The Family That Lays Together: Scene 200

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Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 200

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Bella Thorne, Deborah Ann Woll, Rachel Nichols, Christina Hendricks, Susan Sarandon

Codes: FM, FF, FFM, oral, mas, anal, inc, ws, con

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We begin on a black screen, as a young man starts speaking. “Every woman in my family is a redhead.  Every.  Single.  One.  And every one I wanna fuck.  I know it’s fucked up, fantasizing about your own blood, but I don’t care.  In fact, I think the realization that what I’m fantasizing about is incest, plain and simple, makes it hotter.”

It then cuts to the young man making out with Bella, in her room, in her underwear. “My first incest jack-off fantasy was my sister, Bella.  Man, I peeped on her so many times when we were growing up.  Sometimes she caught me, sometimes not.  The first time I saw her naked by accident, I got an instant hard-on, and had to go to my room and rub one out.  I felt kind of guilty after, but then I started deliberately trying to see her naked, and that led to more hard-ons, and more jerking off.”

After making out with her brother for a minute, Bella lowers to her knees, while looking up at him.  In our first close-up, she unzips his jeans, then pulls his cock out, and wraps her full, pouting lips around it, and starts sucking her brother off. “Fuck, Bella…” he groans, as she brings her lips almost to the base of his cock, then pulls back almost to his head, and then repeats. “Oh, God, sis…” he then moans, looking down at her, “I’ve wanted your mouth on my cock for so long…” Back in the close-up, Bella sucks her brother’s cock faster, causing him to moan louder.

We then see Bella on her bed, naked, legs open, as her brother kneels before her.  In another close-up, he has his tongue buried in his sister’s drooling, ginger-rimmed cunt, and we see Bella twitch and spasm as he laps up her juices. “Huh!” Bella whines, face contorting, as, back in the close-up, her brother finger-bangs her, while he licks around her clit, occasionally taking his fingers out, and sucking her juices off them. “Oh, God, Billy, I’m gonna cum…” Suddenly, Bella’s mouth gapes open, and she lets out a muted gasp.

Now, we see Billy standing up, as, in another close-up, his cock thrusts in and out of his sister’s practically gushing pussy. “God, I wish I’d known you were so big, Billy…” Bella moans, face screwed up, but with a big grin on her face.  As her brother fucks her, we see Bella’s tits bounce and jiggle, her nipples hard and pointy.  Back in the close-up, we hear how wet Bella is, as her brother pumps his cock fast and hard into her.

Bella is now on her hands and knees, moaning and biting her lip, as her brother fucks her from behind.  In another close-up, we see Billy’s cock thrust hard into her cunt. “Oh, God!  Oh, God, smack my ass!” Billy does so, and Bella yelps hoarsely.  Suddenly, her body tenses up, and her elbows almost buckle, as she lets out a loud, throaty grunt. “Ungh!”

Now, Bella kneels before her brother again, this time sucking his cock more vigorously, until he starts groaning, at which point she leans back, face tilted up. “Yeah, right in my mouth, little brother…” Bella holds her mouth open, as Billy jerks his cock.  Finally, he starts shooting, hitting her in the forehead on the first spurt, then getting the rest in her mouth.  Once he stops, Bella gives his cock one last suck.

It then cuts to Rachel and Deborah, naked on a big bed, trading tongue-kisses, while Rachel caresses Deb’s thigh with her hand. “Then there’s my aunts, Rachel and Deb.  I have fuck fantasies with both of them, but what I think about more often than not is the two of them together.”

As they make out, Rachel starts kissing down Deb’s chest, and squeezing her large, white breasts, then, in another close-up, she licks and sucks Deb’s light pink nipples, first one, then the other.  Rachel starts kissing down Deb’s stomach, then, when she gets there, grabs some of her orange pubic hair between her teeth, and tugs it.  She then sticks her tongue out, and, in yet another close-up, starts licking Deb’s sopping wet cunt, working her tongue into the dark pink inside. “Oh, God, Rachel…” Deb moans, leaning her head back, and breathing hard. “You make me so hot, I feel like I’m burning up…”

“Your pussy is certainly burning up, little sister…” Back in the close-up, Rachel tongue-fucks Deb, while she massages her inner thighs.

“Oh, God…” Deb gasps, “I can feel your tongue so deep inside me…” Deb’s voice starts to waver as she says this, and her legs start to shake, as, again in the close-up, Rachel massages Deb’s clit with both thumbs on either side, while her tongue continues to explore her sister’s cunt. “Oh, fuck, Rachel!” Deb starts bucking her hips, and breathing choppily. “I’m…Oh, God…” Deb’s face then screws up. “Oh, God, I’m cumming!”

