Selena’s Rescuers

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Title: Selena’s Rescuers

Author: Noops

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MFF, nc/cons, reluc, oral

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all.

Shit! What the fuck am I supposed to do now?!” Selena Gomez yelled at the sky in frustration upon realizing her phone battery was dead.

It was the afternoon of January first, 2017, in the small town of Big Bear Lake, up in the mountains of California; where she had been skiing with a group of her closest girlfriends to celebrate the New Year. They had partied really hard on New Year’s Eve and had woken up late in the afternoon with serious hangover maladies. Realizing they had no food or water left, Selena had offered to go the nearest convenience store to get some supplies.

“Me and my stupid mouth!” she thought while looking helplessly at the shredded front tire of her black S.U.V.

By her calculations she was stuck at about half the distance between the store and the cabin. She cursed in exasperation at the huge ditch her car had fallen into, causing her to be stranded there in the middle of a cold, lonely and neglected road. The famous texan singer had already been standing there for close to thirty minutes and not one car had passed by her location; she was getting more and more desperate with every passing second.

“Shit, just as I thought!” She said to herself after popping the trunk and verifying her suspicions about not having any tools to replace the tire. Not that she would’ve known what to do with them, never having changed a flat tire in all her life. She was rich and famous so she always had someone who she could call at any moment to help her immediately in almost any situation. And if all else failed, she was a very pretty girl and that could get her out of trouble most of the time; but not this time it seemed.

With her phone completely dead and no one around to help her, desperation began taking over her. It was getting late and she could already feel the air getting colder by the minute as the sun began to descend between the snow covered mountains. Thinking that she would be back very quickly she didn’t even bother grabbing a jacket before she left, and now that the temperature was quickly descending all she had on was a baggy orange shirt and very thin black tights.

The car was also low on gasoline so the heating didn’t last long and now she couldn’t stop shaking. “Oh God help me, I don’t know what to do!” she cried, curled up inside the s.u.v trying to get warm and just wishing with all her heart that someone would come and rescue her. There was no other vehicle at the cabin so there was no way her friends were coming to her rescue and it was too far away to walk there. She would freeze to death before she even got near the place.

Suddenly, she was startled by a couple of knocks on the window.

“Hey, are you ok? You need any help?” A blonde woman asked with a concerned look on her face.

Selena opened the door and immediately hugged the woman, “Yes, please! Thank you so much for stopping!”

“We don’t usually see nice cars like yours around these old roads so we figured someone might be in trouble,” a white, thin man with short brown hair explained as he walked towards them.

The texan actress wiped the tears from her face and smiled. “I have a flat tire, I ran out of gas and my phone’s dead so… yeah, I guess you could say I’m in pretty big trouble.”

“Yeah, these fucked up roads will do that to ya if you’re not careful.” he said, taking a closer look at the busted tire.

“Well, you can use our phone if you want to, but since we’re a long way from the city it might be easier if we just help you change the tire and share some gas with you. Johnny here is pretty good with a lug wrench; he’ll get you back on the road in no time.”

“Wow, thank you so much you guys! I’ll pay for the tire as soon as I get my phone charged. I’m Selena, by the way.”

“Oh, we know who you are, haha!” laughed the blonde, “I’m actually a fan of yours! My name is Daisy.”

“Oh, ok, haha! Well it’s very nice to meet both of you!”

“Hey, could we take a photo with you? It’d mean a lot to me.”

“Of course! Anything for my new heroes!”

Selena shook their hands and hugged them before taking a few pictures with the couple. She was a little embarrassed because she hadn’t bothered to put on a bra and with her nipples being so hard from the cold there was no way it wouldn’t be obvious in the photos, but she desperately needed their help and there was no way she was going to refuse in a situation like that.

A few minutes later she was sitting next to Daisy in the backseat, enjoying the heating of the couple’s car and making small talk to pass the time until Johnny had her car ready to go. The blonde woman was a few years older than her and very chatty. Selena was sitting on her left leg and facing her, laughing out loud at most of her stories and just feeling very happy about being safe and warm. She found her new acquaintance very charming and funny, the kind of person that talked to anyone as if they’d been friends for years.

“So, you guys are married or…?”

