Taking Charge

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Title: Taking Charge

Author: tevok

Celebs: Abigail Breslin

Codes: MF, M+F, cons, FDom, anal, oral, voy, foot, titfuck

Disclaimer: This story is not real; these events did not happen, nor are they likely to, and are not meant to represent how these celebrities act in real life. This is purely fantasy, and should be treated as such. Minors should not read further.

Notes: Story based on an old blind item, which was posted as an idea/request in another forum. I wrote it relatively fast, so I might have rushed it a bit; one way or another, hope you all enjoy. Anyway, feedback is always appreciated and more than welcome, either through the forums or my email: xtevok@gmail.com

English is not my first language, so forgive any minor mistakes.


It was impossible. No, no, he just couldn’t believe it.

He didn’t even know why he was reading those stupid gossip sites anyway; they were nothing but trashy news, many either misinformation or flat-out mean lies about celebrities and their relationships/lives. But, for some reason, this blind item—an anonymous gossip, without mentioning the celeb’s name so the reader can try and guess who it is—had caught his eye, and made him interested.

You really wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but this still in her teens B list mostly movie actress turned television actress on an upcoming new show is in big demand from a group of 40 year old men she rotates through. Apparently she is quite the take charge woman and dishes out punishment with great glee to these men, most of whom are married.

That one rather simple gossip from 2015, that seemed to be just your run-of-the-mill Hollywood stereotype, had made his mind fly off in fantasyland. He pictured scenes from pornos, with gangbangs and cheating, only now with famous—young—actresses in the mix. Who could that be?

And then the reveal came.

Abigail Breslin

And his whole fantasy came crashing. She was one he would not, could not, believe or imagine doing that. Maybe because he had known her, back during the filming of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’; his father had worked on that film on some technical role and brought him often to the studio. Being the same age, they had met and become bestfriends.

Okay, maybe not bestfriends. If he was honest, they had lost contact not long after the filming ended, but he still considered them to have been friends. And liked to imagine there might have been more…

Maybe his refusal to believe in it was due to him having a major crush on the blonde actress. That she had matured in those years, becoming so… grown, only added to the appeal to him.

As he laid there on his bed, his computer still on that blasted gossip site with the blind item, and his crush’s name, glaring at him, he couldn’t help letting his mind be taken by his fantasies. He imagined the blonde girl there with him, naked, her now big breasts rubbing on his body as she slowly crawled over him, her perky nipples like little ice cubes grazing his skin and leaving goosebumps on their wake.

His fantasy took a turn for the romantic as she came up and kissed him, their tongues playfully wrestling as they held each other. And, then, back to a hard porno as they disentangled and she crawled back down, smothering his cock between her tits as she began giving him a wonderful titjob. Occasionally dipping her head down to lick at his exposed head, her eyes always looking up to his face with a seductress’ glare, the smooth skin of her boobs rubbing up and down against his cock…

Well, his hand certainly wasn’t as good as he imagined her tits were. But, right now, as he continued to imagine his crush giving him a titjob, his hand would have to do.


It was later, after he had recovered from one of the best jerking offs of his life and his mind had recovered from one of the best fantasies he ever had, that he remembered a rather random piece of information. Or, rather, a recent conversation he had with a friend…

“C’mon, Joe, you know me; I’m not a fan. Too slutty.”

“What do you mean by ‘too slutty’? She is a woman now, not a child anymore; no problem with being a bit bolder.”

“Yeah, but bolder is one thing. This? Her tits are almost out for everyone to see!”

“I’ve told you already, David, I know her. She is not like that.”

“No, you don’t know her. You knew her. Believe me, she is not the saint you think she is; if you knew all the stories I do…”

It hadn’t been the first time his friend, David, had hinted at that. Had he known about it? He knew David’s father was a movie producer, or executive, or something big like that; was he, maybe, one of Abby’s clients…?

He caught his thinking at that. What was he thinking? Had he so readily accepted that Abigail Breslin, his crush, was pretty much a whore? Had he so readily accepted the information that came from a freaking celebrity gossip site? What was he, some teenage girl?!

He made a note to speak with David the day after, as he was too tired now. He moved to take a shower before going to sleep, the image of Abby coming back to ‘haunt’ him oh-so-pleasurably as he slept to dreams of being ridden like a stallion by his dominating crush.


He still couldn’t believe it.

“So you finally saw the light, eh?” His friend, David, asked him with a smug smirk on his face.

“It is true, then? How did you know?” Joe asked, still trying to deny it.

“A bit obvious, isn’t it? Look at the description of her clients.”

Yep. 40-year-old man, possibly married; like he thought, David’s father seem to be a client. “Your dad told you?”

