The Long Weekend Part 3

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Title: The Long Weekend Part 3

Author: Guy Incognito

Celebs: Kaia Gerber, Peyton Roi List, Camren Bicondova, Natalie Alyn-Lind, Emily Ratajkowski, Sofia Black D’Elia, Jennifer Lopez, Vida Guerra, Paula Patton, Alicia Witt, Stacy Keibler

Codes: Ff, FFFF, MF, M+F, MM, cons, orgy, oral, anal, facial, incest, inter

Summary: Kaia and Peyton succumb to pleasure and join the debauched party.


This story is entirely fictional and is pure fantasy. It is not real and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Just giving everyone a warning show that the sex here involves underage people, incest and male bisexuality so if that’s not your thing then we shall both agree to move on. Hopefully people will give it a chance and hopefully people will like it.

I would love to hear any feedback you might have. Please email me at [email protected] with any suggestions or feedback.

It had been so hard for Kaia to leave behind what had been happening downstairs. She had barely been past the doorway and already this party had met every single one of her wildest expectations. She hadn’t even seen the real party yet and she already knew this was going to be best and naughtiest experience of her life.

As she walked up the stairs, Kaia could still hear the moans and grunts and slurps and smacks of all those sexy bodies. Her pussy was soaking wet from what she had seen and she was desperate to play.

She had intently watched beautiful teenager Isabela Moner suck off a huge black cock and have the guy come all over her sexy young Latina face. She had watched Michelle Branch turn her famous fiancé into a cuckold as she had gotten her ass fucked by the other bodyguard. And then had watched as Michelle had turned her sights to Isabela, licking the teenager and making her feel lesbian pleasure for the first time.

It had been so hot to watch all of that and their friend Donnie hadn’t been able to stand it. He had practically torn off his clothes to jump right into the action. He had gone right after the black bodyguard’s dick and started sucking it, giving the man a real shock and a new pleasure to experience for the first time. But while Donnie had been too impatient to wait, everyone else went to do exactly as they were told.

Because as hot as what they had seen downstairs had been, Kaia knew it was going to get so much hotter and nastier and more fun once she got into the actual party and she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize that. She and her brother Presley weren’t going risk a chance of being kicked out of this paradise so they had headed upstairs to properly undress and leave their clothes and phones behind just like they had been told.

And they weren’t doing it alone either. The Gerber kids were accompanied by their friends Dante and Nikki, who not only could be just as freaky and fun as Kaia and Presley were but had been to this annual orgy before. So they were the perfect guides for them. They were also accompanied by Peyton Roi List and her twin brother Spencer and playtime with Peyton was very much front and center on Kaia’s mind right then.

Kaia was hand in hand with her blonde friend and she couldn’t wait to do a whole lot more than just hold the teenager’s soft, perfect hand. Kaia had been shocked to see Peyton arrive at the party with her brother. She had never dreamed in a million years that Peyton would come to a place like this but Kaia was ecstatic to be surprised like this and Peyton had given her every sign that she was ready and eager to be seduced into some very naughty fun.

This place was already full of surprises and delights and Kaia could see even more of them as she and her friends ascended the staircase in Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s beautiful beachfront mansion. The annual weekend-long orgy was definitely the place to be and Kaia could see that the legends about it had all been true as everyone was caught up in the spirit of uninhibited sexuality and the erotic freedom of “anything goes.”

At the top of the stairs, Kaia could see the beautiful actress Paula Patton bent over and gripping the railing as she was being fucked from behind. Paula was completely lost in ecstasy as she was taken hard by a white man who looked to be half her age at most. Paula’s full, dark tits were bouncing like the soft, natural mounds they were as the younger man behind her slapped her ass and made her mature cheeks clap on her backside.

“Yesssssss yesssssssss fuck me! Fuck that dirty, wet pussy of mine!” Paula cried out, not caring who could see her like this and only focused on how good that young cock felt inside her. “Ohhhh baby boy! Mmmm I don’t even know your name and you’re fucking me so good! That’s it baby! Fuck me good with that white dick! Shove it hard and deep in my chocolate cunt! Mmmm yeahhh you’re the white filling this black candy needs inside it! Give it to me with that big cock baby! Ohhhhhh yessssssssss mmmm harder! Faster! Fuck me!”

Kaia could see the look of open-mouth shock on Peyton’s face over another live sex show right in front of her. The girl was blushing and looked like she was already overwhelmed but that made Peyton even cuter to Kaia. Even though Peyton was older than her, Kaia knew she was the experienced one and that was going to make it extra fun to turn her friend into a naughty pervert like she was.

“Isn’t that hot?” Kaia asked seductively as she pulled Peyton close to her so she was talking directly into her ear. “Mmmm look at those hot bodies. Look how much she loves what he’s doing to her! Ooooh his cock looks so big too! Mmmm I’ll bet she’s going to come all over it! Have you ever felt a cock that big?”

Peyton shook her head “no” but didn’t say a word. She just watched as Paula got fucked, her tits flopping as the divorced celebrity mother got the kind of dick she so clearly craved. Peyton was fixated on the view of the younger man thrusting his sizeable white rod up Paula’s dark pussy. Kaia was right. It looked so big and he was making Paula feel so good, especially as he took a finger and slowly pushed it up Paula’s asshole while he was fucking her pussy.

“Yesssssssss fuck yessssssss!” Paula hissed in desire as new pleasure made her body quiver. “Ohhh yeahhhh you like that booty, huh? Like fucking seeing that ass bounce for you, white boy? Mmmm well if you make me come all over that fat cock of yours then you get to fuck it with that beautiful white dick of yours! Make that pussy come and you can have that ass baby boy!”

Paula looked over her shoulder at her younger lover as he thrust inside her and fingered her asshole. She looked so sincere about giving up her ass to him that he immediately began thrusting in harder, using his free hand to grab onto her hip to steady his thrusts while she held onto the balcony for support. That left Paula moaning in ecstasy as she hung her head back down and took it from the younger man, delighting in every skillful push inside her.

Peyton was transfixed by this and Kaia smiled, kissing her friend’s neck and softly running her hand over the girl’s bare tummy, not heading for her cut off jean shorts yet but instead letting Peyton know just how good her hand could feel on her body. Peyton moaned and smiled back, loving the gentle touch as she watched the interracial couple boldly and lewdly fuck right in front of her as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

And Paula wasn’t the only one who had gone wild outside the bedroom. Just a few feet away from her a beautiful nude redhead was on her knees and sucking cock and Kaia let her eyes roam over her pale, beautiful body. She mostly got a view of the redhead’s bare back and her ass and Kaia loved what she saw of the older woman who was sucking cock so eagerly.

Shifting her position just enough to get a better look at the redhead’s face, Kaia recognized the woman as Alicia Witt and she moaned over the view of the actress lustily giving a skillful blowjob to the man she was with. Kaia didn’t know the man’s name but she knew he was some corporate lawyer or hedge fund guy or something like that. He had a lot of money, that she knew for sure, because she had seen him at a lot of functions she had been to with her parents. But Kaia had never seen him like this, buck naked with his cock in a beautiful actress’ mouth.

The man was visibly older than Alicia was but while his hair was salt and pepper, with an emphasis on the salt, his body was still fit and his cock was still in perfect working order as Alicia kneeled in front of him and pleasured it. Kaia admired the redhead’s technique and she found herself thinking about how hot it would be to join Alicia on her knees and learn from her while giving that old man a thrill by letting him blast his load all over her teen face. Kaia had never been with a guy as old as he looked and she wondered how hard he would come in her mouth when he was sucked off by a girl probably young enough to be his granddaughter.

That gave Kaia such a kinky thrill but she also found herself wanting to do naughty things with Alicia too. The beautiful redhead was showing off skills that went far beyond acting and music and Kaia wished she could have seen a lot more of Alicia’s body. Her pale back and her bare ass were so sexy and Kaia wanted to go over to her and brush her red hair out of her face and kiss her lips and suck on her tits and taste Alicia’s nipples while that money guy watched them play and jerked off for them.

Kaia had never seen Alicia in such a sexual way before but this party had clearly brought out the naughty side of everyone and the teenager loved it. This was exactly what she had hoped it would be.

“Mmmm you like that? Like what I’m doing to your cock?” Alicia moaned out when she pulled off the man’s erection with a smile and a pop of her wet mouth. “Bet you didn’t think I could be such a slut? Mmmm don’t you know it’s always the quiet, artistic ones who are the biggest freaks?”

Alicia set about proving that by putting her tongue to work all over the older man’s stiff cock. As he stood there with his hands behind his back with Alicia on her knees like he was used to be catered to and serviced by women, the redhead pushed the man’s cock up so his tip was pressed against his stomach and licked upward, dragging her tongue from his nuts up his shaft and all the way to his swollen cockhead. Alicia wetly licked him, letting saliva drool off her tongue onto her lover’s cock and then twirled her tongue all over the tip of his cock while looking up at him submissively, her eyes full of desire.

“Mmmmm I knew you’d be a slut! You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t!” the man groaned as Alicia pleasured him by taking him back into her mouth and slurping him down her throat with lewd, wet noises. “Show me what a dirty whore you can be! You’ve been sucking Hollywood cock all your life, hadn’t you? Oh yes! I saw you undressing in there and I had to have you! When I saw that pale ass I knew I was going to make you mine and now you’re on your knees for me sucking me off like a good little slut!”

“Yessssssssss I can be such a whore when I want to be,” Alicia moaned, pulling off the man and letting saliva dribble down her chin. “You dirty old man! Checking out my ass! You’re like one of those creeps who was always trying to get me on the fucking casting couch back in the day but I never let old men like you touch me unless I fucking wanted it too! And I want it now! I want this cock in my mouth! I want it in my pussy! I want it up my fucking ass! I’ll show you I’m hotter than any of the young bitches at this party! I’ll show you I can be a dirty cocksucking whore and make you come so sweet in my mouth and mmmm inside my horny fuckholes!”

Alicia was on fire with lust and she moaned in need as she sucked the man back into her mouth, making his cock harder and wetter before pulling off him to suck on his balls. Alicia showed no hesitation to take the older man’s balls in her mouth, wrapping her lips around both of them before twirling her tongue around his uncut cock head and then bobbing her mouth up and down his dick. She was a full service slut for him but her eyes were also on the woman being fucked a short distance away.

“Seeing Paula fucking like that made me want to be such a dirty slut,” Alicia moaned, rubbing the man’s cock all over her tongue and lips and chin to get her own saliva on her pretty, alabaster skinned face. “I loved seeing your hot body Paula! It made me so horny to come out of the bedroom to see you fucking like that! Your beautiful dark skin turned me on so much Paula and I wanted to see our bodies pressed together! Mmmmm ivory white and beautiful ebony rubbing into each other! I needed dick too, though! Mmmm seeing you fuck made me want to fuck too! I couldn’t even wait to get downstairs!  I had to get at the first cock I saw!”

Paula heard everything Alicia was saying and turned to her with a moan and a sexy, inviting smile while she felt the pleasure of the younger man’s thrusts behind her, his eager hands squeezing her dark ass cheeks and his cock skillfully pushing inside her to fill her up and hit her hot spots.

