Jeri Ryan’s Day At School: A Ronnielott Story

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Okay, anyone under 18, leave now, etc, etc. This is my first story, so it’s
probably a little rough around the edges, but it was fun to write, and maybe
I’ll write a sequel or do some different celebs if the feedback is positive…
Enjoy… Ronnie Lott.

Jeri Ryan’s day at school: A Ronnielott story

Jeri Ryan knew that her acting career was at a crossroads. Sure, her role on
Deep Space 9 had gotten her a lot of recognition, but that had been more for her
tits (and they were pretty nice tits, she had to admit with a smile) than for
her acting ability. She made up her mind that that was something that was going
to have to change – as much as she liked being admired for her looks, Jeri Ryan
really wanted to be received as a great actress. When the producers of Boston
Public came calling, Jeri knew that this could be her big break, a role where
she could show some acting depth and character development, rather than some
two-bit actress who could fill out a shirt. This role could be a stepping-stone
into bigger and better things, and Jeri knew that she couldn’t blow it.

Jeri knew that her role on Boston Public would center around a do-gooder
lawyer-turned-teacher in a “typical” Boston school. She knew that David E.
Kelley dramas typically could be melodramatic, so she was sure the storyline for
her character would involve a number of extreme scenarios. To prepare herself
for this role, Jeri decided that she should see visit a Boston-area school, to
see what they were really like. This would, she thought, give her a better
grasp on the situation facing her character, which would in turn make her a
better actress.

Not knowing anything about the Boston area, or indeed its schools, Ms. Ryan
decided to pick one at random. Closing her eyes, Jeri put her finger down at
random on the list of schools in front of her. Upon opening her eyes, Jeri
discovered that she had chosen Roxbury High. Anxious to know more about this
high school, Jeri looked it up and found that this particular school was one of
the more racially-diverse schools in Massachusetts. “This will be perfect,” she
thought, and made plans to visit the school the next day.

Jeri, wanting her experience to be as genuine as possible, decided not to call
the school ahead of time to announce her impending visiting. As she pulled into
the parking lot of the school, Jeri for the first time started to think this
might not be so good of an idea. As she stepped out of her Porsche, she could
feel the penetrating gazes of a group of black youths – several of whom were
making cat-calls in her direction – staring at her. “Must not see many Porsches
in this area of town,” she thought, and decided to head towards the front
entrance. Soon, however, Jeri realized that the teenagers who had noticed her
arrival might have been admiring more than her car, as they called after her,
making comments about how she had “a fine ass for a white girl,” and how they
knew she was “dying for some nigger cock.” Jeri just shook her head, thinking
that blond Hollywood super-models must be more rare around here than even
Porsches were. If her presence gave those boys something to jerk off to that
night, Jeri guessed that there were worse things in the world.

During a break between the second and the third period, Jeri headed to the
lady’s room. Her head was a jumble of thoughts, as she considered the crumbling
school building, the poor quality of the teaching, and the obnoxious-at-times
students. She had to admit, however, that the way many of the students had been
staring at her had excited her clit. After a moment of thought, Jeri realized
that she had not been laid in over a month. “Jesus,” she thought, “I could
really use some cock.” Coming out of her daze, Jeri realized that her hand had
slipped down to her pussy.

Just at that moment, the bathroom door slam open. “I thought we’d find you in
here,” a large black student yelled. “It’s time we showed you what it’s really
like for a blonde cunt in our school.” Her mind suddenly alert, Jeri recognized
this student as Jamal, a smart-ass student from the first class she had sat in
on. Behind him, Jeri saw two more black youths and a tall Latino. Jamal
stepped forward, and pushed Jeri against the wall. “Ever deepthroat a nigger
cock, bitch?”

“No… no, I… No, I never have done anything like that.

Please, just leave me alone,” Jeri stuttered.

“Well, it’s about time you learned then.” With that, Jamal took his dick out of
his pants, and forced Jeri down to its level. Jeri couldn’t help but notice the
thing was HUGE… It has to be at least a foot long, she thought, there’s no way
I could even fit that in my mouth, let alone deepthroat it. “Get your dirty
cock out of my face, asshole. You think you can force me to touch that thing?
Well, you can’t. Don’t you know who I am?”

