Picked Up at a Bar

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Title: Picked Up at a Bar

Author: Tevok

Celebs: Alexandra Daddario, Kate Upton

Codes: MF, MFF, oral, cons

Disclaimer: This story is not real; these events did not happen, nor are they likely to, and are not meant to represent how these celebrities act in real life. This is purely fantasy, and should be treated as such. Minors should not read further.

Notes: Been nearly two years since I last wrote a (finished) story, but after some hiatus for personal issues and college, I’m back to writing for now. I began writing this story last year but never finished, so I did it now; sorry if I’m a bit rusty after so long. Anyway, feedback is always appreciated and more than welcome, either through the forums or my email: [email protected]

English is not my first language, so forgive any minor mistakes.


Being sent away to a work convention wasn’t something that I had planned, but wasn’t something that I was complaining about. Besides the fact that I wouldn’t have to work—meaning it was kinda like a paid leave, as long as I watched some lectures—I was also staying at a rather high-brow hotel.

And there were women. Lots of them, and very hot ones at that. While I wasn’t the most outgoing type—though certainly not shy either—being away from home certainly did give an extra incentive to go out there and pursue some pussy.

That night I was finally able to reap this benefit, and what benefits they were!

I walked into the hotel’s bar area, sat by the bar and ordered a drink. Once it arrived and I began drinking, I looked around the room; it was somewhat crowded, with the tables all occupied and lots of people around talking and drinking.

Then my eyes found her. The most gorgeous woman I had ever laid my eyes on was sitting there, by herself, in one of the tables: her long dark hair contrasting with her milky white skin, her long blue dress that more than accentuated her sizable bust, and, as she looked up to speak with a waiter, the most impressive clear blue eyes I ever saw.

“Oh God…” I spoke under my breath, still looking at her. I admired her for a while, too entranced to look away; I eventually did so when the waiter left, as her eyes met mine for an instant and I felt embarrassed for being caught staring.

As I tried to hide myself by going back to drinking, a chuckle by the bartender guy caught my attention.

“Shy with the ladies, boy?” The bartender asked him.

“Uh… No.” I shook my head, stealing a glance at my newfound crush. “Just, that one over there…”

“Oh, I know.” The bartender said, looking in her direction. “She is an actress, I think.”

“She is?” I asked in surprise, whipping my head to her direction and then back to the bartender.

“So, are you going to give her a go or not?” The bartender asked, chuckling a bit at my surprise. As he prepared a drink, he spoke again. “Want a suggestion? Buy her a drink; it always work with women.”

“Yeah, it does…” I said, smirking a bit. I ordered another drink for her, but, to my surprise, the bartender gave me a drink instead. “Hey, the idea is to give it to her not me!”

“Sorry, man.” The bartender began, looking like he was about to laugh. “But she had the idea first.”

I looked down at the drink he slid to me, processing his words in my head before looking back to the woman; this time she was looking right at me with a smile. She then brought her drink to her lips and winked at me.

I didn’t even pay attention to the bartender’s wishing ‘good luck’ or his laugh, just took my drink, stood up and walked—or rather ran—to her table, having her snicker at me when I arrived.

“Hey there.” I said, trying to sound smooth.

“Hey yourself.” She said with a smile, and I couldn’t help smiling back at her dazzling beauty. “Are you going to sit down or not?”

I returned to reality enough to accept her offer and sat across from her at the table. “Thanks for the drink.” I told her, raising my glass.

“It’s a nice trick; it always works.” She said with chuckle, and I couldn’t help chuckling along as well at the irony.

“So, the bartender said you were a model or something like that?”

“I’m an actress, actually.” She corrected me, and I smirked at her.

“An actress, eh? Let me guess… ‘Transformers’?” She laughed/chuckled a bit and raised her eyebrows, with an ‘are you kidding me?’ look on her face. “Well, you do have the looks to pull it off.”

“Maybe.” She shrugged good-naturedly, making a face to tease me. “But I like to think I’m a bit too talented for that.”

“I would bet…” I thought, then noticed I spoke it out loud. She smirked provocatively at me.

“Well… uh… sorry, I haven’t got your name yet.” She snickered.

“My name is Gabriel.” I spoke. “And you are…?”

“God, you really didn’t recognize me, eh? Way to flatter your way into my pants.” I almost choked in surprise at the way she put it, and at how natural it sounded from her. “My name is Alexandra; Alexandra Daddario. I worked on the Percy Jackson films, the True Detective TV series, San Andreas?”

Something clicked on my head, and my eyes probably widened in surprise. “Of course! You are the girl who got naked on True Detective!”

I blurted it out at once, and thinking again it was surprising that, rather than getting angry with me, she laughed in an un-ladylike way. I couldn’t help laugh uncomfortably alongside her, now a bit overwhelmed at knowing I was hitting on a Hollywood actress.

“I should have expected that would be easier to remember.” She joked as her laughter died down, but a nice smile still on her face. “‘Hi, my name is Alexandra Daddario; I’m the girl who showed her breasts on True Detective’. It would make for a faster introduction.”