“Ohhhh yeahhh get that cock and then get over here to me! I love fucking white women too! Mmmm you can get over here and play with me any time you want Alicia!” Paula offered. “Whenever you need it you can get that hot, wet ginger cunt of yours on my mouth and let me suck it! Take that dick you sexy slut and next this hot body is yours too!”

They kept moaning and going at it as both women satisfied their lusts and planned for more. Paula gripped tightly to the balcony as she was nailed from behind and Alicia sluttily sucked the man’s cock from her knees, working her hands over his shaft and balls to spread her gooey saliva around him as she sucked on the head and started taking him down her throat again, acting like all she wanted was to get him wet for her so he could slide that dick into whatever hole she needed him in most.

Kaia was just as fixated on this show as she had been downstairs when she’d seen Isabela and Michelle going wild. It was just so open and wild. It was the kind of uninhibited display of sexuality she had so badly wanted here and there was so much more to see all around her as the bedroom door opened and two men walked out hand in hand. Kaia didn’t recognize one of the guys but she sure recognized the other one.

Matt Bomer was walking out holding the hand of a younger man while smiling and Kaia could see why. The other man was muscular and tattooed in all the right places, making him look dangerous and sexy but not over the top with it. He had just enough ink to be an irresistible bad boy and it was a look that worked so well on his skin just as much as it did with Donnie and Dante and their body art.

Kaia and Presley had never gotten tatted up like that mostly because they didn’t want to do anything to potentially interfere with their modeling careers but they both liked the look and Kaia could see her brother was staring at the display too. Both Matt and his companion were completely nude and both the hunky actor and his lover had impressive packages swinging between their legs. Their dicks were soft but looked so sexy hanging and swaying as they walked by everyone and headed downstairs, fully comfortable with letting their cocks and balls be fully exposed.

Kaia loved seeing those soft, hanging penises just so casually there. They looked so sexy in their natural state and Kaia found herself wondering how big and beautiful they’d be when they got fully hard. She knew Matt was gay and assumed his companion was too but she hoped that at least part of them was bi so she could get to know them both better.

In walking past, Matt and his friend hadn’t just given off free show of the meat market, they had also provided the entryway to where everyone was supposed to go to leave their clothes. And since they were all eager to get into the fun themselves, Kaia and everyone tore their eyes off Paula Patton’s sexual display and instead headed off into the guest bedroom where they saw piles of clothes neatly stacked everywhere with phones and wallets and purses and other valuables next to them.

If a thief had come to this room it would have been the mother lode of cash, jewelry and personal information. But there were no thieves here, just perverts eager to play and as soon as they got inside, everyone started to undress to leave their clothes and all their inhibitions behind. No one had worn much so it was easy for all of them to undress and Kaia couldn’t keep herself from checking everyone out as Presley and Dante stripped off their shorts and boxers and shirts and let their cocks and balls hang free while Nikki pulled her sundress over her head.

But, as Kaia unzipped her skirt and pulled her top over her head before sliding her soaked panties down her legs and leaving all her clothes and shoes next to her phone and bag, she kept her eyes focused on Peyton and Spencer. She couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the boy’s exposed body as she admired his toned chest and the impressive cock he had been blessed with. But Kaia mostly checked out Peyton as she wiggled out of her shorts and panties and undid her bikini top, exposing two perfect little B-cup tits.

Kaia loved seeing Peyton’s yummy tits for the first time and checking out how sexy her already erect pink nipples looked. Her friend’s bare boobs were so sexy that Kaia didn’t even look down until she reminded herself to do it to check out those lovely bare legs and what was between them.

Peyton caught Kaia doing it and she blushed again when she realized her friend was checking out her naked body and had been staring at her bare vagina, the pretty pink teenage lips decorated by a little dusting of blonde fur. But even though Peyton was blushing, her face turning such an adorable shade of red, it wasn’t like she was averting her gaze either. Kaia saw that Peyton was checking her out too and she hoped she liked the look of her slim young body and her visibly aroused completely bare pussy.

Kaia also saw that Peyton’s gaze couldn’t help but also check out Nikki’s hot body and what was between Presley and Dante’s legs. Kaia even caught Peyton giving a distinct look at what Spencer was packing and she filed that away in her perverted mind for later use.

Kaia was about to tell her friend just how sexy she looked but before she could, she heard the moans. At first she didn’t know where they were coming from, but then she checked the most obvious place. Because it wasn’t just clothes and valuables that were all over the bed. In between everyone else’s stuff there were two girls who were getting in some fun of their own away from the crowd downstairs.

They didn’t care that they were lying amongst everyone else’s clothes. All they cared about was being naked and on a bed and doing what came very natural for their young bodies. And it was quite a show as they went at each other and put their beautiful bare bodies on display.

Everyone had been too focused on getting undressed as quickly as possible to notice the two girls before. But now that they were all naked, Kaia and all her friends had finally heard the sounds of passion and were focused on just how good the two teenage girls looked as they indulged in lustful passion for one another.

One of the girls was lying on her back, her short, curly brown hair pressed to one of the bed’s soft pillows as she writhed nakedly on it, and the other, a blonde beauty, was between her legs softly blowing cool breath onto the other girl’s visibly wet pussy and making her cry out from the tease.

“Mmmmm does kitty like that?” the blonde girl asked her lover. “Does that make kitty want to purr?”

“Yessssss! Yessssssss fuckkk yessss!” the aroused and impatient girl on her back cried in response. “Oooooh kitty loves it! Mmmmm I need more though! Ooooh don’t tease me! Don’t make me wait any longer! Drink kitty’s cream! I’m so fucking wet for you!”

“Mmmm bad kitty, no whining,” the blonde teased before she gave the other girl’s bare vagina a naughty little smack, not enough to hurt but more than enough to make her buck on the bed as her tender young lips were slapped. “Awww did that hurt kitty?”

“Oooooh you bitch!” the brown haired teenager groaned but the smile on her face showed she didn’t actually mind it. “Ughhh don’t be mean to your kitty! Lick her cream instead! Make kitty feel good!”

“Oh yessss mmm I’m sorry I was mean,” the blonde said. “But I can make it up to you by kissing it and making it all better.”

And that was just what the blonde did as she pressed her lips to the other girl’s pussy and kissed where she had just slapped. The kiss was naturally even more stimulating than the smack had been and the girl writhed and moaned and called out her lover’s name as the first kiss turned into a second and then a third and soon the blonde had started licking away at the girl’s wetness, tasting her pussy for what was clearly not the first time.

“Ooooooh mmmmmm fuckkkk ohhhhh yesssss fuck me! Mmmm fuck me like no one else can!” the moaning teenager cried out as the blonde went down on her. “Eat your kitty’s little wet pussy! Ooooh yesssss lick it baby! Mmmm oooooh yessss get all that hot juice on your tongue and make your dirty kitty cat feel good!”

They had all seen some sexy shows since arriving but for everyone this show seemed more erotic than the others. There had been a naughty randomness to everything else but there looked like a real connection between the two teenagers that made it obvious this was no casual fun. That made everything they were doing to each other that much sexier and it was also a show that would have made any fan of Fox’s “young Batman” show Gotham come inside their pants.

The blonde woman was Natalie Alyn Lind and the woman who was her “kitty” had a very appropriate nickname. Camren Bicondova’s slim, tight body writhed on the bed as Natalie licked at her bald teen slit. The girl who played the young Catwoman on Gotham was in total ecstasy as her former co-star’s tongue lapped at her wetness and made pleasure course through her nude body. Neither Natalie nor Camren had been able to wait for the party downstairs to get at each other and they didn’t stop for anything, not even with the crowd watching them in awe.

“So hot! So fucking hot!” was all Presley could say as his now exposed cock stiffened up just at the sight of the two teenage lesbians openly fucking on the bed. He was a regular viewer of Gotham and he didn’t know what idea he liked more, to have Natalie tongue fucking her former co-star or pretending it was sneaky and seductive school girl Silver St. Cloud eating the pussy of her rival Selena Kyle.

Kaia didn’t watch the show but she recognized both girls and felt her pussy quiver at the sight before her. Camren had her legs open and bent at the knee now so Natalie could rub her fingers against her clit while she licked at her hole. It made Camren moan and breathe hard with sexy little gasps of pleasure coming out of her young mouth. Her eyes were closed as she lay back and let her friend pleasure her but Natalie’s were open and she saw they were being watched.

The two of them had been so into each other they hadn’t even noticed everyone else coming in to undress but Natalie didn’t mind all the voyeurs checking her and Camren out.

“You all like the show?” the blonde teenage vixen asked while rubbing Camren’s clit even more intently with her fingers, making the girl writhe with even more passion. “Mmmm is it making those cocks nice and hard to see me fuck her? Mmmm is it getting those hot pussies all wet and juicy?”

While Natalie was looking at everyone staring at her, Kaia felt like she was especially interested in her, Peyton and Nikki and that thrilled her. Kaia loved being with girls who loved girls. Girls who knew how to eat pussy were the best kinds of girls and it was clear from what they were all witnessing on the bed, Natalie knew exactly what she was doing.

Kaia opened her mouth to tell Natalie that the show was totally turning them on but she never got the chance because someone else did it first.

“Yessssssss! Mmmmm it’s making me so fucking wet!” Peyton admitted with a moan that took Kaia totally by surprise.

Her friend clearly had some very strong lesbian desires that were bubbling up to the surface and Kaia wasn’t the only one surprised by them.

“Whoa, sis? You’ve been a dyke this whole time?” Spencer rudely interrupted which made things awkward in the room.

“Ughhh let’s get him out of here,” Nikki said as she and Dante pulled Spencer out of the bedroom. And even though Kaia and Peyton didn’t want to leave, they followed them back into the hallway, leaving all their clothes behind as Natalie went right back to licking and fingering her beautiful lover.

“What? Can’t a guy ask a question?” Spencer asked when they were all outside the bedroom. “I just never saw this side of you sis. I had no idea you liked girls as much as I do!”

“Don’t be a jerk Spencer!” Peyton shot back, upset that the mood had been ruined for her and feeling very insecure about everything again. “I wish I’d never brought you with me!”

Peyton was embarrassed over being called out like that and suddenly she felt very ill at ease about standing there naked in front of everyone. She reflexively crossed one arm over her bare breasts and let the other cover her crotch while she shifted on her feet, looking very uncomfortable and feeling like everyone was staring at her.

“I shouldn’t have come here either,” Peyton sighed. “I should just get my clothes and…”

“No!” Kaia interrupted. “Don’t go Peyton! Just relax and everything will be fine.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks,” Nikki said, speaking from experience as she glared at Spencer. “Just do what you want. Live out any fantasy you have. That’s what this party is all about. Don’t feel shy and don’t feel like you have to apologize for wanting something. And definitely don’t cover up. You have a beautiful body Peyton.”

“You totally do,” Kaia agreed, running her fingers delicately over her friend’s arm as Peyton kept it crossed over her breasts. “Don’t be embarrassed about wanting something like that. Mmmm I want it too. Mmmmmm and I want you Peyton!”

Peyton blushed again over the sexy compliments she was getting from the girls and smiled over what Kaia told her. She looked at her younger friend with desire in her eyes and dropped her arms back to her sides, fully exposing her nudity once again as she looked Kaia up and down and visibly appreciated the view of the girl’s amazing young body.

