“Oh you kinky bitch!” Channing groaned as his cock stiffened again. “Mmmm you just love getting good and fucked up, don’t you?”

“Mmmmhmmm what’s the point of getting high if you’re not going to be getting fucked at the same time,” Jenna giggled as the tablet made her tingle all over and want to run her eager hands over every naked body in sight. “What about you little girl? Mmmm want to try something yummy?”

“What is it?” Peyton asked, nervous but curious as she looked at the tablets in Jenna’s hand like Eve was offering up an apple.

“Mmmm you’ll see, but I’ll bet your horny friend here knows, don’t you Kaia?” Jenna said wickedly.

Jenna’s words caused Kaia to break a kiss with Jessica to turn her head and look at what the woman had for her. But she smiled when she did. She knew exactly what those pills were. She didn’t need them to have a good time, but it sure made a hot time even better.

“Yesssssssss! Mmmm gimmie some!” Kaia immediately pleaded as she eyed the tablets of ecstasy in Jenna’s hot hand. “I want to be tripping while I come!”

Peyton gasped when Kaia said that. Somehow she found it even more shocking that her friend was into drugs than that she was into incest. But the blonde girl also felt her own curiosity growing inside her. It wasn’t like she hadn’t done drugs before but she’d only smoked some pot and done some underage drinking. That was nothing compared to this and Peyton looked at how eager Kaia was for it as the girl stuck out her tongue while riding Cash’s dick and let Jenna place a tablet on her tongue to start dissolving onto her taste buds before she gulped it down.

Peyton was definitely nervous to try it but she found herself watching Kaia as she began to smile giddily and ride Cash harder. The drug enhanced Kaia’s sluttiness and Peyton hadn’t thought that was possible.

“Mmmmm more! Ughhh fuck! I need more cock!” Kaia groaned, the stimulant having an immediate effect on her as she felt a wave of energy and desire rush through her, taking her already naturally elevated levels of arousal and enthusiasm to the next level. “I fucking need more! Oooooh no one’s fucked my ass yet here today! I want it! Someone get inside me! I don’t even care who it is! Just someone get a cock up my ass! I need to feel it up my butt while my cunt gets fucking stuffed by your big fucking cock, Cash!”

Kaia would have been up for a double penetration anyway. But the effects of the Ecstasy tablet made all her desires bubble over even more like a pot on full boil spilling over the top. There were cocks all around her. Cocks were being sucked and fucked and taken in every hole as she darted her over excited eyes around the party and she wanted one in her ass more than ever. But she didn’t want Cash to stop fucking her pussy. She wanted another dick inside her while he kept letting her bounce her little body on top of him and fortunately there was an eager volunteer.

“Fuck yeah! I’ll take that ass!” Channing eagerly declared, his erection freshly stiff and jutting again thanks to the Viagra and his desire to be fucking heightened by the Ecstasy his wife had given him. “I’ve wanted your tight ass for a while Kaia! I’m going to fuck your ass just like I fuck your mommy!”

“Ooooh you fucked my mom too? You and Cash have been fucking my slutty mommy and that bitch hasn’t been sharing your dicks with me?” Kaia groaned as she felt Channing Tatum come up behind her and press his famous, muscular body to hers, his thick rod sliding right between her butt cheeks and feeling so good as she clenched it with her tight little buns. “Ughhhh so not fair! She’s so selfish for not sharing these big cocks with her slutty little girl! Mmmm I want you both! Fuck me! Fuck my horny fuckholes right in front of your wives! Fuck me harder than you fuck my mom! Ooooh make me into your teen whore fuck slut! Fuck all my holes with your big daddy dicks!”

Kaia was giggling as she was begging them to fuck her, the Ecstasy having a noticeable effect on her. But she wasn’t laughing for long when Channing took his cock, freshly engorged and creamy from Peyton’s cum, and pushed it into her ass. His strong hands spread apart her tight cheeks, exposing her waiting puckered hole, and he didn’t hesitate to push the swollen head of his cock into Kaia, penetrating her asshole and sending her into a convulsion of pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhh God! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!” Kaia cried out from the feel of that big cock pushing inside her little asshole. But while there was pain coming from having something so big going into her tightest hole it was overwhelmed by the pleasure she felt too as Channing pushed inside her ass while Cash was buried inside her pussy. “Fuckkkkkk! Fuck me! Yesssssss fuck me! Fuck my ass Channing! Fuck my little girl ass with that big fat daddy cock! Ooooh yessssss I love when my daddy fucks me up the ass and you’re my daddy now Channing! Just like Cash is! Oooooh fuckkkk I want you both inside me just like this! Fuck my pussy and my butt! Ooooooh yessssssssss oooooooh two big fucking cocks inside meeee! YESSSSSSS!”

Kaia tossed her head back and practically roared with ecstasy over the feel of being double penetrated by the two married men. They both felt so big and so good inside her and the intensity of being stretched and filled made her gasp and cry out in immense pleasure in front of everyone. Her naked body was sandwiched in between their muscular, naked forms and both of the older men didn’t hold back as they fucked her, taking her teenage holes just how she wanted them to


“Fuck me! Fuck me like a little fucking whore!” Kaia demanded forcefully, the drugs and the sex making her feel almost bestial with need as Cash and Channing’s cocks fucked her raw and left her trembling with intense pleasure. “Shove those big fucking cocks inside me! Ohhhhh fuckkkk yesssssss make me your little whore! Fuckkkkkkk your cocks are so good inside me! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD! OHHHHHH!”

And Jessica wasn’t about to stay out of this. She loved watching her husband and their friend pound Kaia’s little body with their cocks while she rubbed her creamy pussy. But she had to do more and she got back up on her knees beside Kaia as the teen thrust herself back and forth to feel more and more of Cash and Channing’s thick, hard dicks sliding in and out of her holes. Kaia’s head was tilted back from the intensity of what she was enjoying and Jessica took the chance to return the favor from before and spit into the girl’s mouth while yanking Kaia’s brown hair back and wrapping her hand around her young throat.

“You’re such a fucking whore!” Jessica moaned lustfully. “Just like your mommy! She can’t get enough of my man’s dick! Your daddy can’t either! You’re just as fucking slutty as they are! But he’s my man and if you’re going to fuck him from now on you’re also going to keep fucking me too!”

