Gal Gadot: One Hot Blowjob

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Title: Gal Gadot: One Hot Blowjob

Author: Blackjack

Celebs: Gal Gadot

Codes: MF, cons, oral, clothed sex, cum shot

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Fidgeting with my phone, I wanted to do something other than look oh so incredibly nervous. Looking down the hallway, I could see and hear the variety of people who were all part of the massive press circuit for the latest superhero blockbuster, Wonder Woman, a lot of people, myself included, were all expecting the movie to flop. However, some of the press coming out of earlier screenings seemed to be the combo breaker for the DC extended universe, despite how awful and lame the Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman movies had been, Wonder Woman was actually looking to be better than anything.

Boy, did that make my face red.

I guess I should explain though. A couple of years ago, I was working for a podcasting network inside of New York City which was slightly… Cruder than most. I hadn’t really agreed with a lot of the policies of the network, I wasn’t a fan of toilet humour and always considered myself ‘above’ it. But, it paid the bills and if it meant I had to make the occasional cock gag or crude comment about something in the news. As an Irish immigrant, I needed the money and it was enough of a launching pad for me. Stuffing my phone back into my pocket, I looked down the hall again before meeting my reflection. My shaggy blonde hair was loose, a few inches above my collar and while my face was clean shaven, there were a few strands that floated just above my sea foam green eyes. Bringing a hand up, I ran my hand through it, trying to stylise it before chewing on my bottom lip and looking down at my feet.

Looking at how I was dressed, I stole a look at one of the other interviewers and saw just how well dressed he was. I mean, as a trendy liberal, it was sort of expected that I would not dress as well as someone from a broadsheet or whatever but the feeling always made me feel inadequate. Fidgeting with my converse shoes, I stared down at the white tips of them before sighing softly. There was something of a rough feeling inside my stomach as I felt severely underdressed. A commotion down the hall made us all look down towards the noise and I could see a mess of long brown hair bobbing up and down as ‘she’ made her way towards one of the rooms. A door closed with a click and then, everything seemed to die down again. Everything seemed to simmer down and my ass hit the seat that had been provided for me.

I had done interviews before, it was something that I was used to and I certainly shouldn’t be feeling so nervous but who i was here to see? I had plenty of reasons to be nervous.

In my past job, I had been sent to interview Gal Gadot, the Israeli star and actress who had been cast as Wonder Woman and was set to star in Batman v Superman as Diana Prince or Wonder Woman, however you wanted to call her. Then, I had been set in front of her with the hot dog challenge. Something that sounded entirely innocent but was actually incredibly filthy. The goal of the challenge was for me, or the interviewer, to get the actress to agree to exchange oral sex for some sort of bet. I had managed to bet Gal that Batman v Superman was going to suck, which, by the majority of critics and viewers alike, seemed to suggest it did, it almost seemed like I was owed a blowjob from Gal Gadot.

She’d never remember that though would she? It’s not like I had a unique name or look in Hollywood. A blonde Irish kid? Nah. She’d never remember me.

“Egg… E og… Egg han Byrne?” A voice called out before it went quiet. There it was. The typical American butchering of my name. Standing up and grabbing a hold of my stuff, I made my way down the corridor where I could see a typical Hollywood suit standing there, his eyes not leaving the iPad before him. He looked up at me briefly before gesturing with a simple motion with his finger. “How do you say your name?” He asked, his eyes still engrossed in the small hand held device he was tapping on.

“Just like Owen.” I explained, a slight smirk on my face as we walked. The man made a slight noise before he closed the cover of his iPad and we made our way down towards my interviewing station. Following him down the corridor towards our destination, he rapped on the door sharply three times before the door unlocked with a click and he opened the door.

Walking in, I was greeted by the sight of a fellow interviewer making her way out and there, right in front of me was the smiling, athletic Gal Gadot who was sitting in one of the chairs that you would typically see for makeup applications. She was chatting with her assistant and then offered me a warm smile, waving her hand gently as her assistant tapped at the iPad in her hand before making her way out of the small dressing room. Watching the team leave, I turned to face the actress who was smiling warmly towards me. She was still clad in the red, blue and bronze uniform of the Princess of Thymisceria and while I was almost expecting Gal to have make up of cuts or bruises, she looked just as beautiful as the magazines would have suggested she was. The woman was tall, slender and athletic, she looked… Well, wonderful. Gal stood up off of the chair and extended a hand for me to shake, her bright red lips were stretched into a wide smile as she shook my hand.