Peyton looked like she was about to say something to Kaia but before she could, someone else spoke up. They were all standing in the middle of the hallway without a stitch on their bodies and it was hardly a private setting. Just a few feet away from them Paula and Alicia were still going at it with their lovers and they were all interrupted by another woman walking up the stairs to the bedroom who very much liked what she saw.

“Fuck yeah! Now that’s what I came here for!” the brunette woman said as she got upstairs and found herself looking right at Presley’s, Spencer’s and Dante’s naked bodies. She had an eyeful of everyone but it was obvious to Kaia that the woman was focused mostly on the naked guys and what was between their legs.

She didn’t bother to introduce herself and she didn’t need to. They all recognized her as Sofia Black-D’Elia and she made quite a first impression on everyone as she walked up to them in a lovely, tight black dress and heels. She could easily pass for a teenager like them, and she played one on TV, but she was actually 26 and very much clearly had her mind on some cock because the view of the three nude teen boys inspired her to action.

Sofia didn’t even wait to get into the bedroom. She just yanked her dress right over her head in the middle of the hallway, pulling it up and over with a swift motion that showed she didn’t care if she tore it. She just wanted to get out of it as quickly as possible and did it with ease, yanking it right off and throwing it onto the floor as she kneeled down in just a navy blue thong that exposed much of her round, firm ass cheeks. She didn’t have a bra on over her small breasts and the topless woman just went for her prize without so much as a “hello” to anyone.

“Mmmm gimmie those cocks!” Sofia said with a growl of lust from her knees as she reached out and grabbed Spencer and Dante so she could stroke their erections and turn their semi-hard dicks into rock hard members for her. “Mmmm you, fuck my mouth! C’mon, I’m not fucking around! I fucking need this! I haven’t had any fucking dick in weeks and you’d better fuck my mouth right fucking now or else one of your friends is going to get it first and you’re going to have to wait!”

Sofia was saying this to Presley and he was not in a position where he was able to or even wanted to question her. As Sofia stroked Dante and Spencer, Kaia watched her brother shrug his shoulders and just go for it. He walked closer to the kneeling actress and the star of The Mick opened her mouth and let him slide his cock right in. She immediately wrapped her lips around it and started to suck Presley off while she jacked off the two cocks in her hand, gorging herself on guys she had never met before in her life.

It was quite a display and Nikki decided to join in too. If Sofia was going to involve herself to such an extent without any kind of invitation first, then so was she and she got down on her knees too right along with her.

But Nikki wasn’t focused on any of the guys. As Sofia bobbed her lips up and down Presley’s cock and then pulled off and left him coated in her saliva so she could turn her head to her left and start sucking on Dante’s cock, Nikki got behind the actress and pulled her thong down, fully exposing Sofia’s beautiful little bubble butt.

Following Sofia’s example of not waiting for an invitation before going for what she wanted, Nikki went for it too. She spread open Sofia’s ass cheeks and started licking away at her, tonguing the brunette young woman’s pussy from behind as Sofia moaned in pleasure and started sucking off Dante harder while her hands busily stroked Presley and Spencer’s dicks.

It was plenty hot to see this but Kaia knew something that would be even hotter. Everyone else was occupied so this was the perfect chance and she took Peyton by the hand again, pulling her away from the action in the hallway and back into the bedroom where Natalie and Camren were still passionately making love. Peyton didn’t fight it a bit and let Kaia guide her away from all the boys.

And when they were back in the bedroom and heard Camren moaning from Natalie’s licking, the two girls let their own passions loose. Kaia turned Peyton toward her and kissed her friend right on the lips. She had kissed her before but never like this as it was a kiss full of passion and desire. It was soft and tender but also lusty and Peyton curled her toes into the soft rug as she moaned in response and succumbed to the pleasure, kissing Kaia back and loving how good it felt.

Peyton closed her eyes and tried to return the kiss as best she could. Kaia had a lot more experience kissing girls but Peyton knew what to do and she knew what she liked. Their young lips rubbed together and they felt a sexy crackle of electricity between them that left them both smiling and giggling when they pulled away.

“Mmmmm I liked that,” Peyton said shyly but happily. “I’ve had such a crush on you Kaia. Mmmmm I knew it was wrong but I wanted you so much. I want your hot little body! I never thought you would be here and I was so embarrassed at first when I saw you because I didn’t think I’d be able to control myself around you but now I’m so glad I can’t!”

“You definitely don’t have to control yourself around me,” Kaia grinned in agreement. “I want you to go wild on me Peyton! I totally have a crush on you too! I always thought you wouldn’t be into it! I’m glad I was wrong! You’re so beautiful and you look really good naked!”

Kaia looked openly at Peyton’s beautiful teenage body in all its bare glory. Her round little tits looked so perfect on her chest and she was so fit and tight. Kaia couldn’t wait to be between her friend’s legs and feel those little blonde curls tickling her face as she went down on her. And she could tell Peyton liked what she saw on her too, which turned Kaia on even more.

“So do you! Mmmm you should never wear clothes Kaia! You look so sexy like that! Mmmm I can’t believe we’re naked with each other,” Peyton said with a nervous but aroused giggle as she drank in the view of her teenage friend’s beautiful hard nipples on her tiny chest and the way her smooth, pink cunt lips were visibly shiny with arousal.

“Oh we’re going to do a lot more than just be naked with each other,” Kaia promised. “You don’t have to be shy or hold back around me Peyton. You never had to! I can be so slutty and I want to be hot and slutty with you! I want to fuck you Peyton!”

Peyton moaned at the sound of those words coming out so dirty and direct from Kaia’s beautiful lips. It turned Peyton into the aggressor and this time she kissed Kaia passionately on the lips, bringing her friend to her and kissing her with an unleashed desire as this time it wasn’t just their lips touching. The two began to tongue kiss for the first time as their hands began to roam and explore each other’s nude teen bodies.

Kaia was naturally the leader again as her hand caressed Peyton in all the right places. She let her fingers erotically graze over her friend’s back and wander down to her bare ass. Peyton had such an amazing little butt, all tight and firm but round where it needed to be, and Kaia seductively touched it, not being too handsy but making sure the blonde girl know how much she wanted to touch her everywhere.

That made Peyton moan and shiver with desire as she and Kaia kissed again and again, their lips and tongues rubbing together in lesbian lust as Peyton’s hands groped Kaia’s tight little ass too.  Peyton’s touch was more aggressive given her inexperience and her eagerness. She had always admired her model friend’s ass, Kaia’s tiny firm cheeks were so tight you could have easily bounced a quarter off them. Now Peyton was touching it for the first time as they kissed passionately and pressed their bodies into each other, their tits and hard nipples rubbing together and making both of them feel really good.

Hearing Camren moaning on the bed reminded them that they weren’t exactly alone here but it only turned them on more. Kaia was used to performing for an audience and while it was new to Peyton it excited her to be so bad in front of other girls. Plus Kaia’s kisses were so soft and arousing and Peyton had wanted this for so long. She only cared how good it felt and how wet it was making her to kiss and touch her beautiful friend.

“Mmmmm Kaia,” Peyton moaned. “Please…please…”

“Please what?” Kaia asked, knowing exactly what Peyton wanted but needing to hear her say it.

“Please….fuck me!” Peyton forced out of her mouth, saying words she had wanted to say but had never had the nerve to vocalize before. “I want you so bad! I…I…I’ve wanted you for so long! Fuck me! Mmmm lick me! Please!”

“Oooooh that’s sooooo hot! I wish you’d told me you wanted me,” Kaia replied sincerely. “I would have loved to play with you! You’re so beautiful Peyton! I want this too! I’m going to eat your pussy better than that other girl did and I’m going to make you come so hard for me!”

“Yessssssssssss make me come! Ooooh please eat my pussy and make me come all over your beautiful face!” Peyton mewed in desire, tossing her head back and closing her eyes as Kaia began kissing all over her beautiful creamy skinned neck and slid a hand right between her legs to caress the soaking wet lips of her pussy. “Ohhhhh my Goddddddd! Ohhhhh Kaia! I’m so wet! I’m so fucking wet for you! Make me feel good! Make me dirty and naughty like you! Mmmmm fuckkk make me into a slut like you!”

Feeling Kaia’s fingers there made Peyton moan out repeatedly from how good it felt. She’d always wanted to say those things to Kaia. She hadn’t known the full truth about her friend until today but she’d always known that even though Kaia was younger than she was she was far more sexually experienced. And Peyton had always tried to be a good girl even when she had deep down wanted to be anything but good.

She hadn’t known just how naughty Kaia could be until now. She hadn’t known about her and Presley and Peyton’s head was burning with questions. Had Kaia and Presley really done stuff with each other? Had they kissed and touched and…everything? That was so wrong but Peyton couldn’t help but get wet at the thought of her friend doing very taboo and wrong things with her own brother. As her head spun, Peyton wondered if that made her sick and dirty too but now that she had seen Kaia and Presley naked she couldn’t keep from picturing them doing stuff with each other and even putting on a dirty show just for her.

It was all turning Peyton on and right then she was so very glad she had let Spencer talk her into coming and bringing him along with her. God her brother had been so eager to come here and he’d been talking non-stop about all the hot girls he was going to fuck at the party but right then Peyton felt like she had the hottest girl of all as she and Kaia played with each other.

Both girls were moaning with desire as they kissed over and over again, pulling their lips and tongues apart for only the briefest seconds before reconnecting again and again. Both of them loved feeling the other’s warm body pressed to them and their naked skin rubbing together was so erotic to both teenagers, especially because it was so easy for them to feel just how hot and wet they both were between their legs. They were both so excited for this and Kaia didn’t hesitate to take it further.

As good as it was to kiss and touch and explore every beautiful pale inch of Peyton’s beautiful nude body, Kaia needed more. There was a huge party waiting for them downstairs and she needed that first taste of Peyton’s pussy on her lips now. So she impatiently pushed her friend down on the bed, loving the cute little yelp and giggle that came from Peyton as she fell back naked on top of all those forgotten clothes and right next to the other pair of horny lesbian teens.

“Mmmmm fuck I was wondering when you two were going to join us,” Camren moaned with a big smile on her face as she savored the pleasure of her former co-star’s tongue on her pussy. “Don’t be shy. Just get in on the fun! Mmm that’s how you’re supposed to do things around here!”

And Camren illustrated that by kissing Peyton right on her surprised lips. The blonde had not expected the beautiful young Gotham star to do it but when it happened she went right with it and moaned along with Camren as they kissed for the first time.

They both liked it too as they closed their eyes and fell into the seductive haze of their sensual kiss, their tongues slowly emerging and rubbing together as Peyton reached over and fondled Camren’s bare breasts, exploring the firm roundness of her perky tits and how good it felt to rub her fingers against the curly haired girl’s swollen nipples.

As Camren and Peyton made out, Kaia helped herself to a kiss too and Natalie was very happy to give it up to her. She pulled up from Camren’s pussy and softly smooched Kaia right on her lips and fed her the taste of her lover’s juices. Kaia savored that flavor and she made a note to make sure she got a lot more of it later because Camren’s little catgirl pussy tasted so yummy. Natalie was very lucky to have a kitty like that in her life.

