Take Turns With Seven Of Nine

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Take Turns With Seven Of Nine by
The Original Toby Bullock

Take Turns With Seven Of Nine

by The Original Toby Bullock ([email protected])

Jeri Ryan woke up with a splitting headache. To make things worse, her eyes
refused to focus properly, which probably explained why
her bedroom had taken on the
appearance of a filthy old barn. Now if only she could remember why her head felt so

Oh, yeah. Last night!

The wrap party for the final season of "Star Trek Voyager" had been pretty
awesome, and she’d drunk one hell of a lot more than was sensible. Yeah, that was
definitely it. Had to be. Last night.

She figured that a little disorientation was fair payback. Then Jeri found that
she couldn’t move her arms or legs. This was on account of the fact that she had
been tied, spreadeagle fashion, to an old iron bed. The thin mattress on which she
lay was no protection from the bedsprings beneath, and it stank of something nasty.
She lifted her head just enough to be able to see that her wrists and ankles were
tightly lashed in place with white nylon cord. And that was when she realized just
how bad her situation was.

Oh shit!

Men were lined up against the wall. Lots of men. All of them were naked,
and there wasn’t one limp cock amongst them. On seeing that she was now conscious,
the first man promptly stepped forward. As he climbed onto the bed, Jeri noticed the
steel tag dangling from a chain around his neck. It was stamped with the number ’1′.

"Yeah, that’s right, Jeri," he leered, "We’ve all got a number – that’s
just so’s you don’t lose count while we’re fucking you!"

He knelt between her spread thighs, and pressed the swollen head of his enormous cock
up to her exposed cunt lips. "We thought we’d give you something real
appropriate by way of a send off," he continued, as he forced his cock slowly between
her tight, but surprisingly moist folds. "So we’re gonna fuck you raw, little
Missy Seven of Nine. All sixty-three of us!"

"Unnnnhhhh!" Jeri’s cry of protest was silenced by another thick cock,
this time being jammed into her mouth. She looked up to see a tag stamped with the
number ’2′ hanging around the man’s neck.

"Seven times nine," Number 1 told her, gleefully. "That makes … gee,
let me see …" He pretended to be counting off on his fingers.

"Sixty three!" laughed Number 2.

"Hey, yeah – that’s fucking right. Sixty fucking three!" Number 1
started slamming his cock into her -very hard and very deep.

"And just so’s you know what’s in store," 2 added, as he started reaming her
throat in sync with Number 1′s thrusts, "the idea is that we each get to fuck you in
your ass, cunt and mouth."

Number 1 reached underneath her, gripping her buttocks with his strong hands, and
pulling her groin up to meet his thrusting hips. "Jeri, you are gonna be so
well fucked by the time this little party is over, you won’t even know which hole to piss

Jeri struggled frantically against his savage thrusts, but this was a no-win situation.
He started slamming his cock into her with incredible force, causing the bed frame
to creak and shudder with each shock. Number 2 took hold of her cheeks, guiding her mouth
along the length of his swollen shaft, forcing her to suck his salty flesh. More men
began gathering around the table, stroking their cocks as they waited their turn with the
deliciously helpless Star Trek actress.

She could see that there was going to be no escape. Her fate was to be repeatedly raped
and buggered until they finally tired of her; something which she didn’t anticipate
happening any time soon, judging by the number of impressively large erections which now
surrounded her.

A girl likes to be popular, she thought, but this is not good.

The hard pillar of flesh that reamed her mouth was hot and salty, at times blocking her
windpipe and leaving her gasping for breath. Number 2 seemed completely oblivious to
her choking and gagging, interested only in forcing his cock as far down her throat as he
could manage. So deep was he, that his balls were pressing against the bridge of her
nose; but he still tried to push in further.

Jeri was also having to contend with a vaginal pummeling that seemed more like the
rutting of a bull than that of a man. She was being battered by a hard rod of muscle
that seemed to reach right into the depths of her womb. It was painful, and it was

But there was something far worse than the humiliation – a tingling sensation was
mounting in her clit, as her body began to respond to the sustained friction. She
realized, with disgust, that her cunt was lubricating like crazy, and her nipples had
become as hard as tiny pebbles.

Oh, no!

