Slutstar Hotel #1: Jeri Ryan

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Slutstar Hotel #1: Jeri Ryan
by jaymied <[email protected]>

The slutstar hotel series is new and has the same protagonist,
Liam, in every story.

I knocked on the door to the Honeymoon suite at the hotel.
Inside I could hear screams of passion meaning that somebody
inside was getting lucky. This was the room Jeri Ryan was

staying in. Jeri Ryan, ex-borg babe on "Star Trek: Voyager"

The moaning and screamng came to an abrupt stop and the door
flew open. Jeri Ryan’s hand came out….fully clothed. I
looked up at her. Ms Ryan had been watching porno movies.

"Did someboyd order a bottle of wine and a pizza?" I asked.
Jeri nodded and motioned for me to come inside. I pushed the
cart into the room.

"Well Ms Ryan, how do you like the state of your room?" I
asked. She nodded as she closed the door.

"Yes, but you see, I need to get fucked." she said
seductively. I looked at her, suprised. "Now, drop those
pants, let me see that big cock."

I did as ordered. Who wouldn’t with such a babe in front of
you? She knelt down in front of my cock, it was erect. She
smiled and took of hold of the cock in one hand and began to
pump it. Here I was, standing in luxury suite of the Hilton
hotel with Jeri Ryan wanking me.

"Oh, your cock is so big. Come on baby, cum on me." she
begged. A tiny bit of pre cum appeared on the top of cock.
Jeri licked it off with her tongue and pulled my entire cock
inside her mouth. Whoever knew that Jeri Ryan was one of the
best cock suckers known to man. Her mouth bobbed up and down
on my cock.

"I’m gonna cum!!!" I moaned. Then a load of cum shot off into
her mouth. Her moans told me she liked this as she swallowed
quite a large load of cum. Jeri pulled the cock out and
started to rub the cock on the side of her face.

"Come on baby, shoot in my mouth, I want feel your hot cum
shot into the back of my throat." She grabbed my cock and
started to suck it as hard as she could. "I want you to fuck
my face." she mumbled through a mouth full of cock. I placed
my hands on the side of her side and started to fuck her face.
I swung it back and forth and she climaxed as I shot th
biggest load of my life into her great mouth. After
swallowing the last of the cum in her mouth fell back on the
ground to catch her breath. She looked down at her clothes.
"Look at me, You’ve got your pants off and I’m under dressed."
She then pulled off her clothes levaing her standing there in
her black, lacy underwear. Her spectacular breasts bulged out
and I licked my lips as I looked at them. She smiled. "You
like my titties?"

"Oh yeah." I told her, remembering all those episodes I
watched of Voyager.

"Well, I’ve sucked your cock, you should get suck my jugs." I
started to suck them. My hand and mouth caressed them both, I
mashed them as she groaned in pleasure, my sucking mouth
tasted those great warheads. I decided I could die a happy man
as I sucked those nipples until they were rock hard. suddenly
she screamed out "Come on, I need your cock inside me, do it
to me baby, I need you to fuck me!!!" she ripped off her
panties and shoved my cock inside of her tight pussy.

"This is fucking great!!!" I cried out as I pumped my cock
into that great body of hers. We were on the bed by now, she
threw her head back and arched her back, trying to pull as
much of the cock inside of her as possible.

"It feels so good!!!" she moaned "Harder, come fuck me
harder!!!" she begged. I started to pump into her as I could.
"Yes, htat’s it, oh yes, oh god yes!!!" she moaned, a series
of orgasms were cumming, I could tell by her expression. "Fuck
me, fuck me, drive her rock hard dick inside me, shoot in me
CUM IN ME!!!" she screamed out as load after load of cum shot
off into pussy. Orgasm after orgasm swept over Jeri’s hot
body. Cum leaked out and on to the bed. Afterhalf an hour of
cuking we swithced positions and Jeri started to ride me, her
hips bucked around my shooting cock as she bounced up and down
on my tool. I grabbed her hips and moved them up and down with
slick movements.

"FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK FUCKMEFUCKMEFME" she cried out her words
becoming lost as orgasms swept over her. Soon she was too
tired to continue and she collasped next to me on the bed.

"I’d better go." I told her getting dressed. "My shift
finishes in ten minutes." She smiled.

"That was the best lay of my life." she told me. I wandered
out of her room. The DO NOT DISTURB light flicked on behind
me. I was going to like working at this hotel.

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