“Ohhhhhhh yessssssss I will! I’ll fuck you whenever you want!” Kaia squealed from the pounding as she swallowed Jessica’s spit happily and felt her head spin from the drugs, from Jessica’s hand softly choking her and from the way adrenaline was flowing through her veins. “I’ll eat your pussy and tongue fuck your ass and let you sit on my face with that yummy pregnant pussy! I’ll eat you out every day as you get nice and big with that baby inside you! I’ll do anything you want as long as you and Cash fuck me all the time! Ooooh!”

Jessica and Kaia began tongue kissing again, their mouths lustfully fusing together as Kaia’s hands moved from Cash’s ripped chest to Jessica’s soft feminine skin. Kaia played with Jessica’s pregnant tits, feeling how big they were getting and loving how they squished in her little hands. She couldn’t wait until Jessica got further along in her pregnancy and they were even bigger and filled with milk to squirt into her mouth as she acted like a total slut for the sexy couple and all their friends.

Meanwhile Peyton was marveling at how wild Kaia was and once again wishing she was that kinky and sexy. Her friend was so beautiful and uninhibited and Peyton wanted to be that way too. Jessica looked so good kissing Kaia and Peyton wanted to go over to her and kiss Jessica’s round ass. Peyton wanted to thank her for inviting her too and Jessica’s ass, curvier and fuller now that she was pregnant, looked so sexy with that visible tan line from the beach.

Peyton wanted to bury her face in that ass and do naughty things to her hostess, but before she could, someone else grabbed Peyton.

“I guess my husband can’t stop sticking his dick in whatever hot teenager he can get,” Jenna moaned in lust and not jealousy as she grabbed Peyton’s arm. “But someone needs to eat my pussy and fuck me though and now it’s going to be you Peyton! If you’re going to come all over my husband’s dick then you had better be ready to eat me out! Now get in there little girl! Get down in my cunt and lick the cream right out of me you little fucking whore!”

Jenna was tripping on the Ecstasy she had swallowed and was not about to take no for an answer. But fortunately Peyton was more than willing to let the married woman take control of her. Jenna lay back on the rug and opened her legs before shoving Peyton down between them. She had a clump of her blonde hair in her hand and Jenna forced Peyton right to her pussy while squeezing her dancer trained legs around her, not letting her get away.

Peyton didn’t want to get away though. She wanted to be right where she was and she let her newly famished lesbian side emerge again as she got her second taste of pussy. Peyton began lapping at Jenna’s wet mommy hole with eager licks, loving how her juices felt tickling her taste buds and how her flavor differed from Camren’s.

Peyton had never thought she would love pussy as much as she did but she was quickly getting hooked on the taste of it and she began licking Jenna hard, sliding her tongue all over the married woman’s slick, juicy folds and swallowing her yummy flavor.

“Oooooh yessssss you little slut! Eat my fucking pussy! If you’re going to fuck Channing you have to fuck me too! Eat my pussy and make me come all over your fucking face if you ever want his cock again!” Jenna groaned out to the horny blonde girl as Peyton munched on her box with an inexperienced enthusiasm that the married woman found very endearing and arousing. “Yessssssssssss mmmmm you need a sexy mommy to teach you how to lick and that’s just what I’m going to do! Ooooh I’m going to dress you up in one of my schoolgirl outfits I wear for Channing and take you to pussy eating 101 class! Mmmmm fuckkk you’re good though! Don’t stop! Eat my pussy just like that and make me fucking come!”

And while Peyton was getting Jenna ready to come, Kaia was totally gone. She was tripping on the Ecstasy and getting off on every meaty inch of cock stuffed up her pussy and her asshole together. She loved being double penetrated and it was so hot to have Cash and Channing do it while they kept on lustfully tongue kissing each other and she kissed Jessica at the same time. Kaia loved seeing their handsome, masculine faces kissing without any hang-up. It made her body squeeze their cocks harder as she clamped her holes around their poles and soon she couldn’t take any more of their relentless and pleasurable pounding of her.

“Fuck! I’m going to commmmme! Fuck meeee! Make me fucking come all over you!” Kaia begged while crying and moaning wantonly, her eyes tearing up from the sexual ferocity of both of those cocks thrusting into her at the same time. “I love feeling cock in my pussy and my ass at the same time! I love when my daddy and my brother DP me! Oooooooh keep fucking me like a whore! FUCKKKK OHHHHHH FUCK I’M GOING TO COME! I’M GOING TO FUCKING SQUIRT YESSS!”

The sound of that wicked claim from the teenager fired up both Channing and Cash even more and they hammered into her harder, wanting to not only get her off but make Kaia come so much that she squirted for them. And those extra thrusts pushed her right over the edge.

“Yesssss! Give it to me! Give it to meeeeeee! YESSSSS FUCK YESSSSSSS!” Kaia screamed as she came, her teen pussy squirting all over Cash’s cock and balls, drenching him in her orgasm and even getting up onto his stomach. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh my Goddddddd! So good! SO FUCKING GOOD!”

Jessica silenced the screaming girl with another wanton kiss and delighted in how the horny teen had squirted. She playfully rubbed the girl’s squirt all over Cash’s balls and up over his stomach, rubbing it over his belly button like she was finger painting on her husband’s chest. And with the teenager having come all over him like that, Cash couldn’t hold back either and with a forceful grunt let the feel of his wife’s hands smearing teen girl squirt all over his balls and stomach push him over the edge.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkk! Yessssssssssss take that load! Fucking let it knock you up like the little whore you are!” Cash groaned as his cock spasmed inside Kaia’s snug folds and began shooting jets of sperm up inside her.

The pleasure of coming inside the girl made Cash feel so good and it got even better when Channing kissed him again. Cash’s hands reflexively went to Channing’s cock and balls as they kissed with Kaia sandwiched in between them on the floor and with the Viagra and Ecstasy in his bloodstream and messing up his head, Channing had little resistance to what his friend was doing. The two married men made out with wet tongues rubbing together and Cash stroked Channing’s shaft and fondled his balls while he was still shoved into the teenager’s ass.

Channing couldn’t resist the pleasure of Kaia’s snug hole and Cash’s welcome touch and before he knew it he was coming again, this time right up Kaia’s ass. He started to swell up inside her snug hole and she felt it right away. And all Kaia did was rub her firm bottom back against his crotch and let him slide deeper inside her as she felt Cash’s softening cock slipping out of her cummy cunt.

“Come inside me daddy!” Kaia breathlessly moaned to Channing, her face all flushed and sweaty from coming so hard. “Mmmmm get that hot load of cum right up my butt! Oooooh yessssss squirt that hot daddy jizz inside meeeee ooooooooh yessssssssss!”

