Interviewing…Avril, Nelly and Fergie

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Title: Interviewing…Avril, Nelly and Fergie

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, Fergie, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MF, FF, strap-on, MFF, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

It had been a long while since I’d had three superstars on any show, so I was very much looking forward to the next episode of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls. Our guests were three huge names in the world of music and, as Kate gave me my regular pre-show blowjob, we both felt we had huge chances of managing to seduce them after the show.

Avril Lavigne was a Canadian pop-rock star who had first found fame with her track Sk8er Boi and has since gone on to produce several top hits. Nelly Furtado, our second guest, was probably best known for songs such as I’m Like a Bird and Maneater but was a stunning singer with Portuguese heritage while Fergie, our final guest, shot to fame as the female lead singer in Black Eyed Peas before starting a successful solo career.

The three girls looked great as they came out onto the set and joined Kate and I, taking their places on the opposite sofa. Avril led the way in a black dress that gave her a punky type of look and accentuated her blonde hair. Nelly, meanwhile, had opted for a slightly more casual look in jeans and a low-cut white top that showed off plenty of her cleavage. Finally Fergie’s huge tits were exaggerated in a black number that finished quite high and led to Kate leaning across and whispering to me that ‘she couldn’t wait to bury her head in those.’

“Welcome to the show, ladies, and what a pleasure it is to have the three of you on,” I said, starting the show. “Now, let’s get started. You’re all incredibly successful singers with great hits but which is your favourite one?”

“That’s such a tough question to start with,” Avril answered. “I really don’t know if I could pick a favourite but I think it would more likely to be my older songs as opposed to my new ones. I like my new stuff but songs like Sk8er Boi and Complicated were the ones that really gave me my break.”

“I agree with Avril, it’s so hard to pick one song that stands out,” Nelly replied. “I think mine would be between I’m Like A Bird and Promiscuous though, as those two were my favourite songs to record and to make the videos for, but I love all the songs I’ve made, even if they flopped.”

“I think on a personal level, mine has to be Big Girls Don’t Cry,” admitted Fergie. “That was the song that got my solo career off to a great boost but I’ve had so many great hits with the boys that I can’t pick one single overall hit as my favourite I’ve ever sung on. But as a solo artist, it’s definitely that.”

“How does solo work differ from being in the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie?” Kate asked, off script.

“It’s a lot harder, to be honest, Kate,” Fergie replied. “Obviously, I have to write my own songs and then I’m on the track for the whole 3 minutes which I obviously enjoy, but it’s the hard work leading up to the production of the song. I do sometimes miss the fact that the work is shared around when I’m with the group.”

“You’re all currently working on new albums, so are we expecting more of the same or something a bit different?”

“Mine’s definitely more of the same,” Avril replied. “Compared to my earlier albums, it’s different, but my newer stuff has strayed away from that anyway. I’m actually really looking forward to it being in the shops already.”

“I’ve gone for something slightly different,” Nelly answered, “but it’s not that far away from my usual stuff. It’s a little more slowed-down, maybe a sadder album, but it is still pretty similar to my other albums in terms of beats, lyrics and music.”

“My new album is exactly the same style as my old ones,” Fergie replied. “I work by the motto ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and that’s exactly what I’ve done. It was a little bit weird this time because I was doing stuff with the band as well but I’m proud of the end product.”

“Moving away from music, let’s talk about personal lives,” Kate said, leading the interview towards sex for the first time. “Avril, you’ve been married twice, Nelly once and Fergie you still are, so tell me, what’s life like?”

“Erm, yeah, I’m not going to lie, the marriages were tough,” Avril said, looking a little sadder. “But I’m still friends with both my ex-husbands which is always nice. But obviously now, it gets a bit lonely so I’m definitely looking for a relationship, to find someone who could maybe be my husband for life.”

“Well, I’m still happily married which is great,” Nelly said. “My life’s going pretty well, obviously Nevis (her daughter) is at the difficult age now where she’s starting to grow up faster than I would like but on the whole, my life’s pretty good.”

“I’m like Nelly, really,” Fergie answered, which seemed to make Avril even sadder. “Happily married but our son is at the difficult age of having to be with him every minute of every day, now he’s three. I wouldn’t change a thing, but it’s hard work.”

“And what about the sex lives?” I asked.

