Silver Screen Express Ch. 5

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Title: Silver Screen Express Ch. 5

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Rihanna

Codes: MF, cons, inter, oral, anal, rim, facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Los Angeles, California

Drops of water slowly came beating down over the windshield of the gold Silver Screen Express taxi van. David let out a sigh as he realized that rain was coming, despite some clear weather. Before he had went out today for his job, he witnessed on the daily forecast that scattered thunderstorms would be something to look forward to. California usually had it’s dry droughts, so it wasn’t so much a problem. The rain almost came as a relief after looking forward to such heat as the summer was approaching. Luckily, the slight rain wasn’t enough to make him turn on his wind shield wipers as he continued driving along the roads.

Today, David was driving his taxi van around the Long Beach area. There was a usual shift of areas with the Silver Screen Express drivers, this week was his turn to take fares outside downtown L.A. Of course, the drivers could only go as far as the money took them from their high society clients. David had spent the previous weekend cleaning out the back of his van and making sure that the seats and floorboard remained spotless. After what usually went on in the back seat of his van with certain women, he had become obsessive with keeping it clean back there. Within the front driver’s seat, sipping on a bottle of water while making a turn on the roads. So far, he had no fares going into the afternoon. David thought to himself that by now, he should’ve had at least one fare around this area.

After a few minutes of driving around a busy street, the rain seemed to be coming to a stop. David wasn’t so much phased by the rain. It still wasn’t bad enough to the point he would be required to activate the wind shield wipers. Dispatch called in, alerting drivers that there was a fare calling for a van around the beach, just off E Ocean Drive. David turned the van, knowing that he was only about ten minutes away from that area. When he turned, the rain resumed to pour down moderately. The call said to be on the look out for a black woman in the parking lot wearing a jacket and carrying a large bag. The driver put his foot on the pedal, moving through a bit of slight traffic until he began to reach the parking lot area around the beach. As soon as he pulled in, he noticed the woman standing there and proceeded to shift gear to back up the van towards her. He rolled down the window as it appeared she was waving to catch his attention.

“Hey there! Go on and hop in, ma’am! No need to stand out here and get soaked!”

“I’m so glad you showed up this fast!”

He kept the van stationed there without moving to allow her entrance. A few seconds later, the sound of the back door on the right side came sliding open and the woman stepped in. David could see from first glance that her hair was pinned up in a pony tail. She wore a dark red jacket, unbuttoned revealing her bikini clad body. The bag in her hands appeared to have various items to be used on the beach, he could see as it was unzipped and revealing. Once she sat down and shut the door, David began to slowly move the taxi van back out of the parking lot and to the streets. Her jacket appeared to be soaked from the rain. She let out a sigh before speaking up.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! I’m dripping wet and I’ve got your back seats soaked right now.”

“It’s no problem, ma’am! A little water isn’t going to ruin the seats. So, where do you wanna go?”

“Ummmmm, I think I need to get back home. I’ve got a hotel room back at the Hilton in Signal Hill, you know the place?”

“Yes, shouldn’t be that long of a drive. The initial fare is going to cost you five hundred dollars, ma’am.”

The woman gave him a nod as he gazed into the rear-view mirror above. By now, David had moved them back on the streets. She replied to him while placing her large back down on the floor board. David glanced into the rear view mirror, studying her face and witnessing small gold piercings in her ears. He spotted that she was wearing white flip flops over her feet, a small feature that made him smile.

“I called a Silver Screen van earlier today and paid for the drop off. I didn’t feel like taking my rental car out since I just flew into town a few nights ago.”

“Oh, did you? I don’t think I was your driver, you are my first fare today.”

She laughed to his words.

“Yes, today is my first time calling this business. I didn’t think it was going to be raining today, I’m shocked you arrived so quick to pick me up.”

David smiled as he focused back on the road. Like always, he was eager to strike a conversation with the person riding in the back seat of his cab.

“You were lucky that I was passing through close around here, otherwise you would’ve probably been stuck waiting a little longer. Apart from the rain, how was your time at the beach today?”

“It was good until it started to rain. I haven’t been out in the sun or in a swimming pool in a few months. What’s your name?”

“You can call me David, ma’am.”

“Pleasure to meet you, David. I am Rihanna.”

She smirked to herself, wondering if he would recognize her. Sitting back into the black leather seat, she let out a sigh and licked her lips while the van continued to roll down the streets before stopping at a red light. David thought for a moment, as her name sounded familiar. It wasn’t until he gazed back into the rear view mirror, suddenly it clicked. His jaw dropped for a second while waiting in traffic stopped at the red light.

“Wait, Rihanna the singer? Oh shit, this is unbelievable!”

The dark skinned beauty clapped her hands together and smiled. Sometimes she went without being recognized whatsoever, but it appeared this man seemed excited by her presence in the back of his cab van. She nodded, replying back to him.