“And quite an interesting one at that.” I remarked, trying to get comfortable again. It seemed to succeed, as she giggled.

It was a this time that the waiter decided to come along, bringing in another of Alexandra’s drinks. She looked in surprise for a moment, saying she didn’t order more; he revealed it was courtesy of an ‘admirer’, and looked at me to give her the hint.

Which she did catch on.

“You bought me a drink too?” She asked.

“Like you said, it always works.” I said, giving her what I hope looked like a charming, seductive smile. “I guess great minds think alike, no?”

“More like horny minds think alike.” She corrected me, giving me back her own sexy, seductive smile.

With her comment, I felt myself grow more at ease on the presence of Alexandra. I admit, I had never had a woman be this playful and easy-going while I tried to charm her; and while in any other case I wouldn’t mind, maybe even welcome the challenge, in this case I couldn’t help thanking God for her attitude otherwise I wouldn’t have the balls to keep going.

We continued to talk and drink together, me finding out she was staying in the hotel while filming a movie and had been looking for a chance to just relax a bit and have some fun. We had surprising chemistry together; the conversation flowed nicely, the both of us laughing and exchanging flirts and teases back and forward like teenagers.  And I couldn’t help keeping my eyes on her beautiful blue ones—except in occasional moments when they drifted downwards, towards another pair of impressive blue orbs.

Eventually, seeing the way we got along and the looks we exchanged, I decided it was time to make my move…

“Say, Gabriel, I’ve got a room upstairs.”

Inwardly I kicked myself for yet again losing the chance for the first move, but even then it wasn’t a loss I regretted for long.

“Then what are we waiting here for?”

I paid the bartender, giving him my thanks for helping the situation, and soon he was following Alexandra Daddario to the elevator. Once inside, just the two of us, I suddenly felt the air get heavy; I looked over at my slightly shorter companion—at 5’10, I was taller than her 5’3” height—and found she was looking at me… expectantly?

She sighed with a hint of annoyance, probably taking my brief confusion as hesitation. “Am I going to do all the work here?”

I didn’t answer that, or rather I couldn’t answer that. As soon as her words came out she moved forward into me and pushed me back against the elevator’s wall; before I could react she gripped the collar of my shirt and leaned herself up to my face, smashing her lips against mine.

To describe finally feeling her mouth, her lovely full lips moving playfully against mine, I would end up falling into cliché territory. Suffice to say, however, that the touch served to fully awaken my lust for her: in a flash my hand reached around and pulled her body against me, my lips pressing back with increasing hunger as we really got into it.

We entered a full, hard make-out session in the elevator, my back against the wall as Alexandra’s body pressed against me, her arms around my neck as we sucked each others face out. Our mouths opened, letting our tongues fight it out pleasurably; in there I finally beat her, winning our tongue wrestling and taking possessive control of her mouth.

When the elevator jingled and its door opened, I didn’t even see if there was someone nor did we check if the floor was right; we just stumbled outside, never breaking contact as we continued to kiss with barely controlled passion. When we were out of the elevator, I pressed her against the wall and trailed my mouth to her neck, kissing along it until coming close to her ear.

“Hhmmm…” Alexandra moaned slightly, turning her head to give me better access and biting her lower lip seductively.

As she did so I trailed my hands along her sides, going up and down on it teasingly. Pulling her arms and placing them around my shoulders again, I let them dare a little further and moved them inwards, cupping her big breasts and—finally!!—giving them a much anticipated squeeze.

“Oh!” She jumped a bit, pushing my head away from her. I looked back to her face, now a little flustered but smiling flirtingly. “I had forgotten you were a fan.”

“Who isn’t?” I asked, groping a breast slightly to emphasize my point. “Damn, they feel so soft and firm…”

“Kinda like you imagined?” She asked, and I could feel the impatience in her voice.

“Even better.” I gave both breasts a squeeze, them looked back at her and kissed her lips hard but quick, riling her up further. “Which room is yours?”

She glared at me as I moved back, giving her space. She looked around and walked to it, me following right behind. As she took her room key out to unlock it, I took the opportunity to press myself against her back; she stopped in surprise at first, then giggled as I leaned down and moved her hair away so I could kiss the milky white skin of her neck, nibbling and sucking at moments.

She sighed and moaned, again leaning her head to give me access; as she tried to unlock the door, I raised the difficulty by reaching around and grabbing her breasts again, this time much more openly than the small feels from before. She squealed in surprise as I began to truly knead and grope her tits, squeezing roughly and pinching her hardening nipples through her dress.

Amidst this onslaught of pleasure coming from her rack, she pretty much stopped trying to open the door and just stood there, moaning and letting me have my way with her body.

I admit, I loved the exhibitionist thrill: here I was, fondling and dominating Alexandra Daddario, one of the hottest women I knew of, right in a hotel corridor. Where anyone could see, where at any point someone could come from one of the rooms or from the elevator and catch us red-handed.

