Interviewing…Maite and Jessica

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Title: Interviewing…Maite and Jessica

Author: BonerCreator69

Celebs: Kate Abdo, Maite Perroni, Jessica Simpson

Disclaimer: mast, MF, anal, oral, rimjob, FF

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

The next episode of Musician’s Mysteries: The Girls promised to be quite a good one as I was moving towards the lesser known singers of the world. Having had Katy Perry, one of the biggest stars in the world, on the previous show, Kate and I were interested to interview two singers who had gone very much under the radar

Maite Perroni was a Mexican singer who actually started out in the acting business before transferring her talents over to music. She is more famous in the Latin American market and relatively unknown in England and the US so it would be great to find out more about her. Jessica Simpson was a much more well-known singer than Maite, and another singer who had other talents to her name. She’d tried her hand at business and acting but it was through her music that she shot to fame and for which she is best known.

Maite looked unbelievably sexy as she came onto the set, dressed in a black dress that could have doubled up as a nightdress it finished so high, not that either Kate or I were complaining. Jessica wasn’t to be outdone though, and clearly knew her audience, wearing the outfit from her most famous song, denim shorts and a pink top with long leather black boots.

“Welcome to the show, ladies,” I said, beginning the show, struggling to keep my eyes above Jessica and Maite’s waists. “Why don’t we start by you telling us what you’re up to these days?”

“Well, a lot of people don’t know me, so I feel I should probably introduce myself,” Maite answered in her sexy Mexican accent. “I’m a Mexican actress by trade, but I have released a couple of singles and a studio album which charted quite well in Mexico. I’m currently focusing on my acting, appearing in a few telenovelas in Mexico, but singing is certainly not over for me.”

“Well, I’m currently working on my eighth studio album,” Jessica said, not feeling the need to introduce herself. “In fact, we’ve just about finished it. I’m still working with the charities to raise awareness for their causes and we’re actually thinking about doing another tour.”

“You’ve both acted and sung, which do you prefer?” Kate asked.

“I think, at this point in my career, I prefer acting,” Maite answered. “Having said that, music is something I always wanted to do when I was younger and I loved making my album and going on tour. It’s definitely something I want to continue with in the future but right now, it’s acting for me.”

“I’m the opposite,” Jessica replied, “it’s singing for me. It always has been. It’s how I broke into stardom and acting in movies was just an added bonus, as was the fashion and business forays. I’ve always loved singing and that’s my passion, so it’s easy for me.”

“With all this stardom, do you get recognised frequently?” I asked.

“I used to,” Jessica replied first. “A lot more than I do now. When These Boots Are Made For Walking first came out, I was getting recognised absolutely everywhere, but nowadays it happens less often. I don’t mind it though, as its more privacy, but it was never a bad thing.”

“I only get recognised in Latin America,” Maite answered, “never when I’m in the US or the UK. It’s nice to have a fan base but I do find myself coming over here more and more to get away from it all, just for those moments of being a normal person.”

“Let’s move to relationships,” Kate said, guiding the interview towards the bit everyone wanted to hear. “How frequent are your sex lives, given your relative anonymity?”

“Mine’s very healthy,” Jessica answered. “I’ve been happily married for six years now and we still find time to have a regular amount of sex which is nice. Children have never crossed either of our minds so that means we can do it whenever, wherever we want without ever fearing of being caught.”

“Yeah, like Jessica, my sex life is pretty healthy,” Maite responded. “Although I’m not married, I’ve been with my boyfriend for a good three years now and we still find time to have sex regularly. We’ve contemplated kids but right now, it’s good to just be able to have sex when and where we want, like Jessica said.”

“And what about masturbation?” I asked, slightly disappointed both were getting regular sex. “Do you do that frequently?”

“I don’t feel the need to as much,” Jessica answered. “I mean, if my husband and I are apart for a long time then obviously I’ll get myself off. But usually, I’ll only masturbate then or if I’m feeling particularly horny and sex is definitely off the table.”

“I’m different, I like to keep myself ticking over every day,” Maite replied. “Even when I know I’m going to have sex, I’ll warm myself up by having an orgasm in the morning. I find that it’s just so enjoyable, knowing you can make yourself feel that good and I always masturbate to cheer myself up if I’m feeling low.”

“Have you ever experimented with other women?” Kate asked, looking eagerly at Maite.

“When I was younger, I went through a phase of wondering if I was bisexual, because I slept with so many women,” Maite answered, and she smiled at the grin on Kate’s face. “But as I grew up, I realised I just enjoyed the thrill of oral sex. But I’m not going to say no if a girl offers me up her pussy.”

“I experimented a lot back in my popstar days,” Jessica said. “I was good friends with Lindsay Lohan and she was always trying to corrupt people to sleep with. She’s a great lover to be fair, but she was never going to fully convert me because I like getting fucked too much. But, like Maite, I’m certainly not opposed to another go.”