Jamal just laughed. “Yeah, bitch, I know who you are. Who couldn’t, you
walking your little Hollywood ass in here, making all our dicks hard. Well, me
and the boys are gonna teach you that maybe you should have kept your cunt out
of our school”. With that, he forcibly grabbed Jeri’s head and forced his cock
into her mouth. Jeri pulled her head back, not believing that this black fucker
had violated her face like that. Before she could say a word, the other guys
behind Jamal had made their move. “If you don’t get to work on Jamal’s dick
real soon, I might have to cut that pretty little throat of yours,” said the
Latino, who had moved to Jeri’s immediate left. “It wouldn’t be the first white
bitch Manny has cut,” Jamal said, and Jeri believed her. She decided to go
along with the boys wishes, and get this over as soon as possible.

Knowing that the best way to get this whole thing over as quickly as possible
was to make Jamal cum quickly, Jeri went to work on his knob. Running her
tongue up the long black shaft, Jeri looked up and said “You like that, black
boy?” Out of his mind with pleasure at this point, Jamal didn’t even notice the
racist language used by Jeri. His friends Tony and Andre did, though. “You
gonna let that white cunt talk to you like that, J-dog? What the fuck, your
brains all go to your dick?” Jamal just grunted, as Jeri was doing things to
his dick that no white girl had ever done.

All of a sudden, Tony grabbed the back of Jeri’s head. “I thought my boy told
you he wanted you to deepthroat him, you bitch. Well, maybe he forgot, but I
sure as hell didn’t.” With that, Tony forced Jeri’s head forward. Jeri had
gotten about six inches down her throat before she pulled back off Jamal’s dick,
gagging. “That ain’t gonna be good enough, cunt,” Tony said. “Jamal, why don’t
you show his bitch how to deepthroat a nigger cock.”

With that, Jamal took over where Tony had stopped. He grabbed Jeri’s hair, and
forced her mouth down on his dick. She got in seven inches or so that time
before coming up for air. “You sick bastards, let me go!” This pissed Jamal
off even more, and he was much more brutal fucking her throat than he had
before. Knowing that the boys would not let her up for air until she had
deepthroated Jamal’s monster of a dick, Jeri went down as far as possible,
eventually getting all but one inch down her throat. Jamal let her up, and Jeri
was sure she would be let go. With her mouth open wide, Jamal all of a sudden
grabbed Jeri’s hair one more time, and forced his entire 12 inches down her
throat. Not believing that the bitch had actually been able to go down all of
the way, Jamal instantly felt his balls fill up with cum. Not wanting to miss
his chance, he pulled his cock out, and shot a huge wad of jism all over the
actress’s face, from forehead to chin. He smiled down at her and wiped his dick
off in her long blonde hair. “Well, bitch, that was about the best blowjob I’ve
had this month. I’ve gotta get back to class, but maybe you can entertain the
boys here for awhile.”

“No! No, you asshole! Let me the fuck go, you can’t do this to me!” Jamal,
however, didn’t even notice the screams, and walked calmly out the lady’s room
door. Jamal’s friends were not quite so calm, however. “Help me get this
bitch’s clothes off,” Manny said to his two buddies. Andre ribbed off Jeri’s
shirt, and Tony pulled off her skirt, leaving Jeri standing there in nothing but
her sexy black panties and a matching bra. “Damn, this bitch is hot,” Andre
moaned. He then tore off her bra, revealing the nicest set of tits any of the
boys had ever seen in person. He got in front of Jeri and took the place of
Jamal, forcing her head down to his dick’s level. Knowing that she couldn’t get
away with three high school athletes blocking her way, Jeri, cum all over her
face and her mascara running from the deepthroating she had been forced to
perform, took his cock into her mouth. Not nearly as big as Jamal, Jeri had
little trouble with Andre’s dick, and soon built up a steady rhythm.

Meanwhile, Manny and Tony decided that it was about time they got in on the
action. “I’ll flip you for her ass,” Tony said. “Alright, you’re on,” Manny
replied. “I’ll take heads.” The coin landed face down, and Tony laughed to his
buddy, “Looks like the bitch’s ass is mine. You have known it would come up
tails, Tone, since we were betting on this little bitch’s backside”. Not
noticing the irony of the situation, Tony just ripped off Jeri Ryan’s panties,
and ran his cock around her slit. The bitch was wet! She was actually enjoying
being fucked by the group of them, Tony thought. He had always heard how white
bitches liked nigger dick, but he had never really believed it. He would know
better for now on.

“Okay, cunt, I’m going to fuck that little pussy of yours, and Manny here is
gonna take your ass, so why don’t you reposition yourself.” Jeri really didn’t
have much choice in the matter, as the boys pushed her down. Tony laid down on
his back, and Andre and Manny literally picked Jeri up and forced her down onto
Tony’s cock. With the lube of Jeri’s cunt, Tony’s dick slipped right in, and he
immediately began thrusting. “Wait a minute, cocksucker! Let me get up her ass
before you start fucking her,” Manny said. “No! No one has ever done that
before, not even my ex-husband!,” Jeri cried. “Well, there’s a first time for
everything, you cunt,” Manny said. Before Jeri could reply, Andre shoved his
dick back into her mouth, and she was forced to resume sucking.

