Just Let It Happen: Part 1

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Title: Just Let It Happen: Part 1

Author: Josh Stephens

Celebs: Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne

Codes: tit, facial, seduction, squirt, FF

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional and did not happen. Fiction is legal. Please do not copy this story to anywhere else without my consent. Thank you and enjoy!

In an interview with InStyle magazine, Selena Gomez was asked how she felt about all the lesbian rumors arising from her numerous hangouts with Cara Delevingne. Her response: “I’ve made it! …Honestly, I loved it. I didn’t mind it. Especially because they weren’t talking about other people in my life for once, which was wonderful. Honestly, though, she’s incredible and very open and she just makes me open. She’s so fun and she’s just extremely adventurous, and sometimes I just want that in my life, so I didn’t mind it. I loved it.” Selena then smiled, waited for the next question, and continued on. About an hour later, the interview ended, and she went backstage to her dressing room. When she walked in, there stood Cara in a beautiful black dress. “Did you really mean what you said out there?” Cara asked her, looking deep in her eyes. Selena, looking up, responded, “Yes, I really did, you just make stuff more fun” Their eyes were locked, the Cara leans in for a kiss. Hesitantly, Selena takes half a step back. “Cara,” she says under her breath, “I don’t know about this,” “Just let it happen,” Cara says, a hand on Selena’s shoulder as she pushes her onto a couch. Cara gets onto her knees. With the silk white dress with a split for the legs that Selena was wearing, it makes it easy for Cara to spread Selena’s legs wide open. “Really, Cara I’m kinda nervous, I’ve never-” Selena said as she was stopped mid sentence by her lover’s lips. Cars breaks the kiss, “Just let this happen,” she repeats. Then gets down in front of Selena’s split legs. She puts her head in front of Selena’s pussy, and softly licks it, making the panties in front of them soaked with her saliva. Selena cooes, and Cara realizes that her saliva isn’t what’s making Selena’s panties wet. Cum starts dampening the area around her pussy, creating a nice outline of her sweet lips. Cara sticks her hands up the dress, and slides Selena’s white laced panties down her legs. She licks Selena’s pussy once more, collecting all of the juices with her tongue, making Selena shiver to the touch. Cara slides her dress off of her shoulders, and drops it to the floor, revealing her matching Victoria Secret black laced bra and panties. She puts her hands on Selena’s legs, spreading them as wide as they can go, and dives in on her snatch. Selena’s head is thrown back from the intensity. “Ugh! Mmm! Yes please, that feels so good!” Selena moans in pleasure as Cara eats her out. Selena gets a hand on Cara’s head, and rubs her hair while shoving her head as far between her legs as it can go. “Oh my God Oh my God in gonna cum! It’s happening baby! Oh my God yes!” Selena explodes all of Cara’s face. She looks up at her, juices covering her face, and she licks them off, “That is fucking delicious, you should try some,” She extends a finger, and Selena licks her own juices off. “It’s really good,” she says with a smile. “How about you try mine now?” Cara asks devilishly. “Yes please,” she replies grinning from ear to ear. Selena grabs Cara by her cheeks, and takes a deep passionate kiss, their tongues intertwining inside both mouths. Selena guides Cara onto the couch, and lays her down on top of it. Selena sits over her, and takes her white lace bra off, throwing it across the room. Then takes Cara’s off as she kisses her neck, making her sigh in relief. She lowers her mouth to Cara’s left nipple. Where she suckles on it like a baby pig. Her eyes go wide, and she takes her mouth off. “Oh my God some breast milk came out. How about you try some,” Selena says as she spits it into Cara’s mouth. She takes it, then grabs Selena by the head, and sticks it down below. Selena is a few inches from Cara’s black lace panties. She takes her index finger, and softly rubs Cara’s pussy flaps with it, Then moves the flimsy fabric inside her pussy. She gets her whole finger inside, then removes it. She takes Cara’s panties off, then spits on her hand, and shoves her index and middle finger inside of Cara’s inner walls. They are already soaking, and Selena’s saliva makes it even easier. Before long, she has a fast paced rhythm going, and her hands start slapping against Cara’s wet thighs, making that satisfying sound. “Ugh! Ugh! Oh yeah baby, right there! Right there is it oh yeah!” Cara cries out, smashing a fist into the couches side. Cara sticks two fingers in her mouth and rubs her pussy with them, while using the other hand to rub her tits. “Oh my-yes! Here I come, here I come baby I’m gonna blow!” Cara says right as she explodes. Cum starts flowing out of her, and Selena doesn’t stop with her fingers. “PPPPHHH…UGH WOW! OH MY-AAAHHH YESSSS!!” She continues to moan loudly as cum mixed with a little pee continues to flow out of her. Selena, down below, catches all of it in her little mouth. Each time it fills up, swallowing to make more room. Once it stops flowing, Cara lays there, too exhausted to move. Selena gets up, mouth too full of juices and pee to talk, and pours half of iron Cara’s mouth, then collapses beside her. Both sweaty and breathing deeply, Cara says, “1…2…3″ then they both swallow.

To be continued…

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