“Nah, we don’t really believe in marriage or any of that stuff. We just live together and, y’know, do stuff together.”

“Oh, right. Yeah, that’s cool. You guys make a really nice couple and you seem like… really close.”

“Aw, thank you! We’ve actually been together for about 10 years now.”

“Wow, that long, huh?”

“Yeah, but we have a very open relationship. We don’t have a problem with having sex with other people and exploring our sexuality a lot, so that helps with keeping the relationship from going stale.”

“Oh… right. That makes sense, I guess…” the petite girl said very awkwardly, not really comfortable with finding out the sex-life details of a couple she’d just met.

“So how about you? I mean I hope you don’t mind me asking but are you and that Bieber kid still together?”

“Oh… no! That’s been over for awhile now. Right now I’m just, y’know, having fun, going on dates, stuff like that.”

“Good for you, girl! That kid’s an asshole! He must have been really good in the bed for you to put up with him for so long!”

“Umm, not so much, actually” she confessed, not really sure why she was addressing that. “I was just… I don’t know, young and dumb I guess.”

“Hey, don’t even worry about it. Now that you’re single you have plenty of good times and great fucks ahead of you!”

Selena started laughing with that childish giggle of hers and as she did Daisy took a good look at her perky breasts bouncing to the rhythm of her laugh with nothing but that thin orange shirt covering them.

“So, Selena, now that we’re friends, Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Did you really get a boob job? Because I’m looking at them right now and they don’t seem so big to me.”

The ex-Disney girl blushed and explained: “Haha, I get that one a lot! The truth is I’ve never had any plastic surgery. My boobs just get bigger sometimes when I put on some weight and people think they’re fake. But they’re actually not that big, I’m just kinda small so they look big on me.”

“Let me see, I’m really good at figuring out this kind of stuff,” Daisy boasted before suddenly reaching for one of the dark haired girl’s breasts, she gasped with surprise but didn’t really put much resistance as she was fondled and squeezed, assuming it was just a friendly (if somewhat aggressive) move to see if she was telling the truth.

“Hmm… yeah, I think you’re like a 34B, right?” the blonde said, both of her hands now exploring one of the most coveted pair of tits in the whole world.

“Ye– yeah, uh, you guessed it,” Selena replied very awkwardly before letting out a quick gasp as the woman’s thumbs began tracing small circles around her sensitive areolas.

“Can I see them?” Daisy asked, she was already trying to lift Selena’s shirt when she stopped her.

“I’m really not comfortable with that, Daisy…”

“Aw, c’mon, Selena. It’s just us girls! Here, I’ll show you mine!”

“You really don’t have to–”

In one swift move she unzipped the front of her onesie pajamas and two heavy tits came out dangling right in front of Selena’s surprised face.

“Wow. Those are… really big,” the brunette noted.

“Yeah, I mean they’re a little bit saggy because well, I’m not that young anymore. But they still look really good, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, Daisy, they’re… nice.” Selena agreed, leaning back against the window as Daisy kept pushing her chest closer and closer to her face.

“Wanna touch ‘em?”

“No, I’m ok I don’t need to–”

Daisy grabbed the singer’s hands without permission and placed them right on her tits. Selena was very uncomfortable but still under the impression that it was just a really awkward girl-bonding thing so she didn’t remove her hands immediately.

“Yeah, they’re nice.” she said without much conviction before letting go of them.

“I bet yours are just perfect…”

“Hey, maybe we should see if Johnny needs any help with–”

“Aw, c’mon! I showed you mine, now you have to show me yours! That’s how it works!”

“But I never asked to–”

“I know, I just thought we were friends and stuff, but if you don’t trust me then…”

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that, Daisy! I’m your friend, I’m just kinda shy, that’s all.”

“Hey don’t worry about it, Selena, it’s just us! Two girls hanging out and shooting the shit! Right?”

“Right,” she replied, still trying to make up her mind.

“So c’mon, whip ‘em out and make me all jealous and shit!”

Selena took a deep breath and then let out a short sigh. “Ok, fine,” she said, smiling timidly.

She took another deep breath before carefully rolling up the lower part of her shirt and lifting it up to her neck, finally revealing her perfectly shaped breasts to her new friend.

