Interviewing…Shelly-Ann, Elaine and Dina

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Title: Interviewing…Shelly-Ann, Elaine and Dina

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Elaine Thompson, Dina Asher-Smith, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MF, FF, MFF, facial, interracial

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

The next episode of Sportswomen Uncovered was an athletics special and both Kate and I were excited to have three women on the show who had starred at the Rio Olympics. It would be our first show where all the guests were of black race and I was looking forward to maybe seducing them as I had never before been with a woman of this origin.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce was a Jamiacan sprinter who had been crowned Olympic champion twice. Her performances in Rio hadn’t been up there with her best but she’d still been able to take home a silver and a bronze medal. She’d been eclipsed by her Jamaican compatriot, Elaine Thompson, who had taken home two gold medals and a silver medal and was, for many, the new pin-up of sprinting. Finally, Dina Asher-Smith was Great Britain’s next big female sprinter, taking 5th place in the 200m at Rio along with a bronze medal in the relay, and all of them were on our show tonight.

As Kate and I welcomed our guests onto the stage, I was stunned at how well the three athletes scrubbed up. I’d never really seen the women outside of what they wore on the track and I was surprised to see how beautiful they really were. Shelly-Ann was wearing a short skirt that showed off her muscular legs and a loose top, while Elaine had opted for a white dress that showed off her legs as well. Dina, our only non-Jamaican guest, had gone for a casual look with leather trousers and a leather jacket and a black top.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, calming myself down. “What a pleasure it is to have you here. Let’s start with the Rio Olympics where each of you won a medal at least. Can you just describe your experience for us?”

“It was an absolutely amazing experience,” Elaine answered first, smiling. “I knew I had a chance of a medal after my silver at the World Champs in Beijing, but to come away with two golds on a personal level was unbelievable. And the silver in the relay just topped off the perfect Games.”

“It was an unbelievable first Olympic Games for me,” Dina replied, like Elaine smiling widely. “I hope there’s many more of them like that. I wasn’t expecting anything so to come away with a bronze in the relay, we were over the moon. And I was happy with my personal race as well, with a good solid time in the 200m.”

“Obviously for me, it was slightly disappointing because it was my worst Olympics in terms of medals won,” Shelly-Ann answered finally. “Having said that, I was also happy because I wasn’t in the best form so to get two medals, a silver and bronze was very pleasing.”

“It was certainly a great Olympics for all of you,” Kate added, as excited for the interview as I was. “What’s next for the three of you?”

“I guess the defence of my 100m title at the Worlds in London,” Shelly-Ann answered first this time. “I’m getting towards the end of my career now but I think I’ve still got one or two more big meets in me, so I’ll certainly do my best to defend that World title.”

“Yeah, the Worlds are next for me, too,” Elaine said. “It’ll be different going as defending Olympic champion but it’s something I’m certainly looking forward to. It’ll be tough with everyone getting quicker but hopefully I can improve on the medal I took two years ago.”

“Well, I set a new British record at the last World Champs so if I could do that again in front of a home crowd, that’d be amazing,” Dina said, smiling still. “I’m lucky I’m still improving and so maybe I could sneak a medal in London, that’s the dream anyway.”

“Is there a sex ban in place for you girls when you’re coming up to a big championships?” I asked, leading the questions towards the fun part.

“Well, when we’re coming up to the big events, training takes over so sex is usually off the table,” Shelly-Ann replied. “I wouldn’t say I ban my husband, but we certainly don’t do it as much as usual. I’m usually too tired from all the training to want to have sex so that’s the reason.”

“As I’m splitting my time between training and my studies at university, it means there’s not that much time for sex anyways,” Dina answered, looking a little forlorn. “But I think if I was getting regular sex, I’d probably put a ban on it in the weeks building up to big tournaments or championships.”

“I’m in a similar position to Dina, with the fact that I’m currently single, so it isn’t hard for me to ban sex in the lead-up to a tournament,” Elaine replied. “Having said that, I do think a release before big races works sometimes so maybe I wouldn’t ban it if I was in a relationship.”

“So do you women relieve yourselves before a big race?” Kate asked. “Maybe a quick masturbation session?”