Kaia squealed happily as Channing grunted and nutted for the second time in the last few minutes, his jets of hot, white cum shooting into the girl’s asshole. Kaia moaned in depraved delight as cum squished in both of her holes and when Channing pulled out of her, his cock still fully erect even after his orgasm from the blue pill he had been slipped, she felt it dripping out of her. That made her roll over onto her back and moan happily as she found herself high and happy from her orgasm and the ecstasy.

But while Kaia needed a moment to catch her breath, her new friends did not and they just kept on fucking.

Channing brought his mouth right to Cash’s soft cock and started sucking on it to slurp off Kaia’s cum and Jessica went over to Jenna and sat herself right down on her friend’s face, planting her pussy on the married woman’s lips while Peyton kept on licking Jenna’s pinkness. Kaia felt so dreamy and happy as she felt the drug’s effects along with all the endorphins inside her from her orgasm and she looked around at everything else that was happening around her.

She had been so focused on Cash and Jessica and Channing and Jenna that she had ignored everything else even though there was so much to see as everything they had just done hadn’t been in isolation. It had been right in the middle of the orgy and everyone was having a wild good time all around them. The Ecstasy made Kaia even hornier for it all and she drank it all in while she felt those hot loads trickle out of her happily sore holes.

She had been left breathless from coming so hard but even as her head spun from everything she had just experienced Kaia wanted more. She had been fucked ragged and knew she needed some time to recover but with so many hot bodies fucking all around her, Kaia found the lure of all of them so tempting.

With her natural horniness and the drugs flowing through her bloodstream, Kaia just wanted to crawl over to the next fuckable person she saw and have at them. She didn’t care who they were and if they were a man or a woman or if she had ever met them before. She just wanted to keep on fucking and there were so many people there to fuck.

Looking over to her left, Kaia found herself fixated on two beautiful naked bodies undulating as a man thrust hard into a woman doggie style, her big tits shaking on her body as she was pounded from behind. The man was giving it to her aggressively too, slapping her thick ass with hard smacks while he fucked her and Kaia loved seeing them both.

The man was a sexy Asian and Kaia loved how he was toned and fit without having too many muscles. He was so sexy and so was the blonde woman with her big bouncing titties and the spoiled attitude she was so eager to show off.

She recognized them both right away and Kaia’s hand reflexively snaked down to her own pussy, her squirt making her so squishy as Cash’s cum trickled out of her and down her thigh. She sat down on the floor, moaning from the tingly soreness of her freshly fucked asshole, and began touching herself as she watched hunky Daniel Dae Kim fucking Katherine Heigl, the two TV stars going at it as Katherine responded with ecstasy to his forceful fucking.

“Yessssssssssss! That’s so fucking good!” Katherine growled in lust while being pounded from behind, Daniel’s strong hand slapping her ass again and again and making her pristine white skin turn a flushed pink that grew darker and darker with each smack to her backside. “Fuck me like a bitch! Fuck this horny white slut like a fucking bitch! Fuckkkk your big cock feels so fucking good in my wet, cheating cunt! Ooooooh fuckkk slap my ass! Make those fucking ass cheeks sting so good I won’t be able to fucking sit down when I go home to my poor husband and act like I’m all good and sweet and pure and would never cheat on him!”

“Mmmm this pussy is too fucking tight and hot to only let one man have it!” Daniel smugly declared as he thrust into Katherine and filled her up more with each push, her warm, wet folds eagerly wrapping around his cock like she couldn’t get enough of it inside her. “Everyone in Hollywood knows what a fucking bitch you are and now it’s time you got fucked like one! Take it bitch! Take this cock deep in your hole! By the time we’re all done with you here you’ll be too fucking loose for your husband to ever fuck again!”

That lewd promise not only had Katherine groaning in wanton lust but had Kaia rubbing her wet, cummy pussy harder too. She had her own juices and Cash’s semen all over her fingers and she brought them right up to her mouth so she could lick them off. Kaia moaned at the mix of flavors and cleaned them off her own fingers with greedy licks as she watched the mismatched couple fuck.

They both looked so good. Katherine’s tits looked so big and sexy as they jiggled on her chest from the force of hers and Daniel’s bodies smacking together. Katherine’s cries were nothing but ecstasy as Daniel kept slapping her toned, round ass, making both cheeks turn flushed and pink and Kaia found herself wanting to crawl right under Katherine and lick at her pussy while Daniel’s cock was driving into it.

Kaia had always had a crush on Daniel ever since she had seen him in Lost but she had never thought he would look as good naked as he did. He was in such incredible shape with tight muscles making him look so strong as he fucked Katherine hard. She loved looking at his tight butt as it clenched with each thrust into Katherine and Kaia found herself also wanting to get right behind him and spread those fit buns of his open so she could rim him while he fucked Katherine.

The Ecstasy in her bloodstream was making her want to fuck everyone even more than she had wanted it before but she was still recovering a little bit from her DP so Kaia just watched and enjoyed the show, touching herself as Katherine demanded more and more from her sexy Asian lover.

“Harder! Goddamn it harder!” Katherine forcefully spat out of her mouth. “I thought you were the kind of man who was going to put a spoiled bitch like me in her fucking place! Really fucking give it to me or I’ll find someone who will! Oooooooooooh! Yessssssssss! Fucking drive that dick deep into me and make me take every fat fucking inch of it right up my wet white cunt! Fuck this blonde whore! Fuck this fucking bitch!”

Katherine’s cries grew happier as Daniel picked up the pace of his hard thrusts inside her. Her egging him on in such a naughty way had the effect she wanted as more of his dick was shoved inside her insatiable pussy. Kaia could hear the wet squish of his hardness pushing deep as their bodies slapped together and she crawled over a little bit closer, moaning as she saw that Daniel was almost balls deep inside Katherine while he yanked on her long blonde hair, pulling it back with a forceful tug.

“Yessssssssss!” Katherine groaned in bliss as her head was pulled back. “Harder! Deeper! Ughhhhh fuck this little whore! You’re so fucking lucky to get a pussy this hot around a dick like yours! Ughhh mmmmm ordinarily I don’t let people like you fuck me! So dirty! So fucking hot! Slam that cock right into my rich bitch twat!”

“People like me? People like me?” Daniel repeated while thrusting even harder into Katherine while pulling her hair. “What the fuck does that mean you spoiled cunt?”

“Mmmm fuckkk you know just what it means,” Katherine laughed, the spoiled rich girl from New Canaan loving every bit of the forceful fucking she was getting. “Mmmmm I saw you begging CBS for more money for your little Hawaii cop show and they wouldn’t even give it to you! They spend that money on stars like me! Oooooh fuckkkk yessssss you’re not a fucking superstar like me! I can get any show I want greenlit and they’ll beg me to do it too!”