“Yes, you’ve got me in the back of your van today.”

When the light turned green, David resumed driving while he replied after laughing. Meeting her today had brought back memories of when he was driving regular old taxi cabs over L.A. some years back. It was 2009 when he couldn’t avoid hearing her on the radio. This was a story he just had to share with the woman herself.

“Oh my god, this is too funny! You are one hell of a singer, I’ve gotta tell you that!”

“Thank you.”

“No, really! I’ve got something funny I have to tell you. Oh man, this is one hell of a lucky day for you of all the people in this town to end up in the back of my cab.”

Rihanna leaned up in her seat. He had her attention now. She placed both of her feet down on the floorboard, the small jacket remained revealing her bikini clad body. He obviously was checking her out, as she caught his eyes from the rear view mirror. David continued driving as he began to tell his story to her.

“This was about 8 years ago, I think. I used to drive a regular old yellow cab around L.A. I swear though, every single time I would turn on the radio I used to hear your voice. If I had a dollar for every time that song used to come on, I would be a rich man by now, I swear.”

“Oh no way, you’re making this up!”

“No, I’m not! You sang that one song, I have the words memorized I heard it so many times”

“Oh yeah, prove it!”

He let out a sigh. By now, he had her full attention. Rihanna was leaning up in her seat, trying to take a look at his face. She could only see the side, witnessing that he was an older man from the slight grey hairs in his head. Over his body, he wore a regular old black T-shirt. After sighing, David replied to her in an almost comical ‘singing voice’.

“Come here, rude boy, boy, can you get it up? Come here, rude boy, boy, is you big enough?”

His reply forced her to burst out laughing hard. Rihanna couldn’t help herself, his voice was so hilarious to her eyes as he attempted to sing.

“Oh my god, stop!”

David was still singing despite her plea for him to stop.

“Take it, take it! Baby, baby, take it, take it! Love me, love me!”

As he continued, she nearly fell out of her seat from laughing hysterically. Rihanna had laughed so hard, she couldn’t breathe for a second. As she caught her breath, David spoke up while still driving.

“Did I get the lyrics right? Come on, I have heard that song so many fucking times just on the radio.”

“Y…Yes! You got it right, oh my god! You are so funny!”

“Well, do you believe me now? I mean, I wouldn’t lie! That song was on the radio constantly back in the day.”

“Yes, I believe you now! You’re a funny guy, David.”

Finally, he chuckled at her words.

“I’m honored you think so, Miss!”

“But do you really like that song of mine, or did it annoy you?”

“Oh no, I like it! I wouldn’t have memorized the words if I didn’t! You’re a terrific singer, don’t let any critics tell you otherwise.”

“I appreciate that from you.”

The rain was beginning to come to a stop, only with slight sprinkles over the car. From the distance, the sun was obviously beaming through the grey clouds that had once plagued the horizon. David just couldn’t help but to think of trying his charm to talk this woman into having a good time with him. After a moment of silence throughout the van, he spoke back up changing the subject a bit.

“Would you mind if I asked you something, Rihanna?”

“No, what is it?”

Leaning back in the seat, starred forward at the back of front seats as he continued with his question.

“By any chance, are you a wild girl? I don’t mean to sound rude if I come off that way. I mean, do you go out to clubs and like to enjoy yourself frequently. Maybe get a little frisky from time to time.”

“You’re not being rude to ask me that.”

With a nod, she continued her response to him.

“I like to go out to the clubs often. Have a few drinks, shake my ass on the dance floor sometimes. Every now and then, I find a hot guy and have a good time.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was asking! You seem like the kind if sexy lady who knows how to have a good time and enjoy yourself.”

She realized right away that this man was flirting with her. Rihanna smirked and leaned forward in the back of her seat before replying.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?”

“Maybe. I imagine a pretty girl like you would have guys lining up for a chance with you at the club.”

“Yeah, but coming from a taxi driver, you’re the last man I’d expect to try and flirt with me.”

“What? Your drivers never flirt with you? That’s a fucking shame!”

Rihanna laughed at his words again. She smirked while looking up at his mirror, figuring that she would simply bring up the fact that he could not keep his eyes off her when he wasn’t starring into the road. Pointing to his mirror, she replied back.

“I see your eyes! You constantly look up into that mirror to get a nice look at me.”

“Well, I can’t help myself! You’re beautiful, Rihanna. Nice flip flops too, I’m actually wearing a pair right now that are the same color.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head to his words. The cab van continued to pass through a bit of busy traffic with cars on both lanes.

“Now I know you’re full of it! You’re just saying that to try and flirt with me!”

“Oh no, I’m serious! I can take them off right now and show them to you!”

Rihanna bust out laughing and shook her head.

