Interviewing…Grace and Julie

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Title: Interviewing…Grace and Julie

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Grace Park, Julie Benz

Codes: oral, MF, FF, Fmast, facial


This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The next episode of The Truth Behind The Women of TV was yet another special, but this time it was a show that maybe wasn’t as well known around the globe, but was very close to my heart. Ever since the first time I’d watched Hawaii Five-O, I’d loved every minute of it and to have two of its stars on this week’s show was a fantastic feeling.

Grace Park had been on the show since the very first episode of the re-boot and had looked absolutely stunning in every episode. The scenes when her character showed off her surfing skills in a sexy bikini were one of the reasons I started watching the show and I couldn’t wait to meet the actress behind her. Julie Benz was a relative newcomer to the series, first appearing in 2015, but has appeared on many terrific series such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dexter and I was very pleased she’d brought her beautiful looks to one of my favourite shows.

When the two women came out onto the set ready to start the show, I couldn’t believe how damn sexy they looked. I’d always admired Grace’s body, she was my Asian crush, but her casual look made her even sexier, in a white top and black jeans with a leather jacket. Julie had dressed up slightly more than her co-star but by no means overshadowed her in a yellow number that showed off her fantastic breasts.

“Welcome to this special Hawaii Five-O episode of The Truth Behind The Women of TV, ladies,” I said, starting the show. “You both look fantastic. Right, let’s start the interview. You both had roles in big shows before joining the re-boot of our feature series, how does it compare?”

“Well, it’s strange because I enjoyed my time on Battlestar Galactica,” Grace answered, “but I love filming Hawaii Five-O so much more. It’s probably because we’re in Hawaii all the time, but I get on great with everyone on the cast and it’s always fun when you get a gun.”

“I think because I came into Hawaii Five-O a little later, it’s made it different to the other shows because I was at those from the start,” Julie answered. “But everyone’s made me feel so welcome and I do enjoy the sunshine in Hawaii, and the plots and cast are fantastic.”

“Your characters are both quite badass, do you enjoy that?” I ask.

“I love it,” Grace replied without hesitation. “Kono is one of those women who doesn’t take any shit but manages to ooze sex appeal which I absolutely love. She’s had difficulties in her personal life but she’s just so badass, it’s been a dream to play her.”

“It’s nice playing someone who’s certainly more brave than anyone else I’ve played,” Julie answered. “Abby’s fairly new to the team so I’m definitely hoping her more badass side comes out because so far she’s just been settling in. But she’s definitely got that side to her, so it’ll be nice to play it when it comes out.”

“You’re characters are both in strong relationships on the show,” I said, directing the conversation towards sex, “what about in real life?”

“Obviously, you know, I’m happily married and have been for nearly 13 years now,” Grace said, smiling. “We’re very happy but sometimes you do miss the thrill of being single. However, it’s great to have sex on tap, I know that’s where you were heading.”

“Like Grace, I’m happily married although not for quite as long,” Julie laughed. “My first marriage was a bit of a disaster so obviously I’m pleased to be settled down and hopefully for good this time, and with a great sex life.”

“You both say you have great sex lives,” I said, getting slightly excited as we headed towards the juicy part of the interview. “How often is great?”

“I’m a very sexual person,” Grace answered, perking my interests immediately, “so it has to be a good few times a week for me. It takes a lot to keep me satisfied and that’s one of the reasons me and my husband are still together, because he can provide in the bedroom department. I’d say, on average, it’s probably about three or four times a week.”

“I’m a little less hard to please than Grace, it would seem,” Julie answered, smiling, “but I still do enjoy a good, healthy sex life. I like to have sex at least twice a week if I can and that’s one of the things that caused the divorce in my first marriage, the lack of sex.”

“And what about masturbation?” I asked the ladies, cock showing signs of growing. “Do the Hawaii Five-O babes masturbate frequently?”

“Oh God yes,” Grace answered without hesitation. “I masturbate every day whether I’m getting sex at the end of it or not. I find there’s nothing better than relaxing with a good porno, dildo or vibrator and just pleasuring yourself to orgasm. It makes me horny just thinking about it.”

“Yeah, masturbation is a healthy way to keep your sex life strong,” Julie answered. “I find that most guys can only deal with a certain amount of sex a week so masturbating keeps me satisfied in both senses of the word. It’s a great way to find out what you like so that the guys know as well.”