“Not right before the race, no,” Elaine answered first this time, “but I’ll probably have a masturbation session the night before, just to relieve the tension. I think it helps knowing you’ve had a good release the night before and aren’t too tired because it’s not much work getting yourself off.”

“I’ve never tried it, but maybe that’s where I’m going wrong,” Dina replied. “To be honest with you, I’m a complete novice to anything sexual because my life’s just been running and schoolwork, I’ve hardly had any time for anything else. Maybe, I should try it.”

“I can speak from experience, Dina,” Shelly-Ann responded, “it definitely works. Obviously, you can’t do it before the final because of the way the meets tend to set up, but if you have a good session the night before, you can’t go wrong.”

“Perfect advice,” I said, smiling at the thought of the three girls masturbating themselves and beginning to get a little hard. “When you’re out of season, what are the sex lives like?”

“Like I said before, I’m a complete novice in the sexual department,” Dina replied first. “I’ll confess I’ve never actually had full sexual intercourse with a guy, because I’ve been so focused on training and on my schoolwork that there just hasn’t been time to party and meet guys.”

“I’m in a fairly similar position to Dina,” Elaine answered, somewhat surprisingly. “I’ve had sex with a couple of guys, and don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but I’ve always put my athletics career first. So I’m relatively inexperienced.”

“Being married means I always have sex available but I make him wait until the off-season,” Shelly-Ann replied. “When I can finally take a break from all the training and meets, then my husband and I fuck like wild animals. It’s very, very active, about once a day, sometimes more.”

“Very interesting answers,” Kate said, and I could tell she was getting excited at the prospect of me taking Dina Asher-Smith’s virginity. “Have you ever experimented with other women?”

Elaine and Shelly-Ann exchanged a knowing smile before the latter answered. “Erm, well, I think that maybe the key to our relay success,” Shelly-Ann said. “We’re all really close friends anyway and then one day, I caught two of the other team members having fun and it’s sparkled from there.”

“It was a really great way to be welcomed to the team,” Elaine said, smiling widely. “You don’t expect that kind of bond but we were all close, training partners and good friends so it stemmed from there. Shelly-Ann’s certainly had the most though.”

“Maybe I should suggest that to the Great Britain relay girls,” Dina said, a little shocked at the admission by her Jamaican counterparts. “Like I said before, anything sexual has really been off the cards for me so I’ve never experimented with myself, let alone other girls.”

My cock was beginning to grow now as I imagined the Jamaican relay team lesbian sessions and Kate noticed it. She released my cock as I asked the penultimate question, “If you had to pick one other athlete to teach you, Dina, who would it be?”

“That’s incredibly hard to answer,” Dina said, shocked at Kate’s sudden exposure of my cock. “Erm, maybe someone who’s experienced, like Shelly-Ann would be great, but I know Jessica Ennis-Hill is an amazing athlete and she’s beautiful so maybe her.”

“I’m sure a lot of women are in the same position,” Kate responded, now stroking my cock up and down as she asked the final question. “What’s the most risqué thing you girls have done sexually?”

“I think I better leave this question to the others,” Dina said, watching as Kate lowered her lips around my cock.

“Well, I’ve masturbated on the side of the track,” Shelly-Ann said. “That was when I forgot to do it before the heats of the Commonwealth Games and I know I only run well if I’ve got off beforehand. I couldn’t finish but luckily I won my heat and as soon as I got out the way of the cameras, I finished myself off.”

“Wow,” Elaine said, her eyes on the blowjob too. “I’ve never done anything as risqué as that but I guess mine’s not too far away. I once fucked on the warm-up track at the Olympics just because it was on my bucket list. I say once, I’ve only ever been to one Olympics so it was in Rio.”

“Unbelievable,” I said, delighted at the three athletes’ interest in the blowjob. “What a wonderful show. Join us next time for the last episode in the series of Sportswomen Uncovered when our guests will be swimming star Fran Halsall and swimming presenter Helen Skelton. See you then.”

As soon as the show was over, I relaxed and began to enjoy the blowjob that Kate Abdo always gave me to help seduce the guests. It seemed that this time, though, the only one who would need convincing would be the virgin Dina Asher-Smith as both Elaine Thompson and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce had begun to rub themselves through their clothes.

