Interviewing…Lena and Emilia

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Title: Interviewing…Lena and Emilia

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke

Codes: oral, MF, MFF, mast, FF, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

I couldn’t wait for the next episode of The Truth Behind the Women of TV mainly because it was another Game of Thrones special and if it was anything like the last one, it promised to have some incredibly hot sex afterwards. The episode with Sophie Turner, Rose Leslie and Natalie Dormer had ended spectacularly with me being able to have fun with all of them, and I hoped this would be similar.

There were only two guests on this Game of Thrones special but both of them were extremely sexy and up there with the hottest women on TV. Lena Headey was an older woman but her portrayal of Cersei Lannister had shot her back to fame, and she looked a lot younger than her 43 years of age. Emilia Clarke portrayed Daenerys Targaryen in the series and was the most frequently naked out of all the characters to everyone’s delight, because she had an extremely sexy body.

Lena’s black lacy dress looked stunning on her, especially as she showed off her never-ending legs, although I was a little disappointed she’d reverted to her dyed black hair as I preferred her blonde. Nevertheless, she still looked amazing as did Emilia. She’d recently been named the sexiest woman alive and her outfit helped exaggerate that point, a black number that was exceedingly low cut and exposed an awful amount of cleavage.

“Welcome to the show ladies, and our second Game of Thrones special,” I said, struggling to contain my excitement. “I love the show and everything about it, but did you think it would have the success it did have when you first started making it?”

“I guess, for me,” Lena replied, “I always had a feeling it would be a success. The books were pretty well received and as soon as we got the first script for the first show, with all the sex and drama, I knew there would be a certain audience that liked it. But it’s success had been bigger than I expected.”

“It was my first big role so the success was completely overwhelming,” Emilia answered. “Like Lena said, I think most of the cast had a feeling it could be something big but never to the extent that it actually has been.”

“It certainly has a lot of drama in it, ranging from blood and gore to sex and nudity,” I continued, following a similar question line as when I’d had the other Game of Thrones girls on the show. “What’s it like filming the sex scenes?”

“I had the very first sex scene in the show, which was certainly a little bit daunting,” Lena answered. “No one knew how it was going to be received, given the incest that it involved, but it set the tone for the show. I’ve filmed them before, in 300, so it didn’t faze me too much and I actually do enjoy doing them.”

“It’s certainly an experience,” Emilia said, smiling. “The producers warned me when I auditioned for the role and then was cast, that I was going to have quite a lot of nudity but I didn’t mind too much. I feel it is important to the show to have these scenes as it develops storylines and obviously generates wider audiences.”

I could feel my cock twitching in my pants, just as it always did, when I cast my mind back to the two women’s sex scenes. “And what about outside of the show? Are the sex lives good?”

“It’s not too bad,” Lena replied, smiling. “Obviously, as you can tell from the amount of sex scenes I’ve done, I have quite a high sex drive, and Pedro (Pascal, her partner) certainly loves that about me and I’d say, on average, we fuck about three or four times a week, depending on schedules.”

“Well, considering I’m single at the moment, it’s not actually too bad,” Emilia answered. “I’ve got a relatively high sex drive as well, but I find it quite easy to pick up guys to take home. The only problem is sometimes they want to be having sex with my character rather than me, so I kick them out pretty quickly, but it’s not too bad at all.”

“The other girls said they masturbate quite a lot, especially given all the naked stars,” I said, cock rising. “Are you two the same?”

“Oh yeah,” Lena answered. “I know they probably said this, but it’s hard to be on set and not get incredibly horny, because everyone’s just naked most of the time. I’ll masturbate quite a lot if I know I’m not getting sex that evening, like twice a day, and sometimes even when I am, I’ll have a quick play.”

“Yeah, masturbation is my one solace,” Emilia replied. “It’s the one thing that keeps me going if I’m having trouble in the sexual partners department, knowing I can just get myself off instead. I know it’s nowhere near the same but it certainly helps through dry spells. I do it practically every day.”

“The other girls told me there was a little game you came up with Emilia, that involved fun with other women,” I said, cock nearly bursting through my pants. “Please tell me more.”