“Told me? He tried to convince me to join! Couldn’t stop blabbing about how awesome she was in bed, how good it was to have her take control from him. Again, like a said, I’m not a fan.” Suddenly David turned his head towards Joe, a smirk snaking his way towards his face. “But you are! Want me to ask my dad for you, get you some private time with the ‘love of your life’?”

Joe didn’t know if his friend was serious or just teasing, but he couldn’t help considering the offer. A night with his crush, Abigail Breslin? While something about having her like a prostitute felt wrong, he couldn’t help himself to his fantasies…

“Say, Joey, I think I have something that can help you decide. Wait here a minute.”

While Joe continued struggling with his fantasies and considering his friends offer, David walked over to his father’s study to pick something up. A couple minutes later the two friends were on David’s bedroom, a small stack of CDs bound together by an elastic band on his hand.

“What are-”

“My dad pays extra to film it.” Was David’s short reply.

There really wasn’t more to explain.

Without even waiting for Joe’s reaction, David picked the first CD and put it on his computer. After a couple more clicks a scene began playing, but David decided to cut to the chase and clicked at some point forward.

The point in question, as it turned out, was right in the middle of fucking. The camera focused on as David’s father was lying down on the bed, a naked Abigail Breslin—probably a couple years younger than she is today—riding his cock reverse-cowgirl style. They weren’t alone, however, as two more men were standing over them on the bed; Abigail aggressively rubbed their cocks, jerking them off while occasionally bringing one closer to lick and suck on.

David turned to look at his friend, and almost laughed as he saw the completely astonished, yet entranced, look on his face.

“So, what do you think?”

“Can you make me a copy of those?” Joe blurted out without even thinking, all his thought process being focused on trying not to jerk off at the sight.

This time, David did laugh.


It was a week later that Joe met with David again, him having converted the videos and saved them on a pendrive. Once arriving home, he plugged it in and began watching.

There were many videos, more than he expected. None had a particular descriptive name, meaning he was left to chance on what he would be watching—not that he cared, all he wanted was to see some hot Abigail Breslin action. And so, as he clicked on the first movie…


The camera was probably left on a shelf or something that could oversee the bed and most of the rest. David’s father was in there, along with two other men around his age, all naked; the sound of a door opening, and soon Abigail, dressed only in a black bra and panties, walked in from outside the camera’s view.

“So, it’s the three of you today, eh?” Abigail said, hands on her hips, and turned a bit to look at the camera. “Is it on?”

“Yes, Abby.” Said David’s father, a leering look on his face mirrored by his two companions.

Abigail turned to him and walked over, for once making noticeable how much smaller she was in comparison to him. As her hands roamed his body, the two looked at each other; with a smirk, Abby pushed him into the bed and took a hold of his cock.

Not a very gentle hold, though.

“Have you forgotten how to address me?” She asked, grinning a little as he whimpered as she apparently squeezed his cock harder.

“S-Sorry m-Mistress…” He let out a gasp as she let go.

“What about you two?” She asked, turning around to look at the others.

“No, Mistress.” They answered in tandem, a bit of a smirk on their faces that Abigail began mirroring.

Turning back to David’s father, she ordered him to move further into the bed; then, she ordered the other two to do the same until all the three were lying side by side, their cocks hard and standing for her to see.

“Such nice cocks.” She said, making a show of licking her lips in anticipation. Reaching back she unbuckled her bra, revealing her rather big boobs for the trio to see—a sight they all appreciated, if the twitch of their cocks was any indication—before crawling over the bed herself. Soon she had her face almost touching David’s father’s cock, her hands on his thighs. “Now, how am I going to do this…?”

“Well, Mistress… We thought-”

“Quiet!” Abby ordered, almost growling at the one who spoke. “I’m in charge here, ain’t I?”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

“So you don’t say anything unless I ask. Now, I got to punish you…” She stopped, as if in thought, before smirking. “I’ve got it. You two, out of the bed; get over there.”

She crawled away from the group, towards the foot of the bed, while the other two guys—including David’s father—stood up out of it. Barking orders and motioning for them how to position themselves—something Joe found a major turn-on—she finally had everyone in position. She herself was still lying on the bed on her side facing the camera, her head by the foot of the bed and her feet on the direction of the men who was to be punished.

“You-” She talked with one of the guys, who was kneeling by the foot of the bed. “-worship me as you wish. Suck my boobs, lick me, finger my pussy; whatever. You-” She told David’s father. “-bring that cock over here, I want to suck on it.”

And so they began. She began sucking on his cock carefully, purposefully picking a slow pace so she could torture him and savor his taste at the same time; at the same time the other man began lavishing her tits with attention, sucking and nibbling on each inch of skin available while his hand seemed to trail down to rub her over her black panties.

And, as this happened, her feet began rubbing and pressing against the punished man’s cock.

Taking the cock out of her mouth for a moment, and letting out a moan of pleasure, she looked at the man she was teasing with her feet and spoke only four words. “Try not to blow.”


