MET Gala Sluts

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Title: MET Gala Sluts

Author: Noops

Celebs: Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner

Codes: MFF, cons, oral, voy, MDom, inter

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all.

New York City, May 2017, the MET Gala.

Selena Gomez and Abel Tesfaye, better known as “The Weeknd”, walked the red carpet amidst a crowd of photographers, reporters and numerous celebrities. The gorgeous latina stunned the crowd wearing a beautiful pink dress that showed off her toned legs and drew attention to her mouthwatering cleavage.

After a few minutes of standing around and posing for photos they made their way into the building. Right there at the entrance they both saw it, amongst all of the other celebrities and powerful people there was a body that stood out immediately. She was slim and tall with black hair and exquisite porcelain skin. Their eyes were quickly drawn to the bottom of her mesh-like dress that let almost nothing to the imagination. Every single person in that gala got a great look at the woman’s long, shapely legs and her firm, delicious ass barely covered by a small, black thong.

“Fuck yeah, small and tight ass, just like I like ‘em” Abel thought, trying not to get caught staring by his girlfriend.

“Oh my god who’s the slut wearing that?!” Selena whispered to him, trying to hide the fact that her mind was filled with the lustful images of the mysterious girl and her perfectly sculpted ass cheeks.

The black singer tried to look away and responded, “I don’t know, baby. But you’re right, that’s so vulgar…” The phrase sounded so fake that Selena would have easily noticed the lie if not for the fact that she was also enthralled with the irresistible ass and amazing legs under that skimpy dress.

Right then the woman turned around and noticed the couple. “Oh, hey guys, what’s going on?” she greeted them, before giving each of them a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh! Hi, Kendall, I… didn’t recognize you…” Selena confessed, admiring the front of Kendall Jenner’s dress and more than a little embarrassed that she had caught her checking her out. Both girls had been part of the same social circle or “squad” for awhile, but after a few issues related to her infamous cheating ex-boyfriend things between the two starlets had become very tense.

“Oh my God that’s such a pretty dress, Sel! Let me have a good look at it,” the model asked, grabbing Selena’s hand as she turned around to show her the entire garb. “Girl, you look so fucking hot!”

“Thanks, Kendall. And you look… amazing,” the petite girl admitted, her blushed cheeks betraying her to her boyfriend and her former friend.

“I know, haha!” the long legged girl laughed, “Listen, I gotta go talk to some people, you know how this things go, but maybe I’ll see you guys later, ok? Have fun!”

“Ye–yeah, you too…” Selena muttered with her eyes fixated on Kendall’s rear as she walked away and got lost into the crowd. “Hey, are you ok, baby?” she asked her boyfriend, realizing he had not said a word during that conversation. Abel answered with a short “yeah…” and started walking a little behind Selena, hoping she wouldn’t notice the tent that had been forming in his pants.

After that awkward episode the night went on as normal. The couple drank and danced a little bit, taking the time to walk around and say hi to all the millionaires and important people from the fashion industry. Abel had been searching for Kendall in the crowd all night, just waiting for the opportunity to talk to her alone and, although she would never admit it, Selena had been doing the same thing. But there was no luck for any of them. Kendall was nowhere to be found.

“You ready to go, baby?” He asked the texan girl.

“Yeah, I’m kinda tired actually. I’m just gonna go to the ladies room before we go, ok?”

She walked to the end of the hallway where she remembered one of the bathrooms was. She was kind of tipsy by that point and didn’t notice the couple making out by the bathroom door until she was about to bump into them. Just as she stopped a couple of feet from the duo, she realized who they were.

The man was A$AP Rocky and he was fondling Kendall’s ass with no discretion whatsoever. Kendall could not see Selena was behind her but Rocky did. He winked and smiled at Selena before lifting the skinny model by her ass and taking her inside the bathroom.

Embarrassed by the unexpected encounter, Selena quickly turned around to go home but then a strong feeling possessed her. It occurred to her that maybe all that time she’d spent resenting Kendall for what happened with her ex-boyfriend she’d just been jealous. Jealous that Kendall had given her attention to Justin and not her.