It wasn’t long before Shelly-Ann and Elaine had hitched their dresses up so they could rub their pussies through less material with just their panties in the way. Kate began to suck my cock harder, knowing if she could make me cum it would certainly persuade Dina to join the fun. The young Brit had made progress, though, disposing of her jacket.

Dina was slowly becoming more and more turned on, I could tell that much, but I didn’t know what I could do to convince her. Suddenly, a thought popped into my mind and, searching on my phone, I found exactly what I was looking for.

Suddenly, the video of my sex adventure with Jessica Ennis-Hill was playing on the projection scene and Dina Asher-Smith’s attention was immediately captured. Elaine and Shelly-Ann were still focused on their own pleasure and had slipped their hands inside their panties as Kate continued to suck my cock, but Dina was watching a naked Jessica Ennis-Hill take it up the ass.

The revelation that the woman who Dina idolised had been on the show and succumbed to fucking me seemed to pull Dina out of her trance. She looked over at where Kate was sucking on my cock and then to her right where Elaine and Shelly-Ann were both masturbating and realised this could be her first time if she wanted it to be.

Suddenly remembering that Dina had never as much as touched herself, I reluctantly pulled Kate’s lips away from my cock. Pulling her up for a quick kiss, I stood up and made my way over to the other sofa, sitting down next to Dina Asher-Smith, whose eyes immediately stared at my hard cock.

Noticing that Kate was now free and watching them, Elaine and Shelly-Ann looked at each other, smiled and stood up to make their way over to my co-host, leaving the sofa to Dina and I. As soon as they reached Kate, the two Jamaicans involved her in a three-way lesbian kiss, their hands exploring each other’s bodies through their clothes.

I decided to try and speed things up by leaning in and kissing Dina Asher-Smith, something which she slowly grew into and began reciprocating. My cock was on full display so I let my hands wander down and found the place where her pussy was hidden beneath her black, leather trousers.

I slipped my hand inside her trousers and began to rub her pussy through her panties, immediately feeing how wet she was getting and not being able to believe she’d never touched herself before. We continued to make out because, despite my urge to see what was happening on the other side of the room, I knew I had to take this slow with the virgin athlete.

Eventually, Dina broke the kiss apart and laid back, inviting me to continue rubbing her pussy but also giving me freedom to look over the other side of the room and boy, was I glad I did. The other three women in the room had wasted no time in getting themselves naked and Kate was currently in a Jamaican sprinter sandwich as Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce was devouring her pussy while Elaine Thompson straddled her face.

Dina had noticed this too and I felt her pussy get wetter through her panties as she watched the lesbian threesome across the room. I decided it was time to take things further and slowly began to ease down Dina’s trousers, leaving them in a heap on the floor.

Dina Asher-Smith had suddenly gained confidence, whether it was from me rubbing her pussy through her panties or watching her fellow athletes in a threesome with Kate Abo, I didn’t know, but she quickly took off her top and eased down her panties to leave her completely naked on the sofa.

“Fuck me, Tom,” she said, as I too disposed of my clothes. “Take my virginity.”

“Woah, woah,” I said, knowing I had to be careful with her. “I can’t just fuck you straight away. Lean back, let me lube your pussy up.”

Dina laid back on the sofa and I got into position, lying so that my head was resting above her pussy. My cock was as hard as ever but I knew that would get pleasure later as I slowly began to lick Dina’s pussy, giving her her first ever experience of oral sex.

The moans from the other side of the room were now so loud, I knew that Kate and Elaine must be close to their own orgasms. I glanced over and saw Shelly-Ann’s head being held in place by Kate while Elaine moaned out in pure ecstasy as Kate licked her pussy.

I continued to lick Dina’s pussy and her moans became almost as loud as the other girls’ as she experienced pleasure on her pussy for the very first time in her life. I was honoured to be introducing the young British athlete to sex and I made sure that she’d want to do it over and over, concentrating all my efforts on making her feel good.