My mind had a sudden epiphany, and I smirked diabolically against her neck as an idea came to me. While continuing to molest her tits, I began laying kisses against the back of her neck, fighting my way through her dark locks to reach the knot holding her dress up. Kissing around it, I went for the kill and, with what I could attribute to sheer natural talent, I managed to undo the knot with my teeth.

In a quick movement I raised my hands to the collar of her dress and pulled it down enough to expose her tits. Alexandra gasped in surprise, immediately trying to cover herself back up; I spun her around, grabbing her wrists to keep her hands away and pushed her against the door, her naked breasts a feast for my eyes.

“Gabriel!” She squealed in surprise and shame, though her eyes betrayed her lust and excitement.

“What’s the matter?” I smirked, raising both her arms above her head and holding the wrists together with one hand. “You can show it all over TV, but not in a measly empty corridor?” I asked, using one now-free hand to pinch one of her jutting nipples, earning a barely contained yelp from the actress, then leaning my body down to lick it, earning a soft moan.

“Oh, you…” She moaned, grimacing as I wrapped my lips around her nipple and areola, then tried to fit in as much of her teat in my mouth as I could to suck on. “Oh God…”

“Damn, what a slut!”

The new voice made us both jump and quickly separate; I immediately let go of her and turned to the arrival.

And, for yet another time that day, my jaw dropped to the floor.

Walking in our direction was a couple, but not any couple: the female component was an amazingly hot, slutty-looking blonde whose breasts looked like they could give Alexandra’s a run for their money. My entire vision seemed to turn into slow motion as she walked in my direction, like one of those beach scenes in movies.

There was also a guy with her, but who cares about him? The center of all attention was that blonde bombshell!

“Well, slut? Won’t you try defending yourself?” The blonde said, looking with a glare to Alexandra. I felt the sudden need to defend her, but once again was beaten to the punch.

“Not my fault men can’t control themselves around me.” Alexandra said, with a hint of smugness in her voice. I turned and saw that she had her hands on her hips, puffing her chest out as if challenging the girl.

For her part, the blonde huffed and then did something unexpected: she reached for her dress’ straps on her shoulders and pulled them down her arms, letting her own dress fall down and leaving herself on the same state of undress as Alexandra.

And HOLY SHIT!!!! Her breasts were humongous, much bigger than Alexandra’s! I almost wondered if it was normal, or if the girl had some kind of problem that caused her breasts to be like that… But who cares?! Look at those breasts!

“Well?” She said, placing a hand on her waist as well and challenging Alexandra back.

The two women walked towards each other until they were inches apart, Alexandra having to look up a bit—the blonde is probably my height—as they glared challengingly at each other; the two women’s breasts… pressing together…

“Nice.” The other guy, whom I had even forgotten was there, pretty much voiced my thoughts. I only nodded, enjoying the scene.

The two girls continued to face off for some seconds, before their faces broke up into smiles and they laughed loudly, leaving their poses and turning to us.

“So, this is the guy you chose, Alex?” The blonde asked, looking at me up and down. I felt a bit of shyness under her stare, but from the way she licked her lips afterwards gave me confidence again. “Not bad.”

“Neither is yours, Kate.” Alexandra said, eyeing the other guy as well.

“Wait, wait a minute. What the hell is going on here?” I asked, confused.

“Dude, does it even matter?” The other guy asked me, almost laughing. “Just look at these girls, we surely are getting lucky tonight!”

“Well, yours is quite smart.” Alexandra said, moving forward in his direction. “I like his attitude.”

Before my eyes Alexandra leaned up and pressed her face against him. Like any man would, he immediately latched on her lips with his own in a hard kiss, one of his hands moving up to grab her breasts while the other reached around for her ass.

I… I have to admit I felt a bit betrayed at that. Looking at the two, I could see Alexandra was really into it; they kissed with full-blown lust, no sign of care but just animalistic desire.

“Someone seems jealous.” I turned my eyes to the blonde, ‘Kate’ as Alexandra had called her. She walked up to me and smiled a cute, girl-next-door kind of smile you couldn’t help get crazy about. Finally, with her close enough for me to take a good look at her face, I recognized her: it was Kate Upton, a young SI model—turning actress—I have looked up a couple times for… research. “Don’t be, sweety. There’s more than enough to share.”

She walked up to me, placing her arms around my neck and leaning in to touch her lips against mine. Unlike Alexandra’s kiss, either with me or with the guy, Kate’s touch was surprisingly gentle and soft, almost feather-like. In return, I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulling her body close; soon our mouths were opening and we were truly kissing, deeply and with her tongue coming in to lick against mine playfully but otherwise giving me free access to her cavity.

It was a rather sweet gesture, but one that only furthered my already raging boner and my desire to fuck any of the two beauties.

