Silver Screen Express Ch. 6

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Title: Silver Screen Express Ch. 6

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Kate Upton

Codes: MF, cons, oral, tit fuck, anal, rim, facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Los Angeles, California

A bright day led with a busy afternoon through downtown traffic in L.A. Just another summer day for the city, as a man behind the wheel of the Silver Screen Express taxi van found himself busy. David had just taken his lunch break by going out to eat at a local fast food restaurant. After thirty minutes to go in and eat, the man had returned behind the wheel of his van waiting on more fares to call in. David didn’t like to eat inside of his taxi van, he liked it smell clean and fresh. Just over the weekend he spent quite some time cleaning out stains from the back seat and vacuuming out the floorboard. Today, he was driving around West Hollywood on a new shift. It beat taking the long roads through Long Beach from last week, he was happy to be away from that whole area.

Earlier in the day, David had the pleasure of escorting a musician to a studio and back in West Hollywood. As a driver who preferred to strike conversations with the people in the back of his cabs, he found enjoyment discussing dance music with the mystery man who had called for a Silver Screen Express van. After the drop off, the man gave David a tip of four hundred dollars and revealed himself to be a music producer. It was a funny event, as he had learned over the years that you never know just who is going to open the door to a taxi. Still to this day, that was true. It didn’t matter how many years he had worked as a driver, David was still entertained by the surprises that came with the job.

While driving through the streets, dispatch called in for a fare requesting a pick up near a dance club. Since David found himself close by, he went on and picked up his walkie talkie and called back the dispatch to let them know a driver was on the way. The gold van was moving as David was alerted to be on the look out for a tall blonde haired woman wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans outside a closed night club. He turned down the air conditioner a bit in the car, as he felt the cool breeze nearly overcoming him. For today, David had slipped on a white T-shirt and the casual cargo shorts and without forgetting his favorite pair of white flip flops. As the van approached the street, David spotted the woman standing near the club. He pulled the van near the curb and rolled down the passenger’s window to greet her.

“Hello there, Miss! Did you call for a ride?”

The woman stepped up close to the window and pushed her sunglasses up above her head. She was indeed tall, wearing the black leather jacket that was mentioned. A black leather matching purse was strapped over left shoulder, hanging down. Her long blonde hair was pinned up neatly in a pony tail. She looked at him with her big blue eyes and nodded before speaking.

“Yep! That was me who called.”

“Alright, then! Go on and hop in, I’ll take you where ever you wanna go.”

The gold van stood there as David waited for her to enter. He was already intrigued over the fact of this woman being outside a club that was obviously closed. Within seconds, the sliding door on the left side opened and she entered. Just after closing the door, she took her purse off and sat on the seat. David began to drive off now as she spoke to him.

“Can you take me out to the Soul Glow beauty salon? It’s near Norma Triangle somewhere.”

“Sure, I can take you there ma’am. It might take me a bit to pull up the address here in the GPS computer, hang on a second.”

She sat there patiently in the back seat, folding her hands up while crossing her legs. David had not found the opportunity yet to look through his rear view mirror and check this woman out. He pulled the van into the traffic, stopping at a red light where he had time to type on the keyboard of the GPS screen. He spoke up, just to make sure that he heard correctly the name she gave him.

“Soul Glow is the name, right?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

The light flashed green just as David had finished typing it up. The van began to move in traffic while the GPS computer calculated it’s data and discovered the location. He smiled when he noticed it was only thirty minutes away, making it a short drive.

“Alright, I found it. Looks like we’ve got thirty minutes to get there. The initial charge of the call will be five hundred dollars, I’ll add up the rest once we get to your destination.”

“Do you want me to pay now?”

“Oh no, please wait. It’s easier to just pay all together once we get there.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”

Moving into traffic, David was ready to create a conversation as usual. The van drove past a few luxury cars as he began to talk.

“So, were you waiting there long?”

“No, you came pretty early. I had just stepped out the door a few minutes ago before you pulled up. You arrived faster than my last driver.”

“Oh, so you’ve been in the back of a Silver Screen van before?”

“Yes! I just started calling about a week ago. I wish you guys had a service in New York, it would save me a lot of trouble when I’m back home.”

“We might expand out there some day, who knows? What’s your name, beautiful.”

With a smirk over her face, she replied back.

“Kate, and you are?”

“Call me David. It’s my pleasure to be driving you around today, Kate.”

By now, the van had slipped through traffic while the woman sitting in the back had tucked her sunglasses into her purse. David had his second glance through the rear view mirror, definitely taking a liking to the body sitting among the backseat of his van. She appeared to have some heavy cleavage between her leather jacket, though the white shirt underneath wasn’t low cut to reveal anything. David continued driving while thinking of ways he could conjure up some smooth talking to this babe.

“So are you from New York, Kate? Or do you just live there?”

“Yes! I live up there.”

“What are you doing out here in L.A. today?”

“I’m out here to do a modelling shoot for a magazine, actually. My friend does DJ sets at a night club and I figured I would go by and see him.”