“Tough to get going again,” Avril responded. “I’m very particular about what I like in the bedroom, it’s partly why my marriages broke up, so finding someone to satisfy me sexually is difficult. I haven’t had good sex for practically half a year, so that’s not good.”

“With Nevis being the age she is, it’s hard for me and my hubby to get some time alone to have sex,” Nelly replied. “Whenever we try and steal a moment or two, she pops up for something or other. We try and have sex regularly but it ends up at about once or twice a month.”

“Yeah, children are a real pain in the ass when it comes to having sex,” Fergie replied. “Ours is only three and it seems he wants attention whenever we’re starting to get in the mood. It’s extremely difficult. We used to fuck once or twice a week, now I’m lucky if I get that a month, it’s a pain.”

“So I guess you ladies must masturbate quite a lot,” Kate asked, “I know I would?”

“Yeah, I don’t know how I’d survive without it,” Avril replied, and she seemed to give Kate and I a sly smile, “especially after the break-up of my second marriage. Masturbation is a godsend as it’s a guaranteed orgasm and you can do it anytime, anywhere.”

“Yeah, I have to masturbate at least three times a week to keep me ticking over,” Nelly answered. “Sometimes if my husband and I haven’t got time for sex, we’ll watch each other masturbate and he always says that’s incredibly hot for him as I’m really good, so that’s nice.”

“I never used to masturbate that much, to be honest with you,” Fergie replied, to our great surprise. “But since I’m not getting that much sex anymore, I’ve started masturbating a lot, once or twice a day generally, especially when my sex drive is so high.”

“And have you ever experimented with other women?” I asked, knowing very well that two of our guests had done.

“In my wilder years, but I haven’t had an experience with another woman for a good few years now,” Avril replied. “Now that I’m single again, though, I wouldn’t take it off the table but I think I’d need a man to be there to reassure me and because I think it would make it so much better.”

“Well, I remember saying in an interview a long time ago about how beautiful and sexy I thought women were, and that hasn’t changed,” answered Nelly. “However, the opportunity to experiment has not been as open as I would have hoped it to be with my marriage and career but I remain very open-minded.”

“I love girls,” Fergie answered, smiling as she noticed the bulge growing in my trousers. “I’ve never been afraid to admit that I’m attracted to girls and that I’ve had a lot of fun with them, or that I’m bisexual. However, since I’ve been married I haven’t gone down that route as I prefer to be faithful.”

“Seeing as you’ve all taken an interest in girls, who would be your dream duet based on looks and sex appeal alone?” Kate asked, immediately releasing my cock and beginning to stroke it.

“Ooh, that’s a great question,” Avril answered, watching as Kate continued to give me a handjob. “I’ve never really thought about it, but the girls you have on tonight are both pretty hot, and I’ve always admired Britney Spears so I guess her.”

“That really is a tricky one,” Nelly replied, also watching the handjob with a huge smile. “I’ve always had a thing for younger women so I think Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez would be great, if it’s just based on how sexy I find them.”

“Well, I’ve thought about this a lot, to be honest,” Fergie replied, “especially when I’ve been having my masturbation periods. I think my personal favourite would be Adele, but I’m not sure why. I’ve got a long list though, because I think most popstars that make it are absolutely stunning.”

“What great answers,” I said, as Kate lowered her mouth to my cock and began sucking me off, her part of the interview done. “One final question for you all. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done and your kinkiest fantasy?”

“Well, the kinkiest thing I’ve done is pretty easy,” Avril answered, clearly enjoying the blowjob going on in front of her. “When I was younger and going through my wild stage, we had a sex party with a load of friends which involved everything. As for the fantasy, I think I’d like to have sex with more than two people as I’ve never done that before.”

“I’ve never done anything that kinky, really,” Nelly answered. “I suppose the most kinky thing would be performing on stage at one of my concerts with no underwear on. I’ve got a lot of fantasies, though. Top of the list is public sex, I think that would be extremely hot.”

“An orgy at one of the after-show music award parties,” Fergie responded quickly, and my cock visibly hardened in Kate’s mouth, nearly causing her to gag. “That’s easily my kinkiest thing. As for fantasies, I don’t have too many I haven’t done, but I’ve always wanted to be with three guys at the same time, so I guess that would be it.”

“Wow,” I said, struggling to contain myself, given the girls’ answers and the blowjob I was receiving from Kate. “What a fantastic show. Unfortunately, that’s all we have time for, but join us next time when we’ll be joined by Dannii Minogue and Leona Lewis. See you then.”

