In More Ways Than One–Darci Lynn Famre, Grace Vanderwaal, Calysta Bevier–Became Golden Buzzer Winners

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Title: In More Ways Than One–Darci Lynn Famre, Grace Vanderwaal, Calysta Bevier–Became Golden Buzzer Winners

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Grace Vanderwaal, Darci Lynn Farmer, Calysta Bevier

Codes: ff+hermaphrodite, cons, anal, oral, first

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and never happened except in fantasy only.

12 year old Darci Lynn Farmer just received the golden buzzer on America’s Got talent from Mel B for her ventriloquist performance and was giddy with joy, once more she was surprised with a greeting back stage afterwords from last years golden buzzer winner and AGT winner overall—13 year old Grace Vanderwaal…

“What a great performance, Darci! I’m so happy for you!” Grace exclaimed with a huge smile and hug to the pretty young artist.

“Thanks so much! I’m surprised to see you here…What are you doing here?” Darci wondered.

“I’m in town doing a performance and decided to stop by on AGT to catch up with old friends and to say hello. Say, would you like to come back to my hotel with me to talk about what you may be facing in upcoming tryouts?” Grace stated and asked of her.

Darci agreed and got her parents permission and rode back to Grace’s hotel with her in her limo, amazed at the luxury of the car and comfort of the hotel room as they entered it. Once inside and talking a bit, Grace confessed of all the wonders fame would bring and the new things Darci could experience if she let herself do so…

“One of the best experiences was losing my virginity!” Grace blurted out in an intimate confession.

“Your virginity! Really!? How!?” Darci asked curiously with a smile and amazed Grace was so sexually active at her age.

“Well, I was your age then at 12 years old and it was with another AGT contestant who really knew how to seduce a girl into what she wanted. I was hesitant at first but once it started happening I really got into it, it’s like everything fell into place after that. And the orgasms! WOW! They really felt good…” Grace told Darci who sat next to her on the sofa with a marveled look on her pretty face.

“Orgasms!? How’d they come about?” Darci asked curiously as she sat in her blue dress with her sultry tanned legs closed together and long blond hair down to mid-back and showing off her glowing shoulders in the soft room light.

“Let me show you.” Grace stated as she ran her hand up the inside of Darci’s leg and cupped her virginal vagina, making her gasp with surprise and hesitant delight.

“I don’t know about this, Grace…I don’t know if I’m ready yet…” Darci confessed.

Grace leaned in with a smile and pressed her lips against Darci’s, slowly working her tongue into Darci’s mouth and maneuvering it over and around Darci’s. Darci’s eyes were opened and sparkling with wonder as to what was happening to her and the tingling sensation Grace’s fingers provided in her nether region as they massaged her little pussy into a pulsing delight she never felt before…

Within seconds, Darci let out several bird-like chirps as she experienced her first ever orgasm; wetting her panties with her orgasmic squirts and becoming red in the face from embarrassment. Grace pulled back with a smile and took her hand from Darci’s crotch, admiring the wet coating on it from Darci’s orgasm.

“See…That felt good, didn’t it?” Grace asked of the younger girl before her.

“Yeah…It really did! Gosh! I never knew, Grace!” Darci stated with slowing pants of ecstasy.

“Here, lets make it happen again…But we have to take our clothes off first.” Grace told her.

Darci watched as Grace stood and removed the clothes from her petite frame. Grace’s short brown hair barely reached her shoulders and her small pert breasts were firm in their youthfulness as her slender smooth legs led up to her soft brown pubes that barely covered her vagina.

“You have puberty?” Darci marveled at Grace.

“Yeah, it just started coming in not to long ago. See how my slit still show through it?” Grace stated.

Darci nodded a ‘Yes’ in reply to Grace as she stared at the pubic locks and how Grace’s moist vaginal juices formed into droplets that sparkled from the room light that shown through them as they dangled on the ends of Grace’s pubes.

“Take your clothes off now, Darci…Lets see how hot you really are.” Grace begged of her new friend.

Darci stood and unzipped the back of her dress and lowered it off her body and to the floor where she stepped out of her shoes. Darci stood there in only her blue silk panties and a preteen frame that rivaled the best young models her age. Her glowing tan and tones stomach with a just-forming breast that sported stiff pink nipples really got Grace going…

“Everything! Lets see your cooch!” Grace said playfully.