“No thanks! You ain’t gotta do that! I believe you, but why would you wear flip flops for driving a van like this?”

“Well, it’s hot as hell out here in L.A., you know?”

“True, you’ve got a point there.”

Now he was feeling like had something of an opportunity to turn up the heat on truly flirting with this woman. The womanizer in David was ready to come out in full swing and try his luck at having some fun with this wild girl. He noticed the tattoo that could be seen over her dark skin below her yellow colored bikini top. Rihanna’s body was decorated with tattoos that David found to be lovely. Still driving behind the wheel, he spoke back up.

“What’s that ink down on your chest? I keep looking there and I can’t really quite see it, might showing me?”

“Oh, you mean this?”

She slipped off her jacket, revealing her slim beautiful body in nothing but the yellow bikini. Rihanna leaned forward, giving him a clear view of her tattoo that appeared to be some statue with wings spread out. She spoke again, explaining it to him.

“This is the Egyptian goddess, Isis. You like that?”

“Yes, it looks beautiful. I’ve always had a weakness for women with tattoos, I know you’ve got quite a lot of them.”

“Oh yes, I do! I love my tattoos! I’ve got so many of them, it would take me a while to show you every last one of them.”

Holding up her right hand, Rihanna demonstrated the pattern of tattoos that covered her wrist, hand and fingers. David however, seen the opportunity to ask her a question that he had spoken of so often with women in the back seat of his cab. The womanizer in him was in full swing now.

“Just look at that beautiful body in your bikini, you are so fucking hot. Would you be brave enough to take that top off and flash me your tits, babe?”

“Take off my top?”

“Yeah, go on! I dare you to take it off!”

The beautiful R&B singer smirked and went on, reaching both hands behind her back to unstrap her bra for him. David looked back into the rear view mirror as she snatched it free to reveal her breasts to him.

“Very nice, I like those.”

“Oh yeah? Do you like looking at my tits rather than seeing my tats, David?”

“I don’t know, that’s a hard one.”

She laughed at his reply, sitting in the back seat wearing nothing now except her bikini thong and the flip flops. David continued driving, but seen now he was prepared to take his chance and test his luck with this beautiful singer. He didn’t want to let this opportunity slip from his grasp. Rihanna was a singer who once filled his ears daily with a hit song, those precious memories in his mind had come flooding back today, and he just had to test his luck with her now.

“You know, since you didn’t have a problem showing your tits to me, what if I asked you for something a little more dirty?”

“Something dirtier? What do you mean by that?”

“How about I take us somewhere quiet? I can get in the back seat with you and we can fuck each other silly.”

She sat in the back seat, still topless as she thought about his words. The van was still driving through the street. After a few seconds, David spoke again as he was afraid to lose this opportunity.

“I’ll even cancel the fare entirely and let you go for free if you let me in the back seat and fuck you. i’m serious, you’re a sexy lady and I’ll let you go wild with me.”

After thinking of it, Rihanna finally answered him back.

“Well, it’s been a while since I had a good time with a man. Haven’t even had a one night stand in months.”

“So is that a yes or a no?”

With a smile, she nodded before answering him back.

“Yes! You seem like a funny guy, I could show you a hell of a time! Forget about the fare and the money stuff, let’s just have some fun. After you fuck me, you can take me back to my hotel and that will be it.”

Just the words David wanted to hear. He grinned while gripping the steering wheel and making a turn. He now had to alter their destination by taking a small detour and driving off on roads to lead them to a quiet spot.

“Fucking wonderful! You’re quite an angel, Rihanna.”

As he remained driving the van over the roads, she reached behind her head and began to undo the ponytail holding her long black hair together. Once her hair had come free, Rihanna carefully fixed it up as it was split down the middle. She noticed the van turning from the streets, glancing out of the window she noticed the traffic was beginning to fade in the distance. David had eyes on a car park not far from the hotel she was staying at. Since he was already close there before the decision was made, it seemed best for the spot where they would be going. While he continued to drive, Rihanna spoke up.

“There’s just one thing I’m going to ask you first.”

“Yeah, what’s that?”

“Please do not call yourself ‘rude boy’ or make any jokes about my songs while we’re fucking. It’s embarrassing when guys do that.”

“Oh, I won’t! Promise! That does seem kinda cheesy, I am sure it gets on your nerves if other men do it.”

“It fucking does! Like oh my god! Every man wants to be a ‘rude boy’ around me once we are in the bedroom.”

She rolled her eyes and sighed after explaining to him. David turned the car, heading right into the large parking garage building. The sunlight faded as the van entered the building and he drove to go up a second story in the parking garage. David spoke again, encouraging her to go right on ahead and strip fully nude for him.

“Why don’t you go ahead and get naked back there, babe? Go on, show me those tattoos on your beautiful body.”