Jeri couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She had always defended blacks
and Latinos to her friends, believing that the racial stereotypes identifying
them all as rapists and murders was a bullshit myth created out of hatred,
rather than fact. She wasn’t so sure now, and she cursed ever coming to this
school. Even more disturbing than the boys fucking her was the fact that her
body was responding it. The deepthroating of Jamal had excited a part of her,
deep down, but that was nothing compared to the feelings her body was having
now. Being sandwiched in between two black teenagers, her pussy was gushing,
feeling sensations it never had before. Maybe it was being totally helpless,
maybe it was the depravity of the whole situation, or maybe it was just the fact
that the boy fucking her cunt knew what he was doing, but Jeri was turned on in
a way she never had been before. She would have never admitted it, but the
threat of having her anal cherry popped almost sent her into orgasm right then.
She didn’t have to wait long. Without getting any lubrication, Manny shoved his
Latin dick straight up Jeri Ryan’s tight ass. “Jesus Christ, this white slut is
tight” he yelled. He stroked deep, stretching Jeri’s spinchter with every push.
Meanwhile, Jeri couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying having her ass raped.
The boys were oblivious to the situation – they figured the moans escaping from
around Andre’s cock were from pain, but really, they were all in pleasure. Not
that the boys cared much either way, they were having a ball and could care less
what the bitch thought. After a while, Jeri’s frantic cock-sucking became too
much for Andre, and he withdrew from Jeri’s mouth and blew his load all over her
face, his sperm mixing with the residue that Jamal had left behind earlier.
Slapping her across the face with his wilting dick, Andre bent down and
whispered into Jeri’s ear. “Thanks a lot, slut. Feel free to come back
whenever your little white pussy gets itchy.” He then put his dick back into
his jeans, zipped his pants up, and left the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Manny and Tony were pistoning into Jeri like a couple of men
possessed. With Andre’s dick no longer an obstacle, Jeri’s screams became much
clearer. “Oh, fuck, fuck my fucking ass, you fucking spic motherfucker. Ream
my cunt, you nigger. Give it to me like you do your nigger sister.” The two
boys couldn’t believe what they were hearing. The cunt liked it – she was
getting off on getting raped. “Damn, white cunts really are fucked up,” Tony
thought, and shoved his dick into her slick groove even harder than he had
before. Jeri’s racist remarks had pissed him off, yeah, but they had kinda
turned him on.

Manny, too, was turned on. He never would have admitted this to any of his
friends, but this was the first ass he had ever fucked, and he was enjoying
every minute of it. He hadn’t been sure, but he thought the bitch had been
intentionally squeezing his cock with her ass muscles. Now, with her cries of
pleasure, he was sure. He fucked her even harder, knowing he couldn’t take much
more, but knowing he wanted to make this feeling last as long as possible. It
wasn’t every day you got to ass-rape a supermodel, after all, especially not one
as hot as Jeri Ryan.

After about five more minutes of pumping, Jeri’s body couldn’t take any more,
and her cunt erupted with a massive orgasm. “Oh my fucking God, I’m cumming,”
she cried, as if the two boys couldn’t tell what was happening by the amount of
fluid running out of Jeri’s cunt and the way her body was spasming. This was
all either of the two boys could take. First reach the busting point, Tony
deposited his seed up into Jeri’s seething cunt, not worrying in the least about
the fact that the bitch might not be on the pill. The idea of a little black
baby growing inside Jeri Ryan, forever reminding her of the time she had “gone
black,” turned him on. He pulled out of her pussy and walked over to Jeri’s
pile of clothes. He wiped his dick on her skirt, and grabbed her panties,
putting them into his front pocket. “Just thought I’d get me a souvenir,
bitch,” he laughed, and walked out into the hallway.

Manny, too, had had all he could take. He blasted his goo up Jeri Ryan’s ass,
leaving his dick in her for just a couple seconds before withdrawing. He then
walked around to Jeri’s face, and said “Clean me off, you bitch.” Still dazed
from her orgasm, Jeri complied, barely noticing the taste of sperm and shit on
her tongue. As Manny walked away, leaving her in a crumpled heap, all Jeri
could think was, “Damn, I miss high school.”

The end… This is my first story, so let me know what y’all think, okay?
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