“Oh, so that explains why you were out there at a closed night club, I see.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

He glanced back at the rear view mirror once again after stopping in traffic at a red light. Something about her seemed quite familiar to him. For a model with the name ‘Kate’, it couldn’t be his first guess but she had quite the resemblance to Kate Upton. When he noticed the beauty mark above her upper lip, he couldn’t help but wonder. David ignored the thoughts for now as he eased his foot back on the gas pedal to move the van after the light flashed green.

“So what kind of modelling you do? You’ve certainly got the looks.”

“Thanks, I’m doing a photo shoot in a magazine modelling bikinis and swimwear.”

“Oh, I would love to be there to witness that.”

Kate busted out giggling at his words. As she sat in the back seat, she moved her purse down to the floorboard where it could sit. David noticed that she was wearing a tall pair of black high heels down below to where her feet were. Giving off quite the look with the black leather jacket and her jeans.Leaning forward into her seat, she spoke back to him.

“Since you asked me something, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, let’s hear it babe.”

“How long have you been driving? I don’t think I’ve seen you as my driver before.”

“Quite a while. I started with the company a few years ago, I drove a regular yellow cab around L.A. back in the 90′s.”

His response had made Kate somewhat curious. She leaned forward from her seat to get a look at his face beyond the front seats and panel above them. His voice didn’t show it, but upon second view of his face and witnessing his fading hair, the man clearly was older. Kate smirked before sitting back down.

“Damn, you’re a handsome older man. I like that.”

“Do you like flirting with older men, Kate?”

“Hmmmm, maybe.”

The next time David glanced into his rear view mirror, he noticed that she had removed her ponytail band and allowed her hair to flow naturally with a split down the middle. Upon further study of her face between driving, she definitely appeared familiar to the ‘Kate’ that he had thought of. While focusing back on the road, David spoke again.

“Oh fuck, don’t tell me! You’re Kate Upton, aren’t you?”

She clapped her hands together, giggling like before as she caught his eyes from the rear view mirror above. Kate nodded her head upon replying back to him.

“Yes, oh my god! How did you know? The other drivers can never guess it’s me!”

“I’ve seen your face enough to have memorized it, let’s just say that.”

His response made her smirk. Kate always took pride in meeting a man who admired her beauty, knowing that she could play them if she wanted to. David continued on speaking while focusing on the road and driving.

“Every now and then, I like to pull out those Sports Illustrated magazines you did and have a look at them late at night.”

Kate bit her lower lip. As much as she did not want to say anything dirty, this man made it almost too easy.

“Do you do anything to yourself when you look in those magazines?”

David chuckled once more. If she were going to talk to him like this, he already imagined how easy this was going to be to make this ride into a different trip.

“Of course, what man wouldn’t? I’m pretty sure you’ve got quite the fan base of men who jack off to your photos. What should we call it? ‘Kate Upton Fap Nation’?”

She giggled at his words.

“Oh my god! Now this is interesting!”

Kate laughed and took in a deep breath while sitting in her seat. After a moment, she finished speaking.

“You’re a fucking pervert for a driver, David! I have to appreciate your honesty though. I know men wank off to my photos, but at least you’ve got the balls to not deny it in my presence.”

The conversation had quickly moved to some hardcore flirting, no rules already with dirty topics at hand. As David turned on the road, he thought to go ahead and take a more adventurous route as he thought Kate would be an easy one to get naked in the back of his taxi van. It was time to truly turn up the heat and ask her something truly more obscene.

“I have a question for you now, Kate.”

“Oh yeah? What is it?”

“So, you’ve rode in the back of a Silver Screen van more than once, am I right?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Have you ever had a driver ask you to take off your shirt and flash those big tits?”

She raised her eyebrows at him, smirking.

“Is that your way to try and ask me to flash you?”

At that instance, David decided to playfully mock her with an answer she gave him earlier.

“Hmmmmm, maybe.”

Letting out a sigh, she rolled her eyes and shook her head while still smiling. David continued on tempting her.

“I’ll tell you what, babe. I’ll make this ride for free if you flash me your tits.”


“Yeah! Go on, do it! Flash me with those big tits! I think you want to do it, Kate. Honestly, I do!”

Kate bit her lower lip before she roared in laughter at his words. It wasn’t every day that she had her drivers flirting with her this heavily. Most of the time they didn’t recognize her. The few times a driver did, they seemed afraid to speak to her, let alone to ask dirty questions like David was currently doing. She slipped her leather jacket off, revealing her voluptuous figure in a tight white shirt. All the while, David was still driving the van as Kate prepared herself. He moved down a road, taking a detour route just in case she agreed to some hot fucking with him. From the back seat, Kate slid her white shirt up over her head, revealing her body with a black bra placed over her large boobs. Her eyes looked up towards the seats, knowing that David had to be glancing upwards into his rear view mirror. She slowly undid the button from the middle of her bra, pulling it apart to flash her amazing breasts in all their glory.

“Holy shit, look at those!”

“You like these big titties, David?”

She replied with a smug grin over her face. Pushing her hands under her large breasts, Kate began to jiggle them around to distract him while he was busy driving.

“Fuck yeah!! My god, those are some fucking amazing tits. I always liked to jack off to them in the magazines, but seeing them out like that, I’ve had my breath taken away up here.”

Still grinning, Kate decided to tease him even further as he had mentioned masturbating to her photos again. She moved her hands over her tits, playing with them as her fingernails pinched at her hardening nipples.