Darci lowered her undies and stepped out of them, standing upright and exposing her naked splendor to Grace. Darci’s perfect body stood there and her pussy looked so tight as it was clamped shut in its perfect and totally bare state of being.

“Mmmmmm, that looks good!” Grace said as she went to Darci and got on her knees, licking her way up Darci’s leg until her wet tongue met Darci’s pussy.

Darci’s hips jolted in reaction to the wet lick and Grace’s firm tongue pushing into her womb with fluttering lashes inside her. Wetness drizzled down Grace’s neck as Darci again emitted bird-like chirps as she cupped the palms of her hands around the back of Grace’s head as she orgasmed in Grace’s mouth. Darci’s legs buckled and she collapsed to the floor in front of Grace who quickly moved in and Frenched the young virgin before her.

“Do me now, Darci…I wanna feel your tongue inside me!” Grace stated as she savored in Darci’s strawberry bubblegum-like flavored vaginal juices while lying on her back on the floor.

Darci kissed her way down the inside of Grace’s smooth leg until Grace’s soft pubes tickled Darci’s face. Darci slowly worked her tongue into Grace’s pussy, mimicking what Grace had did to her just moments ago. Grace arched her lower back and her hips rose off he floor with Darci’s mouth still wrapped around Grace’s vaginal fold and Darci’s tongue plunging back and forth inside Grace’s pussy.

Grace let out a loud cat-like growl as her pussy squirted with excitement. Slowly her hips sank to the floor and Grace’s orgasm ending with a soft coo-like purr. Darci licked her way up Grace’s body and the two made out heatedly for the next 10 minutes, Darci’s bare crotch grinding into Grace’s before Grace broke their lip lock…

“Darci! I just remembered! My old AGT lover is in town…Mind if I give ‘em a call to join us?” Grace asked of Darci.

Darci was up for getting her pussy penetrated and the thought of her losing her virginity was overwhelming to say the least, so she agreed without hesitation. Grace and Darci sat patiently naked on the sofa for Grace’s old lover to arrive, and when she did—Darci’s jaw dropped…

“This is your lover? But you said you lost your virginty…How did you with a girl?” Darci asked of Grace.

Grace smiled and looked to 17 year old Calysta Bevier, a former golden buzzer winner herself, standing there with her short black hair and long legs showing off their beauty as her frame hugged tightly in a black dress…

“Show her…” Grace said with a smile.

Calysta smiled with a devilish grin as she slid out of her dress and undies and stood there and making Darci’s jaw drop yet again…

“Whoaaaaa! What the!?” Darci exclaimed with utter surprise and amazement…

“I’m a hermaphrodite, honey…Both boy and girl—mostly girl with the exception of this bad boy right here…” Calysta stated as she stroked her 7” boy toy in front of the two younger girls before her.

“Show her what to do, Grace.” Calysta asked of Grace.

Grace motioned for Darci to get on her knees next to her and Darci watched as Grace stretched her mouth to surround Calysta’s hard cock, putting it in her mouth and bobbing her head back and forth as she applied vacuum-like suction to Calysta’s hard cock, making it glisten with saliva as Grace purred and hummed with delight while caressing Calysta’s bare private area.

“Here, you try now…” Calysta said to Darci.

Grace popped Calysta out of her mouth and pushed it into Darci’s mouth with her tongue. Darci struggled to get the full length of Calysta into her mouth, choking as Calysta relished in the fresh face fucking she was giving the young girl on her knees in a helpless position. Calysta tucked her fingers under Darci’s chin and lifted her head slightly…

“Look up at me while you do that…” Calysta asked with a dirty smile.

Darci’s eyes were watery as she continued her struggling oral, making Calysta convulse and spasm and explode into Darci’s mouth. Darci choked and cum poured from the corners of her mouth as Grace yanked Calysta from Darci’s mouth and jerked her off onto Darci’s face. Darci squinted her eyes shut and shook her head side to side with little girl squeals as Calysta unleashed a fury of cum onto her pretty faceand into her blond hair, sticking to her like a milky paste.

“Holy shit, look at it all!” Grace stated with surprise.

“I know, right…I haven’t had sex for a whole year since the last time I did it with you…That load’s been building forever!” Calysta stated.