“Ah yeah, the naked game,” Emilia said, a smile spreading wide across her face. “Both of us came up with it, actually. We just decided that if you were naked on screen, why not be naked and pleasure people at the same time. Obviously, we waited until everyone was overage before they started playing. I think the first three ‘competitors’ were me, Lena and Michelle Fairley, who played Catelyn Stark.”

“Yeah, it’s always good fun playing that,” Lena replied. “I know quite a few of the girls were disappointed when they left the show because they knew they wouldn’t get to play it anymore. They get to come back for the welcome parties though, so it’s not all bad news. I just hope they’re not killing me off anytime soon.”

Unsurprisingly my cock was rock hard as I asked the next question, something which both Lena and Emilia had noticed. “If you could film a sex scene with any star male or female, who would it be?”

“Well, I know all the other girls said any of the females off the show, and I’d second that,” Emilia said, a smile spreading across her face as she noticed my bulge. “But as for men, I’m not really sure. I think I’d actually like to see Daenerys and Tyrion get together, so Peter Dinklage for the purposes of the show.”

“Yeah, we’re all so experienced with each other, I guess the females pick themselves,” Lena agreed, also smiling widely. “As for men, Cersei and Jaime get it on a lot, but I’d love to see her fuck someone different. If the whole acting world’s available, I’d love someone like Idris Elba or Samuel L Jackson, because it’d cause a huge stir in Westeros.”

“That it would,” I said, smiling at the fact they’d both seen and seemed to appreciate my boner, “and be unbelievably hot. Well, we’ve got time for one last question so, what’s the dirtiest secret from Game of Thrones that the other ladies didn’t tell us?”

“Ooh, that’s a tough one,” Emilia said, her eyes transfixed, “really tricky. I’d have to say that the other girls practically covered it all, with the nakedness, the sex and the welcome parties. There’s coming of age parties for the younger actors and actresses as well, but that’s essentially the same thing.”

“Yeah, they took all the secrets, I think,” Lena agreed. “I can’t remember the amount of times you walk around set and just see people having sex. I do remember one occasion when I kept seeing people having sex and thought fuck this, grabbed someone and just went away at it.”

“Wow, what a great show,” I said, releasing my cock so Lena and Emilia could get a better look at it. “Another great Game of Thrones special. Next week is the last in the series, so be sure to check it out where I’ll be joined by Hawaii Five-O stars Grace Park and Julie Benz. See you then.”

“Well, the others weren’t lying then,” Lena turned and said to Emilia once the cameras had stopped rolling and we’d finished the show.

“They certainly weren’t,” Emilia nodded in agreement, looking to stare at me in the eyes.

“About what?” I asked curiously, wondering if the ladies had been discussing my penis outside of the show.

“About the fact that you’d reveal your cock to try and make us horny to fuck you,” Lena replied, eyeing it up.

“Well, has it worked?” I said, smiling at the two Game of Thrones actresses

“You didn’t need to reveal your cock to make us horny,” Emilia said, standing up, “but as for the fucking, I’m definitely game.”

I couldn’t believe my luck as the recently-voted world’s sexiest woman began stripping as she walked over to the sofa where I was sat, cock hard. Her black dress fell to the floor to reveal her sexy lacy underwear and it became clear to me that this had obviously always been in Emilia’s mind.

Lena smiled at my clear delight that Emilia was going to fuck me and settled back in her own seat, deciding to keep me hanging as to whether I’d get to fuck both the stars or just one. There was no doubt she was going to give me some entertainment though, as she hitched up her dress, pulled down her underwear and exposed her trimmed pussy, before lowering her fingers and beginning to rub it.

Emilia didn’t bother to remove her underwear as she clambered onto the sofa and lowered her mouth immediately round my hard cock. As soon as she started sucking it, I knew that this was going to be up there with the greatest fucks I’d had, given her beauty, skill and absolute sexiness and I couldn’t help but imagine that I was in the show and getting a blowjob off the Queen of Dragons.