“Fucking hell…”

He still couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Seeing Abigail Breslin fucking like that, like a professional whore or pornstar, was something out of his more perverted dreams. Seeing her dominating those older men, making them her bitch like this? Not even his wildest fantasies came close.

The man getting a footjob didn’t hold on for long, much to her irritation as she denied him for a while and focused on the other three. David’s father at times seemed to try and take control, trying to hold on to her hair to make her stop teasing him, but she remained strong. The only one who seemed to please her was the guy eating her tits out, as he eventually plunged his fingers inside her cunt and fingered her to an orgasm.

As they rearranged themselves for another, Joe closed the video’s window and took a breath, seeing the pre-cum already appearing over his own cock. He wanted to hold out for now, to watch more; it would do no good to jerk himself till he cummed too soon, he wanted to savor the moment.

Once he cooled down a bit, he clicked on another video…


This time it seemed to be a POV video, with David’s father—at least Joe presumed it to be—holding the camera. Looking down, it showed Abigail on her knees, hands on his hips as she sucked on his cock of her own volition. She bobbed her head back and forth, the shaft mostly disappearing inside her mouth every time.

“Oh fuck yeah…” David’s father’s voice was heard, confirming he was the one being blown.

Abigail looked up, straight at the camera, doing a seductive face as she stopped bobbing and made a show of licking his cock up and down sloppily. Bringing one of her hands from his hips, she grabbed on to the cock and began to rub it, jerking slowly as she licked alongside her movement.

“You are liking that, huh?” She asked, earning a moan/whimper as she rubbed his piss-slit with her thumb. “You like when I put my mouth on your big cock?” As if to show it, she closed her mouth on his cock and, inch by inch, took him all in once more till she was deepthroating him.

With grunts and moans coming from behind the camera, the camera even shaking at times, Abigail continued to make a show of slurping on his cock. At one point she held his cock out and dipped her head lower, taking one of his balls on her mouth; it was a exhilarating sight, as she made sure to put a show of sucking them in and letting them pop out of her mouth.

All the while glaring sexily up to the camera.

And then she finally finished it off by raising her body higher, enough to put his cock level with her tits—incidentally bringing them to the full view of the camera for the first time—and wrapped them around them. Holding her tits, she began kneading them around his cock.

“Oh fuck!!!” David’s father moaned out in barely contained ecstasy.

“Do you like my tits around your cock?” She asked.

“Y-yes… They are so soft and… oh God…!” David’s father could barely speak as she picked her pace, bouncing her upper body as she rubbed his cock up and down with her tits.

“Then fuck them. Fuck my big tits, and cum on them!”

Maybe it was her giving permission, but with a grunt he began thrusting his hips out and, like she asked for, fuck the valley of her breasts. With the two of them moving in tandem, his cock seemed to disappear between her breasts before reappearing from her cleavage.

The titfuck did not take too long, though, as soon enough he was shooting his seed all over her creamy white breasts.


David’s father wasn’t the only one cumming, however. Maybe it was the whole POV stuff, but as he finished the video Joe couldn’t help mirroring his actions and bursting as well.

Taking a time to clean off, he came back and leafed over the other videos to see what they were about. Yet another scene caught his eye.


The scene once more had the camera being held by someone, as it came close to the bed and the sight in it. Abigail was in there, sitting on a man’s face, her legs drapped over his body and her feet reaching down to his cock, which they rubbed up and down.

She was being eaten out, while simultaneously giving the man a footjob.

“Oh yes… I knew your mouth must have had some use…” The camera couldn’t get in there to catch a good visual of his pussy-eating skills, but from Abby’s moaning and writhing it was obvious he knew what he was doing.

The camera moved closer to her face, catching every tiny detail of it as it scrunched up and relaxed with each tongue lashing she got. Looking down the camera once again focused on her magnificent breasts, the cameraman’s hand reaching out to grope one of them—something Abby didn’t seem to mind, as she moaned louder and didn’t try to stop.

Suddenly the camera was passed around, being picked by another man—someone not previously on the picture, it seemed—and thus the entire act could be seen in full: Abigail Breslin sitting on the guy’s face while jerking his cock with her feet, her head thrown back as she moaned loudly, and David’s father now groping and molesting her tits, reaching down to squeeze the more-than-a-handful of titflesh and bring it to his mouth, sloppily coating her tits in glistening saliva.

The camera moved around the threesome, towards Abigail’s head; as she opened her eyes, the sound of a zipper was heard and the cameraman’s cock came into view, almost slapping her in the face. She didn’t hesitate, or even look surprised; she just motioned for him to come closer and put her mouth around his cock, silencing her own moans.

The camera once more moved hands, to yet another offscreen man, in order to bring the entire foursome into the picture.