As soon as the cameras had stopped rolling, I grabbed Kate’s head and pulled it off my cock to stop myself squirting my load in her mouth straightaway. Pulling her in for a kiss, I let my hands wander to squeeze her ass before sneaking inside her dress to her bare pussy and beginning to rub it.

Unbeknownst to me, Avril Lavigne, Fergie and Nelly Furtado had decided that the sex that was no doubt going to ensue between Kate and I would be so hot that they needed to watch. With that in mind, Avril hitched up her dress, Nelly exposed her tits and Fergie did both as they watched Kate and I have foreplay.

I’d momentarily forgotten about our guests as I rubbed Kate’s pussy before deciding she deserved more for getting me the hardest I’d been for a long time when I’d finished the show. Laying her down on the sofa, I hitched up her dress, exposing her naked pussy, and began to run my tongue along its entrance, listening to her moan.

As I concentrated on licking Kate Abdo’s pussy, I was totally unaware of what was currently occurring on the other side of the room, with our three guests. If I had been, I’m positive I would have found it a lot harder to work on Kate’s clit, given the fact that our three musical guests had decided that they were here to stay and had all stripped out their clothes so they were now in their sexy underwear.

I soon became aware, however, that our three guests on the show were intent on staying and getting involved in the action when I felt my hips be moved and suddenly a mouth enclose around my cock. Looking down, I saw Avril lying beneath me, my cock in her mouth and a huge smile in her eyes.

I smiled into Kate’s pussy and resumed my oral pleasure, looking up to see a sight which hardened my cock in Avril’s mouth. The other two ladies clearly had wanted to get involved and we’d now formed what resembled the human centipede as Fergie had laid on top of Kate and presented her pussy to my co-host, who was happily eating it, while Nelly completed the line by sitting on Fergie’s face.

With most of us busy using our tongues, the only sounds you could hear clearly were the muffled moans of Nelly Furtado as Fergie ate her pussy, the first time another girl had ever pleasured her. It seemed difficult for her to control herself and I, too, was struggling as Avril Lavigne continued to suck my cock, rubbing her shaven pussy at the same time.

All five people involved were nearing their orgasms, that much was clear from the muffled moans and how each of us increased the speed of pleasure on the others to try and draw attention away from our own climaxes. Eventually, none of us could hold on anymore as we all climaxed one after the other, covering the pleasurer’s face in cum.

Unsurprisingly, the first to reach her over-powering climax was Nelly, not at all surprising given she’d been emitting extremely loud and passionate moans for the last couple of minutes. Fergie clearly knew how to lick pussy as Nelly experienced her first lesbian orgasm and moments later was able to watch Kate reach her climax as her juices flowed over my own tongue, clearly revelling in the process.

Fergie hit her orgasm seconds later, clearly helped by the new juice in her mouth from Nelly’s climax and having Kate moan into her pussy as she hit hers. Avril then had a full mouth as I squirted my load deep into her throat, not able to hold back any longer given all the orgasms and Avril’s skilled blowjob. That just left Avril, but it was clear she knew how to get herself off as moments after she’d swallowed my load, she was rubbing herself to her own climax as the rest of us cleaned each other up.

There was a moment’s pause as we all lay on the sofa, the fresh glow of a person who’d just climaxed hard coming off each of our faces. Eventually, though, we broke apart, everyone standing up off the sofa, huge smiles around as we looked at each other’s naked bodies.

“So, what’s the plan now?” I asked optimistically, looking around at the four beautiful ladies around me, each one of their pussies glistening with their juices.

“The plan is,” came Nelly Furtado’s reply, “you bring that cock over here and fuck me silly.”

I didn’t need asking twice and I moved straight over to Nelly Furtado, pulling her in for a kiss, letting my hand wander down to rub her wet pussy. She did exactly the same, grabbing hold of my cock with her hand and we stood there for a moment, masturbating each other as we made out passionately.

The other girls had all moved as well from their positions standing admiring each other, and it seemed safe to say both Avril Lavigne and Fergie were ready to relive their lesbian days. The two singers were currently engaging in a three-way kiss with Kate and their fingers were already roaming each other’s wet pussies, just as I was doing to Nelly.