Without responding to him, Rihanna went on and untied the strings holding her yellow bikini thong together. She let it fall to the floor and then swept her arm to knock over the jacket and the bra down to the floor as well. It wasn’t until she slipped off her flip flops was she finally, completely naked sitting on the seat. She turned around, leaning over the back seat. As Rihanna gazed out of the back window, she noticed that he was going up yet another turn to enter the third story of the multi-car park building. She pushed her legs together, revealing her thick booty to him. David bit his lower lip and spoke.

“Wow, look at that. Big, fucking beautiful chocolate ass. I can’t wait to dig into that.”

“Oh yeah, you like this ass?”

She reared her hand back and spanked it loudly over the left cheek of her bare ass. David heard the smack as he switched gears to move the van in reverse.

“Go on, spank that ass babe! You look so fucking hot back there!”

Rihanna followed his request, using her hand to smack over her ass yet again. The van came to a stop as he began to reverse it back. She decided to lay down over the seat, modelling for him as she rested her hand over her cheek while sitting her arm up to hold her head. Her athletic body was sitting there in all it’s glory. Rihanna’s pussy dripped wet, with just a small strip line of hair above her opening. While she lay naked over the back seats, he backed the car up into a parking spot.

David preferred to back the van up into a spot any time he was in a car park like this. He was somewhat distracted by her naked body, but didn’t say a word. She could see the grin over his face, that told her everything. The one he picked was near the wall, far away from a row of cars lined up in the spaces. The multi-story parking garage was located next to an office building, as he knew from past experiences, the people didn’t often go to get their cars until after work hours. This meant that time was on David and Rihanna’s side as the afternoon hours were still on. With the car park, he turned the key in the ignition and shut it off. The singer in the back seat blinked her eyes before listening to him open the driver’s door and exit. She leaned up in the seat before hearing the left back side door slide open and watching David step in.

“Here we are, babe. Ready for some fun?”

It was the first time Rihanna was able to look at the man face to face. Having sex with a stranger was one thing, but at least the man had fine looks for her taste. She moved in the seat before leaning up to cup his face. The naked dark skinned singer kissed his lips softly while David began to pull the front ends of his T-shirt to take it off. Below his waist, he wore a pair of white cargo shorts. She helped him pull the shirt off before disposing of it to the floor. After breaking the kiss, Rihanna sat back down in the seat and immediately glanced her eyes down to check if he was truly wearing flip flops. To her surprise, he did not lie about that earlier.

“So you really do wear flip flops when you drive.”

“Yep! I told you I wasn’t lying.”

She laughed at him, watching as he kicked them off to free his feet. Rihanna gazed back into his eyes and smirked. David’s eyes looked down to her thighs, glancing towards her sweet wet pussy. David began to lower himself onto his knees. Rihanna never took her eyes off him, studying each movement he made. Though he did not say it, she knew what he wanted to do right away. As he had moved between both her legs and lowered his head towards her thighs. Rihanna smirked looking down at him, as he spoke up.

“You’re fucking soaked down here, and you were worried about getting the seats wet earlier.”

He let out a soft chuckle. Her pearly white teeth flashed when he glanced towards her face. Rihanna didn’t instantly reply to him. She simply moved forward a bit, almost grinding her wet clit towards his face. David looked up into her eyes as he softly kissed the opening folds. She gasped and let out a soft moan before he spoke again.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had any sweet black pussy. I’m going to enjoy eating you, babe.”

“Mmmm, go right on ahead then.”

What David neglected to inform her of, was how often he fucked women in the back of his cab. It had been such a long time since he had a beautiful black woman to suck her juices. He slithered his tongue between the folds of her pussy, listening to Rihanna gasp as his tongue began to enter her. The singer raised her head, closing her eyes as she let out a moan as he began to slowly eat her wonderful pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! That’s it, mmmmm!”

She licked her lips, sucking on her bottom lip as he began to slowly inch his tongue back and forth into her pussy. Rihanna opened her eyes and took in a heavy breath. As she glanced down and watched him eat her, she moved her right hand into his hair. She ran her fingertips through his soft hair while tracing the outlines of her various tattoos over her hands. When David felt her fingernails in his hair, he thrust his tongue into her harder and faster. His tongue had snaked it’s way in as far as he could possibly reach. Rihanna instantly gasped and then cried out in a raised pitch of voice.


Rihanna’s voice had almost changed as if she were belting out a harmony to a chorus. David continued to lick and suck at her clit. He moved his hands to gently grip her legs, holding himself in position as he didn’t stop licking and sucking that juicy pussy. By now, she moaning louder and running her hand through his hair. Rihanna gripped the back of his head as she felt his tongue slithering back and forth inside of her. She refused to let him stop if he wanted to. With her teeth gritted for a moment, she cried out before screaming.