My cock was visibly growing now and I wondered if my two guests had noticed it. “And have you two experimented with other women?”

“Of course I have,” Grace replied, smiling as she looked down and noticed my bulge. “I tried it when I was much younger, in college, before I was married and I’ve always remembered it fondly since. There’s been many a time when I’ve thought about doing it again but it’s never happened. Well, not yet anyway.”

“I’ve never experimented properly, you know,” Julie answered, though she looked very curious. “I’ve made out with chicks and once or twice, mutually masturbated with them, but I’ve never taken the next step. My lesbian kiss scene on Desperate Housewives is as about as good as it gets.”

My cock was practically at it’s full length as I asked the next question. “Got any kinky confessions for us?”

“Erm,” Grace said, racking her brains. “I guess one of my kinkiest confessions would be that if I’m only going to star on a TV show for one episode, I’ll masturbate on set and hope to get caught. And I suppose, I should tell you that if there’s a really hot girl as our guest on Hawaii, I try and seduce her to masturbate with me.”

This time, Julie noticed my bulging cock and smiled as she gave her answer. “I wish I could say I’ve done the same thing,” Julie answered, “although I am rather fond of my experience first time on Hawaii with Grace. I was only on Desperate Housewives for five episodes but I saw a few of the cast having fun on that.”

“I think we’d all like to know which ones?” I asked, my cock now standing fully erect.

“Well, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman were the three I caught,” Julie answered, smiling still wider, “but I’m reliably informed that Brenda Strong and Andrea Bowen got involved too.”

“Wow, that is certainly a scoop for us all,” I said, imagining those women getting it on. “We’re running out of time, but one final question. What would be your dream sex scene on Hawaii Five-O?”

“That’s a great question, but I’ve never really thought about it,” Grace answered. “I think I’d want one that involved a lot of people, I just think that’s something Kono would be in too. Maybe it’d be something where she and Adam (her husband) were having sex and Julie’s character caught them and joined in.”

“Ooh yeah, that might be fun,” Julie replied, agreeing with her co-star, “I think Abby would enjoy that. She’s in a relationship with Chin though, so maybe something involving him would work for her but I’ve never really thought about it as well. I did enjoy my lesbian scenes on Desperate Housewives, though.”

“Wow, I think we’d all love to see those,” I said, setting my hard cock free, hardly being able to take anymore. “That’s all we’ve got time for today. Join me next time for the last episode in the series, with Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco. See you then.”

I’d finished the cock with a rock-hard boner and I’d had to release it, especially after the two ladies had given their final answers. I knew they’d both seen how erect they’d gotten me during the interview and I had no shame in beginning to stroke it as I looked over at them on the other sofa.

I was unsure as to what the reactions of Grace Park and Julie Benz would be, given the fact that both of them were married, and because of this, I did not have that high hopes. However, I was confident I may at least get a mutual masturbation out of them and decided to try and increase my chances.

It had been a while since I’d had a previous encounter’s sex video on the big screen, but I figured this was the only way to get the two ladies to commit to something. I flicked through my phone, still stroking my cock with my free hand as the ladies watched on, unmoved, and found the one I was looking for.

I don’t know what had made me choose the sex I’d had with Daniela Ruah and Cote De Pablo, stars of the NCIS franchise, but I was immediately glad I had picked it. Both Grace and Julie gasped as they realised what they were watching, the video starting at the part where I was licking Daniela’s pussy.

I looked across to see if this had indeed sparked a reaction from my two guests and was stunned at what I saw. Both Grace and Julie were staring intently on the scene playing on the big screen, and both had decided to take it a step further.

Grace had slipped down her jeans and disposed of her leather jacket. Her hand was buried in her panties as the other played with her tits through her shirt, her nipples standing on end. Julie, meanwhile, was focusing on the top half of her body as she watched the scene, exposing her breasts for me to see, rubbing them passionately.

I fancied my chances and stood up, wandering over to the opposite sofa where the two ladies were pleasuring themselves and sat myself in between them. Grace and Julie turned to look at each other, smiled and then continued with their pleasure. I took that as an invitation to join in.