“Eoghan, Eoghan Byrne right?” That was new… Maybe her assistant had refreshed her memory as to who I was? That seemed far more likely than this world famous actress simply recalling who I was. “You used to work for Drink. Podcast. Game right?” And just there and then, she had named who I used to work for. Did that mean she… “I think I owe you something?” Oh fuck… Gal had that serious ‘Wonder Woman is about to bust a fool’ look in her eyes as she gripped my hand firmly. Her eyes narrowed on mine before she laughed and let my hand go. “Don’t worry about it. I don’t think you’re that much of a pig.”

That was a relief! And while I wanted to check my hand for bruises, Gal indicated to the seat before her and she eased into her own one. Scooting up onto my own chair, I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone. While we made small talk, I had my phone set up and placed it on the small table next to the two chairs. The phone beeped to indicate it was recording and the interview began. It was a fairly standard affair, nothing super exciting really happened in it, there was a lot of towing the company line, letting me know how exciting it was to be the first lead female superstar of a superhero movie in the new decade and how she was looking to be a part of history in having a really good lead for the new movie.

As I was ready to wrap up, we were talking about some of the stunt work when Gal brought up the weapon training. Gal commented on using something as special and unique as Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. Her tool that was synonymous with one of the founders of the DC EU’s Justice League. Lifting the rope up, she showed off some of the tricks she could do with it while looking over at me.

“There’s a lot more I can do with this though.” Gal commented, tugging the rope closer to her and laying it over the rope, making it significantly shorter than the way she had been displaying it. Before I even had a chance to even comment on it, Gal had the lasso over my lap and she was on her knees, quickly wrapping the lasso over my lap and then running it around my chest, I found myself tied to the chair before I even had a chance to react to it. She had me completely restrained to the chair and now, the athletic Israeli actress now towered above me. She took a step forward and placed both of her hands, palms flat against my shoulders as she pressed me to the back of the chair I was sitting in.

“We made a bet Eoghan and now I’m here to pay up.” Wait… Really? “You wouldn’t believe how hard I have to work on the sets of these movies. It’s been a long time since I last saw a real dick. Well, one that wasn’t on my computer or phone at least.” Gal’s hands ran down my shoulders before she dropped down to her knees, the sound of the metal shin guards she wore in her costume hit the porcelain tiles of the dressing room with a light clang. Now on her knees, despite still being in full Wonder Woman gear, it really did look like Gal Gadot was ready to suck my dick. Her big, brown eyes looked up into my blue ones and while I felt like I was very much on the right side of this encounter, there was something in me that felt as if Gal was looking at me like I was her prey. Gal’s hands ran down my chest and towards my groin, her hands grabbing at my length over the denim of my jeans and prompting a low moan from me. “Feels big…” She commented, her fingers running over my groin before slipping her index finger and her thumb under the lip of my jeans and tugging at the bronze tugger for my pants.

Gal’s dark browns never left my blues as the fly of my pants slowly opened and my length was already pressing against the fabric of my navy boxers. Her hand moved down onto the swelling inside of my boxers and she offered the length a firm squeeze before she unbuttoned the front of my shorts and dipped her hand inside. The Israeli actress wrapped her hand around my length and the actress offered it a slow, steady stroke before nodding her head.

“Looks big too.”

She murmured, her hand still stroking at my cock. Squeezing the length once more, Gal nodded her head before leaning in and running her tongue against my dick’s head in a slow, steady swipe. Using an almost experimental style of licking at my dick to taste it, Gal made a positive sounding noise while she nodded her head. Looking up at me, Gal moved in and then pushed my dick upwards, holding my cock up and facing the ceiling, the actress moved in and planted her lips against my balls, kissing them softly before her mouth opened and Gal took the entire sack into her mouth. Closing her lips around them, Gal happily sucked on them, her tongue bathing my balls in spit, her lips tightly wrapped around the sacke in her mouth. Sucking on them firmly, Gal pressed both of her hands against my chest, forcing me back onto the chair and keeping me there despite the lasso being wrapped so tightly around me.