“YES, YESSSSS! Don’t you just fucking stop, ohhhhhhh god! Yes, eat me!! Go on, make me cum!!”

David didn’t want to stop. To hear her pleas for him to force her into a climax, that was just what he wanted to hear. Over and over, he continued to lick and thrust his tongue back and forth into her pussy. Rihanna moved her hands, running them up to grip her breasts. She played with her nipples, squeezing both of them between her fingertips as she began to breathe heavily. With another roar, she screamed to him again.


Surely, he knew that she was close due to her body tensing up a bit. The raising of her voice was only one sign, David was so ready to taste her sweet juices. He worked hard for it to pleasure this woman orally. With her eyes shut, Rihanna spread her legs out and pushed her hands down into the seat. Her lower lip dropped as she felt the impending orgasm finally hit.


Screaming aloud, she felt her climax come. David instantly felt her juices strike his mouth, coating his jaws with her sticky liquid. He quickly swallowed it down and began to inch his tongue out of her clit. His eyes glanced up, only to watch her open her eyes and look down at him. As David leaned up after slithering his tongue out of her pussy, he continued starring into her eyes as he licked her small strip of hair above her clit. Rihanna was forced to catch her breath, still gazing back into his eyes. David climbed up from his knees and leaned up to kiss her. The singer responded by wrapping her arms around him, digging her long fingernails into his back as they kissed passionately. She could taste her own juices over his tongue.

A muffled moan was heard between both their voices as they continued to kiss. Rihanna eventually broke the kiss, only to smile back at him and move back. Since he had given her such amazing pleasure with his mouth, she wanted to repay the favor again. David moved his lips to kiss down her neck. The dark skinned singer let out a moan as he began to kiss a trail over the left side of her neck and down to her tits. David looked into her eyes as he ran his tongue over her left nipple, sucking on it before he moved to the right. She gently cupped the back of his head, playing with his hair. Rihanna was thinking about that hard white cock of his. She wanted it and was about to demand it impatiently.

“I want your cock, David. Sit down and take your shorts off for me.”

She spoke while looking back into his eyes. David leaned up, cupping her cheeks between his hands as he kissed her lips softly and then teased her.

“Oh yeah, you want me cock huh?”

“Yes, I want it right fucking now.”

Her voice was low, speaking in a slutty tone. He gently kissed her lips again and then moved to sit down next to her in the seat. David wanted to tease her a bit in an attempt to lure her into talking dirty with him.

“If you want it, why don’t you take my shorts off yourself.”

The smirk that appeared over his face was obviously to tease her. Rihanna smiled back and climbed down to the floorboard of the van to sit on her knees before replying.

“Alright, have it your way big guy.”

Her eyes instantly looked forward at the large bulge sticking up near the zipper of his shorts. Rihanna moved her right hand and unbuttoned the front fold. David sat there, tracing the outline of the various tattoos over her hand as she pulled his pants down. He noticed she had other tattoos, but didn’t pay much attention. Here he was, watching now as she pushed his white underwear briefs down past his knees. Rihanna used her left hand to grab his cock. David took a deep breath as he watched her fingers wrap around his thick shaft and begin to stroke it.

“You really wanted that cock, didn’t you babe? You worked fast to get it out.”

He chuckled softly, but Rihanna wasn’t in the mood for any talking. All she did was raise her eye brows and give him her glaring eyes. She was hungry, as he could easily read from the look in her eye. David was disappointed that he failed to entice her to talk dirty, but he had not given up yet. She leaned down and then parted her lips after swirling her tongue around them. The beautiful singer opened her mouth and kissed the head of his cock. David took a deep breath as he felt her her mouth sucking down over his fat cock. David let out a moan, taking another chance at some filthy language between the two of them.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah. There you go babe, suck that fucking cock! Get it nice and wet with that beautiful mouth. You can do more than just sing with those lips.”

A slobbering sound echoed throughout the van as Rihanna pumped her lips down and began to quickly bob her head up and down the shaft. It was a corny joke he made about her singing talents, but she wasn’t bothered by it whatsoever. She moved both her hands down to play with his balls, rubbing her finger tips over them as her mouth slobbered and sucked over his fat dick. She began to bob her head up and down faster. David moaned, calling out to her again.

“You’re one amazing lady when it comes to sucking cock, ohhhhhh fuck! Yeah, there you go babe! Get it all nice and wet.”

‘Mmmmm’ a muffled moan was heard between the sounds of her sucking noises. Rihanna looked her eyes up at him as she moved to slowly release his cock from her mouth. As it parted her lips, it made a loud popping sound. David was grinning, just begging for her to begin talking dirty back to him. Rihanna wrapped her left hand around his saliva-coated shaft and began to stroke it. She leaned forward, gazing back into his eyes as she gritted her teeth.