I stopped stroking my cock for the first time since I had exposed it on the other sofa and instead moved my right hand to rub Grace’s bare thigh as she played with herself. Drawing confidence from the lack of movement by Grace, I took my other hand and began to rub Julie’s thigh as she continued rubbing her own breasts.

Buoyed by the fact neither girl had made any moves to remove my hand from their thighs, I slowly began to move them further up their legs in the direction of their pussies. As if to encourage me more, Grace removed her own hand from her pussy and instead focused it on rubbing her tits through her white shirt, her nipples standing on end.

I found my hand reaching their panties and was delighted to find that they were both wet as I began to rub their pussies through the silk fabric. Grace wasted no time in disposing of her top so that her tits joined Julie’s on show, and the two of them continued to play with them as they felt my hands masturbate their pussies.

It was Julie who made the first move as she stretched out her left hand and wrapped it around my hard cock as I slipped my fingers inside the panties of the two beautiful women. Her hand was cold but it felt nice as she began to stroke it up and down, Grace watching on, still playing with her tits as I rubbed her pussy.

Grace could fight the temptation no longer and soon her right hand stretched out and joined Julie’s left hand around my rock-hard cock, helping her stroke it up and down. Knowing both girls were now up for some fun seemed to give me the boost that I needed and I removed my hands from their pussies, instead taking off my shirt to leave me fully naked.

The two women looked at my naked body for a moment and then both removed their hands from my cock. Just as I was about to complain and protest, they began stripping out of the rest of their clothes until all three of us were sat on the sofa, fully naked and all horny as hell.

“So what do we do now?” Julie asked, looking over at the naked Grace Park and my rock-hard boner.

“I can think of one thing,” I said, taking a hold of the back of Julie’s head and slowly lowering it down to my cock. She took the initiative and opened her mouth, wrapping her lips around my member and slowly beginning to suck.

Grace looked at me with her cute smile and I knew that she was itching to be involved too. I reached out my hand and found her pussy, resuming my rubbing of it, but this time slipping a finger inside as she watched her co-star suck my cock.

“No, no, that won’t do,” Grace said, grabbing hold of my hand and instead directing it towards her tits. “If you’re getting oral, I’m getting oral.”

Grace looked at her co-star and the two seemed to reach a silent agreement. Julie broke off the blowjob and stood up at the same time as Grace did. Before I knew it, the two ladies had positioned me so I was lying on the sofa, rock-hard cock standing to attention, as the two women stood over me.

Julie Benz was soon back sucking my cock though as the blonde clambered onto the sofa and began taking my cock deep in her mouth, looking up at me with her lustful eyes. However, I didn’t see them for long as Grace Park clambered on top of me, presenting her pussy to my face and I couldn’t say no, quickly bringing my tongue to it and beginning to pleasure her.

It was hard to believe I’d been unsure as to whether the stars of Hawaii Five-O would be up for some after-show fun moments ago, now that they were engaged in this three-way oral sex but that’s the power of this show. I grabbed Grace’s waist and pulled her down tighter onto my face to give her more pleasure as Julie wrapped her whole mouth around my cock.

The room was soon filled with the moans of Grace Park as I ate her pussy like I hadn’t eaten any pussy before. I was determined to make her cum but it seemed Julie Benz was determined to have the same end result in her pleasure, sucking my cock with more skill and speed than I’d expected.

As much as I wanted to give Grace her orgasm, I also wanted to fuck one of the ladies before I reached my own and I knew that wasn’t going to happen if we remained in these positions. So I placed my hands down towards my cock, grabbed hold of Julie’s head and brought it off my cock.

Julie seemed to get the idea and grabbed hold of my cock and I soon felt it rubbing against the entrance to her pussy. I could hardly believe that these two slutty actresses had decided to forget all about their marriages but I guess that was the power of the show, as Grace decided she wanted to watch.

She stood up, removing her pussy from my face, allowing me to get a better look as Julie slowly lowered herself down onto my cock, her pussy much tighter than I expected it to be. I wasn’t allowed to see this for long though, as Grace’s pussy soon returned to my face, this time so that she could watch as Julie began to bounce up and down on my cock.

I grabbed Grace’s waist and pulled her pussy down tighter on my face, determined to make her cum before I busted my load in Julie’s pussy. This was exceptionally hard though, as Julie was fucking my cock like she hadn’t fucked a cock before, going hard and fast and making it incredibly hard not to squirt my load.