When we broke apart from the lovely kiss, she playfully bit her lip as she smiled at me, a look I had grown to associate with her from some photos I had seen. She playfully laid a few more seductive kisses on my lips, never giving me the chance to deepen it before drawing back.

“So, you ready Kate?”

We broke our embrace and turned to Alexandra, who stood naked at the now-open door to her room; the other guy was nowhere in sight, probably having already gone inside.

“Of course.” Kate picked her dress from the floor and entered, giving me a last wink. “See you later, sweety.”

Like me, Alexandra watched her go before turning back to me, smirking. “So, sweety, ready to fuck my brains out?”

I didn’t need to be told twice as I walked forward, entering the hotel room. I waited and she closed the door after me, then walked while making a ‘come hither’ motion for me to follow; I did so, looking at her swaying hips as we walked into the large bedroom.

“Now, can you answer what is going on here?” I asked again, though I didn’t even wait for an answer before beginning to unbutton my shirt.

“You still don’t get it, eh?” Alexandra answered, sitting at the edge of the bed seductively. Her shiny blue eyes leered at me as I undressed, while I struggled to draw my eyes away from her naked body—mainly from her breasts. “Kate and I just decided to have a party, so we brought you two here.”

“A… party?” Did I hear that right?

“Yes, you know what kind of party.” Alexandra said, smirking. “We don’t have appointments tomorrow, so you two are gonna fuck us the whole night long. Maybe even tomorrow if you are good enough.”

“You can be the judge.” I said, finally taking off my underpants to reveal my fully naked body to her.

“I certainly will.” She said in a semi-whisper, as her breath seemed to be caught in her throat. I smirked proudly, knowing her eyes were drawn to my raging hard cock as it stood to attention.

I walked over to the bed, stopping right in front of Alexandra. Still sitting on the edge, she smirked as she beckoned me closer, leaning forward and gripping my cock. I let escape a moan as she used both hands to hold my cock, then rubbed one against the head and the other along the shaft. Tugging me closer, she leaned down and placed a kiss on the very tip; the feeling of having Alexandra Daddario’s mouth on my cock making more and more moans escape from my mouth.

“You like having me play with your cock, Gabriel?” She asked, looking up with her big amazing eyes while never stopping her ministrations. God, it was such a great sight! “You like the thought of having it in my mouth?”

“Oh, yes!” I let out a bit desperately, feeling as if I could come just from having her teasing my cock. Then, right under my eyes, one of the most incredible things: Alexandra pushed my cock upwards, leaning further and wrapping her mouth around one of my balls!

I almost lost it there, at having Alexandra suck my balls, drooling over them and making loud popping noises to boot.

“They are so sweaty, I like it.” She said, looking up as she put her tongue out and licked from the balls all the way up the shaft. This time, however, she didn’t tease; when she reached the head, she swirled her tongue around a couple times then opened her lips and engulfed the appendage.

I hunched over at that, my eyes widening and my mouth open in a mix of a smile and a gasp; I instinctively placed a hand on Alexandra’s head, but she didn’t seem to mind as she was too busy trying to eat my cock whole. Yes, she wasn’t content with just the head and began pushing her way down, taking more and more of my cock in until I was firmly lodged into her throat and her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

Like this, with me hunched over her a bit and with a hand on her head, she began giving me one amazing blowjob. It seemed she had no gag reflex at all; she could take me all the way effortlessly, and soon she was all but pounding my crotch with her face, so intense she was in her bobbing.

As she looked up at me with my cock in her mouth, however, another thought crossed my mind. I remembered her little ‘cheating’ from before, the way she kissed so passionately that other guy; I remembered her idea of a ‘party’, and how—from what Kate said—we would end up sharing.

I wasn’t very possessive, really, but then again I had never had to share a woman before. I felt angry at her…

Soon I began venting my anger: I brought my other hand to her head and, with much reluctance, pulled her off my cock. As she looked up at me again in confusion, I placed my hands on each side of her head; she smiled, probably understanding what I wanted, and opened her mouth as I pulled her back in, sliding my entire cock down her throat at once.

Again, she didn’t gag. She moved to kneel on the floor and placed her hands behind her back, interlacing her fingers and giving me complete control of the blowjob. For my part, I vent out all my frustration by fucking her face roughly, slamming my dick into her mouth at the same time I made her face hump me, feeling her small moans vibrate on my cock as it slid down her throat and I thrust my hips as well.

Soon I could see her face grow flustered, some spit drooling from the sides of her mouth. As I held her head in place, having her hold me deep inside while her nose flared from my pubic hair on it, she opened her eyes and looked at me; they were getting tearful, but the look of sheer lust told me it wasn’t a bad sign.

“You like that, eh? You like getting facefucked?!” I asked, the strain from holding back my orgasm making it come out like a growl.

“Hhmmm… Hhmmm!” Her moaning around my cock was enough answer…


The yell surprised me enough to make me let go of Alexandra’s head, the beautiful brunette pulling out almost immediately to take a deep breath. I briefly looked at her wipe the drool off her face before turning to the door of the bedroom, hearing a couple more shouts before a door being slammed violently.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Kate, you alright?” Alexandra called, getting up from the floor.