“Oh yeah, is that right David? You like to beat it while you’re starring at my boobs in pictures?”

“Yep! I fully admit to that one, babe!”

She giggled.

“Too bad you can’t do that while driving the van.”

David bit his lower lip. As he was concentrating on the road ahead of them, he could not believe how easy Kate came off with seduction. He didn’t even have to truly attempt to talk her into flashing him, so he figured this was going to be easy. It was time to make the true offer to her, apart from the teasing. His hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, thinking of her beautiful body as he began to speak again.

“Yeah, I know but I’ve got something better in mind for us. Are you on a busy schedule, Kate? I mean, do you have to get to this salon and back on a tight time schedule?”

“No, I don’t have an appointment there. I was just going to walk in and pay up front to get my hair done.”

“Alright, then I’ll tell you what. Since you’re already almost naked in the back of the van, how about I take us some place quiet nearby? If you let me in the back and fuck you, I think I would be the luckiest guy on planet Earth today.”

He laughed after finishing his words. Kate sat back in the seat, thinking for a moment. On one hand, she could not believe how serious he was in his words. Within her other thoughts, she didn’t want to say no. He seemed like a kinky older guy, those were always the most fun when it came to playing with her big tits. When she didn’t answer after a few seconds, David spoke once more.

“I really will cancel the entire fare if you let me fuck you. I’m serious on that, babe. You can get the whole ride for free, if you let me have some fun with you.”

“And you think you will be some lucky guy, huh? How is that?”

“I’ll be getting to fuck Kate Upton!! Come on, babe! You know most men spend their time fantasizing about that kind of opportunity!”

She giggled at him and then took the straps of her bra off before tossing it to the floor. Kate nodded as she looked forward at the back of the front seat. Since she didn’t have much else going on today, it wouldn’t hurt to waste time like this with some kinky fun in the back of the van.

“Alright, I’ll take you up on this. I’ve never fucked one of my drivers before and you sound pretty fun, even if you’re a bit sleazy.”

The man smirked sitting in the driver’s seat. David almost grinned as he moved the steering wheel to pilot the van down an empty street.

“Just my kind of girl, Kate! Damn, and I was thinking earlier today that I was off to a great day.”

He chuckled again. The destination he had in mind was to park the taxi van behind an old car wash that was abandoned within the city. It was a spot that David was familiar with from his taxi driving days. It was a quiet spot where no one really interfered in the past, just the reason he trusted the place. As Kate sat in the back seat topless, he spoke once more to influence her to completely strip for him.

“This will be a few minutes, babe. I’m taking us to a place close by. While you have to wait, why don’t you go ahead and get fully naked back there? You showed me those lovely tits, but now I wouldn’t mind seeing how wet your pussy is or even that ass.”

“Okay, I can do that.”

While he remained driving the van, Kate unbuttoned her pants. She kicked her heels off, forcing them to fall softly to the floorboard. With both hands on the front of her jeans, she pushed then down to her knees and slowly pulled them off. As of now, the only piece of clothing remaining over her body was a black thong that matched the bra she previously had pulled off. Kate then pushed her leather jacket and shirt down to the floorboard. David caught a glimpse of her act from glancing into the rear view mirror.

“There you go, babe! Yeah, get all your clothes on the floor. Don’t want them in the way when we’re fucking on the seats.”

Kate followed his orders, making sure every bit of clothing was nowhere on the black leather seats. She sat in the middle, stretching her legs out as she pulled her thong down, revealing her sweet mound dripping wet. It was shaved without a single hair in sight. David turned the wheel of the van to his right, pulling them up a bump as they had already arrived to the car wash. Since he didn’t seem to be paying her any attention, Kate lowered her right hand and began to play with her clit. She used her middle and ring fingers to poke and twirl her tips around the entrance. The voluptuous blonde model let out a moan as began to finger-fuck herself.

At the same time Kate was setting the tone in the back seat, David stopped the van. This alerted Kate, forcing her to look out the window to see that he had parked them behind what appeared to be an abandoned car wash. There was graffiti painted all over brick walls on both sides. David had not spoken for a few minutes. He simply stopped the engine of the van by turning the keys. A few seconds later, he opened the driver’s door and began to exit the vehicle. Kate sat back in the middle of the seat, still sliding her fingers into her pussy and back. She watched him from the right window as he approached the door and slid it open. Not the first time a naked beauty had been waiting in the backseat for him to join her. As David looked down at Kate’s naked body, he smiled.

“Ohhhhh my god, look at you. You are so fucking beautiful.”

Kate moved over on the seat, allowing him to enter the van and shut the door behind him. David went on and kicked his flip flops off while gazing into her luscious body. Though he had seen Kate’s breasts in bikini clad outfits in magazines several times, nothing beat witnessing her naked body face to face like this. She leaned up from the seat, placing her hands up on his shoulders to kiss his lips. The first thing David wanted to do was touch her breasts, he reached both hands down and squeezed them. Kate moaned softly to him.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah. Go ahead, squeeze my boobs.”

