Making The Grade

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Title: Making The Grade

Author: Tori

Celebs: Peyton Roi List

Codes: MF, oral, anal, incest, rough

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Hi Spencer!”  The 19 year old sat up and saw his gorgeous twin sister standing before him and said, “Peyton, you’re early.”  Peyton List plopped down on the couch and hugged him saying, “I missed you.  I couldn’t wait to see my favorite brother.”  He looked her over, admiring he tight little body and pretty face and said, “You’re so beautiful Peyton.”  Peyton reached over and squeezed his hard cock and said, “Mmm Spencer, it feels like you really are happy to see me.”

As she fondled his cock through his shorts, he reached up and squeezed one of her perfect breasts.  Peyton started to moan and said, “I missed you Spence.”  He leaned in and kissed her and said, “I missed you too.  Ever since you got your own place I’ve had to take matters into my own hands.”  They both laughed and then Peyton unzipped his shorts and pulled out his rock hard cock.  “God I do miss this cock.”  She leaned down and licked the head while she ran her long nails across his balls.  The hot blonde looked up and said, “So, what’s this favor you need?”  Spencer ran his fingers through long hair and said, “Later.  Right now I need your mouth on my cock.”

Peyton bobbed her head up and down on her brother’s long nine inch cock, sucking him deep down her throat.  One of the things he loved about his sister was her ability to take him all the way down her throat without gagging.  She buried her face in his pubic hair and stuck out her tongue, licking his balls as he held her head tight against him.  When he finally let go, she pulled up off his cock and he let go his stream of hot cum all over her face.  Peyton licked it all up and then used her fingers to scoop the rest into her mouth.  Licking her fingers, she said, “Mmmmm, so tasty.”  Spencer sat back and said, “Listen, about that favor.”  Peyton held her finger up to his lips and said, “Later.  Let’s go up to your room.”

A little over an hour and three orgasms later, Peyton laid her head on her brother’s chest and said, “I need a break.  You really fucked the shit out of me Spence.”  Spencer gently stroked her face and said, “I need to ask you something.”  Peyton snuggled against her brother and said, “I’ll do anything for you, just name it.”  Spencer paused for a second and said, “I need you to fuck my history professor.”  Peyton sat up and stared at Spencer and said, “You need me to do WHAT?”  Spencer pulled himself up and sat back against the headboard and said, “I’m failing his class and when I went to talk to him about doing some extra credit he, well, he mentioned you.”  Peyton got out of bed and slowly paced around the room.  “Let me get this straight.  You’re failing and the only way to pass is if I do this guy?”  Spencer said, “Well, yeah, I guess so.”  He got off the bed and wrapped his arms around Peyton, pulling her close to him and said, “If you don’t want too, I understand but if I fail, Mom and Dad are really going to be pissed, you know?”  Peyton pushed him away and said, “Gee, I don’t know Spence.  I mean, I’m not a whore.  I don’t just sleep with anyone, especially someone I don’t know.”  Spencer sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at the floor and said, “I’m sorry Peyton.  I never should have asked you.”  Peyton got on her knees in front of her brother and put her hands on his knees.  “Look at me.  I’ll do it.  You know I’d do anything for you.”  Spencer pulled her up and hugged his gorgeous sister and said, “There is one other thing.”  Peyton sighed and said, “Great, what else is there?”  Spencer said, “Well, he wants me to watch.”  Peyton laughed and said, “That’s perfect. You pimp me out to your professor and you have to watch?  That’s just fucking perfect.  When am I supposed to do this guy?”  Spencer stood up and said, “Tonight.  He wants us to meet him at the Motel 6 by the highway.”  Peyton laughed and said, “A motel.  Classy to say the least.”

After Spencer called his professor, Peyton went upstairs.  When she was ready, Spencer looked her over and said, “God Peyton, you look amazing.”  Peyton slowly turned around and said, “I hope this is worth it.”  Spencer smiled and said, “I owe you, big time.”  Peyton patted his cheek and said, “You bet your ass you owe me.  Let’s go before I change my mind.”  The two drove in silence to the motel and when they knocked on the door, they were greeted by the professor.  He let them into the room and told Spencer to take a seat.  He looked at Peyton and she saw him lick his lips.  He said, “You’re even more beautiful in person.”  He walked over and handed Spencer a camera and said, “I want this on film so I can watch it over and over again.”  Peyton shook her head and said, “Woo, wait a minute.  I never agreed to you filming this.”  The professor turned and said, “Trust me.  It’ll never get out.  Do you think I want anyone seeing what I’m going to do to you?  It’ll ruin me just as much as it’ll ruin you so shut the fuck up.”  Peyton was just about the say something when the professor grabbed her blouse, ripping it open, exposing her firm breasts.  Spencer held the camera up and started filming.

