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Title: Interviewing…Monica

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Monica Puig, Kate Abdo

Codes: oral, MF, MFF, FF, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The recent episodes of Sportswomen Uncovered had seen lesser known sports stars feature on the show, giving Kate and I an insight into their worlds, and fantastically for us, they all seemed much hornier. The show today was one which would have followed a similar trend had it not been for the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

Our guest was none other than the Olympic gold medallist in the women’s singles tennis tournament, Monica Puig of Puerto Rico, a tennis star who had had little success before the Olympics. She became Puerto Rico’s first ever gold medallist and also became the first player to win the Olympic title while unseeded since the sport was reintroduced to the Olympics.

It wasn’t just her tennis ability that had shot her to stardom at the Olympics though, as Monica’s Latin American beauty had been admired by many, including me. As she came out onto the set, she didn’t disappoint, wearing a dress that showed off her tanned arms and legs and fantastic figure.

“Welcome to the show, Monica,” I said, kicking off the show with a smile. “What an honour it is for us to have the women’s singles tennis Olympic champion on the show. You’ve had a few months now, has it sunk in?”

“A little, but I think it will do more when the season ends,” she replied. “It came as a bit of a shock to everyone, even me, because I’d played poorly at Wimbledon. But I played the best tennis of my life in Brazil, beating some top competitors, and its given me great confidence going forward now.”

“You suffered a little bit of a hangover, though, at the US Open?” Kate enquired.

“Yeah, I think my game suffered because I took a few weeks’ off training to celebrate my triumph,” Monica answered. “That meant I wasn’t in the greatest shape and, even though, I was seeded, I played awfully and deserved to go out. Hopefully, next year, I can build on this success and have better luck in the majors.”

“All the travelling to major tournaments must make it a hard lifestyle for you, Monica?” I asked, slowly guiding the interview towards sex.

“Yeah, it can be quite demanding, both physically and mentally,” said the Latin American tennis star. “But the rewards outweigh the challenges. I was actually debating not entering the Olympics, but my team and family persuaded me, and now I’ll always have an Olympic gold medal.”

“It’s certainly a good job you did, then,” Kate added. “It must be hard on your relationships as well?”

“Yeah, it can be difficult to start a relationship, let alone keep one going,” Monica answered. “That’s why a lot of the top female tennis players are single, because we don’t have time for relationships with all the training and matches. It can be lonely, but our career has to come first.”

“But what about sex?” I asked, “I mean, I couldn’t last too long without it. What’s it like for you?”

“Yeah, it can be very difficult,” Monica responded. “Obviously, when I was breaking through into the professional ranks, it’s the furthest thing from your mind, but as you get older, you tend to need relief more and more. I’ve had a few one-night stands here and there, but my sex life is no way near as active as I’d like it to be.”

“I guess that means a hell of a lot of masturbation?” Kate probed.

“Yeah, a lot about once a day,” Monica responded, a smile breaking across her face. “It’s actually a fun story as to how I discovered masturbation. I was going through a pretty good period in my tennis career, but in my personal life, I was always moody and depressed. Then, at my first major, when I was twenty, I walked in on a couple of the girls masturbating, and they showed me the ropes, and my God, am I glad they did.”

“I think we’d all love to know who the girls are?” I asked cheekily, cock starting to rise.

“Well, I think the other tennis stars have told you how sexually forward Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova are,” Monica said, “so it’ll come as no surprise that it was them.”

“Wow, very nice,” Kate said, and she was looking at my cock to see if I was hard yet. “Have you ever taken it further with any of these girls?”

“Unfortunately not,” Monica said, looking a little disappointed, “which is a shame because I heard the other girls’ stories on your show. I’ve never experimented fully, only mutually masturbated and masturbating each other, so I’d definitely love to get involved with one of these stories.”

Monica’s disappointment soon changed to a grin as Kate took out my cock and began to jerk it while asking the next question, “Which one of your fellow tennis stars would you most like to experiment with then?”

“Maria and Caroline are obviously experienced so I think those two would be great,” Monica answered, watching the handjob with lust. “But I’ve always had a huge crush on Madison Keys so I think she’d be the one.”

Kate wrapped her lips around my cock, watched by Monica, as I ended the show. “Wow, what a fantastic show with Olympic gold medallist, Monica Puig. Join us next week when we’ll be joined by three more stars from Rio, athletes Shelly-Ann Fraser-Price, Elaine Thompson and Dina Asher-Smith. See you then.”

As soon as the show was over, I had a feeling Monica Puig was going to come over and get involved with the blowjob Kate Abdo was giving me. To my delight, my suspicions were correct and she made her way across the room, her dress flapping temptingly high, making a beeline for my cock.

Kate was more than happy to share as Monica knelt down on the ground and began to massage and rub my balls and cock, before exchanging a sloppy kiss with Kate as the two ladies got to work on my cock. As I looked down at her sucking my cock, I couldn’t help but think how surprising it was Monica did not have a boyfriend; she was truly beautiful.

After a couple of minutes of a double blowjob, Kate decided it was time that I did something other than just receive all the pleasure. Standing up from the sofa, she stripped off naked, exposing her beautiful body that got better every time I saw it, and climbed back onto the sofa, standing over me, her pussy inches from my mouth.

Understanding what she wanted me to do immediately, I stuck out my tongue and began to slowly lick up and down her pussy, listening to her moans as she felt the pleasure. Monica Puig continued to suck my cock and I was finding it hard to concentrate on licking Kate’s pussy, when receiving such a great blowjob.

In fact, Monica was not far away from making me blow my load. Despite her relative inexperience with men, later confessing she’d only slept with 7 men before, she was a very talented sucker of cock and in particular, the way she fondled my balls was working a treat.