Gazing back into his eyes, she gritted her teeth and took a heavy breath as she felt his fingers squeeze her immense titanic-sized breasts. David could feel her hardened nipples poking up into the palms of his hands. When he looked back into her eyes, she leaned forward and kissed his lips again. Kate bit his lower lip, forcing their kiss into a passionate one. While their tongues danced together, David squeezed her breasts again. Kate moaned into his mouth before pulling back to break the kiss. He spoke as he starred back into her beautiful blue eyes.

“Do you have a thing for older guys, Kate? I know you mentioned that earlier.”

She bit her lower lip before nodding to him.

“Yeah, I do. Older men usually like to play with my big titties more than anything.”

“Well, what can I say? I fucking love a beautiful girl with big tits and you’ve god quite the epic pair, babe.”

His eyes moved down to look back at her glorious breasts. Again, David squeezed his fingers into them. Kate moaned and the looked over to the seats, she had an idea now. He was just the kind of man that she preferred, one that would give her tits the full attention they deserved. Moving her right hand over his shoulder, she pushed him a bit before speaking out.

“Sid down for me David! I want to show you something!”

He obeyed her command and removed his hands from her breasts, allowing him to move back and sit down in the seat. Kate took over by climbing atop him, sinking her knees down into the seat as she looked at David’s face. Her huge breasts hovered near his face. She wanted to tease him with a short lap dance routine, just so she could feel his cock hardening up from between her thighs. As she sat down over his lap, Kate could feel the materials of his cargo shorts rubbing against her clit and ass. She began to grind her hips, moving forward and back. Placing her hands up over her large tits, they bounced each time she came moved her ass down over his lap. Kate smirked as she followed his eyes watching her breasts.

“You like watching these big titties bounce, huh?”

“Fuck yes!! They’e so fucking wonderful!”

“Mmmmmm, yes they are.”

Kate could feel his cock poking up from the front of his pants. While holding her boobs, she moved then upward and smashed them into David’s face. He moved his hands over hers as she began to shake and push her breasts over his face, smothering him in her immense tit flesh. He opened his mouth and began to slobber all over her breasts, licking her left nipple and coating her skin in his saliva. All the while, she was still grinding her hips and moving her ass up against his crotch. The blonde super model moaned aloud and yelled to him.

“Go on, yeah! Slobber all over those titties! You fucking sleazy old man!”

She pulled her tits back and smashed over his face again. This time, David opened his mouth and began to slobber and create a number of sucking noises. Kate giggled as she realized he was committing the act of ‘motor boating’ over her tits. She continued to grind down over his crotch while calling out again.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Motorboat ‘em, go for it!”

Still slobbering and sucking all over her tits, David was in heaven. Not only was this is a pair of amazing breasts, this was Kate Upton of all the women in the city who could’ve sat in the back of his van. After several minutes, she pulled back from him. A string of saliva dripped from Kate’s left breast as she looked back into his eyes. David was smirking like he had just won the prize of a lifetime. Kate continued to grind over him, feeling his hard cock under her. Biting her lower lip, she looked into his eyes and spoke in a soft voice.

“Your cock is so fucking hard for me.”

“Yep, only for you babe.”

“I want to suck it.”

She spoke while still grinding over him. David nodded to her.

“What are you waiting for, Kate? Take my fucking shorts off and get it.”

Licking her lips, she moaned before climbing off him. Kate moved down to the floor, resting her naked body down on her knees. David quickly pulled his shirt off while he heard the zipper of his pants pull down. He disposed of his shirt to the floorboard where her clothes remained in a pile. Kate shoved his shorts and underwear down, allowing his hard shaft to spring free. David kicked his underwear and shorts down so they weren’t around his ankles, but Kate had all her focus locked on his amazing cock. She wrapped her right hand around it and began to stroke it while looking up into his eyes.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah. This is one nice, big fucking cock! I knew you had to be packin’ some size when I felt you under me.”

David chuckled at her words. He watched as Kate pressed her lips to the head and kissed it. She slid her hand down to the base and then opened her mouth, wasting no time to slide his thick dick between her lips. Kate moved her hands to play with her breasts, rubbing her palms over her nipples while she began to slide his cock back and forth down her throat. David let out a loud moan as he watched one of the most beautiful women of the world sucking his dick.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck!! You must have been really hungry for some cock, babe.”

His words prompted a response. Kate came off his cock, making a loud pop noise as her lips came off it. She looked up into his eyes and nodded.

“Yeah! I’ve been craving it, nothing better than a real big one like yours.”

Licking her lips, she spit on his dick and then moved her lips back over it. Kate moaned as she began to bob her head up and down his rod while her hands played with her breasts simultaneously. Her hands squeezed as she continued to bob her head up and down his cock faster. David took in a deep breath before moaning.

“That’s it, Kate! Suck that fucking cock! Suck it hard!!”

Kate didn’t stop. She continued to work her lips down and up, sucking on his dick as if it were a peppermint stick. A bit of saliva dripped from the right corner of her lip, falling down to her large tits. She moaned while pumping her mouth up and down his meat, pushing her lips all the way down to take the entire length.