Joe stopped the video there. That one had, all in all, become one of his favorites; he wished to see it in full at a later time, so to avoid ‘spoilers’ he decided to close it and go back to taking a look at the others.

Another one caught his eye, and as soon as he opened the video he almost fell off his chair. For, in the very opening of it, was an image that could end up engraved in his head: Abigail Breslin naked and facing the camera with a smirk, tits in full display, hands on her hips sexily… and a big, black strap-on attached to her groins.

“So, you guys ready to become my bitches?”

He closed the video fast, not really wanting to see how it would go down. Or, maybe, he did want to see what happened; for now, though, he would rather see it at a time where he was more… mentally prepared for the pegging video.

So, to try and ward off the image from his head, he opened up another video hoping it would be more ‘traditional’.


This time around the camera was still, back at the shelf or wherever it was that it could see the bed. On it laid David’s father, naked and with his cock standing at attention; at the foot of the bed was Abigail, also completely naked—and with what seemed to be cum on her tits.

On the side of the bed, opposite from the camera’s, were three other men.

“You guys know what to do, right?” They all nodded, some ‘Yes ma’am’ being heard. “All right, so let’s get to work.”

And so they did.  Abigail climbed on the bed, crawling over David’s father and positioning herself so his cock was at her entrance. With his hands moving to her hips, she slowly began to crouch down, gasping as his cock opened up her lower lips and entered her.

As soon as she was seated on his cock, another of the men came and positioned himself behind her. Though the camera angle wasn’t the best, it could see that he was grabbing her ass and spreading her cheeks, his cock moving to align itself with her little—or so Joe guessed—asshole.

“Are you fucking stupid?” Abigail spoke out, almost growling. “You ain’t going in dry. Get up here!”

The man did as she told him, standing up on the bed and moving around; before he could think, Abigail aggressively grabbed his cock and brought him closer, once again putting her mouth to good use and sucking him.

This time the focus wasn’t the blowjob, though, as she made a bigger-than-normal mess of slobbering his cock up. Once deeming it good enough, she ordered him to go back and he returned to his previous position, his now lubed up cock getting ready to enter her asshole.

“Today, asshole!” Abigail barked at him, and at once he complied with her order by plunging himself deep into her, going somewhat slow as she moaned/grunted out in discomfort at first. “You fucking bastard…”

As soon as she got used to it, she gave the signal. As she began bouncing lightly on David’s father, his own hips helping by thrusting upwards into her pussy, the man behind her also began moving and fucking her ass. In no time the two men found a rhythm, the busty blonde’s body moving like a ragdoll as her lower insides were sandwiched between the cocks.

Yet, even in this situation, she retained control.

“Y-you two, stop jerking off by the side… Uuuggh… Come here and… give me your cocks! Ooohh!!”

The two men, who until now were indeed doing nothing but jerking off slowly in the background, moved closer—one of them having to go around the bed, and stay with his back to the camera; luckily he didn’t block the view of much, other than David’s father’s head—and soon found another set of softer hands on their cocks.

The fuckfest was complete now, as the four men fucked Abigail into oblivion. Not only was she double penetrated, both ass and pussy rammed in as the men got progressively bolder and stronger in their fucking, but she jerked off the other two, occasionally bringing them closer to suck and slobber on the cock.

Suffice to say, that was one of the longer videos as the men constantly changed places between themselves and pulled a train on the busty girl. By the end of it, they finished up by—at Abby’s request—making a circle around the bed and jerking themselves off one final time, releasing their cum on the body of a waiting Abigail Breslin. The camera, having been brought closer by one of the men, caught the moment as Abigail got the cumshot of her life; cum hit her on the face, on her perfect big tits, even some getting on her hair—which she, surprisingly, didn’t seem to mind.

At the video’s end, Abigail scooped up some of the cum on her face and made a sexy spectacle of licking it up and swallowing, the camera zooming in on her cum covered face before fading out like a professional porno.


He didn’t think it was possible, he didn’t believe it, but now he knew it was true.

As he stood entranced by the video, masturbating to completion for the second time that night, he decided to hold off watching other videos for now. As intrigued—and aroused—as he was by them all, he was tired and had too much on his head, too much swimming around on his mind at the moment.

As he went to sleep after cleaning himself up again, the offer David made him came back full force to the front of his mind. And, as he finally managed to fall asleep to more dreams of his crush getting fucked, his answer was already much closer to be given.


It was a couple days later, as he kept watching those videos, that Joe finally made up his mind with finality. With thoughts of Abigail dominating him, the desire to touch and feel her soft tits squeezing against his body, her smirking mouth wrapped around his cock, her ass being slapped by his balls as he fucked her, he felt as if he was going to go crazy if he did not do anything.

And so, he picked up the phone.

“Hey David, it’s me. Listen; is that offer still standing?”

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