The Family That Lays Together: Scene 186

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Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 186

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Rosamund Pike

Codes: FM, oral, anal, mas, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Rosie sitting at the kitchen table, in a long t-shirt and panties, checking her phone, bare feet up on another chair.

“Morning, Mum,” a young man says, walking in, wearing a white t-shirt and boxers.

“Morning, Dave.” Dave goes to the fridge, and gets a thing of yogurt.

“You had breakfast yet?”

“Yup.” As Dave sits down, Rosie starts narrating. “My son and I…have an odd relationship.  We both have an inappropriate attraction to each other; one that we know is wrong.  However, rather than try to avoid turning each other on, we, perhaps unconsciously, are constantly attempting to provoke a response from the other.  For instance…” As she continues, Dave steals glances at her legs. “I always wear the long t-shirt and panties combo in the morning, which I know drives my son crazy.  I think we do it because, secretly, we both want it, but want it to not be our fault when, well, the inevitable happens.” Dave follows his mother’s legs to the source, where we see, perhaps unknown to her, perhaps not, her panties are visible.  As Dave gets an eyeful, Rosie suddenly gets up. “I have to get dressed for work.”

“Mum, wait!” Dave gets up, and stands face to face with Rosie.

“Um, what is it, Dave?” Rosie asks, nervously.

“I, uhm…” Dave stammers, then pushes his mother back against the wall, and shoves his tongue in her mouth, which she responds to by putting her arms around him.

“Oh, fuck!” Rosie gasps in voice-over. “This was it!  My son finally gave in, and now we were about to commit one of the worst sins imaginable!” As they make out, Dave starts dry-humping her. “Oh, God, I could feel how hard he was…Now we were really going to do it, I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do to him…” Down below, Dave lowers his boxers, while Rosie pulls her panties aside, then, in our first close-up, he inserts his cock in her, and starts thrusting. “Oh, God!” Rosie groans, digging her nails into her son’s back, as he continues to thrust into her. “I’ve wanted you to do this for so long, babe…” Dave fucks his mother faster and harder, until, with one last thrust, he groans loudly, and Rosie’s brow furrows, while she bites her lip. “I could feel my son’s hot spunk flood into me, as we both came at the same time.  Even though he’d just climaxed, I could tell Dave wasn’t done yet.”

Now, Dave is leaning back against the wall, looking down, as his mother kneels before him, naked.  In another close-up, we see Rosie’s lips slide up and down her son’s throbbing meat, her hand tightly grasping the base. “Oh, Mum…” Dave groans, face screwing up, “God, you look sexy doing that…” Back in the close-up, Rosie brings her lips close to Dave’s stomach, gagging a little, then pulling back, then repeating, before pulling it out of her mouth, and licking and sucking on his swollen head.

We now see Rosie laying back on the kitchen table, feeling her tits up, face contorting, as, in another close-up, Dave has his tongue buried in his mother’s snatch. “Ooh…God, Dave…” As Rosie moans and writhes on the table, we see she’s starting to visibly sweat, and her nipples are fully erect, as she pinches and pulls them.  Back in the close-up, Dave is holding her pussy open, and licking around her clit, while, with his other hand, he two-fingers his mother’s cunt. “Oh, fuck, I’m…Huh!” Rosie throws her head back and groans loudly, as she cums.

Dave is now standing up, and we see Rosie sweating profusely, tits bouncing and jiggling, as, in another close-up, we see her son’s cock pumping in and out of her sopping wet pussy. “Oh, God!” Rosie whines, “Fuck me, babe!  Ooh!” As Dave thrusts into his mother, the small, cheaply made table creaks and shifts around.  Back in the close-up, Dave pushes harder into Rosie’s cunt, his cock soaking wet from the amount of juice coming from her twat. “Oh, fuck!  Fuck!” Rosie starts to scream, her tits whipping up and down, until, with a loud, hoarse cry, she again climaxes.  As both catch their breath, Rosie gasps, “Dave?”

“What, Mum?”

“Could you flip me over?  I want you to fuck my arse.”

We now see Rosie bent over the table, tits pressed against it, her body now dripping with sweat, as, in another close-up, we see Dave’s cock pump slowly in and out of his mother’s butt. “Oh, God…” Rosie squeals, face screwed up like she’s going to cry, “I wish you knew how good that feels, babe…” Back in the close-up, Dave’s cock moves faster in and out, as Rosie’s asshole has loosened up somewhat.  Suddenly, Dave starts groaning, then pulls out, and nuts all over his mother’s sweaty back.

“Oh, fuck…” Rosie says raspily, “I can’t believe we did that…”

“Yeah…That was weird, but…I liked it.  Fuck, what time is it?”

“I think we’re both late, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Shit, okay, I’m getting dressed.” Before leaving, Dave leans over, and he and Rosie kiss, as the scene fades out.

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