Sapphic Erotica: Scene 50

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Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 50

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Sanaa Lathan, Lily Collins

Codes: FF, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Lily in the shower, soaping up her body, and scrubbing it, then rinsing off.  She then turns the shower off, and gets out.

Walking into her main room, with a towel wrapped around her, hair still wet, Lily is surprised to hear someone else’s voice. “You planning on hanging that up?” We then see Sanaa sitting on Lily’s couch.  Lily responds by huffing.

“Didn’t you get the hint last time I kicked you out of here?”

“Oh, admit it, you missed me.”

“Yeah, I totally miss being dragged into your shit.”

“Well…” Sanaa stands  up, “You’re being dragged in again.  Figueroa is out.  They released him this morning.”

“Fantastic.” As Lily talks, Sanaa steps towards her. “You know, at this point, maybe I’ll just let him kill me when he shows up.”

“You may remember he said he’d do more than kill you.” At this point, the two stand face to face.

“Then, I’ll let him do that, too.  Only regret I’ll have is not being able to see the look on your face as they’re taking my smiling corpse away.” At this, Sanaa slaps Lily, who gasps almost sexually.  After staring at each other for a couple of seconds, Lily rubbing her cheek, the two start making out passionately.  As they kiss, Sanaa untucks Lily’s towel, and pulls it off her. “You’re right…” Lily then gasps, kissing Sanaa’s neck, and the underside of her chin, “I did miss you…”

Now, the two kneel on Lily’s bed, Sanaa down to a white bra and panties, the former of which Lily gropes her large breasts through, while kissing the tops of them.  Sanaa reaches behind her back, and unhooks her bra, and Lily pulls it off her, then, in our first close-up, begins to lick and suck her hard, black nipples. “Hmm…” Sanaa sighs, tilting her head back.

We now see Lily on her back, with her legs spread, as Sanaa, now naked, lies on her stomach between them.  In another close-up, Sanaa licks the outside of Lily’s pussy, while she caresses her thighs. “Ooh…” Lily moans, head lolled back, breathing hard.  Back in the close-up, Sanaa’s pink tongue works its way into Lily’s moist, lighter pink twat. “Oh…Ooh…” Starting to tremble, Lily now pinches and pulls on her nipples.  Again in the close-up, Sanaa holds Lily’s pussy open, and licks around her clit, while she two-fingers her. “Oh, God…” Lily gasps, “Baby, don’t stop…I’m almost there…” She then breathes in vocally, digging her nails into her small breasts, then lets it out in a low, throaty groan.

Now, we see Sanaa sat up against the headboard, and Lily leaning over her thigh, working her middle finger in and out of Sanaa’s twat. “Oh, God…” Sanaa moans, tilting her head back.  Lily then leans down further, and in another close-up, sticks her tongue in, between her lips, while she fingers her deeper, showing a little pink. “Yeah…Lick my clit…” Sanaa whispers, then bites her lip.  Back in the close-up, Lily now has two fingers in, and is holding Sanaa’s cunt open, and licking her pink clit directly.  As she gets closer to orgasm, Sanaa starts kneading her big, black tits, and lets out a series of shrill whines, her face contorting. “Oh, fuck…right there…” Finally, Sanaa lets out a deep grunt, as she cums.

Later, the two lay next to each other, Sanaa on her side, Lily on her stomach. “So, I guess you’re going to be hanging around here for a couple of days.”

“Oh, you sound so chagrined!” Sanaa laughs, and Lily follows her.

“Well, at least do one thing for me.  If and when Figueroa shows up, put a bullet in his head.”

“Oh, believe me, he threatens you, I’ll be shooting him in more places than just his head.” Lily looks at her, smiling, then Sanaa leans over, and the two kiss, as the scene fades out.

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