The professor got behind Peyton and faced the camera.  While he played with her tits, he said, “Tell the camera who you are slut.”  Peyton looked right at the lens and said, “My name is Peyton List.”  The professor ran his hand down between her legs and under her panties and started to finger bang the pretty blonde.  “Tell the camera what a slut you are.  Tell them you’ll fuck anyone that wants you.”  Peyton felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter and said, “Oh mmmmmmmm, I’m just a slut.  I’m a dirty fucking slut that will let anyone fuck me.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”  Spencer felt his cock getting hard as he watched the professor get Peyton off with his fingers.  As he finger banged Peyton, he continued to tell her what to say to the camera.  Peyton was on the verge of cumming when she said, “I just a dirty Disney whore.  I want it.  Make me CUMMMMMM!!!  OH FUCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!”  The professor put his wet fingers against Peyton’s glossy pink lips and said, “Taste your pussy and tell me that you’ll do anything for your brother.”  Peyton slowly licked his fingers and then said, “I’ll do anything, anything for you Spencer.”

Suddenly, he picked the pretty blonde starlet up and tossed her on the bed.  She landed on her stomach and the professor was on top of her in an instant.  He pulled off the remains of her blouse and grabbed her by the hair.  He held her down while he reached up under her short skirt and tore her panties off.  As he forced her legs apart, he pulled out his ten inch cock and said, “I hope you like anal bitch.”  Without warning he rammed his cock into her ass causing her to scream out at the violation.  “FUCKKKK!!!!! GODDDAMN IT!!!!!!  YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!!!!”  The professor spread her cheeks apart and started to fuck the young teen’s asshole with brutal force.  Peyton was soon grunting with each hard thrust and looked over at her brother holding the camera.  “You love up your ass, don’t you whore?  Where’s my cock?” he said.  With Peyton struggling to speak, he slapped her ass, pulling her head up off the mattress and said, “TELL YOUR BROTHER.  WHERE”S MY COCK?”  Peyton grimaced and said, “My ass.  It’s in my DISNEY WHORE ASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!”  Spencer sat in silence, watching as his professor sodomized his twin.  Soon, she was screaming out, begging him to fuck her harder.

After almost twenty minutes, Peyton was staring at the camera with a blank look on her face.  He said, “Get ready slut.  I’m gonna fill your nasty ass with cum.  HERE IT CUMMMMMMMSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”  Peyton felt the hot load deep in her bowels.  Her body started to jerk and she came harder than she’d ever cum before.  When he finally pulled out, he quickly got in front of her and forced his shit covered cock into her mouth.  Peyton gagged and choked and then puked around the nasty cock in her throat.  After he wiped his cock off with her hair, he got off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up.  Peyton just lay there, looking at her brother as cum oozed from her gaping ass.  When the professor returned, he turned her over and spread her legs, pushing his cock into her pussy.  Peyton was like a ragdoll as he held her ankles apart, ramming her pussy like a mad man.  Spencer continued to film the ordeal and when the professor was ready to cum, he told Spencer to get on the bed and film him shooting his load on Peyton’s face.  Spencer got as close as he could just in time to see him cover his sister with rope after rope of cum.  The professor pulled Peyton’s mouth onto his cock and had her suck out the rest of his load and then said, “Swallow it bitch.  Show me how you swallow all that cum at Disney.”  Peyton choked down the nasty spunk and then swallowed.  He laughed and said, “Too bad your fans can’t see you right now.”

The professor got off the bed and took the camera from Spencer.  He said, “Looks like you passed.  You can thank your slutty sister.  She’s one hell of a good fuck.”  Spencer stood and stared at Peyton while the professor got dressed.  Before he left he said, “Any time you want some extra credit, just let me know.”  As soon as the door closed, Peyton slowly got off the bed and went into the bathroom.  She stepped into the shower and washed off the filth left behind by the professor.  When she came back out, she towel dried her hair and said, “I hope this was worth it.”  Spencer helped her get dressed and then helped her to the car.  As he drove her home, he said, “I don’t know what to say Peyton.”  Peyton stared straight ahead and said, “Forget it.  You’re my brother and I love you.  I did it.  Let’s just leave it at that.”

A week later, Peyton got a phone call from the professor asking her to meet him at the same motel.  Reluctantly, she agreed and when she arrived, she found the professor and four other men waiting for her.  “Peyton it’s good to see you again.  I was discussing your brother’s academic future with my colleagues and we decided that it’s time your brother made the Dean’s List.”  The men all stood up and took out their cocks and started stroking them.  Peyton looked from one to the other and then got on her knees.  She took two of the cocks in her hands and said, “That’s a good idea only this time, no cameras.”

The End.

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