And Natalie was so hot too. Kaia had admired the blonde teenager for a few years now and The Gifted star did not disappoint in the flesh. Natalie looked so sexy naked and she was even hotter with the taste of pussy all over her soft teen lips. Kaia could have kissed Natalie for hours but this wasn’t the time or place for that and they separated their mouths while sharing a look that showed they both wanted to continue playing with each other very soon.

Kissing each other was a lot of fun and felt really good, but Kaia and Natalie both had girls who needed their lips elsewhere and, as Natalie buried her tongue back inside Camren to resume tongue fucking her friend, Kaia got ready for her first taste of Peyton. This was so exciting for Kaia that she was actually a bit nervous about it. She wanted to make her friend feel so good and do just what Peyton had asked her to do.

Kaia wanted to turn Peyton into a slut like her. She wanted to lick away her all of her friend’s inhibitions and repression and totally open up her mind and her body. Having Spencer with Peyton at this party made Kaia think there was a whole lot of kinkiness she could get her friend to experience for the first time but she didn’t want to get too ahead of herself. First she wanted to make Peyton come for her and make her friend into a horny little lesbian cum slut for the first time.

As Camren writhed and moaned from Natalie’s skillful licking right next to them, Kaia spread open Peyton’s legs and reached up to slide her fingers over her labia again. Kaia was even more sensual in her touch this time, rubbing Peyton seductively over those tight teenage cunt lips and splaying them open so she could see her friend’s pink folds for the first time.

Kaia moaned when she saw how wet Peyton’s pretty little flower was for her and she moved in right for it, using her fingers to stimulate Peyton’s inexperienced pussy as she pressed her tongue to her for the first time and started to lick.

“Ohhhhhhhhh my Godddddd! Ohhhh Kaia! Ohhh Godddd! Ohhhhhhh Godddddddd!” Peyton gasped out in ecstasy when she felt her friend lick her pussy for the first time. “Oooooh that feels so good baby! Mmmm don’t stop! Lick me! Fuck me! Ohhhh yesssss mmmmm make it so good I’ll want you to do this to me all the time!”

That was absolutely Kaia’s plan. This party was definitely a special occasion and Kaia planned on making a lot of erotic connections that would be one-time experiences here today. But this wasn’t going to be one of those.

Peyton was her friend and Kaia wanted to add her into her special circle of very, very close friends, the ones you could be naked with and fuck whenever you wanted. And her first taste of Peyton’s pussy made Kaia want that even more. Her friend tasted so good with such a rich taste and Kaia wanted more than ever to make Peyton into a dirty girl just like her.

Kaia stared up at Peyton with her sexiest gaze as she went down on her. It was so sexy to see Peyton with her eyes closed writhing and moaning on the bed, especially as Camren leaned over her body to kiss Peyton’s neck and run her hands over her tits.

Kaia watched as Camren explored Peyton’s body and started licking at her stiff pink nipples and it turned her on so much to see them play. Kaia could feel her own pussy dripping onto the clothes she was lying on top of and her own pleasure increased when Natalie reached between her legs and started teasing her pussy lips with her fingers.

Kaia loved the feel of that naughty touch and she immediately returned the favor by moving her free hand over to Natalie. With both of them lying on their stomachs between the legs of their sexy friends, it was so easy for Kaia to run her fingers over the firm curvature of Natalie’s bare ass and slide her hand between the girl’s legs to play with her pussy. She and Natalie had never met before today but they fell into it all so naturally and began fingering each other while they both licked their friends’ pussies.

“Ooooooh yessssss mmmmm give kitty what she needs oooooh fuckkk ohhhhhhh!” Camren groaned in pleasure while drooling onto Peyton’s pink tits. “Mmmm lick that pretty little wet hole Natalie! Ooooh yessss I love how you lick me! Mmmmm fuckkkk no one licks me better than you! Ohhh yessss gonna make kitty cream for you Natalie! Oooooh make me purr and make me come all over that hot tongue!”

Camren and Natalie had clearly done this many times before but it was a totally new experience to Kaia and Peyton. Kaia made sure to not take it for granted. Even with Natalie’s fingers skillfully pushing into her pussy from behind and rubbing her clit in exactly the right way and even with her own fingers snugly trapped between the tight, wet walls of Natalie’s snug pussy, Kaia gave everything she had to make sure that Peyton not only felt good, but had her best licking ever.

Kaia rubbed Peyton’s precious pink flower with her fingers, giving it to her in a softer, more sensual way than she was giving it to the more experienced Natalie. And as she slid her fingers over her splayed open folds, Kaia licked at Peyton’s dripping core with patient, loving lashes of her tongue. Giving her friend the pleasure of her tongue and her fingers, Kaia had Peyton writhing and moaning on the bed in no time.

“Ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Peyton moaned, each cry cuter than the last as she closed her eyes and let it wash all over her. “Ohhhh Kaia! Oooooh that’s so good! Ooooooh lick me! Ohhhh my God I’ve wanted this for so long and it’s so much better than I dreamed it would be!”

“Mmmmmm better than that other girl you let fuck you?” Kaia teased, unable to keep from being a little jealous over not being Peyton’s first lesbian experience.

“Yesssssssss SO much better!” Peyton immediately agreed. “Ooooh you’re so much hotter Kaia! Mmmmm gawwd don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Mmm you’re making it feel so good! Make me come Kaia! Eat my pussy and make me slutty like you!”

Kaia didn’t know if Peyton truly understood just how slutty she could be. Or maybe she did? Thinking that her friend might have longed to be turned into a wicked little whore this whole time was such a turn on to Kaia and she wanted it as much as Peyton seemed to. So she kept on licking her, pleasuring her friend with her mouth and tongue and showing her how good it was to be bad.

While Peyton moaned for more and let her eager hands roam all over Camren’s gorgeous nude body, cupping the girl’s firm teen tits and playing with her nipples, Kaia sucked on the blonde’s wetness and pushed two of her fingers into Peyton’s cunt. She fingered her harder now while she slurped on the girl’s dripping wet folds and when she moved her lips over to Peyton’s clit and started sucking on the hot little bud, Peyton literally gasped and bounced on the bed from how good it felt.

“Ohhhh my God! Ohhhh God! Ohhhhh don’t stop Kaia! Oooooh fuckkk me! Fuck my pussy and eat me out and make me come!” Peyton urged, the extra pleasure of Camren leaning over her and licking all over her nipples before flicking them with her naughty little kitty tongue making everything even better. “You’re so good Kaia! Oooooh you’re so much better than the other girl! Yessss please don’t stop! Ohhhh yessssss!”

Peyton and Camren began kissing as they both moaned and writhed and mewed from being licked. They fell into a lusty kiss so naturally, their lips connecting and mashing together in an excited teenage girl kiss as they both caressed each other’s faces and even played with the other’s hair. Peyton brushed her fingers through the brown curls on top of Camren’s head and the dancer turned actress did the same to Peyton, sliding her fingers through the soft blonde locks of the former Disney Channel star.

The two made out while they were licked, moaning out their pleasure into each other’s mouths while rubbing their tongues together and sharing their warm, wet saliva. And Kaia and Natalie were totally into seeing them kiss. It turned them on even more while they stared up at them and licked, their own pleasure growing from the show and the touch they were giving to each other.

Without a word, both Kaia and Natalie moved their bodies up off the beds so they could have better access to each other’s pussies. They had both been flat on their stomachs but now they elevated themselves onto their knees so they could both tongue fuck their friends and finger fuck each other with more ease. And the stimulation they brought each other made them even hornier for the yummy cunts in their faces as they licked faster and fucked their friends into ecstasy.

“Fuckkkk ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkk ooooooooh Natalie yesssssss yess kitty likes ooooooooooh yessssssssssssss kitty LOVES it!” Camren cried, breaking a wet, lustful kiss with Peyton when Natalie began tending to her clitoris with full attention “Ooooooh fuckkkk you’re so good! Soooooo gooood ooooooh fuckkkk you’re even better than Jessica ohhhh fuckkk oooooh don’t tell her I said that but you are! Mmmm you eat my pussy so good!”

And even though it seemed like it was private to Camren and Natalie, Kaia couldn’t keep from being curious. She was as insatiable when it came to good gossip as she was when it came to good sex and she had to pry. She couldn’t help it.

“Jessica? Mmmmm fuckkkk ohhhhh! Who’s Jessica?” Kaia asked, moaning as she talked thanks to how skillfully Natalie was finger fucking her and pleasuring her clit with her touch.

“Jessica Lucas,” Natalie informed her without a second thought, referring to hers and Camren’s sexy Gotham co-star. “Mmmm she fucking seduced us both and got us fucking each other and oooooh we can’t stop! She got us so hooked on pussy and fucking hot girls that she turned us both into fucking lesbos and we love it! Ooooh she’s soooo hot and she said we could come here to the party with her when we both turned 18! She’s downstairs fucking now and we’re going to join her soon but we needed to do this first! I had to eat kitty’s wet pussy before we played with everyone else! Mmmm I love your taste so much Camren!”

Natalie immediately resumed licking after her sexy confession and Kaia moaned at the thought of it all. She immediately pictured the erotic vision of Jessica’s dark skin naked and glistening from sex sweat as she effortlessly seduced Camren and Natalie’s teenage bodies and turned them into a couple of horny little dykes for her to play with. That was such a delicious thought and Kaia made a note to herself to find Jessica downstairs and hook up with her so she could experience a tongue hot enough to make formerly straight girls into eager, pussy craving lesbos like Natalie and Camren were now.

Kaia had always thought Jessica was so hot and she wanted her more than ever now. And she wanted Camren and Natalie too. Natalie’s fingers felt so good in her cunt and Kaia was sure her tongue would feel any better. Kaia pictured a foursome of her taking on those naughty Gotham girls as they licked and fingered and fucked her. She wanted to taste them all too and have all of them go girl gay with each other and get messy and sweaty together.

But Kaia didn’t let that vision linger too much in her mind. After all, Peyton needed her and she didn’t want anything to distract her from her friend’s wet, perfect little pussy. Peyton tasted so good and Kaia wanted so much more. She wanted her friend’s cream and she licked her even more intently now, wanting to make Peyton come like no one else ever had before.

Peyton cried out again and again from Kaia’s tongue. She was totally into kissing Camren and playing with the teenager’s lean dancer body, her hands all over Camren’s perfect, firm teenage tits, but Peyton was mostly into being licked. Her happy sex sounds were even more intense than Camren’s and Kaia had Peyton writhing for her, her nude blonde body pressed to discarded clothes as she moaned out from having her pussy eaten by her friend.

“Ohhh Kaia! Ohhhh ohhhhhhh yessssss yessssss your tongue is perfect! Oooooh don’t stop! Mmmm you’re going to make me come!” Peyton moaned, her voice coming out as one big moan as she looked down and saw her gorgeous younger friend’s face fused between her legs. “Oooooh oooooooh! Fuckkkkk I wish you’d been eating my pussy a long time ago! Mmmm yessss you’re so good Kaia! I love this!”

