New York Whore

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Title: New York Whore

Author: Noops

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, nc/cons. oral, voy

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all.

Selena Gomez and her very famous boyfriend were in New York City. He was there to do a few shows as part of his world tour and she was promoting her new single “Bad Liar”, being photographed everywhere in between by the paparazzi as she went from radio station to radio station to do interviews and talk about her upcoming projects.

But there was one more reason they were both in the city.

A couple of days before the trip, Abel had mentioned something about taking their relationship to the next level. When Selena asked him what that meant he just replied with a cryptic: “You’ll find out in New York,” before quickly changing the subject. Things had been going great for the couple and, after all the bad stuff she’d been through with her last boyfriend, Selena couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have finally found a man that loved and respected her. One that with each passing day she fell more in love with. Whatever the big surprise was, she was sure she was going to love it.

The day of the promotion, just a couple of hours after her plane had landed, the famous singer sat in her hotel bedroom answering a call from her man who had just arrived himself.

“So… now that we’re both in the city. What’s all this mystery about?” she asked as soon as he greeted her.

“You goin’ straight to the point, huh?”

“I can’t help it. Been thinking about it all week!”

“Ok then I’m gonna be straight with you. What I’m ’bout to tell you, I’ve never said to any other woman, ok?”

“Wow…” she replied excitedly, smiling from ear to ear with all sorts of crazy ideas about what he could possibly be about to say going through her mind. Was he going to propose to her? Introduce her to her family? Or maybe just ask her to be in one his songs?

“You know how much I love being with you but lately… I feel like things have kinda become a little stale, don’t you think?”

Selena’s mood drastically changed. She’d been fearing that he would get bored of her for awhile now, knowing well that Abel was a famous womanizer just like her last boyfriend, and now that the honeymoon period seemed to be over her anxiety about him cheating the same way Justin did had been steadily increasing.

“Umm, I guess…” she replied nervously, trying her best to hide her desperation. Her worst fear seemed to be coming true, now all she could think about was how long it would be before he’d break up with her or just plainly cheat on her. All the tabloids and blogs would be filled with tons of lies about their relationship and she’d go back to being depressed and feeling sorry for herself.

With her self-esteem issues flaring up she began to panic.

“Well I’ve been thinking that…. I want to explore our relationship more. Like, sexually.” He said, faking honesty in lines he had repeated dozens of times to other girls.

“Oh. Ok…” Selena replied, still nervous but genuinely surprised with the direction he was taking.

“’Cos I really love you, baby, and I think what you and I have is special. Really special!”

“Yeah, I feel the same way.”

“So I was thinking… If I asked you to do something really crazy for me… to like, you know, spice things up. Would you do it?”

Selena stayed in silence for a moment, still trying to control her fear of being humiliated and abandoned again.

“I… yeah, I mean, what kind of crazy are we talking about here?”

“What I’m talking about here is putting our love to the test. A real one that I think will show if we’re really right for each other.”

“Ok, but what kind of test?” she asked, biting her nails.

“What I mean is that… I want to share you with someone. And I hope you’re ok with that.”

“”Sh– share me? What… Oh, you mean like in a threesome? I already told you, Abel. I could do it, maybe, if I can convince one of my girlfriends. Because you know I’m not comfortable with a random girl and–”

“No no, baby, listen to me, please. You remember what you told me in Paris that night at the hotel?”

“Yes, Abel. I told you that I loved you and that I’d do anything for you.”

“And did you mean it?”

“Of course I meant it! I love you!”

“And do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you, Abel!”

“And you swore you’d do anything for me, right?”

“Yes, I did. What are you getting at?”

“Ok. Because I don’t want a threesome with one of your friends. What I want you to do for me… is fuck someone else.”

“What?! Wait… what do you mean?”

“Look, Selena, baby… I love you and I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world but I’ve always had this fantasy that I could never talk about. And it’s driving me crazy.”

“Oh. So, in this fantasy…”

“I watch you fuck another man.”

“I– I don’t… but why?”