After a couple moments Kate appeared at the door, completely naked and looking a bit disheveled, and with such an intense look of frustration on her face I expected she would cry at any moment.

“What happened?” Alexandra asked, going to stand by her friend.

“That… That jerk!” Kate said, her voice showing her discomfort. “That… I told him not to cum on my mouth, but he didn’t listen! And then he just…!”

“What?” Alexandra asked, hugging her friend and leading her to sit on the bed. “What did he do? Did he hurt you?”

“No, the exact opposite! He… He just…” Kate placed her head on her hands, struggling to speak. “He just went limp!”

There was silence for a moment. Kate hid her face in her hands, Alexandra looked stunned and traded glances with me while soothingly caressing Kate’s hair to calm her, and I just looked dumbstruck.

Well, I guess it was quite a big pressure for the guy. He had Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario both wanting him to fuck them, to ‘party’, it could be understandable if it all overwhelmed him to the point of being unable to perform…

Oh, fuck it! Who am I kidding?! What a fucking loser would blow such a big, once-in-a-lifetime chance like this?! Hahahaha! I can’t believe I got ‘jealous’ of him!

As I was too engrossed in mocking my ‘rival’ in my mind, I didn’t notice Alexandra whisper something to Kate nor the two of them raising their heads to look at me. I was only brought back to reality when I felt someone tug at my cock: there it was Alexandra again, her flustered and slightly-disheveled face smirking at me, though Kate wasn’t sitting there anymore.

“You are a lucky guy, aren’t you?” Alexandra whispered, getting up and moving to press her body against mine. “You now have the two of us for yourself, no need to share.”

I nodded, smirking towards her. “What about you? Are you going to share me with Kate?”

“Oh, that was the intention anyway.” She smirked back. “I was going to blow and fuck you, then trade you with Kate. You would get to fuck Kate like you did me, while I tasted that guy.”

I felt myself twitch against her hand at the thought.

Then, much to my surprise, I felt another body enter in contact with me. Kate had come up from somewhere and moved behind me, boring her immense tits against my back as her teeth teasingly nibbled my ear.

“Ooh!” I groaned as the women giggled, Kate’s hand joining Alexandra’s in jerking and teasing my cock while sandwiching me between their bodies.

“You think that’s hot? That’s just the beginning.” Kate whispered in my ear. “After that, we would truly turn it into a party.”

“After we were done sampling you two separately-” Alexandra continued, keeping her eyes on my barely open ones while never stopping her hand motions. “-we would take you two together, have you two gangbang us. We could have you fucking the pussy while he fucked the mouth…”

“…or you fuck the mouth, while he fucked the ass…” Kate added in my ear.

“…or you two could double penetrate one of us, a cock in the pussy and another in the ass…”

“…or, if we were feeling real naughty, get both of your cocks in our pussies at the same time…”

“…and if you lube up enough, maybe the two up our asses together…”

I didn’t know what was making me hotter: the feel of their bodies mashing up against mine, their breasts pressing against me with their hard nipples poking my skin to the point of shivers, their hands rubbing, twirling and cradling around my cock when not flat out jerking it, or the ideas they kept whispering sultrily to me, planting hot image after hot image in my mind.

I could do nothing but moan and whimper, trying my best not to explode right there. Both girls seemed to have a whole different idea, though, as they continued relentlessly.

“Shit, if you two keep like that…!”

“You want to cum?” Alexandra asked, nibbling on my chin before kissing me briefly. “Do you?”

“Yes!” I almost yelled.

Alexandra didn’t even voice her action, yet Kate seemed to be on the same wavelength. The busty brunette went on her knees and took my balls in her mouth, the busty blonde behind me pulling my cock upwards to give her leverage. With the combined efforts of Kate’s handjob and Alexandra’s suckling of my balls, I really wasn’t able to hold any longer.

“Shit, Alex… I’m…!”

“Yes, do it!” Alexandra ordered, taking her mouth off my balls and flicking her tongue over the head of my cock, pressing it against the piss slit.

That was it. In my best imitation of a dam breaking, I felt the rush of my cum as it shot forward on Alexandra’s waiting face, her mouth open and her tongue catching some of my seed as rope after rope of it was spilled; all while Kate continued to pump it, as if trying to pump me dry.

“How does he taste, Alex?” Kate asked.

“Nice.” Alexandra said once I was finished, bringing her hand to her face to scoop the cum out of it and then making a show of licking and slurping on the residue.

“Well, I’m certainly glad this one can perform.” Kate said with a giggle, pushing against my back and nibbling playfully on my ear from behind.

“Huh… About that…” I said breathlessly, coming down from the orgasm.

I looked down, but what was meant to confirm my suspicion and disappointment turned into surprise: I was still hard!!