I tried not to think of cumming all over her pretty face, trying to hold off my orgasm for as long as I could, instead concentrating on licking Kate’s pussy as I had done many times before, intent on bringing her to a climax as well. She was moaning loudly, clearly turned on by the situation and the job I was doing, but this was not helping my ejaculation control.

I couldn’t hold it any longer and before I knew it, my cum was covering the face of the Puerto Rican tennis star. She lapped it up happily, smiling as she received her first ever facial, and I groaned before continuing my oral assault on Kate’s pussy.

Monica made sure my cock was sucked clean of any left-over cum before deciding it was time she got some pleasure. Giving me hardly any time to recover from my orgasm, she clambered up onto my cock, lowering her pussy with a moan and began to bounce up and down while I continued to lick Kate. She took some time to build a rhythm however, as her pussy was tight and she needed some getting used to; clearly mine was the biggest cock she’d ever had.

I was in absolute heaven as Monica Puig bounced up and down on my cock while I licked and rubbed the pussy of Kate Abdo and it was soon to get even better because Kate was incredibly close to her first orgasm of the evening. I could tell she was nearing it from her increased volume and quantity of moans but before I knew it, my face was covered in her pussy juices.

Kate sat on my face for a moment, making sure that I lapped up the majority of her orgasm, before clambering off and proceeding to undress herself. Then she moved onto the sofa next to where I was sat, fucking Monica, and released the tennis star’s tits, sucking and caressing them as she loved to do.

For me, it was a perfect sight. All I could see as I guided Monica’s hips up and down on my cock were Kate’s lips and hands caressing the Olympic gold medallist’s breasts. Kate moved away from her tits though, and gave Monica her first lesbian kiss of her life before settling next to us and beginning to rub her pussy.

She sat there masturbating her pussy, watching as I fucked Monica, now able to fully concentrate on the Puerto Rican and I pulled her down for a kiss, making sure I did not slow or stop our rhythm. I could hear Kate moaning as she pleasured herself, having not cum that long ago, it was clear her pussy was still sensitive to the touch.

My focus, though, was on making Monica cum, while controlling my own climax so that I didn’t cum too soon, though this was proving exceedingly difficult. Monica was moaning loudly and this was turning me on even more as I guided her hips up and down on my cock, making sure to suck on her nipples as she fucked me.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer, but to my delight, it seemed neither could Monica. Almost as though we’d planned it, we reached our orgasm at the exact same time, our moans and groans echoing through the room as my cum shot up inside her pussy and her juices flowed over my cock.

I have no idea what it looked like and I can only imagine, but Kate’s moans grew louder and her fingering speed faster as she watched the two of us orgasm. Once we’d recovered, Kate wasted no time in pulling us in for a three-way kiss, my cock still buried in Monica’s pussy and Kate’s fingers still working her pussy.

As we broke apart, Kate sat back down on the couch with her legs spread, inviting one of us to come and taste her pussy. Having already had the pleasure of eating Kate’s pussy that night, I felt I should leave it to Monica to get her first taste of pussy and the Puerto Rican wasted absolutely no time, clambering off my cock and lowering her face towards Kate’s wet pussy.

She spent a little time playing with it with her fingers, showing Kate what she’d learnt from Maria Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki before lowering her mouth to it and getting her first taste of lesbian sex. Kate moaned as she felt Monica’s tongue on her sensitive pussy, and as Monica gained in confidence, Kate gained in volume, her moans getting louder and louder.

Considering I’d already spent my load twice, I was quite surprised at how hard my cock was, but it was hardly surprising given the scene I was watching, Monica Puig devouring Kate Abdo’s pussy for the very first time. I sat there for a couple of minutes, watching and listening as Kate moaned louder, the longer she was pleasured by Monica before deciding I could take no more.

Being as quiet as I could, wanting to surprise Monica, I positioned myself so that I was lying underneath the pussy of the tennis star as she crouched licking Kate’s pussy. Noticing it was dripping wet from her excitement and her previous orgasm, I decided to delve straight in with my tongue, making sure to grab her hips so she couldn’t move away.

I got exactly the reaction I wanted as Monica let out a yelp of shock and then pleasure as I began licking and sucking on her pussy as she did the same to my co-host. Monica’s pussy tasted as good as any pussy ever did and I focused all my attention on her, hearing her muffled moans as she continued to lick Kate out.

I always thought eating pussy was completely underrated, and never understood why so many men didn’t enjoy it as it was one of my favourite things to do. Couple that with the fact that Monica was doing exactly the same thing to Kate and I think you’d find it hard to find someone who disagreed with me.

Judging from the moans that I could hear as I continued to feast on Monica, Kate was getting closer and closer to her own orgasm, making the same sorts of noise as when she jizzed over my tongue. Indeed that was to be the case, as Kate announced she was climaxing to Monica before squirting her juices over a second person’s face that night.

Monica made sure she lapped up all of Kate’s juices before Kate finally let go of her head and allowed her to moan in pleasure as I continued to lick and suck her pussy. Despite climaxing moments ago, Kate began to play with her nipples and occasionally rub her pussy as she watched my cunnilingus and knew that Monica must be getting close.

She soon decided Monica deserved to cum sooner rather than later and decided to aid me in my quest to produce those magical juices. After making out with Monica for a couple of minutes, she moved down her body and began sucking and licking her nipples as I continued to tongue fuck the pussy, knowing that she surely was not far away.

Sure enough, moments later, Monica screamed in delight as she released her juices all over my tongue, where I gleefully lapped it up, making sure I extended her pleasure for as long as possible. Watching Kate take Monica’s lesbian virginity and managing to fuck the Olympic gold medallist; I think it had been quite a successful show.

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