Paint It Black

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Title: Paint It Black

Author: The Rudeman

Celebs: Hayden Panettiere

Codes: M+F, cons, inter

Disclaimer: This is all fictional. None of this happened.

It had been several weeks since Hayden’s husband Wladimir had left to go train and do talks on boxing.  Since her kid had arrived he had gone back to his boxing career, and now she was horny as hell.  It also didn’t help that they had hired 4-5 large black men to do painting and fix ups around the house.  There had been a couple night after they left, that she had taken care of herself before drifting to sleep, but that wasn’t enough she needed some big cocks.  After several days, she had talked to the men working.  There was Trent the leader, a large man about 6’3 muscular build, his two friends Shane and Dwayne who were about the same size as Trent, and Marcus who wasn’t as dark as the others, but still was a large man.  Today she decided to see how far she could drive these men crazy.  She had a glass or two of wine to loosen herself up.  Also, she dressed in high black boots and stockings with a small corset which shown off her new mom boobs she just developed.   And walked into the living room (which they were painting at the time), with a dish with 4 big glasses of lemonade she had made for them.

“Hey guys, I got some refreshments for you”, as she walked in the boots that made her bounce with every step, her pale shim really showing off the black under garments she was wearing.  As the four men turned around all of them looked in shock as they saw this famous starlet walking in like a high-priced hooker for all of them to see.  “think this might get you through the afternoon”?  she said in her sexiest voice, “or can I get you guys something different”?  “Well how about you”? replied Trent, who saw the opportunity arising.   Soon all four of them surrounded the little blonde.  “My God you are a cute little thing” cracked Marcus, “come over here little girl, and let’s see what you look like”.  She walked to the middle of the room, already they noticed she was wearing a black thong with her outfit along with her boots, stockings and garter belt.  As she walked her tiny ass bounced, as the four men couldn’t take their eyes off of her.  She could already see the huge hardons they were getting, so she decided to take matters in her own hands.  “So, what’s on your minds guys”?  as she slowly dropped to her knees.  “Oh, we’ll show you” barked Dwayne, as he went up to Hayden, and pulled out his cock.  It wasn’t even fully hard yet, but it still one of the biggest cocks Hayden had ever saw.  Soon all four of them had their cocks out.   Marcus probably had the smallest that she could see at first and it still looked like 8 inches.  So, Hayden figured she would start slowly with him, she turned to Marcus, and he instantly grabbed her head and Hayden began to lick and suck on his cock head.  Hayden started to suck already feeling it getting larger in her small mouth.  Pulled away, and jerked him off for a second as Dwayne got her attention with his huge cock.  He was already hard, but Hayden tried to suck him hard and only got a quarter down the shaft.  She flew her head back a few times and got a little deeper but not by much.  “Damn”, moaned Dwayne, “This bitch likes to suck”.  “Yea I think she’s done this before”, laughed Shane watching her blow his friend.  She began to stroke Dwayne, and made her attention over to Shane.  He wasn’t as hard or big as Dwayne, so she sucked him all the way down as her lips touched his hips.  She repeated this over and over, as Shane moaned every time she went down.  Now Hayden began to stroke Shane with a circular motion as she sucked him, making him harder and harder.  Then she looked over at Trent as she began to do the same to him, sucking him deep, over and over.  As she was getting him hard, the other three began to rub their cocks in her hair, and on her shoulders.  When she turned again, there was Marcus, fully erect now, as she took his cock and started to deep throat him.  She started to gag a little and pulled away for a second.  “You just gotta love that sound”, as Marcus watched the little blonde try to deep throat him.  Shew took his cock and began to rub it on her lips and over her face, as lust began to take her over.  “Gag on this one now”, said Dwayne as her took her head again and forced his cock into her throat.  With all her might she could only get half down his monster cock.  As Dwayne grabbed her head and began to pump her mouth, her hand slapping his thigh to stop, he pulled out as a river of saliva pour out of her mouth onto the floor.  She made a small laugh and grabbed his cock again and bobbed deep on his cock.  “Damn, your good girl”, as he almost fell backwards.  Then she turned and took turns deep throating Shane and Trent.  Soon all four of them had her saliva on their cocks, as she took turns blowing them deep.