David groaned while letting out a heavy breath as Kate began to deep throat his cock. This came most unexpected, but he was impressed with her amazing skills of sucking cock. Kate didn’t use her hands at all, she kept them contained over her breasts to squeeze her own nipples and play with them. She began to moan as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. ‘Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm’. His cock was becoming drenched in layers of her saliva, making it perfect for what she wanted to do next. Kate bobbed her head over his meat a few more times before coming up and releasing it from her lips with another pop sound. David looked down, witnessing the saliva strings attached to his cock and going back to her lips. She spit on his dick one last time and then without a saying a word, Kate brought her large breasts up and wrapped them around his cock.

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah! Go on, get those titties around my cock! FUCK YES!!”

The enthusiasm raised in his voice. Kate always loved it when a man became excited over the chance to experience her tits fucking their cock. She softly squeezed her large breasts around his shaft, watching as it almost completely disappeared around the immense size of her boobs. With his shaft firmly placed between them, she began to pump her tits up and down, fucking his cock with them. David was in heaven. He watched as the head of his cock poked up each time Kate moved her tits down. She licked her lips and looked up into his eyes.

“Mmmmmmm, you like that? You like how my big tits just fuck your cock so easily?”

“Fuck yes, Kate! Fuck me with those tits, yes!!”

“Mmmmmm, it feels so fucking good between my big titties. Mmmmm, yeah!!”

Over and over, Kate worked her breasts up and down to fuck David’s shaft. She knew what her body was built for and was never one to pass up the opportunity for some good ole titty fucking. her long golden hair bounced around a bit over her shoulders, but she wasn’t bothered at all. She glanced down and watched as the head of his cock would poke up each time she thrust her tits down. Kate leaned down and licked the head with her tongue each time it poked up. After a bit, she stopped moving her tits and grabbed his cock while letting go of them. Kate took his rod and moved it up against her left nipple. She looked up into his eyes and bit her lower lip as she began to spank the head of his cock up against her nipple.

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of his cock beating up against her nipple echoed was audible from the floorboard of the van. David moaned as he watched her play with his rod up against her nipple. After a few seconds, Kate moved his cock back between her breasts and squeezed her hands back around them. She resumed to fucking his cock with her tits. He took a deep breath, moaning as he was experienced this lovely pleasure that Kate had given him. He didn’t want this to end but he knew that she was going to end up forcing him to bust a nut before he wanted to. After a few minutes, David took a deep breath and moved his hand over her shoulder to alert her.

“Ohhhhh, fuck!! Kate, get up! You’re gonna make me cum before I get to fuck you!”

She giggled at him, letting go of her breasts to free his cock from the prison of her tit-flesh. Kate couldn’t help but tease this man with some filthy words.

“What’s wrong? My tits too much for you, David?”

“Yeah! You almost made me cum already, get over here!”

Pulling her up from her knees, David pushed his lips to hers. Kate threw her arms around him, kissing him passionately as she moaned between his lips. She found it funny that he was scared to cum so fast. Kate began to think of ways she could tease him, to try and push the man over the edge into an orgasm before he was ready. Upon breaking the kiss, David stood up from the leather seat and Kate looked back at him to speak.

“So, how do you wanna fuck me?”

David looked back over at the seats and patted his hand down over the surface.

“Lay down right there for me, babe. I want to watch you moan and see those boobs bouncing all around while I’m fucking you.”

“I’m sure you’ll be starring at my tits, not my face.”

After teasing him with her words, Kate kissed his lips and then stepped away. She followed his wish, laying down over the seats and stretching her body out. At first, she wasn’t sure how he could properly fuck her if she were laying down across the seats, but soon Kate realized the length of the seats was just enough. As she lay there across the leather seats, she watched as David moved to the far left side. He raised his left leg, planting it over the seat. Kate lifted both of her legs, stretching them out for him. She was able to bend her legs forward, wrapping her left leg around his body as he leaned in and moved to slide his cock into her pussy. Kate moved her hands over her large tits, pressing down on them as David thrust his cock into her pussy. The man took in a deep breath, moaning as he experienced the tight warmth of her loving cup.

Kate gasped and let out a soft moan. David went slow at first, moaning as he felt her pussy wrapped around his shaft like a tight glove. The blonde model moved her hands away from her breasts, running them down her stomach and watching as his cock slowly pumped into her. She licked her lips, silently. Not a word was spoken for the next few minutes as David adjusted himself to fucking her in this position. Usually, he bent girls over in the cab van and would fuck them from the seat or in a doggy style position. He wanted to do something different with Kate, knowing that it was probably the only chance he would ever have to fuck this beautiful woman. Letting out a soft moan, Kate spoke out finally to tease him.

“Mmmmmm, yeah! That’s it, go on! Come on, fuck me! Fuck me harder!!”

“Call me a sleazy fucking cab driver again, babe!”


From the encouragement of her words, David began to thrust his cock into her harder and faster. Kate moved both of her hands up to grip the sides of his torso. Each time he slammed his cock into her pussy, those epic breasts would bounce back and forth. Over and over, David pounded his cock into her. Kate began to whimper, screaming out to him as he fucked her.


She bit her lower lip, moaning her voice almost into the sound of a purr. Over and over, his cock slammed into her tight pussy. Kate’s fingers remained trying to grip at his sides. While David originally intended to watch her face too, he couldn’t keep his eyes looking forward at all. He watched as her large tits shook and bounced with each hard thrust he sent into her pussy. David groaned, crying out to her.