“You know what I like, David?”

She spoke in a low tone of voice, still stroking his meat pole with the grip of her fingers.

“Sucking on cock, babe?”

Rihanna smirked and nodded her head to his reply.

“I like more than just that, honey. Lean up for me, I’m about to show you what I want to do.”

David didn’t know exactly what she meant by her words. Upon her request, he leaned forward on the seat and then watched as Rihanna continued to stroke his cock. The singer moved down, brushing her long dark hair as she took her tongue and began to swirl it over his nut sack. David took a deep breath before moaning out, almost as if he were bragging.

“Fuck yes, babe! Go on, suck those balls! Get ‘em all nice and wet too, they’re loaded with cum for you.”

Slurping and sucking noises were audible from down below. A string of saliva dripped from David’s wet balls, falling to the black floorboard of the car. Rihanna’s hand remained stroking his hard cock but she had something else in mind. She lowered her head even further and raked her tongue between his ass cheeks. David instantly got the hint of what she was about to do and placed his hands on the seat to lift himself up a bit. He knew exactly what she was about to do. His slobber-covered balls pushed up against her forehead as Rihanna stuck her tongue between his ass cheeks to discover his little dark hole. She began to lick her tongue around it.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck! You are one kinky fucking woman, I like that! Go on, babe! Ohhhhhh, yeah!!”

Her tongue darted back and forth, licking over the small hole between the crack of his ass. David was ecstatic, taken into a world of pleasure. He often knew a woman could be freaky if they proceeded to rim him by surprise. Rihanna let go of his cock and pushed her hands over his thighs as she continued to slither her tongue between his ass creeks and lick the small hole between them. David took in more deep breathes, sitting back and enjoying the pleasure this woman gave to him. For Rihanna, she simply wanted to return the favor after the way he had eaten her pussy minutes earlier. David was still bragging aloud.

“This is the kind of filthy stuff I’m into, babe! Yeah, I knew you were a wild one Rihanna! You fucking proved me right just now!”

Rihanna pulled her head back, leaning back up and grabbing his cock again with her left hand. The foreplay of pleasure was over. She was ready to fuck him. If he thought she was wild before, she was ready to completely blow his mind wide open now. Beginning to lean up, she looked into his eyes and spoke.

“You think I’m wild, huh!?”

“Babe, I know you are! You’re one freaky little wild thing!”

“Oh yeah, you think so!? I’m about to fuck you silly!”

Placing her hands up on his chest, Rihanna raised herself up and then pushed both of her feet down into the leather seat, straddling him as she moved on top and positioned his cock to slide upward into her wet pussy. David responded, reaching both of his hands up to smash his palms up against her boobs. Rihanna gasped and moaned as his cock entered her pussy. She pushed her hands over his chest, forcing him to lean back in the seat as she began to thrust herself down on his cock. David looked up into her eyes as he began to buck his hips and drive his cock forward into her. With a smirk over her lips, she spoke.

“You like that!? You wanted me to be wild, I bet you didn’t think I was gonna get on top!”

“Oh yeah, you caught me by surprise babe! I’m still going to fuck you though, ohhhh yes!”

“Mmmmmm, do it! Go on, fuck me! FUCK ME, DAVID!!”

He moved his hands away from her tits, only to grip her sides as he bucked his hips to thrust his cock forward into her. David’s eyes glanced over her beautiful dark skin, tracing the outlines of the Egyptian Goddess tattoo under her breasts. She had more ink work above her breasts on the left side crossing over to her shoulder. David spotted another tattoo on her right shoulder, but he didn’t give it much attention as he tried to buck his hips and thrust his cock back and forth into her pussy while she was slamming down on him. Rihanna raked her nails over his chest lightly, moaning aloud as her long hair began to wave all around with each thrust.

“Yes, this is so fucking hot!! Ohhhhhh god, give me that big fucking dick! FUCK ME!!”

Motivated by her words, David began to thrust as hard as he could, forcing his cock to pump in and out of her at a fast pace. He gritted his teeth, listening to his balls slap against the underside of her ass with each thrust. Rihanna raised her head and began to scream as David was taking over. She stopped slamming herself down, embracing the moment as his cock pumped in and out of her pussy.


Smack. Smack, Smack. Smack. The sound of his balls slapping on the underside of her ass created loud sound waves bouncing off the walls inside the vehicle. Rihanna gasped, knowing now that he was in full control. David eventually stopped thrusting, coming to a complete halt so he could lean up and kiss her lips. He moved his hands and softly spoke.

“Come on babe, get up for me! I want you to get down on the seat for me, I’m about to really fuck you hard!”