Kate had released my cock a lot quicker than she usually did as it was only semi-hard, but I could feel it growing in her hand as she asked the final question. “What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

“Mmm, that’s a tricky one,” Jessica answered. “I’m quite a kinky person but I’ve never done anything that kinky in public. In the bedroom, I enjoy bondage and that kind of stuff, but in public, I guess not wearing panties most of the time.”

“Having lesbian sex in between takes the first time I ever did a telenovela,” Maite answered. “I was learning the ropes in both senses of the word, and I can’t even remember who it was but they seduced me and we’d fuck and then five minutes later, we’d be shooting a scene. That was pretty kinky.”

“Wow, what a great show,” I said. Kate had succeeded in working my cock up to its full length and was now sucking it as I ended the programme, as had become the norm. “Join us next time on this music show when we’ll be interviewing Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado and Fergie. See you then.”

Kate seemed to get more and more horny the less well-known the stars were and this was one of the horniest she’d ever been. She’d wasted no time in exposing my cock and sucking on it and she was now seemingly intent on making me blow my load as quickly as possible.

I looked over to gauge Maite Perroni and Jessica Simpson’s reactions and was pleasantly surprised. Despite both of them being in long-term, committed relationships, the two guests had already started rubbing themselves watching Kate suck me off. Jessica particularly surprised me, given the fact she’d said she didn’t masturbate very often.

Knowing there was a good chance both girls would definitely be up for some fun allowed me to enjoy Kate’s blowjob even more than the usual panic. She was so keen to make me cum that with one fluid movement, she stood up, undressed and clambered on top of my cock, guiding it inside her pussy.

I’d fucked Kate several times but even I couldn’t deny how fucking great it was, and when she lowered her tits to my face, inviting me to suck on them, I couldn’t believe my luck. Kate was bouncing up and down on my cock, a grin as wide as ever across her face, and I knew that she was hoping the girls would take the initiative and join us on the couch.

To our delight, this was exactly what happened moments later, as Maite grabbed Jessica’s arm and led the way over to sit either side of us, both of them exposing their pussies as they did so and beginning to masturbate. I was in dreamland with Kate Abdo, my gorgeous co-host fucking me while I sucked her tits, and two beautiful women in Maite Perroni and Jessica Simpson masturbating on either side.

I could feel myself nearing an orgasm, despite not wanting to blow my load yet, and Kate sensed it too, removing her tits from my mouth and quickening the pace with which she bounced. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came inside her and I found my hand stretching out and grabbing Maite’s tits through her lacy black dress, just to give me extra pleasure.

I couldn’t hold on and before they knew it, Jessica and Maite were watching me shoot my load deep inside Kate Abdo’s pussy, not for the first time in my life. Their eyes widened in shock as Kate moaned as she felt it inside her and she immediately presented me with her tits again. I gratefully began to suck on them, but she was soon clambering off my cock, leaving me a little disappointed I wasn’t able to make her cum.

However my disappointment would not last long as witnessing me fill Kate up seemed to have made a decision for both of our guests that they wanted to have as much fun as possible without their long-time partners knowing. Maite decided that she wanted to see what Kate’s pussy tasted like, especially now it was filled with my cum and pushed my co-host onto the sofa before getting into a position to orally pleasure her. That left Jessica alone with me and to my delight, the blonde slut dropped to her knees and began to suck the remaining cum off my cock.

However, the American seemed to realise I would not be ready to fuck her again straight away and once she’d spent a couple of minutes making sure my cock was sucked dry, she positioned herself on the floor, her legs spread apart, inviting me to attack her shaven pussy. I needed no second invitation and lay down, beginning my oral assault on Jessica Simpson’s pussy.

Over on the sofa and Maite had started a similar attack on the pussy of Kate, who was closer to orgasm than the other two girls having already received a fucking from me. I’d brought her to the edge of her climax and the change of sensation, added to the skill of Maite’s pussy licking and fingering, was going to make her orgasm very, very soon.

I was concentrating on trying to make Jessica Simpson cum and I was shocked to see the blonde help me out as she began fingering her asshole while I licked her pussy. It was a sight that was incredibly hot to see and I soon let it be known that I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it and took over the anal stimulation; it seemed Jessica had something of an anal fetish.

Maite, on the other hand, knew Kate was incredibly close and had decided to tongue fuck her pussy as fast as she possibly could. Add to this the stimulation she was doing of Kate’s nipples, squeezing and pinching them, and my co-host could hold off no more, releasing her juices over the face of the young Mexican actress come singer.

As soon as Kate had orgasmed she seemed keen to return the favour and quickly flipped positions over so she could get her first taste of Maite’s Latin American pussy. The Mexican moaned as Kate showed off her impressive skills at eating pussy and began to rub and massage her tits while Kate attacked her own shaven area.