Kaia loved it too. She’d never thought she would have this chance with Peyton and she had her mouth mashed up against her friend’s delicious vagina now as her nose was tickled by Peyton’s little blonde curls. Peyton’s soft landing strip was so thin and sexy and she breathed in the aroma of her friend’s arousal as it wafted up from her pussy into her small strip of pubic hair. She even licked those soft, neat blonde curls with her tongue to tease Peyton a little. Kaia had always known Peyton had an incredible body but now it was hers and she was enraptured by how sexy it was.

But it wasn’t just them on the bed and the other two girls were in the mood to share.

“Let’s move around,” Natalie suggested, pulling up her face from Camren with a sticky glaze all over her lips and chin as she had her friend close to orgasm. “Mmmm with four of us here we gotta get more connected!”

Kaia knew what that meant and she was all in favor of a daisy chain but she wasn’t sure if Peyton was ready for it. So she was about to ask her friend if she wanted it to. But before she could, Peyton spoke up for herself and showed enthusiasm for the idea that Kaia had not expected.

“Oh yes! Yes! I want that!” Peyton immediately agreed. “I’ve never tasted pussy before! I want to taste you Natalie! I want to taste you Camren! Mmmm yessss you know I want to taste you Kaia! Oooooh let’s all of us be nasty and fuck each other!”

Peyton was visibly exhilarated from the new pleasure she was experiencing and she wanted so much more. Her face was alight and her eyes were wide and eager. Kaia knew that face well from many of the times her friends and her had engaged in some less than legal chemical mood enhancers in their fun but she knew the only thing Peyton was high on was sex and that was even more exciting.

Kaia placed herself on top of Peyton and kissed her friend passionately, letting Peyton taste herself all over her lips and tongue. Peyton responded with a gleeful return kiss, eagerly enjoying the flavor of her own pussy from the girl who had been licking her. Peyton was so into it and she showed it with her kiss and the way she didn’t just touch Kaia’s bare ass. As Kaia lay on top of her, Peyton squeezed her tight bottom, digging her fingers into her tiny, tight cheeks and shoving her tongue into Kaia’s mouth.

Peyton was already like a girl unleashed as she feverishly kissed Kaia and the fun only got naughtier when Natalie and Camren got more involved. It was hard for Kaia and Peyton to stop their passionate kisses but the two other teens made it worth it. Kaia and Peyton followed their lead as Natalie and Camren showed them what they wanted. Kaia let out a little squeal of pleasure as Natalie literally pulled her away from Peyton’s lips, pulling her down on the bed until she was back at Peyton’s pussy and when she did that Natalie immediately started to lick at Kaia.

“Ohhhhh yessss mmmm fuck me!” Kaia groaned in lust before she resumed licking Peyton and looked up from her friend’s legs as Camren planted herself on top of Peyton’s face, pressing her pussy onto the blonde’s mouth as Camren made sure she could lick Natalie’s pussy so all of them could feel good at the same time.

It was a four girl daisy chain on the bed on top of everyone’s clothes and all four of them were in heaven as it happened. Kaia lapped harder at Peyton’s pussy from her knees while Natalie licked her from behind, her soft teen hands spreading open Kaia’s buns to get at her drooling slit. Camren was riding Peyton’s face cowgirl style, giving Kaia a great view of Camren’s perfectly tight heart shaped bare ass, and as Camren was feeding Peyton her first taste of another girl’s pussy, she was licking at her lover and feeding off Natalie’s wetness. All of their bodies were just curled enough so they were in a circle shape on the bed and all of them had the chance to lick and be licked at the same time.

It was a wild display of teen girl pussy lust and it was just what all of them both wanted and needed. They all licked away at each other while being licked and they all moaned in pleasure, their cries muffled by each other’s pussies in their faces. It was so intense and hot and Kaia loved that Peyton was experiencing this with her and not some other girl.

“Mmmmm you like how she tastes? Is your first taste of pussy good?” Kaia moaned in between licks even though she knew already how much Peyton was loving it from the way she was squeezing Camren’s bare ass to keep her on her face while her tongue eagerly lapped away at her.

“Yesssssssssss! Ooooooh it’s soooo fucking good!” Peyton cried, her mouth now all juicy from how wet Camren was. “Mmmm I wish I’d licked that other girl I’d been with! Ooooh I can’t believe I waited this long to taste pussy! You taste so good Camren! Mmmm I love your sweet pussy!”

“Mmmmm fuckkkk oooooh this is really your first time? Mmmm you’re like a natural Peyton!” Camren moaned, pausing licking Natalie for the moment. “Don’t stop! Mmmm you like that taste? Mmmm I’ll have so much more for you if you make me come! Ooooh I’m so close already! Don’t stop! Keep licking my pussy Peyton!”

Peyton did as she was told, so giddy to be experiencing such a taboo pleasure and eating pussy for the first time. God she had held herself back for so long and it felt so good to just let go and have fun like this. She rubbed herself harder into Kaia’s face, grinding her pussy into Kaia’s tongue as she licked at Camren as best she could. She wanted to please. Peyton wanted to be good and hot and slutty. She wanted to be just like Kaia and she licked at Camren just like Kaia was licking her.

The four girls rocked on the bed, moaning and licking and slurping at each other’s drenched cunts. Their pretty faces were all buried in each other’s crotches and it created a circle of non-stop pleasure for all of them. The wet moans and licks were muffled but no less powerful as they all brought each other to ecstasy with their lesbian licking and sucking, especially as Natalie slid her already wet fingers back into Kaia and inspired the girl to do the same to Peyton.

Peyton cooed into Camren’s pussy as Kaia’s slim fingers penetrated her folds and rubbed against her clit and since it was being done to her, she did it to Camren. Peyton was more tentative about it than Kaia was but she quickly got into a good rhythm and finger fucked Camren while the girl rode her face and bent over to fuck Natalie. It was so much for them as everyone dripped their aroused cunts into each other’s mouths and licked and fingered and sucked, making the cries grow louder.

Several times during their fucking the door to the bedroom opened and people walked in to undress and leave their clothes behind but the four girls were way too focused on each other to even notice who the other people were. They didn’t care who saw them and they barely heard the impressed whistles and sexy compliments their little foursome received. They were too busy fucking each other to care about anything else but each other’s pussies and cum.

Camren and Peyton were the closest to orgasm because they were the ones who had been fucked the longest. But Kaia and Natalie weren’t far behind. Natalie knew just how to pleasure Kaia and even though they had never fucked before Natalie skillfully had the teenage girl dripping and purring for her thanks to her tongue and fingers. And Camren certainly knew how to get Natalie going considering how many times they had played with each other.

“Ohhhhhhh kitty yessssssssss yesssssssss don’t stop kitty!  Mmmmmmm fuck meeeeee!” Natalie cried out in between slurps of Kaia’s juicy hole. “Ohhhhh my Goddddd yesssss you fuck me so good! No one licks me better than you kitty! Oooooooh fuckkkk! More! Please more!”

More was what Kaia wanted too and she was also giving more to Peyton. Her friend was so tight and tasty and she loved fucking the teen’s pussy. But Kaia wanted to take her even further and she couldn’t keep from being kinky. She didn’t even think of asking permission. She just went for it and while her fingers moved in and out of Peyton with wet squishes, Kaia started licking the girl’s asshole, rimming her teen friend and making her gasp.

“OHMYGAWD!” Peyton screamed in shock and pleasure when her asshole was licked for the first time ever. “Ooooooh Kaiaaaaaaa! Oooooh you naughty girl! Ohhhhh my fucking God! Ooooooh you…you’re…you’re licking my butt! Oh my God that’s so nasty but it feels soooooo gooood! Ooooooh fuckkk no one’s ever licked me there before! Ohhhh Kaia yessss you’re going to make me come!”

“Yes! Come for me! Come me playing with this pretty little hole!” Kaia groaned, lapping at her friend’s precious little virgin butthole while finger fucking her blonde cunt harder. “I’m going to make you so hot and kinky like me Peyton! I love being fucked up the ass and so will you Peyton!”

“Yesssssss yesssssssss YESSSS make me kinky and dirty like you Kaia! Ughhh I wanna be just like you!” Peyton cried out before getting back to licking and fingering Camren.

That got the devil in Kaia going and she didn’t resist his sinful influence as she tried to push her friend even further. The pleasure of tasting Peyton’s snug little hole and pushing her tongue into where no one ever had gone before while Natalie was licking and fingering her had Kaia flying with pleasure and she held nothing back.

“You really wanna be kinky and dirty like me? Mmmm cause you know how fucking filthy I am now,” Kaia purred while moaning from Natalie. “You know I’m fucking Presley! Mmmm I’m fucking my own brother! I suck his cock and let him fuck me whenever he wants! I let him have my little cunt and my ass and I let him come on my face and all over my tits! And it feels so fucking good! You wanna be kinky like that Peyton? You wanna suck Spencer? Wanna suck his dick and spread your legs for your own brother?”

“Ohhhhh God! I…I…never…we…I…” Peyton stammered out without denying a thing and moaning the whole time.

“Mmmmmm I know you want it! I know you liked seeing me and Presley kiss!” Kaia teased moaning out too from how good it all felt. “I want you and Spencer to join us! Mmm we can suck our brother’s dicks and fuck in front of them to make them hard for us when they see us eat each other’s pussies! Ooooh and Presley’s totally going to seduce Spencer too! Mmmm we’ll make your brother totally gay for cock just like you’re lesbo for all this hot pussy! We’ll all be fucking each other and you’ll be fucking nasty like me Peyton! Mmmm you can totally eat my pussy while Spencer is fucking you and I’m sucking Presley’s cock! Ooooh all of us naked and fucking!”

It was such a hot, lewd image to Kaia and it had a similar effect on Peyton. The desire she felt and the heat of what was happening to her overwhelmed her and she couldn’t hold back as she said things she had never said before.

“Oh Godddddd! I…I…I want that tooooo!” Peyton confessed as her body descended into the throes of orgasm from Kaia lapping at her asshole and finger fucking her twat. “I want to fuck all of you! I want to fuck you Kaia! I want to fuck Presley! Oh my God I’m so dirty! I want to fuck Spencer too! I want to suck his dick and have him fuck me! Ooooooh my Goddddd I’m so nasty! I want to fuck my brother! Yesssssssssss yesssssss yessssssssssssss ohhhh fuckkk I’m comingggggggggggg!”

Admitting the illicit desires inside herself helped Peyton explode in orgasm but not as much as Kaia’s amazing tongue and fingers did. Peyton creamed all over her friend’s face, coating Kaia in her release of girly juices as, almost as if she were scared of what she had just said, Peyton stopped talking. She quieted her words and her orgasmic screams by licking and sucking on Camren’s pussy even harder, shutting herself up by burying her face between the girl’s thighs.

“Mmmmmm you girls are so fucking freaky! Is that true Kaia? Are you fucking your own brother? Oooooh that’s so hot!” Natalie moaned out from the wicked incest she was picturing and from Camren’s licking and fingering in their daisy chain. “Mmmm I want to do that! Ughhh gawd I’m such a dirty girl too! I have such hot sisters and I want to seduce them and fuck them and eat their pussies and their asses! I’m such a perv for it and it turns me on so much to think about fucking my sisters mmmm and having our mom catch us lezzing out and all of us ganging up on her and making her our dyke bitch! Ooooh fuckkk ohhhhhh fuckk it’s so hot that you’re fucking your brother Kaia!”