“You fucking cunt! Your show didn’t even last three episodes!” Daniel said, smirking as he fucked, showing he knew he was in control of the blonde slut even as Katherine tried to act like she was the one in charge.

“Ooooh but you should have seen my paycheck for it!” Katherine laughed. “Mmmm if I had told CBS to give me that little itty paycheck they give you too they’d have handed it over to me and not thought twice about it! They know my big tits and blonde hair are what people want! They know I’m a fucking star! Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk oooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkk yessssssss slam that cock into this star’s pussy! Fuck my wet cheating cunt and send me home to my husband with your load dripping out of me! Fuckkkkkkkkkk ohhhhhhhh fuckkkk yessssssss all the way you fucker! Fuck this superstar like the whore she is! Fucking give me what I deserve for being a rich blonde bitch!”

“You spoiled little whore!” Daniel said with a grunt and a moan as he yanked harder on her hair and pushed into her again, her body thrusts meeting his to make sure she got as much cock as possible. “You think just because you’re white with big tits you get whatever the fuck you want! We’re not going to stand for your shit anymore you spoiled white bitch! You’re going to be put right in your place!”

Every bitchy thing Katherine said to Daniel was only to get him to fuck her harder. She knew it. He knew it and Kaia knew it. Kaia giggled a little as she watched network TV politics play out right in front of her. She knew Daniel had just quit Hawaii 5-0 because he wasn’t being paid as much as his white co-stars and had walked off due to the lack of respect. And he was fucking a girl who personified white privilege as she had grown up rich and was infamous for treating people badly and still always landing on her feet.

Kaia loved the dynamic being played out in front of her and she thought to herself that if this was only how network deals were really negotiated she would become an actress and not just a model right away.

Kaia couldn’t take her eyes off the two of them fucking. She looked down like she was studying their bare bodies and saw Daniel was totally shoved inside Katherine now, his balls slapping against Katherine’s ass while he kept on thrusting. Kaia was so turned on as they fucked hard in front of her, oblivious to all else except each other and she couldn’t help herself. She was so close to them and got involved without any kind of introduction.

Kaia loved seeing Daniel’s balls smacking onto Katherine as they fucked and she got underneath their naked bodies as they fused together sexually. It turned her on so much and she went right for Daniel’s balls, opening her mouth so she could start sucking on his nuts, making him grunt and moan in surprise.

“What the fuck?” Daniel groaned when he suddenly felt those soft lips envelop his balls and start sucking on them.

“Shhhh just go with it,” Kaia moaned before getting her lips back around his nuts and slurping on his full, swollen sacs. “Mmmm fuck you taste good! Keep fucking this whore! Fuck her like the bitch she is while I make you feel good! Mmmm fuck I love the taste of your yummy balls, Daniel! Lemme make you feel good!”

Kaia touched herself as she worked over Daniel’s balls with her lips and then started licking then, flicking her tongue against them and tasting her own saliva. Kaia might never have met Daniel before today but she showed no hesitation in slurping and licking wetly on his nuts and he just went with it like she had advised him. After a brief pause he resumed fucking Katherine and just let the girl suck his balls as he did it.

But Kaia wasn’t just thinking about pleasuring him. With Katherine’s dripping cunt so close to her, Kaia naturally played with it too. Her hand was working her own tight teen pussy over, rubbing her own and Cash’s cum all over herself and Kaia touched Katherine’s too with her other hand. She rubbed the busty blonde actress’ pussy lips and stimulated her clit with her fingers while Katherine was still taking it from Daniel’s hard thrusts and she gasped in rapture from the girl’s unexpected touch.

“Oooooooh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhh I don’t know who the fuck you are but you’d better not stop that!” Katherine demanded, hers and Daniel’s bodies smacking together even more now as he picked up the pace and buried his cock inside her over and over again, their naked, sweaty skin slapping into one another. “Ooooooh yesssssssssss nasty little slut! Play with my pussy while he fucks it! Yesssssssssss fuckkkk ohhhh I’m not usually into girls but fuck that feels good! Rub it! Fuckkk yesssss play with that clit while he stuffs me like a whore! Ooooh yes stay on your knees serving me you fucking whore! Both of you make me feel good!”

Kaia was flying as she kneeled and pleasured both parts of the naked, mismatched couple. She had Daniel’s heavy, round nuts in her mouth and lewdly and happily slurped on them both, sucking one balls and then the other before opening wide and getting at them both. She buried her pretty young face into his sweaty, musky ballsac and loved every second of it, her fingers starting to force their way into Katherine’s pussy at the same time, rubbing her clit and filling her up even more.

Kaia felt so good as she did this too. She was tripping on the Ecstasy she had been slipped and she might not even have done this without the drugs filling her brain with pleasure but she was completely into it. She wanted to touch everyone and Daniel’s big balls felt so good in her mouth while Katherine’s tight cunt clamped down around her fingers and Daniel’s fat cock at the same time while they fucked doggie style right above her. Kaia pleasured them both as she fingered herself at the same time and pushed them both right over the edge.

“Yesssssssss I’m going to fucking come! Going to fucking cream all over that big fucking cock!” Katherine cried out in rapture. “Yesssssss! Keep fucking me! Give me every fucking inch of that big cock! I fucking deserve all of that cock! Yessssss yessssssss play with my clit little girl! Oooooh those little fingers feel so fucking good rubbing my clitty while he fills me with cock! Yeahhhhhhh ohhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhh! Both of you fuck me! FUCKKKKK! OHHH FUCKKKKK!”

Katherine screamed in ecstatic release as she came from being filled up with cock and fingers and the pussy play she was getting from Kaia made her orgasm extra sweet. Daniel yanked on her hair again, pulling her head back and used his free hand to slap her thick bare ass once more as Katherine came, crying out like whore and dripping her hot, orgasmic essence all over Daniel’s dick and Kaia’s fingers.

And as she came, Katherine devilishly turned her personality up to maximum bitch just for fun.

“Ohhhh ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss that felt gooood mmmmm fuckkk but I’m done with you now,” Katherine moaned, still acting like a spoiled bitch as she smiled in satisfaction and looked over her shoulder at Daniel. “Go off and do whatever you do. I don’t need you anymore.”

She said all of that with a wicked twinkle in her eyes because she knew all too well that while she was done with Daniel, he wasn’t done with her and he proved it by slapping her bare ass again and pulling his cock out of her creamy, cummy cunt with a wet squelch. Daniel wasn’t messing around now and he flipped Katherine off her hands and knees onto her back.