“OH. MY. GOD.” Daisy exclaimed, making a big deal of it and quickly cupping the petite latina’s tits in her hands, weighing and squeezing them with such familiarity as if they were her own. “Girl, you have the prettiest breasts I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of ‘em!”

“Thank you…” Selena said, nervously looking at the window to make sure Johnny couldn’t see them while she waited for the woman to finish examining her.

“Ooh and these cute little pink buttons you have!” the opportunistic woman continued saying while lightly pinching the brunette’s nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. “Look how hard they got, Selena! I bet the boys love nibbling on them, huh?”

“Ye– yeah, I guess so…” Selena conceded, unable to stop herself from sighing and moaning very softly in the process. She wasn’t really attracted to Daisy and the whole scenario had her a little uncomfortable but none of that could change the fact that her breasts were very sensitive and being masterfully stimulated.

“Can I… get a little taste?”

The young starlet didn’t even have a chance to answer before Daisy’s mouth encircled her left breast and in a few seconds she had her openly moaning as her expert tongue stimulated her nipples. A deep silence filled the car, interrupted only now and then by the wet sounds coming out of Daisy’s mouth and Selena’s heavy breaths and tender sighs of pleasure every time her new friend switched between each of her legendary tits. The pretty girl stroked Daisy’s hair softly and as the moment escalated she found herself pushing the woman’s head against her chest. Daisy pressed her tongue against the tip of Selena’s nipple, pushing it inward and causing her to cry with excitement.

“Oh my God what are we doing…” Selena whispered, “Johnny is right out there, what if he sees us?”

“I don’t think Johnny would mind seeing this” the blonde pointed out with a grin before lunging forward to get another taste of the young star.

“No, Daisy, please stop. This is going way too fast for me!” the brunette declared as she put her shirt down again, right as the driver’s door opened and a cold gust of wind startled the two of them.

“Hey… what’s going on here?” Johnny asked, looking at Selena’s flushed face and his girlfriend’s tits out in the open.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just… girl stuff, you know… Hey, is my car ready?” the embarrassed girl inquired anxiously.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

Selena was about to thank him when Daisy stopped her with a hand on her face.

“There’s just one problem, Johnny.”

“What’s that, baby?”

“Selena here is being very rude to me.”

“What?!” the singer shrieked.

“I mean here she is all alone in the middle of an abandoned road and desperate for help and she won’t even put out for the people that saved her!”

Selena’s face turned red with an angry frown. “Put out?! I barely know you! What the fuck is your problem?!”

“Don’t act like you’re so innocent, you little slut! I didn’t hear you complaining while I was sucking your tits!”

“Because you pressured me into it!” argued the singer, a little freaked out about the sudden change in Daisy’s tone. “I didn’t want to be rude and… and it was a mistake, ok?!”

“No, a mistake was stopping to help an ungrateful and conceited bitch like you!”

“Oh my God you’re crazy! Look, I appreciate your help, I really do, but this is making me very uncomfortable. Just let me call someone from your phone and you can go on your way.”

“I think I have a better idea,” the tall man said, getting into the back seat behind Daisy. “Here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna let me and my girl here have a little fun with you,” he explained, looking straight at Selena as he played with the blonde’s big breasts before emphasizing: “WITHOUT COMPLAINING. And then I’ll give you the keys to your car and you’ll never see us again.”

“Ooh, that is a great idea, baby!” Daisy celebrated.

“What?! No, absolutely not! You fucking rapists!”

“Whoa, whoa! Calm down, no one is raping anybody here. We’re not into that rough stuff and we don’t want to hurt you.” He assured the angry girl. “We’re not monsters! If you don’t want to have fun with us we’ll just leave and you can stay here and freeze that pretty little ass of yours to death. It’s your choice.”

“Look, it doesn’t have to be like this,” the actress bargained, “I can give you a lot of money. Just… take me to an ATM. I’ll give you the money and you can leave me there.”

“Actually, we’re not that materialistic. What we really enjoy is the more… natural things in life,” Daisy said with her eyes locked onto Selena’s chest.

Selena didn’t say anything back but tears of desperation started rolling down her puerile face.