All of a sudden, the room was filled with orgasmic moans as Elaine Thompson hit her climax. She screamed out in pleasure as Kate lapped her pussy to orgasm and Dina smiled as she realised what she’d been missing out on. I was determined to get her to the same state, but at the same time, I needed to fuck soon.

“I think you’re ready, Dina,” I said, wanting to get in a position where I could hopefully watch Kate cum as I fucked Dina.

I got up and stood next to the sofa, looking over as Shelly-Ann continued to lick Kate’s pussy, now being aided by Elaine, who was pleasuring my co-host’s breasts. It was a sight that turned me on greatly and it seemed to have the same effect on Dina, as she eagerly stood next to me, ready to lose her virginity.

I bent Dina down in front of me, in a position that we both had a good view of the lesbian loving on the other sofa, and slowly pressed my cock up against the entrance to her pussy. I pushed inside, meeting the expected resistance, but using all my experience, persisted until I felt my cock break through her hymen and I could start to fuck her properly.

If Dina felt any pain she did incredibly well to hide it, as the moment I’d started to fuck her, she’d begun to moan out in pleasure. This was my first ever time having interracial sex and I couldn’t believe I’d never done it before as I grabbed Dina’s cute, perky, black tits and slammed into her great ass.

Maybe it was the knowledge that I was taking Dina’s virginity, maybe it was the sensation of having two beautiful Jamaican sprinters pleasuring her body, or maybe it was a combination of the two, but Kate hit her climax at that moment. She held Shelly-Ann’s face down to her pussy as she squirted her juices over the black Jamaican, enjoying her first interracial experience as much as I was mine.

Kate’s orgasm seemed to bring both Dina and I closer to our own and to my absolute delight, Dina Asher-Smith was first to hit her climax; unsurprising, considering I’d been licking her pussy beforehand. She moaned out in pleasure as she experienced her first ever orgasm and I felt her juices flood over my cock.

With it being Dina’s first time, I didn’t want to cum inside her pussy and so I pulled my cock out and instructed her to turn around. She laid down on the floor and I had the pick of the whole of her body as for where to cum over and settling on her breasts, I jerked my cock hard until my cum exploded over her, giving them a superb contrast.

“I can’t believe I’ve never done that before,” Dina said, smiling up at me. “That was amazing.”

“Wait until we get a go with you,” Kate said, pulling Shelly-Ann in for a kiss.

Dina smiled as I kissed her passionately before we all stood up, admiring each other’s naked bodies. I looked at Kate and she nodded, as if giving me permission to make the first move and decide who I wanted next.

Elaine Thompson was my choice because if Kate was going to teach Dina how to be with a women, Shelly-Ann would be the perfect assistant. Plus, I had a huge urge to slam Elaine hard. I moved over to the reigning fastest woman in the world and took a hold of her hand, guiding her over to the sofa.

I was unsure of what I wanted to do first but Elaine made my mind up for me by grabbing a hold of my cock and taking it in her mouth immediately. She certainly knew what she was doing, rubbing her pussy as she sucked it, all the while allowing me to watch what was going on over the other side of the room.

It seemed Shelly-Ann and Kate were going to waste no time in introducing Dina to lesbian sex as they’d already laid her on her back on the sofa. Kate was currently making out with the young British athlete while Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce had made a beeline for her pussy, rubbing it and feeling how wet she was.

Kate broke apart the kiss and allowed Dina to emit the similar kinds of moans she had done when I had first started licking her pussy, before I’d taken her virginity. I got the sense that Dina was perhaps enjoying this even more as Shelly-Ann began to lick the fellow sprinter’s pussy.

Elaine had worked my cock up to its full length using her mouth but I knew she would be just as keen as I was to start fucking. The Jamaican gold medallist certainly seemed eager, as she continued to rub her pussy while she sucked on my cock, before removing her lips and pulling me out of my momentary trance of watching the ladies.

Looking up at me with puppy-dog eyes, I knew what she wanted immediately and pulled away, allowing Elaine to stand up and get into a position. Just as I had done with Dina Asher-Smith, Elaine decided we needed to be in a position where we both could see the action over the other side of the room, but I decided against this; I wanted to look at Elaine.