“What…what are you doing?” Katherine asked, trying to act scared but also visibly biting on her own lip to keep from moaning in pleasure. “I said I was done with you!”

“You’re done but I’m not,” Daniel replied, his thick, hard erection jutting out. “I’m going to fuck your tits and paint you with my load!”

“No! That’s gross! I don’t want that I…I…” Katherine sputtered, acting like she was unwilling when in fact it was exactly what she wanted too as Daniel grabbed her big tits and squeezed them roughly with his strong hands before pushing his dick right between them. “Ohhhh fuck! Oooooh you dirty man! Fucking my titties! Mmmm fucking my big white tits with your hard, fat cock ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Kaia had been licking her fingers clean of Katherine’s cream and watching the show, but Daniel wasn’t quite done with her either.

“Hold her down! Make sure this bitch doesn’t try and run before she gets herself soaked with cum!” Daniel ordered. “I want her to feel it dripping off her skin so she remembers not to be such a fucking bitch all the time!”

Kaia was eager and ready to do anything Daniel told her to do, so grabbing Katherine by the shoulders and pinning her down on the floor was easy. Katherine squirmed and tried to get away but Kaia was able to hold her in place as Daniel pushed his slick, pussy covered cock between her large breasts.

“No! Let me go! I don’t want your disgusting, sticky hot cum all over my tits!” Katherine protested. “Get off of me!”

But Katherine’s protests were all for show and Kaia knew it. She was holding the older woman down with ease and Kaia knew she shouldn’t have been able to. Katherine was stronger than she was and if she had really wanted to, Katherine would have been able to flick her away like a piece of lint. She was only playing at protesting and if that wasn’t clear enough, the look in Katherine’s eyes made it clear she felt nothing but desire for Daniel’s big cock squeezing between her tits.

“Let me help you,” Kaia giggled, still stoned and very turned on as she leaned down and spit into Katherine’s tits, her saliva helping to lube her up even more for Daniel’s thick inches as his cock slid in and out. “Mmmm that’s what you deserve bitch! Mmmm take his big cock between those yummy tits! I love seeing him fuck you like the spoiled whore you are! I want him to make a big mess on your titties! I want to see him drench your tits in his load!”

“Ohhhhhh grosssssss!” Katherine wailed, even though she was moaning more than whining from the feel of Kaia’s saliva. “Nooooo! No! Don’t you dare blast your cum over my perfect tits! I work so fucking hard on this body and I don’t want low paid out of work actors shooting their disgusting sperm all over them! Ughhh fuckkk I can’t believe you spit on my tits you little bitch! That’s vile! I’m…I’m…I’m going to tell your mother!”

Katherine was totally winging it and had no idea who Kaia’s mother was which delighted the teenager because she knew exactly what Cindy would do in a situation like this.

“Mmmm good! Tell her because she’d be so proud of me for helping put a bitch like you in her place!” Kaia said with a smile. “Mmmmm if my mommy was here she’d be holding you down too and making you eat her pussy while you got tit fucked! You’re such a stuck, up spoiled snob and it’s so hot to see your big tits get fucked by Daniel’s beautiful dick! Mmmm fuck I have to taste it!”

And just like she hadn’t hesitated to wrap her mouth around his balls, Kaia moved right for his cock and pulled him out from between Katherine’s jugs. She took him into her mouth and began hungrily sucking it, loving the taste of both Katherine’s pussy juice and her tit sweat on it. And even though Daniel had no idea who Kaia was, he had no hesitation about enjoying the teenager’s eager blowjob.

“Oh yesssssssss see that’s how you treat this cock,” Daniel moaned, directing his comments at Katherine while Kaia kneeled submissively in front of him and glided her wet lips up and down his shaft, lovingly sucking on him while looking up at his naked body with her young, adoring eyes. “Bitches like you ought to be on your hands and knees serving me, Katherine! You fucking blonde white bitches have been running the show for too long and we’re not going to take it anymore! You should be on your knees kissing my ass!”

“Ooooooh I’d LOVE to!” Kaia said, pulling off Daniel’s cock with a pop and her eyes lighting up as she remembered how good his ass had looked undulating as he had thrust into Katherine from behind. “Mmmmm I’d totally kiss your ass and a lot more too!”

Kaia then got back to sucking, loving the feel of Daniel’s cock in her mouth as she wetly slurped it, sucking it off noisily right in front of Katherine. Kaia could hear Katherine groan in jealousy as she worked her young lips up and down Daniel’s big Asian cock while she wrapped her soft hand around it the shaft and jerked it off, spreading around the saliva that had drooled out of her mouth as she licked the head of his swollen dick and even playfully spanked it against her teen tongue.

“See, the younger generation gets it,” Daniel smugly smiled, keeping his focus on Katherine even as Kaia blew him. “They know about equal opportunity and fair treatment! Spoiled bitches like you need to get the fucking message!”

Daniel pulled his cock out of Kaia’s wet mouth and got it back between Katherine’s tits. And even though she again protested his action, Katherine also moaned audibly.

“No! Fuck no! Get that cock away from my perfect tits!” Katherine cried while doing nothing to fight Daniel off her. “Ohhhhh fuck it’s all covered in her gross spit now too! I have that little whore’s saliva over my big natural tits! Ughhh no! This is disgusting! You’re both sick perverts! I would never…mmmmmmmphhh!”

That was all Katherine got out of her mouth before everyone was taken by surprise by someone else joining the fun. Katherine had been lying on her back, totally naked and totally vulnerable and that had made it so easy for Grace Park to get in there and join her former co-star Daniel by sitting on Katherine’s face and smothering her with her pussy.

“You need to shut the fuck up!” Grace laughed as she rubbed her pussy against Katherine’s protesting lips as the girl wailed and whined underneath her. “I’ve heard you talking shit and a mouth like yours is clearly only good for being fucked you bitch! Eat my pussy, whore! Get that bitchy white mouth of yours to working licking my cunt clean!”

“No! Gross! I’m not a fucking lesbo! Get off me with your disgusting vagina! I’m not going to be your carpet munching dyke! I’ll never lick you! Don’t you know who I am? I’ll fucking ruin you! I’ll mmmmphhhh!” Katherine protested, acting indignant and bitchy even as her pussy dripped with fresh desire.

And again Katherine had her words cut off by Grace as the beautiful nude Asian woman ground her pussy right into the blonde’s face. She pressed it hard right to her mouth and nose and made sure Katherine knew she had a simple choice of either licking her or not being able to breathe.

