Interviewing…Sofia and Julie

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Title: Interviewing…Sofia and Julie

Author: Bonercreator69

Celebs: Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen

Codes: oral, FMast, MF, MFF, facial

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictitious and did NOT happen. It is fantasy only and fantasy is legal. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions for future episodes, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Continuing with my American TV show theme, I was very much looking forward to the next instalment of The Truth Behind the Women of TV. Having had stars from Game of Thrones on the show last week, it was the turn of the comedy genre and two of the hottest women in the business. Modern Family was the show getting the lowdown this week, and its superb stars Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen were the females I was hoping to drill in both senses of the word.

Sofia Vergara was an incredibly hot Latina actress who starred as Gloria in the hit comedy series, the seductive younger woman. Sofia had had success in a few Spanish-speaking shows before making her big breakthrough in Modern Family and had since appeared in successful film Hot Pursuit. Julie Bowen was slightly older who played the chaotic mother role of Claire in the TV show. After starring in some slightly successful shows, such as ER, there is no doubt that her most notable performance has come in the current family-based sitcom. As well as their acting talents, both women were extremely hot.

Sofia looked absolutely stunning when she joined me on set for the commencing of our interview. She was wearing an emerald-green dress that hid practically nothing of her gorgeous body and her magnificent boobs despite being a fairly long one, so not showing off her stunning legs. Although she knew Sofia was the object of many a man’s fantasy, Julie had decided she would show off all her assets to prove she too was a sex symbol and she looked amazing in a white dress, that was fairly low-cut and showed off her never-ending legs.

“Welcome to the special Modern Family episode of The Truth Behind the Women of TV,” I told the audience, as I welcomed Sofia and Julie to the show. “Let’s get started then. I’m one of the biggest fans of Modern Family there is, but were you surprised by how successful the show was when it first ran?”

“Slightly,” Sofia answered in her sexy Latina accent, “but we knew it was a good concept. It’s always difficult when you start a new show but thankfully, we had the immediate success and it’s great that people keep tuning in to watch us and we keep picking up awards.”

“Yeah, I think there was a space in the comedy genre for a show like ours,” Julie agreed. “It had been a while since there had been a comedy TV show that wasn’t animated, and the producers and writers got it absolutely right. As soon as the first season took off, we knew it would be a hit, but obviously as the kids grow older, it becomes more difficult.”

“What’s the most difficult part about filming such a family-friendly show?”

“I dunno,” said Sofia, smiling, “I guess, we really had to control our language during the first few seasons because some of the kids were so young. But as the show’s gone on, it’s become more relaxed, but there’s always youngsters around, so that’s probably the hardest thing.”

“Yeah, that’s very hard,” Julie replied, “but I think the hardest thing for me is knowing I’m not going to get any risqué lines or scenes. My favourite scene on the show to shoot was when me and Phil were caught by the kids having sex and even then I was only in my underwear.”

“So you like filming the naughty scenes then, Julie?” I asked, glad she’d steered the conversation towards sex. “And what about you Sofia?”

“Yeah, I totally enjoy filming sex scenes,” Julie responded. “As I get older, I find it more and more empowering to film sex scenes, I don’t know why. I find it so arousing if the sex scene in question is with a younger guy as well, but that’ll never happen on Modern Family.”

“You wouldn’t believe the amount of requests I get from fans to film sex scenes,” Sofia answered, “and I think one day, I will probably succumb to filming one. But for now, I just like playing the sexy Latina cougar who gets to waltz around in her bikinis and underwear and look sexy.”

“And you do it so well,” I say, smiling at Sofia. “And off camera, how are the sex lives?”

“Mine’s great, if I’m honest,” Sofia smiled back at me, answering the question. “My husband and I are still in the honeymoon period of our marriage where all we want to do when we’re alone is have sex. He’s so much more fun in the bedroom department than anyone else I’ve been with, and I’d say we fuck about three times a week at the minute.”

“Yeah, my sex life isn’t as active as I’d like it to be,” Julie replied, looking a little forlorn. “When we first got married, my husband and I fucked daily and it was amazing, but now we have three children to think about so it’s much more difficult. Being a mother makes it so much harder to have sex with your husband and so I get frustrated a lot.”

My cock began to grow as Sofia revealed how sexually active she was and Julie seemed to hint that she may be up for a bit of fun. “Do you both masturbate, as well?”

“Every day,” Julie answered first. “I’ve taken to doing it at work now, because I never get time to myself at home. I’ll either come in early or leave late so that I can masturbate in my dressing room and not get called on set or anything. I think most of the cast know I do it though.”