“It’s just something that would make me really happy. And I know it’s a crazy thing to ask a girl but that’s why I’m asking you. ‘Cos you’re the only woman I’ve felt this way about. Ever. And like… you want me to be happy, don’t you?”

“Of course, Abel, but why do you want me to cheat on you I don’t–”

“It wouldn’t be cheating, baby. I’d be right there with you.”

“Ok… but I still don’t get it. And who would I even–”

“I have some people in mind. People I– WE can trust.”

“I don’t know, Abel, I want to make you happy but this…”

“I guess you don’t trust me that much, huh?”

“No, I do! It’s not like that!”

“Well if you really love me as much as you say you do…”

“Ok, ok! Just… give me a second to process this. It’s not something that I had ever even considered!”

“That’s all I ask, baby, that you consider it. I mean, I’d never force you to do anything you didn’t want to, but this… this is really important for me. It’s something I never asked of any girl before. ‘Cos what we have is special, you know. ‘Cos I really love you.”

“I love you too, Abel but… how would it even– I mean, if I did it– and I’m not saying I will– how would this work?”

“Look, you don’t have to stress too much about it, baby. I’ll take you out to dinner tonight, we’ll have a few drinks and after that I’ll introduce you to a friend, ok? And if you feel uncomfortable then we’ll just leave, ok?”

“You promise?”

“I promise, baby.”

“Ok. I guess I can do that. But this is still not a yes, ok?”

“Yeah, I got that. Now go do your thing and I’ll see you later, baby. Ok?”

“Yes. I love you, Abel. You’re everything to me.”

“I love you too, Selena. Oh! And one more thing. In the evening, once you’re ready to go out, take a couple of sexy photos of yourself and put ‘em up on instagram, ok? I love that stuff.”

“Umm, ok, sure!”

“Awesome. Now go do your thing.”


Just as the call ended Selena’s hair and makeup team knocked on the door and as they got her ready for a long morning of promoting her new single the pretty texan couldn’t think of anything else other than her boyfriend’s shocking request. The nervousness and uncertainty kept bugging her as she made her way to the first radio station and she continued to be distracted through most of the interviews, so much so that rumors started circulating of her health being at risk again.

During the few free moments she had between interviews she texted her boyfriend without getting any response, which only made her even more distressed, but she trusted him and was convinced that he would keep his promise and wouldn’t force her to do anything that made her uncomfortable.

Around noon she made up her mind and decided that she would go meet his friend, maybe even flirt with him a little to feed her boyfriend’s fantasies, but that would be it. She was a good catholic girl and her mother had not raised her to give her body to a man she didn’t love.

“Yes, that’s what I’m going to do,” she kept repeating in her head but at a certain point during the afternoon she realized there was one thing that was bugging her the most: She wasn’t completely disgusted by the idea. In fact, she was somewhat curious about who the friend was and if she would feel aroused once she was alone with the two men. She didn’t want to admit it to herself but she was pretty turned on just thinking about it.

When the promotion jobs were finished she got back to her hotel, took a quick shower and started getting ready for her big night in NY. She asked one of her friends to take a few pictures of her in the balcony and then she put them up on instagram, just liked her boyfriend had asked her to.

Abel picked her up in a black escalade and off they went to a fancy italian restaurant where they had great, expensive food, several glasses of wine and even took the time to take photos with some fans they ran into. They left the restaurant at around 10 PM in the middle of a cloud of paparazzi flashes capturing Selena’s stunning look in a silky white dress and high heels.

“So… what happens now?” Selena asked as the chauffeur accelerated the vehicle.

“We’re going to my friend Luca’s penthouse. Is that ok with you?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m ok,” she responded, reassured by her man’s respectful attitude.

“He really liked your pictures, by the way.”

“Oh, ok… but I thought those were for you.”