“Fuck!! You’ve got one tight pussy!”


“I do love it when you call me names like that, babe!”

David gripped her legs in both hands and moved to mount them over his shoulders. Kate whimpered, moving her hands back to grip her own breasts as she stretched her legs up over his shoulders. Though people had often said she was ‘out of shape’, she proved to David that it was all lies and bad rumors. He still pounded his cock into her pussy while gazing into her perfect body. To him, this woman was simply perfection. He could not take his eyes off her bouncing breasts, watching them jiggle and shake all about in her hands. Kate dropped her lower lip and moved her hands away to grip the leather seats before roaring out in her voice.


She was so close to reaching her climax. David didn’t stop as he bucked his hips harder, slamming his cock into her pussy back and forth. Kate yelled to him again.


He couldn’t stop himself. David simply bucked his hips harder, thrusting his cock into that tight pussy over and over. Kate cried out as she felt her orgasm push. There was no holding back as her eyes opened and became enlarged. She gasped her breath and cried out, moving her head up against the seat as her pussy tightened up and released. David felt her orgasm and moaned. Her warm juices coated his cock from within. He eventually came to a stop, making one final thrust into her and taking a deep breath, preventing himself from reaching his own orgasm.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck! Babe, you are so fucking hot! Wow!!”

Taking a step back, David pulled his cock from her clit. He was so close to blowing his load, he refused to waste it within her loving hole. If there was one fantasy David always had over this woman, it was to cum on her face and tits. They were far from finished today, he wasn’t tired out yet. Kate had to slowly catch her breath as she leaned back up from the leather seats. As she sat up, she watched him join in, sitting next to her. Kate leaned over, wrapping her arms over his neck and kissing his lips. Her huge tits brushed up against his bare chest, David felt her hard nipples poking against his skin. Upon breaking the kiss, he ran his left hand down her back and gripped one of her ass cheeks. He reared his hand back before spanking her ass, causing Kate to moan out. She then straddled him, sinking her knees down into the seat as she climbed on top like before. Biting her lower lip, Kate spoke up.

“Mmmmm, you like that ass too?”

“Of course I do! Your ass don’t get enough attention from what I’ve seen.”

She giggled and kissed his lips again. Kate enjoyed a man complimenting her ass. It was the one feature of her voluptuous body that often went by unnoticed while everyone focused on her big tits. Pulling her lips back, Kate teased him once more.

“So does that mean you wanna fuck my ass?”

David smirked and nodded his head before replying.

“Yes, but only under one circumstance.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you on top, babe. That way you can shake those titties in my face again.”

“Mmmm, you’re just obsessed with my boobs.”

“Who isn’t, Kate!? You’ve got some of the best tits in the world!”

She giggled as he ran his hands up to grip her huge breasts. He squeezed them and began to massage his fingers over them. Kate reached her hand down to grab his cock. She moved up a bit, getting into position as she moved his rod to point upward between her ass cheeks. It took her a minute to find her back door hole, she pushed his cock forward to enter it. Within seconds, she gasped as she felt his thick rod sliding in. David looked into her eyes while squeezing his hands over her boobs. Kate placed her hands down onto his knees to balance herself, calling out to him as she was prepared now.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah! Come on, David! Fuck my ass! Pound that cock up my ass, ohhh yes!!”

He began to buck his hips, thrusting his rod forward and back into her ass. Kate moaned and bit her lower lip. She watched as he moved his hands away from her tits. David’s hands roamed over her smooth skin, he moved them to her back and then ran them down to grip her ass cheeks as he began to pump his cock forward and back. His thick balls slapped between her thighs, creating a bit of a smacking sound that echoed. With each thrust, her breasts bounced in front of his face. Kate seen the opportunity now to smother his face with her tits. She gripped them and leaned forward before smashing her boobs up against his face. David began to moan against her firm skin as she cried out.

“Mmmmmm, fuck my ass! Your cock feels so fucking good pounding into my ass, yeah!! You want these big boobs!? Take ‘em you nasty fucking cab driver! You sleazy old pervert, slobber all over my tits!!”

Like earlier in the van, David opened his mouth and began to suck and slobber over her breasts. His fingers squeezed her ass cheeks harder, all while he pumped his cock forward and back, driving it into her ass. Kate moaned loudly, her long blonde hair bouncing around a bit as she continued to smother his face with her large tits. Eventually, David found her right nipple and began to suck on it, circling his tongue around it and softly biting it. When she leaned up, he used his tongue to lick across her large boobs.

“Ohhhhhhh, yes! FUCK MY ASS! YESSSSS!!”

Kate’s screams bounced through the walls of the taxi van. David continued to pump his cock, thrusting it back and forth into her ass but he knew that the time was short. He was afraid that he would end up reaching his climax unprepared from within her ass. Moving his face away from her boobs, he stopped moving his hips and spoke up.

“Come on, get up babe! I want to pound you from behind.”

She bit her lower lip without replying. Kate moved off him as he removed his hands from her ass cheeks. His thick rod slithered out of her back door hole. She climbed around on the back seat as David stood up and moved behind her. Kate glanced over her shoulder a few seconds later, only to witness David firmly placed in position as his hands moved to the small of her back. With her legs spread out for him, she turned her head away and felt his cock sliding back into her dark hole. She gasped, moaning as he made the first thrust back into her ass.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it! Fuck my ass! Yeah!!”