“Yeah, everyone knows, Julie,” Sofia confirmed, looking at Julie with a hint in her eye. “I admire it, to be honest, it takes guts. Yeah, I still masturbate but nowhere near as much as I used to before I was married. I guess I’ll go back to it when we stop having sex as much but for now, I’ll just do it if I’m away from my hubby for a while or if I get particularly horny and he’s not around.”

My cock was now practically at it’s full length as I continued the interview. “And have either of you ever experimented with other girls?”

“I always thought about it but never really got the chance until a few years ago,” Julie answered, “when we first started making Modern Family. I’d always admired girls and having Sofia and the beautiful Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter on the show made me appreciate them even more. And Sofia opened my eyes to a whole world of fun.”

“Yeah, I started experimenting when I was a young girl and I’ve never stopped,” Sofia answered. “My husband doesn’t mind it, he thinks it’s really hot. I’d never be unfaithful with another man but he gives me permission to sleep around with girls and teaching Julie was one of the best things I ever did.”

“So you two have had fun together?” I asked, my cock fully erect and rubbing against my trousers. “How did that happen? And now Sarah and Ariel of age, have they joined in?”

“Well, it was Sofia who initiated it, but I guess I got her turned on,” Julie answered, smiling. “She – er – caught me having fun in my dressing room, you know, like I said before. I was too into it to stop and she came in, locked the door and we took it from there. It was a great way to have my first experience.”

“Yeah, it really was fun,” Sofia added. “As for Sarah and Ariel, let’s just say they’re 18th birthdays were celebrated by Julie and I for differing reasons. We gave them a private party and they’re very much involved in our fun now.”

I had to release my cock from my trousers because of the pain it was giving me before I asked the final question. “If you could invite one woman to the set of Modern Family to film an episode and then join you afterwards, who would it be?”

“I like it with the four of us, to be honest,” Julie said, “but if you’re gonna offer me all the females on the planet, someone like Mila Kunis or Jennifer Lawrence would be perfect. I’ve always had a thing for Julianne Moore after Boogie Nights as well.”

“Yeah, I agree with Julie, it’s great with the four of us,” Sofia said, “but having filmed Hot Pursuit with her, I’d love to see Reese Witherspoon again. She’s up for anything so she’d fit right in and watching her and Julie would be super hot.”

“Well, thanks for another fantastic show,” I said, as the girls looked at my cock, now the show was over. “Join me next time when we’ll be having another Game of Thrones special, with guests Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke. See you then.”

I had absolutely no idea how Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara were going to react to my cock being out on show now that we had finished, but I hoped beyond hope that they wouldn’t leave me hanging and would help sort out the problem their answers had caused. I looked at both of them as I couldn’t help but stroke my cock and waited to see some kind of movement.

Julie was the first to react and, to my absolute delight, it seemed she wasn’t going anywhere fast. She hardly moved from her seat but I saw her lick her lips and her legs spread slightly further apart as she watched me slowly masturbating my cock. Sofia was unsure what to do, being so happily married, but her eyes couldn’t leave my hard cock and I knew she was contemplating staying and having fun. After all, what he didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him.

Julie was married too, but she’d complained on the show about how disappointing her sex life was so I had a feeling that she’d come round to the idea of fucking pretty soon. And of course, once her co-star was involved, I knew Sofia would have no second thoughts about joining in; the two of them seemed to have a huge lesbian thing going on.

I continued to stroke my cock, making sure both Julie and Sofia knew it was them that had caused me to do this, and eventually, my wish came true. Julie Bowen got up off the sofa and wandered over towards me, looking as sexy as ever, her legs seemingly going on for miles. She crouched at my feet and, throwing caution to the wind, took a hold of my hard cock, and began to take over my stroking.

Sofia seemed a little surprised by her co-star’s actions but soon recovered herself and, just as I had thought, got up to join Julie on the floor by my cock, albeit positioning herself so she could watch not touch. She did, however, position herself so she had easy access to her pussy, and spreading her legs, the Colombian-American pushed her fingers inside her panties and began to rub.

With Julie and Sofia now seemingly set to stay, I gained confidence and decided to chance my hand with Julie. I brought my hands down to her head and slowly guided it towards my cock, wanting the blonde bombshell to suck it. She took the initiative and licked the tip of my cock before wrapping her lips around it and beginning to give me a blowjob.