“Yes, of course, baby but I also wanted my friend Luca to see how beautiful you look tonight. So he’d get excited about meeting you.” Abel grabbed her hand and looking straight into her eyes he said: “Thank you so much for doing this for me, baby. I’m so happy you’re not mad at me for asking.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, baby. I love you and I love making you happy.” Selena replied, a little bit unsure if her answers were the right ones. During the day she had convinced herself that she wouldn’t go all the way with Abel’s friend but now that she was a little tipsy and on route to his place she wasn’t so sure about she was going to do.

“You’re the best!” Abel said before lovingly kissing her on the cheek and Selena’s confusion started getting the better of her. Had she just unknowingly accepted Abel’s request in that little exchange?

“We’re here,” the driver announced and Selena’s legs couldn’t stop shaking. She almost fell down a couple of times on their way to the elevator. The other tenants assumed she was too drunk to walk properly in those heels but actually she wasn’t drunk at all. The effects of the wine had subsided to the adrenaline flowing through the singer’s veins and what was really impeding her walk was nothing more than crippling fear and anxiety.

“Abel, I’m scared…” she confessed once the couple entered the elevator.

“Scared of what, baby? I’m right here with you.”

“I know but this whole thing is… weird. It’s making me feel dirty and–”

“Hey, hey, look at me,” he said, grabbing her shoulders, “This is the top floor. We’re already here. So let’s just go meet Luca, ok? I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to you, ok?”


“Hey, you made a promise to me, remember?”

“I know but–”

“You’re gonna hurt me if you break your promise, Selena. You know I don’t like being lied to. You know how much I hate that!”

“I wasn’t lying.”

“How ’bout when you said you loved me and would do anything for me?”

“That wasn’t a lie either!”

“Then prove it. Come with me and prove that you really love me,” he said, offering his hand to the nervous brunette as he left the elevator. She grabbed it and before she could say anything else the door at the end of the hallway opened and a huge, muscular man waved at the couple.

“Is that… your friend?” she asked in amazement. Luca wasn’t at all what she’d been expecting. Instead of one of Abel’s artsy friends with obvious drug addictions there was a middle aged, 6’7 black man with huge muscles that looked like they almost couldn’t be contained beneath his expensive navy blue 3 piece suit. The weeknd introduced them and all his girlfriend could think about was how much more impressive the man looked from up close.

“Selena, this is Luca. Luca, you already know who she is.”

“Of course, it’s an honor,” Luca said, kissing her hand. The shy latina smiled nervously, looking at his gigantic hands that made hers look like a child’s.

“He must be a bodybuilder,” she thought, staring at the man’s impressive back as they walked into the penthouse. They all sat down in the living room and the host offered them a couple of glasses of wine. Selena was about to politely refuse when she felt her boyfriend’s hand around her waist, urging her to take the glass and so she did. She listened attentively as the two guys told her numerous stories about how they’d met and became friends. Luca wasn’t a bodybuilder but a retired linebacker that had made a fortune managing players after his retirement. He seemed very affable and funny and could really tell the fuck out of a story. It made Selena more comfortable and as time went on and the stories kept getting better she realized she’d finished the glass, just in time for the polite host to fill it again for her.

“So, how do you feel now?” Abel asked her when Luca excused himself to go to the bathroom.

“He’s… nice, Abel. But I’m not sure…”

“Not sure about what?”

“About this. All of this. I mean, I love you. I don’t love him. I don’t see why you’d want me to do that. I wouldn’t want you to do something like this.”

“But didn’t you say you were cool with us having a threesome?”

“Yeah but with another girl! And that would be different, like, I’d be there with the two of you… I mean I’ve never been in one but I think it wouldn’t feel like… like this.”

“But this is the same thing, baby. It’ll be just like that, only I’ll just be watching. You see, I’m not giving you to him, I’m just sharing you, ok? And besides, it’s just your body, I know your heart belongs to me,” Abel insisted, with a short kiss on her lips.

“Everything ok here? I hope I didn’t take too long in there,” Luca said as he returned to the living room wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting boxer briefs.

“Yeah, we’re cool,” Abel said, pulling Selena close to him, “We were just, you know… getting into the mood.” He started fondling his girlfriend’s breasts in front of the man and she gasped in surprise. With her face quickly turning red she tried to jump off the couch but Abel did not allow it.