“Not just my brother!” Kaia corrected her with a moan as she swallowed Peyton’s cream and relished the taste. “I’m fucking my mom and my dad too! Ooooh we all fuck each other in my family and I want to help you Natalie! I want to help you seduce your sisters and fuck your mom! Mmmm we can all fuck them together!”

“Ohhh fuckk! That’s so fucking hot! Mmm yesss we have to do that!” Natalie moaned before she stopped talking and resumed licking.

More turned on than ever, Natalie buried her face into Kaia’s cunt and licked her furiously while rubbing her clit with her fingers. And while she did that Camren began sliding her pussy drenched fingers up Natalie’s asshole, penetrating her blonde lover with two digits up her butt and making her buck and cry with ecstasy in the process. Kaia and Natalie were both squealing with lesbian ecstasy and so was Camren seconds later as Peyton’s inexperienced but eager to please tongue and fingers got her off.

“Ooooooooooooh yessssss mmmm yesss yess yesssssssssss fuckkkkk that’s good!” Camren cried, closing her eyes as she let the pleasure rock through her in her orgasm. “Yessss here go Peyton! Mmm it’s your first taste of cum! Fuckkkk suck that girl cum right out of me you nasty little slut! Oooh you’re so good! Fuckkkkk yessssssss comingggggggggg ohhh my Goddd comingggggg fuckkkkkk oooooh all over your face! Fuckkkk taste me you slut! Ohhh you’re going to be fucking me all the time now!”

As Camren came she didn’t stop fucking Natalie. In fact she fucked her lover harder, thrusting her fingers up Natalie’s ass and sucking on her clitoris just how she knew the blonde girl loved. And it didn’t take long to get Natalie to her release as Camren skillfully fucked and sucked and licked her and was rewarded with a creamy explosion all over her face, just like Natalie got out of Kaia.

Camren fucked Natalie and Natalie fucked Kaia and soon all three of them had joined Peyton in orgasm. Camren getting Natalie off pushed Natalie to do the same to Kaia and they were all screaming and creaming as they came and soaked each other’s faces in their essence. Natalie’s cries were muffled by Kaia’s pussy and Kaia’s orgasm was cried into Peyton’s pussy as she lapped up every last drop of her cum. But noisy or not it all felt amazing to them and all four girls had huge smiles on their faces as they collapsed on the bed.

They were sweaty and happy but not nearly close to being satisfied and as all of them kissed and played with each other in orgasmic afterglow they were already thinking about more. Kaia kissed Camren and Natalie kissed Peyton before Peyton kissed Camren again and Natalie kissed Kaia and soon everyone was kissing each other while their hands roamed over their nude bodies, caressing tits and asses and creamy pussies.

“Mmmmm I think it’s time we all got to the party,” Kaia said with a horny moan. “That was so fucking good but mmmm I can’t stop thinking of everyone fucking without us! Let’s go downstairs for more!”

That was a very good idea to everyone and they all got off the bed, leaving behind soaked sheets and pussy covered clothes as they giggled and walked out naked. When they all got out of the bedroom they saw how everyone else’s fun had gone and it turned them on to stop and stare even though Camren and Natalie streaked ahead of them and ran down the stairs to join the party


Kaia made sure to check out Camren and Natalie’s bare asses as they ran downstairs but her eyes were mostly focused on everything else in the hallway because nothing had stopped when she and Peyton had disappeared into the bedroom to play and there was so much to see.

Kaia marveled in erotic fascination as she looked over and saw that Paula and Alicia had switched partners. The younger man whose cock had been buried inside Paula before was now inside Alicia as the redhead was bent over on all fours on the hallway floor. And the older man who Alicia had been sucking off now had his cock shoved inside Paula’s ass as the hot Hollywood MILF egged him on, loving how he was thrusting into her.

“Ooooooh fuckkkk you took your Viagra today didn’t you old timer?” Paula grunted in pleasure. “Ohhhh that big cock feels so good up my ass! You like how he loosened me up? Like how he had his young cock up my black ass and now you’re getting his sloppy seconds? Mmmm but you’re fucking even better than he did! Yeahhh show that fucking kid how it’s done! Shove that old white cock up this chocolate butt and make me fucking come again!”

Paula would have said more but she was cut off by Alicia’s lips as the two of them wantonly kissed while they were both getting fucked. Alicia was on all fours and Paula was on the floor next to her sitting back with her legs up in a V and her asshole exposed to be fucked. They could easily get at each other and they kissed with lust as they both experienced ecstasy. Both women’s beautiful faces were connected by their kiss while they were both pumped into and Kaia loved seeing the way Alicia’s pale skin and Paula’s dark flesh pressed together so erotically.

The teenager kept staring at them as Paula cried out in orgasm again from the man fucking her, his cock up her ass driving her wild. Alicia kissed her harder as Paula came and Kaia loved seeing Paula’s dark tits bouncing as she shook in orgasm. Her older lover wasn’t far behind her and with a loud grunt he came inside her ass just like Paula wanted.

“Yesssss pump that load up my ass! Make that white jizz drip out of my black hole! Mmmm yeaahhhh give it to me old man! Fuckkkk your cum is so hot and sticky inside me! Ooooh fuck you fuck so good!” Paula moaned out, tossing her head back in ecstasy as the last of her orgasm hit her.

And when the man pulled out, his load dripping out of Paula’s freshly fucked asshole, Alicia swooped in to clean up. Without any hesitation the horny redhead dove down and started lapping at Paula’s hole, tasting the anal creampie as Kaia watched and felt her own pussy get freshly wet at the dirty display.

Alicia licked up every drop of cum dripping out of Paula’s ass and then kissed her to share it as she snowballed it into Paula’s mouth. And while that was happening the younger man pulled out of Alicia and, after stroking his own cock a few times, unloaded on her, his cum showering her pale ass cheeks as Alicia groaned in lusty satisfaction.

It was so hot to see that but what was happening closer to the bedroom door was even hotter. That was where Peyton was staring and Kaia could see why. Because that was where their brothers were and that was where Sofia was on her knees and crying out in orgasm from what Nikki was doing to her.

“Fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhh yeahhhh ughhh fuckkkk eat that pussy you little slut! Ohhh fuckkkk you’re making me come!” Sofia cried, her cries of orgasm so intense she had to pull off the cocks she was sucking to be able to vocalize them. “Fuck yesssssss! OHHH FUCK YES! Ohhhh my Godddd I haven’t had a girl make me come in so fucking long and now I remember how much I fucking loved it! Yesssss ohhh fuckkkk eat my cunt you horny bitch! Ohhhh yesss I came here for all the cock but you’re making me want pussy too! Ahhhhhh FUCKKKK! OHH FUCKKK I’M COMINGGG FUCKKK ALL OVER YOUR SLUTTY FACE FUCKKKK OHHHHH!”

Kaia knew just how awesome Nikki was at fucking and Sofia was feeling it for the first time. As the lithe brunette actress kneeled in front of Dante, Presley and Spencer, Nikki was on her back letting Sofia ride her face and fuck her tongue.

Nikki had both of her hands on Sofia’s bubble butt cheeks and was tongue fucking her with glee, swallowing Sofia’s hot cream, as Sofia went after something hot and creamy of her own by wrapping her lips around Spencer’s cock again and sucking away at the horny teen.

Kaia could see that Peyton was staring intently at this especially at her naked brother as the horny brunette blew him while her hands were wrapped around Presley and Dante’s shafts. While Sofia was jerking them off, Presley and Dante were kissing and playing with each other’s bodies, their hands roaming all over from hard nipples to heavy balls, but Peyton didn’t look at that at all. She was looking right at Spencer instead as he grunted in pleasure and fucked Sofia’s pretty face.

Peyton was fixated on him and while Kaia didn’t call her friend out on it she was wondering with eager fascination just how serious Peyton had been about the things she had said in the bedroom. Had they been heat of the moment cries of lust meant to be forgotten or something more? Kaia couldn’t wait to find out and see how kinky her friend was but right then she stayed silent and held Peyton’s hand as they watched Sofia work the three guys over.

Sofia was cock crazed even as she came all over Nikki’s face and she funneled all her passion into working over the three hard cocks in her face and in her hands. The sexy starlet of The Mick pulled off Spencer so she could suck on Presley and then went after Dante, greedily shoving both of their dicks into her mouth in just the way Kaia loved to do to her brother and his friends.

Sofia even did the same trick with Presley and Spencer, stuffing her mouth with both of their cocks at the same time and insuring they rubbed against each other as they had a swordfight in her mouth. Sofia hadn’t done it to make Spencer uncomfortable, she had just been craving more cock, but it did make him stiffen in surprise as he felt Presley’s erection touching his. He looked taken aback by it and Presley grinned wolfishly at him but didn’t further it as Sofia pulled off them so she could suck on Dante next.

And as uncomfortable as it made him look, it clearly also made him feel good because all three guys were moaning as Sofia showed off how talented her mouth was by squeezing all three cocks in at once. It was a very tight fit and she only got the heads in past her lips but it clearly felt good to all of them, especially Spencer as he started to lose it.

“I’m going to come! Fuckkk oh fuck!” Spencer grunted.

“Yessssssssss fuckkkk I want that cum! Fucking give it to me!” Sofia demanded. “Cover my face in spunk! Shoot those fucking loads all over me! Paint my face! Yesss I want it! I fucking want all that hot cum on my face!”

That was just what the beautiful actress got too as Spencer began jerking himself off and groaned in pleasure as his load shot out of his cock and coated Sofia’s lips and tongue as she stuck it out. She was jerking off Dante and Presley as Spencer came and watching him come all over her set them both off too.

Presley’s load spurted out in thick white streams over her nose and dripping down her face near her eyes like Sofia was crying happy cum tears. Dante then added his jizz to the mix as Sofia jerked him off and sent him spurting all over her, coating her forehead and down her cheek with sperm while Nikki came up to him and kissed her brother on the lips to feed him Sofia’s tasty cream.

“Ooooooh fucking yummy! Ohhhh my Goddd yesss that’s just what I fucking needed!” Sofia moaned, savoring the sticky, dripping loads running down her face before she scooped the cum up off herself with her fingers and sucked them clean to taste it all. “Mmmmm thanks boys! You sure started this party off right for me!”

Leaving her discarded dress and thong behind and with cum still dripping off her face, Sofia got up off her knees and headed downstairs after first giving Nikki a slutty kiss to thank her for the orgasm. She made sure to sway her bare ass provocatively as she walked away having made a hell of a first impression on everyone and left three soft, happy cocks in her wake.

“What are we waiting for?” Kaia asked, not wanting to see everyone else just standing around when there was an orgy waiting for them. “Let’s get downstairs too!”

There was no argument to do otherwise and Kaia and Peyton eagerly led the way, walking down the stairs with Nikki, Presley, Dante and Spencer behind him. They walked down the winding staircase and right past the guard station that had been set up. It was where they had watched the show before and been told to go undress upstairs and things had changed since they had left.