Soon, the room was filled with loud moans as both Grace and Julie began to edge towards their orgasms. I was surprised that Julie had taken so little time but she later revealed to us that, although her sex life with her husband was generally good, she hadn’t been fucked in three weeks, and therefore had a heightened sex drive and state of orgasm.

I could feel my own cum building and soon it was inevitable that I was going to orgasm, thanks to the passionate climax Julie went through as she bounced up and down on my cock. Screaming out my name, I felt her juices flood over my cock and sensed that I was moments away myself.

Julie’s orgasm only succeeded in bringing me to my own and I couldn’t control it anymore. I moaned into Grace Park’s pussy as I felt my cum shoot up inside Julie Benz’s pussy and the blonde continued to fuck as much of it out of me as she could. Hearing and watching the two of us climax pushed Grace to the edge of her orgasm as well and I was determined my tongue was going to bring her there.

I spread her pussy lips as wide as I could, with Julie still riding my cock, and delved my tongue deep into Grace’s highly sensitive area. It did just the trick I hoped it would as she moaned out in complete pleasure, her orgasm overcoming her and flooding my face with her sticky pussy juice.

Grace clambered off my face as Julie did the same from my cock and the two girls met, their mouths interlocking as they began to make out. I was at the height of my horniness, having just cum and watching the two girls interlock tongues, did nothing to help my sex drive.

I began stroking my cock as the two girls made out and they eventually turned to face me, smiling as they saw I was still horny.

“Switch up?” Grace suggested to Julie, caressing her blonde co-star’s tits.

“Sounds good to me,” Julie replied, giving her Asian co-star one last kiss before making her way over towards me.

I was speechless as the girls wasted no time in getting what they wanted. A switch up meant exactly what it sounded like as Julie clambered onto my face, offering me her pussy full of my cum, which I quickly started eating. I soon felt warm lips around my cock and knew that Grace had begun giving me a blowjob and I settled in for the ride.

Even though I’d just cum in Julie Benz’s pussy, it still tasted as good as Grace’s had done moments previously, and the blonde actress was at a heightened sense of pleasure, having hit her climax herself. I was finding it hard to concentrate though, as Grace Park continued to give me a blowjob, something she was very good at.

She’d clearly given a few to her husband over their long marriage as the way she worked my cock showed both skill and experience. In fact, I was slightly disappointed when I felt her lips remove themselves from around my cock and were replaced with her hands.

However, my disappointment was short-lived as I soon felt Grace lower herself down onto my cock, her pussy feeling surprisingly tight around my cock. She began to bounce up and down on it and I felt Julie lean her body forward so that the two ladies could begin to make out while they received pleasure from the two ends of my body.

This continued for what seemed like a lifetime as I was in complete ecstasy, Grace bouncing on my cock, eating Julie’s pussy as both ladies moaned into each other’s mouths as they made out. The co-stars seemed to have an unspoken connection and I wondered if it was the first time they’d played around together.

Thinking about the two girls having previous lesbian encounters only made my cock harder and I soon felt the beginnings of my orgasm in my cock. As much as I was determined to control my climax as best I could, and make the two girls cum first, I knew it was going to be exceedingly difficult with the way Grace was riding my cock.

The moment Grace changed her rhythm, from a slow, loving fuck to hard and fast, I knew I couldn’t last much longer. However, I was unable to warn Grace of my impending climax, due to the fact my mouth was busy feasting on Julie’s pussy, and soon was shooting my load deep inside the Asian’s pussy.

“Oh my God,” Grace cried out as she felt my cum shoot inside her, “fuck yes, Tom. Squirt your load inside me.”

I felt Grace fuck my cock faster and harder still, with the added lubricant, making this easy and her loud moans seemed to indicate that she was nearing her second orgasm of the day, too. I knew I needed to make Julie cum and decided to chance my arm as I licked her pussy.

I don’t know what made me do it but I found my confidence boosted from the fact I’d already orgasmed twice and brought my fingers up to the place where I was licking Julie’s pussy. Once they were lubed up, I slowly brought them up and dove one finger straight into her asshole.

“Ow,” Julie cried out in pain, “I’ve never had anything up there before.”

I didn’t stop fingering her ass though and Julie’s moans of pain soon became moans of pleasure as her asshole loosened up more and more. I spread her pussy lips wider and dived my tongue inside, trying to keep stimulating her ass at the same time but finding it more and more difficult.