I couldn’t wait any longer, though, and was eager to fuck Nelly Furtado as hard as I possibly could, better than her husband if at all possible. Her pussy was nicely lubed up so I picked her up in my arms, she was surprisingly very light, and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I guided my cock towards her pussy.

I pushed it inside and was greeted with a moan from Nelly as she felt my 8 inch cock inside her for the first time. I began thrusting my hips into hers as we continued making out, her legs still wrapped around my waist. I spun around, still fucking Nelly, so I could see what the other girls were doing and was absolutely delighted that I did.

What I saw before me was something I could only have dreamed about. Kate Abdo was doing exactly as she had told me she was going to and had her head buried in between Fergie’s tits, motor boating her and enjoying every second. Meanwhile, Avril had dropped to her knees and was lapping away at Fergie’s clit, getting her first taste of pussy in a very long while.

I wanted to be fucking Nelly in a position where both of us could watch the lesbian scene going on as I felt it would increase the chances of us reaching our orgasms a lot quicker. However, for that to happen we needed to be facing the same direction and so I carried the Maneater singer over to the opposite sofa and sat down, my cock still buried in her pussy.

Nelly realised what I was doing and lifted her pussy off my cock, spun herself around so her back was now to me and re-lowered herself down onto my cock. It meant we now both had a great view of the other women and boy, what a view it was.

The girls had changed position from when I’d last been watching them and they’d introduced a little friend. Kate’s strap-on dildo which she sometimes kept behind our sofa when she was expecting a particularly lively show had made an appearance being worn by my co-host. Avril was currently sucking on it but you could tell she was itching for it to be inside her, while Fergie watched on, slowly rubbing her clit.

I continued fucking Nelly, occasionally kissing the back of her neck as we watched the three other celebrities enjoy themselves greatly. Kate had decided Avril had waited long enough and began to fuck the punk popstar with the strap-on, thrusting into Avril’s tight pussy. Fergie was watching on, massaging her tits with one hand, while the other worked on her pussy, waiting for her moment to get involved.

I grabbed Nelly’s tits from behind as we watched the scene unfold in front of us, both of us getting more and more turned on as we fucked. I began biting Nelly’s neck, making her moan back, her bounces on my cock increasing in speed. Kate was going at practically the same speed as she pounded the strap-on into Avril’s pussy and Fergie decided it was time she got some action too.

She got up from the floor where she had been sitting and moved over, positioning herself behind Avril which seemed a little surprising to both Nelly and I. However, it soon became clear why she had done so as Avril let out a little yelp of surprise in between her moans because Fergie had opened her asshole and dived her tongue inside.

Watching Avril receive pleasure in both her holes while I continued to fuck Nelly Furtado was something that would live with me for a very long time. I could feel my orgasm nearing as I massaged Nelly’s tits and watched Kate ram a dildo in Avril’s pussy while Fergie continued to lick her asshole, spreading it as wide as she could.

Avril’s screams were filling the whole studio as she received double pleasure and she announced that she was about to cum. Hearing this, Kate removed the dildo from Avril’s pussy and replaced it with her tongue, dropping to her knees so she could lick Avril Lavigne to her orgasm.

It was safe to say Avril brought me a lot closer to my own orgasm as I watched her hit her climax, my cock still buried deep inside Nelly’s pussy as she bounced on top of me. The passion with which she held Kate’s head to her pussy and Fergie kept her tongue buried in her ass as she released her juices was something else, and I warned Nelly that it had made me closer to my own cumload.

“Fucking give it to me,” she moaned as she bounced harder on my cock. “Give me your load and make me cum hard.”

Her encouragement was all I needed and I bounced her hard on my cock before squirting my load deep inside her pussy. The feeling of my cum inside her seemed to spur Nelly towards her own climax and, with the help of her fingers, she managed to bring herself to her orgasm, screaming just as loudly as Avril had done.

Nelly clambered off my cock and moved over to the three women who were now making out on the floor and joined the party. I remained on the sofa, content watching, as they all exchanged kisses, admiring their beautiful bodies.

However, I wasn’t alone for long as the only musician who I had not yet had any sexual interaction with decided it was time for her to get some cock. Fergie broke apart her kiss with Kate and made her way over towards me, her giant tits juggling as she walked, making my cock grow again.

She seemed to know exactly what I was fascinated over as she pulled me in for a kiss before dropping to her knees and grabbing my cock. She began to give me a handjob as I watched her eye it with lust before she made my dreams come true by placing it in between her tits and moving them up and down.