Grace moaned as she rubbed her wetness all over the blonde’s face because, despite her claims to the contrary, Katherine began to lick and it definitely seemed like she had done it before many times because of how naturally she took to it.

“Mmmmm yeahhh that’s MUCH better,” Grace moaned happily, her toned body pressing down on Katherine as she rode her face and smeared her pussy juices all over her. “Lick me bitch! Tongue fuck that wet pussy! Oooooh lick out the fucking cum of the hot black guy I just fucked! Oooooh I love black cock stuffed deep in my wet Asian cunt and it’s even better when I have a white bitch like you to lick it all out after he came inside me!”

Grace had positioned herself so she was riding Katherine’s face reverse cowgirl. That had her facing Daniel and she gave her former Hawaii 5-0 co-star a hot kiss on the lips and roamed her hands over his chest, playing with his nipples as Daniel pushed his cock between Katherine’s tits again and shoved it into her cleavage, sliding back and forth while Grace fucked the blonde star’s face.

“Ooooooh yeahhhh lick that hot, sticky load out of my pussy while you get cum all over your fucking tits!” Grace ordered. “You think you deserve to make more money than us? All you deserve is to lick our cum and swallow it like a good white whore! Mmmm yeahhh suck my cunt you blonde bitch! Get that princess tongue in my pussy and lick out that seed I got inside it!”

Katherine wasn’t protesting anymore. Now she was submissively lying back and lapping at Grace’s pussy like she knew her place. Kaia watched in admiration as the two sexy Asians completely used Katherine for their pleasure. She knew she wasn’t needed anymore, so she hung back from it and let Daniel and Grace have their way with her.

It was so sexy to see them control her and have Katherine be getting off on it. Kaia could see Katherine’s hands had moved up to Grace’s tight butt cheeks and were groping them as the woman fucked her face. Katherine didn’t want Grace to move an inch from having her pussy on her mouth and Kaia watched and rubbed herself at the sight of it all, a view that got even hotter when Daniel pulled out from between Katherine’s tits and aimed his load right at her bare chest.

“You’re going to be fucking wearing this load all day, bitch.” Daniel moaned as he jacked off his own cock, taking himself the rest of the way there. “You’ll have our cum on your face and your tits and dripping out of you because we’re only getting started with you!”

Kaia moaned too as she watched Daniel blast his load all over Katherine’s breasts, her big tits getting coated with several hot, thick blasts of cum that painted her pink skin pearly white. It was so hot to see him come all over her like that and Kaia just wished he was doing it to her because she wanted to feel that sticky essence all over her tits like she could still feel Cash’s cum in her pussy and Channing’s dripping out of her asshole.

The drugs still had Kaia tingling and so eager to touch anyone she could and when she slumped up against one of the couches she immediately found someone who was very interested in touching her back. Kaia felt a soft hand running up her leg toward her thigh and she turned and smiled when she saw a beautiful naked brunette woman caressing her while at the same time bobbing her head up and down in the crotch of the naked man sitting on the couch,

The woman was kneeling right in front of him as she sucked his cock and she looked so beautiful like that, doing something so taboo and filthy right in front of the open. And Kaia didn’t hesitate to kiss the woman right on the lips as soon as she pulled off that hard cock. She pressed her lips right to the older woman’s and sensually kissed her, loving how she could taste the man’s cock in the woman’s kiss. Kaia didn’t have to create any intimacy in the kiss either. They both already felt a sensual warmth between them because it was not the first time they had kissed each other.

Both women already knew each other very well and had done a lot more than kiss. So it was very easy for them to fall right into it without a second thought as they kissed erotically and fondled each other’s bare chest, Kaia getting both of her hands on the beautiful woman’s perky tits and loving the softness of her MILFy skin.

“Mmmmm hey there Kaia, fancy running into you here,” Maggie Gyllenhaal said with a smile as they broke there kiss. “You enjoying the party?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Kaia told the older woman, eying not only her naked body but the big jutting erection from the very lucky man sitting on the couch. “Mmmmm there’s so much to see mmmmm and do!”

Kaia definitely had doing on her mind as she boldly lowered her head to the man’s crotch and took over for Maggie by sucking his cock. And while it was an unplanned interruption, Maggie certainly didn’t seem to mind as she caressed Kaia’s bare back and let her fingers trace around to her front to toy with the teenage girl’s sensitive, erect nipples.

“Oooooh you greedy little thing,” Maggie lustfully moaned into Kaia’s ear, the award winning actress so into what she was witnessing. “Mmmmm that’s so sexy! Suck him right into your mouth! Don’t even say hi to him, just suck his cock! Mmmm you know what he likes! You know how to make him come! Work that pretty teen mouth on his cock and make him feel good!”

Maggie was almost purring right into Kaia’s ear with that sexy voice of hers and it sounded so good. Even if she wasn’t high on Ecstasy and totally desperate for more fun, Kaia would have done this without hesitation and Maggie encouraging her made it so much hotter.

Kaia moaned as she slurped the hard cock into her mouth, softly moving her wet lips up and down his length and feeling sexy tingles rush through her body when she felt Maggie’s fingers toy with her pussy. It was hardly the first time Maggie’s fingers had been there and they knew just where to touch Kaia as she quivered and dripped her hot, young juices over Maggie’s digits while they penetrated her and played with the juicy folds still filled with Cash’s cum.

That wasn’t all Maggie did because she also leaned back down and started sliding her tongue all over the man’s balls, sharing him with Kaia as they both kneeled naked in front of him to pleasure him completely. Kaia loved hearing him moan from the feel of her lips sucking on his swollen cock head and Maggie running her tongue over the underside of the base of his cock and down over his smooth nuts, tasting those forbidden sacs. He was in heaven and why wouldn’t he be with two beautiful women servicing him.

It was a cock Kaia knew very well too because she hadn’t just played with Maggie before. She had enjoyed this big cock in all of her holes many times and she definitely knew what he liked. But Kaia knew that what he liked best was Maggie and she pulled her lips off his cock so the older woman could take over again, sucking him with her experienced, soft lips as Kaia leaned lower to take over tonguing his balls and wickedly licking over his taint, making him stiffen and moan as she teased, but didn’t yet deliver, the pleasure of her tongue on his asshole.

Kaia and Maggie both looked up at him moaning and writhing in pleasure on the couch and they loved seeing his handsome movie star body naked for them. He groaned from Maggie’s skillful mouth sucking him off, especially as she wetly drooled down his shaft, her saliva dripping down to his balls for Kaia to lick up. Kaia giggled as she did it and delighted in the perversion she had on display in front of her as Maggie locked eyes with the man she was sucking.