Then Shane picked her up, stood behind her and rolled down her thong to the floor.  He bent the small blonde over just a little, and started rubbing his head on her slit, to his surprise, Hayden was already wet.  He tried to poke his cock into her several times, each time hearing a little “eeeep” from the little blonde.  Finally worked his cock into her and began to pump her.  A soft moan escaped her lips as he grabbed her hips.  She tried to grab Marcus’ cocks but Shane was already pounding her and her hands were moving with her body.  About every other stroke as large moan was her from her as she tried to multitask.  She had never been in the middle of a gangbang before, so she was learning as she went.  Soon she was able to keep her balance and began to suck Marcus as Shane fucked her.  After about 5 minutes or so he pulled out.  “I want to fuck you doggy bitch” Shane demanded.  Hayden climbed on the couch, knees on the cushion facing the wall, looking back at Shane.  He then jammed his cock right in and began to pound the little blonde.  “Agrrrggh” was heard as he hit bottom right from the start.  She looked over her shoulder at Shane, moaning with every thrust into her.  Soon he was fucking her like an animal, pounding away with no mercy.  Hayden was in heaven.  He grabbed her hips, “is this what you wanted”?  Her whole body was bouncing from the abuse, as she felt herself on the edge.  “Fuck yes, I want it”!  As she started to cum on his giant cock, Shane never slowed down as he pumped her as she came hard.  Soon Hayden had her back arched taking this strangers cocks and loving every second of it.  “Shit, I’m coming again”, as she arched her back yet again.  Then she put her face into the back cushion as Shane fucked her tiny pussy.  “Oh, shit baby”, as Shane was amazed how this little blonde star was taking his monster cock, and loving it.  “Shit, I gotta stop or I’ll cum right now”, as he pulled out.

Hayden didn’t even get a chance to get her breath as Trent snuck in behind her.  “Yea baby I want that perfect white ass”.  As he began to rub his lubed cock on her asshole.  “No, I’ve never done anal”, Hayden said as she turned her head, she reached back and grabbed Trent’s cock and tried to stop him from his cock’s advance.  “Come on baby”, he said, at first, he was just rubbing his cock, not using his hands to guide in her.  Hayden began to look slightly scared looking up at the ceiling trying to stop him.  Soon there was a game of tug of war between the two as Trent began to use his hand to overpower Hayden.  “You know you want to try it”.  Realizing it was a losing war, she started to let Trent push his cock into her.  He tried to pop his head into her ass, Hayden passively helping him.  “That’s it baby”, as Trent now towering over Hayden, began to move his hips.  Soon he felt the pop as his cock slipped into her bowels.  Hayden was making grunting sounds as she bit her bottom lips feeling the big black cock go into her.  Soon he was just moving the head in and out as Hayden’s eyes grew wide feeling her lose her anal cherry.  Soon she seemed to relaxed.  “alright, alright here we go”, Trent laughed as he started to thrust his hips.  Trent was almost twice Hayden’s size as he fucked the blonde doggy anally on the couch. Soon he was winging his hips madly, making her take all of him.  After a couple of more minutes both of them were moaning and making animal noises.  Trent pulled Hayden up to his chest “You have the sexiest ass I ever fucked”, he moaned in her ear, then he pushed her face back to the couch< then really started to ass fuck her.  Pulling almost completely out and slamming it back in over and over, not giving the starlet a breather.  Soon all the others were chanting “Fuck her ass”, as Hayden was now at the mercy of this black bull.  He continued for about another 10 minutes, before he was exhausted and pulled out.