However, I quickly remembered what Emilia had said about not liking when people imagined her as Daenerys Targaryen, I soon began focusing on her as an actress rather than her character. Enjoying the blowjob, I looked over to see what Lena Headey was doing and she made my cock even harder, her fingers going in and out of her pussy very fast indeed and she was rubbing her tits with her free hand.

I couldn’t help but move my hand to where Emilia’s pussy was as she sucked on my cock, and slowly began to rub it through her lacy underwear. I could tell she was horny from the wetness of her underwear and she moaned into my cock, as I pushed it to the side and began to rub her pussy, flesh on flesh.

Lena was extremely turned on by now, and in fact, was moments away from orgasm. She’d been moaning quite loudly for the duration of Emilia’s blowjob and her own masturbation, and now as the time continued, she was getting close to climaxing for the first time that evening. Her hand was working her pussy with pace and skill as she continued massaging her nipples, her eyes fixed on her co-star’s excellent blowjob.

The feel of Emilia’s lips around my cock was something that I knew I would remember for a very long time, despite the amount of sexy celebrities I’d managed to persuade to give me a blowjob. There was something about the way the brunette sucked my dick that seemed to isolate itself from all the other blowjobs I’d received. She was moaning into my member as I continued rubbing her pussy and I could sense that we were both thinking the same thing.

As Emilia lifted her mouth off my cock, I removed my fingers from rubbing her pussy and I knew we both were ready to take this to the promised land of sexual intercourse. I glanced across at Lena Headey and was overjoyed at my timing as no sooner had I looked up, Lena reached the first of her pulsating orgasms, her juices squirting from her pussy and covering my floor.

Turned on even more by Lena’s climax, I guided Emilia Clarke onto my cock, having disposed of her lacy panties, and slowly began to enjoy as she built up a rhythm, bouncing up and down on my cock. I exposed her tits out of her bra and began playing with and sucking on them as she rode my cock just as her character had done so many times in the sex-fuelled show.

I tried to put any thoughts of Game of Thrones out of mind but it was very hard, with two of the hottest leading ladies from the show, naked, just as they had been many times before on the programme. Emilia was doing her best to make me think about her, though, thrusting her tits forward into my face as she bounced up and down on my cock, moaning in pleasure.

I soon forgot all about the show however, as I suddenly was presented with something else to think about. Lena Headey had decided she was bored of playing alone, having already made herself climax, and had come to join in the fun that Emilia and I were having. She’d clambered up onto the sofa and positioned herself so that I was suddenly presented with her wet, trimmed pussy and had no choice but to play with it.

Drawing my mouth away from Emilia’s tits as the queen of dragons continued to bounce up and down, speeding up all the time and bringing both of us nearer to our climaxes, I moved it instead to Lena’s pussy lips, and spreading them with my fingers, delved my tongue into her promised land. She greeted my oral sex with a loud moan and I knew that her orgasm from earlier had left her in what seemed a state of permanent pleasure, but I continued to lick her as my cock fucked Emilia Clarke passionately.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer without filling Emilia with my cum, but with no way of letting her know this, my mouth occupied by Lena’s pussy, the brunette continued to fuck my cock as hard and fast as she could. To my delight, however, I sensed she was nearing her own orgasm as she slowed and began to hover over my cock for periods of time, moaning loudly with extended periods of drawing breath.

It was like it had been written in the heavens that both Emilia Clarke and I would reach our climaxes at the exact same moment. As she let out a loud moan and I felt her juices flow over my cock, I reached my own climax, breaking away from Lena Headey’s pussy to groan as my cum squirted deep inside her.

Emilia rested on my cock, recovering for a couple of minutes as I continued to lick the trimmed pussy of Lena Headey, but all I could think was how much I wanted to delve my cock inside the older actress’ pussy. Eventually, Emilia clambered off my cock, making sure to suck it clean of the combined juices before she looked expectantly at Lena.

Lena reluctantly moved away from where my tongue was pleasuring her pussy, and I looked at the two women inquiringly, unsure of what was going to happen next. However, it was soon made clearer to me, as Lena moved over to the opposite sofa and laid down, before Emilia clambered on top of her in the 69 position, with both women immediately springing into pussy eating action.