As she finished polishing my balls, Gal pulled herself backwards while both of the hard and full balls out of her mouth with a popping noise. The tall woman looked up at me, her bronze circlet doing its job of reminding me that I was getting blown while she was still in full Wonder Woman costume. The actress wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, stroking it up and down, the side of her hand bumping against my spit soaked balls while she jerked my cock up and down. Her dark brown eyes focused on my length, how it throbbed with each pump up and down. Licking her lips, the actress who was now playing Wonder Woman grinned and opened her mouth. Her tongue slipped from her mouth, running along the underside of my hard cock, Gal tasted the skin of my penis for the first time.

Keeping her right hand wrapped around my cock, Gal started to run her tongue along the underside of my cock. The tip of her spongy organ trailed against the bottom of my cock, the tip running against the vein that ran from the base of my prick, all the way up to the tip of my dick. As she reached the top, her tongue came out and traced along the underside of my dick’s head, running the tip of her tongue around the bottom of my dick’s head and tracing the circumference of it. Gal let out a murmur of pleasure as she carefully moved herself up and around in a slight circle. Nodding her head, pleased with the size and shape of my dick, the Israeli actress ran her free hand through her long brown locks of hair before she opened her mouth and started to really work on what was before her. Closing her brightly coloured lips around the dick inside of her mouth, Gal started to pump her mouth up and down, her lips sliding down further with each passing drop of her head.

Soon, the DC EU’s Wonder Woman was swallowing half of my full length, her lips were pressed tightly around my size and as Gal sucked up and down on me, there was nothing I could do more than simply moan and cry out in pleasure. The rope of the lasso of truth was pressing against my waist and my upper arms but surprisingly, the coarseness of the rope wasn’t doing much to stop me from enjoying the insane blowjob I was in the middle of receiving. Looking down at her between my legs, just the sight of someone as beautiful as Gal, still dressed as Wonder Woman, was nearly enough for me to shoot my load there and then. My toes curled inside of my converse shoes as Gal pressed her lips down against my length as if she were taking a bite out of me, though mercifully just using her lips and not her actual teeth.

With her lips as tight as a vacuum, Gal started to pump her mouth up and down, her hands, complete with the bronze wrist pauldrons, pressed against the inside of my thighs as she sucked her way up and down, my cock slowly becoming more and more slick with her spit. With each lift of her lips, Gal seemed to be pushing more and more spit out from her mouth and down towards my balls as she sucked. While she bobbed her head up and down, I could feel my length throbbing and while I wanted nothing more than to actually see just what Gal was doing to my dick, I simply knew that the sight of Gal Gadot with a mouthful of my dick was going to be enough to make me cum there and then.

Then, the sounds started.

I could hear, very clearly, the sound of someone moaning around an obstruction in their mouth. As the feeling of spit and saliva running down my shaft started to tickle me, the sounds of Gal sucking up and down on my dick filled the room and only seemed to push me further and further into the throes of passion. Gal was moaning louder and louder, despite the cock in her mouth, it was all too apparent just how much Gal was enjoying giving me this blowjob. It was always an interesting thing to think on, the fact that the most sensitive part of my body was inside of Gal’s mouth that was filled with teeth. Parts of a human body that was specifically designed to cut and tear into meat and here I was, feeding my more sensitive spot of meat to her.

As if on cue, I could feel a light scratch coming from her teeth against my length. My head rolled forward and I looked down to see Gal’s big brown eyes staring up at me. Her lips were stretched into a wide grin as she bobbed her head up and down, her teeth continuing to lightly scratch against my dick. As she sucked up and down on me, Gal’s hands rubbed against the inside of my thighs before she brought her left hand up and inside of my legs. Cupping my balls, Gal squeezed on them gently, fondling them and holding them as if she were feeling the weight of them, Gal’s lips pumped up and down while she worked on me.