Johnny opened the door behind him and let the gelid wind remind Selena of what she was up against. “So… what’s it gonna be?” he asked and the blonde woman giggled, looking straight at the frightened girl while grabbing and teasing the tent forming in Johnny’s sweat pants.

“Look, baby, it’s starting to snow!” the blonde pointed out and they both laughed and mocked the hopeless latina a little more.

Contemplating her options Selena realized she didn’t have any. She’d have to debase herself or risk losing her life. After a long sigh of resignation she finally conceded.


“Ok? You don’t sound so sure, honey…” Daisy taunted her.

“Can we just get this over with, please?” asked the brunette, her voice cracking with desperation.

“Yes!!!” the blonde woman cheered, “We’re gonna have so much fun, Selena!”

“Hold on, hold on…” Johnny interrupted, “First things first.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and started recording the famous girl.

“No! Don’t! What the hell are you doing?!” she yelled, covering her face.

“Like I said before, we’re not rapists. But we’re not dumb either, so before we do anything just tell the camera that we have your full consent and we can start having fun.”


The man opened the door again and Selena started shaking, she had no choice but to surrender completely.

“Shit! …ok, ok! I’ll do it.”

“Good girl. Now go ahead, you know what to do,” Johnny told her, pressing record on his iphone’s screen.

The starlet looked at the camera with teary eyes and a furious expression on her angelic face; she took a deep breath and made her statement: “I… I’m Selena Gomez and… oh God… and I’m going to have sex with them–”

“With Johnny and Daisy.” he interrupted.

“…with Johnny and Daisy,” she corrected.

Johnny paused the recording. “Now do the whole thing again but end it by saying that you’re a slut and you want to be fucked.”

He started recording again and zoomed in on Selena’s delicate face, trying to get the perfect close-up of her forced confession.

“I’m Selena Gomez and I am going to have sex with Johnny and Daisy.”


“Because… I’m a big slut and… I want them to fuck me,” she finally said while two big tears ran down her cheeks.

“Great job, Selena! We got it! Oh, and adding the word BIG there was a nice touch, by the way.”

He tried to high five her but the actress didn’t move a single muscle.

Humiliated and resigned she asked: “What else do I have to do?” without acknowledging Johnny’s mocking gesture.

“First, take that ugly shirt off, I want to see why my baby was so excited.”

The sweet latina swallowed her pride and lifted the long shirt over her head; Daisy quickly took it from her and threw it all the way to the front seat.

“Wow. Those are really something,” Johnny said and Selena noted the tent in his sweat pants had gotten huge.

Daisy grabbed her arm and pulled the girl towards her. “Come sit over here, honey, don’t be shy.”

Selena carefully switched places with her and sat down between them. Each of her rescuers immediately took one of her breasts in their mouth.

“Ow!” she cried when Daisy bit her nipple, “Please, be gentle…”

The blonde raised her head and apologized, “Oops, sorry! I got carried away there for a second,” before softly kissing her collarbone. With short, gentle kisses she made her way up her exquisite neck until her lips met with the mexican beauty’s lips.

Selena felt angry and disgusted but all she could do in that situation was try and get it over with as soon as possible. “The quicker they finish, the quicker I can get out of here,” she kept thinking as Johnny’s hands explored her thighs and Daisy’s tongue swirled around in her mouth. She closed her eyes and started massaging the woman’s tongue with her own.

“See? What I tell ya? It’s more fun if you get into it!” the pale man encouraged while watching the women’s sloppy kiss. Selena gasped when he ripped open the crotch of her tights and started going down on her. It was all happening so fast, a moment ago she was still contemplating what to do and now she had a strange man licking her pussy and a strange woman fondling her breasts. Her mind was still struggling but her body was on fire. Daisy noticed the girl moaning in her mouth and buckling her hips and laughed.

“He’s good isn’t he?” she boasted about her boyfriend’s oral skills, holding the girl’s jaw between her fingers. She pushed one of her large breasts into her face and said: “How about you return the favor?”