Now, Rachel is on her back, looking down, as her sister’s head bobs between her legs.  In another close-up, we see Deb lick the outside of her sister’s cunt, sliding her tongue between Rachel’s lips. “Oh, God…” Rachel moans, lying back, and kneading her big tits. “I love the way you eat me…” Back in the close-up, Deborah spreads Rachel’s pussy open, and licks the dripping, pink inside. “Ooh!” Rachel moans out loud, brow furrowing, writhing under her sister’s tongue. “Put your fingers in me…” Again in the close-up, Deb inserts her first two fingers in Rachel’s cunt, and starts finger-banging her, while she licks around her clit. “Oh, fuck, don’t stop!” Rachel whimpers, her squirming getting more pronounced.  Finally, Rachel bites down on her lower lip, arches her back, and lets out a high-pitched whine through her teeth. “Oh, fuck!” she then gasps, smiling.

It cuts again, this time to a shirtless Billy, squeezing Christina’s huge, white tits, and sucking on her pink nipples. “Even having done it to my sister several times, the first time I jerked off to my Mom felt weird, but that made it even better.”

Christina pulls her son’s face out of her tits, and gives him a deep tongue kiss, then starts kissing his chest and shoulders. “I don’t care that you’re my son…” Christina whispers between kisses, “You’re so sexy…I want your cock so badly…” As she kisses down his stomach, she looks up at him, dreamy-eyed. “Are you hard for me, baby?”

“Of course, Mom…” Now on her knees, Christina undoes her son’s belt, then his fly, and then pulls down the front of his boxers, and his rock-hard cock bounces out.  In another close-up, we see Christina flick her tongue on the tip, then wrap her soft lips around her son’s shaft. “Oh, God…” Billy grunts, as his mother sucks him off.  After a while, Christina stops, and wraps her huge tits around her son’s dick. “Fffuck…” Billy whispers, as his mother jerks him off with her big titties.

Now, we see Christina on her back, looking down, as her son rubs his dick up and down on her ginger twat, then, in another close-up, inserts it, and starts thrusting into his mother’s pink cunt. “Oh, fuck, baby…” Christina moans, her tits shaking and jiggling, as her son fucks her.  Back in the close-up, we see Christina rubbing on either side of her pussy, as her son’s cock pumps in and out of it. “God, your cock feels so good inside me, Billy…” As her son thrusts into her harder, Christina’s mouth gapes open, and she gasps repeatedly, while we see her nipples whip up and down on top of her big, jiggly titties. “Oh, God!” she suddenly screams shrilly, as she cums.

We then see Christina face down, butt in the air, as, in another close-up, her son slides his cock between her cheeks. “Of course, with my Mom’s shapely ass, it isn’t hard to imagine where my fantasies with her tend to end up.” Billy then pushes his cock in his mother’s tight, pink asshole.

“Ooh, fuck!” Christina groans, face screwing up.

“Fuck, your asshole’s tight, Mom…”

“Or you just have a big cock, baby…” As her son anally fucks her, Christina reaches back with both hands, and kneads her big, pillowy cheeks. “Fffuck!” Christina grunts throatily, craning her neck up.

Suddenly, Susan appears out of nowhere, kneeling before Christina, leaning down and tongue-kissing her. “Sometimes, when I’m really into it, I like to throw my grandma in there.  Sounds weird, but if you saw her, you’d understand.”

“Oh, Mom…” Christina moans, “I wanna eat you…”

We now see Susan on her back, squeezing her tits, and looking down, as, in another close-up, her daughter’s tongue explores her juicy cunt. “Oh, sweetie…You’ve always been so good at that…” Susan then lies back,  moaning, as, back in the close-up, Christina holds her pussy open, and laps up her juices. “Yes…” As she lies there, moaning and sighing, Billy comes up, and kneels next to her.  Susan lifts her head, and, in another close-up, starts sucking her grandson’s rigid cock.

Now, Billy kneels in front of Susan, while Christina kneels behind her, hands on her shoulders, both watching as, in another close-up, Billy inserts his cock in his grandmother’s pussy. “Oh, fuck!” Susan moans, voice cracking, tossing her head back.  As Billy thrusts into her, Susan’s huge tits bounce and jiggle, and she starts breathing rapidly, moaning on every exhale. “Oh, God, harder, Billy!” Billy grabs Susan’s hips, and thrusts fast and hard into her, causing her tits to now whip up and down. “Oh, fuck!  Fuck, I’m cumming!  Oh, God, pull your cock out!” Billy does so, and Susan’s pussy squirts all over the bed.

“Mmm…” Christina smiles, “That was so sexy, Mom…” She then leans down, and, in another close-up, sticks her tongue in Susan’s dripping wet pussy.

“Ssh!” Susan hisses, wincing, her pussy still sensitive.

We now see Billy on his back, his mother and grandmother kneeling on either side of him, taking turns jerking and sucking his cock. “Huh!  Oh, fuck!” Billy grunts, as his cock starts spurting in high arcs.  Once he stops, the two lean down, and lick his cum off him, as Billy narrates one more time. “No lie, I would love it if any of the women in my family wanted to fuck.  Since that’s highly unlikely, I guess my jack-off fantasies will have to be enough.” The scene fades out on this line.

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