Julie’s lips felt amazing around my cock and I relaxed back into the sofa as she worked away, her tongue licking up and down my shaft, her hands fondling my balls. I was drawn to watch Sofia though, as the sexy brunette masturbated herself watching Julie’s blowjobs, her big tits creeping out of her dress, her sexy patch of hair visible where her hand was working her pussy.

I didn’t want to cum too soon, but the quality of Julie’s blowjob and the sexiness of Sofia’s masturbation was making it extremely difficult. I knew that the only way I could hold back my cum would be to stop the blowjob and focus on pleasuring one of the women. I guided Julie Bowen’s head off my cock and brought her in for a kiss, before lifting her up and placing her so she was laying on the sofa seductively.

I lifted Julie’s skirt up above her waist and pulled down her panties to expose her wet, shaven pussy. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t get as much sex as she wanted because if I was her husband, I’d fuck her every day just because of how inviting her pussy looked. I brought my head down to her pussy and began to return the favour of oral sex, running my tongue up and down her pussy slowly.

Julie began to moan loudly as she felt my tongue running up her pussy and when I parted her lips and began to lick her properly, she couldn’t control her moans and screamed in pleasure. Sofia was watching the oral sex with increased fingering speed and I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long until the Latina woman would have to get involved.

Despite wanting this to happen sooner rather than later, I concentrated on making sure Julie got a good pussy licking and tried to make her cum, which seemed a lot easier than usual given her heightened sense of pleasure. She later confessed that she’d been going through a longer than usual dry spell and hadn’t been touched down there by someone else since the last season of Modern Family, a massive four months ago.

She was rubbing her breasts as she moaned in pleasure and soon placed her hands on my head, holding it in place, as she felt her orgasm about to overcome her. Sofia sped up her own pleasure as she watched her co-star moan and scream in pleasure, her juices flooding all over my tongue as I didn’t stop licking until I was satisfied she’d climaxed hard.

Sofia Vergara got up off the floor once Julie had come down from her pulsating orgasm and proceeded to exchange a loving kiss with her co-star, before looking seductively at me. I wanted nothing more than to fuck the Colombian sultress but I felt that Julie’s period without a cock inside her justified her getting first go.

Lying on the sofa, I instructed Julie to clamber on top of me, all thought of her husband gone with that pulsating climax, and this she did, straddling my cock before carefully lowering herself onto it and feeling it penetrate her pussy. Sofia seemed a little annoyed that I had left her out so far, but I wanted to see how much she really wanted to get involved; her marriage seemed a hell of a lot steadier and happier than Julie Bowen’s.

It was clear seconds later, that in actual fact, it didn’t matter how steady your marriage was if there’s sex going on you want to get involved. Sofia decided she’d had enough of pleasuring herself and noticing an opportunity, clambered up onto the sofa and sat on my face, impressed with the way I’d brought Julie to orgasm with my tongue. I immediately began to repeat the trick on this younger pussy as Julie rode my cock and, for what seemed like the millionth time, praised my idea of having such a horny show.

I could tell Sofia had been fairly close to her orgasm through her own masturbation and so she immediately began to moan loudly as I worked on her clit with my tongue. Julie was doing all the work further down my body as she bounced up and down on my cock, which made it a lot easier to focus on Sofia’s pleasure, while I received some of my own.

The Colombian’s moans were soon stopped as she began making out with Julie Bowen and I wondered if they’d started filming before they’d each met their husbands whether they would have taken a different lifestyle choice. I praised the lord that they both still liked cock and felt my orgasm beginning to grow in my balls as Sofia broke apart the kiss to announce she was close too.

She was indeed close, a lot closer than me, as the next second, her juices were flowing over my tongue, her sexy accent announcing she was satisfied with the job I’d done. She continued to grind her pussy into my face though, making sure I lapped up every last drop of cum. I felt my hands exploring Sofia’s body and groping her large tits as she exposed them from her dress and allowed me to grope them, as she watched Julie ride my cock with passion.

I couldn’t hold on much longer and I felt my cum building fast in my cock. Julie could sense it too, it seemed, and she bounced faster on my cock, clearly wanting my cum to explode inside her sexy pussy. She got her wish seconds later as I felt my cock shoot my load deep inside Julie’s pussy with a grunt from me, muffled by Sofia’s pussy and a moan of approval from Julie.

The three of us broke apart, Julie clambering off my cock and Sofia off my face, and I watched as the two women exchanged yet another passionate kiss. All of us had reached our climax once now, but there was absolutely no way I was having Sofia Vergara on my show without pounding her.