“Abel what are you doing?” she complained but he didn’t say anything back. He just kept holding on to her, kissing her neck as she tried to push him away in vain. Angry and afraid she started hitting his chest and shoulders until he finally released her. “Abel! Why are you doing this?!” she yelled but before she could get up from the couch she was stopped again. Luca had sat behind her while she was distracted and now had his bulky arm around her small waist. Selena had barely managed to push Abel away but she knew there was nothing she could do against his hulk-like friend.

“Please, no! I don’t want to do this!” she protested as Luca’s monstrous hands pulled her petite frame towards him. Neither one of the men addressed her complaints. Abel leaned back on the couch ready to enjoy the show and Selena started panicking.

“Why are you doing this, Abel?!”

“Just relax, baby,” he told her, already unbuttoning his pants. “Just keep your promise and you’ll make me really happy, ok?”

With those monster hands on her she realized she had no options, she closed her eyes and a single tear ran down the right side of her face as the gigantic man behind her pulled the thin straps of her dress down her shoulders. Then he pressed his manhood against her backside and Selena trembled.

“Just tell me that you love me,” she pleaded to his boyfriend, attempting to convince herself that rather than being forced to have sex with another man she was doing it out of love.

“I love you so much, baby.”

“I love you too,” she replied just before she was forced to accept Luca’s tongue in her mouth. Abel pulled out his dick and started stroking it slowly to the sight of his topless girlfriend being fondled and kissed by another man. Rather than exhausting herself with a struggle that would surely be completely futile, Selena surrendered and gave both men what they wanted. She was still very afraid but she really loved her boyfriend and she’d promised to do that for him.

The gorgeous girl looked down at the enormous hands squeezing her small breasts and felt completely helpless. Her nipples were trapped between his thick black fingers and they hardened as soon as he put a little bit of pressure on them, causing a short whimper to escape her mouth.

“That’s it, baby, let him play with you. You’ll learn to like it,” The weekend encouraged her.

“Please, be gentle,” she requested with a soft, terrified voice that did no justice to the amount of courage she’d had to muster to even utter the phrase. Luca picked her up with extreme ease and turned her around to face him. She looked at his lust filled eyes for a second and then turned away. He noticed her shaking and smiled, placing one hand on her tender breast. Pinching her nipple harder made Selena moan and her knees spread apart instinctively. He reached under her dress and started sliding down her silk panties.

“Wait!” she squeaked, “I’m not… ready!”

“You sure ’bout that?” Luca retorted with a raised eyebrow and the tip of his middle finger slowly sliding up and down the brunette girl’s labia.

“Imma make you ready then.”

“Get wet for him, Selena, get ready for his big cock!” her boyfriend commented from the other end of the couch.

Selena’s face turned red, ashamed of how easily her body had become comfortable with the situation, even when her mind was still struggling and in a state of confusion.

“Mmmmph!” she whimpered as Luca’s thick finger began pushing into her vagina. Her jaw dropped as she realized the girth of his digits was basically the same as her boyfriend’s penis. Luca only had one finger in her but it already felt like she was being fucked.

“Damn, you were right, Abel, this bitch is really tight!” The big man exclaimed, pushing in and out of the delicate girl that was looking back at her boyfriend with a sad look of shame and disappointment. “I can’t believe he told him that!” she screamed in her mind, but Abel just smiled and continued to touch himself.

“Hey, don’t be looking at him, look at me!” he commanded, grabbing her chin and forcing her to return her view to the front. “Yeah your boyfriend there told me all about your pretty little cunt and how much you like sucking his cock. But that don’t matter now ’cause tonight you’re mine and you’re gonna do what I say, whether you like it or not. Is that clear?!”

Selena nodded, terrified. He started laughing out loud and she realized that Luca had stopped moving his hand a while ago. It was her own hips swaying back and forth on his finger. She felt helpless and dirty but it hadn’t stopped her body from craving the touch of that scary man. Luca pulled his finger out and offered it to her.