This meant missing out on an absolutely wonderful view though, as Kate had moved into position to ensure she was not left out of the lesbian scene. She’d been licked to orgasm by Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce earlier and, though I’m sure she wanted to play a part in Dina Asher-Smith’s first lesbian experience, she decided to return the favour, lapping away at Shelly-Ann’s pussy as the Jamaican pleasured Dina.

That meant Elaine was the only woman in the room not partaking in any sexual activity but that was soon to change. I pulled her in for a kiss, which she reciprocated passionately to my surprise, before I lined my cock up with the entrance to her pussy.

Thrusting inside, Elaine moaned as she felt my cock and I began to fuck her, kissing the fastest woman in the world as I did so. She preferred a rhythm completely opposite to her sport as she pushed onto my cock slowly and softly, cherishing every thrust.

I had no idea what was going on over the other side of the room but at that moment, I didn’t care in the least, so focused was I on pleasuring Elaine. I lowered my head and began to suck on her small, perky tits as I slowly fucked her, her moans filling my ears and the rest of the room.

However, my ears were soon filled with another woman moaning as the same screams Dina had made when I had fucked her to orgasm moments earlier, resurfaced with Shelly-Ann lapping away at her pussy. The young Brit was screaming out Shelly-Ann’s name, making me think she’d maybe been dreaming of this situation for a while.

Picking Elaine up, I turned her round, still grinding my hips into her pussy and fucking her slowly, so that I could witness the action from across the room and I had to stop myself from releasing my load in Elaine’s pussy immediately.

All three women were now moaning in pleasure, although Kate and Shelly-Ann’s moans were muffled through the sound of pussy as they were both still licking away, Kate was ravishing Shelly-Ann’s pussy, rubbing her own as she did so, and I could sense she was close to her orgasm from the way her body was shaking.

“Fuck, Tom, I’m gonna cum,” Elaine moaned as I’d unknowingly sped up the pace of my thrusting, whilst watching the lesbian act. “Fuck me hard and fast. Make me cum.”

She’d grabbed my attention back from the others and I was glad she had, pulling me in for a kiss as I fucked her as hard and fast as I could, her moans growing louder every second. At the same time as Dina let out her own orgasmic moan, I felt Elaine’s juices flood over my cock and the room was filled with two climaxing ladies.

I continued to fuck Elaine for a short while as she recovered from her climax and I watched Shelly-Ann sit up on Kate’s face, nearing her own climax. Elaine freed herself from my cock and dropped to her knees immediately, taking it in her mouth, ready to suck me to my climax.

Dina was sitting on the sofa, watching the two sexual acts taking place in front of her and she seemed in total awe of the situation. Before this evening she had been a virgin and now she was recovering from her second orgasm, watching Elaine Thompson suck my cock while Kate Abdo licked out Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

Suddenly, Shelly-Ann let out a huge moan as she squirted her juices over the face of my co-host, who was still furiously rubbing her pussy and bringing herself closer to orgasm. Dina Asher-Smith smiled as she watched Shelly-Ann cum and she moved over to the Jamaican and gave her a passionate kiss, something she never would’ve dreamt of doing before tonight.

That just left the two presenters to cum and Shelly-Ann clambered off Kate’s face and made her way immediately over to where Elaine was sucking my cock. Dropping to her knees, she joined her Jamaican teammate in pleasuring my cock and balls as the two exchanged it between them, giving me huge amounts of pleasure.

Dina had joined Kate on the sofa as the two women masturbated themselves watching the double blowjob I was receiving, smiles on their faces. Dina had never masturbated before but she seemed to grasp it quickly enough as she was soon moaning as loud as Kate was, her two orgasms meaning her pussy was incredibly sensitive.

I felt my own cum building in my balls as Shelly-Ann took my cock in her mouth and Elaine sucked on my balls and it wasn’t helped by the two climaxes that happened one after the other over the other side of the room.

Kate climaxed first, her juices flooding the sofa below her as she screamed in pleasure before Dina followed suit moments later, her orgasm a lot less furious but passionate none the same. This, combined with the way the two Jamaican sprinters were working my cock, brought me to my own climax and I covered the faces of the last two Olympic 100m women’s gold medallists with my sticky cum.

What another fantastic end to a wonderful show.

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