Interviewing…Dannii and Leona

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Title: Interviewing…Dannii and Leona

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Dannii Minogue, Leona Lewis, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MF, FF, anal, rimjob, facial

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The next episode of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls was one that I was particularly looking forward to. I’d been an avid watcher of The X Factor in the early days of the show and two of the women who had made it so enjoyable were the guests joining me and Kate on the sofa.

Leona Lewis had won the second series of the show and had since gone on to be a huge hit, both in the UK and in the USA. Although faded in recent years, she still remained one of the most successful singers from the show. Our other guest, Dannii Minogue, was sat on the other side of the stage as a judge on the show in its early days. She successfully mentored two winning acts on the show before recently taking on the judging for new show, Let It Shine.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the two women but the moment they joined Kate and I on the stage, I knew we could be in for a very productive evening. I’d always preferred Dannii to her sister, Kylie, but I couldn’t help but notice how similar the two outfits they’d worn when they’d come on my show had been. The only difference was Dannii’s was low-cut as opposed to finishing temptingly high but she looked beautiful none the same. Not to be outdone, Leone was wearing a silver dress with an exposed back to show off her prominent tattoo that I was curious to see if it went all the way to her ass.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, starting with the interview. “It’s great to have you both here. Now, people in the UK probably know you best for your work on The X Factor. Can you tell us about your differing experiences on the show?”

“I’ll always be thankful to the show,” Leona answered, smiling. “Without it, I certainly wouldn’t be here on this show. It gave me my big break and it changed my whole life so it’s hard to say anything bad. The experience was incredible.”

“I was on the show for four years and I enjoyed most of it,” Dannii responded. “Obviously, being a judge and a mentor is completely different to performing but it represents a different challenge. I didn’t enjoy the third series I was on, but to have two winners was certainly lovely.”

“Leona, yours was the series the show really took off,” Kate added. “Did you notice how big it was when you were performing?”

“Yeah, obviously,” Leona responded. “I went from wandering around town normally to getting recognised everywhere. But it’s not really until you finish the process that you realise how big it is on the outside. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind.”

“Dannii, the obvious talking point regarding your time on The X Factor was the affair you had with Simon Cowell,” I said, leading the conversation towards sex very early on. “How did that happen?”

“I’ve spoken about this many times,” Dannii said, a little agitatedly, “but I guess, it’s one of those things that’s always gonna come up. I was on-off with my boyfriend at the time and Simon was very forthcoming. We enjoyed a lot of good sexual encounters and I don’t regret it.”

“Well, if the sex was good, why would you regret it?” Kate added. “How are the current sex lives for you both?”

“I’ve enjoyed myself recently,” Leona answered, much to my surprise seeing as she was single. “Being over on Broadway, it opens all kind of doors. I’ve had a fling with a few of my fellow cast members in Cats but sometimes I just mingle around after the show and see who I can pick up.”

“It’s pretty quiet for me on the sexual front,” Dannii answered, looking disappointed. “Obviously, being a single mother, it’s hard to get some alone time for me to go out and have a good party and maybe get lucky. Hopefully, being back in England, my sex life might pick up again.”

“Let’s hope it does,” I replied, hoping that it might this very evening. “I guess that means a lot of masturbation? And what about you, Leona?”

“Yeah, I masturbate daily,” Dannii answered immediately. “I’ve done it for a long time, even when I was getting regular sex. I can’t get enough of a good masturbation session. Some people have hobbies, mine is fingering myself.”

“I’ve done it more often recently,” Leona confessed. “Ever since I moved to the States, actually. I was told by a good friend that a lot of the performers masturbate right before they go on stage, so I decided to give it a go and it’s worked so far.”

“That’s what we like to hear,” Kate said, smiling at our two guests. “Now, has there ever been any experimentation for you ladies? Kylie told us she taught you how to masturbate when she came on, Dannii, did she teach you anything else?”