I had a lot of choices at that moment as to what to do. I could fuck Emilia once more or maybe give Lena a taste of my cock, but I decided to just sit and watch for a couple of moments, admiring how skilfully the two Game of Thrones actresses ate each other’s pussies, and it became clearer still how much lesbian sex went on behind the cameras.

My cock was rock-hard and needing some action, but I stopped myself from touching it for fear of exploding there and then, given how hot Lena and Emilia’s lesbian show was right now. I was torn between continuing to watch and trying to get involved myself, but my sexual needs finally overcame my mental control and I was on my feet and walking over to the girls before I knew it.

I paused for a moment, deciding how best to join the action when it soon became clear. Emilia withdrew her tongue from Lena’s pussy and in between moans of pleasure, instructed me to come and start fucking her co-star. I did this with complete satisfaction and lined up my cock with Lena’s lubed up pussy from Emilia’s and my own oral talents, and slowly pushed it inside.

Any thoughts of Lena’s current partner were soon cast well out of her mind as I began to fuck her and her pleasure and my own intensified even more, when Emilia began to lash her tongue at cock or pussy, whatever she could reach while still getting her own pussy licked.

It was certainly something I never thought would happen to me in my life, let alone with two of the sexiest TV actresses of our generation. I’d watched many a porn movie where events like this had occurred but to actually experience it was a new kettle of fish entirely and I was loving every second.

I sensed Lena Headey was incredibly close to orgasm and it wasn’t surprising, given she’d been receiving oral pleasure from Emilia and myself for a very long time and was now getting fucked by my cock for good measure. Emilia continued to lap away at my cock and her pussy as Lena struggled to return the favour, her moans overpowering her ability to eat Emilia out.

I didn’t remove my cock from Lena’s pussy, nor Emilia her tongue from that area, as Lena hit her climax hard. I felt her juices flow all over my cock as Emilia lapped any loose cum up and I knew that the older women had experienced a better one than through her own fingers. She didn’t let it show though, immediately resuming her licking of Emilia Clarke’s pussy with renewed vigour, causing the brunette to moan loudly as well.

I wasn’t sure whether to keep fucking Lena or to pull out and I decided on the latter, finding a seat perfectly positioned so I could see Lena bring Emilia to her imminent orgasm. It arrived moments later, the younger actress screaming hard I was sure everyone three miles away would have heard us, Lena’s tongue not ceasing its pleasure until she was sure it had lapped up every last bit of Emilia’s cum.

They then turned to face me, sitting on the opposite sofa, jerking my cock, eager to cum for the second time that evening, and exchanged looks before Emilia spoke.

“Because you’ve been an absolute diamond,” Emilia said, as both her and Lena strode towards me, “we thought we’d give you a little treat to make you cum harder than ever before.”

My eyes widened as Lena moved behind their sofa and emerged with two blonde wigs, before speaking, “We’re going to give you a blowjob, but playing our characters. You didn’t mention the show once when we were fucking so you’ve earned it.”

And with that, the two women put on their blonde wigs and immediately transformed into Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen in front of my very eyes. I couldn’t believe my luck as the two naked characters dropped to their knees and began handling my cock with expertise and skill as I knew they could.

Every time I looked down I couldn’t help but imagine I’d managed to make it onto the show and somehow persuaded these fiercest of enemies to double team my cock. Emilia certainly wasn’t lying when she said I was going to cum hard, I realised it myself as the two women took it in turns to suck and handle my cock, the other one sucking on my balls when it wasn’t their turn.

With my mind now totally focused on their characters, I couldn’t stop myself when I neared my second orgasm of the night, “Daenerys, Cersei, I’m gonna cum.”

The two women withdrew their mouths from my cock and balls and opened their mouths wide, just as so many hot celebrities had done previously, awaiting my cum. It arrived very soon, and their faces were soon covered in my hot sticky cum, and I watched on as they licked it up off each other.

I couldn’t believe that in the space of two shows I’d fucked three of the hottest Game of Thrones actresses, got a blowjob off another and fucked Rose Leslie up the ass. This was definitely a special I was going to be repeating.

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