SEXXY, Part 45

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Title: SEXXY, Part 45

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Karen Gillan, Daisy Ridley

Codes: FF, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on a darkened bedroom, where we see the lit outline of a door, which then opens, and a naked Karen comes out, body shiny with sweat, hair matted to her forehead and wet on the ends.  She looks to her bed, where we see Daisy lying, naked backside to her, also glazed with sweat. “Daze?” Karen says, turning off the bathroom light. “Daze, you awake?”

Daisy sighs. “Yes…” She then turns around, and we see her dick and balls, hanging loosely from her body in the heat. “I can’t fucking sleep when it’s this hot.”

Karen sits on the bed, and we also see her low-hanging package, topped with orange pubes. “Yeh, I’m gonna have words with the landlord if he doesn’t fix the fucking AC soon.” Rolling onto the bed to face Daisy, Karen smiles. “You think a little blowjob might help you sleep?”

Daisy huffs. “It’s too bloody hot for that.”

“Oh, come on, just…” Karen nudges Daisy onto her back, then gets down between her legs.  In our first close-up, Karen sucks on the head of Daisy’s flaccid dick.  As she does this, Daisy starts breathing hard, her sweat-soaked chest, with her achingly hard nipples, rising and sinking.  Back in the close-up, Daisy’s now rock-hard, as Karen’s full, pouting lips slide up and down her dripping wet shaft.

“Fuck…” Daisy whispers, closing her eyes and tilting her head back. “Squeeze my balls…” In another close-up, Karen wraps one hand around Daisy’s balls, and squeezes them, causing her to groan, while, again in the other, Karen alternates sucking and jerking Daisy’s cock.  As she continues, Daisy starts to buck her hips, and writhe on the bed.  Once again in the close-up, Karen sucks her off quickly, until we hear Daisy let out a strangled groan, at which point Karen holds her mouth open, while jerking her rapidly. “Ugh!  Fuck!” Daisy grunts loudly, as her cock starts spurting, some of which Karen catches in her mouth, then spits out onto her dick, and then sucks it off again. “Fuck, that felt good…”

“Think that helped?”

“I don’t know.” Daisy then sits up. “Lie down, I wanna return the favor.”

Karen smiles at this. “Okay, babe.” The two kiss, then switch places, and now, in another close-up, Daisy starts sucking Karen’s long, half-hard dick, quickly making it fully erect. “Ooh, yes…” Once it’s completely stiff, Daisy starts deep-throating Karen’s dick, gagging a little as it goes all the way in. “Oh!  Fuck, babe…” Karen moans, brow furrowing, “You haven’t sucked me like this in a while…” Back in the close-up, Daisy brings her lips all the way to Karen’s balls, then pulls all the way back to her head, then repeats.  As she gets closer to cumming, Karen starts rubbing her thighs on either side of her hard dick.  Again in the close-up, Daisy pulls up to Karen’s head, then quickly strokes her long, rigid shaft, as we hear Karen start groaning.  Once she stops, Daisy pulls the cock out, keeping her mouth closed, then crawls up to Karen. “Oh, God, babe…” Karen giggles, “We doing this, too?” Daisy smiles, then kisses Karen, dumping her load into her mouth.

In one more close-up, the two flick their tongues together, sharing Karen’s cum between them, as the scene fades out.

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