"You little fuck-slave," Number 1 muttered, delighted to find her getting
wetter by the moment. He started pumping even harder and faster, leaning over to
bite and suck each of her now erect nipples in turn. This made Jeri twist her body
slightly, and she bucking her hips up against him without even realizing what she was

This can’t be happening!

Moments later, an eruption of hot semen was flooding her cunt and she began to feel the
first tremblings of an orgasm. That was the moment when Number 1 withdrew from her,
splattering her belly with cum as he rolled aside.

Number 3 moved in to take his place, kneeling between her legs then easily slipping his
cock into Jeri’s well lubricated cunt. As he began fucking her, she tightened her
lips around Number 2′s trembling penis in anticipation of the hot flood to come. She
was not kept waiting long.

Thick, sticky semen bubbled up around her lips and trickled down her chin. Spurt
upon spurt of male seed sprayed the roof of her mouth, as Number 2 groaned and grunted
like a wild animal.

She’d swallowed a lot of sperm before he finally pulled his saliva-sticky cock out of
her mouth and stepped aside to let the next man in. Jeri Ryan reluctantly opened her
mouth to accept Number 4′s ebony penis. Without hesitation, the huge black man
grabbed her hair and began roughly fucking her face.

As Number 3′s strokes gathered pace, Jeri’s body shuddered and she moaned with joy and
despair. The consequent spasming of her vaginal muscles caused the third man to come
early, and her cunt was soon awash with more hot semen.

She was given no time to recover — the frantic pace continued unabated, as Number 5
climbed onto the bed to take his turn. He was already wondering if he’d be able to make
Jeri Ryan come as well. Not that he really cared whether she had a good time or not
— all that mattered was that they each got their turn to fuck the little bitch. And
if she got an orgasm once in a while, well that was just a bonus. Just another
reminder of what a dirty little slut they were turning her into.

As Number 5′s thick cock slipped between her semen sodden cunt lips, Jeri was having to
swallow another mouthful of slimy, hot cum. The big black man had not been able to
control himself against her recently acquired cocksucking skills.

He kept his penis in her mouth a while longer. "Yeah. You’re a real
cocksucking little whore, ain’t you, bitch?"

Jeri started to mumble something in response, but she was interrupted by a sudden
change of cocks as number 6 took the black man’s place.

"Say, you think the bitch is ready to be untied?" he enquired, hopefully.

Number 5 continued reaming Jeri’s cunt as hard and as rough as he could manage,
enjoying the fact that he was causing her a great deal of discomfort. "I dunno.
How ’bout it, Jeri? If we untie you, are you gonna behave like a good little

Jeri could see where this was leading. In return for untying her, she would be
expected to behave. It didn’t take much guesswork to figure out what they wanted to
do to her next, and why having her untied would make it easier. They wanted to start
fucking all three holes at the same time.

She was disgusted with herself for the sudden flush of excitement that the prospect of
a triple penetration brought on. But the ropes were cutting into her wrists and
ankles, and her back and shoulders were sore from being slammed into the hard bed springs,
so the prospect of being untied sounded pretty good to her. She nodded her
agreement, knowing that in doing so she had finally become the slut they sought to make

"Hey, guys!" Number 6 was clearly delighted at the prospect of having
her on her knees, giving him a blow job, while her cunt and ass were receiving a serious
reaming. "Jeri wants to play!"

This brought a chorus of cheers and wolf whistles from the crowd of horny men. 5
and 6 quickly untied her wrists and ankles, then dragged her from the bed to a spot on the
floor covered in damp straw.

"Kneel down," 5 ordered, "and get your ass up!"

Number 6 came around to her face and immediately began slapping the end of his cock
against her lips. "Open wide, baby."

5 scrambled beneath her, lying on his back. He gripped the root of his cock in
his clenched fist and ordered her to come down on him. As Jeri Ryan slowly slipped
her cum-drenhed cunt over his swollen cock, Number 7 came up behind her. She
shuddered as the newcomer’s sweaty hands gripped her waist.

"You got a real nice ass, Jeri," he growled, "and I am really gonna
enjoy fucking it!"

Nervously, she looked over her shoulder. Her fear was confirmed; he wasn’t just
big, he was fucking huge!

"My God, you bastard! How do you expect me to take that!"