“No, but I’ve always been grateful to Kylie for showing me how to touch myself,” Dannii responded. “We had some of our best orgasms masturbating together back in Australia. As for experimentation, well, I’ve fooled around with a few girls. I wish I’d had a chance to fall around with Cheryl but I rectified that with Natalie Bassingthwaighte.”

“I wish Dannii had been on the show when I was a contestant,” Leona answered, “as I would have definitely tried to persuade her to keep me on with some fun. I’ve always been very open sexually and when I was in Walking On Sunshine, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had no fun with Hannah Arterton.”

“Very nice,” I said, my cock slowly beginning to grow in my underwear. “What’s the kinkiest thing either of you have done?”

“I mean, masturbating with my sister is pretty kinky,” Dannii confessed, “but I’m naturally a kinky person. I judged one whole episode of The X Factor with no underwear on and masturbated during the break between the first show and the results. That was pretty kinky, I guess.”

“I’ve never done anything that kinky,” Leona admitted, “as much as I would have liked to. When I was performing on The X Factor, I always had the urge to do something naughty but I was too focused on winning the show. I guess, it would be something like masturbating and nearly getting caught.”

“Both very kinky circumstances,” Kate agreed, stretching out a hand and gripping my cock as I released it from my jeans. “Ok, here’s your penultimate question. You can do a duet with anyone in the world of music but have to choose them purely based on your desire to have sex with them. One male, one female. Go.”

“Wow, that’s a great question,” Leona said, thinking hard. “There’s so many beautiful and handsome singers out there at the moment. I think for a female, Mariah Carey would be amazing, as she was a great influence on my career, and for a male, someone like Bruno Mars.”

“Well, excluding Leona and my sister,” Dannii said, “I think Cheryl has to be my number one for a female artist. As for male, I’m working with Gary Barlow on his new show, Let It Shine, so I’ll say him, or maybe, Jason Donavan.”

“Wow, good answers,” I said, as Kate lowered her lips around my cock to Leona and Dannii’s delight. “Final question for today. Do you watch porn and if so, what’s your favourite category?”

“Of course I do,” Dannii responded without hesitation. “I love all the different genres but the ones I watch most frequently are Australian, lesbian, double penetration, threesome and sister.”

“Wow, Dannii, I only have two favourites,” Leona said, smiling, as she watched Kate’s blowjob. “I also like the family porn videos, so I’d say incest and threesome are the ones I watch the most.”

“Amazing,” I said, wrapping up the interview, trying to hide how good Kate was making me feel. “Thanks for an excellent show. Join us next time on the show, our last in the series, when we’ll be joined by Leona’s inspiration, Mariah Carey. See you then.”

The moment the show had stopped, Dannii and Leona had decided they couldn’t wait to get naked. Both women had stripped out of their dresses and were soon in their underwear, looking as sexy as ever, watching Kate suck my rock-hard cock.

Watching the two singers strip out of their clothes was a sight I couldn’t help but enjoy and it was soon to get better as they made their way over to join Kate in sucking my cock. Kneeling down on the floor in their lingerie, Dannii and Leona began to make out as Kate continued her terrific blowjob.

The ladies soon became impatient though and took control of my oral pleasure, exchanging my cock between them while Kate stripped out of her own clothes. I began to make out with my co-host once she was fully naked and she spread her legs hopefully, inviting Leona or Dannii to give her oral pleasure at the same time as the other sucked my cock.

With Dannii’s mouth around my cock at the exact moment Kate had spread her legs invitingly, it was Leona who took the bait, adjusting herself so that she could access my co-host’s pussy. She began to rub it slowly before bringing her tongue to it and showing all the skills she’d learnt on her movie set.

Kate and I continued to make out as we received oral pleasure from our two guests and I massaged her breasts in my hands, trying to repel my orgasm that was nearing ever closer. Dannii decided she would try and make this happen sooner and released her own tits for me to gawp over as she sucked my cock with the same skill her sister had.