She kissed his lips back before climbing off him, allowing his cock to slither free from her clit. Rihanna climbed over the back seat, pushing her hands and knees down into the leather seats while David moved behind her in the new position. With her bare naked ass in all it’s glory to his eyes, he reached his left hand up and gripped one of her ass cheeks while pushing his cock back into her pussy. The singer gasped and called out to him.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Get that big fucking cock back in me, dammit! Fuck me, David! I want you to FUCK ME HARD!!”

He reared his hand back and spanked the left cheek of her beautiful black ass. Rihanna bit her lower lip and moaned from the strike of his palm. Within seconds, she was crying out as he began to thrust his thick rod back into her pussy. David groaned before calling out to her.

“God you are so fucking tight, babe! And this big beautiful black ass is wonderful!”

Spank! He smacked his hand over the left cheek of her booty again. Rihanna doubted that he would neglect giving her ass attention, but she had one important demand for him first. As he continued to buck his hips and thrust his cock back and forth into her pussy.


“Fuck yeah, babe! I’m going to tear into that thick chocolate ass!”

“Make me cum first! Make me cum and then I want that white cock in my fucking ass!!”

Yet again, her dirty words forced him to raise his hand and spank her ass. David moved his other hand to the small of her back, raising his head as he continued to pump his cock back and forth into her pussy. Rihanna moved her hands up the back of the seat, sinking her nails over the leather front. She was so close to reaching her second climax of the day and she wanted it. Closing her eyes and gritting her teeth, the R&B singer screamed to him.


Her lower lip dropped and Rihanna cried out hard as she felt her orgasm reach. David didn’t stop, he continued bucking his hips and driving his cock back and forth into her as he felt the the tightness of her pussy release her juices. The man moaned, taking in a deep breath as he experienced this moment. Rihanna gasped and cried out loudly. If anything, her moans were probably heard outside the van.

“Damn, you came pretty fucking hard babe! Wow!”

She had to catch her breath, ignoring his words completely. David took a step back, gently pulling his rod from her clit. He went down to his knees to look at her pussy, watching as her juices began to gush out. David planted his mouth to her clit and began to suck up her juices. It was her second orgasm and now twice that he would be swallowing her juices down his throat. After she had caught her breath, Rihanna ran her hand through her hair and listened to the sound of his lips sucking at her clit. She bit her lower lip and waited for him to move back. Once David was standing back up, she glanced at him from over her shoulder and spoke.

“Oh my god, wow! That’s the second time you’ve made me cum already, and you still ain’t cum for me yet.”

A grin formed over his lips. David smirked as he placed both hands on her thick black ass cheeks and began to pull them apart while he answered her. While the head if his dick pushed into her dark hole, David replied.

“Maybe I’m saving it. Maybe I want to make a huge mess when I finally do empty my balls.”

With a gasp, Rihanna moaned as she felt his cock push into her ass. His words offered a subtle hint of where his cum would be. Her instant guess was that he wanted to make a mess over her face. Still gazing into his eyes, she replied as he thrust the first few inches of his white cock into her black ass. She turned her head, glancing back down at the seat. David reached up with his right hand and grabbed her by the hair, pulling hard. Rihanna gritted her teeth before screaming at him.

“Pull me by the hair, dammit! Yeah, come on! Fuck my ass and pull my fucking hair!”

Spank! His left hand came smacking down over the left cheek of her ass like before. David began to buck his hips, thrusting his cock into her ass and back. He pulled her hair again, forcing Rihanna to scream at him louder.


“I just knew a wild girl like you would enjoy getting fucked in the ass!”


David pulled her hair harder. By now, he was bucking his hips forward as hard as he could. Over and over, his long shaft pounded into her thick black booty over and over. His balls began to slap up against the underside of her amazing ass. He let go of her hair, only to move both of his hands to grip her ass cheeks while he continued to ram his cock into that beautiful ass over and over. Her long dark hair began to wave around like earlier, only this time it was David who was beginning to reach his orgasm. Rihanna lowered her right hand to play with her clit, rubbing her index and middle finger into her pussy as she felt his cock slam into her ass over and over. After one final thrust, he grunted and then pulled back to quickly release his cock from her ass.

“FUCK!! Ohhhhhh, fuck! Get down over here, babe! Get on the fucking floor!”

Rihanna quickly turned around after she felt his rod slide out of her ass. She looked into his face and could read him so easily. Though he didn’t say it at first, she knew that he was ready to explode and finally blow his load. When she didn’t get up from the seats quick enough, David reached back and grabbed her hair from behind with his right hand. Rihanna laughed at this rough play as she moved to the floor, resting on her knees as he held the back of her head. She finally teased him in her filthy language.

“What are you about to do, David? Are you gonna blow that hot load all over me!?”

“Yeah! I’m gonna cum all over your gorgeous fucking face, babe!”