It was so clearly special between them both and it was easy to see why because this was no random man that Maggie was sucking off. It wasn’t even her husband.  It was her brother Jake.

“Fuck yeah sis! Ohhhh fuck no one sucks cock better than you!” Jake moaned, the sexy movie star in complete bliss from the illicit blowjob he was getting from his older sister.

“Mmmmhmmm you know that no matter what little slut you’re dating this week, no one will ever be as sexy as me,” Maggie said with a wicked wink and smile before she got back to pleasuring her brother’s rock hard penis with her mouth. “Mmmm I’m your first and your best Jake. Never forget that!”

Kaia was sure Jake would never forget because she knew the taboo connection the Gyllenhaal siblings felt all too well. Presley had been her first too and Kaia had loved hearing from Maggie how she had taken Jake’s virginity as a 13th birthday present for a very lucky boy. It had turned the teenager on so much to know Maggie and Jake, so famous and so acclaimed as famous actors, were just as perverted as she and Presley were. Both she and Maggie craved their brothers’ big cocks and Kaia loved to be a part of their sinful sibling play.

Maggie and Jake had been fucking for years, sharing so many hot girls and guys and even Maggie’s husband between them, and Kaia wanted her and Presley to be just like them, always connected no matter if they got married to other people and had kids and lived far away. Kaia always wanted to be special to her brother the way Maggie and Jake were clearly very special to each other and she looked at Maggie as a sexual mentor.

So Kaia was very happy to share Jake’s cock with the older woman. Kaia knew Jake’s impressive package all too well too as they had played together many times before. Kaia’s parents had been swinging with Maggie and her husband even before Kaia had joined in the fun and when she had been old enough, she had happily become a part of their group play and everyone knew each other very intimately.

The last time they had all been together, Kaia had been double penetrated by Jake’s cock stuffing her pussy deep and stretching her young pink hole open while Maggie’s husband Peter had been fucking her ass. That had been such an amazing experience for her especially because she had been eating Maggie’s pussy as the two men had filled her up with cock. It had been so good to be so bad with the three of them especially because Cindy and Rande had been there too and Kaia loved to show off to her parents what a slutty girl she could be.

Now Kaia was happily helping Maggie pleasure her brother just like they had done countless times before. Maggie was greedily choking back Jake’s meat, swallowing it into her hungry mouth and drooling all over it while Kaia tongued and sucked his balls, sucking his sister’s spit right off of Jake’s nuts.

“Ohhh yesssss yeahhhh suck that dick! Mmmm make me want to fuck you both!” Jake moaned in dreamy pleasure as he sat back in ecstasy and let the two horny women work him over with their mouths. “Oh fuck that’s so good! I want to come all over your faces and then fuck you both in every fucking hole!”

That sounded so good to both Maggie and Kaia, but especially to the older woman as she popped her mouth off Jake’s cock with a big smile.

“Mmmm me first! I’ve been dying to get your cock back inside me little brother,” Maggie moaned, knowing how much it turned on both her and Jake for her to talk like that. “I haven’t had this dick in days and I need it so bad! My pussy is fucking wet for you little brother!”

Kaia confirmed that by sensually reaching between Maggie’s legs and caressing her tight, MILF slit with her fingers. She brushed her fingers right over the older woman’s labia and was delighted to feel just how wet Maggie was. Her pussy drooled onto her fingers and Kaia brought them right up to her mouth to lick them clean and suck the taste off right in front of Maggie to show her how much she loved it.

Maggie responded by kissing Kaia right on the lips to get a little taste of her own pussy for herself. But they mostly focused on Jake, with Maggie sliding her lips back around the throbbing shaft of his cock to swallow him down again and Kaia licking the underside of his shaft and letting saliva drool out of her mouth to make his balls even wetter.

While Maggie made lewd sucking sounds and pleasured her brother’s penis thoroughly, Kaia’s teen tongue licked at his nuts to taste the mixing saliva flavor of her and Maggie. But she didn’t stay at his balls, not when it was so easy for her to lower her tongue and slide it right over Jake’s taint. He knew what Kaia was doing too and immediately lifted his body enough off the couch to give her more room to operate as she gratefully licked downward, dragging her wet tongue over his sensitive skin and moving to his asshole.

Kaia loved to rim boys and she loved boys who were totally into it and not scared of anal pleasure. She definitely knew Jake wasn’t shy about anything and Kaia began licking his ass like she had done many times before. She erotically tickled his hole with the tip of her tongue before sliding it all over his puckered ring, spreading her wet saliva all over him and then pushing inside, rimming him deep just like she knew Jake enjoyed.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Yeahhh ohhhh you little slut! Fuck yessss!” Jake grunted, closing his eyes and moving his hands to the backs of both heads, keeping Maggie at his cock and Kaia at his asshole. “Make it nice and wet! Fuckkk I love feeling your spit dripping off of me! Fuckkkkk! Suck my cock Maggie! Oooooh lick my ass Kaia! You little sluts are so good!”

“Mmmm yessss gonna make you nice and wet just like me,” Maggie lustfully moaned as she pulled off Jake to breathe in quick gulps of breath before diving back down to suck him deep down her throat. “Mmmmm I want saliva dripping off this big cock! I want you fucking glistening with spit so I can just slide on down this cock and let you glide into me like velvet! I want your cock just as wet as my pussy! Mmmm and she’s going to eat your ass so good and make it wet too so we can play those nasty games I know you love! Mmmm I can get Peter over here and he can push that monster cock of his up your ass while you’re fucking me oooooh or Kaia can get Presley to play! I know my little brother loves feeling that hot boy’s cock up his ass, doesn’t he?”

Jake did love it and the idea of having Maggie’s husband or Kaia’s brother fucking him up the ass while he was inside his own sister sounded like pure ecstasy. Jake’s cock visibly throbbed at the idea of it and with both Peter and Presley somewhere in the pile of bodies rutting around them, it would have been so easy to make that fantasy into reality.

Kaia was doing such a good job of pleasuring his asshole with her tongue, pushing into him to drool into his hole and then licking up and down his crack to spread it around when she pulled out, and the pleasure overwhelmed him. Thinking of a big cock pushing inside his asshole pushed Jake past the point of no return and he couldn’t hold back.

“FUCK! Oh sis! Fuck I’m going to come Maggie! Ughhh fuckkkk I’m going to lose this fucking load!” Jake grunted, trying to hold on longer but finding it impossible to not succumb to the powers of the two women combined.