Michelle and Isabela were gone by now and Donnie was nowhere in sight either but his cock lust had clearly had a lasting effect. Both of the bodyguards were still naked and now totally fixated on each other. Donnie has a way of corrupting everyone around him into wild, kinky fun and he had done it again as the two naked, muscular bodyguards were now fervidly kissing each other and jacking each other’s thick, long cocks off while enjoying how good it felt to be totally free of repression and inhibition.

Kaia couldn’t help but giggle over what Donnie had done to the formerly straight studs but she didn’t linger over it. She kept on walking past, holding onto Peyton’s hand and leading them right into the party where her jaw proceeded to drop.

It was everything Kaia had ever imagined it to be and so much more. The sex shows she had seen and the foursome she had just enjoyed were nothing compared to what was waiting for all of them as they walked into the beachfront mansion’s luxury living room. It was filled with naked bodies pressed together in every form of debauchery. Kaia couldn’t even begin to count how many people were there as they were sprawled all over the furniture and spilling into the other rooms nearby.

It was a bacchanalia and Kaia felt overwhelmed by it at first. She had done a lot in her young life but she had never done this and it was a sensory overload to see and hear and even breathe in the smell of so much wild sex happening at once. Her head began to spin and she began to wonder if it was too much as she squeezed Peyton’s hand nervously while her heart pounded in her chest and she felt a cold sweat break out on her nude body.

But then Kaia felt a reassuring hand on her shoulder and heard a warm voice in her ear.

“You’re ready for this,” Presley told her. “You can do this. Anything you want. It’s all here for you Kaia.”

Kaia had never loved her brother more than she did at that moment. She had needed to be reassured and he had done it as only he could. She adored Presley so much and smiled happily as she heard what she needed hear from him as she took her first steps into a real orgy for the first time and tried to take stock of everything that was happening around her.

There was so much to see and it was all awesome. She was surrounded by nakedness and the people all around her were fucking like animals. Her pussy was dripping just from the sight and sound of it and the sunlight from the bright blue sky outside the room was shining in through the windows, bathing everything in a beautiful natural light that made everything seem sexier. Kaia found herself stepping over rutting bodies as they walked in further into the room and she nearly tripped over some of them as she tried to find her bearings among all of the naked bodies.

Kaia tried to stammer apologies to the person she almost tripped over but it was hardly necessary. They hadn’t even noticed her and even if they had they wouldn’t have heard her words over the sounds of all the fucking. And Kaia couldn’t even find anything to say anyway because her breath was taken away by what she saw.

There right in front of her were two stunning women bent over on their hands and knees as they both got fucked from behind, their hands clawing into the rug on the living room floor as they both were taken hard and fast, much to their mutual pleasure. And these were no mere beautiful women as Kaia recognized the first one right away as Jennifer Lopez because there was no mistaking a booty like hers.

JLo’s ass was exposed in all of its sexy, jiggly glory and the man thrusting into her from behind made those thick, round cheeks bounce hypnotically. Kaia moaned at the sight of Jennifer being fucked like that, her big buns jiggling as she got fucked from behind and found herself wanting to take her pretty white face and bury it in those meaty Latina butt cheeks so she could motorboat Jennifer’s epic ass while that lucky man behind her kept driving his cock into her.

But it wasn’t just Jennifer who was positioned like that to be fucked doggie style with her big ass up in the air. Kaia would have never thought that anyone could compare to Jennifer Lopez’s ass but right next to her was someone who came dangerously close to that high standard. Kaia recognized her face and her butt right away. How could she not when it was so big and juicy but she couldn’t quite place her name.

As she watched both of those asses shake, four thick cheeks jiggling up and down in rhythm, Kaia found herself dazed with lust for them both. It was so hard to remember that woman’s name when her ass was jiggling like that from being roughly fucked from behind but eventually she got it. Vida! Vida Guerra! Oh God, she had such an immense ass and it was so fucking beautiful.

Every girl got insecure at times and even though Kaia had inherited every beautiful part of her mother, save for that famous mole, she did sometimes look at herself naked in the mirror and wish she was thicker. She loved her own body of course but Kaia sometimes wished for big tits and a round, juicy ass so she’d have that va-va-voom kind of figure that made boys wolf whistle when they saw it. It was bodies like Jennifer’s and Vida’s that made Kaia wish she had tits and ass like they did. But if she couldn’t have what they had, she could at least want to fuck them and boy did she want to fuck those two Latina beauties and be a dirty little white girl whore for them both.

They already were being well taken care of though and Kaia found herself getting jealous of the men who were fucking them from behind. Both Vida and Jennifer looked like they were loving every second of what was happening to them and Kaia envied both the men who were fucking those big butt goddesses and Jennifer and Vida for getting those cocks up their asses. The more she looked the easier she could see that not only were Vida and Jennifer getting fucked, they were getting ass fucked by the two muscular, hung Latino men behind them.

Kaia didn’t recognize the men but she didn’t have to in order to want to fuck them. She still had her hand locked with Peyton’s and she wanted them to be the ones bent over on their hands and knees being stuffed by those huge cocks. Kaia wanted to be pounded up the ass by one hot guy while Peyton officially lost her ass cherry to the other and at the same time they’d have Jennifer and Vida’s thick buns in their faces so they could bury themselves in those incredible asses, two horny white girls having their faces smothered by big, beautiful Latina butts at the same time their tiny pale asses were being absolutely defiled by thick Latino cocks.

Watching this made Kaia’s butterflies disappear and instead be replaced by intense arousal. She was getting freshly horny and it centered her. Suddenly it didn’t feel so overwhelming anymore when she could fixate on something specific and this time it was two somethings…those amazing fucking asses as they jiggled and shook while the hot guys behind them fucked Jennifer and Vida both.

The men were spanking their asses as they fucked them, making them shake even more. Kaia felt like she could be completely hypnotized by those rippling, undulating ass cheeks and just stand there naked and mindlessly drooling. The positions they were in also had Jennifer and Vida’s big, soft tits swaying back and forth while they were fucked but Kaia only had eyes for their brown butts and how incredible they looked being fucked.

“So sexy mmmm fuckkkk so yummy!” Kaia moaned in a soft voice, literally feeling saliva drool out of her mouth and down her chin. “Fuck them! Fuck those big asses! Mmmmm make them bounce for me!”

Kaia knew the show wasn’t for her. Jennifer and Vida hadn’t even noticed she was standing and gawking at their naked fuck fest but that didn’t change how the teenager felt. She couldn’t stop staring at their womanly, curvy bodies and all that ass and Peyton giggled over how enraptured her supposedly seen it all friend had become.

“Ooooh they are hot,” Peyton said, admiring the view too. “I wish I had a butt like that!”

“Me too!” Kaia admitted. “Ughhhh they’re making me so fucking wet! Mmm I feel like I want to fuck everybody! Look at how good they’re feeling! I want to eat their pussies and their asses and I want to get fucked like that! Mmm I’ll let them do anything they want to my little white body!”

Peyton was getting turned on seeing Kaia turned on and she rubbed herself into her friend as they both watched Jennifer and Vida. Peyton’s perky tits rubbed into Kaia’s bare back, scraping her soft skin with her erect nipples while they watched Jennifer and Vida’s thick womanly bodies jiggle in all the right places. Their big tits and big asses were like a flame drawing them in.


Jennifer got what Jennifer wanted as she always did. Her strong lover slapped her bare ass again, making her cheeks jiggle even more, before grabbing and yanking on her soft, lustrous hair. Jennifer cried out for more and she got it as the man yanked on her hair harder and fucked her deeper, thrusting his cock up her ass as his balls smacked up against her body.

Vida was quieter in her approach but no less insistent as she was fucked hard and found herself getting close to the edge.

“Yesssssssssssss give it to me good you fucking boy toy! Give that big ass what it fucking needs!” Vida hissed through her lips as pleasure rushed through her veins. “Mmmmm I want that big fucking dick buried all the way up my fucking fat ass! Yesssssss you’d better shove it in deep! Ooooh make those nuts smack against my cheeks! I fucking love it! Fuck that ass boy toy! Oooh you looked so good when I walked in and I had to try you and you’re as good as you look but you’ve gotta be even better! Fucking show me how much you want that big ass of mine! It’s the best fucking ass in Hollywood and you’d better fucking worship it with your big cock! Mmmmmm if you’re a good boy then you get lots of this!”

Vida then thrust herself backwards and started twerking her body while the guy fucked her. And with an ass like hers, twerking was a serious move from Vida. Kaia gasped as Vida’s unbelievable ass bounced even sexier than it had before and the man certainly appreciated the gesture moaning and grunting and fucking her harder while slapping her bouncing booty and thrusting deeper until he was balls deep in her just like Jennifer’s guy was with her


Kaia continued to be entranced by the display. She didn’t know if Vida really had the best ass in Hollywood but she was eager to see Jennifer and her fight over the title. She kept watching and being enraptured by what she saw as the men fucked Jennifer and Vida side by side. Their big booty cheeks kept bouncing and with their bodies so close together Kaia was sure their meaty, jiggling buns were rubbing together which made her even hornier for them both.

The only thing that could distract her was Peyton as her friend reached down between her legs and showed off how naughty she was becoming by rubbing Kaia’s pussy for her. Kaia moaned at the intimate touch and got another one when someone came up behind her, pressing his hard cock to her and sliding his meat right between her own tight little buns. Kaia knew right away it was Presley and her brother was even more of a wonderful distraction than her friend was.

Kaia, while wishing she had a booty like JLo’s and Vida’s, rubbed her little butt back against her brother’s erection and cooed from Peyton touching her pussy. They were making her feel like she could float away on a cloud of pleasure as she watched Jennifer and Vida get fucked, their bodies jiggling more and more as they came with happy screams from the feel of those big cocks stuffing their tightest holes. And then things got even hotter for Kaia when she watched both men pull out of the famous asses they had been fucking and unload all over them.

Streams of hot, white cum spurted out all over Vida and Jennifer’s meaty asses, the sticky mess coating their brown skin and dripping right into their cracks as they both had their round cheeks painted white. Both of them moaned from the sticky loads on their skin and as the gobs of hot semen coated their big asses they began making out in a lustful tongue kiss.

It was so hot to see that but Presley had found something even hotter and moaned into his sister’s ear.

“Look over there,” Presley told her and when Kaia turned her head to the left she immediately saw what he meant.

Stacy Keibler was naked and lying on her back on a couch as her long, stunning legs were slung over the back of an Asian man fucking her hard up her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was frozen open in ecstasy as she was one of many, many in the living room crying out her passion. It had been so long since either of them had seen Stacy and she had only gotten more beautiful.

She had much darker hair now than she once had and her boobs were bigger and bouncier on her chest, something Kaia chalked up to Stacy having had a child, and they couldn’t see her famous ass like this.  But she was still as hot as she had been the night they had both gotten to know her intimately.

Kaia sighed in desire as she looked at Stacy naked and caught up in the throes of passion as another woman, one Kaia didn’t recognize, bent over her from another spot on the couch and kissed Stacy right on the lips while reaching down to stimulate the former wrestler and cheerleader’s pussy lips as the Asian man filled her up with his thick, hard cock. Stacy kissed the woman back as the fat rod inside her drove her wild with pleasure and Kaia was sure Presley was thinking the same thing she was.