“You see how wet I made you? You’re a little cum-hungry hoe, aren’t you?”

Selena wrapped her lips around the finger covered in her juices and tasted herself with shame.

“I asked you a question, slut!”

“…yes,” she answered meekly after swallowing her own natural lubrication.

“You gotta say it!” Luca ordered before taking off his boxers and she stayed silent for a minute, staring sheepishly at his intimidating cock before finally swallowing the last remnants of her pride and giving him the correct answer:

“Yes I’m… I’m a whore.”

“Good. Now it’s time to put on a little show for your man, hoe. So take off that dress and come suck this dick. Leave the shoes on,” the naked man instructed her, comfortably sitting in the middle of the couch.

Selena stood compliantly in front of him and grabbed the silky fabric of her dress. She thought about it for a moment and addressed her boyfriend: “I’m only doing this for you, baby. I love you,” she declared as her dress slipped off of her and down to the floor. Then she stepped over the crumpled fabric and got down on her knees, her face directly in front of a huge, menacing cock; twice the size of any other she’d ever seen.

“Go ahead, hoe, I’m not paying you to stare at it.”

“Paying?” she wondered. She wasn’t getting paid to do anything, she was only doing it to please her boyfriend. What the hell was he talking about? She quickly dismissed that comment as nothing more than a part of his fantasy and, wrapping her tiny hand around his throbbing manhood, she was amazed at how quickly it hardened. She turned her eyes to Abel’s once more, pleading him without any words to tell her that she could just stop and leave but he just kept stroking his dick, staring at her with an expression she’d never seen before. Selena realized that something was different. At that moment there was no love or affection or even respect behind those eyes she adored; there was only a perverted wish to see her degraded and, as hurt as she was by it, she still loved him and wanted to make his dream come true, even if her own dignity was to be sacrificed in the process. She’d always been a hopeless romantic and, even though something like what she was going through had never even crossed her mind, she convinced herself that there could be no greater proof of sincere, passionate, all-consuming love than to completely give up her pride and self-respect and to surrender her body to his man’s wishes.

“What the fuck are you waiting for, hoe? Put that dick in yo’ mouth!”

The directive snapped her out of her thoughts. She tried to gather herself and licked her lips to make them wet. Slowly and carefully her mouth approached the veiny head but still she hesitated at the last moment.

“I… I’m sorry. I’m don’t think I can do this…” she apologized with fresh tears of shame coming out of her big brown eyes.

“I’m sorry, man, she’s still new at this,” Her boyfriend explained, standing up over her with a disappointed expression.

“Selena, this is the last time I’m going to ask you this. Do you really love me?”

“Of course I love you!” she answered immediately.

“Then suck his cock.”


“But nothing! You will do whatever Luca tells you to and that will prove if you really love me. If you can’t do this for me that means it’s all bullshit!”

Selena opened her mouth and was about to say something but he interrupted her again:

“Shut up! Tonight you are his whore and nothing more. Do you understand?”

Shocked and afraid she was unable to stand the way he was looking at her, with those strange eyes she’ never seen before. Then she sighed and stopped resisting.

“Yes, I understand. I’ll be his whore,” she said obediently before wrapping her delightful lips around the tip of Luca’s cock. He tasted bitter and she felt sickened but there was nothing to do but move forward and so, the sweet latina explored the area around the head with her tongue, tracing the thick veins of the shaft with the tips of her fingers, trying her best to familiarize herself with the colossal penis. “Maybe if I just take it slow it’ll start to get easier” she said to herself but right then, without any type of warning, Luca pushed forward and his fat shaft suddenly filled the walls of her mouth, painfully stretching the muscles of her jaw to their limit just to barely fit in. He then grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth ruthlessly. Unable to scream or even complain she braced herself with her hands on the man’s knees and took thrust after thrust into her mouth and throat while her boyfriend sat next to them and watched her petite anatomy strain and rattle.