“Like I said before.” My eyes were drawn to Alexandra, who stood up—giving her breasts a nice bounce on the way. “You are a really lucky guy.”

“I sure am.” Was my simple, dumb reply.

“Then get on the bed.” Alexandra smiled sultrily as she gave me the order.

I didn’t need to be told twice; I eagerly complied, sitting on the edge of the bed expectantly. Alexandra and Kate exchanged smiles before they told me to get comfortable and, to my utter shock and excitement, turned to each other and kissed.

Had I not recovered from their previous teasing, I would have done so immediately now. The scene in front of me, of Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton—two of the bustiest, hottest actress right now—embracing and rubbing their naked bodies together while making out, should be enough to leave any male hard!

Their kiss was showy and sloppy, and I could see their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths and between them. Their hands roamed their bodies, emphasizing their curves and assets; Kate paid special attention to the smaller woman’s breasts, while Alexandra seemed to take a special fondness of the blonde’s meaty ass.

By the time they finally broke their kiss, I was pretty much squirming wanting to get in on the action; it was obvious to me that it wasn’t just for show, they had really been into it. Their lust-filled stares finally turned to me, but the two still teased with smiles and kisses between themselves, making me squirm a bit—which I guess was much to their own amusement.

“Good, you didn’t blow already.” Alexandra teased me. “Wanna take him for a ride now, Kate? It’s your turn to have a taste.”

“I’m gonna get more than just a taste!” Kate said eagerly. The two busty women shared a last kiss before Kate moved to me, strutting sexily before pushing me down on my back and crawling over me. “Ready for the main treat, big boy?”

I moaned as I felt her straddle my waist, though she didn’t sit on my cock; she had sat a few inches off, so my shaft brushed her pussy. It was intentional, of course; her teasing smile and the way she softly moved her hips to brush our genitals together was enough indication. For my part, however, I didn’t stay still for long; with a privileged view of her most glorious assets, I sat up and promptly lurched for them, smothering my face against her impressive rack.

Kate squealed in surprise, but just placed her hands on the back of my head to incentive me further. Not that I needed any further incentive: I brought my hands along to help, squeezing and juggling her tits while I motorboated and kissed and sucked on every bit of flesh I could.

“Oh fuck yeah! Work on those tits!” Alexandra spoke from the side, probably watching as I feasted on Kate’s chest—I don’t know, I was too entranced to notice her in that moment. “C’mon Kate, either ride him or stand back already!”

At Alexandra’s ‘request’, Kate finally ‘put me out of my misery’ so to speak. She lifted herself off my lap, moving forward a bit to position herself above my cock…

“Aah!” Kate’s squeal brought me out of my boob-induced stupor to feel… something on my cock.

I took my mouth off the tit long enough to see Alexandra kneeling alongside us in the bed, and I understood: she, Alexandra Daddario, was grasping my cock and positioning it against Kate Upton opening, guiding it into the model’s mostly shaven little pussy!


Kate’s moan intensified into a small shriek as she plunged down on my cock, impaling herself with Alexandra’s help. “Fuuuck…”

“What’s the matter, Kate?” Alexandra asked, by then letting go of my cock and instead placing her hands on my shoulders, leaning against my back; despite seemingly talking with Kate, she spoke low enough it felt like she was whispering to me. “Is it a snug fit?”

“Like a glove…” I whispered back in answer, amazed myself as I thought she would be far looser—not that I was complaining.

Kate answered my comment by moving on my lap, gyrating her hips and bucking a little; this in turn made me moan in pleasure, my cock just loving what she was doing. She smirked at me, leaning forward and wrapping her arms around my shoulders as she intensified her hips movements; soon she was humping my lap, starting to move up as well and to bounce on my cock.

Kate was, quite literally, fucking herself on my cock.

As this went on, growing in intensity and becoming louder—both the sound of our groins slapping together, and our moans and grunts of pleasure—Alexandra began whispering and talking dirtily at my ear, occasionally blowing or nibbling on the earlobe. It was a true overload of pleasure to me, having the two big-breasted hot women pleasuring me so…

Soon enough Kate leaned further in, a movement I instinctively repeated to catch her lips with mine. By then we were fiercely humping our bodies together, her bouncing furiously on my lap while I too pumped up with my hips, at times bringing my ass out of the bed in doing so, and our mouths likewise reflected it; no more the gently passionate kisses we traded before, but rather it was like we were trying to plunge our tongues down each others throats.

“God, that’s so hot…” Alexandra continued on my ear, though I idly felt the touch of her hands leaving me. “C’mon, you gotta make me cum too.”

Suddenly her hands came back, and I was forcefully yanked back to lie down on the bed. I didn’t even get the chance to ask what she was doing, as I immediately found my mouth once again occupied with a new pair of lips.

Alexandra’s pussy lips.

“Oooooh… Yeah! Now thiiiiisssss is a party…!” Kate spoke/moaned out, and I could feel her picking her pace up as her continued bouncing/pounding down on my cock became harder and faster.