Fergie giving me a tit wank was one of my favourite moments of the whole second series, there was no doubt about that. The way she massaged my cock with her tits told me she’d done it many a time and in no time at all, my cock was back to its full length. She stuck out her tongue and teased the tip of it before her horniness overcame her.

She stood up and, after giving me a quick kiss, bent over, indicating she was ready for my cock to be piled into her. I got to my feet and lined my cock up with her pussy before the Black Eyed Peas singer stopped me in my tracks.

“No, Tom,” she said, spreading her ass wide. “I want it up my ass.”

I wasn’t the greatest fan of anal sex but when such a beautiful celebrity with an absolutely perfect ass asks you to put your cock in their ass, you don’t turn it down. I lubed up my fingers and began fingering her asshole, trying to get it lubed up enough for my cock to enter her.

Meanwhile, over the other side of the room, Nelly had taken Fergie’s place in the dominant lesbian stakes and seemed to be ordering Kate and Avril around. Avril now had the strap-on and was preparing to return the favour to my co-host as Nelly sat inches from Kate’s face, fingering herself watching both the girls in front of her and Fergie and myself.

Avril pushed the dildo inside Kate’s pussy and began to fuck her as my co-host moaned out in delight, I knew she loved getting fucked by a strap-on, almost as much as she loved the real thing. With Avril having penetrated Kate’s hole, I could tell Fergie was getting restless and I decided that her ass was lubed up enough to take my cock inside it.

I lined my cock up against Fergie’s ass and slowly pushed it into her now lubed-up hole and was surprised at how easily it went inside. I began to fuck her passionately from behind, grabbing hold of her tits as she moaned in pleasure, both of us watching the other three girls at the same time.

I’d already cum twice tonight but it seemed all four girls in the room were doing everything they could to make me cum as many times as possible. As Fergie’s ass received a pounding from my cock, the other three ladies were certainly putting on a show. Avril was pummelling Kate’s pussy in the manner you’d expect from such a kinky girl, but Nelly had got fed up of using her own hands and was holding Kate’s head to her pussy, receiving an excellent licking.

Fergie decided she wasn’t getting enough pleasure from only getting anally fucked and brought her fingers down to rub her pussy as I pounded into her from behind, squeezing her huge tits as I did so. It was clear she knew exactly how she liked getting fucked in the ass, as she was doing most of the work, grinding her hips back against mine and dictating the sex.

Nelly was moaning incredibly loudly once more, just as she had done when Fergie had been eating her pussy earlier, and her heightened sense of pleasure having already cum twice tonight, was bringing her closer to her third orgasm. Kate’s body was shaking as Avril pounded into her pussy and I could see the signs that meant she was not far away either.

I wasn’t far away as well because Fergie’s ass felt amazing on my cock. I’d never been that big a fan of anal sex but since fucking some of the best asses in the business, it had grown on me and Fergie certainly had one of the best in the business.

However, my attention was soon drawn away from Fergie’s ass, though I continued pounding into it, as Nelly Furtado let out a huge scream of delight as her orgasm overcame her. She held Kate’s head close to her pussy, not letting her out until she’d lapped up all of Nelly’s juices, which must have been difficult given how close Kate was to her own orgasm.

Eventually, Nelly let Kate up for air and it was just as well because Avril Lavigne was fucking her to within an inch of her life. Kate’s orgasm was about to overcome her and it was enhanced even further when Avril lubed up her finger and stuck it in Kate’s ass, a place where few have been lucky enough to venture.

This was enough to push Kate over the edge and she screamed loudly as she came over the strap-on dildo Avril was fucking her with, Nelly sucking on her tits having recovered from her own orgasm. It was a seriously hot sight and one which helped both Fergie and I move closer to our own orgasms.

I’d cum in several beautiful celebrities asses, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lawrence to name a few, and I was determined to add Fergie to that list. I didn’t have to wait long as my cock was already close thanks to the two orgasms earlier and when I pounded into Fergie for the umpteenth time, my cock exploded, cum shooting into her ass.

The feeling of my hot cum inside her ass, coupled with the way she was rubbing her pussy, brought Fergie pulsating to her own hot climax. She screamed loud as her juices soaked the floor and as I pulled my cock out and kissed her passionately, I couldn’t believe yet another sex show had gone so well.

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