“Ok…” Selena muttered while Johnny licked up and down her slit. She felt appalled at herself for liking it so much. These people were taking advantage of her, leaving her no choice but to let them use her body. But now, to her own surprise, she didn’t want them to stop. Johnny stuck his tongue as far as he could inside her pussy and she screamed: “Oh my God that feels so good!” before grabbing both of Daisy’s fat tits and taking one of her puffy nipples in her mouth. Johnny laughed watching the world famous singer suck on his girlfriend’s tits. The fact that she had no makeup on made her cherubic features look even younger but it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t her first time pleasuring another woman. The pale man kept working his magic on Selena’s dripping cunt until the brunette got so aroused that she let go of Daisy and grabbed Johnny’s head, grinding her hips against his face she cried:

“OH MY GOOOOOOODDDD!!!” as she orgasmed with the wicked man’s face buried between her legs.

“I guess you were not just lying for the camera, huh?” Daisy commented as she got out of her outfit, enjoying the image of the topless starlet with her legs spread, still shaking and trying to catch her breath.

“Wh–what?” the singer asked, panting and wiping several drops of sweat from her forehead.

“Now return the favor, you fucking slut!” Johnny ordered as he pulled out his member and sat back next to Selena.

She looked at his pale dick and hesitated.

“I… I thought I just had to let you… I didn’t know I had to… do that. I don’t think I can.”

“You either suck it or you get out, it’s your choice,” Daisy warned her.

Selena took another deep breath and leaned over him.

Lift up that tight ass of yours, honey. I want to see what fame tastes like,” the blonde woman told her and Selena adjusted her body so that both of her knees were on the seat, with her ass at almost face level with daisy and her head right over Johnny’s lap.

C’mon, Selena, don’t be shy,” he said, caressing her face with one hand while grabbing the base of his shaft with the other and pushing the tip of his cock against the brunette’s full lips. “We’re all friends here…”

“Just… please don’t cum in my mouth,” she pleaded to him before letting him slide inside her mouth.

Johnny grabbed her head and started gently pushing it down so she would take more of his cock inside, “Don’t worry, gorgeous, we’re still a long way from that.”

Meanwhile, Daisy was admiring the girl’s rear like it was a famous painting or sculpture.

“Damn, girl, even your pussy is perfect! I’m so jealous!” She ripped apart Selena’s black tights some more until her asshole was also exposed and started eating her ass, which was a first for the ex-child star and definitely not something she would have agreed to under normal circumstances. But Daisy’s warm tongue sent shivers up her spine and little by little her disgust at the tongue in her ass and the cock in her mouth began to fade, much to Johnny’s satisfaction. He grabbed the brunette’s hair and was pleasantly surprised to see the girl could swallow the whole length of his piece.

“Mmm, the famous Selena Gomez…” he said, pushing her short, black hair behind her ear to get a good look at her innocent face, “All of those fans you have, fantasizing about you every day… they have no idea how pretty you look with a cock in your mouth, huh?”

A sharp pain in her left butt cheek startled her. “My boyfriend just complimented you, you little slut! Now thank him!” Daisy yelled, before spanking Selena again.

“Hmmph! Thnkffoo,” the texan girl mumbled while her head bopped up and down Johnny’s dick. He smiled watching her drool all over the seat while he kept guiding the speed of her movements with his hand in her hair. In Selena’s mind she kept telling herself she was sucking Johnny off to get him to cum as soon as possible and leave her alone, but to both of her rescuers it was pretty obvious she just loved sucking cock. Any shred of doubt disappeared when the wondrous sensations of Daisy’s tongue licking her clit caused Selena to moan and go crazy on Johnny’s dick. Until that moment she had just been submissively responding to Johnny’s movements in her mouth but now she had taken complete control over of his dick, holding the shaft and furiously jacking it off with one hand while she licked up and down his balls and all along the shaft, back to the tip. Selena knew what she was doing, hugging the head of his cock with her amazingly soft, wet lips, looking at Johnny straight in the eyes, before swallowing the rest of it and then pulling it out to go back to lapping up his balls.

This wasn’t just a helpless girl trying to survive anymore, Selena was using them maybe just as much as they were using her and she was way past the point of shame or fear to care if they noticed. But they did notice, or at least Daisy did, Johnny was too busy trying to stop himself from cumming all over her baby-faced star. Suddenly, Daisy’s hand grabbed Selena by the hair and pulled her head back violently until Johnny’s cock came out of her mouth with a loud “BOP!”.