As soon as Trent was done, Marcus got behind Hayden, but he was a little gentler then his counterpart.  He pulled Hayden’s ass up, then started to fit his cock in her now opened ass. “Oh, God yes” cooed Hayden, now getting used to having anal sex.  But this time Marcus, who wasn’t as tall as Trent, stood on the couch behind the blonde and startled her ass, and soon too was pumping the small blonde’s ass.  In less than a minute he was balls deep in Hayden’s ass fucking for all his worth, soon Hayden again was moaning, realizing how much she was liking the anal sex.  Soon she was yelling “Yes, yes…. fuck my ass” Marcus wasn’t using his entire cock like Trent, once he was balls deep he only moved his cock couple inches as he fucked Hayden’s ass.  But then after a few minutes of that he couldn’t help himself any longer and soon was fucker her with full thrusts showing no mercy.  “Ahhh, ahhh yea” was all that was coming out of Hayden’s mouth as she was soon coming from the anal sex.  The others watched as Hayden’s tiny ass bounced from the fucking she was taking from Marcus.  Soon the flood gates opened, and she was having the biggest orgasm she ever had. “harder, you bastard, don’t stop”, as she rubbed her pussy, and started cumming again.  “Oh, God yes”, was all she could say, as Marcus was starting to slow down.  “Hey give some us a chance” shouted a voice.

Then Dwayne, who was probably the biggest of the four, got behind Hayden.  She turned around and saw who is was.  She already had his cock in her mouth, and new what she was in for.  Dwayne started to push his cock into her, Hayden turned her head to get a good view this time of a man fucking her ass.  As Dwayne was about half way in she rolled her eyes, and mouthing the words “Oh yes”.  Now it was Hayden pushing backwards as Dwayne started to fuck her ass.  “Hmmmm, this bitch is become lover of anal sex huh”? He started thrusting his hips, then grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her back a little as he started to hit bottom.  All Hayden could do was kneel there and have her mouth hang open as she took his monster cock.  Soon they got into a rhythm, as she pushed back to meet his thrusts, moaning all the time now.  “Shit, now you’re gonna get it white girl”, barked Dwayne, as he grabbed her small hips and fucked her for he was worth.  Hayden’s entire body was shaking and bounce from the force from the fucking.  Soon there was a fine layer of sweat on both of them as they fucked as hard as they could.  Dwayne push in all the way and stopped, holding their, pulled back and started to slow down thrusting completely in and holding it.  Soon with each thrust he hit bottom, flexed his ass, then gave the perky blonde a slap on her ass.  All Hayden could do was coo after each thrust.  Then he would work his hips faster, then slowed it down again, he did this over and over for like 5 minutes driving Hayden crazy.  “Oh, man I can’t stop this”, moaned Dwayne.  “Well hell I got to get my turn someway then”, marked Shane, as he pulled the couch out from the wall and got in front of the little blonde.  He sat on the edge of the couch, with his back on the wall, and rubbed his cock on Hayden’s face.  “Let’s see how good you are at multitasking” Hayden grabbed his cock, and soon was bobbing her head on his cock, as Dwayne continued to ass fuck her.  She could only go down like 3-4 at a time, could she would lose her breath when Dwayne would thrust into her.  Soon the two started to split roast the little blonde.  “come on lick my balls girl”, as Shane began to stroke himself as Hayden licked and sucked on his black balls.  This went on for a while, as Dwayne shouted to give the girl a small break.