Knowing I wasn’t going to be able to control my orgasm much longer, I broke apart my kiss with Kate and instead guided Dannii’s movements on my cock, watching her as she looked up at me. The Australian looked absolutely stunning with my cock in her mouth and I glanced over at Kate, who was holding Leona’s head to her pussy.

We both smiled as our guests pleasured us and I realised I could hold off no more. I guided Dannii off my cock, stood up and began to jerk myself hard, ready to cover her pretty face with my hot, sticky cum. This I did, and she was soon licking her lips, tasting my juices as they covered her face in a white liquid.

Dannii made no attempts to clean herself up as she pushed me down to the floor and straddled my face, making her intentions clear that she wanted the favour returned. I had no qualms about this and immediately began licking the Australian judge’s pussy, remembering how I’d missed the opportunity to taste Kylie.

Seeing Dannii take control of the situation seemed to give Kate the boost she needed, and I heard my co-host announce to Leona that she, too, was nearing her climax. I pulled Dannii’s pussy closer to my mouth though, intent on trying to make her reach that stage as quickly as possible.

The room was soon filled with the cries of Kate Abdo as she climaxed in Leona Lewis’ mouth and from the words of encouragement Dannii Minogue gave her, it was certainly a passionate orgasm. I wondered if Leona would be as forthright as Dannii had been and ensure Kate returned the favour, but how wrong I was.

Presuming that the two other members of the interview were making out, I continued to lick Dannii’s pussy so was completely surprised when I felt a pussy lower itself onto my cock. I immediately knew it must be Leona, as Kate and I had fucked plenty of times, and would have more opportunities to do so, so she wouldn’t have fucked me by choice, given the situation.

Being unable to see Leona as she bounced up and down on my cock only made me appreciate the feeling more and I began moaning into Dannii’s pussy as the Australian reciprocated my moans with some of her own. I had no idea what was happening above me as my view was completely blocked so instead focused all my attention on trying to make the youngest Minogue sister cum.

I was soon made aware of what was happening above though, thanks to Kate’s instructions that she gave to our two musical guests while they continued to be pleasured by my anatomy.

“Right, it’s not fair that you two are getting all the pleasure,” Kate said, but I had no idea where from. “Dannii, why don’t you get a taste of this pussy? And Leona, I want you to eat my ass.”

I had no idea if the two women were excited at the prospect of this gangbang but as soon as Kate had said her suggestions I felt both Leona and Dannii increase their pleasure. Kate’s moans soon filled the room as it appeared both women had fulfilled her fantasy and were now pleasuring her from either end.

The only sound was Kate’s moans and the unmistakeable noises of sucking as Dannii, Leona and I all used our mouths to pleasure someone in the room. I was doing my best to make Dannii cum and it became apparent that it was working as she soon was making loud, muffled noises from the direction of Kate’s pussy.

“Yeah, that’s it, moan into my pussy,” Kate said, enjoying her role as the only one able to speak. “Yes, Leona, bury that tongue in my ass. You like the way it tastes?”

Suddenly, I felt juices flooding over my tongue as Dannii Minogue hit her orgasm and I lapped them up, only too willingly. I wanted her to clamber off me so I could witness what was going on but the Australian would have to remove her head from Kate’s pussy and there was no way my co-host was going to do that.

Deciding instead to concentrate on making the other guest cum, I lowered my hands blindly towards my cock and found Leona’s hips. I began to guide her movements which, up until that point, she had been doing herself. This allowed her to get more into her rimjob and she began eating Kate’s ass with much more aplomb, according to Kate’s words of encouragement.

I could feel the cum building in my cock once more, but seeing as Leona was yet to cum, I wanted to hold off my own orgasm until she had reached hers. Thankfully, at that moment, the double pleasure Kate was experiencing brought her screaming to her second orgasm of the evening and allowed Dannii to release her head from Kate’s pussy, once she’d lapped up all the juices.