My cock had only just recovered from my orgasm but I knew I had to get into action soon, otherwise I feared the two Modern Family stars would just have lesbian sex without me. I grabbed Sofia Vergara from behind and rubbed my cock against the entrance to her pussy, waiting to see her reaction. To my absolute delight, it was one of lust as she pushed back against my cock, encouraging me to enter her.

Enter her I did, and soon my cock was pounding in and out of the Colombian’s pussy as I grabbed her large tits from behind and began to massage them. Julie Bowen seemed disappointed that she wasn’t going to get to play with Sofia alone, but she continued to make out with the actress, realising that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.

Sofia was now grinding back onto my cock as I fucked her from behind and I knew she was getting hornier by the second. Julie decided it was time to stop her mouth making those moans of appreciation she was releasing and lay down with her back against the sofa, inviting Sofia to come and taste her pussy. Knowing Sofia wouldn’t be able to resist such a treat, and who could blame her, I removed my cock from her to allow her to get into position to begin her oral pleasure.

As soon as she was settled and had started to eat the pussy of Julie Bowen, she waved her sexy ass in the air, indicating she wanted my cock back inside her pussy. I obliged only too willingly, pushing my cock back inside Sofia’s awaiting pussy, while she licked out her Modern Family co-star, my cum still leaking from inside it. It was an incredibly hot sight and I couldn’t help but suck on my fingers, preparing to lube up Sofia’s asshole, so tempting it was.

As I pumped my cock into Sofia’s pussy, I allowed my hands to squeeze her ass and when I received no complaints, I gently rubbed around the entrance to her asshole. Julie was watching me, smiling and moaning, as Sofia lapped away at her pussy and giving me a wink, encouraged me to push my fingers inside.

This I did, and Sofia immediately pushed back onto my cock with passion as she removed her tongue from Julie’s pussy to let out a moan. She looked over her shoulder at me with a wicked smile and then resumed her oral pleasure on Julie Bowen, clearly enjoying the pleasure she was about to get in both holes.

We remained in those positions for a few minutes, all the while Julie’s moans getting louder, Sofia’s pussy tightening around my cock and my thrusts getting slower as I varied the pace, still fingering her asshole. It was so tempting to take my cock out and just push it inside her asshole but I knew I’d never get the chance to fuck Sofia to an orgasm and this was the one thing holding me back.

I decided against giving Sofia Vergara anal sex and focused on trying to make her cum through fucking alone, while I fingered her ass. I thought that if she ever came back on the show, I’d make a point of sticking it in her ass, but for now I was quite content just fucking her. She didn’t seem to mind the lack of anal sex either, emitting muffled moans from Julie Bowen’s pussy as she continued to lick.

Julie was fighting hard to hold her orgasm back now, and eventually she could do no more; Sofia eating her pussy while she got pounded by my cock was too much of a sight for her to watch and she screamed loudly as her juices flowed over Sofia’s tongue. She held Sofia’s face to her pussy as she came and smiled at me, knowing I was incredibly turned on and that I knew this would not be the last time the girls had lesbian fun.

It made me pump my cock harder and faster into Sofia and within a couple of minutes, while she continued to play with Julie’s recovering pussy, Sofia was at the point of her own climax. She arched her head back and away from Julie as she let out a sexy Colombian scream, indicating that she was indeed going to cum, and her juices exploded over my cock, the second time I’d made her cum that night.

As soon as Sofia had recovered from her orgasm, both women realised that the only person not to have climaxed twice was me. They seemed to be contemplating what the best way to make me reach my orgasm was when I decided to show them and take charge.

I pulled my cock out Sofia’s pussy and instructed both women to kneel on the floor in front of me, which they did happily. Then I pushed my cock into Julie’s mouth and Sofia got the idea, getting a fondle on my balls, as I received a double blowjob from the two Modern Family stars. I’m not ashamed to admit I was imagining them as their characters in the sitcom as they worked on my cock; stepmom and daughter had always been a fantasy of mine.

They alternated positions, constantly switching who sucked my cock and who played with my balls, until I couldn’t take the pleasure anymore. Taking my cock out of Sofia’s mouth, the two girls opened theirs wide as I jerked my cock to their sexy bodies and faces. My cum was soon loitering over their faces and dribbling down their bodies onto their tits, as I exploded everywhere.

“Wow,” I said as I watched them exchange another passionate kiss covered in cum, “I think I’ve got a favourite comedy show.”

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