Shane pulled Hayden over and placed on a large ottoman in the living room, Hayden sat on it wondering what was next.  Shane told her to sit on the edge and lay back, this way Hayden’s pussy was right on the edge of the ottoman, she leaned back and quickly Shane grabbed her legs, pulling them up and jammed his large cock into her, and started pounding away, all Hayden could do was moan as he started to fuck her again.  Meanwhile Trent grabbed her head down to the ottoman and started to run his balls on her mouth.  Meanwhile Shane was getting is second wind and started driving into Hayden for all he was worth, the tiny blonde was rocking back and forth from the sheer power of his thrusts.  “Oh fuck, yes don’t stop”, Hayden shouted as Trent placed his balls into her mouth.  Every now and then she tried to look up but Trent’s huge ball sack was in her way.  Then Shane couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled Hayden’s legs to his shoulders and pounded her with no mercy.  By now Trent had his now hard cock in her mouth.  “You like that huh?” yelled Shane, but all Hayden could muster was a grunting sound as she took all Shane could offer.  This went on for around 5 minutes, as Shane started fucker her now with slower and harder thrusts.  All Hayden could do now was moan, as the lust took her over.  Shane slammed in two more times and pulled out “shouting “next”.  Marcus then came over, and again spread Hayden’s legs out and back, exposing her yet again.  As he began to pound the blonde actress, “Common, babe, keep those legs open”.  Hayden pulled her legs back and grabbed each heel, thinking to herself thank god, she was taking yoga.  Marcus put his hands on her thighs and began to fuck and stretch the blonde.  Again, all Hayden could do was moan each time Marcus hit bottom.  For like several minutes Hayden was taking all Marcus could give her, then Dwayne walked over, smiling and plunged his cock down Hayden’s throat.  It didn’t take long for the two of them to get a rhythm going as Hayden was still holding her heels for dear life.  Now all you could hear was the sloshing sounds and the moaning of Hayden.  Hayden could feel the orgasm of a lifetime building up in her, as Marcus pulled out to head of his cock and stopped.  Hayden tried to pull her head off the ottoman to complain, as Marcus slammed back into her, almost knocking the breath out of her.  As they started splitting the blonde again, that just tipped Hayden straight to the edge, and started cumming like she never did before, her arms were thrashing about and moaning, trying to scream, but Dwyane’s cock was deep in her throat.  Marcus could feel her pussy tightening around his cock, as he slowed down making every thrust count driving Hayden out of her mind.  Soon Dwayne feel to the side out of her exhausted.  “Damn, girl you are draining us”, just then.  Then Trent took his turn on her.  While she was still coming down from her orgasm, Trent again pulled legs almost to her head, grabbed the opposite side of the ottoman and began to pound Hayden like a man possessed.  Soon he was almost lifting his entire hips off the blonde and slamming down, forcing his cock as far as it would go.  All Hayden could do was to take it, by now she was just a sweaty ragdoll, or a fuck doll as it came to her mind as they took turns on her.  Meanwhile Trent showed no signs of letting up, as the other three just watched as he destroyed the tiny blonde.  Hayden, by now had her eyes rolled back in her head as was in a completely other place of pure ecstasy.  Trent started slowly down, as Hayden though he was done, then he slammed back in and grinded into her, pulled out and did that several times.  Then just as Hayden was amazed how deep he was, he started the bombardment yet again.  All that was coming out of mouth now was “Fuck me, shit fuck me”.  Unrelenting, Trent kept going for like 10 minutes just ruining Hayden for the rest of the day as her pounded her.

Finally, Trent also fell to the side exhausted.  A slight sigh came from Hayden’s lips.  “then Shane rubbed his cock again on her lips.  “oh, how sweet, you thought we were done”.  As he jammed his cock in the throat again.  Dwayne came up to her again, “I want to try that sweet ass again”, as he bulled legs back again, and placed his cock on her now gapping asshole.  Soon he was ball deep in her again, holding her legs back.  Soon Shane was joined by Marcus and took turns taking Hayden’s mouth.  After several minutes Shane couldn’t hold it anymore, “Fuck I’m gonna cum”, and shoot a huge load on Hayden’s new mommy tits.  Soon, Marcus was jerking off shoot several large ropes of cum all over her face.  Dwayne, watching all of this while fucking Hayden anally pulled out and shot so hard it almost hit her in the face, it felt like he shot out a bucket of cum.  Just as Hayden thought of how much cum was shot, Trent walked over, “sorry, babe one more load for you”, as he also shot a gigantic load all over her face and tits, as they all looked down she was covered in their cum panting for her life.  “Well miss, I guess were done for the day”, laughed Shane, guess we should be heading home now”.

“Thanks again guys”, shouted Hayden, “can’t wait for u all to come do the gutters next week”.  As they left she cleaned up, and took a long hot shower, she hadn’t had a good night sleep like that in months.

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