Number 6 immediately grabbed hold of her by her hair, and angrily jerked her face
around. "Don’t you worry about what’s happening to your ass, bitch – not while
you’ve got a cock to suck!"

The menacing tone in the man’s voice was sufficient encouragement for her to take the
man’s rock hard penis between her cum-sticky lips, and she began sucking the thick, salty
flesh with urgency. As she gobbled enthusiastically on the cock in her mouth, Jeri
carefully lowered herself onto Number 5, taking the full length of his tool deep inside

Meanwhile, Number 7 was determined to put the actress’ asshole to good use – and that
meant sinking his cock all the way in! Before attempting the penetration, though, he
knew that some lubrication would be required. From the look of it, Jeri had a virgin
asshole, though he found that hard to believe.

The prospect of being the first to anally fuck the actress was already making his cock
as stiff as an iron rod. And the sight of 5′s penis sliding in and out of her
swollen cunt like a huge piston, as she obediently pumped her hips, was threatening to
have him spurting cum over her buttocks before he’d even had the chance to puncture her

A chorus of encouragement from the crowd spurred him on, and he bent over Jeri’s ass,
parting her buttocks with his fingers to expose her tight, crinkly asshole. The end of his
cock was already dripping pre-cum, which he put to good use, smearing his cockhead around
the rim of her ass until her hole was glistening with fluid.

Jeri was now wriggling with discomfort, her moans of protest muffled by the enormous
cock in her mouth. Not wanting to provoke them, she was pumping her cunt on Number 5′s
cock while he lay beneath her, fucking him hard and finding it increasingly difficult not
to enjoy the experience. Of course, this played right into their hands, and set the
scene for what she now knew was inevitable — she was going to have to perform for them,
and that meant fucking them all like some filthy little whore. Exactly what they

Number 7 finally seemed satisfied that Jeri’s asshole was ready for him. He
gripped her waist, then carefully squatted down over her buttocks until the shaft of his
cock was resting between her ass cheeks. The feeling of his hot muscle, pressed so firmly
against her anal entrance, made Jeri quiver with anticipation, and she lost some of the
combined sucking and pumping rhythm that she had built up.

"Shit, man," said Number 6, close to ecstasy from the attention of Jeri’s
silky lips on his cock. "Look how hot the little bitch is. I think she
really wants her ass filled!"

"Yeah, she does," he grunted. "And I’m only too happy to

Jeri suddenly felt him pushing at her back door. The pressure caused her asshole
to tighten, and the muscles in the backs of her thighs tensed up. Even her jaws
closed tighter, much to the dismay of Number 6.

"Hey, careful! – It’s my cock in the slut’s mouth!"

"Yeah," Number 7 laughed, "but it’s mine … unnnnhhhh… in her
ass!" With a single push, he slipped the head of his cock past her tight
opening, penetrating Jeri Ryan’s ass to a depth of several inches.

Ignoring the fact that tears were streaming down her cheeks, he forced his cock all the
way in. Jeri let out a muffled cry of pain, while the rest of the man cheered their

Now that she was well and truly impaled on their three cocks, she knew that the fucking
would begin in earnest. Sure enough, the pace moved up a notch. To a wild
chorus of encouragement from the crowd, Numbers 5 and 7 began simultaneously battering her
cunt and ass, slamming their hard cocks into her two holes like a pair of pile drivers.

She found it difficult to keep her balance, even though she was crouching on all fours,
with the result that Number 6′s penis kept springing out of her mouth, much to his
annoyance. Eventually, he grabbed a handful of her hair in his fist and started
using it like a leash, wrenching her face into his groin and forcing her to keep his cock
halfway down her throat at all times.

As cum spurted into her mouth, and another cock replaced the one just spent, she
started wondering what her character would have made of all this. What would Seven
of Nine’s reaction have been? The answer wasn’t long in coming — Seven would have
used the opportunity to learn about the human condition, to fully understand humankind’s
obsession with physical gratification and sexual contact without the intent to procreate.
She would have used the experience to learn and to grow as a person.

And that was what Jeri Ryan would now have to do. It was the only way she was
going to survive.




This story is a work of fantasy. The author makes no

assertion that any person named in this story has

ever, or would ever, behave in the manner described


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