“C’mon Gabriel, use you—OOOOOHHH!!” Before Alexandra could even finishing her ‘request’, I was already on the move.

Too taken by the moment, I didn’t even try to tease her; instead, I went directly to eating her out, my lips closing around her pussy as if making out with it and my tongue quickly spreading her folds and moving against her clit. I knew I was doing it right as Alexandra began moaning above me, starting to move her hips in tandem with my tongue.

It didn’t take long for her to start humping my face as I batted and sucked on her swollen clit. Looking back I was pretty much getting fucked on both ends by the two beauties, doing my best to keep active in the act but really, they were the ones in command at that moment; was that what a female/male/female spitroasting would look like?

“Ooooohhh fuuuckk… Keep pumping that cock… Fuuuckkk!!” Kate moaned out, starting to blabber almost incoherently as I did my best to match her bouncing with upward thrusts. I could feel her movements starting to falter; I knew she was coming soon.

“Ooohh, move that tongue Gabriel…” Alexandra moaned out above me. “Drink me up… Get me wet for your big cock to fuck next…”

The two continued to moan for a couple more moments, before they went silent. No, it wasn’t really silent; there was still, besides the sound of my slurping and of flesh hitting flesh, another sound, the wet sound of more soft flesh against soft flesh and muffled moans with it.

Above me, even if I couldn’t see—as I was getting nothing but an eyeful of Alexandra’s ass—I knew: Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario were kissing.

I could picture the entire scene in my mind from a third person view: me lying there, Kate Upton bouncing and almost squatting over my cock, Alexandra Daddario sitting in my face and riding my tongue, the two of them leaning forward to each other and kissing lewdly, probably feeling up each others tits as they moaned and cummed…

I don’t know how I managed to last so long, but eventually it all came to an end. Doing my best not to bite down on Alexandra’s cunt, I jerked my hips erratically and began shooting straight up, less so than before but still enough to coat Kate’s insides.


My orgasm and the feeling of my seed in her womb was apparently the last straw, as Kate screamed and began orgasming as well; I could feel her own female juices squirting down on my lap like a river, some of my cum coming with it. It took a couple more minutes as we weakly thrust a couple more times, trying to prolong our common pleasure; when it was over she fell off my cock and into the bed, basking in the afterglow.

“Don’t forget about me!” Alexandra almost screamed above me, pushing her body down desperately and nearly smothering me. “C’mon, make me cum too!”

I picked my pace as well, continuing to suck and lick and eat her out, but apparently she didn’t need to worry so much. Shortly after she followed Kate in moaning out her orgasm, allowing me to slurp her delicious girl cum as it flowed into my face.

A couple moments later found the three of us on the bed, all sprawled and panting and enjoying the aftermath of our little threesome. As I sat up, almost wishing it didn’t end, before I was reminded rather happily that it didn’t yet.

“Don’t think this is over, big boy.” Alexandra said, panting slightly as she sat up and looked at me with a sultry smirk on her face. “You still got to fuck my brains out like you did Kate.”

“Oh, I will.” As I said that I moved over to her and caught her mouth with mine, kissing her hard and rather sloppily. She was probably aware enough to know she was tasting herself in the kiss, but if she cared she certainly didn’t show it as our tongues wrestled playfully between our mouths. “Lie down, now.”

I punctuated my order with a playful slap to her breast, urging her to hurry up. She yelped but then grinned, moving forward to place a lingering kiss and nibble on my lips before complying and lying down, her beautiful naked body sprawled over once more for me to see.

As she moved into position, I turned around to face Kate. The younger blonde still had a slightly dazed look on her face, but as her eyes found mine and then found Alexandra’s naked body, a silent understanding fell over her features and she slowly, like a predator, crawled over past me and towards a surprised—but smirking—Alexandra.

Without warning Kate pounced, the two women yelping and giggling as Kate play-forcefully held Alexandra down and intertwined their bodies: their breasts boring together, their faces inches from each other, mouths openly panting, and their legs intertwined with their pussies pretty much touching together.

And then Kate bucked her hips.


I couldn’t help watching in fascination what was happening, my eyes fixated on the sight of Kate Upton starting to rub her pussy, still slick and wet with my seed, against Alexandra Daddario’s. Moving to the side I got an even better view as the blonde was rubbing her entire body against the brunette, their great tits sliding against each other erotically and their pussies oiling each other with my cum.

I couldn’t hold anymore. Hastily positioning myself, I moved so I was kneeling behind the two, quickly adjusting them so their pussies were in view as Kate still laid over Alexandra.

“You ready for this?” I asked, positioning my cock so it could teasingly rub both pussies.

“Oooh, I bet she is.” Kate said, looking over her shoulder with a teasing smirk. “Are you gonna fuck me too, sweety?”

“Greedy slut.” Alexandra said under her, her voice almost a growl, and I showed my agreement by giving a quick slap to Kate’s meaty ass.

“Oh, you like my ass?” She said, moaning a bit and showing she liked what I did.