While he held her hair in his right hand, David had a firm grip on his shaft among his left hand. He stroked it, aiming it directly at her face. Rihanna licked her lips and raised her left hand and grabbed at his hand, pulling him away to replace her own dark fingers to wrap around his cock.

“Here, let me help you! I’ll get you ready to blast my face in that hot fucking spunk.”

She offered him a wink as she took over stroking his cock. David let go of her hair, allowing her to take control. Rihanna wanted to suck his dick one last time and to truly control his orgasm. Parting her lips she went down on his cock and quickly began to bob her head up and down the shaft. Rihanna slammed her hand down to the base of his rod and then began to move her hand in sync with her lips, stroking and sucking his cock simultaneously. David moaned, calling out to her.

“Ohhhhh, FUCK!! I’m gonna cum right now, babe!”

As he spoke, Rihanna knew what to do. She pulled her mouth off his cock making a loud pop noise. David reached down and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her hair so that her face was lined up in a straight shot to blast his cum. Her hand stroked his cock as fast as she possibly could. Rihanna starred into his eyes and opened her mouth wide, making an ‘ahhhhhh’ sound to tease him. David’s lips curled up as he grunted knowing that within seconds he would be moaning to this wild girl after the things she had done to him today.


Her eyes never left his. Rihanna continued to pump his shaft between her fingers. David groaned out as the first thick string of cum went flying over her forehead and streaking into her hair. It wasn’t until she felt his hot seed striking her skin did Rihanna finally close her eyes. A thick spurt of cum shot over her nose and dripped down her right cheek. The initial blast was so hard, it streaked all through her hair with some drops landing on the floorboard behind her.

“Mmmmm, yes! That’s it, cum on me!! Cum all over me! Give me your hot fucking load, David!! Ohhhhh, yes! YES!!!”

More cum went flying out of his dick, shooting thick streams over her forehead and a wad into her left eyelid. Rihanna didn’t stop stroking his cock until she forced every spurt of his seed to splash all across her face. All David could do was stand there and watch, moaning as the wild singer finished him off. One string of cum misfired and landed on the floorboard of the van from her right side. More cum drained from his cock, forcing thick droplets to rain down over her cheeks and drip down her neck.

“Fuck, ohhhh man! Look at you, you’re one big fucking mess down there babe! God, you look so beautiful right now.”

Once she felt that she had drained him completely, Rihanna let go of his cock. She used her middle finger to scoop up the cum that went into her eye lid. Opening her eyes, she glanced up to his face while taking her middle finger and feeding the cum past her lips. Rihanna gave a mischievous grin as she sucked her middle finger. David had a big smile over his face, flashing his teeth just a bit. He let out a breath and then patted her shoulder with his right hand.

“That was fucking amazing, babe. Wow. You really showed me a wild time, I could get used to spending a day driving you around.”

She let out a sigh of relief. Rihanna scooped up more cum from her face, collecting a layer from her forehead before sucking it loudly from her fingers. After she had swallowed it down, she answered him back.

“Mmmmm, I like that.”

“You like that cum, babe?”

“Yeah, it’s tasty. You know, you’re not bad for a cab driver.”

“So I take it that you had fun today?”

Rihanna raised her eyebrow, giving him an odd look before she replied.

“Fuck yeah, I did! You’ve got a great fucking cock. Nice, big and thick!”

Wrapping her fingers back around his rod, Rihanna leaned down and kissed the head. She then finished speaking after gazing back up into his eyes.

“Just the way I like ‘em!”

David laughed while nodding his head to her. Throughout the past hour, he had lost track of time to some degree. The man forgot that they were currently in a multi-story car park and he would have to drive her back the hotel soon. He stepped away, having a seat as he watched her wipe the cum up from her face. David leaned down and grabbed his underwear, figuring that he would have to go ahead and get dressed again. Rihanna was busy cleaning her face and catching the cum that was in her hair. Once David had slipped his underwear back on, he noticed the cum stains on the floorboard. He made a mental note that he would have to scrub the floor of the van later on. He let out a sigh before speaking up to her.

“Well, I guess we better get dressed and I have to take you back to your hotel.”

“Yeah, just give me a few minutes. You got cum all in my fucking hair, it’s gonna take me a bit to get it out.”

She giggled to him while grabbing her bikini top to place back over her tits. For the next several minutes they both dressed back up. Rihanna had to clean the mess he made over her face and collect the strands of cum from out of her hair. It took around twenty minutes until David was out of the back seat and back into the driver’s side. True to his word, he canceled the fare. Since Rihanna was his first fare of the day, he thought to himself how this would set the tone for the rest of the working day. No matter the fares David had to pick up next, he would have a smile on his face and be thinking of the fun he just experienced with this wild girl. It was just the kind of fun that would make bad times during a work day completely worth living through.


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