“Could it be that simple? Could that be why all night I’ve been holding my breath every time I thought I recognized her black hair in the crowd?” she asked herself, “Or maybe I just want to understand what she could do for Justin that made him chose her over me,” she surmised, insecure about her inadequate sexual prowess. After all those years of hanging around with actors and models that seemed to be constantly fucking anything that moved she still felt very inexperienced. Even with her current boyfriend the fact that she wasn’t as promiscuous as most girls in show business and therefore less skilled (or so she thought) were still something that worried her constantly. It made her feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in her relationship, like Abel would get bored and leave her for a more adventurous girl at any moment. “Fuck it!” she said as she turned around again and headed for the bathroom. She had no plan, no course of action. The only thing on her mind was that she wanted to know what it was like to be like Kendall. Or maybe… to be with Kendall.

She carefully tried the bathroom’s door handle. It wasn’t locked. Trying to make as little noise as possible she turned the knob and slowly pushed the door until there was just enough space for her to peek inside. Kendall was on her knees unzipping the rapper’s fly. Selena’s breath became shorter when the Victoria’s secrets model pulled the man’s pants down and a huge, 10 inch black cock came down on her head. Kendall did not miss a beat and began servicing Rocky’s member with the refined skills of a pro. Selena had always suspected Kendall to be one of the biggest sluts in the business and the way she was easily swallowing that massive cock confirmed it. The latina looked around the hallway and was glad to see no one there. She kept enjoying the show and found the cut of her dress very helpful as she reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit through the fabric of her pink lace panties, soaked with the yearning juices she’d been producing since the moment she saw the Kendall that night.

“Oh my God she’s so beautiful, so sexy, so confident!” Selena said to herself as she kept admiring the model’s work and touching herself. She was afraid of getting caught spying on the couple but that only made the whole thing more exciting.
Rocky grabbed Kendall’s head and held it in place, freeing her hands to take off the top of her dress as he thrust his gigantic piece of meat into her mouth. Selena started losing what little composure she had left and lowered one of the straps of her dress. She pulled out her left breast and pinched her nipple, making sure it hurt just enough while her right hand stayed busy, frantically massaging her clit right there at the end of the hallway. Any one of the numerous guests could have walked by and seen her. The famous ex-Disney star caught masturbating in the middle of a luxurious gala while spying on an unsuspecting couple. But Selena was too horny, too lost in the awe-inspiring spectacle Kendall was putting on to care about a possible scandal. And even more than that, she was discovering how much she enjoyed masturbating in public.

“Oh my God…” the petite brunette whispered, trying to mute herself as she climaxed leaning on the bathroom door. But before she was even finished a swift hand pulled her into the bathroom. Selena, still feeling the effects of the orgasm, fell to her knees and looked up at a topless Kendall who was smiling at her with a smug look on her face.

“What do we have here?” she said, looking down at Selena’s exposed breast. “All these years you’ve been playing the part of the shy, goody two-shoes role model for little girls, disapproving of our promiscuous lifestyle. But I just caught you flipping your bean at a party and spying on us!”

Selena looked down at the floor, ashamed of herself.

“Turns out you’re just a horny slut like the rest of our squad, Selena. The jig is finally up, huh?”

Selena did not know what to say. The model seemed to be expecting her to say something but all she could do was stare up at her. Kendall’s eyeliner was running down her eyes, her red, enticing lips were glistening in the fluorescent light and she had saliva and pre-cum dripping from her chin onto her small but lovely tits. She was about to say something else when Selena got up and kissed her. It surprised all of them, even Selena herself wasn’t sure of what she was doing but Kendall’s tongue massaging hers just felt so right. And after the kiss became more and more intense she figured it out. It wasn’t about Justin or any of her insecurities, she’d wanted to taste Kendall since the day she’d met her. Now she was there in her arms, readily answering every one of her caresses. Selena wondered for a fraction of a second if Kendall liked her or if she was just another body to satisfy her desires for the night, but as quickly as that thought entered her head it was replaced by the conviction that she really did not care. Just as she didn’t care when A$AP Rocky stood behind her and removed the only strap that was still holding up her dress.

Selena opened her eyes and watched herself topless in the bathroom mirror, her perky tits brushing against Kendall’s smaller ones while the black man behind her slid the rest of her fancy dress all the way down, leaving her in nothing but her see-through lace panties and golden high heels.

“This is happening,” she thought as he reached around and cupped her breasts. “I’m cheating on my boyfriend.” His menacing hard dick pressed against her lower back like a mugger’s weapon and she gasped when his large, rugged fingers slid under her panties, parted her pussy lips and entered her.

“Oh God forgive me, this feels so good!” she screamed inside her head. The uncaring touch of a man she didn’t know gave her more intense and immediate sensations than anything she’d ever experienced with her boyfriend She felt guilty and vulgar but that only turned her on more.