“Good girl!” The big man praised her, pulling out of her mouth. Selena desperately gasped for air and turned to her boyfriend, seeking his approval. Abel only acknowledged her with a slight nod of his head but she noticed how hard he’d gotten watching her and that made her happy. Luca playfully tapped one of her cheeks with the tip of his cock and Selena smiled for the first time. She still wanted to leave, to stop touching that man she barely knew but if her sacrifice could have that effect on her loved one then it might not be that bad.

The powerful man ordered her to stand up and she diligently did so, but this time she held on to him, slowly stroking his towering meat while he admired her tender body. Both his dick and her hand were covered with saliva and precum and Selena enjoyed the way the thick veins on the shaft felt passing through her wet hand; as well as the squishy sounds they made. He told her to turn around and bend over, again she obeyed without hesitation. She heard the giant man grunt excitedly at the sight of her pussy and, without anyone telling her to, she reached back and spread open her labia for him. Luca grunted again and squeezed her small ass with his immense hands and began to eat her pussy. Selena continued to watch her boyfriend masturbate while the warm feeling of Luca’s tongue lapping up her cunt finally got her in the right mood to perform the role they had forced on her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she blurted out to the surprise of not only the two men but also herself. It wasn’t something she’d planned to say, it had just come out unexpectedly and as the huge black guy turned her around again and began pressing the tip of his prick against her dripping slit, she realized they had finally broken her. “Aughhhh!” she whimpered, slowly being filled by an organ more akin to an elephant trunk than a penis. Luca held her in place at first but once he the tip was in he let go and the petite girl slowly lowered her hips on his lap, taking inch after thick inch of his seemingly never ending rod.

“I… I love you so much, Abel,” she cried when the monster inside hit her cervix. She could not believe how deep in he was and the feeling of having something so big inside scared her. Her pussy had never been so stretched and with every movement she felt like it was going to tear open. But there was also something amazing about it, an incredible feeling of vulnerability and liberation.

“I love you too, baby,” Abel replied and she felt a surge of pleasure run through her. She leaned forward and put her hands on Luca’s shoulders as he began moving inside her. The incredible size of the thing hurt her, but it also felt incredible.

“It’s really happening, another man is fucking me in front of Abel. Oh my God I can’t believe I’m doing this!” she thought when he grabbed her by the hips and started very carefully moving in and out of her. Her muscles began to relax a little bit more with every thrust and as his speed increased so did her pleasure. There was no more lying to herself, she had been against it all day but now all she wanted was to keep putting on a show for her man. She’d found a new level of satisfaction she had no idea was possible in the way he was looking at her and the way she was getting fucked. After a few more minutes she found herself smiling again and moving her hips to the same rhythm as Luca’s, even though it was still painful.

“Fuck, this hoe’s little pussy feels so fucking good!” he shouted, squeezing her ass and ramming his cock into her without any consideration. She screamed and moaned loudly, feeling like she was going to break in half.

“I LOVE YOU, ABEL, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!” she continued screaming, her long brown hair disorderedly flowing from her head and hitting Luca in the face. Abel did not say anything back but she could see him whispering to himself and frantically stroking his dick, obviously enthralled with the spectacle she was providing. She felt Luca’s hands lifting her up until he was almost out of her and then lowering her back down, penetrating all the way to her cervix again.

“YES, YES… FUCK ME! AHH! UNGH, UNGH! USE ME LIKE A WHORE!” she screamed, bouncing up and down the black man’s cock.

“Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me come real quick, you little slut!” he announced, increasing the speed of his movements. The warning made Selena snap out of her trance.



Desperately she tried to free herself from his grip but there was no point, he was too strong and too deep inside her.


Her pleas became useless the moment she started climaxing, Luca was already on the precipice and the petite brunette’s spasms were all that was needed to get him over it. “FUUUUUUCK!” he shouted, ejaculating into the helpless girl who wrapped her arms around his thick neck and braced herself for the hot loads of jizz that began filling her up.

Luca made sure to shoot ever last drop inside her, then he pulled out and threw Selena on the couch. Exhausted and out of breath she lied there even after he left to clean himself. It was in that confused and weakened state that she suddenly felt something warm on her lips.