“Of course, who wouldn’t like this?” I grabbed both her ass cheeks, giving them a shake as if proving my point.

“Good, it really needs more attention.” Kate bit her lips, giving me a sexy smile. “Maybe I can let you have a go at it later on?”

“Later on?!” I thought, hiding my shock; seriously, I don’t know how I was still going, and they might want more after this?!

“DAMNIT ALREADY! STOP FUCKING FLIRTING AND FUCK ME!!” Alexandra screamed in exasperation, starting to move her hips to get more contact with my cock.

Taking pity on the cock-starved slut, I did as she asked: moving a bit lower and grabbing Alexandra’s legs for support, I rubbed against the slit a couple times before forcing my way in.

Fucking hell, how the fuck were those two sluts so tight?!

“Yeeeesss!” Alexandra grunted out as my cock began moving deeper inside her.

“I told you.” Kate said above her, and I saw how she dipped her head down and began biting and nibbling on Alexandra’s neck.

Knowing how hungry Alexandra was for it, I didn’t even bother with starting slow; immediately I began to pound my cock into her, interchanging quick and deep thrusts to pulling out up to the head and hammering it back inside with force. I briefly considered getting revenge for her earlier ‘cheating’ on me; however, I was reminded that I was working on pretty much borrowed time, as I didn’t know how I was still able to keep going on this fuckfest, so I decided to play it safe.

Alexandra’s body was rocked back and forward by the intensity of my fucking, her moans and screams occasionally muffled by Kate’s lips or enhanced by her playing with her boobs. Meanwhile, as I continued to focus my attention on fucking that bitch’s brains out, my eyes subconsciously focused on the juicy, fat ass of the blonde of this threesome.

Though I focused entirely on the fucking, my hands moved on their own and began kneading Kate’s asscheeks like dough. They were big and soft, bouncing with the slightest tap and rippling with each thrust forward I made into Alexandra.

When I came back to me, I had a finger going between the cheeks and into her puckered asshole.

“Oh you fucker!!” Kate screamed in surprise, and by Alexandra’s higher-pitched moan probably either bit her or squeezed her breasts too hard. “That’s my asshole!!”

“I know!” I said, slowing a bit on Alexandra. “Just testing the waters…”

“You will be doing more than just testing in a while…” Kate spoke sultrily.

“Oh you fuckers… Stop ignoring me… I’m so close…!” Alexandra moaned out, silencing Kate by grabbing her blonde locks and forcing her head down into an angry kiss.

I grinned to myself at the desperation in her voice, quickly deciding to push my luck and stopping my movements.

“What are you doing?!” Alexandra yelled at me, holding Kate’s head back by her hairs.

“Tell me how much you want this.” I said, giving a small thrust.

“OOOH FUCK!” She screamed, and I knew she was too close not to give in. “Alright! I want… I need that big cock! Please, fuck my brains out… please, please, please…”

Hearing her continue to beg me, I couldn’t help letting go and start fucking her anew; this time going for fast and deep thrusts alone, taking a hold of her legs to keep me from accidentally slipping out. Her body continued to rock, Kate’s body above her following her motions, and the two resumed their lewd kissing and groping.

After all this build-up, and especially so after making her beg for me, we finally came together. The women grabbed each other, Alexandra’s deep moan being drank away by Kate, while my cum proceeded to paint her insides white as it had done to blonde earlier. Once I finished, panting and sweating in tiredness, I pulled out of her—enjoying the sight of the cum leaking a bit from her pussy—and sat back on the bed.

If someone had told me earlier, when I walked on the hotel bar, that this is where my night would end up, I would have dismissed them as crazy.

The women continued to make out for a bit, before Kate rolled off Alexandra’s body. Lying side by side, the two panted and, as if in a trance, brought their hands down to touch their own pussies a bit. They each traced a finger on their own slits, feeling my cum on them.

“Good God, that was amazing.” Kate said, giggling a bit.

“You tell me.” I answered, feeling like I should lay between them or something.

“So, want us to clean you or what?” Alexandra asked, sitting up with some difficulty to fix me a stare with her unique blue eyes.

“C’mon, you girls wanna kill me? Look, I can’t-”

“Someone disagrees with you.” Kate said, moving a bit down the bed and rubbing my cock with one of her feet.

My slightly flaccid, but still somewhat hard, cock.

“What the fuck?!”

“The old drink trick.” Alexandra said, gaining my attention as I saw her crawl back to me. “What, you think I would risk something like what happened with the other guy?” She asked, moving to nibble at my chin before sending me a grin and looking down.

“You are gonna be raring to go all night.”

As the two women grabbed me and pulled me back down on the bed with them, Alexandra’s words took a while to dawn on me: she had put something on my drink, to keep me hard all night for them.

As I felt the two nymphos start kissing and sucking on my cock once more, two thoughts kept flying through my head. One, those two would end up killing me if they kept like that all night, and two, I would die a happy man if they did.

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