My cock was still hard and Grace was taking full advantage of this fact, fucking it hard and fast and bringing herself to the edge of her climax. This was the point I realised I wasn’t going to make Julie cum before Grace and so decided to enjoy licking her pussy and fingering her ass, penetrating her rear passage with another finger.

Suddenly, I felt a hot sensation on my cock and I realised that Grace Park had reached her climax, judging from the sounds she was making, moaning loudly. I focused my attentions on Julie though, licking her pussy as fast as I could while I fingered her ass and I recognised the moans she’d made just before she’d climaxed before begin to re-appear.

Removing my fingers from her ass, I pulled Julie Benz down further on my face and held her pussy to it as my tongue lapped away furiously. Seconds later, she became the third of the three of us to hit her second orgasm of the night, releasing her juices over my tongue, which I lapped up gleefully.

Once more the girls clambered off my body and began to make out in the middle of the room, leaving me lying there, satisfied and overawed. I couldn’t help my cock continue to be hard though as Grace had fucked it solid for a while since I’d cum and I knew I maybe had one more load in me.

Grace and Julie were really getting into their passionate kissing though and their hands were soon exploring each other’s bodies as Grace played with Julie’s tits while Julie rubbed Grace’s delicate pussy. I allowed them to have fun with each other for a few moments, sitting, watching, slowly stroking my cock up and down.

Before I knew it the girls had moved to the other sofa and were laying in a 69 position going to town on each other’s pussies, leaving me alone on the other side of the room. As much as I was enjoying the sight of the two Hawaii Five-O stars pleasuring each other, I wanted to be involved and so quietly got up off the opposite sofa and made my way over towards them.

Grace was on top of Julie so I knew it would be easier to fuck her but with both of the girls licking each other’s pussies, I may have to fuck one of them anally. I’d already penetrated Julie up the ass so this left me with a difficult dilemma as to which girl to fuck. However, I was soon dealt a helping hand.

The women seemed to realise that I was still there and was hard and rearranged their position. Grace clambered off Julie and instead took her place on the sofa, where Julie was quick to sit on Grace’s face. That left me with the opportunity to fuck Grace Park once more, one that I certainly was not going to pass up.

Lining up my cock with Grace’s pussy, I slowly thrust inside her and began to grind my hips into hers as she feasted on Julie’s pussy. The elder blonde actress’ eyes met mine and we both smiled as Grace pleasured us both, using her tongue on Julie and her pussy to take my cock.

I grabbed Grace’s ass and began guiding my movements into her pussy, her legs wrapped round my waist as she moaned into Julie’s pussy. Julie leaned forward and I began to kiss her, making out with the blonde actress, both of us, enjoying Grace’s talents.

Julie began to moan loudly into my mouth, our kisses breaking up through her consistent moaning and I soon decided to concentrate on making it as difficult for Grace to lick her co-star’s pussy as possible, because she needed to moan in orgasm. I fucked Grace as hard and fast as I could, feeling the cum building in my own cock, doing my best to fight off the urge to explode.

I watched, still fucking Grace as hard and fast as I could, as Julie arched her head back and moaned loudly, her orgasm overcoming her as Grace lapped away at her pussy. It was an incredibly hot sight, the blonde rubbing her tits as she orgasmed hard, Grace taking care to lap all the juices up.

As soon as she’d finished cumming, Julie clambered off Grace’s face, allowing the Asian-American to moan loudly herself as I fucked her hard. I was pleased that it seemed Grace was close to her climax as I could feel the cum building in my own balls, and this wasn’t helped when Julie bent down and stuck her tongue out, licking whatever sexual organ she could reach.

With Julie’s added pleasure on her pussy, Grace could hold it back no longer and I felt her juices flood over my cock as I continued to fuck her. She screamed out loud in pleasure and I was so happy that she had reached her climax, I nearly forgot that I was yet to cum.

Julie and Grace weren’t going to allow that to happen though and as soon as she’d finished cumming, Grace withdrew my cock from her pussy and kneeled down on the floor with Julie, the two of them making out. I realised what they wanted me to do and jerked my cock hard, until I came all over their pretty faces, the two ladies exchanging my cum as they kissed. What another fantastic special.

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