David reared his left hand back and spanked one of her ass cheeks as she spoke. Kate whimpered and began to moan as he pounded his cock forward and back into her tight dark hole. Her large tits began to bounce, shaking around from under her. She lowered her left hand down and began to rub her clit while he pumped his shaft into her ass. David began to tease her with his dirty words.

“You like getting fucked in the ass Kate?”

“MMmmm, yes!!”

“By a sleazy, pervert cab driver, eh?”

“Yes!! Fuck my ass, you nasty fucking taxi man!!”

He chuckled at her words while bucking his hips and sending his cock forward into her ass. David couldn’t help himself, he loved it when a woman teased him about his job profession, especially when they called him a pervert or sleazy. Over and over, he rammed her ass with his thick shaft. Slowing down, David remembered that he still didn’t want to cum yet. He was proud of himself to manage this long without blowing his load but soon enough, he would have to reach that climax. Taking one final thrust into her ass, he let out a deep breath and then pulled his cock from her back door hole. Kate was alerted to feeling his cock exit her ass. She turned and glanced over her shoulder, giving him a little smirk before teasing him.

“What’s the matter, David? Are you scared you’re going to finally cum and fill my ass with that hot fucking load?”

Letting out a deep breath, he glanced back to Kate and nodded.

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m not wasting my cum in your ass, babe. Get down here for me, I want to watch you suck my cock one last time before I cum.”

Kate bit her lower lip before answering back to him.

“Mmmmmm, I would love to.”

David watched as the voluptuous blonde beauty moved from the leather seats and fell back down to her knees. He stood there, holding his cock in his right hand for her. Kate quickly moved to him and grabbed the shaft with her left hand. She thought to herself again over the possibility of maybe forcing him into an orgasm before he was prepared for it or a surprise up her sleeve to blow his mind. Kate continued to think as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began to suck on it like earlier today. Within seconds, she was bobbing her head up and down his shaft like before. David took a deep breath, watching her slobber all over his meat pole.

“Ohhhhh, fuck! Suck that cock, babe! YES!!”

Unlike earlier today, Kate used one of her hands this time while sucking him. As she bobbed her head up and down his cock, she moved her hand in sync with her lips. ‘Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm’. Muffled moans escaped her lips as she moaned against his thick shaft. David’s face curled up and he let out of deep breath. It was obvious at this point that it would not take long before he was blowing his load for her. Kate used her free hand to cup his balls, rubbing them against her finger tips and the palm of her hand. He took a deep breath as he watched Kate come up and release his cock from her lips with a loud pop noise. She moaned and spit on his dick before looking up into his eyes to speak.

“You’re a fucking pervert for a taxi driver.”

“Fuck yeah I am, babe! Tell me something I don’t know!”

She smirked at him before replying.

“You don’t know how freaky I can get! WATCH THIS!!”

After yelling at him, Kate quickly moved between his legs and gripped his ass cheeks after letting go of his cock. She had caught David by surprise, but he knew what she was going to do once he felt her tongue sliding between his ass cheeks. Having experienced a rim job in the past by some lovely ladies, David was no virgin when it came to this unexpected pleasure. He let out a deep moan as Kate’s tongue began to twirl and circle around his little dark hole between his cheeks.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck!! You are freaky, I give you that babe! You’re my kind of girl, Kate! Big tits and you even rim me, ohhhhh fuck.”

David spread his legs a bit as Kate continued to rim him. Her tongue darted between his ass cheeks, licking over in a circular pattern around his dark hole. She continued to twirl her tongue around. Using her left hand, she dug her fingernails into his ass cheek while her right hand moved back to cup his balls and squeeze them. Since she wasn’t playing with his cock, David knew this gave him more time to buy off from reaching his impending orgasm. He originally thought that she would finish him with her mouth, but now he had something else in mind. He stood there moaning as he allowed her all the time she wanted to continue rimming his ass. Finally after another minute, Kate stopped and slithered her tongue out from the crack of his ass. As she began to move back out from between his legs, David called out to her.

“Get back over here, Kate! I want you to hold your tits up for me!”

Moving out from between his legs, Kate moved her hands over her large breasts while looking up into his eyes to tease him.

“You want to fuck my titties, David?”

“Fuck yes! Hold ‘em up!!”

Licking her lips, Kate held her huge boobs up for him. She watched as he slid is cock perfectly between the folds of her tit-flesh. As she looked down, she spit on the head of his shaft while squeezing her tits together. David began to slowly buck his hips, driving his cock forward between Kate’s breasts. The big chested model took a deep breath before softly moaning. She looked up into his eyes, just to see that he was in a world of pleasure as he began to fuck her tits. Kate moaned and teased him.

“Mmmmmm, there you go. Fuck my tits, David!”

She witnessed the sweat gleaming from his forehead. The man didn’t say a word back, all he could do was moan as he continued to buck his hips. Over and over, his cock pumped between her amazing breasts. Kate locked her eyes on his face while biting her lower lip, teasing him with her soft moans while he fucked her tits. All she wanted to do was push this man over the edge as if it were a job to her. Kate moaned, raising her voice as she teased him this time.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Come on, FUCK MY TITTIES!! MMMMM!!”