“Abel wh–” she tried to ask but she was interrupted by her boyfriend’s cum shooting directly into her mouth. Too tired to care she opened her mouth and let him empty himself before swallowing the warm load. He dropped down on the floor next to her and kissed her sweaty forehead,

“That was amazing, baby.”

“Abel, he… came inside me, I begged him not to…”

“He just got too excited, Selena. I mean, I saw you getting into it too. We can’t blame the man for something like that.”


“Hey, listen, I really appreciate you doin’ this, Selena. You made me really happy. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“I guess…” she said, still unsure about her conflicting emotions. The distraught actress picked up her clothes and began to get dressed when Luca came back to the living room holding a small black briefcase. “Here’s the money,” he said, throwing it on top of the coffee table, “And let me know when she’s available again, she’s worth every penny,” he added before leaving them alone again.

Selena’s face turned into a grimace, she looked at her boyfriend with incredulity before opening the briefcase to find several stacks of cash inside.

“What the fuck is this?!”


“You sold me?! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“It’s just a part of the fantasy!”

“How can it be just a fantasy if he really paid to fuck me?!”

“Because if it was gonna happen anyway we might as well get paid for it!”

“Oh my God, I thought we were just roleplaying but this… it was real!” she shouted full of anger and shame, her voice cracking under the weight of that terrible realization, “You sold me to that man! You turned me into a whore!”

Covering her face with her hands she sat back and cried on the same couch she’d been fucked just a few minutes before. Abel sat next to her and tried to hug her but she energically refused.

“How could you do this to me?! Why did you lie to me?!” she yelled, looking up at him and crying her big brown eyes out.

“Look, let’s cut the bullshit, alright?!” he scolded her, “First of all, I wasn’t lying, I’ve been wanting to see you get fucked like that since I met you. But I also needed the money, ok? And second, I was watching you the whole time and you liked it!”

Abel’s brutal honesty shocked Selena to her core. He had never talked to her in that tone before and she didn’t know how to respond to one more unexpected thing in the long list she’d had to deal with that night.


“Oh yes you fucking did! I know you, you were nervous and terrified but deep down there was a part of you that was loving being treated like a whore.”

“You’re fucking crazy!”

“Oh am I? Because I’ve never seen you have an orgasm like that before!”

The crying girl opened her mouth to say something but could not bring herself to deny the accusation.

“Let’s face it, Selena, you love being the victim,” he continued saying while her face slowly turned from furious to embarrassed, “You get off on being dominated. That’s why you let me bring you here knowing what was going to happen, why you let a man you just met fuck you without any protection and why you’ll do it again whenever I want you to!”

“I… I won’t.” she argued in a soft, barely audible tone, completely devoid of conviction.

“Yeah, you will. I can already see it in your eyes,” Abel asserted, roughly pulling the girl’s messy hair. “You see, most women would’ve told me to fuck off the moment I even mentioned it, but not you, Selena. You try to be the pure girl in the interviews and the magazines even though we both know that you’re actually a cum-loving slut. All I did was upgrade you to the status of expensive whore!”

Selena started quietly sobbing and he let go of her. “Please, Abel, stop…” she pleaded.

“Now say it! SAY. IT”

“You’re right, ok?! I’m a cum-loving slut! I’m a whore!” she shouted hysterically, “Can we please just go now?”

“There’s no point in crying, baby. Just accept what you are, because I gotta lot of friends in NY that have been asking me for your… services” he told her, heading for the exit door with the briefcase in his hand.

Selena did not speak again until they arrived at her hotel, sobbing quietly in the darkness of the car for most of the trip.

“I love you, Selena, I really do,” Abel told her as she exited the vehicle.

“I… I love you too,” she replied with the bright lights of the street exposing her red eyes and runny mascara.

Abel told the driver to go and Selena spent the rest of the night crying in her bed. The sun was coming up when she was finally calm enough to get some sleep, but not before masturbating to the memories of Luca’s penthouse.

To be continued…

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