Stacy had once dated George Clooney and George had been partners in the tequila business with their father. Rande and George had wanted to create a tequila with no hangover and what had started out as a joke for two men with lots of money and lots of free time on their hands had turned into a company they had sold for billions. And given that they had never taken it too seriously, they had even filmed a playful, sexy commercial for it.

The commercial had starred George and Stacy in it along with Rande and Cindy too and its premise had been that the tequila was so good that it inevitably led to wild nights. In the commercial, first Rande had walked in on his wife in bed with George and then George had walked in on Cindy and Stacy in bed together. Ultimately Cindy had walked in on George and Rande together and it had gotten some laughs from the public when it had been released.

But only Kaia and Presley knew how true to life it had been. What had been a joke to some had been so much more to the two couples and both kids remembered how the noise their parents had been making that night at their home with Stacy and George had woken them up from teenage slumber. It had been so obvious what was happening in their parents’ bedroom and both Kaia and Presley had eagerly walked down the hall to see for themselves.

The horny, drunk couples hadn’t even bothered to close the door and the teens had gotten quite an eyeful of the crowded bed as they had watched Stacy Keibler riding their naked father, bouncing up and down on his rock hard cock while George Clooney had been fucking their mother, getting on top of Cindy and stretching her open with his huge dick. It had been such a sight to walk into and Kaia and Presley hadn’t needed to think for a second about it before they had stripped off their pajamas and crawled right into the fun too.

Stacy and George had been shocked at first to have their friends’ naked kids join in but Rande and Cindy had been too drunk to even pretend it wasn’t something that naturally happened in their happy, kinky home. Kaia had sucked Stacy’s taste right off her daddy’s cock as he had moaned for his little girl and Presley had eagerly shown off to George just how his mother loved it up the ass by getting her on all fours and fucking her in front of the Hollywood superstar.

It had been impossible for George and Stacy to resist the horny, sexy teenagers, especially in their intoxicated states and soon enough George had been fucking Cindy’s mouth while Presley fucked her ass, spitroasting the supermodel, and Kaia had been between Stacy’s awe inspiring legs to tongue her pussy while her daddy was behind her fucking her little cunt just how she liked it.

And naturally things hadn’t stopped there. By the end of the night George had been lying back naked on the bed as Rande and Presley had sucked his cock together and made him blast their faces with superstar cum and Kaia had been stacked on top of Cindy as Stacy wore a strap on and went back and forth between mommy and daughter’s wet pussies fucking them both.

That night every hole had been played with and every nude, sexy body had been fully explored without inhibition or hang-ups about gender or age. Presley still got hard at the thought of fucking George’s ass, something he still loved to do to his father’s business partner, and Kaia loved to touch herself while remembering how Stacy had let her fist her ass with her tiny hand while Stacy had lapped up Cindy’s cunt cream. And while George and Stacy were no longer together, it was a special, secret memory they all treasured.

Now they both watched Stacy take that hard cock in her cunt while she lay back with her legs up in the air and her eyes closed as orgasm overtook her from the woman’s touch and the dick buried inside her. Both Gerber kids were eager to make Stacy’s acquaintance again but there was so much else going on that it was hard to figure out what treat to try first.

Just a few feet over from where Stacy was coming from being fucked they could see where Donnie had gotten off to. With his long hair and that amazing boy ass of his, it was hard to lose track of him even in a crowded orgy, especially when his ass was undulating while he fucked not just a very sexy woman but one of the sexiest women in the entire fucking world.

Given who her mother was and what she wanted to become, Kaia had a very keen fetish for models and there was no model like Emily Ratajkowski right then. She had it all, from a perfect face to a fun loving attitude that made her a natural in front of the camera to an hourglass figure that was capped off by two of the best natural D cup tits Kaia had ever seen. She was the envy of the industry and she found herself staring right at those amazing tits as Donnie fucked her hard.

Just like Stacy had been with her lover, Emily was sitting on the couch perched right at the edge with her legs over Donnie’s shoulders as he fucked her. And he was fucking the hell out of her, much to her utter delight. His teen cock was pushing hard up her famous cunt and the way he was thrusting and she was pushing herself in response to meet those thrusts had her huge tits bouncing on her chest in a way that was just as erotically hypnotic as Jennifer and Vida’s asses had been.

“Fuck me Donnie! Fuck me hard!” the model cried in ecstasy, her cries desperate but happy as Donnie skillfully fucked her and made her ache to orgasm. “Ooooooh yessss fuck that pussy like you fucking own it! Mmmm fuckkk I love young cock in my cunt! Shove that teen dick inside me and make me fucking cream all over it! Harder you motherfucker! HARDER! OHHHH YESSSSS!”

Kaia giggled and wondered if Emily knew how right she was about Donnie literally being a motherfucker but she wasn’t sure how much Emily knew about the teen’s unconventional home life. But beyond her giggle, Kaia was also moaning as her mouth and pussy both salivated at the view of Emily naked and being fucked.

Her body was glorious and as good as it looked dressed in a photo shoot it looked a million times better naked and covered in a sheen of sex sweat. Her big tits were shaking on her chest up and down and her beautiful face was contorting in pleasure. Her body was breathtaking and she was all Donnie’s as he filled her up with his big, uncut cock and made the supermodel writhe and cry in ecstasy.


“Mmmm fuck you’re noisy!” Donnie moaned in his light, sexy Australian accent as he unknowingly put on a show for his gawking friends. “Oooooh I’ll have to get my cock in your mouth and make you suck your own cum off it to shut you up a little!”

“OHHH FUCK YES I’M NOISY WHEN I’M BEING FUCKED THIS GOOD!” Emily cried in rapture, her hands going from the couch cushion to the back of Donnie so she could squeeze his bare ass and dig her nails into his skin to keep him close and thrusting inside her. “FUCK ME MORE! FUCK ME HARDER! OOOOH FUCKK MAKE ME FUCKING COME SO GOOD I SQUIRT ALL OVER THAT BIG TEEN COCK!”

The show was such a good one that Dante couldn’t keep from getting involved. There was no way he was going to let his friend have all the fun with Emily and with Nikki already having wandered off to suck the juices off the cock of a guy who had just been taking Elle Fanning’s young pussy, it left him extra eager for some action. So he walked right over with his hard cock jutting out and when he did, Emily immediately grasped it.

“Ooooooh fuckkkk more for me?” Emily moaned in dreamy pleasure when she immediately began stroking Dante’s teen boner. “Mmmm I fucking love cock!”

“Yeah he can tell,” Donnie laughed as he gave his friend a high five and officially welcomed him into the fun. “Mmmm she needs a cock in her mouth, man. Give it to her!”

“Yeah? Is this what you want?” Dante asked as Emily’s soft, very practiced hand made his erection grow even harder. “One cock not enough for you? Got to have more?”

“Yesssssss ohhhhh yesss it’s never enough for me!” Emily lustfully confessed while Donnie continued to fuck her. “Mmmmm I always need more cock! I need cock for my cunt and for my ass and for my mouth! I need them in my hands and between my big tits! I need them all over me mmmm the younger the better!”

“Ohhhh holy shit, she’s fucking wild, man!” Dante moaned from Emily’s handjob before she made the pleasure grow for him even more by sucking him right into her mouth and starting to blow him. “Ooooooh hey Presley! Get over here man! She’s fucking cock crazy! Bring that beautiful dick of yours over here!”

Emily’s eyes lit up over what Dante said and she pulled off his cock to make sure they all knew how sincere she was.

“Yes! Fuck yes! Bring all your friends and their beautiful dicks over to me!” Emily begged. “More teen boys! Bring those fucking cocks to me and fuck me! As many as you can find!”

Presley didn’t go at first because he didn’t want to just abandon his sister but Kaia made that easy for him by turning around and giving him a literal push to make sure he didn’t blow his chance.

“What are you waiting for?” Kaia demanded. “Get over there and give her that cock! Are you even thinking of not doing it? Look how fucking hot she is! Look how much she needs it!”

“But what about you?” Presley asked.

“Don’t worry about me mmmm I’ll find some way to entertain myself,” Kaia laughed while she licked her lips at the sea of naked bodies filling the living room and wondered who she would fuck first. “Go over there and fuck her before she finds some other teen stud!”

Kaia gave her protective older brother another shove and watched him walk away, his hard cock and refilled balls swaying between his legs and his taut, tight ass reminding her how lucky she was to have a brother like that. And she watched too as he got right into the fun, pushing his cock into Emily’s waiting mouth so she could suck him and Dante at the same time and rub her soft hands over their teen testicles while she felt Donnie pummel her pussy in the absolute best way.

“So what do we do?” Peyton asked, so horny and so curious as she watched her own brother wander away naked and immediately get caught up as Megan Fox and Alyssa Milano grabbed him by the hands and pulled him to them so they could start sucking Spencer’s big cock together. “Do we just walk up to someone and fuck them? I’m not sure I can do that!”

“I don’t know,” Kaia admitted. “But I know we won’t be lonely for long. Mmmm there are so many people here to fuck and they’re definitely going to want to fuck us!”

There people fucking as pairs and as threesomes and foursomes and even more as Kaia found herself gawking at Miranda Kerr on her knees and surrounded by six huge naked black cocks as she treated herself to an interracial blowbang and let all of them take turns fucking her mouth as she finger fucked her wet cunt in front of everyone.

And a lot of the people there were not randomly paired together either. There were so many couples that Kaia recognized. On the other couch in the room, she saw Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake together with another gorgeous married couple of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. But nether woman was with her husband as Jessica was bent over the couch so John could fuck her from behind and Chrissy was on her knees sucking Justin’s cock


There was even the kind of wild, illicit family fun that Kaia loved. She knew she and Presley’s perversions would be more than welcome here as she watched Victoria Justice and her half-sister Madison Reed in a loving, slutty 69 with Victoria on top and her face buried in her sister’s crotch while Madison smacked Victoria’s bare ass and tongue fucked her.

And just a short little bit away from them, Victoria’s former co-star Ariana Grande was riding her own brother’s cock. And while Frankie Grande was supposed to be openly gay he sure didn’t look it at the moment as Ariana bounced her slim frame up and down his big cock and then leaned toward the couch to shove her face into Nicki Minaj’s famous ass while the rapper rode John Mayer’s naked body like she was a rodeo queen of the bucking bronco.

It was all so much and Kaia wanted them all. But she also found something that she found particularly arousing. She could see in the center of the crowd, naturally, that Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren were.

It was their party and they were very much enjoying the entertainment as Jessica bent herself over on all fours, her big tits hanging down and her growing baby bump so beautiful, as she sucked on her husband’s cock. But they weren’t alone because while Cash was having his wife suck his cock he was also sucking cock and Kaia moaned when she saw the buff, incredibly nude body of Channing Tatum as Cash gave him a blowjob.

Channing looked so sexy as he moaned and let Cash hungrily suck his dick. And while Cash was showing off his bisexual side, so was his wife as Jessica had Channing’s wife Jenna was behind Jessica’s amazing ass and spreading her perfect butt cheeks open so she could lap at her dripping wet slit. It was such a raw but tender display of lust that Kaia found herself walking toward it and taking Peyton right along with her.

“C’mon Peyton,” Kaia said. “I think it’s time we thanked our hosts for the invitation.”


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