I was nearly ready to fuck Jessica Simpson but the American did not seem too eager for me to fuck her in her pussy when I announced that I was back hard and ready to go again.

“I’d rather you fucked me up the ass,” Jessica said to my delight, “I fucking love anal.”

Normally, I would prefer to fuck girls normally but seeing as I’d already had my cock inside Kate’s pussy, and I did enjoy anal sex, there were absolutely no complaints from me. I moved my cock and lined it up with her ass, which she’d lubed up while I’d been readying myself.

I slowly pushed it inside Jessica Simpson’s rear entrance and felt it enter with surprising ease; clearly she wasn’t lying when she said she loved anal sex. Jessica moaned as she felt my cock enter her asshole and her hands wandered down to her pussy and began to rub it, so she could double the pleasure she was receiving.

Over on the other sofa, it hadn’t taken long for Kate to make Maite moan and the Latin American singer/actress was already feeling her orgasm build inside her. I knew Kate was exceptionally good at licking pussy but it always seemed such a surprise to our celebrity guests, and I smiled knowingly as I continued to pump my cock inside Jessica’s ass.

I wanted to make the blonde American cum more than anything in the world at that moment, and I could tell I was going the right way about it as she played with her pussy while having my full length inside her asshole. I decided to try and up the ante of the pleasure and grabbed her huge tits, massaging them and squeezing them to moans of approval from the singer.

Suddenly, the room was filled with the sexy moans of Maite Perroni as she orgasmed hard over Kate Abdo’s tongue, complete with a sexy Latin American scream. Her juices flowed over Kate’s mouth, where my co-host lapped them up all too willingly and, once sure she’d got them all, proceeded to make out with the Mexican star.

That left Jessica Simpson as the only one in the room who had not yet hit her orgasm but I was determined to change that and I didn’t have to wait long. My anal penetration and her own stimulation of her pussy was bringing her closer with every second and a couple of minutes after Maite’s screams had filled the room, it was the turn of Jessica, moaning loudly as she flooded the floor with her juices.

I pulled my cock out of Jessica’s ass and looked down at the mess she’d made. Smiling to myself, I turned my attention to the only woman in the room I hadn’t yet fucked and walked over to where the Mexican Maite Perroni was recovering from the orgasm Kate had given her moments earlier.

Kate seemed to sense my idea and moved off in the other direction, so as to not leave Jessica Simpson alone, and allowed me some slight privacy with Maite. I sat down on the sofa next to her and immediately moved my hand down to her pussy and rubbed it, feeling her orgasmic juices still there and tasting them for myself as I brought my hand up to my lips.

Maite seemed to sense my eagerness to have some fun and she clambered onto my lap, lowering her pussy down onto my cock and bouncing up and down just as Kate had done before. I wasted no time in playing and massaging Maite’s cute tits before I began to make out with the Mexican as she rode my cock.

Jessica and Kate had wasted no time with pleasantries either, and had gone straight down into the business of giving each other another orgasm. They were lying on the floor, Kate on top, and were locked in a 69 position that would be enough to give any man an erect cock immediately. Both girls were emitting moans of delight and I sensed that Kate might even have been fingering Jessica’s ass as I had done before.

Maite had a similar look about her as Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez and there was definitely something about that Latin American appeal that made the sex that much better. She was certainly giving it all, doing her utmost best to bring us both to orgasm as I continued to play with and suck on her breasts.

Over on the floor, Jessica Simpson and Kate Abdo were really getting to know one another, and knowing Kate wasn’t as quiet and shy as she seemed to be, I knew she’d be doing everything to bring Jessica to another orgasm. I was proven right moments later when Jessica let out a yelp to signal that Kate had begun to lick her asshole while fingering her pussy, giving Jessica her dream. She wasn’t going to let that slide however, and immediately reciprocated the change with both girls soon giving each other rimjobs.

Maite’s attempts to bring us both to orgasm were rewarded almost immediately as she went through a passionate orgasm, but continued to ride my cock, maximising the effect. This did nothing to help control my own climax and I couldn’t help but squirt my load inside her as I felt her juices flow over my cock. We continued to fuck for a minute or so afterwards, so engrossed in the pleasure before she collapsed next to me and we watched the lesbian scene in front of us.

It was an incredibly hot lesbian scene as well, and the orgasm from both Maite Perroni and myself seemed to help Kate and Jessica edge closer to their own. They were both licking each other’s asshole while using their fingers to rub their pussies and it seemed that both of them were at similar states of pleasure.

The orgasms that followed were two of the hottest that I have not been involved in since I started these shows with both Jessica and Kate passionately climaxing, their juices lapped up by the other. Maite and I began to make out again as we watched the fantastic show and I was glad we’d booked such relatively unknown guests.

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