Maggie didn’t hesitate. While Kaia sexily wiggled her tongue into his asshole again and then slid it back out to flick it against his ring before burrowing back in deep again and pressing her nose right to his taint, Maggie inhaled her brother’s cock back into her mouth. She swallowed him down deep, going all the way to the base of his cock and taking him down her throat like she had been practicing on him for years.

As big as Jake was, Maggie had no problem swallowing his pole and taking him all the way in her warm, drooling mouth. And just like always, no one knew how to make Jake come better than his sister could. He throbbed in Maggie’s mouth and, as he grunted out one more warning, she pulled off him with strands of gooey saliva dripping from her mouth and clinging to his prick so he could spray both her and Kaia, just like he had said he had wanted to.

Both girls were ready for Jake’s load and he gave it to them all over their faces. With an ecstatic moan he unleashed his cum over both of them, jets of the hot white goo spilling out and spraying their lips and tongues as both women helpfully stuck them out to give Jake a target. The hot load fell upon both of their faces as they shared his cock and felt the sticky bursts of semen cover their mouths with some even flying up to their foreheads and hair.

Both women loved having that cum on their faces and it made them so eager for more as the drippy mess began running down their skin.

“Mmmmm Jake, look what you’ve done,” Maggie moaned seductively as she caressed her brother’s softening penis while he moaned in blissful aftermath of his orgasm. “You made us so messy! Mmmm and now I’m going to have to get you all hard again so you can fuck me like I fucking need it!”

Maggie got started on that by turning Kaia’s face to hers and kissing the younger girl, their messy faces pressing together as Maggie kissed Kaia and licked Jake’s cum off her lips and chin. Kaia did the same to Maggie and the two women were soon sharing the load in wet back and forth kisses that had Jake immediately stroking his prick back to life.

“Mmmm I can help with that,” Kaia giggled as she watched Jake rubbing his tender cock and making it start to perk up with fresh desire to fuck his own sister. “I’ll be right back.”

Kaia knew just what to do as her drug enhanced mind raced with erotic possibilities and a desire to help make Jake and Maggie’s incest hotter. She got up off her knees and scampered off naked, some of Jake’s cum still on her face and Cash’s still squishing in her pussy and Channing’s in her ass. She went off to find the same distinctively blue pill that Jenna had utilized before to get Channing rock hard again. Kaia remembered how good his cock had felt up her ass after that pill and she wanted Jake to be able to make Maggie feel that good.

It didn’t take long for Kaia to find what she was looking for, even though she had to step over all of the bodies fucking on the floor. It was so naughty to see everyone fucking in such a raw and lewd way, free of any inhibitions or hangups and Kaia delighted in seeing all those naked, famous bodies going at each other with no concern on their minds except pleasure.

They barely noticed her as she walked by, stepping over them as their bodies fused together in all sorts of ways, men with men, women with women, women with men, bodies of all ages and colors and shapes pressed together in sexual ecstasy.

Kaia got over to the table that had been set up in the living room with several silver trays of “party favors” on them. There were so many pills of Ecstasy there and other Molly-filled chemical delights along with poppers and even more. Kaia felt a naughty tingle of longing when she saw the lines of cocaine that had been set up, some of which had already been snorted off the silver trays but she resisted, for now, and instead focused on grabbing the blue pill she was looking for.

She took a quick scan of the room and moaned when she saw how her brother Presley had Emily Ratajkowski now bent over with his cock in her ass. She looked so good on all fours with her beautiful, big natural tits swaying as Presley thrust into her from behind and she was bent over to suck on Dante’s big teen cock. But it wasn’t just the two of them spit roasting Emily because Peyton’s brother Spencer was in there too and Kaia loved seeing how he was buried up Emily’s ass right along with Presley.

Kaia loved seeing the model getting a double anal fucking from two big, young cocks but Kaia’s arousal wasn’t just because of Emily’s hot ass getting stuffed so well. What really turned Kaia on was thinking about her brother’s hard dick wedged up that incredible ass and rubbing right into Spencer’s. Kaia pictured their beautiful naked cocks pressed together and knew Presley was doing it on purpose to get Spencer to succumb to the pleasure of boy play that he was so clearly fighting.

Kaia knew it wouldn’t be long before her brother had turned Spencer bi just like she had done to Peyton and she couldn’t wait for that. And while Kaia would have loved to watch Presley and Spencer fuck Emily up the ass while she deep throated Dante, Kaia hadn’t forgotten about Maggie and Jake and she walked back toward them, stepping back over bodies and taking a moment to admire her sexy friend Nikki as the girl was now on all her hands and knees too with Zendaya Coleman in the same position and a purple double ended dildo wedged inside both of their asses as they smacked their tight, round asses together.

Kaia loved seeing their bare butts slapping into one another as they both fucked the double dildo and went ass to ass. Nikki’s tan beach bunny ass looked so yummy against the delicious darkness of Zendaya’s bare bottom. Zendaya’s ass was flawless in its firmness and the beauty of her exquisite black skin against Nikki’s white backside and Kaia loved seeing the contrast of their colors together almost as much as she loved seeing how they weren’t just fucking each other.

As Nikki and Zendaya went ass to ass with the dildo, Zendaya was sucking the cock of her Spiderman co-star Tom Holland and Nikki was inhaling the prick of young singing superstar Shawn Mendes. It was so hot to see them both sucking cock while they were lesbian buttfucking each other and Kaia’s body tingled with desire for all of them.

But she didn’t let it distract her and she pulled herself away from the wicked view to get back to Maggie and Jake. When she got there though she saw both of their naked bodies were now up on the couch and watching something. As they cuddled their bare flesh together with Maggie’s soft hand languidly stroking her brother’s cock, they had been the ones to get distracted and when Kaia turned around to look over her shoulder to see what they were staring at, she could see what fixated them so much.

“Look at her go,” Jake marveled and Kaia did just that, sitting herself down right next to the Gyllenhaal siblings and watching in wonder as Ariana Grande, the pint sized powerhouse pop dynamo, took on seven, naked muscular black men all by her lonesome and was loving every wicked second of it.

As they watched, Kaia popped the pill right into Jake’s mouth just like she knew Maggie would have wanted her to do and the teenager stared longingly at Ariana in envy and desire as she helped herself to a feast of black cock that made Kaia want to crawl right over and join in too. And she couldn’t decide if she wanted a piece of all those huge cocks or of Ariana’s little body more as she kept on watching, transfixed by the explicit show…


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