The sight of Gal Gadot sucking my cock was nearly enough for me to shoot my load there and then, but seeing the beautiful actress clad in the red, gold and blue armour of her fictional character was definitely more than what I had been expecting. My toes were nearly constantly curled up, the tips of them scratching against the trainer liners I had opted to wear today and no matter how much I chewed down on my bottom lip, Gal seemed intent on swallowing me all the way down. Her hands ran down from my chest and to my thighs before she put her hands behind her back in a rare form of submission from the Princess of Thymescira. Then, with her hands behind her arched back, the Israeli actress pushed her lips forward and the rest of my dick disappeared into her mouth.

Grunting in disbelief, I watched as my length hit the back of Gal’s throat and she was stuck, gagging loudly around me. The head of my dick beat against the back of her throat, making the actress cough and gag, all the while, the woman who was playing Wonder Woman kept my length inside of her throat. My dick was continued to be bathed in her spit as she readjusted herself on her knees and moved herself up and down, the spit starting to drip from her lips and down her chin as she moved up and down. Moaning as she swallowed my cock, Gal started to slip her head up and down, her mouth watering while her lips remained wrapped tightly around me. Her hands remained on the inside of my thighs, and while I would never dream of closing my thighs against her, the sight of someone who looked so like Wonder Woman was incredibly arousing.

Watching Gal suck my cock, I could no longer hold it.

Beads of my salty pre cum started to form on my dick’s head and fill the mouth and throat of Gal as she sucked up and down on me. Wetting my lips, as dry as they were, I could no longer resist the urge. Gal bobbed her head up and down before she slowly lifted her lips up and off of my dick. Her hands wrapped around the base of my cock, both of them working up and down as she eagerly fisted my fuck stick. Her hands pumped up and down as she ran her tongue over the head of my cock.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum.”

Really in no place to argue, especially with the lasso wrapped around me, I simply nodded my head as Gal went back to blowing me. Working her lips up and down, Gal eagerly deepthroated me before her lips went so tight around me and she continued to apply so much pressure on my cock. Her lips eagerly worked, her tongue bathing my dick and making it dripping wet in spit while she bobbed up and down on me. The actress sucked up and down, working as if my cock were her last source of attention. Her lips were wrapped tightly and she was blowing me like no one ever had done before and to toot my own horn, I had had some stellar blowjobs before as well. Watching Gal, I almost couldn’t warn her that my orgasm was coming up.

“I’m… I’m… I’m going to…”

The actress seemed to know exactly what was coming and nodded her head. Pulling her lips up off of my cock, Gal wrapped her hands around my cock and started to nod her head, encouraging me to cum.

“That’s right. Cum for me. I want you to shoot your cum all because I lost the bet.”

Moaning, I let my head fall backwards, my orgasm so close. Something pushed my head forward and I watched as my dick twitched and then, I started to cum. Shooting hot rope after rope of cum from my dick, it twitched so much as I painted Gal’s chest with my cum. She reached up and arched her back, the load spraying from my dick’s head and launching out and landing on the armour and also onto some of her skin, spraying out with more cum than I had ever shot before in my life. The cum ripped from my dick’s head and landed on her breastplate, some getting onto her tits, I think at least, my vision was going blurry and spotty as my incredible orgasm took over my life. Watching my cum finally settle on her, I sit back down in the chair and look down at Gal as she slowly lifts her hands up off of my dick and look down at her breastplate. Her big brown eyes settled on the cum that was painted on her clothing. Reaching up, Gal ran a finger over the curve of her breasts, scooping it up, the Israeli sucked her finger clean before nodding her head.

“Tastes good too.” She said with a grin. Standing up, she reached down and undid the lasso that was wrapped around me before walking over towards the shower. Still unsure of what was happening, I looked over at her and managed to find my feet as I stood up. She looked over her shoulder at me before nodding towards the door. “No no. The door is over there.” Gal said, her eyes seeming to catch a hold of what I was after. “No baby, you don’t get to fuck me. You could watch me fuck myself?” That was all she added before unclipping the armour, still painted with my cum before she walked into the shower, her armour hitting the floor with a soft thudding noise. As I stood there, the sight of me, sweaty, sucked to near oblivion and a super stupid grin on my face, I was left with a lone thought.

Talk about a Sophie’s choice…

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