Trance Star: Jeri Ryan

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Trance Star: Jeri Ryan
Trance Man

Usual crap about how you shouldn’t read this if you’re not supposed to. Had to do this
after seeing "Dracula 2000." Hope you like it.

It was a quiet night for Jeri Ryan, a day off from shooting "Star Trek: Voyager" and
making the talk show circuits to promote "Dracula 2000." Between those and her trying to figure
out future film projects, a day off was even more important to her. She had spent it well, going to
a local mall for some shopping and generally enjoying herself. She’d had to sign a few autographs

for some fans who had recognized her as Seven of Nine, something she was more than used to
over the last few years.
One fan in particular still filled Jeri’s thoughts. It had been a woman who had identified
herself as Selena, a tight little body but attractive with short red hair, dressed in dark clothing. She
had smiled as Jeri signed her name to a piece of paper and liked how the star had put a personal
touch on it for her. Still, Jeri had been hit by how striking the woman was, like she exuded a
sexual formuela that put Jeri at ease. And those eyes….there had been something about those
Thoughts of Selena stayed with Jeri all through her drive home and when she came inside
her house, putting away her bags. She was just getting ready to sit down for some TV when the
doorbell rang. Surprised that someone would be calling on her now, Jeri got up and headed for
the door. She opened it to see Selena standing on the other side, smiling. "What….How did you
know where I live?" Jeri asked.
"Oh, I have my ways," Selena said in a husky voice that dripped with sexuality. She smiled
at Jeri and licked her lips. "I was hoping we could talk for a while."
"Um, it’s not really a good time for me," Jeri said. "I do have stuff of my own to do, you
"Oh, you’ll have different stuff now," Selena said. She locked her eyes onto Jeri’s and jeri
suddenly felt like she was falling into them, the eyes seeming like they were glowing as she
staredd into Jeri’s. Jeri was helpless to resist the hypnotic gaze as Selena moved forward. "Invite
me in, Jeri," she said in a commanding tone.
"Come in…." Jeri whispered, her eyes still focused on Selena’s glowing orbs. Selena
smiled wider as she entered, gently pushing Jeri as she came in. "Very good, slave," she said, all
compassion gone from her voice. "Now, take me to your bedroom."
"Yes…." Jeri said in a flat tone, her eyes wide and unseeing.
"Yes, Mistress, say that," Selena commanded.
"Yes, Mistress," Jeri intoned. She led Selena to her nice bedroom and stood, mindlessly
waiting her next command. "Undress, slave," Selena said as she pulled her top off. In moments,
the two women were naked, facing one another. Jeri’s large round breasts hung nicely and her
blond cunt was already dripping with excitment. Selena’s pointed tits were tight and ready as she
pushed Jeri down onto the bed. She mounted Jeri’s face, lowering her red pussy onto Jeri’s
mouth. "Lick me, slave," she commanded. "Lick me now."
Jeri obeyed by sticking her tongue into Selena’s pussy and beginning to lap at it, her
tongue diving in and out as if she was a born lesbian. "Harder slave," Selena grunted. "Harder and
faster. Now! Harder and faster!"
Jeri tried her best to obey, lapping away at Selena’s clit as her hands moved up to pinch
the other woman’s breasts. "Yes, yes, that’s right, slave, eat me. Eat me!" Selena rocked herself
on Jeri’s face, her pussy rubbing into her mouth as her tongue moved closer into her womanhood,
juices beginning to fall onto her face. "Uugh!" Selena rubbed Jeri’s hands over her breasts as the
actress ate her out, driving her into orgasm and letting her cum splash onto the blond’s face.
Selena lay on top of Jeri, letting their pussies touch as she moved her hand down to Jeri’s
clit. She moved two fingers into it and began to work them in as she attacked Jeri’s large breasts,
licking away at them like mad as she finger fucked Jeri. The actress was lost in pleasure and
trance as Selena worked away at her, driving her onward to orgasm. Selena moved her mouth
around Jeri’s tits, feeling the curves with her tongue. "Ooooh…." Jeri sighed as she felt Selena
finger her and lick her tits at the same time. Selena took one nipple in her mouth, suckling like a
newborn as her fingers darted right in and out of Jeri’s pussy with pleasure. "Ahhh," Jeri
whispered as Selena’s nails hit the inside of her. Her eyes were closed so she didn’t see Selena
suddenly sprout a pair of extended fangs and plunge them into a vein just above her left breast.
"Ghaaa!" Jeri shrieked as she came in more ways than one onto Selena.

Jeri awoke suddenly, surprised to see it was morning. She didn’t even remember going to
bed. It must have been a wilder dream than she could remember judging from the condition of her
bed, with sheets thrown about and some cum on the coverings. As she rose, Jeri moved a hand
down to her breast and paused, feeling the two slight bumps on the surface. Strange, she didn’t
remember scraping herself on something. She shrugged it off and began to dress, her memories
carring nothing of the encounter she had that night. Or the ones she would soon have over and

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