Grace playfully licked the cum off of Darci’s face who kneeled there still bewildered at what just happened, sweltering in the steamy cum bath Calysta gave to her. Grace went and sat back on the sofa and stroked her soft pubes, enticing Calysta to come to her and push her hard cock into the young teens pussy. Darci’s eyes widened as she watched Calysta fuck Grace with slow but forceful thrusts, making her screech with a high pitched voice and giggles of delight…

“Looks like someone grew somewhat of a bush over the past year…” Calysta stated to Grace with a smile…

“FUCKKKKKK! CALYSTA! MY LITTLE PUSSY! YOU’RE TAKING IT AGAIN! MAKING IT! MAKING IT! JESUS! CUMMMMMMMM!” Grace squealed as her little hole spurted liquid orgasmic pleasure all over Calysta’s hard cock.

Calysta smiled as she slowly pulled from Grace’s pussy and went tp Darci who sat at Grace’s side. Darci marveled in the glistening hard erection gliding against her bare snatch and teasing it with horny desire. Darci winced as Calysta pushed the head of her cock into Darci’s virgin snatch and sunk it fully into her, making her let out a sharp ‘OUCH!’…

Calysta pulled her cock out, soaked in blood…

“We better get this cleaned up before going any further…” Calysta stated.

Grace smiled and went and got a towel from the bathroom and sponged up the red mess from Calysta’s cock and Darci’s pussy…

“What did you do to me?” Darci asked with worry.

“That’s what You call popping a cherry…” Calysta stated with a smile.

Slowly Calysta inched herself back into the freshly broken in preteen and relished in the wet and tight feeling of her innocent pussy quenching the lust of her hard cock as it took the young girl again and again while Grace comforted Darci with soft kisses and tongue lashes.

Darci felt her pussy stretch to new proportions and didn’t realize it could be filled with so much of anything, her vaginal walls pulsing with heat and throbbing blood flow as Calysta’s vein-popped hard-on massaged her inner tunnel until…

Darci squirmed as her pussy spurted her liquid orgasm onto Calysta, showering her with spurt after spurt of Darci’s orgasm. The hot splashes sprayed all over and splashing back onto Grace who giggled with giddy joy as she watched the young girl truly lose all innocence.

Calysta immediately reacted with powerful cum shots into Darci’s tight pussy, filling it with the sticky white mess and making it overflow back past her cock and onto the sofa. Darci watched as Calysta slowly pulled from her pussy and the cum followed right behind her withdraw, spilling from Darci’s pussy onto the sofa and staining the cushion.

Grace leaned down and licked the wet mess from Darci’s wet snatch and making her quiver and spasm, sending chills up her spine…

“Stop your playing!” Darci squealed as she pushed Grace away.

Grace laid back onto the sofa and had Darci get atop her in a 69 position, allowing Calysta to get behind Darci in a doggy style as the two ate each other out. Calysta firmly pushed the tip of her cock head against Darci’s ass entrance. Darci’s body shot forward, pulling away from Calysta…

“NO! NOT THERE!” Darci begged of Calysta.

Grace wrapped her legs around Darci’s upper torso and held her in place while swiping her tongue over Darci’s dripping snatch as Calysta sunk her meat into Darci’s asshole. Darci’s ass swelled and opened wide as did her eyes as Calysta filled Darci to new lengths. Darci screamed in agony at first but dwindled and succumbed to kitten-like purrs as her ass loosened and gripped at Calsyta’s cock with playful massage-like suction.

Calysta marveled in how Darci took her cock with such desire in the ass, much easier than Grace did last year. Even Grace was envious of the beautiful girl who was able to take anal with such ease and pleasure for the first time. Grace’s face became coated with powerful squirts from Darci’s pussy as Calysta filled her ass not only with her shaft but with her cum as well.

Darci squealed with her girlish charm as the pulsing cock swelled than collapsed inside of her with fire hose-like pressure, exploding cum shots and forceful final thrusts from Calysta sealed the deal! Darci collapsed onto Grace under her, popping off of Calysta’s cock and feeling the cum ooze from her ass onto Grace’s face and open mouth.

Darci never expected this would ever happen to her. She entered AGT to win a talent contest and somehow ended up in this precarious position. Golden buzzers were going off in all their heads as they all experienced orgasm near simultaneously, powerful spasms shock waved throughout their bodies and the young girls all laid at each others sides on the floor, caressing their smooth and perfect frames with marvel, delight and smiles as legs draped over each other and they drifted off to sleep…

By: Dr. Demented 666

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