The wonderful sensations of Rocky’s finger pushing further into her pussy caused her head to tilt back against his chest. Kendall started kissing her neck and her shoulders, stopping every once in awhile to admire and snicker at how easily the supposedly virtuous Selena Gomez surrendered herself to another man, before going back to pleasuring her hardened nipples with her expert tongue.

“Damn, this little bitch so wet!” the rapper announced as he pushed deeper into her and his left hand gripped Selena’s chest with such force that the petite singer could not help but to let out a short whimper each time he switched between her soft breasts.

“You’re… hurting me…” Selena cried, barely able to get the sentence out in between heavy breaths, even though she knew the pain felt good too. Her complaints annoyed A$AP Rocky and he responded by ripping off her panties and then spinning her around to face him.

“I don’t give a fuck, bitch! Ya hear me?!”

He grabbed her neck and pushed her small frame against the cold bathroom wall, holding her in place as he aggressively fingered her with his two middle digits. Selena held the arm that was choking her with both hands, trying desperately not to fall down as her knees wobbled and her pussy was ravaged by the rapper’s violent approach to the most delicate part of her fragile body. She was scared but she didn’t want him to stop. Abel had always been a gentleman in bed and she’d convinced herself that she liked that, but now that she was being insulted and handled without consideration she felt hornier than ever. In the background she could hear Kendall mocking her, calling her a slut and a fraud but then another hard thrust into her cunt brought her attention back to the man restraining her and, with screams of pain and pleasure drowned by the uncaring hand gripping her throat, she orgasmed in his hand, imagining herself as nothing more than a toy to entertain the both of them.

The black man released her and she fell down again, desperately gasping for air.

“Now suck this dick,” he ordered, offering his swollen cock to her face. “C’mon, bitch! I said suck it!”

Selena looked up at him, opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue, inviting him in. He grabbed her hair and fed her his throbbing cock, all the way down her throat. The sweet texan started gagging and trying to push him away but he was much stronger and wouldn’t allow it. Kendall started feeling sorry for Selena as her puerile face turned red and streams of tears began coming out of her big brown eyes.

“C’mon, baby, let her breathe a little,” she told the rapper, gripping his shaft and stroking it softly while whispering in his ear: “Let me teach her what you really like…”

He pulled out of Selena’s mouth and the petite latina was finally able to breathe again. She coughed and cried in a pool of her own saliva for a little while until Kendall kneeled next to her and said, “I guess you weren’t faking it, huh? You’re not ready for this shit.”

“I just… He’s too big.” The singer protested, still puffing and panting.

“You just lack the experience, honey, but the fact that you’re here means you’re really just as big a slut as me. Now come here, let me teach you.”

Kendall pushed Selena’s messy hair away from her cute face and kissed her again. A tender, sensual kiss to make her trepidation fade away. The two gorgeous girls made out for a few minutes while Rocky stroked his dick watching them. Then he took a step forward and Kendall guided the singer’s lips onto the thick veiny head of his lover. Selena looked at her nervously. “Don’t be shy, Sel, kiss it like this” she said, and then she softly brushed her wet lips against the tip of the rapper’s cock. Selena followed her example and did the same from the other side. Rocky stared down at the shy girl servicing his cock and caressed the side of her face to let her know she was doing a good job.

“That’s it,” he said, “Keep sucking that dick. You a good little cocksucker, ain’t ya, bitch?”

Selena looked up and nodded her head; a short “mm-hmm” was muffled by the thick piece of black meat stretching her mouth.

“Stroke the base of the shaft with your hands,” Kendall indicated as the lesson continued, “now lick his balls like this, Sel, he loves that.” She followed every single one of Kendall’s suggestions so thoroughly that when the model stopped talking she realized she didn’t need them anymore. Selena kept sucking that black dick and loving every second of it while Kendall took care of her. Lovingly stroking her hair, kissing her neck and her shoulders, playing with her tits and driving her crazy again.

“Wow, Sel, haha” The Victoria’s secret model chuckled when she noticed the mexican beauty rubbing her clit again, “I gotta give it you. I would’ve never imagined you to be so insatiable!” Selena barely heard her; she was enjoying too much the brand new experience of having a stranger’s cock pulsating on her tongue. But Kendall wasn’t finished, she pulled Selena’s hair forcing her to let go and kissed her again, tasting his boyfriend’s cock in her saliva. Selena didn’t stop fingering herself and closed her eyes, then she quickly opened them in shock when Kendall’s wet finger penetrated her taut asshole.

