Party In Hawaii

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Title: Party In Hawaii

Author: Kail

Celebs: Peyton Roi List

Codes: FM, oral, cons, first, rom

Disclaimer: The following story is only fiction fantasy and
every resemblance to reality is coincidental.

Peyton was recording jessie Disney when he wanted to go to her
dressing room, she came chatting with her good friend madison Baillee
how she had lost her virginity and it was time for Peyton lost.
Baille had lost her virginity with his boyfriend who soon left her and
why Peyton did not want to lose her virginity without winning
When Peyton came to her dressing room I opened the door and saw a man
like 7 years older, this man had one of the photos in his hand,
Peyton rude tone in wonder
“Who are you and I doing here? Questions beautiful blonde
“Hello my name Kail and am a big fan of yours and also wanted to bring
a gift,” I answer the man as he watched peyton on a cute pajama
Peyton received gifts courtesy, she stared at the bag and took it and
it had chocolates and a flower and a gold necklace with your name and
a poem he read and finally the number of the guy.
Peyton one boring day call kail the fan who gave him gifts, with whom
he had been chatting and had invited a few days to Hawaii to relax and
she agreed, during the trip she was thinking about what a friend told
him that Hawaii was the perfect place to lose her virginity.
Upon arriving they stayed in a cottage and wanted to know the place,
that day afternoon Peyton put on his most provocative bikini and
jumped in the pool and the fan was amazed and excited with the
spectacular body of beautiful blonde, Peyton I went to bed and began
to smear bronzer kail holding back the urge.
Peyton at night was the fourth of kail under the pretext that he was
afraid to sleep alone and so kejos home, she slept next to Kail and
not holding more put his hand on his thigh Peyton
And I wonder as these better and more I do for you?
If much better and if you can do things on my nuchas, ‘I replied Peyton
At the same time bolteaba looking straight ahead and he gave her a
kiss on the mouth Kail sitting up and turned on the light to better
see it in that green pajamas that use jessie program.

Peyton lay on kail and ardently kissed while metia his hands caressing
her back and touching her buttocks, she rose and a green sac off a red
blouse and then a pink bra she began massaging her breasts, kail the
volume of back and breast metio all in her mouth and played with her
tongue as she clutched her other nipple while moaning and reia peyton
And he said “it feels good, my boob in your mouth” Now it’s my turn
Peyton stood and kneeled while passing his hand above the sweatshirt
and under their Boxers and left cock 7 inch and her mouth and habrio
whisper “wau is great drinks”
And I started playing with his hands wrapping and then start playing
with his tongue and put it in his mouth and began pulling it undirla
in his mouth and sucking eggs.
Kail then lifted her throwing her into the bed
And Peyton said, “I liked that while he removed his shorts green, and
red panties and started kissing his feet to keep up to her thighs and
she felt a tingle to be Kail her virgin pussy and move his tongue,
peyton feeling something warm groaned and contorted his pelvis.
Kail began playing with his fingers circling her vagina and Peyton
groaned “ohh ahh it feels good baby, give me a kiss” and Kail kissed
Peyton caressing her leg and squeezing and then under her breasts
sucking her nipples and looking her way to her vagina and ran her
tongue from her ass up her pussy and her fingers parted her lips and
stick his tongue and then began to put his middle finger and this came
with some blood that got into his mouth and he continued poking until
Peyton came and started sucking and that combination of blood with
juices Peyton drove him crazy and told Peyton “are you ready baby do
not worry this will only hurt a little” and Peyton accept it with a
Kail took some oil and daub and began spending his cock in pussy
Peyton is started moaning, and put his head
Peyton shout “Ahh ahh ahh hurts one hurts get her.” Kail came to him
and as he got all he went to his mouth and gave him a kiss so that
they used to have it in with a little bit of tears in her eyes Peyton
said “fuck me I’m ready and do without important I am nothing tonight
all yours “Kail is incorporated and began to load and unload faster
and faster as she kissed Peyton, she’s not holding more came screaming
like crazy and he also came across her beautiful vagina and lay on top
of her devouring her with kisses and peyton stood and went to the cock
Kail and began to wrap her in his hands tucking his in the mouth and
in one fell swoop he plunged into her mouth and started sucking ready
for a second round and being Kail at its peak Peyton he took his penis
is his hand and lay on Kail and put it in her pussy and began to walk
up and down
while he is shouting “ohh yeah yeah as I love how I never get tired of
this fuck me”
And squeezing her breasts tightly as pelliscaba her nipples and
pranced stronger as Kail looked at the cute Disney star with which he
dreamed many times and now it was really that beautiful blonde blue
eyes is played with fervor took her waist as she was jumping and
climaxed with a long sigh and fell on Kail and said “Daddy I’m happy
to be here with you tonight and have so fantastic.
Kail not wanting to finish lay down Peyton on the bed opened his legs
well and began working on the pussy of the blonde bombshell and then
up and bit his lip as he held tightly her thighs and directed his cock
inside Peyton and he started it up and down and she felt like jutted
all and started putting it faster and Peyton what exitada what was
started burying her nails into the back of Kail but neither felt her
breasts came over and started sucking those perfect breasts and told
Peyton I come beautiful Peyton replied “do it within the” set it on
the bed and began to fuck her mercilessly and she screamed like never
before as she came in a sea of passion and Kail also came then they
put both the bathroom and the next day went to see the whole island
and returning slept in the house of Kail and Peyton was on the set in
a sporty black and Debby suggested he submit it.

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