Still driving his cock between her tits, David began to whimper in his voice. He was so close to blowing his load but he did not want this pleasure to end.

“FUCK!! I’m about to fucking cum!”

Kate moaned to his words.

“Oh yeah? Are you going to finally cum for me, David? Mmmmmm, give me that hot load.”

“Yes! I can’t hold back anymore!!”

David immediately came to a halt from bucking his hips. He reached his right hand down to the back of her head and gripped her hair around his fingers. Kate knew from his touch that he was going to be shooting his load all over her pretty face. She leaned her head up and let go of her breasts as he grabbed his cock with his left hand and began to stroke it. David pointed his rod directly at her face, wanking it back and forth with his hand as he prepared to empty his balls all over this beautiful girl.

“Hold your tits back up again, Kate! Hold ‘em up so I can cum on those big girls too!”

She quickly placed her hands under her breasts, pushing them up for him. Kate spoke to him again, closing her eyes.

“Cum on me, David! Cum on me! Give it to me!”

He grunted, still slowly stroking his cock while still holding a firm grip in her hair with his other hand. Kate closed her eyes, speaking yet again.

“Cum all over my face!”


Just as Kate had spoke, her wish came true. David’s cock erupted, shooting a thick string of his seed straight across her left eye and streaking into her hair. A few drops ended up falling to the floorboard of the van. David grunted as a thick wad of his cum went flying over her right cheek. He pulled her hair slightly, moving her face up as he aimed his cock at the little beauty mark on the right side of her upper lip. The man moaned as he watched another spurt of cum drench over her right cheek, flooding over that little beauty mark he loved so much. Kate gritted her teeth and moaned. He let go of her hair as a thick drolet of cum shot over her chin.

“Mmmmm, yeah. Cum all over me, mmmmm.”

With her face neatly coated in his cum, David aimed below at her tits. He stroke his cock again, shooting thick strings of cum over her large breasts. Since he had went all day without having an orgasm, he had a large quantity of spunk built up in his balls now. Kate felt thick ropes of him flying all over her breasts. She dropped her lower lip and moaned as she felt a thick wad go up her neck, giving her a ‘pearl necklace’.

“Cover me in that hot fucking cum, ohhhhh yeah!!”

She began to slightly move her breasts left and right, teasing him as he concentrated on emptying his balls down onto her boobs. David began to breathe heavily as he was nearly depleted of cum. As his orgasm began to weaken, he pushed the head of his cock towards her lips. Kate opened her mouth and sucked on it past her lips, milking the final drops of his cum. David took a deep breath, looking down at the mess he created all over her face and tits. She was drenched in his cum and he couldn’t feel more proud.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck! You’re one dirty girl, Kate! I enjoyed every minute of this today.”

Moaning over his cock, she released it from her mouth with a pop sound. Kate began to slowly open her eyes, feeling the cum stretched out over her left eyelid. She leaned up and looked into his eyes while opening her mouth to reveal to him the last bit of his cum drenched in her saliva. With his attention, Kate closed her lips and audibly swallowed down the cum that was in her mouth. David smiled as he watched her.

“How did that cum taste, babe?”

“Mmmmm, it was great.”

He took a few steps back, sitting down on the seats while Kate remained on her knees covered in his cum. She let go of her cum soaked breasts as the streams of his seed began to drip down. She used the index finger of her right hand to scoop up a line of his hot seed, feeding it past her lips to suck off. Kate spoke again after swallowing more of his cum.

“Your cum tastes really good for a sleazy cab driver.”

David laughed at her words. For all those times he had jacked off to pictures of Kate, nothing could top the real load he had just given her. Her face and glorious tits remained soaked in his cum. While sitting there, he suddenly remembered that she had to go to the beauty salon before the taxi ride had turned into this lustful event.

“Hey Kate, you still wanna go out to that beauty salon, right?”

She looked over to him and nodded her head.

“Yeah, I’m still going to get my hair fixed up. That is, after I clean myself up from all this hot cum you gave me!”

Kate giggled as she spoke of getting cleaned up. There was no way she could go into the salon like this. She wiped up a bit of his cum with the palm of her hand, feeding it to her mouth. As David sat there in the seat, he smiled down at her before speaking.

“When you go in, you can tell them that you’ve already had a facial today.”

His joke made her laugh. Kate looked down at her breasts and then back at David.

“Seriously! You fucking drenched me! I don’t think I need a facial from the salon at all after today!”

By now they both had begun to laugh at one another. After a minute, David leaned down from his seat and grabbed his underwear to slip back on. It took Kate several minutes to clean up the cum from her face and tits. David grabbed some paper towels from the front seat to help her out. They needed some time to get dressed back up before it was time for him to return to the driver’s seat. Kate was all smiles, letting David know that she enjoyed her time with him. True to his word, he completely cancelled the fare letting her have the ride for free. It was a token of appreciation, as David was well aware that later in the evening, he would go to bed with a grin over his face. She managed to get a free ride today, but he got to fuck the one of the most beautiful women in the world. Kate Upton had proven to be quite the fantasy in the back of his van, better than any dream David had previously had of her.


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