The Australian judge clambered off my face and I was greeted with a wonderful view of a naked, panting, sweaty Kate Abdo moaning as she held Leona’s head to her ass from behind. The coloured singer was rocking on my cock passionately and I was overjoyed when Dannii moved over to her and decided to double the Bleeding Love singer’s pleasure.

Dannii had moved behind Leona and I suddenly felt her tongue on my balls as I fucked Leona Lewis, as she licked at anything she could foreseeably reach, be it my balls or Leona’s ass. The mixed race singer was moaning furiously into Kate’s ass, who was still holding her head there despite having climaxed, smiling at me all the time.

Eventually, Kate allowed her to moan in pleasure as I felt her juices flood over my cock, Kate lowering herself down to make out with me as the singer came. She clambered off my cock and the four of us just remained there naked for a minute, as though deciding what to do next.

I wondered if that might be the end of our fucking session but to my delight, Dannii was the first to move from her position. Grabbing a hold of my cock, she began slowly stroking it as though deciding if she wanted anymore.

Eventually, she made her decision and pushed me down onto the floor, before instructing me to get back up again. Leaning over the sofa, she presented her ass to me and I took great delight in lining up my cock, ready to fuck her from behind.

“No, no, no,” Dannii stopped me before I pushed it inside her. “I haven’t been fucked up the ass in so long, I want it up there. But lube me up first.”

I wanted to fuck Dannii so much that I didn’t care where I did it and immediately dropped to my knees, spreading her ass crack wide and delving my tongue inside. Dannii moaned as she felt it explore her ass and I knew I needed to book the two sisters on the show together as I imagined having this much fun with Kylie here as well.

I was totally oblivious to what was going on next to me, until Kate appeared on the floor, smiling as she watched me lick Dannii’s asshole. I glanced over and saw that Leona and Dannii were making out, and was completely surprised by Kate’s unwillingness to get involved.

This soon became clearer though as my co-host parted my own ass cheeks and delved her tongue inside, giving me a surprise rimjob. It was my first experience being rimmed while I also rimmed someone and I quite enjoyed it, the feel of Kate’s tongue in my ass as I explored Dannii’s.

My cock was hard as a rock and Dannii’s pussy was suitably lubed up but I didn’t want to stop Kate’s licking. However, Leona came to my rescue as she pulled Kate away from my ass and guided my co-host’s tongue to her pussy instead, wanting her to return the favour from earlier that evening.

I lined my cock up against Dannii’s asshole and slowly pushed it inside, feeling the Australian singer push back onto my cock. It was quite tight and I realised she hadn’t had many cocks inside her ass, so I took it slow, pushing more and more of my dick inside her.

Soon, my whole cock was inside Dannii’s ass and I began to fuck her anally from behind, grabbing a hold of her tits as I did so, and massaging them in my hands. The Aussie moaned in pleasure as she felt the pleasure in her anal passage and her own hands wandered down to her pussy, starting to rub as she enhanced her pleasure.

I knew Kate Abdo was a good pussy licker but Leona Lewis was discovering this for the first time as my co-host went down on the famous singer, and the mixed race star was experiencing it fully. She was moaning loudly as Kate lapped away at her pussy, her hands massaging Leona’s tits, just like I was doing to Dannii, and her eyes locked on the singer’s face.

It wasn’t long before Leona hit her orgasm, her pussy’s sensitivity already heightened from her previous orgasm through my cock. She squirted her juices over Kate’s face, where they were lapped up willingly and the two celebrities turned to witness my anal fucking of Dannii.

They weren’t content to just watch though and Kate moved round and resumed her licking of my asshole, heightening my own pleasure and bringing me ever closer to orgasm. Dannii must have been nearing the same as she moaned even louder when Leona replaced Dannii’s fingers with her tongue and began to lick the former X Factor judge’s pussy.

It was almost simultaneous the way both Dannii Minogue and I hit our orgasms as I squirted my load deep inside her ass at the same time she sprayed Leona’s face with her pussy juices. I pulled my cock out of her ass and Kate licked it clean before the four of us collapsed in one sweaty, satisfied, spent heap.

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