Tits, Tugs & Tongues: Christina Hendricks

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Title: Tits, Tugs & Tongues: Christina Hendricks

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Christina Hendricks

Codes: FM, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on a guy’s POV, slouching in an easy chair, as Christina stands before him, in a man’s white shirt. “God, you’re so fucking sexy…” the guy says, as Christina starts to slowly unbutton her shirt, while swaying her hips to the music in the background.  Once the last button is undone, Christina whips the shirt off her shoulders, revealing a black bra and panties, before letting it drop to the floor.

Next, Christina pulls down her bra straps, then reaches in back, letting out a sigh of relief as she unhooks it, and then slides it off. “Baby, you are making me so fucking hard…”

“And it’s not out why?”

“Hm, good point…” The guy undoes his pants, then reaches in, and pulls out his big, rock hard cock, as Christina grabs the sides of her panties, and bends down to take them off.

“Oh, my…” Christina coos, standing, giving us a shot of her ginger bush, “That must have been uncomfortable in those…tight…jeans…”

“Mm, come here…”

“Wait, baby, there’s one more thing…” Christina reaches next to her for a bottle of baby oil, which she opens, and pours a liberal amount over her huge breasts.

“Oh, fuck…” the guy moans, and starts stroking his cock, as Christina rubs the oil into her tits, leaving them slick and shiny.  Finally, the oil starting to run down her soft belly, Christina kneels before the guy, wraps her tits around his dick, and starts to slowly jerk him off.  In our first close-up, we see his swollen head pop in and out from between Christina’s white, shimmering dirty pillows. “Fuck…” the guy whispers, “I love you so much…”

“I love you, too, baby…” As she continues to jerk him off with her tits, the guy starts to thrust into them. “Ooh, fuck!” she smiles. “God, keep doing that…”

“That feel good, baby?”

“Yes!” Christina rubs and kneads her tits around the guy’s dick, as he titty-fucks her. “Ooh!  Just like that…God, you’re making me so wet, baby…” Back in the close-up, Christina flicks her tongue on the tip of the guy’s dick as it peeks out.  The guy thrusts into Christina’s tits faster and harder, until he starts groaning. “Fuck, wait…” Christina takes her tits away, and, in another close-up, wraps her lips around the tip of his cock, as she strokes his oily shaft, until he starts grunting.

Once he stops, Christina takes it out of her mouth, and spits his load all over her tits. “Oh, fuck, you’re beautiful…”

Christina smiles at him. “Did you really like it?”

“Oh, I loved it, baby.  You know what?  Before your next birthday, I’m gonna think of a way to top this.”

“Oh, I can’t wait!” Christina giggles, then gives his head one last suck, as the scene fades out.

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