“I’m starting to get a little jealous here, Selena,” the blonde woman said as she forced Selena to lie on her back and then climbed on top of her. “Now give me some attention, honey,” she said before sitting on the brunette’s face. Selena started eating her meaty, hairy pussy while Johnny’s made her spread her legs wide and started rubbing the tip of his dick up and down the girl’s mouth-watering slit.

“Wait! Now without a condom!” Selena cried, struggling to get the words out her mouth under the weight of Daisy’s body, “Johnny please, I never– AAH!!! she screamed as the man’s cock made its way inside of her. Selena was on the pill like most girls her age but she never allowed anyone, not even her infamous ex-boyfriend, to penetrate her without protection. It was another of many “firsts” for her that January afternoon. Johnny grabbed her by the hips and started aggressively thrusting into her. Selena’s voice was drowned inside Daisy’s walls; half of what it were cries of impotence and pleads for them to stop and the other half were moans of incredible, all-encompassing, life-altering pleasure. As scared as she was of catching something from a man she just met, she could not deny how amazing it felt to be fucked in such a dangerous way. All she could think about was that Johnny was using her body like an object, that in his eyes she was nothing more than a sex doll, a morbid fantasy of a pretty face with a nice pair of tits and a tight pussy to cum into. She realized she’d never felt so vulgar and worthless in her life, then she climaxed and her whole body went limp while Johnny’s cock kept drilling into her.

Her orgasm was magnificent, but Johnny was not done yet. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna cum in Selena Gomez!” he shouted as his muscles started to tense and the veins on his forehead rose up to the surface. Daisy climbed off of Selena’s face and grabbed her arms, pulling them over the petite latina’s head.

“WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” she desperately protested, “NO! NO! NO! PULL OUT, JOHNNY, PLEASE! DON’T–”

“OH FUUUUUUCK!!!” Johnny grunted as his helpless victim tried to get free of his hold. But it was all in vain, Johnny was tightly holding her hips and every violent attempt by Selena to get free only helped him orgasm even faster. Selena started whimpering while the warm sensation of Johnny’s semen filled her insides. She was exhausted and there was nothing else to do but to let the vile man rest on top of her while the muscles of her vagina contracted and squeezed the last of his cum from his pale, twitching dick.

“Sorry, honey, but I never fucked someone famous before, I couldn’t pass down the opportunity, y’know?” Johnny explained while he tried to catch his breath. “Plus, you asked me not to cum in your mouth and I didn’t so… I guess I’m not such a bad guy after all, huh?”

Selena wiped the tears from her eyes and asked with a shaky voice: “Please… just… Are we done? Can I go?”

Johnny smiled and finally pulled out her. His flaccid member was covered with semen and her juices and he took a few seconds to make sure the viscous mix dripped down unto Selena’s tummy. He smeared the rest on her breasts while she sobbed in an almost inaudible tone and finally he ordered her to get rid of the last drops with her tongue. Selena did so quickly did and, even though he did not tell her to, she swallowed it all before sticking out her tongue to prove it was all gone.

Before giving her back her shirt, Daisy took a full body photo of Selena smeared with cum and promised her it would be just for her and Johnny, “It’ll be a nice memento of when we got to meet the wonderful Selena Gomez.”

Too tired and confused to care much about that one last humiliation, Selena put her shirt back on and grabbed the car keys Johnny, pulled out of his back pocket. As she exited the car she felt the cold breeze stun her body, the temperature felt especially low around her thighs and in the exposed area between her legs where the final result of her tragic adventure was still dripping out of her. A few tears were still running down her face when she turned the motor on and stepped on the gas pedal as hard as she could. Racing thoughts scrambled around her head on the way back to the cabin and while she tried to decide what story she’d have to make up for her friends she could not help but touch herself, playing with the viscous substance covering the inside of her still throbbing pussy and brushing the tip of her fingers against her sore, oversensitive clit.

She was 5 minutes away from the cabin when she stopped on the side of the road, whispering her rescuer’s names in the darkness of the unforgiving winter.

The End.

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