“Oh my God, Kendall, what are you doing?!” the latina girl cried in pain, but her fingers never stopped and the speed of her own thrusts into her pussy eventually matched the ones of Kendall’s finger in her hole.

“Fuck, c’mere you little whore, Imma bust a nut in that pretty face!” the rapper shouted. Selena had never liked facials; it was something she’d only allowed a couple of times in her life and only on special occasions. Abel, the boyfriend who she was currently cheating on, had never even come close to convincing her. But that night was a new beginning. Something wicked and sleazy had awoken in her mind and made her feel like she could do anything without any guilt, without any shame. She would not let her boyfriend cum on her face, but this other man who she’d never spoken to, the one who didn’t care at all about her and wouldn’t remember her tomorrow, the man whose cock she’d been sucking for the last 10 minutes because he called her a bitch and a slut; she wanted him to cum on her face. Selena loved that he made her feel like a dirty whore and all she wanted was to prove him right.

“Yes, give it to me, please.” She said. And so the obedient starlet faced the massive black cock and opened her mouth, ready for her reward. Kendall pushed her finger all the way inside Selena’s asshole and she cried and moaned as a thick stream of hot cum landed on her forehead. Her sudden transformation into a slut was complete and, as a second gush of jizz hit her across the eyes and temporarily blinded her, she orgasmed again with two fingers up her pussy and another one up her ass. The rapper grunted and shot the rest of his load on Selena’s cute face, then he squeezed the last heavy drops of cum right onto her impatient tongue, which the singer gladly ingested before sticking her tongue back out to proudly show off how happily she had swallowed it all.

“You liked that, bitch? You like jizz on ya face?”

“Yes, thank you,” she answered with her small hands still wrapped around the rapper’s shaft, worshiping his now softening but still massive cock like a God. Kendall watched in awe as Selena kept rubbing the black cock against her cum-drenched innocent looking face, lovingly kissing it and digging with her tongue for the last drops of cum still hidden in the tip.

“That’s enough, bitch.” He told Selena, pulling up his pants and getting ready to leave. “You comin’ or what?” he asked
his girlfriend as he opened the door. Kendall looked at mexican girl sitting on the cold floor, still covered in semen and on the verge of tears as she reached for her torn up panties; “I think I’ll stay,” she answered and after a quick shrug of the shoulders the rapper was gone.

“Oh my God, Kendall, I just cheated on Abel!” Selena started crying just as the door closed and the reality of what she’d just done hit her like a punch to the face.

“Shh, don’t cry, Sel. He doesn’t have to know. I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut,” the tall girl comforted her with a hug.

“But… look at me! My dress is stained, my hair is a mess– Oh God I gotta wash my face what if someone comes in and–”

Kendall stopped her from getting up with her index finger on her cum glazed lips. “Shhh, let me help you with that”. She scooped off a little bit of her boyfriend’s seed and tasted it before surprising Selena with a kiss on the lips. The singer relaxed in Kendall’s arms and the two girls shared a passionate kiss where cum mixed with saliva as the slutty model cleaned Selena’s face with her tongue and then shared the cum with her again, spitting it back into her mouth. Selena swallowed the mixture and thanked her with a bittersweet smile.

“Good girl,” Kendall praised her, before tenderly kissing her one more time. “So how do you feel?”

“Well I… I had never done anything like it. And it was amazing, honestly but… I feel like trash for cheating on him. I’m probably going to be crying the rest of the night.”

“No, you’re not!” the slutty model reassured, “And I can guarantee that!”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Selena asked, confused and trying to get her cum stained dress back on.

“What I mean, honey, is that you and me are going to find your boyfriend right now and we’re going to make it up to him. Big time!”

“I don’t know Kendall, I–”

“Hey, you just sucked my boyfriend’s dick, Selena! It’s only fair I go home with you and do the same!”

The cute latina looked away and blushed, still ashamed of the way she had acted. Kendall zipped up her pink dress and whispered in her ear: “C’mon, Sel, don’t you want to see me getting fucked in the ass by your man?” Selena’s body shivered as her friend took advantage of her lack of undergarments and reached between her thighs, playing with her still wet pussy. “Don’t you want to lick his cum off my face?”

“Yes…” Selena whimpered

“Don’t you want to feel like a slut again?”

“I… I do.”

“Good,” Kendall giggled as she made her way out of the room, looking back as stepped outside she added:

“Then follow me.”

And Selena followed.

To Be Continued…

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